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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Gun fears - one man dead after stealing a gun off a Protective Service officer in Melbourne. Bound for Australia - 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes extradited from London to face allegations of child abuse. Midnight raids - angry scenes as police storm Brisbane's tent embassy. Public memorial - Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson is farewelled in Sydney. Lucky numbers - why hundreds of Aussies want to get married today. Good morning to you and why does everyone want to get married today? Because it's the 12th of the 12th of the 12th. And it's also my mother's birthday.Ah!You know what's even spookier? My dad's birthday last month was a palindrome. 21/11/12. Am I meant to buy a lottery ticket?Do everything. Buy a lottery ticket, get married - well, you're already married.I don't have a problem with that!Buy a present for your mum.Definitely. That is on the cards today. Don't you worry about that. Good morning to you. Let's have a quick look at the weather right now.Why don't we, Lise?

Time now to get all of the day's news. A busy morning this morning, Tim.It sure is. Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. A Protective Services officer has been bludgeoned with a hammer in a shocking attack at Victoria's Parliament House overnight. The guard's assailant stole his gun before shooting himself a short time later. Let's go straight to our reporter Vicky Jardim, who's in Melbourne. Tell us how this unfolded.That's right, Tim. About eight o'clock last night, a Protective Services officer was patrolling the grounds here at Parliament House when he was attacked from behind and hit several times over the head with a hammer. The man then grabbed the officer's gun and ran towards the MCG, where he shot himself and died a short time later. Now, the incident happened right in the middle of a busy CBD. It was a pretty warm night and a lot of people were out and about. A lot of people were at restaurants enjoying a male and -- enjoying a meal and there were several politicians inside the Victorian Parliament, metres away. The incident raises serious questions about security. The Premier and Assistant Commissioner last night called an urgent press conference. This is what they had to say.The Protective Services officer has recently been promoted to Protective Services officer, first class, approximately two months ago. He's an experienced member. He's been in the Protective Services Unit for seven years.Our thoughts are with him, his family, his friends. And obviously any assaults on any member of Victoria Police is an unacceptable unassault. -- unacceptable assault.Vicky, what's the latest on the condition of the Protective Services officer?He's currently in the royal -- the Protective Services officer is currently in the Royal Melbourne Hospital with serious injuries. He was hit several times over the head with a hammer. Police and forensics have spent most of the morning and night examining the crime scene A thorough investigation is under way today, Tim.I imagine it is. Vicky, thank you. If you or anyone you know needs help or support, you can contact Lifeline on 13, 11, 14. Fallen police officer Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson will be laid to rest today surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and the people of NSW. The 45-year-old will be given full police honours at the ceremony in St pathric's Cathedral in the city's west, where his wife, Donna, and brothers will deliver eulogies. The State's Police Commissioner says the father of three, fatally stabbed during a neighbourhood dispute last week, was a dedicated, larger-than-life man. The public has been invited to attend the service, which will culminate with a roadside guard and marching escort. A special fund has been set up for the family of Detective Inspector Anderson. You can make a donation to the Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund:

There's been a breaking development overnight in the child sex assault case against 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic joins us with the latest from London. Pete, good morning. What's happening?Yeah, pretty fresh news, this one, Tim. It has been confirmed to us in just the last half hour or so from London's Met Police that former 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is on his way home to Australia. So a short time ago, this statement was given to us, again by London's Met Police. It says, "We can confirm that Robert Hughes of Bryanston Square, W1, was extradited from London Heathrow to Australia this evening 11 December. He is wanted in connection with allegations of gross indecency, indecent assault and sexual assault toward children in NSW, Australia between August 1984 and August 1990. We're just checking with our sources at the moment as to whether Hughes has already left or whether he is leaving from Heathrow this evening. There are still a couple of direct flights from Heathrow to Sydney and they depart in a few hours' time. Now, that extradition order was signed by the British Government on the 20th of November last month and from that point, Hughes had 14 days to appeal. But he didn't appeal. He consented to that extradition and so from then he had four weeks to get to Australia. Well, looking at that, it's probably three weeks that that has taken before he has started to move. It also should be said that Hughes, during his court appearances here, had said that he has, and us will, cooperate with the NSW Police because he wants to get back home to Australia, he says, to try and clear his name. Certainly will be a big story when he gets back here. Thank you, Pete. Police and Aboriginal activists have gone head to head at the tent embassy in Brisbane overnight as officers moved in to dismantle the light. The group's leader was arrested at Musgrave Park. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us now from Brisbane. Alison, what moor can you tell us?Good morning, Tim. This situation escalated around midnight. There were 30 or 40 protesters there at Musgrave Park at the Aboriginal tent embassy. There were even more police. There were also firefighters and council officers. Police tried to negotiate with the protesters on site but many of them were young and they said that they'd be happy to be arrested rather than leave that area. They had relit their sacred flame and firefighters were moved in to extinguish that flame. Things got quite heated, as you said. Three people were arrested and another person was issued with a breach -- with breaching the peace. Take a listen.You show me your permit to come on here. You show me your permit to come on here.Always was, always will be Aboriginal land!Now, this situation followed a move yesterday afternoon by the Lord Mayor to shut down the tent embassy. He did that at the request of Aboriginal elders who felt that the situation there was getting quite violent and quite messy and they wanted to see the tent embassy clearedness. But the protesters who were there last night said the that Aboriginal elders didn't speak for the whole community and they felt that they wanted to stay. So certainly we can expect to hear more on the future of the tent embassy this morning from, I guess, council and also those elders. Tim. Alright, Alison. We'll check in with you on that later in the bulletin. Thank you. Two young children have died in separate tragic accidents in Victoria. A 6-month-old baby girl died last night from heat-related injuries after she was reportedly found inside a car in Bendigo. A toddler was killed after being hit by a truck in the driveway of a home in Gisborne in Melbourne's north-west. It came on the same day a 5-year-old boy in Sydney died after being hit by a four-wheel drive while walking to grove in Kingsgrove in the city's south-west. He was just 300 metres from the school gate when he was struck. The hospital in London which answered a prank call from 2Day FM hosts has welcomed a decision by the network to donate advertising profits until the end of the year. At least $500,000 will benefit the family of the nurse who took her own life shortly after answering the call. The station will resume advertisements on Thursday. 2Day FM has also cancelled its staff Christmas party and will donate money set aside for the event to Beyond Blue and Lifeline. There are calls for a complete overhaul of Australia's education system after the nation's primary school students bombed out on the first international reading test. Around 25% of Year 4 students failed to meet the minimum standard in reading for their age with Australia scoring the lowest of any English-speaking nation. Education Minister Peter Garrett says the results are a wake-up call. Australia ranked 27th in Year 4 reading, 25th in science and ranked 18th in maths. Foreign Minister Bob Carr denies he shored up numbers to strong-arm the Prime Minister into abstaining from a UN vote regarding greater Palestinian recognition. Labor backbencher Michael Danby accused Mr Carr of unforgivable disloyalty to Julia Gillard, who originally planned to vote no. The pro-Israeli Victorian MP says Mr Carr lobbied other right-wing MPs to force Ms Gillard to change her position. But Mr Carr says he never made comments attributed to him by Mr Danby, insisting the PM made her own decision backed by the majority of Cabinet. Emergency services in northern NSW were sent scrambling last night after hearing reports a light plane had crash-landed in the ocean north of Brunswick heads. It had managed to navigate a nearby airfield but gave locals a fright.It came over the dairy. I had a couple left in the yard to milk and they went over the fence.Mr Alexander says he knew the plane was in trouble because of its altitude. Looking at the markets now:

Black cats, rain and crying children are all considered to be signs of good luck when you get married but today is a particularly nice day for a white wedding. Many believe getting hitched on 12/12/12 will bring them good fortune and a long marriage. Around 150 couples across eastern Australia and up to 5,000 in the US are expected to tie the knot. There's no real science to getting married on a date with the same numbers, but some say it will just be easier to require the anniversary. Well, that's right. My wife and I met on Valentine's Day. So it's great. I never forget the anniversary. Or if I do, I mean, I'm in extra big trouble.That's the anniversary of meeting. Do you remember your wedding anniversary? We tried to get married again on Valentine's Day but it was midweek but we got married earlier on the 11th.You're hitting all the boxes, Tim.I try. I try.We tried to trick you. It didn't work.I had our wedding date engraved on Tim's wedding ring but, you see, you can't take the ring off to check. Of course he's not allowed to take it off.That was a bit stupid.He's never taken his ring off.No. As far as I know.Get it tattooed on his arm.Or on his forehead.Get it done the right way.Maybe it needs to be on my forehead. Oh, the things we do. Thank you, Tim. Let's look at the national flyaround for you this morning.

Alright. On this Wednesday morning, what sort of sport have you got for us, Tim?There's quite a bit about. I'll make my contribution to the wedding ring-date thing. I've never worn jewellery. My wife said, "Two options - wedding ring or cattle- branding on the forehead." So it was the ring.She's got it sorted, your wife.Did you deliberate for long?No. Easy decision. Ben Hilfenhaus is expected to get the call-up for Friday's Test against Sri Lanka. And it's that time of year - the maxis are warming up ahead of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It's all coming up after this.

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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company on this Wednesday morning. Lelgts look at the front pages for you right now. The 'Australian' reports Aussie primary school students have scored the lowest of any English-speaking nation in an international test of reading. Shocking education experts -- it has shocked education experts who have questioned the standard of teacher training and quality of education in the classroom.The 'Daily Telegraph' says the people of NSW will today honour Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson when he's laid to rest with full police honours.Darling Harbour born again - the 'Sydney Morning Herald' says almost 25 years after its re- opening for the bicentenary, Darling Harbour is set to get a $1 billion facelift.The 'Age' reports the role of Protective Service officers has come under further scrutiny after a confrontation outside Parliament House last night left an officer seriously injured and another man dead while MPs sat metres away inside the house.In the 'Herald Sun', the Baillieu Government will today introduce legislation to ensure vicious thugs will face a minimum 4-year jail term in a crackdown on violence. 'Courier-Mail' says a judge in charge of Queensland's criminal court says locking up young criminals is not working and sending young offenders to detention only sets them on a path to adult jail.In the 'West Australian' says doctors have warned of an epidemic of troubled teenagers whose self-harming behaviour is fuelled by the use of Facebook and other social media. The Adelaide 'Advertiser' reports a high-tech maritime propulsion- testing site will be built in Adelaide, supporting the case for a future submarine fleet to be constructed there.The Hobart 'Mercury' says Tasmania's historic forest peace deal has been thrown an extra $102 million in a last- ditch effort to get the legislation underpinning the deal through the Upper House.And finally in the 'Northern Territory News' - 12th delight. Happy birthday to 12-year- old Ryan whose birthday coincides with today's unusual date - 12/12/12. We hope you have a lucky life, Ryan. We do.Time now for some sport. Quite a bit about this morning, Lisa. Ben Hilfenhaus expected to be named in the side for his home Test in Hobart probably means Mitchell Johnson will carry the drinks for the opener against Sri Lanka. Ben Hilfenhaus is looking to make the most of what's tipped to be a difficult wicket.Yeah, it's a bit green. The way it's been playing this year, the first thing seems to be a lot of wickets falling.The pressure is on Phil Hughes to perform. He returns to the side almost a year to the day since his last appearance in the Test team. 12 months down the track, I feel like I'm in a better place now. I'm grateful to be back in the mix and around the guys.First Test on Friday. Couple of sleeps to go. Catch it all here on Channel Nine. Greg Chalmers insists he will do a better job defending his PGA title than he did his Australian Open one. A final-round 77 in the wind saw him crash out of contention in The Lakes last week. Peter Senior took out that title but says it doesn't guarantee him success at Coolum. It's great to have won last week but I look forward to playing the next week.The first round gets under way tomorrow. Former Adelaide star Kurt Tippett will be officially unveiled as a Sydney Swan today after the club secured his services in yesterday's pre-season draft. Relief for Sam Lonergan who returns to the AFL with Richmond following a hiatus that forced him to find other work. I'll do anything not to go back there and dig up tiles and holes and stuff. But it's good.He'll be happy to hand over that equipment and start with the Tigers. Good on him. Rugby league - the NRL and players will meet today as they try to avoid a strike over ongoing pay disputes. The NRL All Stars clash could be boycotted if they don't come to an agreement.I don't know whether or not they should strike but they should be given a fair percentage of the new TV deal. There hasn't been much of an off season for some players. They're preparing to step into the boxing ring for a charity bout in Auckland this weekend. Adelaide United star Cassio has admitted the A-League finals system still has him a little confused. He says winning the minor Premiership is more important than taking out the grand final.And grand final is only one game so anything can happen. That's what I think. Premiership for me, it means a bit more.The Reds take on Wellington this National goalkeeper Laura Geitz has been named co-captain of the Queensland Firebirds. We're talking netball here. She'll lead an inexperienced side alongside Nalalie Medhurst.We're just so thrilled to be leading the team. We're so thrilled to have the group of girls that are joining us next year.The Firebirds are looking to reclaim the title they won in 2011. And you know Christmas isn't too far away when the maxis hit Sydney Harbour. They were warming up for the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race with the Big Boats Challenge and no surprises - 'Wild Oats XI' led from start to finish. Yeah, absolutely love it. It signifies this time of year. Back to the rugby league story just quickly about the possible boycotting of the All Stars game, look, I can understand the industrial action but I find it disappointing that that's the game that will be boycotted if at all because it does so much, particularly for young indigenous around the country. Rugby league is the cornerstone in NSW and Queensland for them and it's a really important thing that happens every year. Let's hope it doesn't get boycotted. I hope they can come to the table and sort it out.Well said.Thank you, Tim. Let's check in now on the weather for the major centres.

After the break - it is that time of the morning, Hollywood gossip time. Good morning, Richard Reid. What's going on?Well, good morning, girls! The question is where will Suri Cruise spend Christmas? Tom and Katie reach an understanding. I've got your ho-ho-ho coming up!

This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show. Gossip time now. Good morning, Richard. Good morning, Lisa. Good morning, Richard Reid in Hollywood, who is giving us our first hit-out for the day. Richard, Tommy Cruise is planning a very special Christmas. Well, yes, he is. And he's spending it with his favourite girl, Suri Cruise. It is all about Suri this Christmas for Tom. Apparently there was some last-minute negotiations - would she be with Tom? Would she be with Katie in New York? Tom has said it will be a California Christmas for he and Suri. Also, he says all his kids - Connor and Isabella - they're all going to celebrate in California in style. Poor Katie.Oh, that's nice. She'll have a nice Christmas. Katie can have her next time around. Mediating already. There we are. Poor Lindsey Lohan, Richard. Even her friends are turning on her now. Well, when you have friends like Charlie Sheen, you know, well - let's just put it this way - I told you how Charlie loaned Lindsey, gave her a gift of $100,000 to put towards her tax bill. Well, Charlie's come out today and he says, "You'd think I'd get a thank you note, a text, a phone call. Nothing! I know she's cashed the cheque and I've got bupkiss, nothing."She is her own worst enemy. Why wouldn't you thank Charlie? Poor Reese Witherspoon - everybody's poor today - she's her own harshest critic, it would seem. Well, yes. You know, Reese, you can't call her poor but you can call her - well, she's suffering from the mommy blues. Well, she's like, you know, "I can't seem to lose this baby weight. With the first two kids, boom, boom, boom. But I was in my early 30s then and it's a whole different story." She says she's crawling back to her pre-baby weight but it is a crawl. Very good indeed, Richard. I know you've got plenty more up your sleeve for us this morning and we will witch with much anticipation for your next bulletin. See new an hour's time, mate. Thank you, mate. OK. Bye bye.I love it when you go all French on us. That was French? I'm bilingual.Well done! See you soon, Dickie. Coming up this hour - 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is on his way back to Australia to face claims of child abuse.Has Caroline Wozniacki going too far? She's been called racist for this impersonation of Serena Williams.Mmm. Tell us what you think about that. For now, let's get the news from Tim. I won't tell you what I think about that. I'll get on with the news, shall I?I think so.Thank you, Georgie. Good morning. A Protective Services officer has been bludgeoned with a ham another a violent attack overnight. The guard's assailant stole his gun and shot himself in the head a short time later. The guard has been taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.Any assault on a member of the public in Victoria is serious enough but a member of the police who is protecting the community, it's extremely serious.Police say a witness who saw the attack alerted other officers. The incident has raised concerns over security at Parliament House, which was place understood lockdown for a short time. If you, or anyone you know, needs help or support. You can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. A good bloke and a great leader - that's how Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson will be remembered at his funeral in Sydney's west this morning. The father of three was fatally stabbed while on duty at the city's west last week. Along with members of the family, friends and dignitaries, members of the public are expected to fill St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta this afternoon. Overflow arrangements will be in place outside the Kath I'd rall. A special fund has been set up for wieft and three children that Detective Inspector Anderson leaves behind. You can make a donation to the Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund. The details are on your screen. Former 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes has begun his journey back to Australia where he's wanted over child sexual assault allegations. An extradition order was signed by a British judge last month over several incidents in the 1980s and 1990s. Victims claim they were abused during production of the hit sitcom. Aboriginal activists have relit their sacred flame and stood guard at the tent embassy in Brisbane overnight. Brisbane city council warned it would clear the camp before officers moved in overnight. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us now. Alison, good morning. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says he was only acting after advice from local indigenous leaders. What's the story there?That's right, Tim. The Lord Mayor yesterday came out saying that he'd had a request from a group of indigenous elders asking that the tent embassy be shut down. They said that they had concerns about its ongoing presence in Musgrave Park. Now, it has been there since March. There were, I guess, heated scenes in May when about 30 people were arrested when the tent embassy had to be moved on because of the large Greek festival which was to be held in the park. But since that festival, the group was allowed to return to the site and they've been there ever since until yesterday when, as we saw, this situation escalated after word yesterday afternoon that the site would be shut down -- escalated. Amp word yesterday afternoon that the site would be shut down, 30 or 40 protesters stayed there, relit the sacred flame and that's when police moved in last night. Certainly the protesters on scene there were not impressed with Graham Quirk's actions yesterday. Take a listen.This has been the second attempt by the mayor to remove the embassy from the city. But this time, the mayor's gone about it in a very underhanded and disgusting way by hand-picking a couple of black fellas and paying them to come in here and act as token black fellas to give him authorisation.Now, that site has been cleared at this stage but three people were arrested overnight and a fourth person charged with - given a ticket for breaching the peace. So certainly very dramatic scenes for a second time at Brisbane's tent embassy. Alison, thank you. We appreciate the update. Still in Queensland and a Gold Coast company has apparently found a way to bypass the Federal Government's new plain-cigarette- packaging laws. For the details, let's go live to Chris O'Keefe. Chris, how is the company doing it? Good morning, Tim. Well, the company is called Box Wraps and plans to market a range of stickers in response to obscure all the graphic pictures that we're seeing on plain-packaging cigarettes at the moment. Obviously this is in response to the legislation that Minister Roxon passed on 1 December this year after a big legal battle with big tobacco. Now, that has seen gruesome images hit the shelves of to bebacknists. The Box Wraps company says they simply want to give people a choice in all this and put stickers with Australian flags, bikini-clad women and people fishing. It's looking to go for $8 or $9 but the Federal Government is investigating to see if it is willity nat.They're always trying something new -- if it is legitimate. They're always trying something new. Thanks, Chris. To finance now:

Over to dim Gilbert now with a bit of sport. Thanks, Timmy. It is a couple of sleeps away for the first Test against Sri Lanka. A green Hobart wicket has the Australian batsmen concerned ahead of the one against Sri Lanka. It could prove an extra challenge with Kumar Sangakkara suggesting his side's pace attack is just as good as the Australians '.We don't have the out-and-out pace that the Aussie have but we have the skill. Let's see how the wicket turns out. Shane Warne is refusing to rule out a return to the Test arena. He says he's taking a wait-and-see approach while focusing on tonight's Big Bash match-up against the Perth Scorchers. Jeff Fenech has backed Willie Mason to star in the ring when he pulls on the gloves for this weekend's Fight for Life event. He will fight former all black Troy Flavell in Auckland with the bout raising money for charity. And the wait for surfing's new world champion continues with officials calling a second-straight lay day at the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. The nervous wait continues for Joel Parkinson. Either he or Kelly Slater will take the title. There you go, Lisa and Georgie. Thank you, Tim. See you soon. Coming up on Today - in the next 10 minutes we go to MCG where police are investigating a shooting. You've got mail - amazing new access to the private letters of the Queen Mother.And also - what happens when Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy join forces? Dickie is chatting to the cast of 'Rise of the Guardians' just in time for school holidays. Spooky how that happens.It is! Let's check the weather around the country. Good morning, Emma. Where are you today?Good morning, Lisa and Georgie. We're at Birkenhead Point outlet centre in Sydney this morning and we are getting festive with the Muffin Break crew. We've got all our master muffin-makers with us this morning. If you come down, you will be able to get a free breakfast. We'll tell you a little bit more straight after we take a look at your capital cities.

Taking a look at the forecast rainfall - showers roll in over the moist onshore flow along the eastern seaboard today but the majority of the action is over the western half of the low pressure causing storms and showers in many areas. If you get down to Birkenhead Point outlet centre this morning, we have got a free brekkie on offer for you, including these freshly baked blue berry muffins, also apple, cinnamon and choc-chip as well. Beautiful new cool drinks as well and giveaways for the kids, including some calendars, baubles, little toys. It's all happening. You do have the chance, of course, to meet our good friend the Muffin Man as well who we'll be having some fun with throughout the morning, Lisa and Georgie.Terrific. Thanks a lot for that. She'll have a lot of friends this morning.Stay with us on Today.Still to come - 500,000 Qantas frequent flyer points to give away. See you after this.

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Good morning to you, Sydney. A few showers around today with a top of 24. Right now the city is sitting on 18 degrees. Lisa.Thank you, Georgie. Well 'Hey Dad..?' star Robert Hughes is being extradited from London this morning and is expected to arrive back in Australia in a matter of days to face allegations of child abuse. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic joins us now. Now, Pete, we understand the extradition order was executed overnight. Can you take us through what happened?Yeah, Lisa. It looks like that process has begun. It was only about an hour ago now that we got confirmation from London's metropolitan police in the form of a statement and I'll read it -- Metropolitan Police in the form of a statement and I'll read it out to you. It says:

Now, we are checking with our sources at the moment with whether -- whether Hughes has left or whether he will be leaving in the next few hours. There are still a couple of direct flights from Heathrow it Sydney that depart in a few hours' time. We're not sure what plane he might be on at the moment. It was back in November 20 that the British Government signed the extradition order. Hughes had 14 days to appeal the extradition order. He didn't. He consented to it and that gave him four weeks to get himself to Australia. He had another week before that time limit expired so I guess that's why he's moving now.This has been a long time coming, Pete. But Hughes has always main tained his innocence throughout this whole ordeal, hasn't he?That's right. And he told us - well, through his lawyer, - he told the court anyway on a couple of different appearances that he had here in London - that he maintains his innocent, that he has cooperated with NSW Police. He will continue to cooperate with NSW Police, but he does want to go back to Australia to clear his name. That is despite those 11 allegations of indecent assault, of sexual assault of five girls between the years 1984 and 1990, so now it seems as though that process, that extradition process is under way. So he'll get that chance to, as he says, clear his name.OK, plenty still to come on that one. Peter Stefanovic in London, thank you. Georgie. There's been a shocking attack on an armed Protective Services officer overnight outside Victoria's Parliament House. Joining us now is Nine News reporter Vicky Jardim. Vicky, good morning. Tell us how the incident unfolded.About eight o'clock last night a Protective Services officer was patrolling the grounds here at Parliament House when he was attacked from behind and viciously hit over the head with a hammer. Now, the man then grabbed the officer's gun, ran through the CBD towards the MCG, where he shot himself and died a short time later. Now, the Protective Services officer was knocked unconscious. He's currently recovering in the Royal Melbourne Hospital with serious injuries. Now, the incident, of course, has shocked the community. The Premier and Assistant Commissioner actually came down to the crime scene last night to see it for themselves. This is what they had to say.The Protective Services officer has recently been promoted to Protective Services officer, flags class. That was approximately two months ago. -- first class. He was approximately two -- that was approximately two months ago. He's an experienced member. He's been in the unit for approximately seven years. Our thoughts are --Our thoughts are with him, his family, his friends. Any assault on a member of Victoria Police is an unacceptable assault. Understandably, there are security concerns after the incident. What are the developments on that front? Yeah, that's right, Georgie. We must keep in mind this all happened about eight o'clock last night in the CBD. A lot of people were out and about at nearby restaurants and shops, but what is even more disturbing is that there were quite a few politicians inside the Victorian Parliament House at the time. Now, witnesses say there were chaotic scenes. A lot of people ran out when they actually did hear gunshots. So anyone, really, could have been hurt here. But, of course, a thorough investigation is of course under way today to work out exactly how this all unfolded and how this could have happened. Georgie.We certainly wish that officer a speedy recovery. Vicky, thank you for that. If you or anyone you know needs help, you can contact Lifeline 24 hours a day on 13 11 14. Lisa. Thank you, Georgie. Most Clicked is next, including a new public warning to women about the dangers of high heels at Christmas.

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Welcome back. It is Frequent Flyer Wednesday and we have got 500,000 frequent flyer points to give away, thanks to Qantas. You could travel around the world or spend the points in the Qantas Frequent Flyer store. Pick up the phone within five rings and say "I wake up with Today".Remember all calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight savings time and today is our final call for 2012. We could be ringing you later in the show so our advice is to stay by your phone or keep your phone next to you.That's right. And remember the magic words. And remember the magic words.I wake up with Today.Well done. Thank you.Time now for Most cap clicked. Number one, I recognise Ron. Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki's impersonation of Serena Williams at a charity match in Brazil has raised a few eyebrows. Take a look.

Controversial, this one. Apparently she stuffed towels into her clothes.I can't believe what the commentators are saying. This was an exhibition match? Yes. (COMMENTARY IN PORTUGUESE) What's he saying there, Timmy? That's what I'm saying. I can't repeat it! I think it's a bit of fun. These charity matches tend to have a bit of fun. If Serena blew up, it becomes an issue.They're suggesting it's racist. Is it racist or just stupid?Just silly, isn't it?It's hard to know because the context isn't clear.It's the fine line about how seriously you take life and was she offended or not?Let's find out what Serena thinks.I'm with Lisa.Safe option! At number two - we suggest staying away from these Christmas birthday ideas.In just seconds, I own your shake down!

The iGrow is the world's most advanced laser therapy system. Since it's hands-free and portable, it's convenient to use for the best results.The cook book won't stay open. It takes up counter space. Introducing the hands-free easy-to use jar.I've got a feeling these are real.Lots of information. At number three, a cheeky campaign from the London rail network aimed at women urging them to take care at railway stations over Christmas. Check out their high-heel safety message.

Oh, dear.

Oh!Ouch. Well, we've all done that. Have we? They have to be terribly high heels.I did that about three weeks ago running for a train, actually. You know what? I don't think it's the high heels that's causing that. Yeah. Ground-breaking news. We have got a cat story in Most cap clicked. Here's the cat as it helps a baby learn English. The cat goes... Miaow.

The cat goes...Miaow. It's a giggle. Probably not our strongest cat story. Well done, Timmy. Finally at number five - some of the most perfectly timed photos of the year.

It's all in the timing.We love your fridge photos as well. News is next. Stay with us.Still to come - why Today is the luckiest day is -- why today is the luckiest day to get married. It's 12/12/12. Does that have anything to do with it? We'll tell you after this.

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at the same time economical. My daughter loves it.

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Welcome back. Now, we are looking for the best Christmas lights in Australia.That's right, Georgie. What we need you to do is send us a video of your home and you could be in the running for a $5,000 gift voucher from David Jones.How good would that be? We've got a few examples to show you. This is Lorraine's light display. It took two months, apparently, to set up. Lorraine and hubby Peter from quakers hill in Sydney say the best thing about their entry is the fake snow. Can you spot it? That is elaborate, Lisa.There is so much there to look at. I haven't seen the fake snow but there's plenty to go on with. Here is our next entry. This is Danny in Fairfield West in NSW. He's put together this extremely entertaining light display, including a Santa sleigh. It's got everything there.Look at the stair burst in the sky!He's got all that, Lisa. That gets you into the spirit, does it not? Don't forget you can enter by e-mailing us your video.

Get busy. Be bright, be bold, be adventurous and show us your Christmas spirit.It's time for the news with Tim! Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. A Protective Services officer is in hospital with serious head injuries after he was attacked with a hammer outside Victoria's Parliament House last night. An assailant struck the policeman on the head shortly after 8:30pm before stealing his gun and fleeing to a nearby park. The man was found dead about five minutes later with a gunshot wound to his head. The Protective Services officer is expected to undergo surgery for his injuries. Our thoughts are with him, his family, his frepbtsdz and obviously any assaults -- friends and obviously any assault on any member of Victoria Police is an unacceptable assault.I tack has raised concerns over security -- the attack has raised concerns over security at Parliament House which was place understood hockdown for a short time. Anyone who neds help or support can contact Lifeline. There have been fiery scenes in Brisbane overnight as officers dismantled the Aboriginal tent embassy. Brisbane council yesterday warned it would remove the embassy after Aboriginal elders raised concerns over the site. Aboriginal activists attempted to relight the sacred flame at the site before their leader was arrested.You show me your permit to come on here!The arrest leave protesters - the group has rowed so defend their embassy. NSW will farewell one of its finest police officers this afternoon. Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson was fatally stabbed while on duty in Sydney's north-west early last week. The father of three will be given full police honours at the service in Parramatta. Thousands of people are expected to attend following an invite by the State's Police Commissioner. You can make a donation to the Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund.

There are reports this morning Jacintha Saldanha left a note to her family which it's hoped could shed some light on what drove the 46-year-old to take her own life last week. Her death came just days after she fell victim to prank phone call from Australian radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian. The content of the note is not yet known. A post-mortem will be carried out today and an inquest into her death is expected to begin this week. More tornadoes are expected to strike America's southern states today. Fierce storms and twisters left dozens of families without home and -- without homes and thousands of others without electricity in Texas and Florida.I took a phone call at work from my husband and he said, "It's not good. You need to come home now."The upper north-west of America has been blanketed with snow with some parts of Minnesota receiving a month's worth in just a day. A leading consumer group says trampolines are not as safe as you might think. Choice tested 12 brands and found nearly all of them failed the basic safety tests. The trampolines were assessed on how easy they were to set up and their jumping performance. Many didn't provide adequate protection for jumps and falls. Choice says the toys might be fun but also provide easy opportunities for children to get hurt. To finance now.

Now, here's a wise quack-up for you. London workers were given a shock as a 15m-high rubber duck made its way up the River Thames. The not- so-ugly duckling stunned high-rise workers as it was towed from the Canary Wharf business district. The big bird was used in a PR stunt for an online binge owe site. Not something you see every day. Tim, you've been sitting in that chair too long. You really have gone quackers.Oh, I should have ducked for cover! Sorry, yours was better.I liked yours.Did you get that from the web? Sorry. Look, it was a lame attempt. You guys took all the good ones.I prefer mine peeking -- Peking style to be honest. Phil Hughes replaces Ricky Ponting in the side for the opening Test against sankia on Friday confident he's a better player than when he last donned the baggy green 12 months ago. Kurt Tippett's long off season begins today with his first training session with the Sydney Swans. They picked him up in the draft yesterday, despite being suspended until June.He was relieved to be able to finally get down to this footy club and start working and getting to know the players.What a coach John is. 'Wild Oats XI' looks like the boat to beat again this year in the Sydney to Hobart. She won the big boat Challenge on Sydney Harbour yesterday and out for revenge after being beaten for line honours last year. This is an interesting one - the golfers at the Australian PGA championship this week will be Walking With Dinosaurs or at least one. Jeff here is an 8m-tall T recognises who set up home between the ninth and tenth holes at Coolum. It's another quirky idea from that man that's building the replica of the 'Titanic', Clive Palmer. So there's the T-rex. Time for tomorrow T signs. We have a photo from Nick who took his children and their friends camping and made this great T sign photo getting very creative in the Australian outback. Well done, guys. Next, a cute little T sign from some gorgeous sisters in Cairns. This human - isn't that nice? - T was made by 8-year-old Poppy and 7 month old Violet. That's how you want bigger kids to play with little kids. Janice took this great shot of a red-back fairyen bird that was flying around her property in NSW. That's a in nice little creative T.That's a good T.Having two older children and a baby, it's extraordinary. Me love the baby - that's enough, that's enough. Get off his head. No, no, no, don't step on his stomach. It's character-building, Tim.Little Louis will be all the better for it. Do a T sign. Good to see.Thank you. Coming up on Today - we could be calling you with 500,000 Frequent Flyer points. Johnny Depp goes country and western in his brand-new flick.And the Queen Mother's private thoughts on royalty, romance and her beloved Bertie. Right now it's time for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie. local forecast. Here's Stevie.
Good morning, Lisa and Georgie. We're at Birkenhead Point outlet centre this morning with the Muffin Break crew getting excited for Christmas of course. Only 13 sleeps until the fat man and the red suit arrive. -- fat man in the red suit arrive. We're wrapping some gifts that you can come down and collect this morning if you come for a free breakfast, including the colouring- inset, maybe even a little dog as well. -- little doll as well. We'll take a look at the national flyaround and see what's happening at your place today.

We've all had the task of wrapping something a little bit difficult in shape. That's exactly what's going on this morning. We're going to try and wrap up the Muffin Man in a big present and see if we can tear him open a little bit later. You can come down for a free breakfast at Birkenhead Point outlet centre. You can make a donation to the Muffin Break National Charity, which is New Beginnings, which supports kids in allowing them to have the childhood they deserve. We're going to see if we can wrap up the Muffin Man in the next half hour.He's a good sport. She's still smiling. Legs folded underneath to keep the kids happy. There they are. There are some places you actually shouldn't go!Thank you, Em. Let's get some entertainment. I think we just had some! Let's get some more. We have the latest Johnny Depp flick and a the new spin on the festive season called 'Rise of the Guardians'.Buckle up!Where are the seatbelts?Ha! That's just an expression! Here we go! This program is not captioned. This Christmas, Kmart asked a bunch of us to
recommend our favourite gifts. Ooh, this will be great
for Tom's balcony! Cool for the kids next door. My niece will love these. And a stack of chockies
for all the teachers.

Oh, there's so much more to love. Do you want irresistibly low
prices every day at Christmas?


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Good morning again. Well, from 'Shrek' to 'Madagascar' to 'Kung Fu Panda', Dreamworks Studios have given us some of the finest animation around and their latest offering has a distincty Christmasy feel. It stars some of the best in the business including a couple of Aussies. It's called 'Rise of the Guardians'.We are the Sandman -- without the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy, without the Easter Bunny and Santa and our powers are greater. -- greater than you ever imagined. Enter a world where the wonder and innocence of the world's children are protected by the Guardians, an Aventioners-style bunch of mythic heroes.Santa Claus!The leader of the gang is the more naughty than nice Nicholas St North, also known as Santa Claus. There's one moment where even I gasped when I saw this, which was Santa's workshop come to life. And there were so many things going on in the frame, so much happening, that someone had to think of that. There's more imagination in this film than - and more wit and fun in this film than any 10 other films. It is our job to watch over the children of the world and keep them safe.Understandably, the inspiration for Alec's performance came from his childhood.When I was a kid, 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' was the cartoon on TV and Boris Badenough was the villain and I totally stole from that for my voice. It's a Russian accent that's very bad.Oh, you do sparkle like freshly fallen snow.Our own Isla Fisher provides the voice of the Tooth Fairy.She's responsible for every single lost tooth all around the world, 24/7, so she has a team of little hummingbird tooth fairies to collect the teeth. My character has to be driven, focus type A, but equally she's overexcite add ditzy and has a crush on Jack Frost so I get to play the whole gamut.Alec Baldwin full of parades for his co- star.Isla's voice is so perfect for this medium. This is a woman who probably could do characters and animated television shows and films and probably make, like, $1 billion over the next 10 years. Her voice is so special and so unique and she did such a great job with this film.She's not the only Aussie in the cast. Hugh Jackman lends his dinky-di voice to the Easter Bunny.I was like, "Can't the Tooth Fairy be Australian?" and I guess Hugh Jackman, whatever, he did some Wolverine films and he gets first dibs.'Star Trek's Chris Pine plays Isla's love centre interest, Jack Frost and Jude Law rounds out the major cast as the evil Stitch. There he is - Jack Frost! The film shows Santa and co in a very different light and Isla's looking forward to her own children experiencing the magic. That's what's great about the movie - that it inverts the ideas we have. Who predicted Santa Claus would have "naty and nice" tattooed on his arm or that the Sandman would look like a little satsuma. What's great about the message is to keep hopeful. It's called 'Rise of the Guardians' - fabulous looking film as you can see for yourself. It hits cinemas tomorrow and we'll have more to say about it then. We have the new trailer for the new Lone Ranger movie starring Armie Hammer, the guy from the social network and Johnny Depp. Let's check it out -- the guy from 'The Social Network' and Johnny Depp.Eight men rode into canyon. I dug seven graves. Horse says you are a spirit walker, a man who has been to the other side and returned, a man who cannot be killed in battle. Something very wrong with that horse. If we ride together, we ride for justice.Justice is what I seek. People think you are dead? Better to stay that way.You only wear a mask.They there will come a time when good men must wear masks. Alright. Let's do this. -- you want me to wear a mask. There will come a time when good men must wear a mask.Alright. Let's do

Ooh. Going back to the origins of the legend. Armie Hammer as 'The Lone Ranger' and Johnny Depp as Tonto. He sure mixes up his roles, doesn't he? July for that one.I love a musical!It looks alright. I'm not sure what I think about it just yet.Might need to see a bit more of it.Well spotted, Lisa. Thank you, Richard.Thank you very much, Dickie. Coming up after seven o'clock - we speak to the good Samaritan who handed in $61,000 in cash after he found it in a carpark, believe it or not.Impressive. Also ahead - the call that makes -- call to make ambulance services free across the country.And a big happy birthday to the lead singer of The Spindoctors. Here is their number- one hit. (Sings) # Marry him or marry me # I'm the one that loves you, baby # Can't you see # I ain't got no future or family tree # I I'm the prince that has the heart to beat, yeah # Few want to call me baby, just go ahead now # And if you'd like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now # And if you want to buy me flowers, just go ahead now # And if you you'd like to talk tour hours, just go ahead now... #

This program is not captioned. Fill up your car with BP Free Fuel Thursday. That is right, Free Fuel Thursday is back. The jackpot is now up to $40,000.

Tomorrow is our last draw for 2012. It has jackpotted to $40,000 in vouchers.

There's a strange economic riddle that emerged yesterday - this: business confidence released by the NAB are -- national Australia tkwra banks are 44-month lows. You may say it doesn't surprise you, yet, on the same day the stock market hit 17-month highs. We've been telling big bank shares have soared as interest rates have fallen and it's been dragged down by mining stocks. This year the market is up by 6. 25%. You can see it's down by 53% the and the rebound 63%. Stock markets, 17- month high, and business confidence, 44-month lows. The stock market says interest rate cuts and perhaps an easing of the economic crisis in the United States could see company profits improve in the coming year. That's great. Those mining stocks have had a bad 2012 and could iplt prove in the coming year with more signs of a pick-up in commodities as chie that's economy picks up in the wake of new political leadership being appointed last month. In order, the business confidence figures may be a current indie Kay of the economy and buying shares, they are looking to the future, investors. For your job, hang on, survive six months and better times could be ahead. Times like this you need a crystal ball. Now a quick hit of gossip. Thank you. Let's go to Hollywood. Richard Reid, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles t love story continues and now there is a song?You know, these two are making all kinds of beautiful music together. We should have seen this coming. My sources in the recording industry tell me Harry and Taylor have booked a recording studio for this weekend. Apparently Taylor has a song that would be perfect for these love birds. I spell a chart-toper. -- chart-topper. We would love to hear that. Fancy her writing a song with a bloke before they break up. A novel twist. Don't tell her I said that. Is Kim Kardashian ever going to divorce that poor bloke she married?That's so funny you should mention that. Okay. Kim and her ex-, Kris Humphries, will come face to face for the first time in more than a year. They have a court date set for February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. Of course, they were married for 72 days. They've been separateed for more than a year. Apparently Kris wants an annulment, Kim wants a divorce. He wants her to admit it was fraud. Quickly, to see us out, Victoria Beckham's hair dresser spills the beans?Oh yes. He says, "You have Victoria Beckham all wrong, she's a load of laughs. We love it when she comes in the salon. Just the other week she brought a whoopee cushion in. She's a barrel of monkeys that Victoria." Thank you. The mind boggles. The mind does bogle. Thank you. Here are the top stories Today.

Gun fears - one man dead after stealing the gun of a protective services officer in Melbourne. Bound for Australia tkwra - 'Hey Dad' star extradited in London. Midnight raid - angry scenes as police storm Brisbane's tent embassy. Public memorial - Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson farewelled in Sydney. Lucky numbers - why hundreds of Aussies want to get married today. A warning to women about the dangers of high heels in the silly season.

Good morning, it is Wednesday 12th of 12th of 2012, it is great to have your company. An armed services officer has had his gun stolen outside pairlt house. The man who stole the gun used it on himself. Can you take us through what happened?Well, about 8 o'clock last night a protective services officer was conducting his regular patrols of Parliament House, something she's done on numerous occasions, but this time he was attacked from behind. He was hit several times over the head with a hammer. The man grabbed the protective service officer's gun, and ran through the CBD towards the MCG, where he shot himself and later died at the scene. The protective services officer is currently in the Royal Melbourne Hospital with serious injuries. He of course was hit several times over the head with a hammer. At the time he was knocked unconscious. Now, late last night the Premier and the Police Commissioner came down to the crime scene to defend their PSO. Services officer, recently been promoted to protective services officer first class, two months ago. He's an experienced member. He's been in the protective services unit for seven years.Our thoughts are with him, his family and his friends and any assaults on any member of the Victoria Police is an unacceptable assault. Predictably there would I imagine be security concerns at Parliament House?Yes, that is right. Protective services officers are employed here at Parliament House to protect the safety of everyone, especially politicians. When this incident was unfolding, there were a lot of chaotic scenes. People were running around, people coming outside of the Parliament, and what is very, very concerning is that this man was able to grab the PSO's handgun. He could have run anywhere, especially inside the Parliament, where there were a few politicians at the time. Very disturbing.We wish that officer a speedy recovery, thank you. If you or anyone you know needs help, you can always contact Lifeline 24 hours a day.

Thank you. To London now. 'Hey Dad' star, Robert Hughes, is being extradited to Australia ca this morning to face child abus allegations. We believe that he has been accompanied by NSW Police. What can you tell us?It seems like that extradition process is under way. It was confirmed to us by Scotland Yard behind us a short time ago. They issued a statement and I will read it for you : "We can confirm that Robert Hughes of Byonston Square W1..."

We are checking with our sources as to when he might be leaving, if he hasn't already. There are a couple of direct flights from Heathrow to Sydney that will depart there evening from Heathrow. It was back in November 20th that the British Government signed the extradition order and Robert Hughes had 14 days to appeal it. He approved it, which means he had four weeks to get to Australia, that was three weeks ago. He had one more week until that time frame expired and so that is why he's leaving now. They were certainly explosive allegations when they first emerged on A Current Affair. But Robert Hughes has maintained his innocence right throughout. Yes, he has. He's made a number of court appearances here in London over the past few months and through his lawyer he maintained his innocence. He always said he wanted to go back to Australia to try to clear his name. He said he'd been working or co-operateing with NSW Police and he said he would continue to co-operate with NSW Police. That's in relation to those 1 allegations of sexual assault and indecent assault relating to five girls between the years 1984 and 1990. So just to recap, that extradition process is under way and it looks like he will be back in Australia very soon. Thank you. Thank you. There have been ugly scenes at Brisbane's tent embassy when more than 50 police evicted protesters from Musgrave Park. Take us through what happened?Tim, these scenes at Musgrave Park followed Graham Q erke, to shut the embassy down. He said he was doing that after requests from Aboriginal elders to do so. He said they were concerned about the ongoing presence of the tent embassy. It's been there since March and there were dramatic scenes in May when 30 people were arrested when the tent embassy had to be moved on to make way for a greeing festival that was being held over one weekend. They've been there since, but the scenes came to a dramatic head last night when the protesters who were there said that Graham Querke didn't speak for the entire indigenous community. Police moved in and take a listen to the standoff that ensued. You show me your permit to come on here. You show me your permit to come on here. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land. The group has said that the actions are of terrorism and vandalism from the group. The police were not taking any stand last night, or they weren't letting the protesters stay once the move had been made by council to move them on. Three people were arrested and one person issueed with a ticket for breaching the peace, but we have been told that the embassy protesters would like to hold a press conference this morning, and so it will be interesting to see if they are back in the park this morning. Thank you. The hospital in London which answered a prank call from Today FM radio hosts welcomed a decision by the network to donate advertising profits until the end of the year. At least half a million dollars will benefit the family of the nurse who took her own life after answering the call. The station will resume advertisements on Thursday. Today FM has cancelled its staff Christmas party and will donate money set aside for the event to Beyond Blue and Lifeline. New figures show that Australian school children are falling behind the rest of the world in reading and mathematics. An international report found that 25% of Year 4 students failed to meet the minimum standard in reading for their age with Australia scoring the lowest of any English-speaking nation. TheAgeation Minister says the results are, quote, "a wake-up call". Australia ranked 27th in Year 4 reading, 25th in science and 18th in maths. A funeral service is being held for a NSW police officer who was killed during a knife attack last week. Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson, a father of three, will be laid to rest today with full police honours. Scott Webber from the NSW Police Association joins me now. A very difficult day ahead for Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson's family and colleagues. How is everyone coping with this tragic loss?Well, we're all devastated. There will be thousands of police officers there today and also on top of that there will be police officers from around the country. Our heart goes out and today we are remembering Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson and the legacy that he leaves behind. We will respect his courage, integrity. He leaves behind his loving wife and three children. We need to remember them, because they are the ones who are paying the life sentence.He was a wonderful man. He was clearly a wonderful police officer as well. You invited the community to attend this funeral. It must be so important for police to know how much public support there is out there for them.Well, it is. On this sombre day - and it is a devastating day for us - it is nice when members of the public pass on condolences, or better, they attend the funeral service today. It highlights that the community respects what we do. We all know today when we put on our uniform that we may not be coming home to our loved ones at night. That is what happened last week, and I think that the ultimate legacy and the way to remember Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson is to make sure that we give to the fund and make sure we look after his family and they don't have to pay any more.He leaves behind a wife and three young children. With that memorial fund, how can people donate?Donate obviously on your website, and they can donate at the Police Bank and at any NAB. On top of that the Police Legacy Website. Yesterday we had a large donation from Dick Smith. He donated $50,000.

We had the Premier give and a lot of people are donating online. The family have paid enough and we want to make sure they are looked after well into the future.

Thank you. A business on the Gold Coast has come up with a cheeky way to side-step the Government's new plain-packaging laws for cigarettes. Box Wrap is planning to produce a series of stickers to cover the health warning on packs. This is boufpbd to upset the Federal Government. Good morning. Considering the amount of time, money and effort the Federal Government put in to get the laws through in the first place, it is sure to grind their gears. The company is called Box Wrap and plans to market a series of stickers to cover the graphic health warnings on plain package cigarettes. On 1 December it was made illegal to show any branding on packets of smokes. All we could see was this drab olive green colouring as well as the graphic health warnings. It seems the company has foufpbd a loophole and the sticker also show the Australian flag, bikini-clad women and people fishing. It says they're trying to bring back the choice in cigarettes and plan to sell the product for $8 a pop. But the Federal Government is not taking this lying down. They have launched an urgent investigation to see if this is legitimate. I'm sure it won't be long before they close that loophole. There are calls for ambulance services to be free right across the country after it was revealed hundreds of thousands of Australians wouldn't call an plapbs in an emergency because they're too concerned about the cost. Karen Carey from the Consumer Health Forum joins us. Good morning. Some people would risk not calling an ambulance even if they had a heart attack, according to these figures. That's worrying?Yes, the Heart Foundation surveyed 11,000 people. They found that for people without private health insurance, 43% wouldn't call an ambulance in the first instance if they had symptoms. Many said even if they had symptoms of a heart attack they wouldn't call an ambulance.Now, to clarify, ambulance services are free I understand in Queensland and taz ya. Why are they not free in other states and territorys?They are free in Queensland and Tasmania but only for residents. If you holiday, you will get the full bill. Ambulance services are charged on a state by state basis. It's not free in any other state. In some states pensioners receive free ambulance cover and not in other states. It's a bit of a hochpoch. -- hothc-potch. Why the disparity?I think it's because ambulance services have been state-based, so they have grown up within the states. Now we look at national systems and we see the difference in the states. So about how much does ambulance cover cost?If you wanted to insure, some private health insurers cover it as part of their insurance package, some states have an insurance package you can pay into, so the costs are between $40-85 per state.So this is the beginning of a campaign hopefully to get this dealt with and cleared.We would like there to be a national scheme and a scheme that takes into account that some people simply can't afford to pay for ambulances. Really, in a country like Australia, we don't expect some people to miss out on that critical phase of care. We fund hospitals, we fund doctors. It's just amazing we don't fund this first element of acute care that can really have a very big impact on people's health outcomes. So often time is of the essence. Thank you, good luck with the campaign. Well, here is a dilemma - what would you do if you came