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This program is captioned live. This morning -

the sexual harassment case against
Peter Slipper thrown out of court. A man dead after attacking
a Parliament House guard and stealing his gun. And former 'Hey Dad..!' actor Robert
Hughes extradited to Australia. VOICEOVER: This is
Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning.

In a bombshell development,
the sexual harassment case which cost former Speaker Peter
Slipper his job has been thrown out
of the Federal Court. Let's go straight to political
reporter Alex Hart in Canberra for the latest. Good morning, Alex. Why was the case dismissed? Good morning, Ann. Justice Steven Rares ruled
this morning, and I quote that: "Mr Ashby's predominant purpose
for bringing these proceedings "was to pursue a political attack
against Mr Slipper "and not to vindicate any legal
claim he may have."

In other words, Justice Rares
agreed with Peter Slipper's lawyers that the case brought by his former
employee was an abuse of process. James Ashby had claimed

He savaged coalition figures, including Mal Brough, for their involvement. James Ashby had claimed that the former speaker made
unwanted sexual advances towards him and unwanted sexual comments,
many of them in text messages. Here's what Mr Ashby had to say
outside the court a short time ago after the case was dismissed
and he was ordered to pay costs. Obviously, I'm very extremely
disappointed with the court's decision today. This has been a very harrowing time
for me, my family, and supporters. There has been a determined campaign to try to prevent the substantive
allegations being heard and judged in open court

and to put me to the maximum cost
in pursuing justice with my lawyers We will study the judgement
in detail but at this stage we intend to
appeal this regrettable decision.

What does this now mean
for Peter Slipper? Well, it certainly does not mean
he will get his job back. Peter Slipper stood down
from that role earlier this year under extreme pressure over the sexist text messages
he admitted to sending which were revealed
during the court case. But what it does do
is raise serious questions about the very public nature
of the case against him led by the Opposition. The Government released a
statement a short time ago, saying it welcomes the decision.

The Attorney General and the education minister went on the attack.That man who needs to answer questions is the shower Attorney General. He made a call on this case when he shouldn't have. But the Government
has questions to answer too about why it settled
with James Ashby and paid him $50,000
of taxpayers' money despite also originally arguing that
the case was an abuse of process. So far, Peter Slipper is yet
to make any public comment about the decision, Ann. Thanks, Alex.
Alex Hart reporting in Canberra.

Several investigations are underway
into the death of a man The man assaulted the officer before shooting himself
at a nearby park. Seven's Cameron Baud joins me
in Melbourne. Hello, Cameron. How did this happen?

At about 8:30pm, one of three Protective Services Officers on duty at Parliament House was approached by 30-year-old man asking for directions but that man produced a hammer, struck the PSO over the head and removed the PSO's semi-automatic handgun from his holster, creating a major security drama because the front doors of Parliament House were unlocked and parliamentarians were inside the building at the time but the man has run through the city with a loaded weapon for a couple of kilometres to location in East Melbourne across the road from houses where he has shot himself with the PSO's and gun. It is believed the man was at Parliament House around 2:30pm yesterday when he was asked to move on by another PSO. Unfortunately, no security camera vision but the attack with a hammer six hours later.Any assault on any person on the streets of Melbourne is a serious enough incident but an air of Victoria Police was out here doing their job protecting the community is extremely serious.PSOs receive that same training as police officers and the guts to weapons and they have been here for almost 25 years.What is the condition of the officer?He remains in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.He has undergone surgery after suffering a fractured skull. Homicide detectives remain in touch -- in charge, overseen by The Office of police integrity and ethical standards. Six people have been arrested during a series of dawn raids
over a bikie shootout in western Sydney. More than 100 police swooped
on several suburbs this morning. It follows a shooting
at Old Guildford in July where a young mother was injured
by a stray bullet. The boss
of the Comanchero bikie gang Mark Buddle was extradited
from Queensland after his arrest on the Gold Coast
over the weekend.

Two babies have died
in separate tragedies in Victoria. Homicide Squad detectives
are investigating the death of a 6-month-old girl
left in a hot car near Bendigo. She was treated at the scene
but died in hospital last night. A 27-year-old woman
has been questioned and released without charge. Police are also investigating the
death of a baby girl in Gisborne. The 1-year-old died
after being hit by a truck in the driveway of a home there.

Former 'Hey Dad..!' actor Robert
Hughes is flying back to Australia to face multiple child sex charges after London police began the
extradition process a few hours ago. Chris Maher joins me now live. Good morning, Chris.

When will Hughes arrive home? Ann, Robert Hughes is due in Sydney
tomorrow morning around 7am to face questioning over a string
of child sexual assault allegations. This morning he went through
London's Heathrow terminal flanked by New South Wales police
officers to board a Qantas flight here
via Singapore. The 64-year-old did not answer
any media questions as he was moved quickly
through the gate to begin his extradition
back to Australia. Until this morning he has been
on strict bail conditions since his arrest in London
in August. Today, Scotland Yard confirmed the former 'Hey Dad..!' star's
extradition in connection with allegations
of gross indecency, indecent assault and sexual assault towards children. There's also a statement
from lawyer Greg Walsh who represents Hughes,

saying his client steadfastly denies
the allegations made against him. Mr Walsh says

Robert Hughes chose not to appeal
against the extradition and has fully co-operated
with police ahead of his return to Australia
tomorrow. Thanks, Chris. The funeral for
Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson The 45-year-old was fatally stabbed when he attended
a neighbourhood dispute last week. Hugh Whitfeld joins me now.

He's being remembered as
one of the state's finest officers?

It morning.

It morning. Over the last week, we have learned about Bryson Anderson, not just as one of our finest officers but a great band. A charity worker, firefighter and his decades and the police force and has an Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione described him, a good bloke. He was fatally stabbed when he arrived to help break up and neighbourhood dispute that of Oakville in Sydney's semi- rural north-west. Two people have been charged with his murder. A mother and son. Fiona and Mitch Barbieri. The cathedral and Parramatta is expected to be but packed. The Governor and the premier and his family - wife and children and brothers - hundreds of colleagues and the public as well. Andrew Scipione, the police commissioner, invited the public to come and join here. It is is expected to be two hours. Eulogies from his wife, Donna, brothers, Damien and Warwick and full polis honours in the streets around St Patrick's in Parramatta. A margin export, the police Elwyn and a police have banned. -- several squads of police are expected to be there. A relief fund has been set up. A set up by the Police Association and the

A set up by the Police Association
and the police Bank.

If people cannot make it, it would be a good way to contribute to his legacy. The details are on the screen. So far,

legacy. The details are on the
screen. So far, more than $30,000 has been raised. A very sad day hearing Parramatta that after decades of service, a fitting way to send off Bryson Anderson.

The Gillard Government claims Australia's poor performance in the
latest international education tests is evidence of the urgent need
for funding reform. The results show our primary school students rank
well behind many other countries in reading, maths and science.

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the moment. Some positives in the is being treated

recurrence of a lung infection is
potentially more serious because one doesn't know if there's
an area of previous scaring. Doctors say he's responding well
to treatment. At least five homes have been
destroyed in a gas explosion in the United States. The natural gas line ruptured
near Charleston, West Virginia, sparking a massive explosion
and fireball. Emergency services rescued several
people from their burning homes. Many needed treatment
for smoke inhalation. Firefighters are unable to access
the source of the blast because of the intense heat
and fears of another explosion. A tornado has ripped through central
Florida, causing extensive damage. It damaged 150 properties,
including dozens of mobile homes. Roofs were torn off houses,
trees uprooted and powerlines brought down. Severe storms have also hit Alabama. Severe storms have also hit Alabama. This man was being interviewed
about the damage when his ceiling collapsed.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Y'all OK? His family was inside
but luckily no-one was hurt.

Next in Seven News - one of English
football's biggest teams humiliated. Shane Warne keeps talking up
a test comeback. And Swans recruit Kurt Tippett
gets to know his new AFL team-mates.

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Government rebate, I was faced with paying more
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Shane Warne insists
he's bowling as well as ever and keeps fuelling talk
of a test comeback. Warne's Melbourne Stars battle the
Perth Scorchers at the WACA tonight. The Spin King says
he'll contemplate an Ashes return when the Big Bash League's over.

It might be a short-term thing where you work with
a few of the younger spinners and take 'em with you and just work
with them all and see how it goes. In Hobart, Phil Hughes is confident his revamped technique will cope
with test match pressure in Friday's series opener
against Sri Lanka. I feel like I've done a lot of work
behind the scenes, I knew I had to make sacrifices
as well, along the way. Paceman Ben Hilfenhaus
is set to be recalled after missing the decider
against South Africa. Kurt Tippett says he feels
right at home in Sydney after donning the red and white
of the Swans for the first time. Tippett started pre-season training with the reigning AFL premiers
today. He's prepared to do the hard yards to earn the respect
of his new team-mates. A look forward

A look forward to playing football, settling in, training hard and earning the Guy's trust over the summer. Tippett won't debut for Sydney
until Round 13 at the earliest. He's serving a suspension for his involvement in the Adelaide
Crows salary cap scandal. NRL stars are continuing their fight for a bigger slice
of the game's revenue today in the latest round of pay talks
with the ARL Commission. Willie Mason, Paul Gallen
and Greg Bird are preparing to step
into the boxing ring for charity. But the battle
for an increased salary cap remains high on the agenda. When you look at amount of revenue
that's coming into the game and how much they're giving us,
it doesn't really relate. Hopefully they can get something
resolved, because the last thing
that we wanna see is a strike. The trio are taking on some former
All Blacks in Auckland this weekend. Arsenal has been humiliated in the biggest upset
of the English football season, losing to fourth-tier side
Bradford City in the League Cup. An equaliser in the dying minutes
of normal time kept the Gunners in the contest but it all fell apart
in the penalty shootout. COMMENTATOR: He's missed it! And Bradford have won. One of the most famous nights! In the Premier League, Sunderland climbed out of the
relegation zone with a 3-0 win
over cellar dwellers Reading. Australian PGA organisers are searching for a new venue
for next year after negotiations broke down with the Coolum resort's billionaire
owner Clive Palmer. The mining magnate
caused controversy when he erected Jeff -
the giant dinosaur on the course, complete with sound effects. (ROARS)

Nah, it doesn't worry me. As long as it doesn't crap anywhere,
we'll be right.

Organisers have resolved
a dispute over advertising signage and aren't expecting
any more surprises from Palmer when the tournament gets underway

'Wild Oats XI' is on target for an unprecedented sixth line
honours triumph in the Sydney-Hobart yacht race. The super maxi won the annual
Big Boat Challenge on Sydney Harbour for the sixth time yesterday. It's a key lead-up event
to the main race and gives crews a small taste of what they can expect
come Boxing Day.

From off the boat, everyone said
it looked fantastic but from on the boat
it was a complete (BLEEP)-fight the whole way round the course. So anyway, we'll see.

Reigning line honours winner
'Ragamuffin Loyal' skipped the race.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the weather now. A trough in Western Australian
is deepening, causing thunderstorms across the
state, especially in the south-west. Another inland trough
is generating storms

in the Northern Territory
and western parts of Queensland and New South Wales. A high is directing showers
onto the east coast. Around the capitals - showers in

a possible shower. Mostly sunny
in Canberra. Fine in
Melbourne. Hobart,
mostly sunny. A late shower forecast
for Adelaide. Perth,

Thunderstorms for Darwin
as well.

Britain's favourite girl group
has reunited in London. The Spice Girls hit the red carpet
for the premiere of 'Viva Forever', a stage musical inspired
by their songs. We're very excited
and we're very proud and we feel quite humbled, actually, by all the people that are here
tonight. Scary, Ginger, Baby and Sporty Spice
posed for photos together but Victoria Beckham
was noticeably absent. A dressed-down Posh arrived later
with her husband, David, and their three sons. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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