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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. There's been an outpouring of grief at a church in western Sydney, where veteran detective Bryson Anderson has been laid to rest. The 45-year-old father of three was killed in a knife attack, while on duty last week. A family robbed of a husband, father, and brother - a police force deprived of a respected officer.He looked forward to all our family gatherings, and they will now be same, however, Bryson will never be missed out. He will always be present, the subject of discussion and a source of much humour. Inside Parramatta's St Patrick's Cathedral, it was a sea of blue. Outside, thousands of people crowded the lawn to honour the man who gave his life serving the community.Bryson, we love you. You will be in our hearts forever. You can rest knowing that Donna, Olivia, Darcy and Kane will be embraced in our arms.Full police honours were afforded the man with policing in his blood - his brother and father donned the blue uniform for a living. An officer for 26 years, Bryson Anderson was a retained firefighter, turning down the promotion to stay working on the streets. He was awarded the Commissioner's Valour Award.I'm deeply honoured to be able to represent every member of the NSW Police force here today, to farewell a man who served his community with courage, honour and distinction. A roadside guard stood faithfully for the whole service. Afterwards a police band march mounted officers through Parramatta with a helicopter hovering above. Unimaginable grief so close to Christmas, this family doesn't want it repeated. They say there'll be another day like this for a thousand years. I pray for the sake of my family and the police community that they're right. And a special fund has been set u

And a special fund has been set u
up for the family. You can make a donation to the Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund.

You can make a donation to the
Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund. Ex-staffer to Peter Slipper James Ashby has vowed to appeal after the sexual harassment case he brought against the former Parliamentary Speaker was thrown out of court. The judge accused Mr Ashby of trying to cause political damage to Mr Slipper. Extremely disappointed with the court's decision today. This has been a very harrowing time for me, my family, my friends, and supporters.Mr Slipper and the Federal Government have welcomed the decision, and we will cross live to Nine's Jayne Azzopardi for more details a little later in our bulletin. The Federal Government has called for urgent action after an appalling report card on the reading abilities of young Australians. Maths and science levels didn't fare much better in the international tests. Kerrie Yaxley is following developments for us in Canberra. Kerrie, take us through the results. How bad are they?Well, it is not a glong report, Amelia. Out of 48 countries, Australia's Year 4 students came 27th for reading, 18th for maths and 25th for science. The results show that we are significantly behind at least 21 other countries, on par with Slovenia and Bulgaria. A quarter of Aussie students failed to meet minimum standards for their age group in reading. Year 8 students are ranked 12th in the world for science and maths and that has not improved since the mid-90s. Education experts say that if nothing is done standards could fall further.It is really what happens on the ground in schools every day that makes a difference. So it is about school improvement. It is about looking at what we can do to enhance the quality of the teaching that is occurring in classrooms. So, Kerrie, the big question - what is the Government planning to do about it? Well, Peter Garrett, he is the Palaszczuk education Minister, says it is - well, he is the Education Minister, he has told State Governments that now is the time to act. He wants reforms that will cost around $6 billion a year. Now, legislation for the reforms is before parliament at the moment. But they are aspirational. There is no funding which has been allocated. Let's hear from Peter Garrett.This is a massive wake-up call for education authorities and for the community at large that when it comes to education, we need to apply the necessary investment and the policy to get the job done - something that this Labor Government is committed to. The Opposition says it is evidence that the Government's education revolution has failed, and that Julia Gillard's so-called crusade, to bring Australia into the top 5 in the world by 2025, is just spin. Alright, Kerrie Yaxley, thank you for that. Australia has joined the United States in condemning North Korea's long-range rocket launch. South Korea and Japan claim it was a ballistic missile test in disguise. The so-called satellite launch has been confirmed as successful. Julia Gillard has urged the United Nations Security Council to meet urgently and respond firmly. Former 'Hey, Dad!' star Robert Hughes will arrive in Sydney tomorrow morning to face several child sex claims. The 64-year-old boarded a plane in London, surrounded by police. Well, it has been a long wait, but Robert Hughes is finally on his way to Australia. He left heerp on Qantas Flight 2 this evening local time. He will arrive at Sydney Airport at 6:50 on Thursday morning. The News that he would be extradited, that whole process was confirmed by Scotland Yard earlier today. It released a statement which said, "We can confirm that Robert Hughes, of Bryanston Square W1, which extradited from London Heathrow to Australia this evening on 11 December. He's wanted in connection with allegations of gross indecency, indecent assault and skhul assault of children between August 1984 and August 1909." Back in November 20, the British Government signed that extradition order, which gave Robert Hughes 14 days to appeal. But he decided not to appeal, to consent to it - it meant that he had four weeks to leave London and get back to Sydney. As it turns out, he only needed three week, he had another week up his sleeve before the time frame expired. He is now on his way back to Sydney. Hughes has always maintained his innocence. He made a number of court appearances here in London over the past few months. Through his lawyer, he said that he always wanted to go back to Australia, to try to clear his name. He said that he has always cooperated with NSW Police. He said he always will cooperate with NSW Police, if that means clearing his name. There are 11 allegations that relate to the indecent assault and the sexual assault of five girls between the years 1984 to 1990. So just recapping - Robert Hughes has left London, he is on his way to Sydney, where he will arrive on Thursday morning at 6:50. Well, everyone has a different vision of what a Christmas tree should be, but in Canberra, it truly has been a case of from little things big things grow. The McLachlan family now has a super- sized Lego tree, complete with a star and presents. It is a prize from the Lego people, after 9-year- old Oliver helped his dad Anthony create a mini masterpiece over three years. Not surprisingly, Oliver wants to be a Lego designer and builder when he grows up. Police raid homes across Sydney's south-west. A gunman opens fire on Christmas shoppers at a busy mall. Why today's a very nice day for a white wedding. This program is not captioned. I treat every day
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This program is not captioned. Six men have been arrested after heavily armed police stormed several homes in dawn raids across Sydney. The operation was targeting feuding bikie gangs, suspected of being involved in a shooting earlier this year. The fieft between three men in Old Guildford led to a woman being grazed after a stray bullet entered her home. Two men have already been charged over the incident, including a man extradited from Queensland yesterday. A gunman has killed two people at a US shopping centre before turning the gun on himself. The man was wearing a camouflage outfit, and a hockey mosque, when he started -- hockey mask when he started shooting in a food court in Portland, Oregon. Witnesses say they heard up to 20 shots while they ducked for cover. Protesters are maintaining their presence at a Brisbane park this afternoon, vowing to re-establish an Aboriginal tent embassy, despite council warnings it will be torn down. Let's go to Sophie Walsh for the latest. Good afternoon. The site was dismantled overnight, leading to fiery clashes?It certainly did, Amelia. But, look, this afternoon, looking around, it is quiet. There is a handful of Aboriginal protesters milling around. They are not causing much grief. Obviously, we had seen different scenes last night. 50 officers raided the tent embassy here at Musgrave Park. They dismantled it and told the members to move on. It led to fiery scenes, resulting in three protesters being arrested. Today, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk spoke on the matter. It is an order that had obviously came from him. He said that he was only acting on the orders on a request by Aboriginal elders. They believe the tent embassy has lost its meaning and they believe it should be shut down. Take a listen.I had a meeting last week with the elders of the indigenous community here in Brisbane. They indicated to me, on a unanimous basis, they wanted to end the sovereign tent embassy. It had moved on. When it was set up, back in May, when consent was given at that time, it served a purpose. But they felt that the purpose had moved on. You mentioned that things are calmer now. What are the chances of further clashes?Well, Amelia, it is safe to say the council will be keeping a close eye on this site for the rest of the night. I can say that the Aboriginal protesters are incredibly angry. They say they have every right to be here, only standing up for their sovereignty. We are going to maintain the embassy. We are going to make sure that we - it may be in a different way, shape or form, we don't know yet. But this has been the wish list of our community, and in accordance with our law and custom, along with the traditional owner groups here.So right now, Amelia, we have a stand-off with neither side willing to budge. Thank you for the update. If you are in Queensland, Nine News will have all the details on that story at 6 o'clock. Hundreds of superstitious couples have tied the knot today on 12/12/12. Almost 150 Aussie brides picked the date in the hope it would bring them good luck.Once you have a day that reflected how special we felt our love was, we thought it was the perfect day! Some wedding religion tris had to extend their open - some wedding registries had to extend their opening hours because of the demand. Still ahead this afternoon, tens of thousands of mammograms under review amid cases of breast cancer have been missed. The major bank slammed with a record $1.9 billion fine over money laundering. 'Sesame Street' touches on a sensitive topic for kids. Right now, though, here is a look

Thanks Amelia. Tonight - hundreds of Sydney police join with family to farewell Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson. His wife makes a heartbreaking tribute while the Police Commissioner presents her with a posthumous valour award. Sydney's night-time speed cameras that look like family mini-vans - how thousands of unsuspecting drivers are being caught out. Two Ivy nightclub bouncers jailed for bashing a teenage customer. The massive shopping expansions that promise to create thousands of new jobs near Liverpool. Why a record number of superstitious couples are tying the knot today in Sydney. And Christmas, Lego style - we'll show you this family's amazing tree. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

This program is not captioned. Health authorities in Adelaide are launching a wide-scale investigation into breast cancer screenings, after it was revealed there's been an alarming decrease in the number of cancers detected in women aged 50 to 69. From September 2010 to June 2012, 825 cases of breast cancer were detected - that is 95 fewer than predicted.We don't know if there is an issue. We want to make sure that if there is an issue, we find out as as quickly as possible what it is. As part of the review, more than 50,000 mammograms will be examined. Banking giant HSBC has been slammed with a fine of almost $2 billion for money laundering. A US investigation found it did business with terror organisations and drug cartels. But incredibly, the bank has avoided criminal charges. One of the most ruthless of the Mexican drug cartels wanted to hide their money, they went to HSBC! So did terror group, including Hamas and al-Qaeda. Along with Iran, other countries on the US financial black list. Today, US authorities said they were finally holding the British- based bank accountable. HSBC had agreed to pay a record $1.92 billion in fines and forfeitures. The largest forfeiture amount ever. But given much less prominence in the announcement was a deferred prosecution agreement with HSBC - in effect, meaning there will be no prosecution of the bank or its top executives, despite more than a decade of dealing with criminals and terrorists. This is a very just, very real and very powerful result. You don't think the bank got off easy?Noings I don't think the bank thinks it got off easy.With $38 billion in profits over just the last two years alone, HSBC can easily afford its $1.92 billion payment.This is a signal to other banks that if you do this kind of stuff, you will get a parking ticket, you will pay the fine and move on. Since this summer, when HSBC executives ducked questions from ABC News, the bank's lawyers have argued that a successful prosecution of HSBC could have put the bank out of business in the US, costing lots of jobs and disrupting financial markets. For the first time, 'Sesame Street' has aired an episode about the somewhat sensitive issue of divorce. But, aby, why don't you all live in one house together?Well, because my parents are divorced. Divorced? What does that mean?Well, divorce means that Abby's mummy and dadery are not married any more. The 13-minute segment went online today. Still to come - tears for a much- loved police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. Peter Slipper speaks out as his sexual harassment case is thrown out of court. Swimming before they can walk or talk - the tiny twins perfecting the art of backstroke. And the Spice Girls reunite for a special musical.

This program is not captioned. t
Good afternoon, The ACT has topped scie
the nation in reading, maths and educat
science - in two international Australia
education studies. However,
Australia' s performance as a whole has been labelled a "wake-up call" gra
Police are looking for a man who T
grabbed a fourteen year old girl in c
Tuggeranong yesterday. And Canberra his
cricketer Michael Frost will make pla
history, becoming the first local Det
play to reach five hundred games. Details at 6.30.

This program is not captioned. Swimming classes for babies have been around for decades. And now incredible footage of tiny twins doing backstroke has surfaced, making many parents think twice about what their babies can achieve. These are like most 9-month-olds, they don't walk or talk yet. But in the water... They are anything but ordinaryy. Swimming on their backs! 25m, about 27 yards. This underwater camera revealing just how confident William is. Watch as he flip himself over. His parent, Vic and Charlie, calm.I thought all babies could do it! It wasn't until we were here and the swimming teachers were excited that we realised how unusual it was. Is this natural baiblt or instinct? Or could it be learnedA combination.At New York's Imagine Swimming, they teach 6-month-olds how to swim.We know others who are pioneering and doing - you know, doing other things in four weeks old.Four weeks old? Seem early?! Studies show they show better awareness, coordination and motor- skill. Still, taking the plunge is not always easy on a parent.The first time is very scary. You are like, no! But they float. Instructors say they're struck by the twins' parents.Mum and dad are relaxed in the water. They don't panic.It seems the advice is the same for parents and babies - take a deep breath, let go and relax. William and Ellie have that part perfected too. You are watching Nine's Afternoon News, this is what is making news. James Ashby has vowed to appeal after the sexual harassment case he brought against former Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper was thrown out of court. A senior NSW police officer killed in the line of duty has been laid to rest in Sydney. And investigators in Melbourne are trying to piece together the motive behind an attack on a protective services officer. Let's get the details now. A veteran of the NSW Police force Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson has been remembered today as a loving family man and a respected police officer. The father of three was killed in a knife attack while on duty last week. Let's go straight to Nine's Simon Bouda in Sydney. He was given a full police funeral?Amazing scenes here at St Patrick's Cathedral here this afternoon. Thousands of police officers turned out for Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson's future here at St Patrick's at Parramatta. It was an extremely sad occasion. We had the Police Commissioner, and the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, and more importantly, Bryson's family, his wife, Donna, and their children, Olivia, Darcy and Kane. To see them leaving the church with tears rolling down their faces, they touched their father's coffin before they headed off for the final procession, it was heart- breaking. No dry eye here. This is what Donna and Bryson's brothers, Damien and Warwick, told the Congress.Bryson looked for to all the family gatherings. They will be the same but he will not be left out. He will always be present and remain the subject of discussion and a source of much humour.Bryson, we love you. You will be in our hearts forever. You can rest knowing that Donna, Olivia, Darcy and Kane will be embraced in our arms. And, Simon, we understand a police procession is now taking place? Well, just the magnitude of this funeral - if I can just bring you an idea. There was a fly-past of police helicopters, mounted police, police on motorcycles - a sign of respect that was held for this well-liked and popular officer. A lot of members of the public were here. The police commissioner, Andrew Scippione summed everything up.A thoroughly good bloke. I worked for Bryson and I vouched for that. His death will neither be forgotten nor in vain. His courage and conviction inspires us now, and will into the future. And now, Amelia, obviously the this is the second police death this year. Steve Ricson died in Tamworth. Now it is about recovery for the police family, if you like. There were a lot of officers in tears, a lot of mourning to be done, grieving to be done. That is where the police family come together and support one another to get through the tough times, for themselves and also for Bryson's family.

the tough times, for themselves and
also for Bryson's family. A special fund has been set up for the family of Detective Inspector Anderson. You can make a donation to the Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund.

to the Bryson Anderson Memorial
Fund. Former Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper says he feels vindicated after the sexual harassment case against him was thrown out of court. But the man who made the claims, one-time staffer James Ashby, has vowed to appeal that decision. Nine reporter Jayne Azzopardi was in court for the decision. The judge really targeted Mr Ashby in his ruling today?That's right, Amelia. It was a scathing ruling Justice Steven Rares found that James Ashby's claim was an abuse of the process of court. James Ashby claimed he was sexually harassed while working for Peter Slipper both in person and via text message. The judge found that the predominant purpose of his claim was causing significant public reputational and political damage to Mr Slipper. He also found that Mr Ashby had been planning his attack since February, and that he'd been working in combination with his colleague, Karen Doane, and the former Howard Government minister Mal Brough, who has since won pre-selection for Mr Slipper's seat. He found they were working to advance their own interests and those of the Liberal National Party. Mal Brough has put out a statement today saying that he has done nothing wrong. Peter Slipper was not in court for the judgment but he issued a statement saying that he feels vindicated by the judgment and that the last eight months have been extremely traumatic for his wife, family and himself. James Ashby has indicated that he will appeal this decision. This is what he had to say outside court this morning.There's been a determined campaign to try to prevent the substantive allegations being heard and judged in open court. And to put me to the maximum cost in pursuing justice. With my lawyers, we will study the judgment in detail. But at this stage, we intend to appeal this regrettable decision. Jayne, how has the Government responded to the ruling?Well, they've come out pretty strongly, saying that it is almost an attempt to overthrow the Government, using sinner the and perhaps anti- democratic means. They have used it as an opportunity to attack the Opposition. This is what Attorney- General Nicola Roxon had to say.Mr Abbott needs to come out now and explain why members of his political party took this action. I think he will need to consider whether it is appropriate for Mr Bruogh to contest the next election. He should call for an explanation from Mr Brandis for comments that were quite outrageous and clearly not supported by the decision today. The Government had already settled its own case of Mr Ashby, paying him $50,000. They have defended the decision, saying it was in taxpayers' interests - in no way is this the end of the store y. We have the appeal and there will be a lot more political fallout. Thank you for that. We will go to Victoria now, where a man who attacked a protective services officer before stealing his gun and shooting himself had been seen acting strangely outside Parliament House earlier in the day. Nine's Laura Turner is following the story and joins us now. We understand that a woman has provided some key information to police?That's right, Amelia. That woman, police had actually appealed for to come forward earlier today, they say yesterday, around 2:30, so much earlier than the attack, she had come across this very man outside Parliament House, and actually complained about him. She said that he was acting suspiciously. She had complained to PSOs, and they had spoken to this man, and he had left Parliament House at that time. A few hours later, 8:30 last night, the PSO had a short conversation with him, and then bashed him over the head with a hammer, stolen his gun, run off with it, and then shot himself. Police have said that this woman could hold vital information as to why this man has done what he did. Let's have a listen.This man had, by all accounts, been behaving in a peculiar manner in the vicinity of Parliament House. A woman, who saw this behaviour, has apparently approached the PSO, and told him of her concerns about this man. Laura, what about the victim - how is he recovering?Well he is here at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where I am now. He has had surgery on fractures to his skull. We spoke to his wife earlier today, who says he is in a lot of pain, and traumatised - of course - about what has happened. He said that he loves his job, dedicated to his job, and simply cannot believe that this has happened to him. She has expressed her concerns saying that it is her wish that her husband and other PSOs are better protected outside Parliament House.They were pointing at him, where to go, when he turned away the from him, then he struck him with the hammer. I think they should have two people always going together, so look after each other. Now, just on security outside Parliament House, the Premier and the police have both said they are happy with the systems they have in place at the moment. But the police union has come out today saying it is inadequate and they want improvements made. It will be a controversial topic for the days to come. Thank you for that. And if you or anyone you know needs help or support, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. Nine News will have the details on the story if you are in Melbourne at 6 o'clock. Staying in Melbourne - a family has lost everything in a major blaze just weeks out from Christmas. Firefighters were called to the Milton West home before midday to find flames leaping from the roof. They were unable to save the brick home. The damage bill is more than a quarter of a million dollars. Investigators are now trying to piece together where and how the fire started. No-one was home at the time. A large power surge has caused widespread havoc on and around Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, affecting at least 10,000 homes. Nine's Alexis Daish is there for us. A busy day for emergency crews? That's right, Amelia. Look, the first many families heard of this was on the radio once they were at work. So families from Mount Martha, Mornington all started rushing back home, fearing the worst, that their houses might be on fire. Now, the over-voltage meant that people's household appliances couldn't deal with the surge. The wires, cables and plastics on things like toasters, microwaves and cables could smell - could not cope with it. Many 06 its households have had complete blackouts for hours. Many of the appliances have blown. We spoke to residents earlier on today. It had one of those power surge things, and it stopped there, and caught fire. That hadn't been there, we would have lost our house.I was worried - he wouldn't have had a clue what was going on, because of the power out, he would not have been able to listen to the radio or anything like that.Now, luckily, thus far, the CFA say there have not been any fires. The real concern for them, now, though, is that as people return home for the day, that I will be entering to houses that are not safe, potentially using appliances that may create some very bad accidents. We spoke to the fire authorities earlier on today. The amount of power goes through to the wires is overheating the wiring system, which causes the smell of smoke. Our biggest concern is if there is houses where maybe a fire has started, where no-one is at home yet.Now the advice from them, from herein is that people come home, before using anything, they need to turn the power off entirely. They need to switch off each appliance one by one, and turn the power back on. Then they can check that each of the appliances are working by switching them on individually, and making sure they are working safely. Thanks for the update. The Spice Girls have reunited in London for the world premiere of a musical based on their hits. Four members of the group greeted fans together - while the fifth snubbed her former band mates. If there is one thing bigger than the Spice Girls, it is Team Beckham. Despite it being the opening night of the band's new musical, Posh decided to go it alone. But Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Baby stuck together to celebrate the return of girl power.Amazing! Amazing! Excited to be with the girls!Had such fun already! REPORTER: Have you seen any of it Oh, yeah!It made me cry the first time I saw it. # Yo, tell you what I want # So tell me what you want # What you really, really want #The Spice Girls sold over 75 million records - they were number one in more than 30 countries and made a fortune in the process. # People of the world # Spice up your life #Written by Jennifer Saunders, the self-confessed sixth Spice, it has serious star power behind it. Could it be the start of another Spice comeback?Truly blessed! Everybody still supports us. Thank you!Thank you! And more there is more to come! Let's hope so, Sherro - we know you are a Spice Girls fan!One of them is married to David Cameron, and Man United are coming to Australia! -- one of them is married to David Beckham, and Manchester United are coming to Australia! Shane Watson has gone down to number four in the cricket, and his conversion rate to two centurys will hopefully improve. We will cross to Roz Kelly. Chris Gayle is ready to unleak for the Thunder in the Big Bash season. And the impersonation which is turning heads for all the wrong reasons. This program is not captioned. MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

..the knock-off, the celebration,

the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
Your local club.

This program is not captioned.

There are some health concerns for the Australian cricket team, only a couple of days out from their test match against Sri Lanka. Nine's Roz Kelly is at Bellerive Oval. Good afternoon, Ros. Mike Hussey still hasn't trained today?No, Tim. Mike Hussey has been knocked around a fair bit by a head cold. He could not train today, forced to rest up in their hotel room. Now, everything else in the Australian camp appears to be going smoothly. It is official - Shane Watson will move down the batting order to number four. And Phil Hughes is coming in at number 3, with Cricket Australia officially confirming that today. Watson in the past, has been reluctant to drop down the order. His best performances have come as an opener, or much further up in the top order. But he says he's come to terms with the fact that he will be number four, and it is better for his career as an all- rounder, keeping him fresher as a bowler and batsman.Both Michael and Mickey think it is a good place for me to be able to bat, and I'm really looking forward to it, actually. It means that even in the last test match, Michael didn't bowl me even one smile especially when I could have bowled, more so, to be able to give me a chance to be as fresh as I could going into the second innings.Australia's principal strike bowler, Peter Siddle, is confident he has made positive changes?Peter Siddle, request earlier in the year, turned vegetarian, quit drinking. He said he is feeling better than ever, has heaps of energy for it. After the second test against South Africa in Adelaide, he was completely exhausted. He came under a lot of fire, mostly from past players, who say it is the wrong lifestyle choice, and he has no energy. When ruled out of the third test in Perth, because he could not recover, he copped it again. He was angry hearing the reports and hit back at them today.No, not at all. I think - I struggled to bowl over 50 overs, to bowl 64 is an emofplt. I'm probably in a better place than I ever was. For people to say that that is the problem, that is the reason why - they are the ones kidding themselves, not the ones out there having to go through it. To still be bowling at 140km/h in my 64th over at the end of the day in a test match, it shows the improvement. Now, Tim, he is definitely playing in this orpg test against Sri Lanka. Selectors will hold a final meeting tomorrow morning before announcing the 11.Stay with cricket, and the big-hitting Chris Gayle has promised more fireworks this Big Bash season. The West Indian master-blaster rejoins the Thunder this Friday night and says he cannot wait to express himself freely out in the centre.Hopefully, I can entertain the crowd a bit more. Have a fun out there in the middle as well, hopefully see the Thunder go into the final four, get into the semifinal and eventuallyly the final.Meanwhile, the Melbourne Stars will be hoping to turn around their disappointing season's start when they play the Scorches tonight in Perth. But, I mean, the tournament is not one game. A lot of people are writing us off - look at hour team, there is a lot of experience, we are a good squad, you know, good teams bounce back.The Stars are yet to defeat the Scorchers, losing their two encounters against them last season. New Swans recruit Kurt Tippett says Sydney was the perfect option for him as he embarks on a fresh future in the AFL. Tippett played for the first time with his Sydney team-mates this morning. He says he cannot wait to settle in, but admits he has to earn the club's trust following his controversial departure from Adelaide.It has been a challenge for myself and my family. You know, I'm happy to put it behind me now, I'm really excited about the future in Sydney.Tippett will miss the majority of next year's season, sitting out an 11-match ban for his role in the Crows' salary cap rort. The NRL is making progress in the salary cap stand-off, as negotiations continue for a proposed increase. Paul Gallen is positive a decision will be made. They moved a long way from where they first started. We have had players, and we are getting to where we need to be. We are not there yet but it is not far off. Rugby league moved forward in other ways today, unveiling a new digital deal with Telstra.Other codes are doing things. Clearly we have a mind and eye for that. We will do our own thing too, trying to create something unique, and that is the name of the game.The deal is estimated to be be worth mor than $100 million. A harmless prank has turned sour for tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. The former number one has been accused of racism after stuffing towels down her skirt and shirt during an exhibition match in Brazil. The 22- year-old was impersonating fellow Grand Slam player Serena Williams but has drawn criticism on social media. Interesting, when they encounter each other in the dressing room. If you were thinking of watching Manchester United play in Sydney next year, you might need to reconsider - July's match at ANZ Stadium is virtuallyly sold out with the allocation to the general public selling out within 15 minutes this morning. Tiects are selling on eBay for more than $1500. But the Foob Federation Australia says those could be cancelled. There is a chance a limited amount could go on sale next April. You only hope that people will be able to get to training maybe to see them or something like.It went fast - no surprises there, though. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow. Coming up - the finance and the latest weather with Livinia, and more storms around Perth, Livinia? That's right. Heavy rain and flash flooding with the storm. They're circulating around, and slow-moving, so more are expected. There were storms during Mandurah's Christmas packaget fireworks last night. Quite spectacular. All the weather after the break. em
Tonight on WIN News: Australia' s
embarrassing international educatio f
rank - Canberra bucks the trend. A attacke
fourteen-year-old, escapes an to
attacker. And, the Australian link Dicken
to a cheque, signed by Charles Dickens That' s tonight. This program is not captioned.

Good afternoon. Well, this is the system causing heavy rain and storms in WA. Mandurah had 70mm last night. The most in seven years, and the most in December in more than a century! December is normally a dry time of the year in the south-west, so heavy falls are unusual. Harvey has had seven times its average December rainfall in just half a day. While northerly winds ahead of the trough are making it hot in the south-east, Adelaide hit 39, and it was 40 in some of the northern suburbs - the hottest in December in three years. Melbourne - hot again tomorrow. Very warm nights - the next three staying above 20 degrees. Sydney - lovely today, light winds. A couple of showers around the western suburbs this evening. Tomorrow - the storms in WA will slow eastwards to affect Esperance. A weaker trough over SA. Ahead of that, northerly winds make it hot again.

Having a quick look at finance before we go - the share market has closed at its highest level in 18 months.

closed at its highest level in 18
months. That is Nine's Afternoon News for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. OK, let's give somebody
a whole lot of cash to change their life for the better. That's what we're going to try and do in the next 30 minutes
of television here. Six contestants, one of them can go
all the way to $1 million if they just get
those 15 questions correct. Alright, that's what we're up for
tonight. Are we confident, everybody? Are we going to win the money?
(CHEERING) That's what I like to hear.
Come on, guys, let's go for it. Let's meet our contestants. Danny De Vito couldn't be here to
meet so instead we invited this bloke, Peter Haddad. Award-winning artist Robyn Rinehart
also dabbles in digital photography
and website building. Tony Scarinci was enjoying a meatball
so much he didn't realise he had swallowed the toothpick
as well. Bianca Bosso was caught in
a bizarre mix-up when she was kidnapped by
the bread man in London. Josie Montano started her career
at age nine by putting the book she'd written
in the school library. And with a win, Rowan Hill
would buy a bigger house to put his sports memorabilia in. Good on you, Rowan.

Rowan, I hate to disappoint you,
mate, it doesn't matter
how big your house is, your wife won't let you put
all your sports memorabilia in. Let me tell you
from personal experience, OK. Alright, Peter, you ready to go?
Let's go. Peter Haddad. Come on.

Peter Haddad's 52 years of age. He's a tow truck driver, self-employed from Roselands
in New South Wales. And you've been caught up... you've in fact signed an autograph
on behalf of Danny De Vito. For a lot of years, Eddie, people say I have a resemblance
to Danny De Vito, and I was sitting in a bar
in Las Vegas one day, and this woman was looking at me,
and she come over and she said, "Look, sorry to interrupt you,
but my mother's a big fan of yours. "Do you mind if I
get an autograph for her?" And I was feeling a bit cheeky,
I'd had a few drinks, I said, "Well, sure, what's
her name?" Her name was Diane. So I've signed "To Diane, all my
love, best wishes, Danny De Vito." and she went off
and she was happy... ..until I saw her
a few days later in the casino and she gave me a filthy look. So she'd realised it
wasn't the real person, but we had a bit of a laugh
at the time. Anthony's your son. G'day, Anth'.
G'day, Ed. Mate, where you get the size from?
No idea. Mum? No, it's got to be from
his footy days. That's the way. Good on you, mate. Pete, let's get into it, mate. Peter Haddad, $1 million,
15 questions. Ready to play? Let's go.
Let's go.


I had a dog called Muttley once!
I will say D, Eddie. D, Muttley.
From 'The Wacky Races'. Correct for $100.


I love questions about food, Eddie,
because I love me food, but I've got to say number A, Lamb. Lock in number A, lamb. It could be ham with Sam Kekovich
but it's lamb on this occasion, for 'Slammin' Sam. $200.


I'm not too sure, Eddie,
so I think I'm gonna take the safe option
and I'm gonna pass. You're gonna pass?
Yep. Catch you, Pete. See you, mate.
Thank you very much.

Hello, Robyn.
Hello, Eddie. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. Robyn Rinehart is 61. She's an artist and computer graphics
and web builder from Seaview in Victoria. I'll ask you the obvious question, any relation to the richest woman
in the world? I wish.
You wish. You wouldn't be on the show. She doesn't look like fun, though,
does she?

Your thoughts are your own there,
Robyn. Derwin is your partner.
G'day, Derwin. G'day, Ed. How are you? Welcome aboard. That's the way.
Good, thanks. Hey, Robyn,
I think this is fantastic. You've got right into the web
building and computer graphics and really kept touch
with the modern technology. Self-taught, yes.
Yes. Yes, really enjoy it.
What sort of stuff do you do? Well, I work for a business portal,
a friend who runs one, so I do a lot of graphics for
her and build pages for her and I like digital Photoshopping
and all that sort of thing. And a multi- award-winning artist?
Yes. In the traditional sense?
Yes. Good on you, Robyn, that's great. Alright, we have to answer this
question, OK?