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(generated from captions) Tell me what to do. Lock in C, Eddie. Detective.
Final answer? Yes.
It's in.

'The Little Prince'. Antoine De Saint-Exupery...

..was an aviator. Oh.

Yeah, he published in 1943. Many of his novels were based on
his experiences as a pilot. He died in 1944
when his plane was shot down. Oh.
During the war. So, Robyn, bad luck there.
I've shot you down. But you've got $1,000. Enjoy that. Pretty good. Thank you.
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a 5-year-old killed crossing the road to a Kings grch kindergarten. Passing the -- Kingsgrove Passing the buck. Fury over the fugitive on the run and out for rejenge venge. Hold the phone - Sydneysiders spending up big on their mobiles for Christmas shopping. And - a vision of the future for Darling Harbour. Good evening. Two weeks out from Christmas, a little boy has been killed on his way to school in Kingsgrove, in Sydney's south. The kindergarten student was hit by a 4-wheel drive in front of hor fingerprinted parents and children. -- horrified parents and children. The telltale signs of a Christmas tragedy. A small schoolbag, a car cordoned off. Close by, a baby's stroller, the solemn faces of police, and a godfather rushing to hospital. It's such a bad time of the year. Um, the family is such a beautiful family. They are so quiet, they are so peaceful.Despite the best efforts of his mum and those of neighbours and paramedics, the little boirks who was about to finish -- boy, who was about to finish kindergarten, couldn't be saved.The mother just grabbed her son. She had blood all over her.I cry too.The mother and her children were walking along here this morning on their way to school, when the little boy kept going, stepping out onto the street here, right into the path of the 4-wheel drive. The driver also had two children in her car.This type of thing is very distressing at any time, even more so as we're getting near Christmas. It affects everybody.Two families and a school community shattered for Christmas.I'm just so devastated what's happened. I just cannot believe that such a thing like this could happen. Management at 2DayFM are caught up in a deepening crisis tonight over the phone prank tragedy. Let's go live to senior reporter Mark Burrows. Mark, attention has turned to who exactly approved the hoax call?Exactly, Peter. Austereo must have thought that interview with the DJs would have gone some way to clearing the air. Instead, the pair have pointed that someone within the radio station was responsible for allowing the phone call to be broadcast. Some are calling them the faceless men of radio. Moments after the interview, 2DayFM staffers comfort Mel Greig and Michael Christian. CEO Rhys Holleran looks a worried man. Maybe because Greig and Christian had just revealed it was management who decided the call was OK to be broadcast.Who do you hand it on to? I think, because I think a lot of people want to know what the process is here. So...?I don't exactly know the process.It's passed on and then we're told either yay or nay.But passed on to who? Was it Derek Bargwanna, the head of content for 2DayFM? Or his boss, head of content for the network, Craig Bruce. No comment from Austereo.I don't like the idea that this young bloke and girl are being hung out to dry. Someone stuffed up badly.Amanda Blair was a breakfast announcer with an Austereo show in Adelaide.The blame needs to be put on the shoulders of the faceless men in radio.And Austereo has more problems. The London hospital has denied Rhys Holleran's claim attempts were made to contact the hospital to get permission to air the prank call. And because permission was never given, the station could be prosecuted under the Surveillance Devices Act.You cannot record a private conversation without the scent of the other person to the conversation.In London, the family of Jacintha Saldanha went to the apartment where she had lived and died. Her husband clutching her photo, and alongside, her two children.They miss her every moment of every day.The hospital hasn't escaped blame. The former protection officer for Princess Diana says the set routine was always to have an officer in place to monitor incoming calls.It's not just whether or not these individual staff made errors, but the systems behind them. They can't have been what they should have been to have allowed this to happen. The interview is being talked about in London...They are being scapegoats and being accused of doing this, that and the other. ..and on New York talk shows.When you do these pranks, you don't know the person you're pranking and you don't know if that thing is just the last thing that they can handle. With advertising on 2DayFM suspended indefinitely, the station is losing at least $150,000 a day. Bleak for shareholders, bleak for staff. Their Christmas party has been cancelled. Let's go live to Peter Stefanovic now. Pete, when will the nurse's family find out exactly how she died?Well, the post-mortem will be carried out today, Pete. But it's almost a foregone conclusion that it will be ruled as a suicide, which will be difficult for Jacintha Saldanha's family to deal with. Friends say they have been struggling to cope. They have been crying every day. And privately they are said to be very upset at the hospital's treatment of them. They say not at one point has representatives from the hospital come to their family home in broiftyol, a 3-hour drive from London -- in Bristol, a 3-hour drive from London. That's why they are here at the moment, to push for an independent inquiry, an investigation into what went so badly wrong.If you or anyone you know needs help, you can contact Lifeline 24 hours a day on 13-11-14. There's anger tonight over the release of an armed robber who, for the second time, is on the run from police. Jason Herbert fled from Newcastle after cutting off his electronic monitoring device. It's feared he's now heading to Western Australia to avenge the death of his brother. The face of a fugitive who slipped through the net.He's a dangerous man.Jason Herbert has sparked fiery debate about when and how prisoners should be released.How the hell was this bloke on parole, having broken parole earlier, and being described today by authorities as a dangerous prisoner?10 years ago, Herbert was sentenced to 15 years' jail for armed robbery. He was released on parole in April this year, but taken back into custody in July after breaching his conditions. The 40-year-old was released again in November. Just nine days later, he took off. The alarm on his tracking device triggered, but it took some six hours before Corrective Service officers called police.Who the hell is guarding the lolly shop, when he can cut his monitor off and no-one seems to pick up on it? Adding to the anger, another three days passed before police issued a public safety warning.With the risks and the information that's known now, it would be certainly a matter that we, um, would have liked to have had out earlier.It's believed Herbert is heading for Western Australia, seeking revenge against two police officers involved in a chase that killed his brother. Please, don't do anything silly. Please, for my sake... Please, just contact me. Dimity Clancey is at the Sydney Police Centre tonight. Dimity yoi, do police have any idea about where Herbert might be?Police have received a heap of calls about possible sightings of the 40-year- old, including one at Ceduna in South Australia. But with that not confirmed, officers are having to individually rule out each report. At the same time, they are trying to track down whether Herbert has caught any mode of public transport, whether he's hitched a ride or even stolen a car to get away. But with no trace of him as yet, police aren't ruling out that Herbert may still be in the Newcastle area, as he does have family connections there. The man-hunt is continuing tonight. Anyone with information should come forward.Thank you. The Prime Minister was in Western Sydney today, digesting the results of the latest opinion polls. It's not the happiest of reading. Labor is still facing election defeat. Julia Gillard was output announcing Australia's favourite teacher. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Mark O'Connor, from Mary MacKillop College in Wakeley, was chosen. But as 2012 draws to a close, most voters remain dissatisfied with Julia Gillard and her Government. Despite ups and downs during the year, Labor's finished 2012 where it started, with just 46% of the vote. The primary vote now sits on 32%, while the Coalition is on 46%. Labor will be a little disappointed. They are back more or less where they were.Despite the Government introducing the carbon and mining taxes, unveiling disability and aged care reform, and maintaining a strong economy, voters haven't been swayed.When we talk about the polls, I just don't get as focused on them as some do.You will get people who try and make you feel badly about yourself.We are a great nation being let down by a bad Government.But 2012 hasn't been a good year for Tony Abbott either. His satisfaction rating remains near all-time lows and he's not the preferred prime minister. Even though Julia Gillard has committed to an election by October next year, the Prime Minister isn't worried about current public opinion.It won't be decided on yesterday's polls. It will be decided on who has the best plans for the nation's future. A police widow has lashed out at a campaign by her husband's killer to walk free from jail. Trevor Edward Holton has served 12 years for killing Senior Constable Jim Affleck but has repeatedly applied for parole. Cop killer Trevor Edward Holton, crying soon after his arrest. Now he's trying to get out of jail on parole.To think that he's going to be out walking the streets one day, it just should never happen. Never ever.Jim Affleck was run over by Holton after a police chase on the Hume Highway in January 2001. The senior constable was trying to lay road spikes when Holton mowed him down. So far, Holton's parole applications have failed, but he can reapply every year if he behaves himself. Now, Nine News can reveal the 37-year-old was recently charged with pianosing a mobile phone and a SIM card, which were hidden inside a radio in his jail cell. Holton originally pleaded guilty to pianosing the mobile phone, but then changed his -- po possessing the mobile phone, but then changed his mind and entered a not guilty plea. This morning, there was a surprise twist, the magistrate telling Holton he was getting some "good news", and he dropped the charges. No reason for the decision was given, but court documents revealed Holton has also been caught with drugs while he's been behind bars.They are the scum of the earth. It's always on a technicality that these people actually get off their crimes. Trish Affleck wants Holton to spend the rest of his life in jail.It absolutely angers me. If he had have been sentenced to life in the first place, then we wouldn't be facing this. A stylish new vision for Darling Harbour has been shown off, complete with a 35-storey hotel and a highly unusual exhibition space. The Sydney Entertainment Centre will be torn down and replaced as part of the plan to revitalise the area. This is the future of Darling Harbour in four years' time. At a cost of at least $1 billion to taxpayers. The private sector will kick in much more, but it's unclear yet just how much. Among the controversial elements, a sharp new exhibition centre, and in between the existing Novotel Hotel and the Harbourside shopping and restaurant area, a 34-storey hotel with 900 rooms.And the hope is that at the end of next year we'll start to see construction. Expectation it will be open in 2016. And the good news is the Entertainment Centre, under the staging that's being proposed, won't go until the end of 2015.The promise is 1,600 jobs during construction and 4,000 permanent jobs on completion. And that would generate $200 million in economic activity every year.This precinct will not only become a beacon for international visitors for conventions and events, but it will also build on the appeal of Darling Harbour for Sydneysiders.Today's announcement is a major win for Lend Lis. Not only do they get to build a hotel behind me, but already do they have the right to build another hotel. The replacement for the Entertainment Centre should look like this. But with a capacity of 8,000, it will be much smaller. Stay with us - in the news ahead - cancer breakthrough - a radical treatment rids a young girl of the disease. New boats for one of the most dangerous jobs on Sydney Harbour. And - Tom Cruise on why he's perfect for the role of a crime- fighting drifter.

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This program is not captioned. Although these days
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This program is not captioned. Doctor -- doctors in the United States are pioneering a new treatment. Emma Whitehead was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia when doctors used a genetically modified AIDS virus to infiltrate her immune system and kill off cancerous cells. She's now been cancer-free for eight months. To avoid the festive shopping frenzy, many of us are turning to our mobiles. According to PayPal, 22% of us have used our phones to buy Christmas presents. Almost a third of phone transactions take place after hours. Since 2010, spending via our mobiles has increased from $155 million to $5.6 billion. The forgotten servants of Sydney Harbour have been given a $3 million upgrade. The pilot vessels that helped guide ships through the heads are being replaced after 30 years of service, making what can be a treacherous job a whole lot safer. Big swells, high winds, leaping for a rope ladder. This is the life of a harbour pilot.Oh, there's been a few hairy days. (LAUGHS) We all like to forget them and remember the better ones.Now they can do it in three brand-new, high-powered vessels, with the first cliftened on Sydney Harbour today.They put their lives at risk. It's on us to have the best equipment possible. They used to use rowboats. The gentleman in the overcoat is the pilot.It's hard to avoid a ducking. Joe Crumlin was one of the rowers. Thinks today's pilots have got it much easier.The poor old pilot, he had to clamber up on deck. And then, with his boots full of water, he would have to make a run for the ladder.Many people forget just how busy Sydney Harbour gets. But it's these pilot boats that prevent any of these massive ships from ever running aground.The reason people take it for granted is that we spend a lot of time making sure nothing untoward happens.It's effectively a controlled collision. Each time they get a pilot on board. But now, with power steering and a plastic hull, these guardians of the harbour are in much safer hands. Tom Cruise has taken his first stroll down the red carpet since his divorce from Katie Holmes. The actor is starring at Jack Reacher, the 6'5" anti-hero. Despite criticism over the casting, Cruise insists he's perfect as the crime- fighting drifter because it reminds him of his own life. Time for sport with Ken. Good evening.Good evening to you, Peter. Back from oblivion - why Phil Hughes is ready to make his name in cricket. And it will be up to eight degrees warmer by Sunday. I will have the full forecast This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
unexpected guests are expected. The hordes are starving. Ah! Will that be enough?

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This program is not captioned. Phil Hughes says he's learned from past failures and is ready to lock down a place in the Australian team. But it won't be easy on a Hobart pitch that has been treacherous for batsmen this summer. Phil Hughes, back on the same ground where his test career was derailed.About 12 months ago, nearly the day I got dropped.And now it's where he hopes to revive it. The pressure is on to prove to selectors they have chosen the right replacement for Ricky Ponting. Look, I have played a lot of cricket here before in Shield cricket. My numbers have been OK, to be fair.Dumped twice from the Australian test side, the 23-year- old believes he's a stronger player and person, having survived the dark times.It's been in and out of the side a couple of times, now I feel a lot more calmer. Um, excited, but it's just great to be back. You know, I feel like my game's in a lot better order.Most of the Aussie batsmen have a Bellerive nightmare. Apart from David Warner, no Aussie scored more than 25 in last summer's test here. And even with a relaid surface, it's been a minefield in Shield cricket this year.It's a bit green. The way it's been playing this year, the first innings, there seems to be a lot of wickets falling.Paul Gallen says the NRL is playing a dangerous game with the future of the sport by failing to deliver a pay rise to its players. Gallen has warned the next generation of stars will end up playing AFL. They are some of league's biggest names, along with pro boxer Lauryn Eagle. They will be stepping into the ring on Saturday night. They will be up against Kiwi footy stars, and they just want to escape the charity event in Auckland alive. The crowd are gonna be on your side, aren't they?Right behind me. All the Aussies there - probably about six!Mate, I won't be trash-talking. I will be doing me best to keep me hands up and not get hit.The players will be ready for a fight in the ring, and they know they are ready for a battle outside of it, as they push for an increase in the salary cap.We want the best working environment for the young Australian men to come into. You have a look at other codes, their workplace agreement is a lot better than ours. If you're a 16-year-old, 17-year-old kid, trying to choose whether you want to play AFL, rugby league out west, if you're a parent looking at it, you would be pushing towards another code at the moment. They say at this point, boycotting the All Stars match is not an option.A strike is the last thing from our mind, because the game will just go from where it is now, down and down.As players, we haven't spoken about boycotting the All Stars game at all. It was mentioned in the paper a few weeks ago. I don't know where the comments came from. It hasn't been spoken about by the group of players that have been going to these NRL meetings. And if 'Wild Oats XI' was the star on Sydney Harbour today, in the annual big boat challenge. The supermaxi led from start to finish, and she's the favourite for the Sydney to Hobart Classic. But not built for comfor the.Not at all. Thank you. To finance:

Amber's next with the weather. Thanks, Pete. After a dreary city day, we're all looking forward to a bit of sunshine. I'll pol
tonight. Next on WIN News... The Tugger
police appeal to identify Lake price
Tuggeranong' s John Doe. Petrol An
prices to drop ahead of Christmas. eat
And: hear from a Canberran, about Jo
eating disorders amongst athletes. Join me for all the details next.

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This program is not captioned. It was a cool and overcast day, with fresh and gusty southerly winds. It reached 21 degrees in the city, 24 in Penrith. Tomorrow, a high will continue to direct showers onto parts of NSW, and that will bring up to 5mm of rain to Sydney, while the rest of the state will remain dry.

It will be a little warmer, expecting a top of 26 in Penrith.

It will get warmer as we head towards the weekend, with sunshine expected on Thursday and Friday. It will cloud over on Saturday but stay reasonably warm. Then a few clouds around on Sunday, which will bring a shower or two.

Amber, thank you. Before we go, we have some breaking news - aiz stereo will resume advertising from -- Austereo will resume advertising from Thursday and will donate all profits from now until the end of the year for a moorm fund to benefit the family of Jacintha Saldanha. A minimum of half a million dollars will be paid. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

in the March eleven showcase. d
Tonight ... Mystery surrounding the A
death of a man at Lake Tuggeranong.
A national jump in eating disorders struggle
an athlete speaks about her Bimberi
struggle. And:From Raiders to kids
Bimberi - the new captain of the Pos
kids. Good evening, I' m Danielle cou
Post. A piece of missing evidence si
could solve the mystery death of a sixty-eight year old in Tuggeranong the
The man was found unconscious in E
the Lake last week. Police reporter
Ellena Midgley has more. Severa poli
witnesses have come forward but Las
police can' t rule out foul play. pu
Last Thursday, the 68 year old was just
pulled from the Lake unconscious just before one pm. He later died i to
hospital. Police have been trying to piece together his movements tha b
morning. Someone saw him get off a t
bus at the interchange at half past wa
twelve and other witnesses saw him Wha
walking down to the Lake' s edge. haven'
What concerns officers is they wall
haven' t been able to locate his remain
wallet. His bank accounts have
remained untouched but a dive searc an
by water police hasn' t uncovered h
anything. Police aren' t ruling out r
he may have been mugged. Today they Tuggera
released a description of the jo
Tuggeranong man in the hope it may wea
jog someone' s memory. He was shir
wearing a blue and white collard san
shirt, grey pants, a grey pair of di
sandals and most importantly had a wh
distinctive black sling on his arm
which had a red ball at the end. +w jo
A woman said she saw a young man t
jogging around the time the man was w
thought to be in the Lake. Officers want him to come forward, urging hi abo
and any other witnesses to think cl
about the man' s family. It' s tr
close to Christmas time, this is a b
tragic death of a mate who has left piece
behind a family we just want to w
piece together his last movement so bef
we can give them a bit of closure
before Christmas. An autopsy ha of
been conducted but with the cause tes
of death still inconclusive, more tests have been ordered.

Motorists should hold off filling dr
up - petrol prices are expected to Gabrielle
drop in time for Christmas.
Gabrielle Adams - has our story. dro
The price of fuel is expected to ta
drop by around two cents a litre - aro
taking the average in Canberra to ma
around one dollar forty nine.Which welcom
many are saying is a small yet welcome reprieve. for the publi I think we always look at petrol a bu
one of the main components of our budget and that' s why we think whe advant
petrol prices drop that' s an m
advantage It' s too expensive I
mean NSW we were just there recentl and they were paying $131 not fair attr
+w The drop in price has been attributed to a strong Aussie dolla and the Singapore export fuel pric where
+w That' s what' s led us to where are today, basically demand' stronger
a bit soft and supply a bit while.
stronger than it' s been for a se
while. This year, Canberra has seen fluctuating prices at the pump jurisdict
- often the second dearest Janua
jurisdiction in the country. In de
January, the Capital was 8 percent doll
dearer than Sydney - it cost one Augus
dollar fifty one to fill up. In country
August, while the rest of the the
country felt a little relief from
the cost of fuel, Canberra increase to triple the Australian average. This is what petrol prices looke payi
like today:In Yass, people were One
paying one forty-eight point nine coa
One fifty three in Cooma Down the
coast, Bega was a dollar fifty-thre fifty
point nine And it was a dollar Most
fifty point nine in Moruya. +w go
Most people expect prices to start althoug
going back up sooner or later although it' s a little uncertain yo
So, the message to motorists, if you can, hold off this week, and ca an
expect to see petrol prices drop, bef
and definitely fill up your tanks before the twenty-fifth.

Weeks out from Christmas, funding