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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a family, police and the people of Sydney mourn an officer killed serving us all. Peter Slipper's sexual harassment claims thrown out of court. How to spot the sneaky night time speed traps on Sydney's roads. 'Hey Dad' actor Robert Hughes heading home to face child abuse allegations. Weddings and new beginnings on a date they'll never forget. Good evening. Police work is tough at the best of times. Today, it was the worst of times. The funeral of detective inspector brieson Anderson killed in a -- Bryson Anderson killed in a neighbourhood dispute near Windsor. His wife and three young children joined friend and hundreds of colleagues at a packed cathedral in Parramatta. They stood and marched in solid blue ranks today. Police officers strong for a family broken by tragedy.

All the force could muster but nothing could ease the pain for those closest to Bryson Anderson. The funeral was a gathering of two families - the police family from Commissioners to constables, and the Andersons. They were gently ushered in to the packed cathedral. While outside, the casket was shouldered by workmates of the detective inspector, under the giz of the crowd that overflowed in to neighbouring gardens. Andrew Scipione spoke of Anderson's place in the close-knit world of policing. A thoroughly good bloke. He lived for community. Died serving it. And deserved much better.Then a posthumous honour for the stabbing attack which cost his life. Though wounded, Anderson had gone to the aid of another injured officer.The Commissioner's Valour xun ward for the conspicuous action and exceptional courage he displayed at the incident.Donna Anderson knew what it was like to be a policeman's wife.Bryson immediately embraced the police life. He got the sense of family, the mateship and support.His brothers remembered funny times. All I wanted was something small enough to manage but big enough to warrant have agride-on mower. That way I can sit down to mow the lawn and drink a beer at the same time. The most poignant moment, though, from his children.Dad, we thank you for the gift and those whose life was made richer by him.For Dad's colleagues, we pray for you all.Then, a sad parade on the streets of Parramatta. These officers will return to duty tomorrow, fresh in their mind the knowledge that risk can so easily become a reality. No-one knows that today better than the family of detective inspector Bryson Anderson. A special fund has been set up for the family of detective inspector Anderson.

It ruined his career and dragged his reputation through the mud but today former Speaker Peter Slipper says he feels vindicated. A court case brought by his former staffer has been thrown out of court. The Government has described it as an extraordinary political attack designed to overlow the Government. James Ashby and his media advisor entering the media storm they created for what a judge has now foun was nothing more than a political attack. The sexual harassment claim against Peter Slipper and the sleazy text messages the court proceedings made public have been splashed across the nation's newspapers for months and ultimately cost the former Federal Speaker his job. The judge found it was designed to cause signifcon public, reputational and political damage to Mr Slipper. He threw the case out of court. Obviously I'm extremely disappointed with the court's decision today. This has been a very hauroing time for me, my family, friends and supporters.It was foun Ashby worked with former Howard Government minister Mal Brough who has pre-selection for Peter Slipper's seat, to advance their own interests. Peter Slipper wasn't in court for the judgement but in a statement he said he feels vindicated. The past eight months have been extremely traumatic for his wife, family and himself. The Government now wants Brough's pre- selection revoked and Tony Abbott to explain what involvement, if any, he and his Ministers had in the political attack?He used the court to try to bring down the Government. It's a pretty serious finding for the court to make. It's a serious issue for Mr Abbott to answer.The Government has already settled its own case with James Ashby paying the former advisor $50,000. The justification - it was in taxpayers' interests. Jayne is at the Federal Court tonight. Does it end here?No. James Ashby has already indicated he's likely to appeal and there's the political fallout. Shadow Attorney General Brandis has been criticising the Government for commenting even though no appeal has been lodged. No senior Coalition MPs have fronted the camera today.Thank you. Two former bouncers at the Ivy Nightclub have a been jailed over the bashing of teenager Nicholas Barsoum. The two bouncers were sentenced to 27 and 24 month respectively. The victim was gagged, kicked and punched in the basement of the club last year. A thur bouncer was released on a correction order.I admit. I'm very sorry.A fourth man is already serving jail time over the attackment in breaking news - a girl has drowned and another has been rescueed off Avoca Beach on the Central Coast. They were sitting on rocks when they were apparently washed into the sea by a wave. They were brought to shore but one of them couldn't be revived. The Roads Minister has admitted drivers aren't being given enough warning about mobile speed cameras. Nine News has video of the high- tech camera cars being parked in the dark in quiet Sydney streets, catching out thousands of unsuspecting motorists. Driving along this quiet suburban road, there's a mobile speed camera set as a trap. It looks just like kneother parked car until you get alongside it.It's a bit cheeky.I think there should be plenty of signage there on any speed camera, really.A Nine News investigation discovered last financial year that 3,000 fines worth half a million dollars were issued to motorists by the infrared mobile speed cameras between 6 o'clock at night and 6 o'clock in the morning. This long straight section of Knox Road at Rooty Hill is very popular here with the mobile speed camera operator. It's number one for catching drivers. It only husband a 60 kilometre limit and more than 600 droifbers alone last year were nabbed here. Many drivers would have had no idea they'd been caught until the fine arrived. There's no flash. The NRMA wants the unlit warning signs placed ahead of the cameras to be made more visible. The system has to be about slowing people down.Duncan Gay conceded the problem and will now try to fix it.I've asked as a matter of urgency the mobile camera vehicles have reflective signage on them as well.That's a win for drivers. 'Hey Dad' actor Robert Hughes will fly in to Sydney to face several allegations of child sexual assault. Live to Damien Ryan now. His arrival will bring an end to a 2- year police investigation.Yes. It certainly has been long and protracted. Robert Hughes was escorted by three NSW detectives on to his flight at Heathrow last night, when the 64-year-old touches down in 12 hours, he will be taken to the Sydney Police Centre. He will be charged with 11 offences and brought before a court. Hughes faces allegations of child sexual assault dating back to the late 1980s when he was playing the lead role in 'Hey Dad'. Now his Sydney lawyer said his client has always maintained his innocence but admitted today he is certainly feeling strained about what's happened here the last 24 hours.I think he was pretty stressed and worried, as any human being would be in that situation. But he's doing the right thing coming back to Australia and facing these allegations through the courts. It's expected Hughes will face court tomorrow. But it's also expected he will apply for bail.OK, thank you. Australia has joined a global chorus of condemnation after North Korea successfully fired a long-range rocket. The communist nation said it was putting a satellite into space but it's feared it's part of a military build-up.Provocative actions by North Korea are counterproductive, unhelpful and they create significant problems.Parts of the rocket fell into the sea off the coast of China and the Philippines. Australians were promised an education revolution but it's yet to be seen. Our students are struggling by world standards and experts warn they could slip further behind. It's not the end of year report card the Gillard Government wanted.This is a massive wake-up call for education authorities and for the community at large.Out of 48 countries, our Year 4 students came 27th in reading. 18th in maths. And 25th in science. Year 8 students came 12th in both maths and science. It's clear who we're competing with. Australian students were consistently beaten by Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Russia, Finland, England and the US.That means we have a national task to improve our schools.Shadow Minister Christopher Pyne says it shows Julia Gillard's education revolution has failed and her so- called education crusade is just more meaningless spin. In a blow to the the O'Farrell Government, the Auditor-General has revealed there are 380 fewer teachers in our State schools than last year.It's not rocket science. You need to fund and resource.Although it won't benefit current students, the Gillard Government is still confident Australian schools can be ranked in the world's top five by 2025. Some education experts aren't so sure.We're not the only country that's looking at how we can continue to improve. It's going to be a huge challenge to lift us from where we currently are.Whether you believe it's a good omen or just a novelty, the 12th of the 12th 2012 is a once in a lifetime event. Superstitious love birds took advantage of the symmetetrical date. The make-up, the dress and the date. I love him and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Together, they're better known as Romeo and Juliet.Dear, Romeo, take Juliet to share your life in marriage?The stars are aligning for a 12 o'clock wedding on the 12th of the 12th 2000 12. It's the most popular days for weddings. There was a line of brides.I'm pretty excited to be the first one to get married today.You may now kiss your bride.Extra venues and extended hours to keep up with demand to say, "I do."I do.A special date for Irene, coming into the world just after 5am. Sharing a birthday with another at Oakhurst who blah out 12 birthday canles on 12 cupcakes. Today, 12-12-12 is the last triple date for almost a century. So chances are if you don't have a ring on it just yet, you've missed the boat. The next chance is January 1, 2101.

That was all very happy. In the news ahead - flames shoot 30 metres into the air in a massive gasline explosion. Mew shops and jobs - a great boost for Western Sydney. Why Posh snubbed her Spice Girls at This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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A ruptured gas pipe brought fireworks to a small town in West Virginia, shooting flames 30 metres into the air. Several homes were destroyed. Luckily no-one was hurt. It did leave an impressive scar on the landscape. The long peak hour trip to and from the city could soon be a thing of the past for Western Sydney residents. Suburbs libe Liverpool are being transformed into employment hubs, with flexible working conditions and thousands of new jobs. Imagine not having to battle this every day, or this, or even this? The NSW Government's planning to trial what are called smart work hubs in outer Sydney suburbs to allow city workers to stay close to home.You'll get better productivity.City-based companies could let employees work out of one of five test hubs.It won't be about being able to bludge out of the boss's gaze.It's part of a trend to get people off the roads. Optus's Macquarie Park campus is Australia's biggest workplace, 6,500 people. But staff here are already encouraged to work from home.A minimum of 40% are doing some form of flexible working arrangement.It goes much, much further. Hard though it is to imagine, within 12 months if all goes to plan, this will be the site of Sydney's second Costco, creating more than 400 jobs. It's just one example of how State and local governments are trying to create more jobs outside of the main city areas.. We go to work in the morning and get stuck on the M5 and the M4. Projects in planning could create an extra 2,000 jobs in Liverpool. There are 400 jobs at the Orange Grove DFO outlet.The biggest thing facing Liverpool and Western Sydney is jobs. We need jobs here.They sang about living forever. Now the Suffice Girls have been immortalised on stage. A musical about their rise to fame has premiered in London.It made me cry the first time I saw the original workshop.Victoria Beckham snubbed her former band mates on the red carpet, hanging out with her family instead. No word yet if 'Viva Forever' will hit Sydney. Time now for sport with Ken. Tonight, Matthew Wade tells us who he has turned to to overcome the wicketkeeping yips. Progress at last in the league pay dispute. And we'll explain how you can still get tickets to see Manchester United in Sydney.A run of 30 degree days coming up. This program is not captioned.

With the first test against Sri Lanka just two days away, Mike Hussey has been struck down with illness and was missing from training in Hobart. He's suffering a nasty head cold but it's expected he'll be fine by Friday. No Mike Hussey but Ricky Ponting snuck in to catch up with old team-mates. His retirement convenient timing for Tasmanian-grown wicketkeeper Matthew Wade.I'm lucky he's not here because I get all the tickets now.Wade struggled in crucial moments this summer and has since sought out a mentor in one of the great gloveman, Adam Gilchrist.Had a chat about keeping and being a keeper for Australia and what it means and what it's all about. Nice to have someone to bounce ideas off as good a player as Adam was.Shane Watson says his move to number 4 in the batting order will help with bat and ball.I am seeing it as a big positive, one for my batting side of things, but from my bowling to be able to contribute that bit more with the ball.Criticism from past players has fired up Peter Siddle. Many questioned his ability to hand alhigh workload since turning vegetarian.Probably in a better place than I ever was. For people to say that's the problem and the reason why, they're the ones kidding themselves and not having to do it and go through it. Do you know the final make-up of the Australian team?I'm told selectors want to have one final discussion tomorrow morning before naming the XI. Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus are both set to return. Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon are likely to remain in the side. That means Mitchell Johnson would carry the drinks.In league, tension between players and the NRL has eased after another round of salary cap negotiations today.The NRL came back with a pretty good offer today. It's not where we want to be but not too far off.And Telstra has resigned as league's naming rights sponsor. They're the most popular team on earth and tickets to Manchester United's match against the A-League All Stars at ANZ Stadium sold out in under 15 minutes. They're already going for more than $1300 each on eBay but the FFA warns these tickets may be cancelled. Another small allocation will be released in April and fans can join the waiting list at the link below.

And former world number one Caroline Wozniacki has stirred up trouble using towels to impersonate the body of surowna Williams. Wozniacki has been accused of racism. No word yet from Williams. Our thoughts are with the fallen policeman's family.. That's why we're wearing these ribbons. Thank you, Sir. HSBC has agreed to pay $1.9 billion to settle a US investigation in to money laundering for Mexican drug cartels. On the stock market:

We have breaking news now. An eight-year-old girl has been injured after a police pursuit in our south-west. These are live pictures coming in from our helicopter. The girl was a passenger in a sedan that tried to evade police. Her mother is also in hospital under arrest. Amber is next with the weather. Thank you, Pete. We finally saw the sun again today. Tomorrow will be even better.
Dickens That' s tonight. Next on WI Aus
News... Canberra shines, despite ca
Australia' s poor education report f
card, Should ambulance call-outs be d
free? And: how one house, will help m
dozens of homeless Canberrans. Join me for all the details next.

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It was an overcast start to the day with a few light showers before the sun came out around lunchtime. It reached 25 degrees in the city. It did feel a little warmer than that.

A -a high will direct a few showers on to the east coast. Western Australia will see the most rainfall. Brisbane will see a few showers.

Thank you very much. That's Nine News for this Wednesday. I hope you have a good evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Toni
is made entirely of Lego bricks. des
Tonight ... The Territory shines, edu
despite Australia' s embarrassing
education report card.A campaign fo av
ambulances to be free - as people h
avoid calling triple zero. And: the homel
house that could help dozens of I'
homeless Canberrans. Good evening, to
I' m Danielle Post. The PM' s goal cou
to have Australia in the top five countries when it comes to educatio T
is looking more and more unlikely. result
Two international studies show though
results have slipped - the ACT
though is performing very well - an would have placed in the top ten. w
As far as report cards go - you' d paren
want to hide this one from your parents. "Today' s results tell u not
that business as usual is simply inter
not acceptable." In the first international test of primary schoo Austr
students - year four pupils in En
Australia scored the lowest of all come
English-speaking nations when it over
comes to reading. Twenty seventh a
overall - behind Bulgaria, Slovenia th
and Lithuania. "When you look at m
these reading results, it' s also a educ
message, not only to schools and also
education authorities, but it' s also a message to parents." Maths The
and science weren' t much better. stude
The silver lining for the ACT - their
students here have outperformed "We'
their interstate counterparts. a
"We' re in the top ten. If you look t
at year four reading, we' re in the c
top five. If we were an independent
country we' d be in the top five." we
High school students in Australia were better placed - ranking in the o
top 10 for year 8 maths and science disa
out of 45 countries. "Today' s disappointing results have prompted f
the Australian Greens to push for a s
faster implementation of the Gonski say
school funding reforms. The party so
says all the Commonwealth has done
so far is introduce legislation tha isn' t legally binding and sets ou which
a six year transition period - coal
which it claims is too long. The mo
coalition says it' s not all about C
money" +w Shadow Education Minister Gov
Christopher Pyne says the Federal ha
Government' s education revolution has wasted billions of dollars - th plan now an international joke.

The fight to stop cuts to New Sout elector
Wales schools hit the Monaro Kel
electorate today. Federal MP Mike St
Kelly joined state shadow minister pet
Steve Whan to get signatures on a s
petition opposing the Government' s pl
savings measures. The Coalition is billi
planning to cut one point seven educatio
billion dollars to the state W
education budget over four years. sign
We' ve collected several hundred res
signatures. It' s been a terrific I
response. This is the only petition go
I' ve ever stood with where I have
got virtually no knock backs. +w Th crea
Commonwealth says the move will implemen
create huge problems for the implementation of the Gonski Review pouring
At the same time as we' re pouring in this huge support, I mea s
$102 million of Federal Government last
support for our schools in these curren
last few years, we' ve got the is
current New South Wales Government
is pulling the rug out the back doo A
from us. More than half of all ambulan
Australians wouldn' t call an ambulance in an emergency because o the exorbitant cost, according to a
new survey. Two peak health bodies are calling for national legislatio for
to make the medical service free di
for all. Just minutes can make a calli
difference. If people are not t
calling an ambulance at a time when can
they need it for critical care it disab
can lead to chronic conditions, hospitali
disability it could lead to
hospitalisation or even death. Ne figures show fifty-four per cent o Australians would delay calling fo costs
emergency treatment because it e
costs too much. If you' ve got an a
emergency, they' ve got to take you what
and if you don' t have the money t
what are you going mean to do. In tr
the ACT, an emergency call out and b
transfer to a hospital will set you dol
back eight-hundred-and-thirty-one
dollars.In New South Wales, the rat wi
is three-hundred-and-thirty- one, two-dolla
with each kilometre costing two-dollars-and- ninety-nine cents.