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Stricken by grief - the family of the dead nurse in the royal prank scandal...They are devastated by what has happened.Back to the edge in Egypt - rival protesters gathering in Cairo. Drinking too much - the youngsters loading up before they hit the town. And a stiff penalty for money laundering - HSBC fined $1.9 billion. Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Kathy Novak.

to the program. I'm Kathy Novak.
2Day FM, the radio station at the centre of the storm over the royal pregnancy prank, is to resume advertising on Thursday. All the profits until the end of the year will be given to a charity close to the family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who died in tragic circumstances. A minimum of $500,000 will be donated. The grief-stricken family of Mrs Saldanha has appeared before the cameras. Their embrace managed to say what words could not. The husband and children of 46-year-old Jacintha Saldahna, the London nurse who fell victim to a prank call, too heart broken to speak directly about their loss.They miss her every moment of every day.So many people have been touched by a single phone call to the hospital where she worked. And the radio hosts pretended to be the Queen, enquiring about the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy. At the hospital says she has struggled with the fact she put the call through. Yesterday, the head of Southern Cross Austereo, which owns the radio station, said calls were made to inform the hospital about the prank. But the hospital says no-one tried to contact the management here before that prank went to air. All of this raises the question, one 2Day FM has yet to answer, who made the decision to air that phone call? Media commentator Mark Day says the blame for that decision needs to go well above the DJs. Certainly add producer level. Possibly program manager level. The top management, the chief executive, must take the blame if no one else does.Politicians from both countries had been careful about placing any blame. David Cameron called the Death an absolute tragedy. The sentiment was echoed by his Australian counterpart.At a heartbreaking story all round. Tragic circumstances.There has been an international backlash. 2Day FM is paying the price. The stock has dropped. The company is losing 150,000 a day in revenue since suspending all advertising. The show has been cancelled and prank calls are now banned. Everyone will set down and ask how we deal with social media and the new-found power of the come some were.Some people want to make sure -- new-found power of the consumer. The family must now cope with the grief which is too great forwards. The former chief of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Khan, has reached a settlement with the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault. The details a been kept secret for the court. It is reported to be in the region of $6 million. Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser had been pursuing a civil lawsuit after criminal charges against him were dropped amid concerns about her credibility. Today the judge announced they had reached a settlement.We came together and put the terms of the settlement on the record.

the record.Exactly how much it is is a secret. Nafissatou Diallo made a statement outside the court. She says she was cleaning they would tell room when Dominique Strauss- Khan came out of the bathroom naked and Forster to perform oral sex. He was arrested a few hours later at JFK airport and charged with attempted rape. While he admitted to a moral failing, he insisted that the sexual encounter was consensual. The judge dismissed the charges after prosecutors expressed concern about the credibility of Nafissatou Diallo. Her lawyer says it parents -- end a difficult time of her life.She is ready to move on with her life.Dominique Strauss-Khan was not required to appear personally this time round. There is no doubt he has lost a lot as a result of this case, and not only money. At the time, he was head of the IMF. He was forced to resign when he was charged. This is seen to have ruined his political ambitions.

ambitions. At the time he was the head of IMF and was forced to resign when he was charged. It's also widely seen as having ruined his political ambitions. He was favoured to become the next socialist president of France. Instead Francois Hollande led the party to victory earlier this year. The judge says a separate lawsuit filed by Ms Diallo against the New York Post over the tabloid's report that she was a prostitute had been settled as well. He is awaiting a result from a French court as to whether he should be charged for a sex party he attended. Egypt is bracing for another round of mass demonstrations, with soldiers and tanks lining the streets of Cairo tonight. They've been sparked by the referendum on a new constitution, ordered by President Mohammed Morsi. Rival rallies are expected between largely secular opposition groups and Islamists supporting Mr Morsi. It is around the presidential palace that tensions are at their highest, as the BBC's George Alagiah reports.

The presidential guard is like an army be thin and army. It has one job above all each, -- all else, to protect their leader. How is it possible that a man elected five months ago is barricaded behind giant concrete blocks? This man is an MP from the Freedom and Justice Party. It is the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was banned for decades under the old regime. They are in power but fear a conspiracy organised by the old guard.We want to get rid of the Hosni Mubarak regime. The must get rid of those things from that bad regime. They are hindering our region.He ought to be here, and Parliament. It has been declared unconstitutional by the top court. So much for the revolution. Behind the stories is Egypt's parliament. The People's Assembly. They had been a lot like this for months. Instead of the democratic debate, there is the silence of political deadlock. With Parliament Dortmund, Tahrir Square is the crucible of opposition. The activists are accused of tactics which are not valid for an elected president.We are not trying to do anything that would lead to the disintegration of the state. Why should the people swallow a constitution that could have been much better?Those arguments seem remote from the everyday grind of making a living. Part of the problem is a lack of political direction. It is little surprise that you now I hear people say they would settle for more political freedom of the demand more money in their pockets. The South African government has revealed that Nelson Mandela has a lot infection. It is a recurrence of a previous health problem. He has spent four is an hospital and is said to be responding to the treatment. The west African country of Mali has been plunged further into chaos, with Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra resigning on national television, hours after being arrested at his home by soldiers. He'd reportedly been preparing to fly out for medical treatment. The troops are loyal to Captain Amadou Sanogo, who'd joined Mr Diarra in a unity government since leading a coup in April. Coming up after the break - What the Prime Minister didn't want for Christmas The government and the

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The recent revival in the opinion polls seems to have hit the wall, for now or at least. The final Newpoll for the year has seen a dive in Labor's primary vote. Julia Gillard's been running a popularity contest for the nation's favourite teacher. Mark O'Connor, formerly of Sydney's Mary Mackillop High School, took out the prize. Being a favourite teacher is one thing, but I agree with the Prime Minister that being a quality teacher is more important.The verdict on her popularity is more mixed.I think Australians are unimpressed by the style of the Opposition approach to politics, which is all mud, which is all barbed wire and trench warfare.But the latest Newspoll begs to differ. As better Prime Minister, Julia Gillard still rates higher than Tony Abbott. But Labor's primary vote's plunging again, to just 32 %. After preferences, the coalition is on an election-winning 54%.I can tell you one thing for sure, it won't be decided on yesterday's polls. It will be about the future and you as the policy muscle to bring the solution is that Australia needs. -- who has got. Before they pass judgment, the Government says voter should look at low numbers like unemployment and interest rates. Tony Abbott had this to say.If there is a change of government next year, they can be confident that they will have a better future for Ulster up in look of policy announcements, you is going with the three big that he has lodged ones on his pot of plants.-- better future. Instead of policy announcements.They will get everything right.He recommends a little light reading over Christmas. You might think that 25 drinks in a session is way more than enough for just about anybody. But a new study has found that some youngsters are drinking that much before they hit the town. It's a process known as pre-loading designed to avoid the high prices for alcohol charged in pubs and clubs. At the Glenferrie Hotel in Melbourne's inner-east, afternoon drinkers nurse pre-Christmas beers. Here, the concept of pre-loading is foreign and the numbers quoted scarcely believable to these seasoned sippers.We would have been on the floor before we left the house if they had drunk that much.Half-a-dozen, tops.But they're the findings of a two-year study headed up by Associate Professor Peter Miller, exploring the link between so-called pre- loading and alcohol-related violence and injury.The main sort of group is around 6-10 drinks before going out and they're twice as likely to experience assaults than people who don't pre-drink at all Trauma surgeon Professor Russell Gruen is confronted with unimaginable results of alcohol. The Revenue of a deterrent would be used to help manage pub and club precincts.We are looking at around 50 per standard drinks.You cannot tax your way out of the problem. It is a significant issue. Looking at attacks only solution is a naive. We need a shared responsibility between the suppliers and the consumer has to address these issues. It presents a management issue. The recommendation to restrict trading it was has been rejected, despite findings that violence and injuries are increased by 10 % each hour after midnight. This trauma surgeon is confronted with unimaginable results from alcohol. His reluctance to enter the debate is because he knows better than most companies to change.Young people make silly decisions under the influence of alcohol and their lives changed. 4,000 people have taken part in the study. From drinking too much, to eating too little. Another survey has found nearly one million Australians have an eating disorder. It's claimed they're causing more deaths than road accidents and the economic impact is close to $70 billion. Judy Goldsmith's daughter Alana struggled with issues of body image since she was 15. Something she hid from family and friends for years before being admitted to hospital. But throughout her treatment, she managed to escape several times.When I came home, the police car was in the driveway. I said to my daughter that the fun and games would begin again. They had found out that she had taken her life.A report entitled Paying the Price shows Alana was nowhere near alone. The Butterfly Foundation, a support group for people with eating disorders, says conditions like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating among others, currently affects about 4% of the population.The biggest misconception is it is just about people not being healthy. You have to fully understand the consequences. They can be very severe physical consequences.The mortality rate among those with eating disorders is twice as high as the general population. Less than 25 % will seek help. 913,000 Australians are living with an eating disorder. 1,800 deaths this year. 75 % are women. Men and boys are struggling. When the next 10 years, the report estimates one million Australians will have an eating disorder. It is estimated -- Deloitte Access Economics puts it at just under $70 billion this year. A figure that addresses several factors - from loss of productivity to the cost of treatments. But more than $52 billion dollars is attributed to Burden of Disease costs, which measures how much a year of healthy living is worth. People are living with eating disorders for a very long time. Living with an eating disorder is a very serious. But you spread it over many years, it triangulates with other findings. During the launch, the Federal Government announced a $2 million boost to services. This is a vital lifeline for what has become a burgeoning problem. One of the world's biggest banks, HSBC, is to pay US are authorities close to $1.9 billion to settle a money laundering probe. The London- based lender has admitted misconduct in handling money relating to drug cartels and countries under US sanctions. It is the biggest such settlement in a case involving a bank. The US government investigation lasted one year. It found that HSBC effectively acted as a banker to some of the most dangerous people in the world. Clients from Saudi Arabia, Asia and Russia used the Bank to channel money from illegal operations. Mexican authorities want the banks several times over several years. Mexican drug cartels continued to launder money. The bank apologised.We deeply regret and apologise for the fact that we did not live up to our own expectations, the expectations of regulators, customers, employees and the public.HSBC will pay the record fine. They will be $1.3 billion on outstanding criminal cases. They will pay a civil fine of more than $650 million. That ends the current investigations into the bank's dealings. Senators were told that rules had been tightened.I have thought about the structural composition of the band. Now is the right time for someone new to takeover.HSBC is not the first band to get on the wrong side of regulators in recent months. They will try to get their operations in order and quickly.

operations in order and quickly.
And separately, British bank Standard Chartered will pay US regulators more than $300 million to settle charges that it violated US sanctions on Iran and Burma. Italian markets have been spooked by the country's latest political turmoil. Elections triggered by Prime Minister Mario Monti's early departure have sparked fears of fresh instability in one of the Eurozone's most vulnerable economies. In Italy these days, it never rains but it pours. Panic at another kind of market. The news of early elections featuring Silvio Berlusconi saw stocks slide and Italy's borrowing costs soar. This woman says Italians need to worry, not because of the current crisis but because this at it is around. - - this idiot. Return of the mummy, this French newspaper scoffed. But it's not just personal dislike. The markets drove Mr Berlusconi out last year. They've since hailed Mr Monti's pro-austerity and pro- growth reforms - though voters haven't. In contrast, the ever- populist former leader has attacked austerity, worrying Italy's creditors. It is critically important not to use this debate on politics because of reforms that are indispensable for Italy's prosperity.Spanish bond yields have jumped. Spain is feeling contagion. The man himself was reassuring.

Reassurances, too, from the outgoing Prime Minister.We need a responsible government. Mario Monti has played down speculation he plans to continue in some capacity in a government which will be led by the centre left lid her. -- centre-left leaders. Australian business confidence is that afforded 4-month low. A business survey shows pessimists outnumber optimists as the high Australian dollar, fiscal tightening and bigger consumer confidence that the sector. Economists say businesses will be reluctant to borrow, despite a series of official interest rate cuts. And the Australian share market finished higher, but just short of a fresh 15-month closing high. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto hit seven-month highs early in the session. Telstra lost ground. Lend Lease rose after it won a multi-billion dollar contract to redevelop Sydney's Darling Harbour. And NAB added 0.5%. In Japan, the Nikkei closed lower. Markets in Europe are advancing in early deals. Despite a choppy session on Wall Street, shares closed a touch stronger. The Australian dollar is firmer against the greenback - it's weaker against the British pound and mixed across the other major currencies. And on the commodity markets, both gold and oil have lost ground. The weather is coming up. And, Caddel Evans lights up the Christmas trees.

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Australia's Tour de France champion Cadel has helped create another milestone this evening, all in the name of renewable energy. Around 1,000 fans joined forces with Evans at Melbourne's Federation Square, generating enough human-powered renewable energy to light up a Christmas tree and in the process - setting a Guiness World Record.

setting a Guiness World Record.I would like to think we are getting more efficient. We have made a start tonight.Evans says he will return to competitive cycling in February or March as he regains fitness. A low in Western Australia is causing storms to become more widespread across the state. Another low is generating storms in Northern Territory, Queensland and north-western New South Wales, with showers easing in the northeast of the state. In the major centres, showers for Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Storms for Darwin and Perth. Fine for Hobart and Melbourne. Looking

Melbourne. Looking further afield, showers for Wellington. Fine in Christchurch. Rain for Samoa. In South East Asia, rain for Denpasar and Jakarta. Cloudy in Bangkok. Thunder for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Further north and fine for Seoul. Cloudy in Beijing, Hanoi, Tokyo and Shanghai. Wet in Manila and Taipei. Heading west, and foggy in Delhi. Fine for Mumbai and Riyadh. Cloudy skies in Baghdad and Jerusalem. Rain for Islamabad. To Europe and snow for Belgrade and Stockholm. Cloudy in Berlin and Rome. Wet for Athens and London. Foggy in Paris. In Africa, storms for Johannesburg and Lagos. Cloudy for Algiers, Casablanca and Nairobi. Fine for Cairo and Dakar. In South America, showers easing for Caracas and Lima. Thunder for Asuncion. Fine in Santiago. Partly cloudy for Buenos Aires. And for North America, fine for New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Wet in Vancouver. Partly cloudy for Chicago. A few showers for Washington DC. That's the world this Tuesday. The review were celebrations as the you receive the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll be back with a shorter bulletin tomorrow night. Good night.

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