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(generated from captions) ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News.Good morning. Two years after child sex accusations were levelled against him, former 'Hey Dad...!' star Robert Hughes has this morning been charged by police. Let's go straight to Amelia Ballinger at the Sydney Police Centre.Robert Hughes touched down in Australia this morning. He is currently here at the Sydney Police Centre where he has been charged with 11 counts of sexual and indecent assault. His plane arrivaled at around 8am, he was travelling with three plane- clothes police officers. Other officers arrived at the airport before he arrived. As I said, he has been charged. Those charges date back to the late 1980s, early 1990s when he played the lead role in the hit Australian Sitcom 'Hey Dad...!'. It was former child star, Sarah Monaghan who first laid charges, she told Nine News he had touched her inappropriately while working on the show. It sparked an enormous ples investigation. That has lasted two years. Police have spoken to 200 witnesses. It culminated in August when he was arrested and extradited here to Australia overnight. Earlier we spoke to the head of the sex crimes squad here.This morning, a 64- year-old man arrived back in Sydney after being extradite from London. We will be alleging he will be charged later this morning with 11 fences relating to five victims. The investigation is complete as far as possible. However, if any other person does come forward we will assess the information and take it from there. We have been in close contact with all the victims through this time and they have been made fully aware of our progress. We have been in consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions.What is the next step? What is expected toship p hap toond? -- expected to happen today?Robert Hughes is expected to be taken here to the central court. He is expected to apply for bail. His lawyer spoke to us earlier outside the police station. This is what he had to say about his client. He denies his guilt. He will strenuously assert his innocence. He has cooperated fully and surrendered and returned to Australia. I am reasonably confident the prosecution would not oppose conditional bail. He is very anxious about getting back with his wife. He wants to get back with her. It is really worrying him.His wife flew into the country a few days ago. She is expected to be in court this morning supporting her husband. As we heard, Robert Hughes will be seeking bail. It is likely court will require surety. His wife is apparently happy to post whatever amount they require for him. He has been charged with 11 counts of sexual and indecent assault. He is due to leave the Sydney Police Centre any moment and head to the Sydney Central Court. Thank you. A sna man has narrowly escaped injury after his home was targeted in a drive-by shooting overnight. A shot was fired in the mount drut property around 1am.They were either going for my back or a bad shot. I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ they are a bad shot. InGovernment says Tony Abbott has questioned to answer over his knowledge of the Peter Slipper scandal. It comes after after the sexual uh-huh rasment case was thrown out of court yesterday. The Opposition Leader is far from the capital today?Yes, that is right. He has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on his way to London for the Australia/UK/Israel dialogue. While there, he addressed troops at Tarin Kowt, congratulating them telling them when Australia withdraws in 2014 Afghanistan will be in a much better position than when they arrived. He also had a barbecue lunch with the soldiers and gave them sporting equipment for Christmas. This is his third trip. Let's listen to what he had to say. I am confident every day Australian forces are present on the ground, every day our allies are present on the ground and in this case, in this country or any other country where armed forces are active would be a better day for that country. He might bow long way away but the Government is pursuing Tony Abbott? Yes, they sure are. They are claiming it was a plot to bring down the Government. Senior ministers have been out this morning calling on Tony Abbott to explain if he knew anything about a plot within the Peter Slipper sexual harassment case scandal, as Justice Rares says jerd conducted significant damage to Peter Slipper. He said he can't recall a scandal of these proportions in Australian political history.It goes to the heart of Liberal Party behaviour where senior front benchers were involved in a conspiracy to bring down the front bench of Australia. The tragedy, work place bullying and harassment can be a traumatic experience for people who have got to put up by it, for people who are victimised. To debase it and vulgize it as a way to do damage to the Government is shameful. To have done it in partnership with James Ashby begs apology and explanation from Tony Abbott in the next twenty-four hours.The Government have called on the opposition to dump Mal Brough as the candidate for the seat of Fisher because of his involvement in the scandal. The coalition spokesman defended Mal Brough and said he has done nothing wrong, saying James Ashby came to him for advice and that is it.He is an honourable person. Someone came to him with a very distressing concern asking for advice and he steered them to get advice. That is the long sw the short of it.At this stage, the Government haven't ruled out an inquiry into the scandal.Thank you. An eight kier year is recovering in hospital after a police pursuit through Sydney's west. Her mother was behind the wheel of a hatch back when the cashed into a tree. The bird's-eye view shows the scene. Mounting a curb and crossing a footpath before crossing into tree and a fence. The Daewoo was driven by a woman with her 8-year-old daughter in the car. Just minutes before the crash, the police began pursuing the hatchback for a short distance after a registration check. They lost track of the car but found the wreckage on the side of the road. The mother and daughter were not seriously injured but taken to hospital. The mother underwent alcohol and drug test but the results won't be for weeks. So far, charges have not been laid. The broadcast watch dog has launched a formal investigation into the death of a London nurse following a prank call by two radio hosts. Authorities in the United Kingdom have held back taept results unilit after an inquest tonight. A coroner is due to examine the hoax call and the events leading up to the discovery of her body. 2DayFM has resumed advertising and is pledging all funds to her family until the end of the year. If you or anyone you know needs support you can contact Lifeline. Showers for most of Queensland today. Sunny with top

In Sydney. Rain on the way for Melbourne. Plenty more to come in Nine's News Hour, including a murder investigate after a late- night street fight turns deadly. Also, outrage as a shrine to young car-crash victims is declared no-go zone. And wrecking the hauls. What happens when the Victoria's Secret angels make a Christmas video.Deck the hauls This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

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This program is not captioned. A roadside shrine do five young people killed in a car crash on the Gold Coast is now off limits with police moving in overnight. Nine's Jenna Hudson is following the story. Take us through what happened?Well, understandably family and friends are in shock by the loss of these young loved ones, killed in a horror crash last weekend. So they set up this shrine down here and they have been coming at night to mourn and pay tribute. Last night there were heated and emotional scenes as police came down and starting fining the mourners. Offences including drinking in public, doing burnouts and illegal U turns. People lost their licences. Now they are very upset.Mourn for our friends' death. Disrespectful. Our friends are getting fined and booked.Three different people lost their licences just to pay respect. We have been coming here every night since it happened. Everyone is down here. You know, everyone is just so refreectful. They even brought rubbish bins so they don't litter.That is where we will leave that story and move on to a street fight where three men have been arrested following the death of a man in a brawl north of Adelaide. Police were called to Elizabeth Park last night following a fight between two groups. A 45-year-old man was found dead at the scene. It is understood he had been struck with a metal object, possibly a pole. Three were arrested after and will front court later today. A motive for the attack has not been revealed. Miranda Kerr and her fellow Victoria's Secret models have gone viral, not for what you think. They have released a Christmas video, for once, it is not their modelling. Their cheeks flush with embarrassment now this vid wro is making its way around the Internet. Not for the reason you might think.Don we know our gay apparel, fa, la, la? No?They may seem well rounded but these beautiful Christmas angels aren't as well rounded as they look. Listen to them flu luflubb 'Deck the Halls'.# Deck the hauls with honey #The real beauty of it all? Victoria's Secret sees it as a selling point.It can help to make the models more relatable. It is a way to bring them down a bit.La, la, la# Come on sniefplt candles! Work with me.Of course, the angels aren't the only ones allowing themselves to be the butt of jokes to come up with gold. Jennifer Aniston spoofed all the way to the bank.How are my triblets doing. Facebook is flooded with this. it real? Had you really dropped the present?Yes, because they stacked up the presents in my hands, they were directing us as if we were supposed to do it perfectly. Let's do it depen. Every time I dropped the presentsen the floor. It was so funny.For these ladies, messing up never looked so good.(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE).Still ahead this morning, fears for drivers following a spike in accidents in one of our biggest cities. Also Julian Assange's bizarre proposal for a new political party. And the Aussie contendsers,

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This program is not captioned. There are fears for the safety of drivers in Melbourne's city link after startling statistics reveal a jump in accidents. Nose-to-tail crashes have increased by 150% in just four years. Good morning, vicky, what has caused the jump? Well, it all comes down to drivers being distracted and basically not leaving enough room with the car in front. CityLink has released some alarming vision to highlight the crazy and very dangerous behaviour happening on Victoria's roads at the moment. This footage shows a semitrailer coming to a screeching halt inside the conjested Burnley Tunnel, alarmingly braking across three lanes. This crash has the potential to be an absolute disaster. As you can see, the Burnley Tunnel goes on for four kilometres, so there is a lot of cars in those lanes. We remember that horrific crash in 2007. Three people died when a huge pile-up in the same tunnel sparked an inferno. At one stage, the blaze reached a staggering 1,000 degrees. It is very dangerous.What is being done to stop the accidents in the future?CityLink is of course, very frustrated. It is launching an advertising campaign today to get cars to slow down and leave a 2- second gap. The accidents have soared in four years. There were 300 crashes on the toll road last year, which is extremely worrying. Hopefully people listen to this message and slow down.That vision certainly has an impact. Thank you. WikiLeaks founding Julian Assange says he will run for senate seat at the next election. He plans to register his WikiLeaks party. He said he will run in or Victoria despite being holed up as a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy.. Nominations for the SAG Awards have been announced in the US. Leading the charge for Australia is Hugh Jackman. He has picked up a nod for best actor for his role in 'Les Miserables'. Many who vote for the Screen Actors Guild awards will also be voting for the Oscars. So these nominations are the first indication of who could be walking the Academy Awards' red carpet. Nominated today in the movie category.'Argo', 'The best exotic marigold hotel, 'Les Miserables', 'Lincolnm'That nod to 'Les Miserables' perhaps a sign of even bigger things to come for the star Hugh Jackman.# Don't look him in the eye #It surprised no-one Hugh was nominated for best actor. His competition for the same prize - Brad Cooper, Denzel Washington, John Hawkes and Daniel Day Lewis for his extraordinary portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. For Hugh, it only gets better. Tomorrow, very likely, another nominated for the Golden Globes.He is a favourite. And there's more here on Hollywood Boulevard. Under all that is Hugh's star. He'll be here tomorrow to unveil it. Best actress - Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren and Naomi Watts, who plays a wife and mother caught up in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Recognition too for Nicole Kidman, who is nominated best supporting actress in an edgy film, 'The Paperboy'. She doubles up with another nomination for her TV movie portrayal of Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemingway's wife. Good news too for Australian writer/director of 'The Sessions', Ben Lewin, with his lead actors John Hawkes and Helen Hunt both being nominated.

being nominated.Still to come on Nine's News Hour, we will have an update on all today's top stories, including former 'Hey Dad...!' star Robert Hughes is back in Australia. Our reporter has the latest. Also, public transport costs set to skyrocket. We will tell you who will be worst affected. And the under belly of Paris. An incredible exhibition This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC) SONG: # And do the sneak # And do the slurp

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Welcome back. These are the top stories. 'Hey Dad...!' star Robert Hughes has just arrived at court to face charges of indecent and sexual assaults, after landing in Sydney this morning. A shrine for five people, killed in a fatal crash on the Gold Coast has been called off limits by police after they issued a string of fines to mourners. And Victorians are faced with spiralling travel costs as fares for the state's trams, buses and trains jump by a massive 7%. Let's get the details on our top story now. Former 'Hey Dad...!' star Robert Hughes will face court this morning after being charged with a number of historic sexual sexual salt charges. Amelia, what is the latest?Well, Amelia, Robert Hughes has left the Sydney Police Centre and just had word he arrived at the central local court after being charged with 11 counts. He was travelling on an extradiction order with three NSW Police. Other plane- clothes police arrived at the airport prior to the flight arriving. They drove an unmarked car on to the tarmac. He was charged. His lawyer said he has not made any statement to the police. He is exercising his right to remain silent. Those charges date back to the late 198 aedz when he played the lead on 'Hey Dad...!'. It was his former costar, Sarah Monaghan who made the accusations and sparked the investigation. She said he had inappropriately touched her when they worked together. As I said, it sparked an enormous investigation. It took police two years, they spoke to 200 witnesses and the culmination of that investigation came in August this year when he was arrested in London and extradited here overnight as we said. We spoke to the commander of the sex crimes squad. He spoke to us just after Robert Hughes had arrived here at the Sydney Police Centre. Obviously, an enormous job for the last two years, this is what he had to say.This morning a 64-year-old man arrived in Sydney after being extradited from London. He will be charged later this morning with 11 offences with regard to five victims. The investigation is complete however, if any other person does come forward we will take it from there. We have been in close contact with all the victims and they have been aware of our progress. We have been in detailed discussions with the Director of Public Prosecutions. Robert Hughes has just arrived in court. Will he apply for jail? Indications from his lawyer he will. He has been out on bail since his arrest in August. He will apply for bail. His lawyer said he spoke to Robert Hughes after the long-haul flight and is very anxious about the situation. We spoke to him after he spoke to his client.He denies his guilt. He will strenuously assert his innocence. He consented to the return to Australia. I am reasonably confident the prosecution would not oppose conditional bail. He is very anxious about getting back with his wife. He wants to get back with mer her. It is really wirying him.His wife flew into Australia a few days ago. She is expected to be supporting her husband in court this morning. We understand, surety will be required by the court for bail, his lawyer says it could be up to $50 thousand and his wife should be happy to post it should they ask for it. Just reiterating Robert Hughes has arrived at centre local court. Things should get under way shortly.Thank you, we will have plenty more on that story throughout the day. Grieving family and friends of five people who died in a horror smash on the G CR are angry at police. Mourners had built a memorial to remember the victims but claim officers cracked down over safety fears.None of the traffic on the highway can seep through. We just don't understand how it can be a distraction and how they can go down there, after all the love everyone has put into building those sites for them. Police were forced to issue mourners tickets at the site for drinking in public and making illegal U-turns. Craig Emerson says Peter Slipper's return as speaker is a matter for the parliament. A sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper was thrown out of court yesterday with the judge saying he was a victim of a political attack.Former senior front benchers were involved in a conspiracy to bring down the government of Australia.Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is also under fire are Labor demanding details of what he knew of Mal Brough's involvement in the case. Victorians, already bracing for a spike in power and water prices, are now being told they will need to fork out more for public transport. From January 1, train, tram and bus fares will rise by a massive 7%. Here are the details. People catching trams, trains and buses across Melbourne will be slugged an extra 7% on their Myke tickets in the coming new year. The State Government is expecting to announce the hies in coming days and hasn't commenting on what justifies the ticket going up. A daley zone 1 ticket will increase by 46 cent, an extra $168 a year. For those living further out, a daley 1 and 2 zone will go up to faith cent. Up to $275 a year. Last year's increase of aix.6% was justified on the basis it was going tom prove services. Now, the plan has been axed. We spoke to commuters here at South Yarra station earlier to see what they think.I think that is terrible. Half the time they don't work. The trains are always late and delayed.I'll be in the car. Why pay for service you are not getting? At least I can get to and from work in the comfort of my own car.The public transport users association says with traffic on our roads and the roads in a dismal state, commuters should be encouraged totake trams, trains and buses to work. As for weather these price hikes will make a difference to improved services we will have to wait until the new year to find out.Soaring temperatures are expected to scorch Australia today. Record-breaking downfalls have caused damage in Mandurah in Perth. In qoly, homes and businesses have been sandbagged with moderate to major flooding expected on the Collie River today.These rainhop fall rates are really high. They are typical for the places like the tropics libe Darwin.Storms knocked out power to 8,000 homes in Perth yesterday. Mean time, Victoria and SA are bracing for soaring temperatures. In Melbourne, the mercury was 30 at 10:00 last night. Adelaide will face temperatures of 38, severe fire danger means fire bans rin place in parts of both states. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has made a surprise visit to Australian troops in Afghanistan. He addressed diggers at their base in org gan proven, praising the professionalism of the Australian Defence Force. But he also warnedthy no-one knows what the futures holds for the war-torn country after allied forces withdrew their troops.I do stand here with a sense of pride in your and your work. So thanks so much and have a great Christmas.Tony Abbott also took a ride on an Australian-made Bushmaster armoured vehicle. US President President Obama has told Barbara Walters he is confident Republicans will cave on taxs for the rich. Politicians in the US have just 19 days to reach a deal to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. President Obama minced no words in an exclusive interview with ABC's Barbara Walters.Taxes will goup, one way or another and the key is to make sure taxes go up up on high-end individuals like you ask me, we can afford it.Are we going to go over the fiscal cliff?I am pretty confident Republicans would not hold middle-class taxes hostage to try to protect tax cuts for high income individuals.The President and the house speaker are at least talking. The President made an offer on Monday asking for $1.4 trillion in new taxes over ten years, including raising tax rats on the wealthy. The speaker countered on Tuesday, all for closing loop holes. Housepubpubs say they need more specificity from the President on spending cuts. Where are the spending cuts? The longer the White House slow walks the process, the close eer we get to the fickle cliff.President Obama has outlined more than $550 billion in potential spending cuts, according to the White House, which remain on theitably. He rose to fame for his paintings of Showgirls at the famous Moulin Rouge. Now, his paintings are coming to Australia for a special exhibition. (piano music

They are the faces of the Parisian underbelly, the characters affthe Moulin Rouge, immortalized with Henride Toulues's paint brush.He was very clever artist.With his expert stroke, they come alive.We have a picture, he is actually escaping the picture frame.

escaping the picture frame.
Touluese-Lautrec loved Paris.The circus, dives where people sang or drank.Making his works as controversial as they were brilliant.His choice of the dances of the can-can or the brothel scenes.He was born with a significant disability. Because of inbreeding in his aristocratic family.He was determined to show his parents that he could be a professional artist, rather than just an amateur.

The exhibition here at the National Gallery showcases over 100 of his finest works. They have come from 30 galleries and private collections across the world. The paintings, posters and sketchers are on display until April.

are on display until April.
Melbourne's Luna Park is celebrating a milestone today as it turns 100. The iconic amusement park has pstood the test of time and to celebrate will host a day of free rides and entertainment. Luna Park, I'm really impressed.I'm excited again, to be a little kid again tonight.For 100 years, this has been Melbourne's face of fun. Just fun.Patricia Mullens has been riding the carousel for the better part of two decades.A constant, let's go to Luna Park. I think people's parents, grandparents, great grand pair pblts, loved Luna Park and so many stories.Store as thaet are as much of the park as the iconic grin.Somebody will want to come and tell you what it was like when they were kids, how they came down here and met their fiancee, what they did on Saturday night.Nobody can quite put their finger on what it is about Luna Park.The park is in the psychoies of people who live in Melbourne in particular.But they all agree, it appeals to children of every age. The inner child is the most important thing. People which done here ask you see your respectable adultsx well dressed, eating fairy floss.Everyone has a favourite.I like the roller-coaster.It looks like you are going right into a mouth and it is just really... Yeah. Very excited, because I'm about to go on the roller-coaster.Popcorn, come for the popcorn.Fairy floss. (quirky music plays). For 100 years, Luna Park is still here and looking better than ever and still doing what it originally did.A dancing cop has returned to the streets in the US for the holiday season. The policeman has been dazzling drivers with his moves every Christmas for nearly 30 years. ( whistle blows) They came with cameras. And gathered on sidewalks.He's great. Tony, AKA Tony the dancing cop, entertaining cops since 1984 on the streets of Providence, always during a holiday season. This retired police officer has some serious moves. He attracts crowds from everywhere. Some from far away. We got Germans here. Like?He is pretty funny, yeah.What would happen if a cop got on the street and danced in France?Oh .... I don't know...Tony travels the country, appearing on talk shows, speaking to youngsters, encouraging them to be successful at whatever they decide to do.For the children, no matter what you do in life, if you put everything into it, you get the right idea, if it's a little different, boy, I'll tell you, you can really make something out of it. For kids watching Tony, they like his advice is his moves.I think it is pretty good, I liked it.To stay in shape, Tony works out at least four times a week.Yes, everybody says I should have like an exercise show.Nobody will be able to keep up with the dancing cop. It's time now to check in on the latest films hitting cinemas this weekend. Hugh Jackman is leading an all-star cast for the animation 'Rise of the Guardians'.We are the sand man and the tooth fairy. We are the Easter Bunny.They are kind of like the animated avengers, instead of being lemonidary superheroes they are magical characters we have come to love and hold do dear to our hearts for successive generations. They are a bit edgier. There is Santa by Alex Baldwin, the tooth fairy by Isla Fisher. Jack Frost, Chris Pyne. Sandman, who doesn't speak so doesn't need anyone. The Easter bunny, our Hugh Jackman.A safe bet, he never met a rabbit like me.And a bady called Pitch, that's Jude Law.More powerful.When that evil spirit decides to take over the planet, the guardians of our hopes and dreams will gang up.Take no prisoners!Look, this is clever, so clever. The 3-D animation is brilliant, the storyline resonates and the A-list ensemble cast add the correct amount of star power. It is called 'Rise of the Guardians'. 3 and a half stars. Also out today, a grown. Up Rom-com set in Europe. The story line follows a couple in crisis attending their daughter's wedding. Also there, the groom's dad played by Mr Brosnan and you will never guess what happen. This is a lovely film that touches the heart, shows off the spectacular scenery of the Amalfi coast and leaves us with something to think about. It is called 'Love is All you Need', damn right, again, three and a half stars. # That's amore # Sport now, golf news first. We are hearing the Shark is pretty crook?Sick as a dog. Food poisoning. After a couple of bogies he pulled out of the PGA. We also wrap all things cricket and a record spell for the Stars. And blade runner versus beast. This program is not captioned. What does a long bar have to do
with a huge river?

What does a Parisian artist have in common with a touring cricket team?

Or Seven Sisters and 21 First Ladies? Give up? They're all part of
Canberra's huge centenary year. Beginning in January 2013, there's a massive year of events planned to celebrate
Canberra's 100th birthday. So visit to start planning your experience now.

This program is not captioned. Arab. Breaking news in rugby league first. Reports the Tax Office has moved to wind up the Newcastle Knights and A-League team the Newcastle Jets over $2.7 million in unpaid debts as owner Nathan Tinkler's financial situation continues to unravel. $$WHTIE The NRL says it has been assured the Knights' financial position in the competition is secure.Australia and Sri Lanka will have at least one session in the nets today ahead of tomorrow's first Test in Hobart. Skipper Michael Clarke has just announced his side. Here is a little of what he had to say. Mitchell Johnson will be 12th man tomorrow. Um, yes, so, exciting for the boys. A new series for us. We're playing, um, against a good Sri Lanka team who know the conditions pretty well, know Australia quite well. A lot of the Sri Lanka players have a lot of experience. Our preparations have been outstanding the last few days. Obviously a tough selection trying to cut 12 down to 11, especially with the way Mitchell Johnson performed in Perth. It is nice problem to have when you have 12 blokes who want to play ask have performed well, but unfortunately someone has to miss out. Mitchell will be fine. He will continue to work his backside off and I guess wait for another opportunity and try to grab it with both hands again. I gez Mickey Arthur and myself, feel how the order with Hugsey with three, Watto at 4 and myself a 4 is the best lineup for this series and test.Still with cricket, it's a good thing Lasith Malinga has already retired from the test arena. He delivered the best spell of Twenty20 bowling ever seen in Australia, aiding the Melbourne Stars to a 10-wicket thrashing of the Perth Scorchers. Malingau was nearly unplayable at the WAWA finishing with impressive figures of 6/7 from 4 overs. But the easy win could have been natch p snatched away from the stars, hefbry rain halted their -- heavy rain halted hair run race. They needed one more ball after resumption for the victory. In a major disappointment, Greg Norman has pulled out of the Australian PGA championship with food poisoning. He is confined to bed under medical supervision. Hall is the early leader. Skrbgscott and Appleby are about to tee off. With Sendon and Rose the last to hit the course. A 3rd straight lay day has been called at the Pineline Masters in Hawaii. Slaeter and josh Kerr will hit the water first in the fourth round. Ian Thorpe has weighed into the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. Speaking in Doha, Thorpie says despite all the good work, he was glad to see the down fall.Assuming everything was true,iest happy. Because it meant no matter who you are, where you are in the world, whatever you have accomplished, you can be caught. Doping and image crisis were just some of the topics covards at the inaugieral leadersen all sport forum. He has proven he can compete with anyone but now the Blade -L runner can at horse. He took on an Arab horse calls maz ratty and won. Mas ratty apparently stalled at the start. Oscar of course made the London Olympics. An amazing feet. Absolutely. Coming up This program is not captioned.

Let's have a look at the national weather details now. On the satellite, a deep trough in Western Australia is causing widespread thunderstorms. Another trough is generating very warm northerly winds and storms over the north south and north waste Queensland. There are showers in north-west NSW.

Tomorrow, Brisbane will have more rain.

Hobart with expect some rain as the cricket gets under way. Looking ahead to the weekend:

To finance now, having a look quick at the markets before we go. The All Ords is weaker in early trade.

That's Nine's Morning News Hour. You can join me for more news at 4:30 this afternoon. I'm Amelia Adams. Hope to see you then. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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This program is not captioned.