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This program is captioned live. Tonight - owe Jacintha Saldanha's family release a statement. Is our education system equipped fover gifted kids. A windy debate in rural areas. Cadel Evans. This is The Project.

This is The Project.
Good evening. Please welcome back Po the desk kitty Flanagan and Dr Andrew Rochford. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Huge show featuring Cadel Evans. What's making headlines? In the news, Tuesday 11th December, the London hospital at the centre of the Royal radio prank denied claims by Today FM the station tried to make contact before airing the hoax. In Sydney, Austereo canceled the staff Christmas party after the weekend's tragic turn of events. For the latest from London we talk to our Europe Correspondent. Today the hospital denied claims by Southern Cross Austereo that any attempt was made to contact hospital management about airing the call. What does this mean?This is interesting. We heard on the program last night that Today FM management insists it did try to contact King Edward VII Hospital to get permission. The hospital has flatly denied that, saying no-one in management was contacted by the radio station, which would suggest that the radio station in fact knew that it needed to seek permission before airing that prank. There is a lot of anger here, not so much at the DJs - that tearful interview has softened their image - the anger is that radio station management who at approving that prank for broadcast.A lot of attention has been on the two DJs. Today the family of the nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, spoke out. What did have so say?Heart-wrenching scenes. They visited the flat where her body was found. He leaves behind a loving husband and two young children. They say they are absolutely devastated. They miss her every moment of every day. There is also anger, not necessarily again directed at those two radio presenters, but at the hospital. There's been a very outspoken MP here in Britain who has accused the hospital of effek testifyly abandoning the nurse's family and suggesting the nurse herself may have been repry manded more seriously than the hospital is letting on. So while there is still a great deal of anger at the radio station and those two presenters we are beginning to find more pieces of this puzzle emerging. Obviously it's very emotional and tragic. Hopefully we will get some clear answers on what exactly happened soon. Austereo has announced that advertising will reon Today FM with all profits until the end of the year to be donated to a fund to support the family of the British nurse. They vowed to contribute a minimum of $500,000. Tragedy in Sydney's South West, with a five- year-old boy killed while crossing a road in Kingsgrove. The child was on his way to Kinder. His mum was taken to hospital and treated for shock. This type of thing is very distressing at any time, even more so as we get near Christmas. It affects everybody.A dangerous armed robber with a grudge is on the run after fleeing NSW authorities. It is feared Jason Herbert is on his way to WA searching for two police officers he blames for the death of his brother. The 40-year-old cut off his electronic monitoring device. A large bushfire burning on North Stradbroke Island is under control but authorities are saying that people may need to evacuate soon. A Brisbane couple who handed more than $60,000 in a Woolworths car park to police say they have no regrets. The owner was a local business. The couple scored a $500 reward. What type of shopping trip at Coles takes $61,000. That's a lot of cocktail franks, even the fancy Delhi ones.And how much do you keep? A $50 if you find a $50? $20,000 I would keep. (LAUGHTER) After that... If you found $61,000, you would be going, "My God, what do I do with the thrar6,000?" And the Education Minister and Prime Minister were out and about launching a new school sport.

What is going on?Competitive floor sanding. That is a leaf blower to make air hockey appear human.

Moving on. Young drinkers who load up on booze at home before going to pubs and getting in trouble are causeing a headache for authorities. Here are some basic maths. Consume between 6 and 10 drinks before heading out and you will be twice as likely to get into trouble. That's what the largest Australian study into alcohol-related night life crime has found. Fed up police and public health experts say the trend is on the rise. Alcohol makes a huge difference. You can buy one drink out which costs $15, but here, when you go the bottle shop, you can buy four for $15.You have a couple of drinks before you go out, you get a better feeling, don't spend so much and have a good night.In the hope of addressing preloading, researchers looked at locking people out of clubs after 1.30am, banning shots after 10pm and limiting drinks sales. They found these policies attempt to address alcohol-related issues after people had begun drinking. They found the real challenge is stopping people from loading up before they reach the pub. The solution they have come up with is a levy on prepackageed alcohol sold at stores. They hope to price out young preloaders. Probably stay at home more.It will make a lot of people really angry that they will have to spend extra money to predink at home and spnd the same amount going out. I don't think it's a good idea. People have to learn to be responsible.I don't think pushing out pricing makes people stop being silly.With me or you, have a drink in moderation, we're happy. The young ones do it all the time. Is a levy on alcohol at the bottle shop the best way at reducing the nights that end like this? Associate Professor Peter Miller is at Deakin University and one of those responsible for the study. A levy on prepackageed booze. Do you think will will be popular?I don't think it will be popular with some. I think others who can be convinced will understand that we are reaching a real tipping point in terms of alcohol-related harm and we can get some of the large outlets to put in fair share.Say a six pack is $15. What are you saying we should add to it?To be honest we don't know. We have not done the research. There are models from the UK, but they are models. At the moment we don't really know how much.What do you think people are preloading on grog before they head out - is it bravado, the drinking culture or cost?We asked them. They primarily said it's cost. It's mostly price. Others have a bit of time with their friends before hand. Part of that is related to the culture of going out very late. People are not getting out to 12am.And I have an idea - what about breathalyseing patrons before they get into a club so let's say they are over a limit, they can't get into the nightclubs, so they won't preload before they show up?Yes, that is going to work with some people who have predrunk a while before hand and some pubs, I saw some in Perth, try that, when the bouncers have a question. But people often sat in cars skulling bottles of Vodka, they can wash out their mouth and get through a door because their blood alcohol hasn't increased by then. There are ways to get around it.And I would imagine that there are a lot of people that are annoyed they can't get in the clubs hanging around the streets. That's part of the problem. Yes, but I think Peter would back me up - it's about changing the culture, giving them other things to think about when it comes to best way to have a good night, to drining a heap of alcohol before we leave, or in the car or around the corner, no matter what. I think that is the challenge. We really need to look at changing cultures.The best time to ask people to show restraint is right before Christmas. Thank

Thank you.
I can't get my head around 10 drinks before I got out. If I had 10 across a night I would be dead. Two and you're unbearable.If I drank six drinks, I couldn't go out. Before we all sound ancient, I think there is an issue - the term preloading - someone in the package said, that will it cost more to predrink. Do you know predrinking is? That's drinking. It is drinking. This is how they drink now. I was talking to Peter and we didn't see it on air - I was saying that if this is the way this generation is drinking, will it be for the generations after that.Starting at lunchtime?We've got to this point, it's not that ridiculous to talk about other silly ways to drink. When I was young, you do stupid things, drink before you go out, but this amount amazes me. I think it is hard for us, we're talking about it and don't have experience of it. I'm happy to do it. I'm happy to do some research on this one and pay the price. (LAUGHTER) You ER) You will. Tweet me. See you after the break. (APPLAUSE) Coming up on The Project, Sam visits Middle Earth. And the continuing controversy over wind farms. There's no evidence whatsoever for adverse health effects.

In is The Project. Facebook shut down a page attacking a Victorian highway pay trol officer. The page came under fire from police for identifying the officer and accusing him of targeting imported car owners in a series of abusive posts. Health workers in Northern NSW have been ordered not to call colleagues or patients "mate". It's part of a push to use professional language. Other words on the banned list are "darling", "honey" Darling fair enough. "We are going to have to amputate, darling".How awkward. Patient in Bed 5. Isn't that why you have clip boards? There was other news. We were talking about crappy bosses, and the bosses came out and said that they aren't allowed to sit down for their entire shift. No chairs.

their entire shift. No chairs.In mining, you don't go in and say, "I will sit down and do some digging". How did you know that?I don't know, I'm asking you, you sound like an expert. (LAUGHTER) Moving on. Bill Shorten came up short, trying to come up with an analg for the Opposition's industrial relations policy.At some point they are reveal the policy. It's a better kept secret than... Well, probably the best kept secret I can think of. (LAUGHTER)That is more funny than... I haven't got it, it's okay. The supporters of wind power, that it is a clean source of energy, is a crucial part of Australia's plan to address climate change. But to critics they make farmers sick. They tower 140 metres above some of Australia's best farmland. These wind turbines have divideed the tiny community of Macarthur in WA. It is the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere. At a global level it would be in the top ten wind farms globally.The billion- dollar project is Australia's 61st wind farm. In many the community wish it had never been built.No- one wants to see or hear about the problems that these things are creating. They're in your face. It is awful. Jan lives alone on the farm she shared for 30 years with her late husband, Morris. Her house is 3km from the nearest turbine and a larger wind farm is proposed to her north in coming years. It's horrible, it really is. It's changed my life. Jan says her health began to suffer soon after the turbines started up in September. There's a vibration. It's like you're cooking inside. If I feel that in my bedroom, then I know that I can't sleep there. I will go into the spare room. I find that a little bit better.Jan now spends a few days a week away from her farm, but just down the road, beef farmer Hamish and his Family report no adverse health problems.We have noticed that there are a few people that are saying that they've got symptoms. You can Google anything F you want to find a point of view that fits your argument, you can find information to support your case.Unlike many of their neighbours, the officers are making money from the turbines. They have 46 of them on their property. Each is worth as much as $10,000 a year.Watching that wind blow by and thinking, that we can turn that into energy. I love the whole concept of it. I don't know all the things, I don't pretend to be an expert, but I think it's bloody brilliant.Those who say the wind farms are making them sick blame what's known as infrasound. It is a low frequency noise that can't be heard by our ears, but anti-wind groups link it to a variety of health problems A review is being conducted by Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council, due mid-next year. For Annie and Gus, that is not good enough.I found in the last six out of the nine days I haven't had a decent sleep.You feel like your body is in a microwave. Like JantGardiners blame the wind farm for ruining their health and fear it force them from their land. We may have to sell the place but no-one will buy it. We don't have a lot of options. The option is the walk off with nothing.The theory that infrasound with make people sick is controversial.There is no evidence whatsoever for adverse health effects ask on human beings from the operation op turbines. Adelaide barrister, Peter Quinn, advises communities opposed to wind farms about their legal options. He expects a flood of lawsuits in the coming years aimed at stopping future wind developments.We found developers in the main have treated rural people with contempt. The potential for litigation would involve hundreds of plaintiffs, claiming potentially millions upon millions of dollars.But wind developers like AGL stand by the technology.Here at the Macarthur wind farm we have not been able to identify any tonality issues.Those assurances are cold comfort to many of the residents, who are vowing to continue their fight.I'm not going to leave my home. It's my farm. This is where I will stay. (APPLAUSE) It will be interesting to see what comes out of the resef. A lot of these claims are without a lot of research. That will change this argument a lot. It's hard where some people feel nothing and some genuinely believe it is making them sick. You can hop on to any of the sites. Give us your opinion.

Coming up - the battle facing parents of gifted children. These talented pooches have graduated to the big league.

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Word up, the Project is. We have feedback.Yes, it comes from health workers not being allowed to call patients

Feel the same way buddy. Aussie cycling champ Cadel is hopefully breaking a few world records by going green. He is peddling alongside hundreds of riders to promote renewable energy. Cadel Evans and Cycling Commentator, Matt Keenan, are in Fed Square. You are trying to break two records, Cadel, what are they?To see how much energy we can create through cycling, but I'm not on my own. A lot of us here, and that's our first record, and then of course looking at technology going into energy. I don't know if I would want to ride all the way through, but we will have a go.What made you get involved in this? Are you a greenie at heart?I prefer to think I'm a responsible member of society. I think inevitably we will have to do something about the situation and how we are consuming resources in the world. Unfortunately we will have to move very quickly, but it's all going to be possible. Let's start now.Do you reckon you became more conscious of things like the future of the earth when your baby came along?A little bit. I think that's what we will keep in mind, when we need to motivate ourselves, to think about our children. That's the people who we have to look into this. Being a dad I have a loot more reason to now. Now, Matt, I'm helping out and doing peddling later tonight. I haven't been on the bike for a few weeks, though. But Dr Andrew Rochford helped me out with a blood bag in the fridge. Will that help me?I'm not sure one blood bag will be enough. We saw last year at the Tour de France, Cadel Evans t key stage when he won the tour, he was producing 450wat trbss of energy. Tonight we're asking from you 80watts to produce enough to do a Christmas tree. So any towns that can't have solar energy, we will build you a hut, put you on a bike, and you can provide the energy for that town. I could probably go with my feet all right. I probably want to watch TV at nine o'clock in the morning. Can I be part of that. I will see you down there shortly. Cadel, we will see you on the desk tomorrow night. (APPLAUSE) NoPPLAUSE) Now, with Christmas around the corner, many of us will welcome new four legged additions into our home. But animal welfare urge us to do our research. We are a nation of animal lovers. It is estimated 12 million have pets and 40% of those are man's best friend. But a cruel practice undermines our affection. This is a puppy farm, an intensive breeding factory for dogs that was raided last month on the outskirts of Sydney. It is sadly typical of its kind. The conditions we find in puppy factories are abhorpbt - overcrowding, urine everywhere.The puppies, bred in puppy mills, are cleaned up and sold. They are sold through newspaper or online ads and through unacred dited pet stores and breeders. Most are scarred by their horrendous beginnings.You will find a lot of medical issues and behavioural issues. You are an unsuspecting buyer and can end up with a lifetime of issues.Despite more public awareness and tougher penalties for rogue breeders, the practice goes on. You can make better choices when it comes to purchasing a new furry friend. It's possible breeders -- responsible breeders have nothing to hide. They will let you see the pairpbtss and the property they're on. We would encourage people to check sheplters.Animal welfare groups say a small amount of research into your pet purchase can move us closer to getting rid of this cruel industry. People have power to put this to a halt more than the Government or legislation have. Consumers have the strongest force. And we have the CEO of Animal Welfare League NSW. Why is intensive puppy farming happening? Look, it's generally because we don't place restrictions around how puppies and kittens are sold. Certainly NSW and nationally. People can breed and sell whoever they want these days. It's, they're meant to be compliant with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, but with the Internet and pet shops there's no feedback as to the conditions.Is it a case we're as much to blame for wanting instant purchase and not researching what we buy as much?I don't know if "blame" is the word, but it would be great if everyone knew there was an issue and everyone wanted to adopt a rescue pet but it can be difficult for people seeing a shiny puppy in a pet shop or online and think that it can't have come from a puppy factory, it looks healthy. We've seized puppies in bread trays, sitting on maggots and after we give them a bath, they look fine. They're resilyant.Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are buying a pet, a dog is not just for Christmas.Yes, sure. Christmas is a brilliant time to adopt a job for people doing it for the right reasons. Everyone is home, the holidays, you can settle the new pet in. You have to make sure when everyone goes back to work, you have done the puppy training.If you do tick all the boxes, a rescue dog is about the best gift you can give someone at Christmas. (APPLAUSE) Speaking of dogs, last week we saw a story from New Zealand that featured dogs learning to drive in go-carts. That I were taught how to change gears and turn. Last night New Zealand, these dogs graduated to the real thing. They are now driving cars. It is serious - they are driving these cars.They did this to show with rescue dogs just how God they are as dogs, how much you can train them to do. Look at him go. The little man, steering with one hand. Oh yes. So cute.Doesn't like like a learner driver. He's giving it this. He's cruising around looking for some hot bitchs. (LAUGHTER)

Here is what is making news Tuesday 11th of December. Austereo will donate at least half a million to the family of the British nurse at the centre of the Royal radio prank. The network tonight announced all Today FM advertising will resume tomorrow and all profits to the end of the year will be donated. It comes hours after Jacintha Saldanha's grieving family fronted the immediate tkwra for the first time since her death.They miss her every moment of every day. They are really grateful for the British public and to the public overseas for the messages of support and kindness. A Sydney mother has been treated for shock after her five-year-old son was and killed by a car this morning. The boy was struck down by the vehicle which was reportedly travelling at a low speed. Three Victorians are dead in separate incidents after aor row 24 hours on the state's roads. Police are investigating a crash in Mulgrave which left one motorcyclist dead and two others in hospital. Another man died in a single vehicle accident in Melbourne's north. A furious NSW Premier wants to know how a dangerous criminal was allowed out of prison when he breached his parole conditions. The violent armed robber, Jason Herbert, is possibly heading to WA to avenge his brother's death. That's not the man there. Having broken parole earlier and being described by authorities as a dangerous prisoner, what the hell was he given parole for? And to some fun news now. Serbia's donkey cheese market is on the spotlight after Novak Djokovic bought the country's entire annual supply. He is planning his own chain of restaurants and was determined not to run out of the superexpensive dairy delicacy. To be certain - that's the world supply of donkey cheese. If you get your hands on some, they produce them in one space, it is the most expensive cheese on the planet and Novak has all of it.He's an idiot. He didn't buy up the donkey chutney. I don't think he has. Can we do a story on farming for donkey cheese? I didn't know you could milk a donkey? I hear they kick like a mule.Apparently Cleopatra bathed in dn can I milk. I have far too many donkey stories. A recent ifpb choirry into gifted students has found many bright students are dumbing themselves down to fit in. Is Australia's education system failing our most promising kids. A student with a high level of ability, intelectually, or social or physical, are placed within the top 10% of their peers, and they are considered gifted. Around 400,000 Australian pupils fit the definition. There is no national policy or standard on how to address their needs. Today Victoria's scrambling to catch up after a devastating report found schools are failing to PLO vied for our most talented students.We need to be able to provide greater resources. If they are provided in a stimulating environment they can achieve so much more. The inquiry revealed why misconceptions, like gifted kids can succeed without help and Kate catering for them was elitist. A lot of gifted students dumbed themselves down to avoid bullying. Students don't feel free to be clever and achieve to their level. Up to half of all gifted students fail to perform at their full potential. Lack of stimulation can lead to boredom, frustration and behavioural problems A large number end up fall thruing the cracks. As one state attempts to seal the cracks, does that leaf eve leave the rest of the country further behind, or maybe the other states are pretending to be behind so they can fit in. So we cross to our Educational -- education Analyst. It is 2012 and surely kids have to hide the fact they're gifted - did we learn nothing from 'The Incredibles'?We need to make it okay to be excellent in our schools. We want nem to be excellent on the sports field, so why not in our classrooms? I guess the other thing is we need to be careful we're not putting labels on kids. We don't want them to have to "come out" as being gifted and that be a bad thing. The bottom line is every single child in every classroom learns in a different way. We need to be giving them a system of education that brings the best out, not just in 10% of kids but in 100%. Imagine the sports field - I imagine the experience is different bepending on your gift. If you are an awesome footy player you will be on everyone's shoulders, "Hey, mate you're the best". If you're gifted in chemistry, you're the dorky kid good at science.It is very strange about Australian culture that we set the bar so high and expect gold medals in a swimming pool but not in a classroom. It's bizarre. My favourite is where we get examples that really challenge and bust the stereotypes and particularly we, you know, too often we think of gifted and talented at one end of the spectrum and special needs or disabled at the other and quite often they're two of the same. Being gifted in chemistry, I watched a lot of 'Breaking Bad' and that can be fun. Every parent sitting at home thinks their kid is gifted. So what is the criteria?It is fascinating. There's the official criteria of how you might perform academically. However, my niece is ten weeks old and without exception everyone who's met her says as you said, that of course she's gifted. She's develop mentally ahead of the pack, however, what I'm interested in is when and why that changes and why do we not have parents saying their Year 9 boy is gifted and talented. When does the language change and when does it become less okay to be excellent and difference? I think we'd like to believe in our education system, no matter how poor or wealthy your background, that if you're a gifted kid, you will make it, but that's not necessarily the case if we don't do something about it?Certainly not. For example, the report released from the Victorian Government today, a huge focus of that s what are we doing to support, particularly disadvantaged communities and schools in disadvantaged communities, to really invest what is required into gifted and talented programs in their communities. Hopefully we can improve. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) You were super-smart, did you find you had to dumb yourself down to fit?I did something different. I found that to take attention away from that, I would act up. I would get myself in trouble so people would like me. I skiped a grade and then I got in trouble and tried to get detention.They say skiping a grade is not the best thing because then the children are not as mature. What do you think would have helped you?Many my situation I needed follow-up. Have a kid skip a grade, but ask him how he's going. Keep an eye on it. With me I was almost put into another class and it kept going. That was the school. I changed schools and that solved problems T right school for the right kid can make it okay. Right, so in Victoria, Police Association Secretary, Greg Davis was at a rally for Legal Aid and he was quoting - Charlie probably knows this - this guy is not sure. There's an old addage quoted, don't know who quoted it, but someone smarter than me, perhaps someone in Grade 3 or 4, who said justice delayed is justice denied.From grade 3 - my God, there is a third- grader.I've been told we have footage of the third grader now. That is the gifted child right there. It's hard to hear the quote efl. I want to have a go. We will take a break. Back in a second. SONG: # Whoo-hoo-hoo! #

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Kurt Tippett has reportedly signed on for a two year deal worth $800,000 a year. The key forward will miss the first season. Pedestrian crossings are set to go gay on Sydney's Oxford Street T council spent $75,000 paipbtsing two crossings in rainbow colours to promote the significance of the gae community. It is exspeted to be ready in time for Mardi Gras.$75,000? I will can it for $10. I will have et ready to go Monday.I don't know if the paint has to be gay, but it is special. A non--slip kind of paint. You can't just use paint. Shut up. It was a big day and the Prime Minister was on hand to give the award for Australia's favourite teacher, Mark O'Connor. He was clearly a hit with the ladies. I'm so proud for both of my parents today to be here.Oooohh. My wife and two beautiful children. Oooohh! I was at my daughter's school a few weeks ago to see Ebony become a prefect...Ooooohh! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) He is now my favourite teacher. If he ever sees 'The Notebook', he mite not make it through. (LAUGHTER) Former IMF Boss, Dominque Strauss- Khan has reached a settlement with the maid that accused him. No word on the dollar figure, but he's reportly taken out a loan. There's fears the death toll from the typhoon in The Philippines will exceed 1,000. The missing list has jumped to 900. Survivors face the don'ting task of trying to rebuild their lives. Pf The crisis-hit European Union has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize from transforming Europe to a continent of peace. The Nobel Committee came into criticism for chooseing the EU at a time of bitter divisions at anti-austerity measures. And now the unlikely Christmas shopper - 7-month old Darwin has become a star, after strolling around in his winter coat. The officers caught up with this monkey. P search is on for more appropriate air time.

He couldn't find his way out. It would be horrible to be stuck in there.He's stealing that one bit in there. And just back to Oslo with the Nobel Prize. They were thrilled with the original artworks they received. (APPLAUSE) Look at that. That is the latest Dulux kl colour Chart. They call it 'Colours of Peace'. You could paint a crossing with them. Maybe I will. Maybe you will. We will take a break in, back in a tick.

Welcome back. The Queensland Government has a fight on its hands over the possible closure of the state's only long hver term centre for teenagers with serious mental health problems. It's the number one health issue facing young Australians.My illness took over my life. I couldn't eat or sleep. I pulled out of school.Rebecca Pont was just 16 when doctors diagnosed her with depression and post- traumatic stress disorder. It wasn't until she started self- harming she realised she needed help. Any time that I was at risk I would have to be hospitalalised. I had been receiveing Care in the Community, but that wasn't enough. Living in a small country town with limited resources, Rebecca was admitted to an adolescent centre in Brisbane. The service provides long-term live-in care and schooling for teenagers with severe mental health problems. Rebecca spent almost two years there. You sleep there, you eat with them. You do all the normal things while you are getting help from psychologists, psychiatrists, dieticians. I was on a downhill spiral. It was my last chance.The centre plays a vital role in suicide prevention. The Government is considering axing the service, despite the state's suicide rate being the highest in the country.It need to be replaced because it is an ageing facility. We should be looking at providing these services closer to where the young person does need them.The child and adolescent psychiatrist, Brett McDermott, warns community care isn't an option for some troubled teens.They're at the Barrett because our patient care did help. People are there because no other service could keep them alive and well.Up until a changing government this year, $16 million was set aside to rebuild the centre on a new site. With that idea, it's been scrapped and the funds have been directed elsewhere in the health budget.We will be allocating sufficient funds, but what we have to do is to make sure that we put money in the right areas. A panel of health experts is looking at new treatment options and will ultimately make a decision on the centre's future. If Barrett wasn't there, these young people would be at accident and emergency, in-patient units; they will be potentially in juvenille justice, potentially in drug and alcohol units. There's no solution other than an intensive model.I don't say that we won't need to have a more intensive in- patient accommodation-type facility, but I think what we're getting away from is this notion of institutionalise zed care. Brooke receives treatment at Barrett Adolescent Centre once a week after completeing a stint this year.I was nobody a year ago. No- one. No-one knew of me, knew where I was.

I was a sad, anxious girl.The 17- year-old's depression was so severe, she could barely leave the house. She was stuck in her room, shaking. It was a waste of a life. But just seven months later...Now I'm working and I have a normal life, going out with my friends. I do a lot of things a normal teenager would. Without Barret I would be in my room, doing nothing, or I would probably be dead, because I wouldn't be able to take it any more.Like many parents and patients, Brooke's mum wants answered -- answers.We want clarification as to what, when and why it is going to close.I can't answer that, because the worst thing to do is to make a rushed decision. The centre is not closing imminently. The hospital board out there is certainly looking at its options. I don't believe it will be a matter of months. It could take a significant period of time. In the meantime Rebecca is determined to do all she can to save the service that saved her life.I have no doubt I wouldn't be alive if I didn't have that chance to go to Barrett. I have a job, I go to uni, I travelled. I'm in a loving relationship. For me, I, yeah, I'm good. (APPLAUSE) Lovely to see those stories. I'm proud, as a show we are constantly showing these stories about mental health. I've decided to read you something. This is from a mother of a patient who wants to remain anonymous. I think these words are more powerful than anything I can say. She says, "Trust me, no-one invites mental illness into the family, especially not your own beloved son or daughter." This is killing our adolescents our next generation. We need to make sure the right decisions are made. You can feel strongly about it and write to someone from the government F you feel that is a facility that needs to be guaranteed to those people until something is done, write to the Government. If you have having trouble, call Lifeline or Beyond Blue. I have to say, that was the most beautiful artwork there, Rebecca, incredible. We will be back after the break. Tomorrow on The Project, Cadel Evans reveals how his record- breaking attempt went. Does women's cricket get the profile it deserves?A genuine effort is being made but there is still the daily living

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Welcome back. People have called Taylor Swift the new Yok -- Yoko. Owner. She did not invite the other band members. I don't believe the headline, there's no way One Direction fans know who Yoko Ono is. Here's the Top Conservative Five. A new study shows that teenagers are preloading to avoid high prices. A report has brought into focus the fact some schools are failing to provide for most gifted stuepbtss with up to half of talented kids not performing to their fuel potential. Cadel Evans joined over 1,000 riders to power the Melbourne CBD by cycle. He will join us tomorrow night on the desk. One Direction fans have accused Taylor Swift of being the new Yoko, saying her antics are driving a wedge between her boyfriend and his band mates. Before Swift could respond, Kanye West said he would love to let her finish but Yoko Ono broke up the best band of all time. This dog is driveing a car. Yep - there is literally nothing I can say to improve this footage. This is a dog driveing a car. (LAUGHTER)

That's all we have time for. Please thank kitty and the doctor joining us.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -


We all want food that's healthy,
gorgeous and super-quick,

so I'm going to show you
a whole new way to cook.

Amazing meals that you can
do in just 15 minutes.

Time-saving tricks
and multi-tasking to the max.

You can create magic in the kitchen.

We're talking big flavours fast.

And these are great meals
without the guilt.

Balanced, tasty and good for you.

Healthy food that you can
eat every day.

It's delicious, nutritious,
super-fast food.

Today, my feta-stuffed pork
medallions with minted courgettes,

and a super-sized mushroom sub
with a crunchy dressed salad.

On so many levels, that is

Welcome to the 15-Minute Meal

If you think you haven't got time
to cook, then think again.

First up, a Mediterranean flavour

with my delicious meaty medallions.

So, lovely people, you're going
to love this dish.

It's Italian, it's scrumptious.

All those lovely ingredients
and so nice to cook, OK?

It's a real luxury, it's kind
of like a restauranty-looking dish.

This may look cheffy,
but my feta-stuffed pork

medallions are elegant,
delicious and super-easy.

Wrapped in prosciutto and sage.

With panfried slices of courgettes,
hit with chilli, mint and garlic.

And served on the speediest brown

drenched in beautiful sundried

This is a big taste of the
Mediterranean sunshine for four,

and you can get
it on the table in just 15 minutes.

So I've got 400-gram bits of pork
fillet here,

nice and lean,
juicy, tender.

I want to get my pieces

and cut them into four
and then each piece go into two.

So that way, we end up with two
lovely medallions per person

and we're going to be ready to rock
and roll.

What I want to do is just flatten
these little fillets out.

Nothing special at all,
just press them out, right?

Then we go along with a knife
and just stab the knife in... the middle, one by one, there.

And then I've got some feta here.
I'm just going to use another knife.

Now, I want about 40 grams of feta.

Let's just knock that onto
the board like that.

You need very little to do
a whole lot.

I'm going to just cut it into eight,
just like the pork, right?

And you end up with, pretty much,

just a bit bigger than
a centimetre dice, OK?

And then we go whoop,
straight into our cut

and we stuff our pork
with that beautiful cheese.

This is going to cook and go oozy
and season the inside of the pork.

So that's going to be amazing,

And all of this is going to
happen in pans in front of us,

so it's nice, exciting cooking.

So I'm going to just stick
my finger in here and there you go.

Cover each medallion with half
a slice of prosciutto to create

even more flavour and ensure that
none of that oozy cheese escapes.

Really simply, we go along with
the palm of our hand again

and when you hit it,
bring your hand around it, so...'re actually spanking, dare
I say it, the pork onto the pork.

Right, so you're making it sit nice,
or you can just,

you don't need to spank it at all.

I was, I was clearly overworking
that. Just press down.

In this pan, we want
about a tablespoon of olive oil.

It's on a medium-high heat, OK?

So we're going to
go in prosciutto side down.

You can hear it's frying
straight away.

We're not mucking
about there at all.

Make sure it's got a good
contact with the pan.

You want to cook these bad boys
until the prosciutto is crispy

and golden and the medallions are
cooked through, juicy and tender,

leaving the perfect window
to crack on with some summery veg.

You want to get four nice,
big courgettes like this.

I've got some lovely
yellow ones as well.

You can get some beautiful different
courgettes, zucchini,

whatever you want to call then.

So what I want to do is I've
got my fine slicer set up here

and I'm just literally,
in a few seconds,

going to rattle through
a whole load of these.

In they go.

Right. So, all of it goes in.

You can trim the ends off
if you want.

If they look in good shape,
you know, just leave them in there.

I need olive oil.
This is a really hot pan by the way.

We're kind of almost wok frying.

So we're going to go in with two
tablespoons of olive oil, right?

And then we'll go straight in
with the courgettes,

the yellow and the green.

Just buy whatever you can. Have a
look down the farmer's markets.

Go into the supermarkets.
So we'll push that in like that.

So you can hear it's really hot.

So I'm just going to put
the garlic in the skin,

in the crusher like this.

And then make a little
gap in the middle,

and then just fire
that garlic through.

And then we go back in with
a couple more cloves.

I want to make this really garlicky.

It's got to have a little
bit of attitude.

So five garlic cloves
are going to go in.

Let's make it properly garlicky.
There you go.

So these will cook in about four,
four minutes, five minutes

if you're really good.

Little bit of chilli.
And I want some nice, fresh mint.

I just want a nice little
bunch like that.

Going to grab the top, twist it off
and then this and the chilli,

we're going to just chop up.

Chilli and mint is a fantastic

And you want to get it quite fine.

I quite like the idea of a little
bit of chilli,

and a little bit of mint going
on every single little courgette.

So, our courgettes go in here,
nice and hot, move that around.

The one thing I haven't done
is season this.

Really, really important.

So, lovely sea salt...

..and pepper.

Just goes straight in with the
chilli and mint.

So courgettes looking good.
Pork. Have a look in that pork pan.

This is good. Shake the pan
and now let's turn over.

Look at that. Come on!
It's so beautiful.


What's quite nice about the feta
cheese is,

is it doesn't melt very quickly.

And it doesn't really
go like that.

It kind of just, it just
goes like chewy and gorgeous.

So that is very, very beautiful.

So the pork is almost cooked and the
courgettes are frying nicely.