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(generated from captions) A -a high will direct a few showers on to the east coast. Western Australia will see the most rainfall. Brisbane will see a few showers.

Thank you very much. That's Nine News for this Wednesday. I hope you have a good evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Toni
is made entirely of Lego bricks. des
Tonight ... The Territory shines, edu
despite Australia' s embarrassing
education report card.A campaign fo av
ambulances to be free - as people h
avoid calling triple zero. And: the homel
house that could help dozens of I'
homeless Canberrans. Good evening, to
I' m Danielle Post. The PM' s goal cou
to have Australia in the top five countries when it comes to educatio T
is looking more and more unlikely. result
Two international studies show though
results have slipped - the ACT
though is performing very well - an would have placed in the top ten. w
As far as report cards go - you' d paren
want to hide this one from your parents. "Today' s results tell u not
that business as usual is simply inter
not acceptable." In the first international test of primary schoo Austr
students - year four pupils in En
Australia scored the lowest of all come
English-speaking nations when it over
comes to reading. Twenty seventh a
overall - behind Bulgaria, Slovenia th
and Lithuania. "When you look at m
these reading results, it' s also a educ
message, not only to schools and also
education authorities, but it' s also a message to parents." Maths The
and science weren' t much better. stude
The silver lining for the ACT - their
students here have outperformed "We'
their interstate counterparts. a
"We' re in the top ten. If you look t
at year four reading, we' re in the c
top five. If we were an independent
country we' d be in the top five." we
High school students in Australia were better placed - ranking in the o
top 10 for year 8 maths and science disa
out of 45 countries. "Today' s disappointing results have prompted f
the Australian Greens to push for a s
faster implementation of the Gonski say
school funding reforms. The party so
says all the Commonwealth has done
so far is introduce legislation tha isn' t legally binding and sets ou which
a six year transition period - coal
which it claims is too long. The mo
coalition says it' s not all about C
money" +w Shadow Education Minister Gov
Christopher Pyne says the Federal ha
Government' s education revolution has wasted billions of dollars - th plan now an international joke.

The fight to stop cuts to New Sout elector
Wales schools hit the Monaro Kel
electorate today. Federal MP Mike St
Kelly joined state shadow minister pet
Steve Whan to get signatures on a s
petition opposing the Government' s pl
savings measures. The Coalition is billi
planning to cut one point seven educatio
billion dollars to the state W
education budget over four years. sign
We' ve collected several hundred res
signatures. It' s been a terrific I
response. This is the only petition go
I' ve ever stood with where I have
got virtually no knock backs. +w Th crea
Commonwealth says the move will implemen
create huge problems for the implementation of the Gonski Review pouring
At the same time as we' re pouring in this huge support, I mea s
$102 million of Federal Government last
support for our schools in these curren
last few years, we' ve got the is
current New South Wales Government
is pulling the rug out the back doo A
from us. More than half of all ambulan
Australians wouldn' t call an ambulance in an emergency because o the exorbitant cost, according to a
new survey. Two peak health bodies are calling for national legislatio for
to make the medical service free di
for all. Just minutes can make a calli
difference. If people are not t
calling an ambulance at a time when can
they need it for critical care it disab
can lead to chronic conditions, hospitali
disability it could lead to
hospitalisation or even death. Ne figures show fifty-four per cent o Australians would delay calling fo costs
emergency treatment because it e
costs too much. If you' ve got an a
emergency, they' ve got to take you what
and if you don' t have the money t
what are you going mean to do. In tr
the ACT, an emergency call out and b
transfer to a hospital will set you dol
back eight-hundred-and-thirty-one
dollars.In New South Wales, the rat wi
is three-hundred-and-thirty- one, two-dolla
with each kilometre costing two-dollars-and- ninety-nine cents. If I had to pay that out of pocke exp
I would have been shocked at the yo
expense. There are exemptions if a
you have private health care or are differen
a concession card holder and you
different rules in Canberra. If ca
you have a road accident ambulance someth
care is free but it' s not for st
something like a heart attack or a
stroke so that' s a bit anomalous. ambulan
I' ve never had to call an have
ambulance knock on would I never fair
have to but I don' t think it' s fair I think it should be covered b hea
the tax payers money. Two peak nationa
health bodies are calling for and
national legislation. In Tasmania and Queensland, the service is free sup
The ACT Government says it would funde
support the proposal if it were Medi
funded through a national tax or Commonwea
Medicare. It also wants the Fe
Commonwealth to lead the change. mu
Federal and State health Ministers co
must sit down and look at how they Priv
could fund a universal scheme. sepa
Private health insurers do offer separate ambulance cover.

A fourteen year old girl has Condor
escaped a potential assault in a
Condor. At nine-am yesterday, a man alo
approached the girl as she walked Viki
along Heidelberg Street near the g
Vikings Club.He spoke to her before brea
grabbing her arm. She managed to fa
break free, hitting him across his i
face and then running away. The man appearan
is described as Caucasian in mu
appearance, in his twenties with a blac
muscular build. He was wearing a jeans.
black T-shirt and black skinny home
jeans. Charities for Canberra' s
homeless will share in a lump sum o th
cash, when a house, built through ha
the labour of love, goes under the an
hammer. Tradies donated their time h
and supplies, to build a seven star figures.
home, that will sell for six It'
figures. Open for inspection. f
It' s a nice large block, very good pretty
for a growing family. Which is cur
pretty rare in new suburbs in the hundr
current climate. Close to one
hundred tradesmen and suppliers hav Hou
helped make the Franklin Charity supp
House a reality. Without in-kind m
support it would have cost almost a price
million dollars to construct. A price many are expecting at auction a
Anywhere up to $900,000. This is grea
a great block of land as well, a out
great location, it' s got a great s
outlook, it' s a great view and it' pr
s close to the school. This is a t
project with some irony. The aim is money
to fetch the highest price. The g
money made will go to local charity th
groups who support those living on home
the streets or people at risk of
homelessness.An exorbitant price ta advo
is not what they would normally rea
advocate. We do actually have a b
real affordability issue in the ACT abo
but this is really positive story c
about how the construction industry h
can really respond to the issues of s
homelessness. No expense has been ra
spared. The house has a seven star u
rating. So whoever buys this will hyd
use very little energy, it' s got sol
hydronic floor heating. It' s got
solar boosted systems as well, sola n
hot water systems. Some costs do Two-hundred-and
need to be recovered. doll
Two-hundred-and- twenty-thousand t
dollars - cash that had to be spent o
to keep the project going. We did Harrison
one a couple of years ago in thr
Harrison and that actually raised
three-hundred-thousand dollars abov T
what it cost to build the house. secon
The auction will be held on the second of March.

Young females are playing havoc on co
our roads - according to insurance drivers
company AAMI. It found female 24
drivers between the ages of 18 and
24 are most likely to send or read wi
text message or make a phone call belie
without hands free. The company believes it explains why thirty fiv hav
per cent of young female drivers fiv
have had a accident over the past ge
five years. The most of any age or ce
gender group. Milestones are worth Van
celebrating, and today The Yellow its
Van was recognised for delivering Canberr
its two millionth meal to the or
Canberra community. Each month the twenty-thou
organisation rescues over fro
twenty-thousand kilograms of food outle
from local restaurants and food dump
outlets which otherwise would be d
dumped as landfill. Volunteers then she
deliver meals to more than eighty no
shelters, refuges and charities at launch
no charge. The Yellow Van also ca
launched its Christmas fundraising with
campaign. Which was kick started
with a sizable donation. Next on WI f
News ... The trio of lucky numbers couple
for the regions newest married i
couples And, ... A piece of history s
in Canberra, from one of the world' s greatest authors. This program is not captioned. These holidays,
I have some questions for you. Would you rather:

Would you prefer to:

Too often I see the trauma
when drivers get it wrong. Choose wisely.

s greatest authors. The private stu
details of thousands of staff and Fo
students at the Australian Defence wh
Force Academy have been hacked, in
what' s been described as a nationa includ
security failure. The details a
include the name, rank, birth dates thousa
and passwords of up to twenty- infa
thousand people. A member of the Da
infamous anonymous group, known as responsibilit
Darwinaire, is claiming New
responsibility. The University of websi
New South Wales, which runs the information
website, says much of the hav
information is out of date. Steps damag
have been taken to mitigate any an
damage by deleting email addresses u
and updating security. Completing a
university degree is about to becom Mona
much easier for students in the i
Monaro. A distance education centre WIN
is close to opening in Cooma, and loo
WIN News has been given the first
look inside. Welcome to the futur o
of regional education. It' s one happen
of the most exciting things to years.
happen in this region for many Universit
years. This the new Cooma best
Universities Centre, brining the Austral
best tertiary institutions in vita
Australia to the Monaro. It' s to
vital for us because we' re trying and
to recruit people into the region th
and one of the problems is that if pr
they come in as professionals they probably have growing children and scho
those children often then get to want
school, age and leave school and therefor
want to go to university and Stude
therefore want to leave town. st
Students in the region who want to of
study currently face the huge cost
of relocating. Soon they' ll be abl need
to get all the information they do
need just minutes from their front
door. For ninety dollars a semester st
up to 50 students will be able to almo
study at the facility, which has re
almost everything you' d find on a online,
real university campus. All sc
online, high speed. We' ve got tw
screens that' ll accommodate about twenty students at any one time. are
The main features of the centres m
are the virtual lecture rooms. They fro
mean students can attend seminars havin
from across the country without
having to leave Cooma. If we ca keep that skills base in town it' potentiall
good for the town because w
potentially, not everbody, but some will stay within the region so that Council
s a greta thing in itself. Council has provided the building o H
a one dollar a year lease to Snowy million
Hydro, which has spent half a Alrea
million dollars fitting it out. h
Already more than five institutions
have shown interest. I suspect th littl
problem is going to be not too interes
little interest, but too much wi
interest. It' s hoped the centre uni
will be open in time for the 2013 university year.

Christmas is less than two weeks
away - shoppers are spending up big we
In this week' s business report - Chr
we take a look at what effect the are
Christmas rush is having on other a
areas of the CBD. There' s tinsel ar
and trees - and the yuletide bells Christ
are ringing. Bells ringing s
Christmas is on the way - and what' o
s the festive season, without a bit Canberra,
of shopping. Centres across Canberra, are ramping up for a full twenty-
on final two weeks before the commenc
twenty- fifth. On Sunday we hours
commenced extending our trading pr
hours and the customers last weeks
probably would have been here had w stayed back. Longer trading hour aroun
are attracting people from all around the region to main shopping Westfiel
precincts in the Capital. In sh
Westfield Belconnen and Woden, the n
shops will stay open until midnight Centre
next Thursday. In the Canberra nin
Centre, stores will be open until Friday
nine next Thursday, and ten on diff
Friday. Individual retailers may th
differ. The expectations already view
there from the customer point of they
view that we are open longer and a
they know that and they expect that shop
and they certainly follow though Exte
shopping during those hours. flo
Extended shopping hours also have i
flow on effects to other parts here say
in the city. Canberra CBD limited
says it' s noticed that business ha pub
really picked up in restaurants, pubs and bars. On a Monday nigh th
in Civic you' ll have restaurants that are completely full that peopl Extended
would normally think of. +w val
Extended hours must have economic al
value to be viable. Retailers have benefit
already started to notice the cu
benefit. It' s well worth it the doubt
customers are here, there' s no
doubt about that and if they' re no rec
we find that to be a really good ce
recover and replenishment time but adaptin
certainly there customers are adapting really well to the extende trade.

Tourism Australia has released the fo
latest National Visitor Survey. It visitors
found, for domestic day trip h
visitors in regional Australia, the -
highest expenditure was in Canberra dolla
- at one hundred and sixty nine Nort
dollars. Followed by New England fifty.The
North West, one hundred and half
fifty.The survey also found over over
half the expenditure by domestic regio
overnight visitors was spent in th
regional areas of Australia - more It'
than twenty five billion dollars. that
It' s a quirky piece of history, Dic
that links Australia with Charles jus
Dickens. The National Library has the
just acquired a cheque, signed by who
the man himself, sent to his sons d
who settled down under. A cheque,
demonstrating Charles Dickens' grea it
expectations of his sons, to make it in Australia. He was worried they wouldn' t amount to much, so h fundin
has to walk this tightrope of tryin
funding them, not funding them, thei
trying to make them have a go on hundred
their own. Made out for one certa
hundred pounds, Charles Dickens cashe
certainly wasn' t a Scrooge. If equ
cashed today, the cheque would be thir
equivalent to between twenty and why
thirty thousand dollars. Which is h
why historians are scratching their
heads. There' s a bit of a myster about why it was never cashed Th let
cheque joins an eighteen-seventy son
letter from Dickens to his eldest son Alfred. They were only teenager he
when they left England. I guess sen
he felt he had to compensate in a e
sense for sending them to the other end of the earth, although he was a optimist about Australia. By sending his sons out here and... It a
s clear that he really saw this as Ed
a land of great promise. His son of
Edward, eventually became a member putti
of parliament. It' s a way of conte
putting these things all in the
context of Australian history, it' part
in our treasures gallery, it' s narrativ
part of our narrative, loose narrative of Australian history.

Many couples around the region - t
won' t have any trouble remembering an
their wedding anniversary. Stephen Romanian
and Ana, the daughter of the tie
Romanian ambassador to Australia,
tied the knot today - the twelfth o the twelfth of the twelfth. Lookin Cre
beautiful, they married, at Gold c
Creek Chapel this afternoon. On the coast, another Canberra couple said fro
their I-do' s. Benjamin and Karen from Dunlop - joined one hundred an Wa
twenty three couples in New South C
Wales to become man and wife today. in
Choosing Wollongong, after falling through
in love with it while driving wo
through, promising themselves they Greg
would one day get married there. Ca
Greg with sport is next ...And the ser
Cavalry aiming for three straight Mel
series wins. Starting tomorrow in Pl
Melbourne Danielle - that' s next. Queanb
Plus - A major milestone for a Queanbeyan Cricketer. This program is not captioned. What does a long bar have to do
with a huge river?

What does a Parisian artist have in common with a touring cricket team?

Or Seven Sisters and 21 First Ladies? Give up? They're all part of
Canberra's huge centenary year. Beginning in January 2013, there's a massive year of events planned to celebrate
Canberra's 100th birthday. So visit to start planning your experience now.

This program is not captioned. cric
Queanbeyan Cricketer. Queanbeyan f
cricketer Michael Frost will pad-up wee
for his five hundredth game, this pla
weekend. The 45 year old has been
playing on the local scene since th retir
age of 12, and has no plans of final
retiring just yet. ll be in the re
finals - - It' s a local cricket count
record - five hundred games and counting. It sort of came around do
really quick, big numbers, but you ra
don' t play, you' re not trying to pl
rack up numbers, you' re trying to th
play because you enjoy playing for brin
the club, which is what I do and t
bring some kids through. Watching Australi
the ACT Comets against South of
Australia today brings back plenty
of memories. Lining up in the third imp
s this weekend, Frost' s past is P
impressive. I got to play against strengt
Pakistan when they had a full play
strength test side, when the ACT Kh
played them, so I got out to Imran has
Khan. He' s had no injuries and despi
hasn' t trained in eight years, Bec
despite being an opening batsman. t
Becoming accustomed to new forms of
the game has had it' s challenges. co
We' ve evolved as a club, and the twe
competition' s evolved and Twenty twenty now, I must admit, I' m a bi in,
of a slogger, when if first came in, I was against it, I thought I' s
a bit of a traditionalist, but it' a
s a great fun game now. Rep games wit
and five first grade premierships
with Queanbeyan - Frost has taken o on
a mentoring role as well, passing generat
on his experience to the next generation. A win this weekend, wil make this milestone more memorable even if he' s shying away from it. think
It' s just a number, I don' t think were focusing on Michael Fros g
this weekend, that' s for sure, we we
got to win some games to make sure we' ll be in the finals

Canberra tennis player Nick Kyrigo tr
will have to wait another year to t
try an make the Australian open. In the wildcard tournament, the teenag suf
was forced to retire hurt, after four
suffering cramps. He was leading r
four-love in the fifth set, when he Olym
retired from the match. Canberra Albury-Wo
Olympians will headline the Albury-Wodonga Gift next month. Fou Col
hundred metre specialist Brendan Bree
Cole, will join sprinter Melissa Bod
Breen and hurdles champion Lauren ann
Boden have been locked in for the
annual event, which draws big crowd th
and attracts athletes from across a
the nation. The Canberra Cavalry is serie
aiming for their third straight Melbour
series win, when they head to sitting
Melbourne tomorrow. Currently coa
sitting second on the ABL ladder, coach Michael Collins says it' s to fi
early in the season to talk about st
finals. Teething problems at the
start of the season have been sorte win
it out. Canberra is consistently all-t
winning and confidence is at an an
all-time-high. Everyone' s happy goi
and excited, obviously things are s
going very well for us so everyone' s in a good place right now. We b
started off kind of slow but we' ve g
been picking it up lately, which is charge
good. The Cavalry are on the comi
charge. Second on the ladder and Melbou
coming up against a struggling ro
Melbourne outfit. They' ve had a t
rough spot here you know, I' m sure a
they' re you know they put together sure
a preety good ball club and I' m ba
sure they' ll be looking to bounce rall
back as well. Collins has been off
rallying his troops to lift their home
offence, after struggling to hit campa
home runs at the start of their coming
campaign. The team' s really ca
coming together ah, the offence is pitc
catching up with the defence and wor
pitching so ah, things are really
working out for us right now. Eve l
more so for Jeremy Barnes, who' ll line up in a super sunday showdown. Sta
Got a chance to play in the All wo
Star Game coming up Sunday for the world team, just super pumped to ge showc
out there and have a chance to showcase our talents and anytime yo i
get selected in the All Star team, ge
it' s a huge honour, so excited to g
get out there and mix it with those
guys, it will be fun. +y It could b th
a warm-up for the ABL finals, but the coach says it' s too soon to ge feel
excited. The start we had the ourse
feeling now we' ve proven it to look
ourselves a little bit so we' ll look to keep on a role here and kee Melbour
things moving. Game one in seri
Melbourne is tomorrow night. The series wraps up on Sunday.

A momentous day for Manuka Oval
tomorrow, with the first light towe h
being installed. Construction work t
has been going for months, with the Test
towers shipped over from the UK. before
Testing is scheduled for next, inst
before the other five towers are f
installed. It' s all in preparation Aust
for the Prime Minister' s 11 and Australian One-Day match, which wil twilig
be day-night games. The first twilight AFL game is between the GW
Giants and Essendon in the NAB Cup w
ACT softball players have lead the Aus
way, with the announcement of the pl
Aussie Steelers Squad. Eight local players make up the squad of twenty for the upcoming I-S-F Men' s Worl Kir
Championship in Auckland. Andrew charg
Kirkpatrick will lead the local perfo
charge. Selectors have analysed performances at tournaments from th lo
past 12 months. Australia will be the
looking to defend its title, when d
they take on the worlds best, in 78 around
days time. Some lovely weather las
around the region today - will it last? I' ll have the details next. This program is not captioned.

last? I' ll have the details next.
Warming up around the region today twenty-
It climbed to a sunny top of dip
twenty-nine in the Capital, after dipping to twelve degrees overnight s
Right now, it' s fine outside, and loo
sitting on twenty-three. Taking a look around,On the Tablelands Twelv Q
to twenty-six in Goulburn Yass and Sun
Queanbeyan climbed to twenty-nine Sunny and twenty-five in Braidwood tad cooler on the coast, Fifteen t reach
twenty-five in Nowra Ulladulla twenty-fi
reached twenty-two A top of thirtee
twenty-five in the Bay, after twenty-
thirteen overnight Sunny, and Mountains
twenty-seven in Bega On the Co
Mountains, Nine to twenty-seven in Fo
Cooma Perisher climbed to nineteen Twenty-
Four to twenty-one in Thredbo satell
Twenty-seven in Bombala On the ove
satellite map, Patchy light cloud cau
over New South Wales and the ACT,
caused by onshore winds is bring th Clou
odd light shower. On the chart, Wale
Cloud over far western New South br
Wales ahead low pressure trough is a
bringing a few storms Taking a look Coa
at tomorrow' s temps, Warm on the Beg
Coast, Fourteen to twenty-nine in t
Bega Twenty-five in the Bay Fifteen tw
to twenty-four in Ulladulla Nowra,
twenty-eight degrees. Moving inland Ya
Nine to twenty-eight in Braidwood Te
Yass is expecting a hot thirty-one the
Ten to twenty-nine in Goulburn On
the Mountains, Bombala is aiming fo thirty Seven to nineteen in Thredb re
Two better in Perisher, it should twe
reach a top of twenty- one Cooma, tom
twenty-nine degreess For Canberra tomorrow, A sunny and warm day is i d
store, heading for a top of thirty i
degrees, after nine tonight. The UV s
index is thirteen which is extreme, sunscre
so don' t forget to wear some sunscreen. To the five day forecast Friday,
Creeping up to thirty-one on
Friday, a few showers coming in ove A
the weekend. Finally tonight, Most at
Australians opt for a plastic tree taken
at Christmas, - this family has i
taken it to a new level. Their tree Th
is made entirely of Lego bricks. hund
There' s about 49 thousand, five whic
hundred, I' ve got a little pile mo
which Ollie' s playing with at the th
moment, so that makes a full fifty fami
thousand. Oliver McLauchlan' s competitio
family won a national Lego comple
competition. Their prize comes Th
complete with presents underneath. the
The competition asked people what
they would build with fifty thousan wante
green Lego bricks. This family of
wanted to see a full sized version Leg
of their own smaller sized annual d
Lego tree. I reckon it' s a great decoration of the room and I like l
the height and the way it looks. It
looks like a real Christmas tree. + Wednes
And that' s WIN News for this Post..
Wednesday night. I' m Danielle Post..... Good night.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - ham scam - our hidden camera investigation exposes butchers selling sub-standard meat. The retailer giving you cash back simply for buying. And we announce a major new player in the mobile phone market offering massive discounts.

Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. At 6:50 tomorrow morning, Robert Hughes will arrive back in Australia. It's been almost three years since this program first reported the allegation against the former 'Hey Dad' star, prompting a remarkable chain of events.Former 'Hey Dad'