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This program is captioned live. Facing his accusers - 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes returning to Australia under police guard. Police dispute - an 8-year-old girl injured after her mother tries to outrun police. Extreme weather - major flood warnings in the west and a scorcher for Victoria and South Australia. Life-saver - how CPR instructions on a cereal box helped a mum save her little boy. Aussie wipeout - Hugh, Nicole and Naomi already dominating awards season. And a very merry Christmas from Miranda and the Angels. Lisa, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who decorates the Christmas tree in my bikini.I'm amazed you even wear a bikini, Georgie.Lisa! Keep it decent. Victoria's Secret models are everywhere at the moment.Yes. One could almost get too familiar with them.The male population of viewers for the most part probably think that's not even possible, Georgie.Is that right, Tim?I'm the only other one I know that does it in my bikini. I don't really get sick of it. It's sort of...away, OK. Back to you.Good morning, Cynthia. I have nothing quite as dramatic to say. Good morning, Tim. Good morning to you T is great to have your company this morning. We should have a quick look at the weather, I guess.Why not?

Some wild weather in the west. Let's get the show started with the news and it's good morning to Sylvia Jeffreys. Good morning. 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is set to touch down in Sydney shortly ahead of questioning over child sexual assault allegations. Nine's Amelia Ballinger is at Sydney Airport for us this morning. Good morning, Amelia. What happens once he lands?Well, Sylvia, Robert Hughes, who was flanked by three NSW police officers, is due to land in Sydney? Just under 90 minutes. Once he's on Australian turf, he will be taken straight to the Sydney Police Centre, where it's expected he will be charged with 11 counts of alleged sexual and indecent assaults. After that he is expected to face court. We understand he will be applying for bail. Now, Hughes was arrested in London a couple of months ago and that was followed by a brief extradition hearing during which he said he wanted to clear his name and come home and sort out those charges. The charges date back to the late '8s and early '90s when he was the star of Australian sitcom 'Hey Dad..?'. Allegations of indecent touching were made by Sarah Monaghan who played his daughter on that sitcom. Her allegations sparked a huge investigation by the NSW Police during which they spoke to 200 witnesses. Hughes's lawyer said yesterday as he boarded that plane he was stressed and worried but he is expected to come home and deny all of the allegations, Sylvia. OK, Amelia. We will check in with you again shortly. Thank you. An 8-year-old girl has spent the night in hospital after she was involved in a short police pursuit with her mother in Sydney's south- west. The woman was driving in Amber veil at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon when police began following her. The officers put sirens on and followed the car but lost sight of it in heavy traffic. The pursuit was called off and police later found the sedan on a verge after it crashed into a fence and a tree. The woman and her daughter weren't seriously injured but were both taken to hospital. The mother was released last night. Drug and alcohol tests were carried out but so far no charges have been laid. An afternoon trip to the beach has ended in tragedy for two friends who were swept off rocks on the NSW Central Coast. Lifeguards on jet skis pulled the women from the water off Avoca Beach yesterday afternoon after they were spotted by a passing kayaker. The 27-year- old women died -- woman died while her 25-year-old mate was rushed to hospital where she remains in a critical, but stable, condition. Residents in WA's south-west are bracing for more extreme weather today following record-breaking downpours which have already caused widespread damage and flooding. In Mandurah, south of Perth, carparks and roads have gone under, while homes and businesses in Collie - one of the hardest-hit areas - have been sandbagged. Moderate to major flooding is expected on the Collie River today.These rainfall rates are really high and in fact they're more typical for the sort of things you would experience in say the tropics like Darwin.The thunderstorms knocked out power to 8,000 homes in Perth yesterday afternoon. 1,000 are still in the dark. Meantime, residents in Victoria and South Australia are bracing for scorching temperatures today. In Melbourne, the mercury was still at 30 degrees at 10 o'clock last night. The city is set to reach 35 later today. Adelaide, meanwhile, will roast in 38-degree weather today. Fire bans are in place and some parts -- in some parts of SA because of the high to severe fire danger. The results of an autopsy on the British nurse who died following a prank call by two Sydney radio DJs will be held back until her inquest begins later tonight. The coroner will examine the hoax call and the events leading up to the discovery of Jacintha Saldanha's body last week. It comes as 2Day FM resumes advertising today. The station has pledged to donate all ad profits to a fund for Jacintha Saldanha's family until the end of the year. For anyone who needs help or support, you can contact Lifeline using that number on your screen. Mourners have complained about the behaviour of police on the Gold Coast. A memorial was built at an accident site swiftly after a terrible crash on Friday. Last night, officers started issuing tickets at the site for drinking in public and making illegal U-turns. Three different people have lost their lives and they were doing a U-turn to pay respects.All these guys have been coming here every night since it's happened. Everyone is so respectful. They've brought rubbish bins here so they don't litter.Police say they are encouraging the group to mourn but are concerned a similar accident could happen on the blind hill. Police in Sydney are investigating possible links after a bullet was fired into a home in the city's west early this morning. A man who was inside the property at the time was not injured. A white dual-cab youth was seen in the area at the time -- ute was seen in the area at the time. A crime scene has been set up. Embattled federal MP Peter Slipper could be reinstated as speaker after a sexual harassment case against him was dramatically thrown out of court yesterday. Labor frontbencher Craig Emerson has told the ABC that it will be up to Parliament to decide whether to return Mr Slipper to the position. Mr Slipper was put in a position where he needed not only to step down but to resign from the speakership. It was over some text message exchanges that emerged as a result of this court case.There's mounting pressure on Tony Abbott to dump Mal Brough, who is set to contend Mr Slipper's seat after the court found he'd plotted with former staffer James Ashby to ruin Mr Slipper's career. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he intends to run for a Senate seat at the next election. The Australian WikiLeaks Party is set to be -- yet to be registered but Assange says a number of worthy people admired by the Australian public have expressed interest in joining. He says he will run in either NSW or Victoria, despite still being holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange has requested asylum to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face questioning over sexual assault allegations. Well, it's that time of year again - what will be the best movie of 2012? And who will be the best actor and actress? This morning, they announced the nominations for the SAG Awards. From Hollywood, Robert Penfold has the top picks. Many who vote for the Screen Actors Guild Awards will also be voting for the Oscars, so these nominations are the first indication of who could also be walking the Academy Awards red carpet. Nominated today in the movie category -'Argo', 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', 'Les Miserables', 'Lincoln'.That nod to 'Les Miserables' perhaps a sign of bigger things to come for Hugh Jackman. No surprise, really, that Hugh was nominated for Best Actor. His competition for the same prize - Brad Cooper, Denzen Washington, John Hawkes and Daniel Day-Lewis for his extraordinary portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.For Hugh, really, it only gets better.Tomorrow, the nominations for the Golden Globes are announce add again he's a favourite. And under all of this, underneath that piece of plastic, is Hughes's new star -- Hugh's new star. He'll be here to unveil it tomorrow. For Best Actress - Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren and Naomi Watts, who plays a wife and mother caught up in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Recognise thigs too for Nicole Kidman, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the edgy film 'The Paperboy' and she doubles up with another nomination for her TV movie portrayal of Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemmingway's wife. Good news as well for Australian writer/director of 'The Sessions' Ben Lewin with his leader actors John Hawkes and Helen Hunt both being nominated. Let's take a look at the markets now:

Well, Melbourne's Luna Park has withstood the test of time, celebrating an action-packed milestone. 100 years on and the big grin continues to lure thrill- seekers of all ages through the gates.

Luna Park - I'm really impressed! I'm excited again TB a little kid again tonight.For 100 years, this has been Melbourne's face of fun. It's the fun. Just the fun. Patricia Mullins has been riding the cars yell for the best part of two decades.It's like it's a constant. You know, Luna Park, "Let's go to Luna Park." And I think people - parents, grandparents, great-grandparents - they love Luna Park. -- Luna Park and there are so many stories. Brian Atkins is the caretaker of the big grin.Somebody wants to tell you what it was like when they were kids, how they met their fiancee, what they did on Saturday night.No-one can put their finger on what it is about Luna Park.It's in the psyches of a lot of people who live in Melbourne in particular. They all agree it appeals to children of every age.The inner child is the most important thing, of course. People come down here and you see, um, respectable adults, well dressed, eating fairy floss. And everyone certainly has a favourite.I like the roller- coaster.It's really huge and it looks like you're going right into a mouth and it's just really... Yeah.Very excited because I'm about to go on the roller-coaster! Popcorn. I've come for the popcorn! Fairy floss! 100 years, Luna Park is still here and looking better than ever and still doing what it originally did. There you go. I hope I look that good at 100. Not bad. Not bad at all.A few ronds of the roller- coaster will do it.Yeah, keep the energy high. Keep the blood circulating.Thank you, Sylvia.You're welcome.See you soon. Let's look at the national flyaround for you this morning, starting in Cairns.

For a little taste of what's coming up in sport, good morning, Tim. Yeah, a little aperitif, Lisa. The Big Bash is coming up and the Test team has a new top order ahead of tomorrow's first run against Sri Lanka in Hobart. Phil Hughes will bat at three. All the sport is next.

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How many Christmases to go -Until what? Till you cark it?That's a depressing thought. I meant how many sleeps until Christmas. I think it's 12.Something like that. Edging very close.Let's look at the front pages around the world. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports the Gillard Government is considering an inquiry to examine Coalition involvement in James Ashby's sexual harassment claim against Peter Slipper after it was thrown out by the Federal Court as a scandalous political attack.The 'Australian' says the resources boom is in desperate need of rebooting as IR laws, environmental approvals and infrastructure bottlenecks lead to crippling costs and delays that could force miners to abandon more projects."We're so proud." The 'Herald Sun' reports the family of a Protective Services officer brutally attacked on the of Victoria's Parliament House says he is a good man who loves his work guarding the State's leaders. 'Daily Telegraph' says thousands of police standing to attention were testament to the sacrifice of their slain colleague, inspector Bryson Anderson.The 'Advertiser' reports the South Australian Government could be liable to damages claims after it was revealed about 100 cases of breast cancer may have been missed due to a potential issue with the screening process. The 'Age' says thousands of Victorian buildings and the builders responsible for them could face rigorous audits after the Ombudsman found the industry regulator to be rife with maladministration, cronyism and misuse of public funds."Party's over". The 'Courier-Mail' reports Virgin Australia has threatened to pull its 1,200 staff out of Brisbane in a stoush with the Queensland Government's over Qantaslink's subsidised access to regional airport.Hobart 'Mercury' says holiday travel for Tasmanians is more affordable than ever with flights to Melbourne less than $40 in the week leading town Christmas. And finally. The 'Northern Territory News' reports a local cafe is losing customers as people are put off by people being intimate at a nearby park. They need some nice harsh lighting there. Scare them off, you think?Scare them off, Georgie.That's very funny. Al-frisky. Don't tell my mates. Numbers might go up at that cafe.You're not meant to say that, Tim.My mates. Not me.Move on. Stick to sport! The Australian cricket team should be relieved that Lasith Malinga has already retired from the Test arena. The Sri Lankan speedster delivered the best spell of Twenty20 bowling ever seen in Australia helping the Melbourne Stars to a 10 winch thrashing of the Perth Scorchers. Malinga was nearly unplayable taking a Big Bash-record 6/7 from four overs. The home side only managed a dismal 69 all out. Absolutely brilliant! Malinga with six!Shane Warne also enjoyed a solid night with the ball, picking up his first wicket of the season but the win was very nearly snatched away from the Stars. They had 29 on the board when it began to pour. Now, the Duckworth-Lewis system came into play. It meant when the match resumed, only a single ball was faced before they sealed the win. And the Scorchers, their new coach Justin Langer and others are not happy about it but them's the rules. Both Australia and Sri Lanka will wrap up preparation ahead of tomorrow's first Test in against Sri Lanka in Hobart. The Aussies boast a new top order. Phil Hughes bats first while Shane Watson moves down to number 4. He will back up Peter Siddle, Mitchell Starc and Ben Hilfenhaus with the ball.I suppose it gives me the opportunity to be able to bowl and bowl the overs that my body allows me to and the captain wants to then be able to freshen up and hopefully, um, you know, be able to bat for a long period of time as well.Catch all the action from the first Test live on Channel Nine. Greg Norman is having to have -- hoping to have a Senior moment at the Australian PGA Championships this weekend. He's hoping to emulate Peter Senior's Australian Open win with his own victory at Coolum.It's great for every young kid out there who is 16 or 17 years old who says, "Hey, 40 years from now I could win the Australian Open."He also weighed into the debate over the 8m tall dinosaur saying he doesn't have a problem with a T-rex on the course. Kurt Tippett's long off season at the Swans has begun. He officially moved to the Premiership club this week but will still have to wait a while to play his first game in Swans colours.I'm not going to speculate as to when my first game will be. Obviously I know I've got 11 weeks out and I'll focus on training hard during that time and we'll take it from there.Coach Johnlongmire has hint -- John Long mire has hinted Tippett may move to the ruck. Players and officials are edging closer to an agreement over NRL pay demands. The two parties are looking to lock down details before Christmas.Everyone's focused on a fair deal. That's absolutely our commitment. We want a fair deal for the players. We're just working through that at the moment.It's thought the salary cap could rise to $5.8 million following negotiations. And Israel Folau throwing himself into all the aspects of his new job at the Waratahs. One of the club's biggest stars, he's in hot demand, yesterday getting some snaps in the nearby park down at one of the great precincts down there near the SCG. There you G there's a bit of a splash of sport. Thank you very much, Tim.Thank you, Tim. See you soon. Let's check in on the weather for the major centres now, starting in Cairns:

After the break, it's time for some Hollywood gossip. Good morning, Richard. What have you got going on?Good morning, girl. I've got some Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumours! That's right. Our favourite Friend breaks her silence on all that baby scuttlebutt. The scoop and the scandal - coming up! This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It feels good when there's gossip around. The two Richard crazy in position although Richard one is not in the studio. He's in Melbourne this morning. Good morning to you.Good morning, girls. Good morning, Richard Reid. You teased us into the break, you dast Ardley thing. Jennifer Aniston - at last! The pitter-patter of little feet. Yes?No! Jen wants to make it clear once and for all - "I am not pregnant!" "I am not drinking because I am on a diet. No, I am not married yet. I will let you know when I am married and especially when I am expecting a bundle of joy." She may have put on a little bit of weight but she is not in the family way. Goodness me. I think we could almost have you for false advertising, Richard Reid, teasing us into the break there. Now, listen, moving on, not unrelated, Angelina Jolie - that 'Salt' movie was a cracker and we'll see her in action again?Oh, yes, we are. You know, 'Salt' - OK, I didn't realise this. It made nearly $300 million worldwide, so it should be no surprise. You know, Angelina has teased us. "Oh, I'm going to retire." Yeah. I don't think so. They've offered her a hefty pay cheque, around $18 million, to reprise that espionage spy hit. They're trying to get a script together. Filming could begin probably in a year. Richard, that is happy news to take us through the next hour, unless -- until we see your face again. We all look forward to that, Dickie. Thank you very much. Coming up this hour on today - former 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes lands in Australia to face child sex allegations.A stellar start to the awards season for the Aussies. Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman are all up for Screen Actors Guild Awards. It's right on six o'clock. Let's get the news with Sylvia.Thanks, Georgie. Good morning again. In about one hour, 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is due to arrive in Sydney from London after consenting to an extradition order. The warrant outlines 11 sexual offences allegedly committed during the 1980s, coinciding with the filming of the Australian sitcom. Three NSW plifrts are flying with the 64- year-old. Hughes's lawyer says his client was stressed and worried before boarding the flight but is doing the right thing by returning to Australia. A Sydney mother has been arrested after leading police on a short chase through the city's south-west last night while her young daughter was in the car. Police called off the pursuit in Ambervale shortly before the car crashed into a fence and a tree. A 33-year-old woman was taken to hospital for drug and alcohol tests and later discharged. The 8-year-old girl spent the night in hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. Residents in Perth and WA's south- west are bracing for more severe thormts today. Record December rain has already fallen across the south-west of the State, causing widespread damage to homes and businesses. The town of Collie felt the brunt of a storm yesterday with heavy rain and flood waters inundating the area.The actual back of the shops had flood damage through that side of it but the actual gutters haven't been able to cope. A lot of stores, I think, in the town will be the same.Weather bureau says that rain that hit Collie was a once-in-a-century deluge. There are fears almost 100 cases of breast cancer may have been missed by South Australia's new digital screening process. More than 54,000 women were screened between September 2010 and June this year, but only 825 cases of cancer were detected. That's 95 fewer than predicted.But we don't know if there is an issue. What we want to do is to make sure that if there is an issue, we find out as quickly as possible what it is.Independent radiologists will review all 54 to you thousand digital images at a cost of $1.5 million. Police say they've now ruled out bikie links after a bullet was fired into a home in western Sydney overnight. A man was at home at the time, but wasn't injured. Officers have spent the night at the property and a crime scene has been set up. Retailers are cheering on the back of expert predictions for the best Christmas spending since the GFC sent consumer confidence crashing in 2008. Dilate Access Economics says industry has rate cuts, wages growth and stable housing prices to thank. But despite anticipating their brightest Christmas in three years, retailers are tipped to get a reality check in the New Year. Deloitte predicts business also be in for hard times again next year. Google has taken the wraps off what Australians searched for the most this year and there are some surprising results. Psy's infectious and unforgettable hit 'Gangnam Style' was the nation's highest trending search term followed by Nine's 'The Voice'. Superstorm Sandy was the most searched event. Lara Bingle was the most-searched celebrity. Sydney Swans topped the sporting teams. To finance now:

Let's get all your sports news now with Tim. The focus will be just off the Derwent River tomorrow. Bellerive Oval. Curiators have hit back at suggestions the green-top wicket could pose problems in the opening Test. Both teams will fine-tune their plans later today with Australian selectors still to decide on a bowling line-up.We have no idea. We come out here, we train, do what we have to do to prepare and wait for the tap on the shoulder. That's Peter Siddle. Sri Lanka will be watching Lasith Malinga was still playing Test cricket. He tore through the Perth Scorchers last night with a 6/7 return in the Melbourne Stars' Duckworth-Lewis- system 10 winch win. Nick Duigan insists nothing much will change at Carlton this season despite Chris Judd stepping down as captain. Greg Norman says the greens for the opening round of the PGA championship are as good as he's ever seen them. He doesn't have a problem with the 8m-tall T-rex nestled between the ninth and tenth holes. Organisers are hoping the world title-deciding Pipeline Masters in Hawaii will resume on Saturday morning. They've called a third-straight lay day after less than ideal conditions. And there it is. A lot of sitting around sometimes with surfing. I've just noticed - I'll get it out of the way early - there is an element to me this morning. I feel a bit like Hugh Hefner. The red smoking jacket and - I'm the only bloke on the couch today.I'm amazed that's how you feel. That's where your mind is. We all think we look like we're missing a fourth wiggle. You forgot your skivvy. Purple would have been good, Tim. Wake up, Jeff. I watch a lot of it. Don't worry. It's a good era.Thank you, Tim. Coming obvious Today - crashes on Melbourne's city link tunnels are at an all-time high and they think it's because drivers are getting more impatient and competitive. The mum who saved her toddler's life after reading CPR instructions from a cereal box.And supermodel stumbles - the Victoria's Secret blooper reel goes viral.

Do you think there's going to be a lot of, "Oops! That fell off!"Wait and see.Time now for a check of the weather. Good morning, Emma.Good morning, Lisa and Georgie. If you are in Melbourne over the summer holidays, and you're looking for something to do, head done the road for an hour and you'll come to the beautiful town of Geelong and across the Adventure Park, which is Victoria's biggest and funnest adventure park all in Victoria and there are so many things to do here. We're going to have a terrific morning, filled with fun and all the great activities that you can get up to in this great part of the world. First of all, we'll take a look at your weather and see what's forecast for your neck of the woods today.

We'll take a look at the forecast rainfall. A deep trough in WA is causing widespread thunderstorms, potentially severe in the south. Another trough is generating very warm northerly winds and a few storms over the interior. South Australia, Victoria and the Tasman Sea and western NSW and Queensland will get those storms too. Onshore winds bring showers to the northern parts of NSW and the Queensland coast as well. Well, this is my little buddy Lincoln and he is very excited about heading off into theEd a venture Park today. What are we going to get up to, buddy? We've got go carting, rise, water slides, we've got our friend Benito who will guide us around the Pirate King. And if you come to the Adventure Park before eight o'clock, it is free entry for the rest of the day. You can get in free before eight o'clock and stay for the day. We're not quite open but we're open now. We ready? London, Hi-5! We'll be back in half an hour to check out some attractions. He love a rule-breaker.We always worry when Emma's in charge of the kids but it guarantees good TV. See you soon.Up next - we're live to Sydney Airport as police wait to question 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes.

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Good morning to you, Melbourne. Have you a hot day ahead. A high of 35 degrees. Right now you're sitting on 24. Lisa. Thank you, Georgie. Well, former 'Hey Dad..?' star, Robert Hughes, will return to Australia from the UK this morning to face charges of child sexual assault. Nine News reporter Amelia Ballinger is at Sydney International Airport. Good morning to you, Amelia. Can you tell us when is Robert Hughes expected to land?Lisa, Robert Hughes's plane is expected to touch down here in Sydney just after seven o'clock this morning. Once he has landed, he will be taken straight to the Sydney Police Centre, where it is expected he will be charged with 11 counts of alleged sexual and indecent assault on five children. Those charges date back to the late '80s and early 1990s when Hughes played the lead role on Australian sitcom 'Hey Dad..?'. Allegations of inappropriate touching were first made by Sarah Monaghan, who played his daughter on that show. Her claims sparked a 2-year investigation, during which NSW Police tokspo 200 witnesses. That investigation -- spoke to 200 witnesses. That investigation culminated in his arrest in London and extradition back here to Australia, Lisa.Just before he got on the flight, his lawyer said his client is extremely anxious and worried. What more can you tell us? His lawyer, Greg Walsh, said this would have been an anxious plane ride for Robert Hughes. He said he spoke to him before he boarded the plane. He said he was pretty stressed and worried as any human being would be in that situation. Hughes faced an extradition hearing in London. It was very brief but he told the court that wanted to come back to Australia to sort out these charges and to clear his name. Greg Walsh said his client emphatically denies all of the allegations and will be vigorously defending himself against them, Lisa.Hughes is set to touch down in under an hour. We'll talk to you again shortly. Amelia Ballinger, thanks very much. Over to you, Georgie. Thank you, Lisa. Grieving family and friends of five people killed in a horrific crash on the Gold Coast last weekend have complained that police are issuing fines to mourners visiting the crash site. Nine News reporter Chris O'Keefe joins us now. Chris, we understand a shrine has been set up where the crash occurred but things might be getting out of hand. What more can you tell us?Good morning, Georgie. The shrine was set up last Sunday after - by family and friends of the five people that were killed in this more roar crash at Coomera on the M1. All week -- more roar crash at Coomera on the M1 -- horror crash at Coomera on the M1. All week, family and friends have used the crash site to meet and share each other's grief. One of the family and friends was parked in a breakdown bay on the side of the road where another man ploughed into the back of them. They were all teens and people in their early 20s A lot of family and friends have been affected by the crash and they're using this shrine as a place to remember their mates. Three different people have lost their lives as they were doing a U- turn to pay respects.Everyone is down here to pay their respects. Everyone is so respectful. They've even brought rubbish bins here so that they don't litter.So how are police handling, then, this, Chris? What have they had to say? Obviously, police say they feel for the mourners but say that enough is enough. They've been doing illegal U-turns, they say. There's been plenty of litter, drinking in public and even some hooning. Because of the public nature of where the shrine has been built, it's difficult and making it a safety concern for drivers driving past who are turning their necks and slowing down to see these people. So police say really they have no choice.Yesterday, there was a number of traffic accidents resulting from vehicles being parked there as motorists travelling south bound are obviously stopping and looking at what's going on and the presence of the young people there is also creating interest to the passer-bys -- passers-by. At this stage we've had a lot of calls in relation to people being on the M1, both in their vehicle and on foot and concerns for their safety also up on the service road as it is a bit of a blind hill there where they are parked.I guess you can understand -So, Georgie -Sorry, Chris. I guess you can understand the actions of police.Yes, you can. Obviously, it's a heartbreaking situation but it's one police are going to have to-on tour pretty closely.We'll leave it there for now, Chris. Thank you very much. Lisa. Well, he's the little monkey that's made headlines around the world. Darwin was found dressed in a coat heading towards an IKEA superstar? -- superstore in Canada. Theed a rent Ross monkey has been taken away from its owner and now she's - - the adventurous monkey has been taken away from its owner and now she's fighting to get it back. You might call it survival of the fittest. This monkey, Darwin, proved he was worthy of his namesake when he let himself out of his owner's car and headed towards this Canadian IKEA. This morning, despite growing international acclaim, including this parody Twitter handle with tweets like, "Way overdressed for this animal shelter", Darwin has traded in his fur coat for prison stripes, picked up by animal control officers and now being held as an illegal exotic pet. Could this be the end of this animal's monkey business? Darwin's owner is distraught.It makes you sad that he's gone?He's not a monkey to me. He's my son.She says she's raised him most of his life and that he's part of the family. This home video shows them sharing a nightly routine.Mother and son brushing teeth, getting ready for bed.But experts say while he may seem cute now, Darwin will evolve into a wild animal.They grow up and then they grow up and they can be, you know, fairly dangerous.I think in a couple of years, she would have had a struggle on her hands.This primate is now at an animal sanctuary without his human clothes or parents. He's even been introduced to Sweetpea, a Babboon who has been playing surrogate mom to the youngster. This morning, the woman who says she's his real mother is vowing to fight. She's hired a lawyer and is planning a holiday reunion.These are his clothes that I bought for Christmas. I'm going to get him and he's going to wear it.It's a difficult one. Now, animal handlers say that Darwin's species carries disease and is dangerous to humans so I think you kind of have to go with the experts.Hasn't history shown they don't make good pets?'When Animals Attack'.There have been so many horrible stories of them turning on their owners! Stick to kittens and puppy dogs. Why not? They're particularly good on YouTube.Coming up - the Victoria's Secret blooper reel that's gone viral. It's part of Most Clicked after the break.

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Welcome back. Great to have your company. It's time for Most Clicked items on the net. First up, an Australian darts fan has been ejected from a tournament in the UK after being heckled for looking like Jesus. Bearded Nathan Grindall was enjoying the clash when some of the audience spotted his like to the son of God and started chanting, "Jesus! Jesus!"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!The chants quickly spread through the rowdy crowd and security was called amid fears Nathan's omnipresence was upsetting the other darts players. He was escorted to a nearby bar, where the security staff bought him a beer - that always solves everything - and told him to watch the rest of the match on TV.Mr Mm. I wonder if he could have turned that beer into wine.Ha ha! Who knows what he could have done with the darts, Lisa.Coming in at number two, the girls from Victoria's Secret have released their Christmas video. Have a look.

(Sings) # Deck the halls with boughs of Holly # Fa-la la la la la # 'Tis the season to be jolly # Fa la la la la la # Don we now our gay apparel # Fa la la la la - what is it? # Deck the halls with bows of jolly - oh! # Deck the halls with vows of - my God. Come on, candles! Work with me! # Deck the halls of bows with honey. Let's deck it with honey!Now you see her. Now you don't. # Deck the halls with bus of Holly... (CHEERING) We don't sing this down under. We sing (Sings) # Santa baby... # Let's get back to work.Merry Christmas.Happy-man ka.Happy Qwanza.Happy holidays from Victoria's Secret.Has that been nominated for anythingIs it fair to have a model singing?Meanwhile, when model Lindsey Ellington was asked if she could remember the lyrics, she gave the following response:The day before I was, like, racking my brain trying to remember the lyrics. There's a lot of words that we don't use any more like patrol and bows of Holly. Lads and lasts.Yeah. Fa la la la.How hard is that?Yeah.I might have to take it home, make an assessment and I'll bring it back.Don't bring it back. Good on you, Hugh. News is next plus Oscar buzz for Hugh Jackman. That's more like it!

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Welcome back. Good to have your company this Thursday morning. It's 6:30 so let's get the news. 4 thanks, Georgie. Good morning. 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is due to touch down in Sydney in just over half an hour to face child sex allegations. The 64-year-old has been on bail since he was arrested in London in August and has been flown back to Australia after consenting to an extradition order. The warrant outlines 11 sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, around the same time he was filming the Australian sitcom. Hughes has been escorted by three NSW police officers. He's denied all allegations. Tony Abbott has made a surprise pre-Christmas visit to diggers in Afghanistan. Mr Abbott toured a heavily fortified base, mingling with troops and joining 300 of the diggers for lunch. He praised them for keeping Australia safe and for bringing progress and humanity to the wartorn country. He said when Australia withdraws from the country it will be a better place than when they arrived. There is Mr Abbott's third visit to Afghanistan. Police on the Gold Coast have been accused of being unsympathetic as friends and family continue to mourn Friday's horror car crash that claimed five lives. They've built a site dedicated to the victims but claim officers have pulled down lights at the memorial over fears a similar accident could happen on the blind hill.There's actually a sense up there now that none of the traffic on the highway can see through. -- there's a fence up there. We don't understand how it can be a distraction. Thousand - - how they can do that to all the love that everyone has put into building the sites for them.Police issued mourners tickets at the site for drinking in public and making illegal U-turns. Breaking news now and Victorian Police are involved in a siege at a house in Corio near Geelong. Police were called to the property around 4am amid reports of a domestic dispute. Officers say they're speaking to a man and a whom, who - - woman, who have barricaded themselves inside the house. North Korea is facing global condemnation after launching a long-range missile. The first rocket stage fell into the Yellow Sea but US officials confirmed the missile deployed an object into space. It's feared the test could enable North Korea to launch nuclear bombs over the Pacific.It involves the use of ballistic missile technology so we are summoning the North Korean ambassador and consulting with our partners in the UN Security Council about next steps and we look to avoid further action.News of the launch had North Koreans dancing on the streets. To finance now:

Well, there is a strong Australian presence in the nominations list for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Nicole Kidman is now a serious Oscar contender after scoring a nod for her performance in the risque film 'The Paperboy'.Everything you need to know about Hilary, whether it's been in the papers, it's here in these boxes. The very exciting correspondence is in the bottom box. Her TV movie, 'Hemingway & Gellhorn', is also up for an award. Hugh Jackman's leading role in 'Les Mis' is also nominated for a SAG, as is Naomi Watts for her portrayal of a tsunami survivor in the heart- wrenching movie 'The Impossible'. American media seem surprised by Kidman's inclusion in the list, given her role in 'The Paperboy' was largely ignored until now. Good on her, we say. Let's get the sport now with Tim. Let's start with a little bit of Big Bash cricket. Sri Lankan speedster Lasith Malinga has notched up the best Big Bash figures ever taking 7/6. The game finished in Confucian. A downpour interrupted the Stars' run chase. Because they'd exceeded the revised Duckworth-Lewis total, they needed to face one ball to seal the win after the rain delay. It all gets complicated but they get the chocolates. Australian selectors could face tough choices today. Mike Hussey has skipped training in Hobart. He has a pretty bad cold and may not be fit for tomorrow's first Test against Sri Lanka. All Stars boycott looks to be off to the table in rugby league. The NRL players are hopeful of coming to an agreement with league bosses over a pay dispute.Come back with a pretty good offer today. It's not where we want to be but it's not too far off. Things are moving forward.Israel Folau insists he's improving daily as he prepares to make his Super Rugby debut with the NSW Waratahs. Now for some T signs. First up we have sisters Gabrielleia and scarlet who were having a day by the beach -- Gabriella and Scarlet who made this T sign of sandcastles. Well done. This is Leanne who took this in America at Catalina Island. Matt from Kalgoorlie was taking a flight from Perth to Sydney and noticed this pins lar shaped -- peninsula shaped as a T. Go to the right and look straight up and there it is. Keep them coming. Keep them quirky. We love them. Extra points for naturally forming ones. Very much so. Thank you, Tim. See you soon.Coming up - a $40,000 jackpot in 'Free Fuel Thursday'. Also - cereal box CPR. The mum who saved her son by following CPR instructions on the back of a cereal box.It's a great story, that one. After seven o'clock, Melbourne's Luna Park turns 100. We'll test out the fairy floss as well as the rise. But right now, let's test out the weather with Emma Freedman.

Top of the morning to you, Lisa and Georgie. Summer fun has arrived down here at Geelong. We're at the Adventure Park and all the kids are excited to road-test the first ride this morning which is the brand-new Wave Swinger. We'll give it a go after we take a look at your weather and see what's happening with the natural flyaround today.

Well, here we go!This is the Wave Swinger. It's basically based on another ride. 6m above the ground, going at 30km/h. Something that everyone loves, except me. I need a bucket. This is not good! But all the kids are loving it and we've got more rise to come here from the Adventure Park in Geelong. My shoe's gone! Shoe's gone.Don't tell us about adventure, Emma Freedman. We've seen you go backwards down the side of a building.Did she say, "I need a bucket?"I tried to ignore that bit. Let's get entertainment now.I think we should. How are you this morning, Dickie? That's way too scary for me and you know I'm telling you the truth there. It's movie day today. We'll check out the fresh films today. Happy days and lots of Aussies nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards. I'll tell you who is up for awards next.

(Sings) # Gave me hope when hope was gone # This program is not captioned.

Good morning again. Well, it's Australia Day in Hollywood with the nominations for the annual screen actors a-- Screen Actors Guild Awards or SAGs as their known, announced a few hours ago. Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman all up for honours, 'Lincoln' and 'Les Mis' leading the chart. In the Best Actor category, Brad Cooper is in there for 'Silver Linings Playbook'.

Zero dark shirty is the Osama bin Laden movie. -- 'Zero Dark Thirty' is the Osama bin Laden movie. Helen Mirren played Alfred Hitchcock's wife in the 'Hitchcock' movie.

The Best Ensemble Cast, which is the SAG category of - yeah, which is the best actor sort of category, it's the Best Film category.

So there you go. Our Nicole is also nominated for her work in the telemovie 'Hemingway & Gellhorn'. So it's just wonderful. Lots of Aussies up for awards. The SAGs are also an early indicator for the Oscars and Golden Globe nominations which will be announced tomorrow morning. Alec Baldwin received yet another Best Actor nomination in the television category. He's won the award for the past six years. Which gives us a nice segue into the first of our new films today. It's called 'Rise of the Guardians'.We are the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy. We are the Easter Bunny and Santa. They're kind of like the animated Avengers, except instead of legendary superheroes, this lot are magical characters we hold dear to our hearts for successive generations. Only thing is they're a bit edgier this time around. There's Santa, voiced by Alec Baldwin.That was my idea.The Tooth Fairy is Isla Fisher.Open up. Jack Frost is Chris Pine. Sandman, who doesn't speak, so doesn't need anyone. The Easter Bunny is our Hugh Jackman.I think it's a safe bet he's never met a rabbit like me. And a bady called Pitch. That's Jude Law.What's more powerful? It's fear.And when that evil spirit decides to take over the planet, the guardians of our hopes and dreams are forced to gang up. Take no prisoners!Look, this is clever, so clever. The 3D animation is brilliant. The storyline resonates and the A-list ensemble cast lend the required amount of star power. It's called 'Rise of the Guardians'. It's a family favourite. 3.5 stars. Everyone loves a sleigh. Now, also out today - a grown-up rom-com set in Europe. The storyline follows a couple in crisis who attend their daughter's wedding. Also there - the groom's dad, played by Pierce Brosnan and you'll never guess what happens. This is a lovely film that touches the heart, shows off the spectacular scenery of the Amalfi Coast, amongst others, and leaves us with something to think about. It's called 'Love is All You Need'. Damn right. Again 3.5 stars. Oh, beautiful scenery. Almost as good as the Great Ocean Road down here. Some of the biggest names in the music biz are getting ready to take to the stage for a concert to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy which smashed the east coast of America a few weeks back. Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, The Who and The Rolling Stones are some of the artists performing at the Concert for Sandy which kicks off in a couple of hours. We'll bring you the footage as it happens. It's all happening at New York's Madison Square Garden. The world is that Paul McCartney will join Nirvana band mates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on stage replacing Kurt Cobain. It's all happening there, the Boss and some of New York's favourite since - sons! And sinners! They're rallying for Sandy. There that will be quite a show. Lisa and Georgie. That is great news, Dickie A lot of people are still doing it tough in the aftermath of Sandy and it's off the daily news cycle but people are still really hurting.And deep in a New York winter too.Exactly. Thank you, Dickie. Coming up after seven o'clock - extreme weather warning with scorching temperatures predicted for two Australian States. And the Victoria's Secret Angels band together to spread a bit of Christmas cheer. Miranda's in there. For our song of the day, let's go back to 1990 and the original supermodel singing 'Freedom' with George Michael.

(Sings) # Freedom, freedom # Hash my freedom # You've got to give for what you take # Freedom! # Hold on to my freedom! # My freedom! # You've got to give for what # Give for what # Give for what you take! # Yeah! # You've got This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
from a real flood claims call. (PHONE RINGS) Hey, Graeme.
It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

Fill up your car with free fuel Thursday with BP. The jackpot's up to $40,000. To win a fuel voucher, all you need to do is to pick up the phone within five rings and say those magic words - "I wake up with Today". Today is our last draw for 2012. So stay tuned for that very important phone call coming up later in the show. Here's Ross with Money Minute. Good morning to you all. An important piece of economic news from the US. They are printing money at the rate of 85 million per month. An inflation stays in check. What happens if you cut interest rates and it just doesn't work? The answer has been to effectively print money. To use that cash to buy back mortgages from the big banks. That way they have more money to lend and the government becomes the ultimate funder of the UST. This is quantitive easing four US style. The dollar has fallen further. There is cash in the system. Our dollar has jumped. I've told you before - the terms of trade have ticked over. Our dollar should be weakening as a result. Australia still looks attractive because of our higher interest rates and triple A credit rating. Curiously, the impact is not so great against the eurozone. It's more of a basket case than the US. Thank you, Ross. OK, we are looking for the best Christmas lights in Australia. And it is a noble pursuit indeed. We want you to send us a video of your home, and you could be in the running for $5,000 gift voucher from Dave generals Jones. Here is one of the many entries received from Dave in Blacktown in Sydney. Full of plenty of Christmas spirit there.It's all going on. What time do you reckon they turn that off?You have to ask the neighbours.I think they may have had a say. Really getting into the spirit. That's what we want to seat. You can enter by emailing us your video. We'll show the best entries every day. Be big, big bold, be bright.Time for a hit of gossip with Dicky.Thank you very much, indeed, Georgie. Let's go to Hollywood where it is judgement day for Lindsay Lohan. Will she spend Christmas in jail?It was down to the wire, let me tell you. Apparently, a judge has said no, you don't have to go to jail for Christmas. But a judge ruled today that Lindsay Lohan's probation will be revoked. The probation was for her stealing the necklace, remember, when she got into the trouble for allegedly stealing that necklace. She was supposed to be officially charged for lying to cops about a traffic accident. Everything will be pushed off until January 13. So Lindsay Lohan will be on the streets of New York or LA for Christmas so watch out. It's hard keeping up, I must admit.She's had quite a year.You've been pondering this question - who is Hollywood's most desirable woman.Well, you know what, I'm constantly wondering that question. But the readers of 'Ask men' have decided had a 'Hunger Games' leading actress is the most desirebling. Kim Kardashian was number 8 and this year she's number 98, that has got to hurt.Thank you for clearing that up for us. We can all rest easy for the rest of the day. It's official, Richard Reid has revealed it. Kim Kardashian won't rest easy at number 98. Here are the top stories on Today. Facing his accusers - 'Hey Dad' star Robert Hughes, returning to Australia under police guard. Police pursuit - an 8-year-old girl your after her mother tries to outrun police. Extreme weather - Marcher flood warnings in the west and a scorcher for South Australia and Victoria. How CPR instructions on a serial box helped a mum save her little boy. A very merry Christmas from Miranda Kerr and the angles. Good morning to you on Thursday 13 of December. Former 'Hey Dad' star Robert Hughes is said to land in Australia in the next 10 minutes or so to face allegations of child sexual assault. Amelia Ballinger joins us from Sydney Airport. What will happen when Robert Hughes arrives?He is expected to arrive at 7:10 this morning. From here he will be taken straight to the Sydney police centre. As you can imagine, there's a lot of media building, given the intense interest in this case. As a result of that, we understand that he will be brought out of the airport through this exit over here to keep him away from other travellers. After that, police will escort him to one of these cars over here, to take him to the airport sorry, to the police station. Those police have arrived and are inside waiting for him at the moment. Once he is at the police station, he is expected to be charged with 11 counts of sexual and indecent assault on five children. Those charges dating back it when he played the lead character in 'Hey Dad'. Allegations of inappropriate touching, first surfaced a couple of years ago by his former child star. Her claim sparked a huge two-year investigation, police spoke to more than 200 witnesses. Once he has been at the police station he is expected to face court. We understand that he will be applying for bail.Any word on Robert Hughes, how he is fairing as he heads back to Australia, his state of mind?We have heard from his lawyer, he spoke to his client before he boarded the plane. That he was very worried, pretty stressed as any human being would be in that situation. He expected it to be a very anxious flight for Robert Hughes. During a very brief extradition hearing, he told the court that he wanted to come home to sort these charges out and clear his name. He emphaticly is denying all of the allegations and will be vigorously be defending himself. Thank you very much. An 8-year-old girl is recovering in a Sydney hospital after she was involved in a police pursuit with her mother. The car crashed into a fence and a tree. The bird's-eye view shows the car's collision in Sydney's south- west. Mounting the kerb and crashing into a fence. Driven by a woman with her 8-year-old daughter in the car. Police began pursuing the car for a short distance after a registration check. They had lost sight of the car in heavy traffic but found the wreckage off the side of the road. The mother and her daughter weren't seriously injured but were taken to hospital. The mother upd went drug and alcohol tests but the results won't be known for a couple of weeks. So far, no charges will be laid. Relatives and friends of five young people killed in a Gold Coast on the weekend are angry at police for paying respects at the site. We understand large groups have been gathering at the shrine. What can you tell us?Good morning. Hundreds of friends and family have use this had shrine since last Saturday it remember five mates and family members killed in this horror crash on the M1. They've been using the shrine all week as a place to share stories and remember their mates who died in this tragic accident. What happened last Friday night was a broken down car and another car ran up the back of it killing five young people. It was a tragic situation. Last night policed cracked down on the mourners, they say they were simply mourning their mates. Police had a very different opinion.Three people lost a licence over doing a U-turn to pay respects.Everybody is down here. Everybody is just so respectful and have brought rubbish bins.Very upsetting for them. Have police explained why they are issuing fines?Simply because of safety reasons. Mourners were doing illegal U-turns, drinking in public and proving a safety risk to other road users because of where the shrine is situated. There's plenty of cars and people obviously. The drivers driving past were turning heads and seeing people on the side of the road, causing quite a spectacle for people down on the road.There was a number of traffic accidents resulting from the vehicles parked there as motorists are stopping and looking at what's going on and the presence of the young people there is also creating interest to the passer byers. At this stage we've had a lot of calls in relation to people being on the M1 in vehicle and on foot and concerned for their safety up on the service road, and it is a bit of a blind hill where they are parked.Residents in Perth and the south-west are being told to brace for more wild weather today. Thunderstorms have caused trouble from kolyee.They are more typical of the tropics like Darwin. More scorching weather today with temperatures set to be in the high 30s in parts of South Australia. Motorists in Melbourne are being urged to take caution after new figures show that accidents in Melbourne CityLink have skyrocketed. Rear-end crashes have gone up 150% in four years. Do we know what's caused the spike? People aren't paying attention. They are distracted and causing pretty dangerous situations. CityLink released some alarming vision just to show some of the very dangerous situations. These crashes, of course, had the potential to be absolute disasters as they are usually quite a lot of cars inside the tunnels and on the roads. There's basically nowhere for them to grow. CityLink is growing frustrated. Rear-end crashes have soared by 150% in four years. There were 343 crashes on the toll road last year, which is extremely worrying. To reduce these very serious incidents CityLink is launching a campaign later this morning urging drivers to slow down and take a bit more care. Hopefully people listen to this message today. Of course, it is the holiday season - regrettablely it is this time of year that authorities always see a rise in alcohol-related violence. Over the next three months in NSW alone there are predicted to be 300 alcohol-related dates. 7800 assaults and more than 12,000 hospital visits atributed to alcohol.

alcohol.Alcohol harm is all too prevalent in the Australian communityity. It costs $36 billion per year to deal with the alcohol- related problem. This alliance is working with the Government and industry to mitigate those alcohol related harms. It's an alliance of a whole range of committed members of the Australian community. Non- profit organisations, Aboriginal health community, it's a very widespread alliance. People who are quite concerned and committed to making the life of those most at risk a lot better.What are you seeing more frequently as a result of drinking?I've been struck by the young. Often the males in a fit of ill judged excessive drinking, road traffic accident. Younger girls encouraged to binge drink at earlier ages. We're seeing domestic violence victims. We know there will be 70,000 call-outs per year for alcohol-related incidents. There are at least 75,000 hospital visits per year for alcohol-related problems.It's not just the drinker themselves but the damage that they potentially cause.Yes, we have an unfortunate observation in this country. A report released in 2010 that $16 billion of harm is caused to those around the drinker. We know that in Australia 367 per year are killed in consequence of others drinking. We know that there will be 70,000 acts of interpersonal violence to those around the drinker. 24,000 of those in situations of domestic violence. We know that 14,000 of them are children affected by the actions of others drinking. This is a horrible statistic. So part of the reason why the alliance is so committed to modifying, a very significant but eminently preventable part of the drinking culture.You must dread this time of year, in short.This is a beautiful time of year. We're very fortunate in this country to have a healthcare system that many in the world would give their eye teeth for. We see in the emergency departments every day, numbers of our young and more vulnerable, who are victims of excessive alcohol consumption, either themselves consuming or injured by others around who have been drinking.We appreciate your insight this morning. Thank you so much. There are some strong messages to take from our chat this morning. Thank you. To Queensland - the incredible story of how a serial box helped a mum save a toddler's life. Claire Haynes brought her son Charlie back from the dead which she learnt from a packet of serial. Good morning, Claire.Good morning, Lisa.You have Charlie there. Can you talk us through what happened to Charlie. My sons and I decided to go for a swim and he had had a a little before. He and I hopped out of the pool and I lost track of him for less than a minute. My oldest son was screaming for help and I ran over and I could see that he wasn't breathing. So I grabbed him and I pulled him out and started compressions straightaway. After a couple of rounds of CPR we were lucky enough that his chest started to rumble and I put him on his side. All of the water came out and he started to breathe again. Thankfully, that is when the EMTs took up and took over and they were absolutely fantastic.Whoa, so lucky. And you read the CPR instructions on the side of a serial box just the morning before. The morning before, yes. At breakfast time my sons were droning on about Christmas and I was just staring at the back of this box. I read through the steps and I thought it would come in handy one day.Never ever knowing.No, not knowing the very next day I would be using it.And how is Charlie feeling now?Little bit tired, obviously. He's fantastic and has handled it well. Almost a full recovery.You have also handled this very well as well. Did you have any formal CPR training before this or was this the first time you ever had got this information? Obviously, you see CPR done on TV and you do it when you are a girl scout and all of that. You don't really know. Even when you think you know what's happening it all goes out of the window and you completely blank. The fact that I had read this just the day before made me feel confident and react faster and better and it made all of the difference in the end.It also goes to prove how easy it is to learn CPR. Well done to your other son for alerting you so quickly?Yes, we were incredibly lucky.Well, we're glad to see that Charlie is OK. He's looking very much look a normal toddler.Useless before his morning coffee.Aren't we all.Exactly.Everything turned out OK and a very timely reminder for all of us as we head towards the water this summer. Thank you very much for your time this morning.Thank you, Lisa.One of Victoria's truly iconic landmarks. Today marks the 100th birthday of Melbourne's Lunar Park. We went along to celebrate. Tim McMillan reports.I'm really impressed. Excited again to be a little kid again tonight.For 100 years, the face of fun.Just the fun.I suppose it's a constant. Let's go to lun I can't remember park and I think parents, grandparents love it. The iconic grin. Somebody will want to come and tell you what it was like when they were kids, how they came down here and what they did on Saturday night. Nobody can quite put their finger on what it is about the park.I think it's in the psyche of a lot of people who live in Melbourne in particular. They all agree - it appeals of children of every age. The inner child is the most important thing of course. People come down here and see respectable adults well dressed eating fairy floss. And everybody has a favourite.I like the roller coaster.It's huge and it looks like you are going into a mouth. Very excited because I'm about to go on the roller coaster.Candy floss.Popcorn.100 years later the park is looking better than ever and still doing what it originally did.She still looks good. Do you think she's had work?She's aged well.Possibly, a little bit of touching up. The teeth are very white which is unusual at 100 years of age, but that's OK.I think Shane Warne uses the same stuff. That will get back.I think we should get some weather. Save us, Emma.Good morning, Lisa and Georgie. We are at the Geelong Adventure Park. 52 achers of pure pleasure for the kids and adults alike. We'll show you what's forecast for your capital cities today.

today. Well, this is my kind of playground. A giant jumping castle that the kids absolutely love. It is going to be a bit of a scorcher all throughout Victoria today. If you are in Geelong, get down here before 8:00, free entry for all of the kids and they can stay and have as much fun as they like all day. We'll go have some fun on the water. Are you trying to double bounce me? She's a good sport, Emma Freedman. Coming up - $40,000 worth of free fuel is up for grabs. How to have a merry Christmas just like the Victoria secret angels. This program is not captioned. (CLICK!)



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