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Tonight - 'Hey Dad!' star will plead not guilty to child sex allegations. Be ripped -- been ripped off in 2012? Never fear the ACCC is here. Should the identity of sperm donors be revealed to their children? Keeping it nice at the office Christmas party and we chat with cricket legend Ricky Ponting. This is The Project. Good evening. Welcome to the probgt where tonight we're joined by law - - The Project where tonight we're joined by Meshel Laurie and Tom Ballard. and Tom (allard. Ballard.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) That audience is right to be excited because you guys are great and we have one hell of a show ahead of us tonight. Got some headlines? In the news today, Thursday December 13, actor Robert Hughes has been granted bail on 11 child sex offences lateing -- dating back to the 180s during his time on 'Hey Dad!'. He didn't show any appearance in his court appearance. His wife was with him and 39 up $50,000 for his release on bail. Australia's broadcast catch dog will investigate the radio - sorry, the station behind the prank call. Today management -- 2Day FM management and two DJ also come under scrutiny. They -- they can't rule on who's to blame for the scandal. Nathan Tinkler is under threat as the tax office moves in to recover unpaid debt of almost $.5 million. They've applied for the Newcastle Knights and Jets to be wound up. The matter goes to court in February. WA town of Collie is on flood watch after freak storms dumped more than 130mm of rain. Much of the state's south- west was hit by the storm which emergency services say was a once in 50 year event and a sick Greg Norman bow ud out of the Australian PGA championship suffering from suspected food poisoning. He pulled the pin this morning after making bogeys alternative his first two holes. It was his only Australian tournament of the year.It's funny - I had to confirm making bogeys isn't a UEFA Mitch for food poisoning. A lot of people say food poisoning is an excuse to get out of the work but I think this is genuine. Greg Norman, he had a press conference, he's concerned about being dehydrated. That would be terrible going down the green. Noo that would not be fun -- That would not be fun. You know golf. It's not -- nothing to hide behind. There are trees on a golf course. I once had food poisoning on an African safari. It's hard to go behind a tree when a lion is nearby. It's hard for the lion, too. Back to the Hughes story, his lawyer said something I thought was a bit weird. How is your client doing from the conversations you've had? Look, he's a very resolute human being, he's very determined: It's difficult to comment because I haven't met him. Worst episode of 'Law and Order' ever. (LAUGHTER) . HTER) . Australia's consumer watchdog promised a major crack Don on rip off scams and confusing contracts in 2013 after a surge in complaints this year. So, how were you swindled in 2012? The Australian -- Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is known as the ACC and to its enemies as - ahhh thanks to huge fines being imposed on door to door selling and carbon tax would be on the commission's naughty list along with companies who dodge consumer guarantees. More businesses have reason to worry as the watchdog broadens its focus in response to complaints received in 2012 like the 400 objections to confusing or unfair customer contracts which will see the energy and airline sectors under more scrutiny or the fake product review or the site which takes customer's money but don't believe. And the charges that lead to things like this, or the data Romeing that result in confessions hidden. Today's message is clear - the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is coming for you in 2013. Scam it up now while you still can. Rod Sims is the chairman of the Australian Competition and Commission. It's great that the ACCC can change its focus to follow where the complaints are coming from but that does that mean the scammers are always one step ahead? They're coming up with new things all the time but the bigger problem is they're contacting people by phone or email or whatever and those are individual contacts and we can't be everywhere, so, our strategy is to try and educate and, therefore, empower consumers so we urge consumers to get on to our scam watch website, get our radar alert that is tell you about the new scams. I have to say they're quite good fun. Not only do you learn what to avoid but you actually - you can sometimes have a chuckle at the new scams as well. Is there anything you can do about long complicated contracts because I have no idea what my phone contract says. I'm like, "Who cares, just give me my iPhone." Do companies make them complicated deliberately or is this just part of the process? It's a possibly a bit of both. I think what's really going on here is company are saying to their team's lawyers, "Give us a contract that covers us every which way", And not paying aany -- not paying any attention to people on the receiving end of these contracts. What we're keen to do next year is whether a long complex contract you are asking to -- asked to sign on to when you buy a phone contract, for example, and other services, whether indeed getting you to agree to that is an unfair contract term. I'm getting into my internet shopping and I have bought many contracts where someone has swine a review claiming a vacuum clean senior the best they've seen and it can't claim a hair. How many companies would be writing fake reviews? We're very concerned about this because we think people are getting their information about products increasingly from the internet and I think there's a romantic notion what you're finding out on the internet is correct. What companys are increasingly doing is getting people to put them in a good light on the web so. A big focus of our activity in 2013 is going to be taking enforcement action I'm fairly certain against people who are doing this. I think you're right about this. I was on the scam watch website saying, "This is the best website ever" And that was from Rod Sims 69. You watch yourself. Online vouchers, group buying sites are getting more popular. How many dodgy operators do you think are doing that group kind of buy in idea? We have a lot of complaints coming from both small business and consumers. The concern is some of these online group buying sites are signing up small businesses to things they can't actually deliver, consumers, therefore, are losing out because they lose their money if they can't redeem the voucher and I can assure you we will be taking people to court and sending signals to those companies to get them to clean up their act. All the best for the operation nebgts year. If you do find a vacuum cleaner that is the best one really -- let me know because I'm in the market. You'll be the first to hear. Thanks for your time. Thanks. According to reports today is the most popular day of the year for office Christmas parties. Charlie has provided a very important report into the dos and don'ts of Christmas party etiquette. Tonight's the big night. Christmas party time. Your boss booked tonight because the venue will be cheaper than a Friday or Saturday and because you have to work tomorrow you'll drink less saving the company more money. After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Perhaps you should be grateful you're having a Christmas party at all. According to a survey of 63 employers, thanks to a lean year, only 63% will even throw Christmas parties this year compared with 84% last year. Assuming your boss isn't one of the tight ones let's take a moment to be reminded of a few rules of etiquette. Do make an appearance. Do befriendly, and do leave wearing all your clothes. Don't get drunk. Don't tell the boss he's a Christmas Scrooge and don't cry in the toilet. Because there are some grey areas. Which I'm not sure about. So we asked etiquette expert Watson wafplt. Is it OK to ask your boss for a -- Liselotte Watson. Is it OK to ask your -- June Daly- Watkins. Is it OK to ask your boss for a raise? Don't think so. He might turn you down. Is it OK to get a cheeky open- mouthed pash under the Christmas tree. I think that's very nice, but that's all. No further than that. What's your policy on engaging in intercourse? Stay with me now - in the toilets. That's disgusting. So while Christmas parties can be a great opportunity to socialise with your colleagues and see out the year, it pays to be on your best behaviour. Here is the more modern take of things joined by the June Daly-Watkins of her generation, Beaton. It's been the year of YOLO. As Carrie found out for the first time today - you only live once S that the best approach for a Christmas party? I think the best way to go to a Christmas party is to actually turn up firstly and if you don't turn up you have to have a pretty -- pretty good excuse. OK. I have been to a few Christmas partys with you. You've cut a little loose at the time you killed that guy. What kind of embarrassing things do you get up to? Yeah, I fell for a man in a suit today. Oh, thank you very much. Everything is OK, but I've had a good time at a few Christmas parties over the years. You have Tobias so careful not to be the vent everyone talks act later when they go - "Rosy, which one is she? The one that was naked. This is rosy." Everyone's -- everyone's got such amazing phones and take great photos. It takes about a year to lose the title so you have to keep yourself nice. Can you tweet from a Christmas party. How is that? You can insta gram because the filters are much better.You have to be careful. Sorry r you saying people should take foi toes of whatever they want at a Christmas -- photos of whatever they want at a Christmas party as long as it's black and white. Yes, Facebook without the whinging. Alright. I have been to a few radio Christmas parties. We have all made mistakes. What is the worst thing you have seen at a Christmas party? Sniffer dogs. They came to the triple J party. They weren't cold. They turned up. I was watching colleagues play an innocent game of Pyongyang -- ping pong and I thought they were strippers. Then I saw the dog and it gave it away and everyone went, "Whoa!" Good costumes.Say people ignore all the advice they have been given. Tom gets caught pashing Michelle in the recycling bin and Tom films. When they turn up tomorrow and -- tomorrow, how best to handle it? Depends what reputation you want. Tone it down, say, "What a great night." Any Christmas party on a Thursday night is unAustralian. I know times are tough but on a Friday night and the weekend passes, people forget a lot.Great to have you as always. Party on and have a great Christmas. Party on. Oddly enough the prorbgt party is this weepbgd and I want all -- The Project party is on this weekend and I want everyone to ignore that. Camilla visited the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where the dogs were getting into the black leather gloves there. Licking them. Very nice. The same gloves she used to shake their hands! Yes! (LAUGHTER) es!
(LAUGHTER) . Take that, you dirty peasants! Merry Christmas, everyone. She didn't want to catch anything. Tell us what you think on anything on the show. You can hop on to any of the sites on the screen now as well as our new Zeebox site. There's heaps more after the probgt. After the break - Paul McCartney rocks out with Nirvana for Sandy -- and should offspring of sperm do -- donores have the right to know who their biological father is? There is At Autobarn, we know Christmas. We know you want to be prepared with Valvoline XLD Classic 20W-50,
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being the cause of someone's life.
Welcome back to The Project. Treasury has urged Labor to dump its promise to deliver a surplus next year amid fears of an economic slowdown. The Opposition jumped on the chance to say "I told you so". Demanding the Government comes clean on its budget position. Steve price joins us now. Does the Government have any hope of making their surplus dream a reality? Well, I don't think so. I think it was a pretty dumb political promise to make because every time this came up about them getting a surplus, the Coalition was able to say Labor never delivers surpluss. I'm not sure why Wayne Swan was so determined to do it in the first place. It has blown out of the water my theory we'd have an early election in March because I had a view they didn't want to actually get to another budget and so they'd go early and try and get back into office but now it seems treasure I -- treasury has advised them, "You're not going to get there, so don't try. "Requesting probably good advice.Surely how much they have on the line they're going to do it and the moment they get that surplus call an election and run on it. I don't think so, Charlie. I think everybody around the country now realises you can run budgets with deficits and it's not a big drama. Yes, it was a big promise but I think that can slide away from that promise pretty quickly now and I think that's what they'll do. As for a winter election I doubt it. I think everyone in the country was listening when the judge who throw the James Ashby case against Peter Slipper out of court and said it was a planned political attack. Was This is Not Art a Coalition conspiracy? Whenever I hear James Ashby and the case mentioned I think of Peter Slipper and think of his muscle text to Ashby and I thank God for mobile phones because that allowed us to realise we had a bloke in the Speaker's chair who shouldn't have been there. I think will - we need to be a bit careful. But, Steve, come on, anyone that read the judgement yesterday - like, the judge was saying that the conservative side of politics were basically using the court for political purposes. That's what we learnt yesterday in the judgement. I read it, Charlie, and I still think that I'd be - I think most Australians would be happy not to have Peter Slipper as the Speaker given what he said in those text messages. This will be appealed and that's why I'm being cautious.The text messages were vile but would we be happy to have both people as our Government is another question. We'll find out when we have an election, won't we? Bit of tension there, everyone. (LAUGHTER) e. . (LAUGHTER)
. Joe loci was talking tablgt Ashby thing, in Sydney, defending the Coalition from a Labor accusation there were unanswered questions in the case. Check this out. The Labor Party said we weren't around. Of course we were around. Here we are. Anything else? Well there you are. The Liberal Party, "We're around." Good slogan to run on next year? It's been a long year for everybody. Thank you and goodbye.See you at the Christmas party on Sunday and hope you heard the dos and don'ts before. Yeah, yeah, enough. (APPLAUSE) Health authorities have issue add warning to Adelaide hospitals about a rogue teenager who's impersonating doctors. The 16-year- old has reportedly been spotted at multiple medical centres and hospitals wearing scrubs, a stet skol and offering first aid to the public. If your doctor's voice is breaking don't trust him. How ridiculous. At the same time most bad arses of that age are at the train station smoking significant rits. First of first aid. The waits are so long. Give me an enthusiast 16-year-old. No! I think he took work experience too literally. Chill out, dude, it's going to be fine.This year the Victorian Law Reform Commission recommended the identities of all sperm donors be made available to their offspring a recommendation that sparked debate around the country. This man has been searched for his biological dad for 22 years. Not knowing half of my biological heritage is like looking in the mirror every morning and not knowing the face that looks back at me.The burst of his daughter eight years ago gave new meaning to his search. I had a moment holding her in my arms and at that same moment I wondered what would ever happen if for some reason I was not in her life anymore. I just recognised that that was the exact same thing that had happened in my own life. It's estimated there are as many as 60,000 people conceived through sperm donors in Australia. Recent laws and guidelines grant all donor conceived people access to their donor's information once they're adults but these lawes have only come into effect in the last few years. Before this donors were able to withhold their identity. I did have a fantastic father growing up and I love him dearly, but there is that intangible thing of having that biological connection, that mirror of ourselves that we see in those people that we come from that was missing in my life.This man met his donor father when he turned 18. My parents told me I was conceived with donor sperm and there was a man who had been kind enough to facilitate the process, and that one day if he wants evidenceed to meet me that might happen.This man is his donor. I remember at the time there was a lot of paperwork and there was a question at the end that said, "Would you be prepared to meet any of your offspring?? --?" And I chose yes. Many didn't, leaving their offspring blocked from finding their biological fathers. In an Australian first proposed laws in Victoria would open the doors on donor idea 'tis. Even from years when donors chose to remain anonymous. The implications to the change of the legislation could be huge for the patient that is have donated their sperm who wish to remain anonymous. I think their wish should be respected. I believe the rights ought to exist for the child with the offspring. It's no a choice to donate not be a product of donor sperm. I didn't ask to be kaupld into existence. I'm very glad that I was as it happens but there is a level of responsibility that comes with being the cause of someone's life. Should the changes be adopted across the country? Damien might finally find his answers. Half of my identity is missing and just walking down the street you catch glimpse of -- glimpses of somebody that might resemble you in some small way and it's something that continually eats away -- away and haunts you everyday. (APPLAUSE) Even if the change does go through, sperm donor kids will still have no rights to the donor father's estates so. There's no financial stake for the kids, it's just about knowing the possible parent it's. We'll take a break and be back after this. Coming up - slammed by the UN, what was the real reason be-- behind North Korea's rocket launch and on the eve of being a test cricket spectator, we chat with recently retired champ Ricky Ponting. This is The Project.

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Welcome back. You're on The Project. Feedback? Yes, Rodney says, "Christmas party etiquette good, vomiting on the party bad, vomiting on the host." I guess the host should have a bit of carpet at all times.More news and Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham is out of hospital after hitting his head on a pool deck at the Australian diving championships. He underwent scans in Brisbane. He says the fall was entirely his fault and he's learnt a lesson. Cricket captain Michael Clarke has revealed who will play against Sri Lanka in tomorrow's first test in Hobart. Mitchell Johnson has been dropped while Phil Hughes is set to replace the recently retired Ricky Ponting who joins us now. Please welcome to The Project former Australian captain, Ricky Ponting. Good evening, guys.Australia's all-time leading test runs scorer, the most successful Australian captain ever. Tomorrow there will be a test match without you. How is that going to feel? Yeah. It feel ass little different. I have been in hoe party training with the hoe party hurricanes when the test boys have been doing their training at the same time and venue. I have not known which group I should be training with. It's hard. I said the other day when I retired I thought this week would be the toughest for me in Hobart, being my hometown. I watch the first day, fly out Friday night so I won't be bad. Oh, God, you must be looking over the fence at them lovingly and you back at -- and them back at you. You said the team is better without you. Is that true? Couldn't you have smashed 100 against Sri Lanka? I would have liked to have thought I could, yeah, but my time is over and done with. I had a long time in the game and it was time for me to step aside and let a younger guy come in and take over the number four position in the side.What are you looking forward to doing with your wife and family now you haven't been able to do all these years? Well, first and foremost we have our first Christmas at home. I think I've had 17 Christmass in a row in Melbourne and since my wife and I have been together we've had 12 in a row. You know, my oild zest 4.5 and hasn't had a Christmas home. So little things like that we'll enjoy. I've heard those Christmass are pretty great flarbgs the Australian cricket board put on. --, that the Australian cricket board put on. Is your daughter going to miss them? She might do. They put on a pretty good show for the kids in Melbourne. So, yeah, unless dad puts the Santa suit on she might be a bit disappointed. You've been great since Michael Clarke took over as captain. You have let him captain and not got involved. Now you don't have to share a dressing room with him are you going to let everyone know what you think about his captaining? Absolutely, yeah. I said that the other night. Now I'm a past player I'll be critique everything they do. We'll keep your fingers crossed and hope the guys keep heading in the right direction and won't be the need for me, sour, bitter men to be negative towards them. I read you've got a bottle of Grange for every test century. Are you going to become a wine consur, man of leisure? Yeah, that was a present I was given on behalf of the Cricket Australia team the other night, 41 bottles, so 100 - every - a bottle for every test match 100 in the year I scored it and a tag on it with the amount of runs and the opponent. It was an unbelievable gift and it's going to take a lot of drinking. But most of the boys will be invited rond to my place whenever they're in -- round to my place when they come round to my place. I don't know anything act cricket and why I have the question about Shane Warne. Do you think he'll come back? He's still got the skill but in test matches, back-to-back test matches, he hasn't done for a long time. I know in my own body it gets harder and harder to keep up with the rigours of test match cricket. The other thing he's done on the eve of every Ashes series is he put put his hand up for selection so this year's no different.He was a lot of talk last week and then got hit for 41 run off two overs dofplt you think that made him a bit quiet? Yeah, you might be right. I had an a text exchange with Michael Clarke after it came out as well. He said, "If I could have you and Warnie fit on the Ashes that would be good." You don't want to get involved with Shane Warne! As well as drinking Grange, his foundation is involved in the biggest game on cricket heading on Australia Day. Head to the website. All the details there. -- are there. Good luck with everything over the years and the change of place pace. Thanks for being on tonight. Yeah, thanks guys. Here's what's make -- just - actor Hughes has been granted bail for 11 alleged child sex phones dating back to the 1980s charge -- 1980s. He appeared in court showing no emotion and has strict bail conditions. Three men are facing murder charges over the death of a plan in a street brawl in Adelaide. The 49-year-old died at the scene. The accused appeared in court today and have been refused bail. An inquiry has been launched in Queensland over a I. The bungle which say public servants overpaid, underpaid and miss out all together. The Premier announced a $5 million Royal Commission inquiry into the mishap with Bligh Government ministers expected to be called. Sydney's public transport is going back to the future with if Government -- with the Government announcing trams will return to the city for the first time in 50 years. Just over $1.5 billion will be spent on a light rail network with work starting in -- Circular Quay to Kingsford and Randwick. Work starting in 2014. The Victoria's secret mod olds singing classic carol 'Deck the Halls'. The girls traips around the living room -- traipsed around the living room forgetting their freezing surround and the lyrics.(SINGS) # Deck the halls with - # Oh, my God! (SINGS) # Deck the halls with honey. # Model singing.(SINGS) # Deck the halls with bows of Holly. # (APPLAUSE) Oh, God, - Mod olds and words. (LAUGHTER) -- models and words. (LAUGHTls and words. (LAUGHTER)
. Please tell me English isn't her first language. I guess lots of people were wanting to make more mistakes. Some weren't real words. Check this out.(SINGS) # La, la, la. # You're ruining Christmas skhrach International news, after five trys and 15 years and North Korea successfully launched a sat light. Now they have the whole world has turned their attention towards the long-range missiles they used and talking consequences. After spending most of 2012 in the shadow of its rival south agree -- South Korea and gangnam, North Korea must have been wafrpblting attention. So they decide to -- wanting attention so. They launched an intercontinental missile. Now the rest of the world is fuming mad. It is regrettable the leadership chose to take this course in -- against their obligations.The rocket has a range of almost 10,000km putting the west coast of the USA and all of Australia's capital cities within range. Members of the council must now work in a concerted fashion to send North Korea a clear message that it's violations of UN Security Council resolutions have consequences. North Korea is telling the world that this was a peaceful missile launch, to put a weather satellite into orbit. Inside the secret country's border it is launch will have -- borders the launch will have increased the leadership of its leader and it's a show of power. But it's important to remember that the country remains desperately poor and internationally isolated. He could spend his time and his money shooting off missiles or he can feed his people but he can't have both.How worried should we be about North Korea's long-range miss soils and how will the world respond to Kim John Un up un-- Kim John Un's show of power? We're talking to Dr David Malet who specialises in International Security Issues at the University of Melbourne. David, the international community has gone nuts here. North Korea say they were just launching a satellite. Is it remotely possible that what they say is true? They did put something into orbit. No-one's quite sure what it is. North Korea has said it's supposed to be some sort of sensory equipment to check and make sure the agricultural production is going -- doing well which they need because it's not going well and a lot of people are hungry in North Korea. It looks like they've -- they're using the technology they have used before. If they're trying to launch a satellite they don't have the best aim. Why are they doing it? Kim John Un has only been the leader of North Korea for less than a year. Is he trying to send a mess -- press Hajj to the world with this? There are a lot of messages he could be sending. South Korea is having an election soon as is Japan. There's evidence he's trying to send a signal to China, which had a new leader as well. He's not returning Kim John Un's requests for a meeting and since China's near North Korea, the fact it's losing interest might be worrying for him. He needed a victory at home to shore up his stand standing with the population.North Korea is abouting like an unpopular girl spiking the punch at the Year 10 formal? If your sugar daddy is losing interest it doesn't hurt to remind them about your big missile.Oh, it's a family show. Long-range missiles but should bewith worryed in Australia. Are they long -- that long range? They can't clear the China sea. The former US Secretary of State says in five years North Korea will hit the west coast of the US. I'd be more worried about the satellite which the Pentagon says is spinning wieldly out of control which has a trajectory that takes it over Australia. If it hits another satellite and your satnav goes out tomorrow you'll know why. One thing I don't quite understand is it has been claimed it's a weather satellite. But given according to the North Korean leader he has the ability to control the weather why would he need a weather satellite? He's a busy guy. Going through his father's video collection right now. David, thanks for your time. Love to have you back some time. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Watching the foot apbl of authorityee yin arm -- footage of the North Korean regime, you know you're on the turn when the leg gets really high. More of the show to come. Stick around.Whether it's a tablet, phone, laptop or desk top there's more ways to get more out of the probgt online. There's our website which has extended interviews, past episodes and viewer forums or it could be on Zeebox while you watch the slow and have the chance to win really cool stuff. The probgt - it doesn't finish when It's that time of the year again, when we embrace
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Welcome back. Sydney police are calling this stunt the most dangerous thing they've seen this year. A search is Sundays way for a clearly reckless go-kart driver who has put himself and others in serious draining and danger zipping through tract on one of Sydney's busiest roads. And Alan Jones has been ored to apologise for describing Lebanese Muslims as vermin and mongrels. The ruleling evidenceing comes seven years - trb the ruling comes seven years after it was made. It was written for him by an anti-discrimination tribunal. It's something poetic having to read out something else is written for him. This is an opportunity to slip in something else. You know what, climate change is real, too, I don't know what's with my voice, either. Put on Twitter and said, "Please don't make him apologise again. The last time was 40 minutes of my life I will never get back." Good back. Yeah, first apology ever. In Adelaide, person had to be rescued. He was lost overnight. Sounds like it was a tough ordeal, pretty full on. How do you feel about that, spending the whole night out here? Kind of fun, actually. Good. We should have left you there. (LAUGHTER) d have left you there.
(LAUGHTER) . Time to see what's making news around the world. Reports out of London Julian Assange has confirmed he'll run for an Australian senate seat at the next election. He's also revealed he wants to form a new political party to be known as Wikileaks. He remains in Ecuador's London embassy hopeful sexual assault allegations against him will be dropped. To the US and the mur plot targeting a man. -- murder plat targeting a man. They've been accused of wanting to kill Bieber. At the London premiere of 'The Hobbit' with his pregnant wife suffering from a recurrence of acute morning sickness, he went solo. He said Kate would have love had had to have been there if she was feeling better. The Pope's posted his first tweet. After weeks of build up the Pope made his Twitter debut overnight but it didn't quite go to plan with his first attempt failing to send. N end, with a bit of help, his 1 billion plus followers received his blessings. It's -- there's been Pope tweet mania around the world. People in St Peter's Square were asked what they think the people should tweet about in the future? What he's -- what's he going to say, make the -- take care of the sick, the poor. Follow the Kris.The build up to the tweet was so long. When the time came, he failed with it. God had longer to make the world. he (LAUG. world.
(LAUGHTER) . GHTER) . Than he had to - no, less time. Anyway. Ki just say, how good was it to hear a bit of en ya in the package? Wow! I loved them. We're going to take a break. Coming up - it's been touted as the theatre event of the decade. We go behind the scenes of 'War Horse'. I can't think of another like this. It's extraordinary. You're watching The Project.

Welcome back. Tony surprise visit to Australian troops

professional of the Defence Force shoppers. Although it might seem predictable, perfume is likely gift to be regifted. 75% of Australians admit to regifting with the most such presenting being homeware, chocolate and candles. God candles suck. You can give them to me. You're a bandit. I was until I regifted to the guy that gave me the present the year before. He actually opened it and with surprise went, "That's awesome." Until my friend went, "You gave it -- he gave it to you last year." It's perfume because people want to get rid of the stench of shame. I want to pre-gift. I want to gift people things I want the next year. We can start this Christmas. Maserati. Be careful of premature gifting. That's very important. Sorry, gefrpb. -- everyone. A web poll asking you what you thought about regifting:

Bit extreme. Full on.The -- 'War Horse' has won pretty much every award in the world of theatre. With an Australian production set to open on New Year's Eve, we sent Scott Dooley backstage for a sneak peek. It's the play seen by nearly 2.5 million people around the world and it was brought to the screen by a Hollywood legend, Steven Spielberg. I I want to make the country proud. It's the story of a boy's love for a special horse. On New Year's Eve the show premieres in Australia. It's such a beautiful story told in the most thrilling, theatrical way. It uses very simple techniques and also elaborate, beautiful projections, fantastic music, these amazing horse Muppets. They're the heart and soul of the play and took 12 months to hand make. Sit harder working with the Muppets because there are moving parts here. I have never worked with Muppets before and it's a new and exciting experience for me and I think everybody. It takes a lot of time because the mastery of the Muppets takes weeks and weeks and months and months.Three actors are needed to bring joey to life. It's this man's job to make sure the Muppets are as real as possible. We started research for 'War Horse' nearly seven years ago, so a pretty long time. I was involved in those early workshops where we were trying to fiefpbd out if the crazy idea of -- find out if putting the crazy idea of putting a horse on stage and being a puppet, it's a big ask. How long does it take from this to that? Yeah. Well, that's a really good question. These guys have been working together for about two months, six days a week all day everybody in the puppet. Like working, working, working and they are pretty good. They're really good. They're going to get better and better. 'War Horse' takes place amid the horror of First World War Europe. It's the trust. It's like having an animal that invest its welfare in who its owner is and loves that owner like a dog. And the horse save it is boy, save it is family and in the second half it's will the boy be able to save the horse? That's what the story is about. This actor plays a human being in the show which means he avoids spending 2.5 hours each night in a horse puppet. I can't think of another show like this it's extraordinary. That's what attracted me to it. There's empathy between an audience and seeing something inan mat come to life and there's nothing more beautiful than a horse in the way. And the people who bring it to life are extraordinary in the way they make it love, live and breathe. Around the world fans are raving act 'War Horse' and after seeing this cast put the finishing touches on our version it's easy to see why. That looks awesome. Amazing technology. It's how they did Mackay by diva. It opens in Melbourne only New Year's Eve and around the country. For more details go to our website. We'll be back right after this. VOICEOVER:
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Welcome back. More news - Victoria has joined NSW and South Australia in banning the use of solariums. They will be phased out from 2015 in what's been healed as a win for a campaigner who tried from melanoma five years ago. A charity concert for victims of Superstorm Sandy has taken place in New York. Paul McCartney performed with the remaining members of Nirvana which is expected to raise well over $30 million. Our man on the ground in Hollywood, Hy;a. It's an amazing line up but is it true Sir Paul didn't realise the other two guys he was playing with were Nirvana? Yeah, I think he had a bit of a senior moment. The singer for the few fuegters, used to be the drumer for Nirvana and he went to Sir Paul and said, "Why don't you come jam with me and some friends." They're jamming out and they felt so good they were back together again. It's like -- Sir Paul is like, "Oh, really, you don't tour?" He didn't realise Kurt Cobain was dead. He was filling in for Kurt. I think Paul doesn't realise a lot. Anne Hathaway didn't realise something was going on. This to me is the most horrible of all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions K you talk us through it and tell how she's recovering. I'll do my best. She was doing press for 'Les Miserables', her film. She was exiting a vehicle. She did not have any underwear on and - well, she pulled a Britney Spears f you will. This could not be a major story if one of our biggest, most famous breakfast presenters didn't bring it up in an interview the next day which took her off guard but she was a professional with it and she seemed to turn it right back around talking about the film again. You can't go commando and be devastated and mortified that people found that out. I don't know what the rules are with regards to going commando and de-- females and dresses. Talking about 'Les Miserables', can we come up with a better phase apart from commando. Nicole Kidman might be on the road to getting an Oscar. Yeah, the sag awards were announced. It's the first big industry awards show that is a hint to what might come down the line in Oscar system. She was nominated twice, specifically for paper boy where she plays a trashy character. It's a departure for her. But it's still early. You can't predict Oscars. I put my money on Betty White. Great to have chat as always. Let's hope Betty doesn't go commando.Brilliant as always. Chat soon. Thank you, guys.(APPLAUSE) We're just about out of time but Tom Ballard has something almost of a national tour. Putting the dates up on the website. Yeah. The shows are everywhere around the

I'm looking forward to
spending a bit of time with you.

Merry Christmas.

For me, Christmas is the most
fabulous time of the year -

family, friends, you know,
a little bit of excess...

..or a lot.
I love it, I love it, I love it all.

'Especially the food, but Christmas
should be fun for everyone,

'so don't be a slave
to the kitchen.'


'This year I'm going to give you
everything you need

'for a right good
Christmas ding-dong.

'We'll be doing all the classics,
the essentials of Christmas dinner,

'and we'll do them really well.'

I'm going to be giving you roast
turkey, the best potatoes,

amazing gravy.

We'll do the business of Christmas.

But on top of that I'm going
to pimp up your ride.

'By getting your basics done
and dusted, you'll have time

'to get playful in the kitchen, so
you can go wild on the trimmings.'


I'm going to give you incredible
party food that will just

knock your socks off,
nostalgic memories,

and I'm determined that we all
have the very best Christmas ever.

Happy Christmas.Merry Christmas!

'So, whether it's the essential
classics or pimped up treats,

'this is my Christmas
with bells on.'

'I want to take
Christmas by the baubles,

'so this week I'm going to show you
everything you need to do

'on Christmas Eve to get ahead so
that the main event

'runs like clockwork.'

Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho ho ho!

'We'll be preparing an amazing
turkey alternative.'

It's absolutely
Christmas in a mouthful.

'Along with my top
get ahead recipes

'for Christmas gravy
and super tasty stuffing.'

Oh, my Lord!

'And not only that,
we've got some party treats

'and some festive drinks.

'Sensational staples and some
super indulgent treats

'to really wow your guests.'



'But before you get started
preparing for Christmas dinner,

'I'm going to set you up for this
big day with a really hearty

'slap-up breakfast that will blow
Santa's stockings off.'

0K, you lovely people,
it's a beautiful morning

and we are about to partake in
one of the most beautiful

breakfasts on Earth.

We're going to do homemade waffles
and the very, very best

thick, malty, chocolatey
hot chocolate.

Let's crack on with the waffle mix.
So, first of all,

you want to have two eggs,

nice free range eggs, in a bowl
with 300ml of lovely milk.

Straight in.

Give that a little whisk up with
a good pinch of salt.

Soon as you've done that, you can
add 225g of self-raising flour.

And as soon as you've done that,

to add to the self-raising flour
we'll use baking powder.

You want two-and-a-half
level tablespoons.

It's going to kind of go
hole-y and bubbly,

and it's going to have that
lovely sort of souffle texture.

Down here I've got 100g
of melted butter.

Just melt it in a pan,
in the microwave,

or on your fire, as you do.

Whisk it up and you get this
beautiful thick batter.

And if I show you the texture...

..absolutely gorgeous.
Quite thick.

Give it a good old whisk.

That's what we're looking for, 0K?

'It's best to leave the batter to
rest for half an hour or so,

'then the bubbles start to form.'

Here's one I made earlier.
You can see if I move that away,

see those holes that are created?
That's a nice sign.

'If you've got a waffle iron
then great,

'but if not I've perfected this
recipe for a regular griddle pan,

'or even a frying pan buttered up
and piping hot.'

And then we're going to
go in with our batter.

Let me put it here.

Scrape the batter into this pan.

'Smooth the batter out
for one giant waffle,

'or if you're not feeling brave,
smaller blobs are a bit easier

'to flip and give you a lovely
little individual ones.'

Push it to the edges and you're
going to get an incredible waffle.

I'm quite happy with that. We're
going to whack it back in there.

'Altogether this will take
you about 20 worthwhile minutes.

'Drop the heat down to medium

'and leave it to cook on the first
side for about eight minutes.'