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Do you have any gut feeling? Well, Winton's sticking out. I don't know why, probably
because I only know that one. But Mareeba, as well.
I'm tossing between C, and D. 10 seconds. Which one?
Give me your gut feel.

Come on, five seconds.
I need an answer. I'll just lock in Winton. Final answer?
Yes, please. Locked in.
You were tossing up between C and D? Mmm. Lisa, we needed D for $100,000!

Mareeba's 40 kilometres from Cairns,
is furtherest north, followed by Normanton, Julia Creek,
Winton is the south of the lot. You missed by that much.
But you won $1,000. Take that home with you.
Thank you. Lisa Angiolino just won a grand. See you next time
on Millionaire Hot Seat. Good night! Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. Back home - actor Robert Hughes faces child sex charges. Back to the future - the Sydney city trams ministers promise will be a reality. Tinkler in trouble. The Tax Office moves to wind up the Knights and the Jets. A brave trio of nippers - how they helped the real life rescue. And we'll catch you - police film the go-karter flamed on a busy Campbelltown road. Actor Robert Hughes is spending his first nightane Sydney apartment and not a jail cell after being granted bail. The former 'Hey Dad' star has indicated he will plead not guilty to child sex charges dating back to the late 1980s. Leaving court, Robert Hughes sat back in his lawyer's car on bail but facing a lengthy fight to clear his name and keep his freedom. Frplgt this is a very complex and difficult case and a long way to go. He realises that. I understand the brief of evidence is very extensive. Police have chased the former actor to London and his journey back attracted extraordinary attention. Police cameras included at his every turn. On his way to a police cell and then on to court where he faced 11 charges of child sexual assault against five victims.These offences occurred between 1984 and 1990.At the time, 'Hey Dad' was a popular sit com and Hughes a big star.What is all that yelling about?His on screen daughter, Sarah Monahan, is one of the alleged victims who went to the police two years ago.The investigation is complete as far as possible. If any other person does come forward, we'll assess the information.Hughes's wife, celebrity agent Robyn Gardiner, was in the court for the appearance and lodged the $50,000 to secure his bail.I'm very relieved he got bail. I think it's a good decision that was made.Hughes has been ordered to stay away from crown witnesses and surrender his passport. He's due back in court next month. Live to Damien Ryan now. What other conditions does Mr Hughes have to follow?Robert Hughes will be coming back here tomorrow to Surry Hills police station to report to officers because that's one of the conditions he has to face. Checking in with officers three times a week. While he didn't speak publicly today in courts or while he was being moved around, he did through his lawyer stress he would be meading not guilty to the charges and had denied any wrongdoing. Trams will return to city streets as part of the Government's transport master plan to tackle CBD gridlock. The sleek light rail version of the old rattlers will glide along George Street from 2020. Kevin, a case of back to the future. The last time we had trams running through here was way back in the 1950s. Under this plan, we'll be saying goodbye to all the buses and all these cars.Sleek European- style trams and plenty of pedestrians down the length of George Street to Circular Quay. Replacing cars and buses along 40% of the thorough fare. The brand new tramlines would begin at Kingsford and Randwick, and past the University of NSW, the Racecourse, the SCG, in to Surry Hills and Central Station and then down George Street. The trip from Kingsford to Central could take 24 minutes. Central to Circular Quay 15, half the time of buses.We're convinced it's the right way to go. It's been a pet project of the Transport Minister and the lor Mayor, Clover Moore.The residents, retailers, community, everyone who is concerned about the city will benefit from this.One apartment block will be knocked down in Surry Hills to make way.A glossy brochure with no new money or no explanation on how the projects are to be paid for.Today isn't just about light rail but locking in other key transport projects. For this part, the Premier is blunt about the need for drivers to pay more for road upgrades.Improve sections of the M4 can expect to be included in the tolling regime.The only good news, those new tolz won't be introduced any time soon. The West Connex connecting Parramatta Road with the airport is due to open in 10 years time. We're going to breaking news now. There are major traffic problems on Victoria Road tonight after a crash at Rozelle. A car caught fire and another overturned. All lanes have now reopened. 2Day FM could be forced to name the employees who approved a royal phone prank. The Communications and Media Authority have confirmed it will investigate the scandal. It has the power to fine the station and withdraw its broadcasting licence. The Tax Office has applied for both of Nathan Tinkler's teams, the Knights and the Newcastle Jets to be wound up. The teams have an unpaid tax bill of a whopping $2.5 million. The future of the Newcastle Knights NRL team and the Newcastle Jets lie in the balance as the former electrician, once dubbed Australia's youngest billionaire, struggles with his finances.I think Nathan himself would have no assets at all and the companies he's dealing with or has under his control will have the assets spread out.Tinkler's company was taken to the Federal Court by the Australian task force for failing to pay $2.67 million.He's been caught in a double crunch. Lots of debts. The price of his assets have gone down. Hunter Sports said the tax bill will be paid and it's business as usual for both teams. Tinkler's takeover of the Knights was always controversial. Its supporters fought hard to ensure even if he went broke the club would survive. Like many people I've been concerned but perhaps hoping for the best.Nine News understand as $20 million bank guarantee with Westpac which halves next year underpins the club. If his company fails to raise $10 million of sponsorship each year, or fails to put $2.5 million in to junior development, a reach occurs that could see fans buy the Knights back for $1. He built a $1.3 billion fortune. With it he bought private jets, helicopters, a V8 Supercar team and hundreds of race courses. But in just the past 12 months, most of it has gone.He's playing the game up to the wire. He has always done that.Tony Abbott and Coalition MPs are accused of knowing about a conspiracy to bring down the Government. It comes after a Federal Court judge threw out the sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper, claiming it was politically motivated to help LNP candidate Mal Brough win the former Speaker's seat.This is a scandal of enormous proportions.It's not some great conspiracy.Labor hasn't ruled out an inquiry. Three nippers are being praised for helping to vaifb a drowning woman at Avoca Beefpl. Her friend from Bankstown died in the ordeal after both were washed off a rock while sunbathing. The three pint-sized heroes are in the same Year 7 class but have a story their class mates might not believe.Sprinted around the rocks as fast as we could.The 13-year- olds were paddling off Avoca Beach when a kayaker screamed for help, after spotting two women washed off rocks while sunbaking. The boys paddled as fast as they could, arriving just after a lifeguard on a jet ski.It was pretty hard. I'm not very big for my age. She was unconscious. I had to grip on as hard as I could.A 27-year-old woman from Bankstown died at the scene. Her 25-year-old friend is now in a stable condition at Gosford Hospital, only alive because kayaker spotted them in trouble. The kayaker was able to pull both women from the water but the rough seas dumped them all back in. He had to make a desperate decision - stay or paddle for help? The surviving woman told him to head to shore.Very lucky with the kayaker. If he wasn't out there, who knows what would have gone on The tragedy happened in a remote area away from patrols.N't don't swim at the remote areas or endanger yourselves. The nippers completed their surf rescue certificates last night after their real life rescue. There are plenty of lunatics on the road but today's lunatic takes the cake. He drove a go-kart down the centre of one of south-western Sydney's busiest roads, risking death in the heavy traffic. Yes, it's a go kartsd, going flatout hemmed in by -- go kartd, gloing flatout hammed in on the -- go-kart, going flatout, hemmed in on the road. A quick U- turn and straddling the lanes. He turns his head to see what's behind him. The amused drivers and a video camera.If the cops get wind of him, he's gone.It seems he's gone.We need to remove that menace from the road. It's a shocking sight for police.And the frightening concept for professional go-kart drivers. Stupidness. I mean, he has no concern about himself or other people.It's clear just how hard it would have been for other drivers to see the go-kart in the traffic. And then there's the threat of how it handles on the open road. Especially when it comes to braking. The tyres it had on it, it's not safe enough even to put on a farm. The police message is blunt.You need to come forward and identify yourself. We will catch you.Invade Australia and Australia fights back. That's the warning to the expanding American Costco chain from Aussie grocery wholesalers, Metcash. It's opening its first discounts warehouse in Brisbane on Saturday and planning to expand soon in to NSW. It was the centre storm that knocked the win out of New York so it was always going to take a super concert to pick the city back up again. Excuse me. That's exactly what's happened. One of the best line-ups you'll ever see rocking the stage to raise money for Sandy's victims. To open the fundraiser, there he was, the man from the most devastated hit area of all, New Jersey. Bruce Springsteen joined by John Bon Jovi. It was arguably the biggest line-up of music talent in one show. They had some interesting mixes. Pink Floyd and Eddie Vedder. The Stones paid back to a city that's been good to them. So too xenric Clapton -- Eric Clapton. Just to kofrbg all the bases, Kristin Stewart. While the phones rang with donation offers, honours -- on it wen. Alicia Keyes, Kanye West wearing a skirt, the Who wearing very little, Chris Martin of Coldplay. There's a lot to fix from a storm that killed nearly 100 30 people with damage estimated at -- 130 people with damage estimated in the billions. It's hoped tens of millions will be raised. Sir Paul McCartney the last on stage to close the deal.

Stay with us - in the news ahead - the mother lashes out as her son's killers are sent to jail. The Aussie mum who has given birth at the age of 60. Extraordinary new pictures of an iceberg breaking up.

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A mother has reacted angrily to the sentences handed to two men over the machete murder of her son Kesley Burgess in a home invasion in Lurnea in 2010. Tomasi Natuba and Aneterea Tamapua have been senanced to a total of 15 years each but a non-parole period of 10 years.My son that was chopped up before my eyes, diced in to pieces on my loungeroom floor, and he gets 10 years.Three other men have already been sentenced over the killing. When it rains and rains and rains, young minds get up to misture. This flooded footy field a perfect place for some wakesurfing behind a ute. It's not all fun, though, the deluge around Collie, south of Perth, has cut roads and drenched scores of homes and shops. An Australian woman has given birth at the age of 60, the country's oldest new mum. She hasn't been named but she's among a growing number of older mothers. The number of women having babies after the age of 45 has nearly doubled in the past decade. Nearly a quarter of all women having babies are aged over 35.The best time to fall pregnant is in your 20s or at the latest in your early 30s. After that, nature is working against you to have a successful outcome. Research also shows that one in seven women smoke during pregnancy. Great camera work is about being in the right place at the right time. A group of US movie-makers has captured what's claimed to be the largest-ever iceberg break-up and say it's proof the Arctic is melting because of global warming. The Illulissat glacier, Greenland. After waiting for weeks, a group of film-makers can barely believe the site that unfolds around them.It's starting to break up here. Look at that. Look at it.Mountains of ice sheering off the glacier, cracking and groaning. Tower blocks of jet black ice, hundreds of years old, rear up and down like a breaching whale.300, sometimes 400 feet tall. Pieces of ice were shooting up out of the ocean.The sequence is taken from a new film. The size of the icebergs are difficult to imagine. If you imagine Manhattan and all of a sudden, all of those buildings just start to rumble and quake and peel off and fall over and roll around.7.2 cubic kilometres of ice. This whole massive city just breaking apart in front of your eyes.Film-makers say it's a graphic example of climate change. A Tassie expert is not so sure. This particular iceberg carving event is normal. It happens of this scale often around greerpbland and Antarctica.Climate -- Greenland and Antarctica. Climate change or not, remarkable all the same, and captured for the first time on film. It is time now for sport with Ken. Good evening.Good evening. Good news for the Australian cricket team but it's crunch time for Phil Hughes. We have Michael Clarke's exclusive captain's call. A surprise pun-up on the course at the Australian PGA. Those pictures next. And why Ian Thorpe is glad Lance Armstrong got busted for doping.And the west hit 31 degrees today. It's going to get even hotter.

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Good news for Australia with Michael Hussey recovered from illness and back at training ahead of the first test in Hobart tomorrow. It is crunch time for young Phil Hughes.If the Aussies win the toss, Michael Clarke says they will bat. That means Hughes could be tested on this very challenging wicket early. This test presents a big challenge for the captain. It's his first without the guidance of Ricky Ponting and he opens up more in this week's exclusive Captain's Ul. -- Call.I am still pretty lucky and have a lot of experience around me with support staff and players in the team. I'm one phone call away from Ricky's advice as well.What's the plan with Phil Hughes - patience or perform or perish?I think there's got to be an element of patience, like we've shown with all the players. We do it as a selection panel.Speaking of confidence, all this talk of a Shane Warne comeback and push for it, does that knock around Nathan Lyon's confidence?I don't think so. I think Lyon sees it as a positive. If Warnie was to play, they'd play together. You'd find a way to pick both spinners. I think Nathan has been bowling really well. He's one of the fastest Australians to 50 test wickets.You personally and the team poured so much emotional energy into the series against South Africa, trying to get the number one ranking, how do you get the boys back up for this series? It's important we learn from the South African series. And also look forward, not look backwards. If we kim prove on the way we played against South Africa, I'm confident we can have success.The Sri Lanka fost bowlers have been landed the worst ever to land on Australian shores - what do you think of that? By who? Somebody that is not facing them, yeah. We aren't underestimating the Sri Lankan team. I think they've got an attack that is very strong. Especially in these conditions.Of course you won't write them off but sophistically if you don't take them lightly and play to the best of youruble, you'll dominate?I'd say that against any team, I'd say it against South Africa. If we play our best in any condition, we should dominate.Greg Norman has withdrawn from the Australian PGA with food poisoning. Daniel Popovic is a surprise leader. The Victorian shooting an 8 under par 64, showing a complete disregard for golfing etiquette, these two locals sorted out thar difference the old- fashioned way. Stuart Appleby catching the whole thing on camera. Swimming legend Ian Thorpe says it's a great thing for world sport that cyclist Lance Armstrong has been exposed as a drug cheat.I was happy. Because it meant no matter who you are, where you are in the world, whatever you've accomplished, you can be caught.Armstrong has never admitted to doping but was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. There are so many people out there still in denial about what happened to Lance Armstrong. Thank you, Ken. Breaking news. A grassfire has broken out at Emu Plains on the Great Western Highway. The blaze is threatening a caravan holiday site. Four crews have just arrived. The Rural Fire Service is on its way. To the weather now. The weekend is looking very hot. I'll have the forcast next.

gruelling rehab. That' s tonight, buil
Next on WIN News... The Molonglo inspecto
building blitz - what safety predicti
inspectors uncovered, And, A exc
prediction hundreds will die from
excess drinking this summer. Join m for all the details next.

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Sydney enjoyed a warm and sunny day with moderate to fresh north- easterly winds. It reached 26 degrees in the city. Penrith hit a top of 32 degrees late this afternoon.

Thank you very much. That's Nine News for this Thursday. I hope you have a good evening. From

trailer. A B-Double truck Tonight Insp
... Another building site blitz. all
Inspectors target Molonglo. A new
alliance, predicts hundreds will di from excessive alcohol this summer unveil
And: The parisian underbelly, I
unveiled in Canberra. Good evening, inspectors
I' m Danielle Post. Safety c
inspectors have swooped on a second T
construction site in as many weeks. proj
This blitz, targeted new housing WIN'
projects in the Molonglo Valley. Last
WIN' s Luke Dufficy reports. housing
Last week it was a commercial residentia
housing site, today it was inspector
residential. Seven WorkSafe sites
inspectors visited around forty seriou
sites here in Wright. The most in
serious issue found had to do with th
inappropriate scaffolding. Work on immedia
that site was ordered to stop
immediately. Elsewhere, around fift mai
improvement notices were issued, la
mainly relating to poor fencing, a E
lack of signage and injury hazards. Evans
Earlier today I spoke with Neil Assoc
Evans from the Housing Industry been
Association, who says there have Vall
been concerns about the Molonglo HI
Valley for some time. Although members
HIA has a majority of housing al
members in the ACT, we don' t have
all members that work in the housin wit
industry that we can communicate homes
with. With thousands of new
homes to be built, this area will b com
a construction zone for years to t
come. The HIA says it' s determined to ensure all work is conducted in continu
safe manner. We' ll just l
continue to work with WorkSafe, we' awar
ll continue educating, training, fo
awareness programs and we are look Governmen
forward to working with the i
Government with the recommendations Co
in the new report. Work Safety
Commissioner Mark McCabe says today p
s blitz was about creating a level resi
playing field for commercial and residential projects. He' s promise Canberr
to continue the crackdown on Canberra' s building sites, and say wrongdoers will face consequences.

Hundreds of people are expected to i
die, while thousands more will land drinking
in hospital because of heavy all
drinking this summer. Today a new a
alliance of organisations, spanning c
across New South Wales and the ACT, alco
called for urgent action to stop many
alcohol-related tragedies. For consider
many Australians, alcohol is
considered a staple when it comes t the silly season. But figures from anyth
a newly formed alliance aren' t b
anything to celebrate. Alcohol will thousan
be attributed to almost eight d
thousand assaults and three hundred Summer
deaths in New South Wales this alc
Summer. "We have high levels of admiss
alcohol related harm, hospital an
admissions, death, negative health through
and social consequences right unique
throughout the year, it' s not unfortun
unique to the holiday period P
unfortunately." Launched today at Wales
Parliament House, the New South or
Wales ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance,
or NAAPA has been formed to advocat reform.NAA
for proven alcohol policy he
reform.NAAPA representatives, from servic
health, research and emergency i
service organisations, say not only polic
is alcohol related harm costing b
police millions of dollars in time, but is also putting immense pressur se
on emergency departments. "They broken
see smashed up faces, they see are
broken bones, they see lives that
are destroyed because of alcohol." solution
The alliance says there are a
solutions to the problem, including lice
a reduction in trading hours for tighter
licensed premises, as well as "W
tighter controls on advertising. Au
"We certainly need price reform in i
Australia. The way that are alcohol confusing
is priced and taxed is very dri
confusing and conducive to people think
drinking more alcohol." "We lea
think what we need is a political is
leader who is willing to take this and
issue on and say enough is enough change
and when that happens we think occu
change and reduction in harm can occur relatively quickly."

A Goulburn man has been charged poin
for alleged fraud, totalling two sa
point one million dollars . Police overdre
say the twenty- five-year-old forty-ei
overdrew from his account on than
forty-eight occasions, over more