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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. Just weeks out from Christmas - a Sydney family mourns the tragic teath of a 5-year-old boy hit by four wheel drive on his way to school. He was at an intersection at Kingsgrove with his mother.The little boy wanted to drive to school today. The mother decided to walk, this is what's happened.A fresh bushfire emergency is unfolding in Queensland's North Stradbroke Island. Residents are on high alert, as the fire front edges closer to one of the biggest townships. Alyshia Gates is at the scene. What's the scene at the moment? Most of the fire crews have been struggling to control the blaze. In the last hour there's been some heavy showers, enabling them to bring the blaze somewhat under control. There are some inaccessible lands. It's heading closer to homes but travelling at a slow speed. Residents have been warned that spot fires may be possible.It's, no doubt, a very tense time for residents there? Yeah, it certainly is. They are all on high alert. Surprisingly, they are quite calm. A watch and act alert has been issued. They are to be ready to evacuate. Several locals have experienced this type of situation before. And now that they've heard that the 12km front is in place, it has allayed many fears. We just have to see what happens with the wind later this afternoon and what firies have to say in another hour or so. The Sydney-based radio hosts behind the Royal hospital prank continue to make headlines around the world. After expressing their sorrow and regret. Most recently, the tragic incident was the topic of conversation on US talk show The View.

View.There's not a minute that goes by when we don't think of their family and what they are going through. The thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching.Their radio show has been pulled from the air, indefinitely. They could face legal action. But realisticly, are they responsible for this woman's death? I'm not taking away from this tragedy. I know that they feel a little responsible. I have to say - I don't think one prank phone call makes you commit suicide. This is a woman who killed herself, she has two children. I don't believe one thing. Everything was fine and then you had one prank phone call and it caused you to kill yourself. I think it might have been something else going on.If you or anybody you know needs help or support, you should contact Lifeline on: Meantime, the family of the nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, has spoken of the tragedy. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has brushed aside the latest opinion poll saying the next election won't be decided by today's polls. The Government's popularity has been dealt a blow in the last Newspoll of 2012. Let's go live to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. This poll does not look good for Labor?No t doesn't. They certainly won't be happy going into an election year with such a low approval rating. According to today's Newspoll, the Government's primary vote has fallen down to 32. After preferences are distributed, the Coalition would win in a landslide if an election was held today, Labor 54% to 46%. Julia Gillard is winning against Tony Abbott. Satisfaction ratings for both leaders remain low. That's down to the recent personal attacks and the bitter nature of political debate we've seen this year. Julia Gillard said come election time this poll won't matter.Every time politicians run a commentary on the polls, I think they reinforce the public's disstain for what they see as Canberra, parliamentary games. We'll have an election in 2013, I can tell you one thing for sure - it won't be decided on yesterday's polls. It will be decided on who has the best plans for the nation's future. Julia Gillard was out today announcing an award for Australia's favourite teacher. While at the school, she gave the students some advice on being resill entto criticism.

criticism.You would think the Prime Minister and other political leaders would know plenty about resilience.Certainly speaking from experience. Two four wheel drives have been destroyed in Sydney's north. Firies were called to the Davidson property, managing to stop is spreading to a nearby home. Shocking new figures revealed the number of Australians with an eating disorder is costing the health system close to $100 million per year. 4% of the population suffer from some form of the mental illness.Over 913,000 Australians in 2012 are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder.So far, more than 1800 lives have been lost this year as a result of eating disorders. Still ahead this afternoon - anger over a massive industrial blaze that sent toxic fumes close to homes. Also - the length link between salt and soft drinks. And Ikea's best-dressed customer. The cheeky This program is not captioned.

The cheeky monkey causing a stir.
A massive fire took hold of an oil shed. More than 50 firefighters struggled to contain the blaze. Michael Best is at the scene. This was a huge fire. What happened? Amelia, when firefighters arrived here before 1:00am they found a fire in the site of this industrial shed. It didn't take long to spread, filled with thousands of drums with oil. The drums starting exploding, the plumes of fire rose into the air. It was so hot and dangerous with those exploding drums that firefighters stayed on the outside, 55 firefighters in total, trying to stop the blaze spreading to other factorys. Still, there was a large amount of toxic smoke emited from the blaze. Thankfully by this morning, the south-eastly winds took the danger away from the nearby buildings.It could be a mixture of fluid and diesel mixed with some other plastics as well. When all of these things get- together, it comes out quite nasty. We've been sampling the run-off and we believe there is a high type of substance in there - which is an irritant to the skin.Now, thanks to some good work by firefighters they have managed to contain that run-off. Some residents out here are concerned that there's been another blaze in this industrial estate. It's the third major fire since 2005 when a tkhemcal factory exploded. Even though the industrial estate was built before other homes were in the air in the '60s. This is how the region's mayor reacted.I thought, "Not again." That's where we are out here. If we had the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn't have had the industrial estate here. It's a wing and a prayer, they are not uncommon these fires. No doubt, it will happen again. As we stand now, the road has been reopened by firefighters but scientific crews are reexamining the site.Well, we all know that too much salt is bad for us. Researchers think it may be making us reach for more sugar. A new study of more than 4,000 Australian children found salty snacks can effect the choice of drinks. Limiting salt in the diet is a good thing, that goes for our children's diets as well. Now, a study finds that salt may play a greater role in what kinds of drinks kids want. Especially sugar- sweetened beverages. Researchers looked at more than 4, 200 children and found that 62% reported drinking sugar-sweetened drinks. They noted that children who eat more salt drink sweeter liquids. For every gram of salt a child consumed 17 grams more of a sweet beverage than those who did not eat a lot of salt. The study showed that children who drank more than one serving per day were 26% more likely to be overweight or obese. Scientists concluded if kids stop eating salt they may reduce the sweetened drinks they drink. Navigating your way around Ikea can be challenging at the best of times. More so for a baby monkey found lurking in the store alone. Wearing a little jacket, he was found in Toronto, Canada. It's unclear how he got there. He is now being cared for by the city's animal services. Still ahead this afternoon - a woman sexually assaulted in a terrifying attack at a motel. Up in smoke - luxury boats destroyed in a massive blaze. And a man and his dog - how tragedy led to a special new friendship. Right now, Thanks Amelia. Just two weeks from Christmas, a terrible tragedy for a family at Kingsgrove. Their 5-year- old boy has died after being hit by a car while on his way to school - it happened in front of horrified parents and students. 2Day FM management facing a new crisis after the royal phone prank tragedy, as the family of the nurse visit the hospital accommodation where she took her life. Revolutionary treatment in the United States - doctors use the HIV virus to rid a young girl of cancer. It's one of the most dangerous professions in Sydney - we'll show you the new boats that will help guide ships safely through the heads. And Paul Gallen's blunt warning about the future of rugby league. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

This program is not captioned. Police in Melbourne are looking for a sex predator. The 28-year-old from Chile was sleeping at a St Kilda motel when wokian by an intruder in her room. The male made inquiries and when given the opportunity he entered an tune ity r bedroom.

r bedroom. The NSW Premier says he is angry that a dangerous criminal who is on the run from police was let out of jail for a second time after breaking parole in July. 40- year-old Jason Herbert escaped from Newcastle, north of Sydney on Saturday, after cutting off his electronic monitoring device. Police are appealing to the public to help find him.We consider him to be dangerous. We would like assistance from the members of the community.Authorities fear he is headed for Perth to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed during a police chase there three years ago. The clean-up continues as a boat yard north of the Gold Coast after fire swept through rows of luxury boats stacked in a multistorey storage facility. 24 vessels melted, another 15 sustained heat-damage. Investigators are considering whether a faulty battery sparked the blaze. Owners say although their boats were insured, they are devastated.It's a very special time at Christmas.It's all of the things on the boats acquired over the years and the memories that the boat has given them, that's the thing that they will miss the most. It could take weeks to clear the disaster. A Melbourne man who lost his seeing eye-dog in a tragic accident met his new mate named orca.It's four months since Andrew lost his beloved Matilda. She was chased into traffic. It's not so easy to replace a seeing-eye dog. Finally, Andrew found his new best friend. Andrew has a lovely affinity with dogs and there was a lovely connection there.Now, I can move on and do more things and be more independent, sore it's a big step. Since Andrew's story's gone to air, there's been a flood of support for seeing-eye dogs.People are singing carols and I think they can think of people that require services or are really in need at this time of the year. There will be more weeks of training and then she will graduate and should be home with Andrew in time for Christmas. He hopes to take her to the Boxing Day test. A 5-year-old boy struck and killed by a four wheel drive on his way to school. The fallout from the royal phone hoax tragedy. What the devastated family of the British nurse had to say. A killer virus becomes a cure. How doctors used HIV to fight a young girl's cancer. And what's best for baby - a supermodel reignites Good afternoon, Extra police will be on the beat around Belconnen

be on the beat around Belconnen this target
Christmas - as a special team Petrol
targets anti-social behaviour. Petrol prices are predicted to drop, as people start heading holidayle start heading on holidays. as people start heading on G
holidays. And Capitals coach Carrie Graf says their 46 point loss Sydn ir 46 point loss to Sydn Graf says their 46 point loss to Sydney is behind them, ahead of their trip to the West. Details in the best hour of news in the

the best hour of news in the country from 6.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

This program is not captioned.

over homebirth.
She is known for strutting catwalks around the world. Now, supermodel Gisele Bundchen has spoken out of her controversial childbirth. She chose to have her baby at home. And it's not the first time. This may be the first glimpse of the brand new baby daughter Vivian Lake. What's got people talking is that the new-born was delivered in the comfort of her home on Wednesday. "We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again" she posted on her Facebook page, "And are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel."I grew up in a house with three sisters. I think it's great for the boys to be in the house. The birth wasn't the first at-home delivery. Son Ben was also born at home in the family's bathtub, which she described as a natural experience.My job as a mum, that I felt at that moment, was to just breathe, relax and allow my body and trust my body to do what it knows, what naturally knows what to do.While doctors say only about 1% of birth now happen at home, more and more couples are choosing to forego the hospital, in part, due to celebrity influence.Shreb Ritz -- celebrities are making this more popular.At that moment, I felt like I could conk Kerr the world. I just felt so empowered, you know. And I feel so ready, you can throw anything at me and I can take it and do it, just tell me what.

and do it, just tell me what.
You're watching Nine's Morning News Hour - here's what's happening. A 5-year-old boy dies weeks before Christmas after he was hit by a four wheel drive in Sydney. Residents on alert as a fresh bushfire burns on North Stradbroke Island. Pressure mounts on Southern Cross Austereo management to reveal who authorised the royal prank call as the family of nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, thank the public. Now to the details - dee heart-felt pleas for drivers to take care in the lead-up to Christmas. A mother and her children were on their way to Kingsgrove School this morning when their 5-year-old son was hit by a four wheel drive. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition, but sadly, died shortly after. The driver of the four wheel drive also had children with her. Witnesses say the whole scene was horrific as neighbours came out and tried to help.The mother just grabbed her son and had blood all over her. Next thing you know, the ambulance turned up and they picked him up and put him on the bed and off to the hospital. Horrific. Horrific. Any mother shouldn't have to go through that. Devastating. Now, both mothers are locals. The school, Kingsgrove Public, is offering counselling and reminding drivers and parents to be extra careful. I know it's the silly season now, coming up to Christmas and everybody is in a hurry to get home. But the thing is though, you need to be careful.We all need to be mindful around school skpwhropbs, obey the 40km/h zones and look everywhere for children and tragedies like this hopefully could be avoided.

be avoided. What is clear is that two families and a community are shattered this Christmas.Returning to Queensland - a bushfire on North Stradbroke Island, which is burning just Kim omityers from homes, is now under control. Firefighters were at one stage struggling to control the flames as spot fires developed outside containment lines. Alyshia Gates is on the island and joins us now. What's the latest there?Amelia, certainly an air of calm has fallen over the small township this afternoon.

township this afternoon. Residents had to be on high alert for a bushfire threat, to be prepared to evacuate. This was cancelled a short time ago. Surprisingly, most residents weren't concerned, although it was burning fiercely, but not at a very fast pace. Fire crews managed to contain the blaze to 12km/h.I imagine the weather will play a big role in the coming hours?Yeah, just roughly an hour ago there was some heavy showers, which helped fire crews a lot. That 12km parameter was formed and it could burn for several days. Firefighters are confident it's under control.Let's get the latest on the royal hoax tragedy now. The grieving family of British nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, has thanked the public for their support. Pressure mounts on Southern Cross Austereo to reveal the name of who gave the OK to air. Tell us about the family statement?Amelia, it's the first chance we've had to see the family. Through a spokesperson, to hear what they are thinking and feeling. The family visited the apartment where the nurse lived and sadly died. They also went to the hospital. And later, after this, a British MP spoke on their behalf. Here's what he had to say.They just want me to say that they are extremely grateful to the public here in the United Kingdom and throughout the world who have sent the messages of condolences and support, following the death of Jacintha Saldanha, a loving mother and a loving wife. This is a close family, they are devastated by what has happened. They miss her every moment of every day.Meantime, the fallout continues back at home. What's the latest?Amelia, I think the interview that was conducted yesterday with the two hosts, has unfortunately for Southern Cross Austereo, raised a number of questions. While they certainly delivered a heart-felt apology. They really raised questions about who actually Ok'd the call, which person in middle management, which possibly a content director, said yes it should go to air, despite the fact that no permission was given by the hospital. Nonetheless, as I say, the couple did give a very emotional apology. Let's hear what they had to say.We both found out about the same time. And I think it was...It was the worst phone call I've ever had in my life. I'm gutted.There's not a minute that goes back that we don't think about her family and what they must be going through. And the thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching.No explaination out of the Southern Cross Austereo office here in the city today about who actually gave approval for the call to be broadcast. We have had heard though that the station decided to cancel the Christmas party out of respect for the nurse. Meantime, Southern Cross Austereo is losing a lot of money out of this. It has cancelled advertising indefinitely. The station is losing $150,000 per day at least. Mark Burrows will have all of the latest developments in that story in Nine News at six. If you or anybody you know needs support, contact Lifeline on: It's been an horrific week in Victoria's roads with nine lives lost since Friday. In the last 24 hours three people have died in separate collisions. Let's go live to Laura Turner in Melbourne for the details. What can you tell us about these crashes?Good afternoon, Amelia. Police say they were shocked at what they say in the eastern suburbs after midnight. A car hit a motorcyclist from behind. They were trfling on the same side of the road. It hit at high speed and killed this motorcyclist when he was knocked off his bike. The car wrapped around the tree and the two occupants had to be cut from the wreckage before being taken to separate hospitals. It was only a few hours later when another driver ran off the road near the airport, a 33-year-old man hit a tree and died instantly. So another tragic loss of life on Victorian roads. It was the shird in 14 hours and the ninth in just four days. Police are issuing a strong warning to drivers. They started the Christmas road toll period just nine days ago. The worst of the crashes was on Saturday with five people being killed. Police said of course they are frustrated, banging their heads against the walls. All of the deaths in the past four days have all been preventable.This is a real reminder for all of us of how risky it is on the roads. And I can say to you - whilst our investigators are working on these nine deaths, preparing reports for the coroner - I can say that on the early advice I have - in every one of these, we are looking at high- risk behaviour.Of course, what he is talking about there is speed, alcohol and fatigue. He is pleading with motorists to at least make the next two weeks of the Christmas road toll period far better than the first. Cancer and HIV have puzzled doctors for decades. Now researchers in the US say they've made a breakthrough using the HIV virus to eliminate the disease. It all came down to a very brave little girl. The leukaemia seemed undefeatable when she was only six. Then in April, a last gamble, using HIV to cure, not kill. Doctors took out millions of the disease fighting white blood cells and then used an altered HIV virus to change the cells into cancer fighters. The cells went back in and destroyed the cancer. Using HIV to infiltrate the immune system.All of the things make the HIV virus able to cause disease have been removed from this particular virus, so its only purpose is to put a gene into the cell. For me, it's incredibly exciting. In complete remission, no leukaemia in her body, even the most sensitive tests. This treatment was a miracle.Counting the days until Christmas. And blessings.Phil Hughes has a big job ahead of him.We are hoping for the sake of Australian cricket that it's third time lucky for Phil. He has big shoes to fill. He is replacing Ricky Ponting. He tells us why this time he really is ready. And ready for the big one - Sydney to Hobart yachts This program is not captioned. So, Darren, when was the last time
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Not for ages. I'm happy with
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This program is not captioned.

harbour.Ahead of Friday's test match with Sri Lanka. Ross Kelly is on the boundary on what looks like a beautiful afternoon. Good afternoon. Now, here we go with Phil Hughes again. Is he confident about this time?Good afternoon, Tim. Yes, Phil says he is a much more calm and confident person and player. Coming into the squad this time than ever in the past. He has been dumped twice before. After the second time a year ago, he had a long, hard look at himself. He changed states, moved interstate and nuckled down in domestic cricket where he went on to become the leading run scorer. Even though there were dark times being dropped it was a blessing in disguise and made him stronger.I had to make sacrifices along the way.So much talk of conditions. And in particular about the pitch. There have been some truncated matches recently. What can you tell us about what the Australians can expect on Friday?Well, I don't know if we can all remember - last year the pitch was nicknamed the Green Monster, because it terrorised batsmen the entire test. The surface has been completely relayed since then. It's been very tough for batsmen in shield cricket as well, some shocking results, most matches haven't lasted more than three days.Last year, it was very challenging for the batsmen, I haven't seen the wicketers yet, we're still three days out. I've heard it's going to be quite a good wicket.Tim, the bowlers were having a red hot crack in the nets today. In the next day or so we should know b more about the selection puzzle.To golf - lightning is hoped to strike twice.

Golf has some unlikely winners sometimes. You know, there's no real age limit to winning golf tournaments.AFL - it seems that the Kurt Tippett saga is finally over with the former Crow officially becoming a Swan. He can't play for Sydney until at least round 12 next year, after being suspended for his role in Adelaide's salary-cap fraud. Only eight players found new homes. Rugby league players are still threatening to strike as they wrangle for a pay rise from the NRL. In the meantime, Paul Gallen and Greg Bird are about to take on union players in a charity boxing bout along with Willie Mason who faces a former All Black.? The latest who wants to knock your head off is who?Obviously, I think we get an official chance to knock each other's chin off. It's a massive target. I'll have to duck it. I mean, it's a great cause. It's a great cause for charity with cancer and stuff like that. You know, it's going to be exciting. What have you been taught so far? Just survival skills. He hasn't been teaching me all of the tactical stuff. It's pretty simple and I've listened a lot.Talking about player action. What's your message to players who have been around? Should they strike for a pay increase?I don't think so. A strike is the last thing from our mind, because the game will go from where it is now just down and down. I think the players showing up at the moment shows that we mean business. And I think at the end of the day, if John Grant is trying to set salary caps, he's putting a stake into the ground and I think the NRL players association and players need to make a stance by themselves as well. We can't - he can set it at whatever he wants now. He's said that. So now it's up to the players to see what we can do. Good luck in the Fight for Life on Saturday night. And Philippino boxing hero Manny Pacquiaou is not taking defeat well. He cried during a TV interview with his wife imploring him to retire. He was knocked out by a one-Manna mark mark just as a mighty storm devastated his province in the Philippines. The 53-year-old is not indicating that he will retire. The breeze was stiff and south- westly. Last year's winner wasn't here for the challenge. 82 yachts will line-up for the start of the Sydney to Hobart race and can you believe it's just 15 days from now? It comes around fast. Always a great race. See you tomorrow. Coming up - we'll have the finance and the latest weather. And some receiver storms around Perth. 60,000 lightning strikes in West Australia. The storms in Perth are said to continue for two more days. I'll have all of the weather hel
Tonight on WIN News: Police seek Lake
help to solve the mystery of the operat
Lake Tuggeranong death. A boat o
operator' s squabble with centenary w
organisers. And, why Alan Tongue is
working with troubled youths.That' tonight. This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. Today, storms over the west. Heat through the centre of the country, showers on in the east coast. There was a lot of rain in NSW last night, as much

North of Newcastle.

On the chart we can see more rain in Perth over the next few days, it will have double its average December rain. The east coast will have

More showers, it will Clear from the south during the day. Here's how much rain is expected in total

Next 24 hours.

Next 24 hours.
We'll look at finance now before we go. The share market has closed at its

This year.

That's Nine's Afternoon News for today. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company.


By Red Bee

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat
tonight. 15 questions, $1 million. Are we going to give it away
tonight, gang? AUDIENCE: Yeah! Oh, I hope so. Yes, I want to give away
$1 million so much. But if we don't give away
$1 million, let's hope we just give enough money
in the next half hour to change somebody's life. Just give them that little bit of
pep in their step. Maybe pay off the school fees,
the car, the house, the mortgage -
whatever you want to do. Let's get on with it tonight and see
our contestants and meet them. And they are - Michael Carr
wants to take his singing alter ego, Buddy Goode, on a tour of Australia. To escape the heat, Robyn Stargatt swam with
freshwater crocodiles in Kakadu. Rosie Tracey was always picked on by
her siblings who told her she would be bald
by the age of 18. What?! As a child, Iain Leach tried feeding
his fish lemonade and taking his budgie
for a walk outside. Patrick Haddock is proud of walking
a 53 kilometre trek after a quadruple bypass. And seasoned traveller, Georgia Crowe says a highlight was
seeing gorillas in the Congo.

Alright. Let's go. Michael, are you ready to play?
All ready, Ed. Let's go. Michael Carr.

Hi, Michael.
How are you doing? That's the way, buddy. 45 years of age, a singer/musician -
and a singer/musician of note. Well, that's debatable. Let me pump your tyres up for you,
mate. From Springfield in New South Wales. Nicky's your wife. G'day, Nicky.
Hello, Eddie. He's hiding his talents here,
isn't he? Kind of.
He is. Come on, let's have a go at this,
OK? You, in 2005, won the Golden Guitar
for Song of the Year for a song you wrote with Melinda
Schneider, called 'Real People'. That's correct. I did. You also, three years ago, created
an altar ego named Buddy Goode. Yeah. Not Buddy B Goode?
No. And you released a second album, nominated for an ARIA,
ladies and gentlemen, for best comedy release, beaten by those two pretenders -
Hamish and Andy. Exactly. You said that, not me. (LAUGHS) Two great guys, those boys.
That's good. And your father, Warren Carr, was
the piano player on 'Playschool'. For 25 years.
For 25 years. I would have listened to him
play every morning. I think you did.
As a kid. Good on you, mate. That's fantastic. Hey, good luck, buddy.
You know the routine here. 15 questions, $1 million. You want to win a million bucks?
I sure do. Let's play Hot Seat, then.


Ooh, well, I've seen
'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and it's one of my favourite movies. 'Roman Holiday', 'Sabrina', they're both not as good,
but I think D, Eddie. 'Alien vs Predator'. I don't remember Audrey Hepburn.
Lock in D. Locked in. Correct for $100.


10 seconds. I probably do know this. But, I think I'll have to pass, Ed.
Whatever you want to do. It's up to you.
Yeah, I'll pass. Thank you, Michael.
Thanks, Ed. Over there.

Hello, Robyn.
Hello, Eddie. Welcome aboard. Robyn Stargatt says 50-ish here. I don't believe that.
Oh, I can't add up. 30-something, aren't you, really?
Something like that. Something like that.
A neuropsychologist. Yes, that's right.
What does a neuropsychologist do? That's different to a psychologist?
Yes. Well, neuropsychology is the study
of brain behaviour relationships, rather than learned behaviour
or emotional dysfunction. And most of my clientele would have
had a brain injury of some kind. OK, so getting people back
from car accidents or... Yeah, car accidents
or trauma, illness, anything that
would affect the brain. Good on you. What a great job to do.
Well done, Robyn. OK, Buzz is your partner
up the back. G'day, Buzz. How are you going?
Welcome aboard, buddy. Thanks, mate.
That's the way. Hey, I'll ask you this question. I want to come back to the time
when you were lost for five days, were you,
at the Remarkables in Queenstown? Yeah. Yeah.
Let's get this one. See if you can survive this. (REPEATS QUESTION)

Well, I do know this, Eddie. So I'll just go peroxide. Lock in B.
B, peroxide blonde. Correct for $200.

Ammonia is used
in cleaning products, naphthalene is in mothballs
and acetone in nail polish remover. $300. (READS QUESTION)

Tunnelball. Hmm. No, that'll be boxing. A. Lock in A. Lock in A, boxing. Count to 10, you're out. For $300, correct.


Oh, I'm embarrassed to say I don't
really know the answer to this, I think I'm going to have to pass. Going to pass?
Yes. OK. Not a problem.
We'll catch you later on. We'll ask you
about the Incredibles then.

Rosie Tracey.
Hi, Eddie. Hi, Rosie. 22 years of age, an arts student
at the University of Melbourne. That's right.
From Elsternwick in Victoria. Hillary is your mum. Hi, Hillary.
Hello, Eddie. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. OK. Let's get this out of the way. (REPEATS QUESTION)