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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. This program is captioned live. We begin with breaking news. A nine-year-old boy was killed on his way to school in Sydney's South. He was struck by a car while crossing a road in Kingsgrove. Paramedics were called to the scene and took him to St George Hospital where he later died. We will bring you more as we get more details. The heart broken family of the British nurse at the centre of the Today FM Royal prank call has appeared publicly for the first time since her death. 46-year-old Jacintha Saldanha answered the call made by two Sydney radio hosts last week. Our Europe Correspondent reports. Well, it's the first time that Jacintha Saldanha's family has visited London since she died. They spent a fair portion of the afternoon with Members of Parliament, one in particular, Keith Vas, looking after them. They had a lot of questions for him behind closed doors. They were asking him - telling him how they are feeling at the moment, how they are feeling towards the two Aussie DJs and towards the hospital here and how they feel that they're being treated by the hospital. The whole meeting lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. Then they all left. A short time after that it was KitaVas who spoke on behalf of the family, and that family included Jacintha Saldanha's husband, son and 14-year-old daughter. Her husband held a framed picture. They didn't speak. Keith Vas spoke to the media I was a statement. This is a close family and they are devastated by what's happened. They miss her every moment of every day. They are really grateful for the support of the British public and to the public ofrbseas for the messages of support and kindness. Now, Austereo has gone on the record to claim that it had called the hospital here five times after that prank call was made. I spoke to the hospital today and they reject that. They said at no point was there a con sprerisation between Austereo and the hospital here. Then they go on to say even if there was, they would almost certainly have not given any permission to use that prank call. Shortly after that, they released a statement, and in that statement it says: "Following the hoax call t radio station did not speak to anyone in the hospital's senior management or anyone at the company that handles our media inquiries". P Now, following that interview that aired on A Current Affair last night, people have responded - a mixed bag of criticisms too over here. Some people think it was a PR stunt, an attempt to win over public support, whereas most of the people I've spoken to have a lot of sympathy for those two Australian DJs. They realise how much they are hurting at the moment, how much pain they are in and more specifically how much remorse they showed in that interview. Here are some examples of what people are saying on the streets.I'm sorry for them now. I think they have something to live with for the rest of their lives.It was a very sad thing, something they should be held accountable for.They've got a lot to learn.A postmortem will be carryed out on Jacintha's body tomorrow and there will be a memorial planned for this week. The le tails of that are being worked out. That emole yags -- emotional statement came after the two presenters broke their silence, saying they are shattered and heart broken over the death. Mel Grieg and Michael Christian, wiped away tears in an interview with A Current Affair. It was just, you know, sitting down before the show, you know, had the idea for just a simple harmless phone call.We thought it was such a silly idea. The accents were terrible. Not for a second did we expect to speak to Kate let alone have a conversation with anyone at the hospital. We wanted to be hung up on. Prank calls have been around for years. We've done many a prank call before then. It's the same thing, you prank someone, you record it and it goes to the other departments to work out what they want to do with it. It's been done for years.We don't get to make those decisions. We don't get to make the calls. That's done by other people.How did you hear about Jacintha Saldanha's death?

We both found out about the same time. I think it was...The worst phone call I've ever had in my life. When we were told, our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of all those affected. You know, obviously Mel and myself are incred pli sorry for the situation and what's happened. We are hoping they are doing okay and getting the love and support that they deserve and need right now. Personally I'm...

I'm... (pause.)... Gutted.There's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about their family and what they will be going through. The thought that we may have played a part in that is... Gut wrenching. Would you like to finish with any sort of message for the family if they are watching?We've thought about this a million times in my head, that I wanted to reach out to them and give them a big hug and say sorry. I hope they're okay, I really do. And if you or anyone you know needs help or support, you can contact Lifeline. NSW Police are on the hunt for a dangerous criminal who cut off his electronic ankle device on parole. It's feared Jason Robert Herbert is headed for Perth to avenge the death of his brother who died in a police chase three years ago. Jason's mother, Ruth, has pleaded for him to give himself up.Jason, please, I beg you, my love, please contact me and let me know that you are fine, please, my love. We can work something out. Herbert had served eight years in jail, convicted of grievous bodily harm and armed robbery. Victoria Police are once again pleading for care on the state's roads after two people died in separate crashes. A motorcyclist died after he was hit from behind by a car in Mulgrave shortly after midnight. A driver was killed when his ute veered off the road and hit a tree. The driver has not been formally identified. Eight people have died on Victoria's roads since Saturday. More than 50 firefighters have battled a massive fire at an industrial facility north of Brisbane overnight. A number of explosions inside the building forced fire crews back and sparked concerns that plumes of toxic gas would fill the air. Let's go to the scene. Good morning. What is the saichation there at the moment? -- situation there at the moment?At the moment the fire is now out, but as you can see behind me, the attention now is very much on the clean-up. Now what happened was the fire broke out at a chemical storage facility, so obviously that's created serious concerns as to the fumes that could have been in the air. Now, investigators have spent the morning testing the air. They declared it safe. At the moment they're building trenches to collect the run-off so that doesn't go into local waterways. This is a huge job. It took more than 50 firefighters to put out this blaze and took them around five hours and they had to be very careful. Now their attention is turning into how this could have started. Take a listen.There was a large truck on the other side of the building which he believes it did start there. It was beside the building. It moved very quickly into the building. Once it was inside, we tried to make entry. We had officers in breathing apparatus, but what we found is we had internal explosions where gas cylinders exploded after the safety of -- and for the safety of our guys we moved back out and conducted from an external position. What's the advice for residents? Earlier there was advice to keep windows and doors shut. There is a pun jent smell in the air. You could smell it probably 20 minutes away from this area. It was very, very strong. Now t wind has worked in the firefighters' favour; it's managed to dissipate the pungent smell. They are warning people to keep their doors shut if you live here; try not to breathe in the toxic smoke. Of course, they are building those tiny areas to collect that water that's been contaminated. Firefighters have been having to contaminate their own work gear. I spoke to a local resident who said her and her husband have been awakened, weezing since midnight, when the fire broke out from those fumes. It is a bit of bay Shaa view for residents. There was another fire in this industrial estate involving chemicals in 2005. That fire led to some serious legal action and a review by the State Government. Hopefully this time there were some lessons learned and the chemicals were contained. Thank you for the update. Hundreds are expected to pay tribute to fallen Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson at a funeral in Sydney tomorrow. The father of three was killed while trying to break up a neighbourhood dispute in the north- west of the city last week. The State's Police Commissioner has inviteed the public to attend, saying the NSW Police Force has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of goodwill. Two people, a mother and son, have been charged over his death. Now the weather:

Still ahead - the final political poll of the year - what it says about Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. Also - depraif concerns for the health of Nelson Mandela. And home birth or hospital birth? Why supermodel Giselle re-igniteed the debate.

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The last Newspoll of the year has delivered a blow to the Gillard Government showing voter support has dropped. It reverses a trend since the middle of this year which saw Labor gaining ground on the Opposition. Now live to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Not a great Christmas present for Labor?No. Labor won't be pleased with this result at all. Their position was improving but today's Newspoll shows their primary vote has fallen four points since the last poll in November. The Coalition has gained three points. After preferences, the two-party preferred shows it if an election was held now the Coalition would win decisively. It leads Labor 54- 46. In the Better PM Poll, Julia Gillard's lead narrowed, down three points and Tony Abbott is up one point. It's worth pointing out those changes are still within the margin of error. And it seems that both leaders are fairly unpopular with voters?Yeah. Julia Gillard's satisfaction rating is 36 per cent according to Newspoll and Tony Abbott's is right down at 28. Their ratings have been low for some time now. A Newspoll boss puts that down to the fact we've seen a really, really bitter debate in politics this year. There was Julia Gillard's misogyny speech and the last week of Parliament was ferocious with both sides accusing each other of vicious and nasty personal attacks. Let's hear now. The personality-style attacks that both leaders have leverageed on each other really haven't helped either. They have only entrenched existing views.Every time politicians run a commentary on the polls they reinforce the public's disdain for what they see as Canberra parliamentary games.What we have seen obviously is a very aggressively negative campaign against Prime Minister Gillard. She's still standing; she's very tough and resilyant and that's what the Australian people want, too. Meanwhile, Julia Gillard has been tapping into the bloggersphere; she's invited 25 influencial women for Christmas drinks and she said that these women have plenty of influence reaching large audiences through their Bloggs. Thank you. There are fresh concerns today about the health of Nelson Mandela. The former South African President has spent the last three days in hospital having tests. Authorities in the Rainbow Nation are calling for calm saying the 94-year-old is doing well and in no immediate danger. Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, has spoken out about giving birth at home. The former Victoria Secret Model welcomed her daughter, Vivian Lake last week, it's not the first time she chose to deliver a baby outside the hospital. This maybe the first glimpse of Tom braydy and Gisele Bundchen's brand new daughter, Vivian Lake. But the newborn was delivered not in a hospital but in the comfort of the couple's Boston home on Wednesday.

The body knows what to do. While doctors say only about 1% of births now happen at homeMore and more couples are choosing to forego the hospital in, in part due to celebrity influence. It looks like it's starting to be more popular. Gisele and Ricky Lake r maybeing this popular.At that moment I felt like I could conquer the world. I felt like, "Give it to me, can I take it". I felt so empowered, you know. I felt I could have anything thrown at me, and I can do it. Tell me what.Doctors caution staying home is not always the best option.People have to understand they're not celebrities. They have to have a good plan if something goes wrong. Still aer ahead - luxury boats go up in flames. Millions of damage in a Queensland fire. Also - the link between salt and soft drinks and what it means for your child's health. And a stylish intruder causes a stir in IKEA.

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Millions of dollars worth of damage has been caused by a massive fire at a marina boat shed north of the Gold Coast. Let's go live to Darren Curtis at the scene near Jacob's Well. Do we know what started the fire? Investigators have been in in the complex all morning. They are starting to focus their attention on one boat in particular. They believe that the owners may have left the battery on and that prompted a spark and igniteed the fire. The fire created an enormous plume of smoke that could be seen down to Surfers Paradise. Now the fire was intense inside that building. We have been told that there's been 24 boats that have been severely damaged by fire and in fact destroyed. Another 50 have received some heat damage, but more than 200 in that entire complex have received some sort of smoke and water damage and will need a significant clean-up.What about the owners of these boats? Have we heard from them?The owners heard about this through the grapevine. It starts to move promptly through the circles. They have been turning up this morning. A lot are shocked because they were getting their boats ready for Christmas and were looking forward to a significant day out on the water. Have a listen to some of them. Some are quite concerned, and others took it in their stride and said, "Well, part of the deal is that it's insured". Feel sorry for the poor people who lost their boats. I mean, everyone was looking forward to Christmas and New Year, going out on the Broadwater, now it's gone.It's insured A lovely 30 footers. -- footer and we would have spent Christmas there, but it's just a boat.Devastating. And no-one was hurt, which was God. But it's a shock. And you can't replace them. I don't think you will get full value on them. So while some of the owners may not have boats over the Christmas period t owners of the complex are saying they will try to do everything they can to make sure the boats that have not been damaged are available for them to use over that period, but there will be a significant number of insurance claims out of this. Thank you. Soaring utility prices are being felt in Victoria with more families in the state getting their gas and electricity cut off for not paying their bills. Almost 24,000 electricity customers were disconnected in the last financial year, which is a jump of 33%. A baby monkey has become an Internet sensation. He caused chaos at an IKEA store in Canada. The primate, wearing a little jacket, was found wandering alone in the store in Toronto. Authorities are not sure how he got there. He's in the care of the animal services now. They have called him xom Darwin'. Still to come - the family of a nurse found dead after the Royal prank tell of their heart break. Also, a new study about salt and what it does to your child's appetite. And why Psy has been forced to make an embarrassing apology on his visit to America. This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC) SONG: # And do the sneak # And do the slurp

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Welcome back to our Morning News. O a five-year-old boy has been killed after being hit by a car on his way to school in Sydney's south. The family of the nurse at the centre of the hoax tragedy has thanked the public for their support as the spotlight turns on the Sydney radio station's management. Dozens of firefighters have battled to put out a massive blaze at an industrial estate north of Brisbane. Returning to our top story now. A five-year-old boy has been killed while trying to cross the road on his way to school in Sydney's south. Let's go straight to our reporter in Kingsgrove for the details. What more can you tell us? Well, a mother was walking with three children to Kingsgrove Public School at 8.40 this morning when the five-year-old boy, believed to be in the kindergarten there, was trying to cross the road. He was hit by this car. He was taken to St George Hospital in a critical condition, but when he got there, he was pronounced did. His mother is being treated for shock, as was the driver of the other car, believed to be a female driving a four-wheel drive along Kingsgrove Road. Now, police are still investigating how this happened. They're here on scene here. A lot of witnesses saw what happened and described the scene as horrific. Everyone was shocked. They tried to run over and help him. The mother grabbed her son. She had blood all over her. Next thing you know the ambulance turned up. They picked him up, put him on the bed and off to the hospital. Horrific. Horrific. Any mother, any mother shouldn't have to go through that. A heartbreaking story here this morning. Ambulance officers are warning people just to keep an extra eye out around schools and no doubt this is a tragedy for this family coming up to Christmas. Yearnly is, very sad. Let's get the latest on the fallout from the Royal prank call. The London hospital where Jacintha Saldanha worked has announced it will launch a fund in memory of the 46-year-old. The nurse answered the call from the Today FM radio hosts. Earlier this morning her husband and two children met with MPs at Westminster to discuss the investigation into her death. This is a close family; they are devastated by what's happened. They miss her every moment of every day. They are really grateful for the support of the British public and to the public overseas for the messages of support and kindness. Meantime radio DJs, Mel Grieg and Michael Christian, have apologised in an emotional interview with Nine's A Current Affair. They said they were devastated when they learned of Jacintha's death. The worst phone call I've ever had in my life.Gutted.Not a minute goes by we don't think about her family and what they must be going through. The thought that we may have played a part in that is... Gut wrenching.Jacintha Saldanha's family is expected to make another statement tomorrow. Police across two states are on the hunt for an armed robber who escaped a strict supervision on parole in NSW. It's feared Jason Robert Herbert is on his way to WA, seeking to avenge his brother's death.

Jason Herbert was released on parole in NSW last month after serving part of a 15-year jail term for armed robbery and grievous bodily harm. Now, on Saturday Herbert fled custody, by removing the electronic monitoring device from his ankle. He hasn't been seen since. Authorities fear he's bound for Perth to seek retribution against two traffic officers involved in a high-speed chase in which his brother, Troy, was killed in 2009. An inquest heard the officers reached speeds of up to 200 km/h in the pursuit which was not authorised. Nine News spoke to Jason Herbert's mother, ruelt, who made a passionate plea for her son to turn himself in. Jason, sweertheart, I know it's hard, and you don't like the circumstances that you had to come out with, with your device and everything, but, Jason, please, I beg you, my love, please contact me and let me know you are fine. Please, my love. We can work something out. I promised you that. Jason Herbert is considered dangerous and possibly armed. WA Police have told us they took the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of all of its often cers. Details of those arrangements haven't been made public. A statewide alert has been issued for Jason Herbert's arrest. Any sightings should be reported to Crimestoppers. Residents near a large industrial estate north of Brisbane are being told to keep their doors and windows closed after a massive factory blaze sent toxic chemicals into the air. For more we're joined by our reporter at the scene. Talk us through how the fire started? Well, it was around 12.30 last night when authorities were called here to the industrial estate in the storage facility. It stored strong chemicals which made it difficult for firefighters to access the areas. There rr explosions inside the building. It took fifty firefighters to bring the blaze under control. They are investigating how that started. It's believed at this stage the fire may have started by a truck parked outside the building and it would have taken just mere minutes for the entire building to ignite. Now, this isn't the first blaze to hit the industrial area. How are residents reacting?Well, this is the last thing in the world residents wanted to hear. There was another large industrial fire here involving chemicals in this very same estate back in 2005. Now, that led to many, many years of legal action State Government inquiries. They're furious and warned the State Government that if it happens again, if this industrial facility wasn't moved. The local council says they are powerless in this situation. Houses have been built close to this industrial estate, mere kill meeters away. The mayor says he's powerless to do anything about it. Listen.Devastating. You worry about the community. You worry about the residents. I'm delighted to say there's been a lot learned from the last fire. There's been the inquiry by the State Government from the Health Department and they've said that the type of companies operating here within their limitations, I do have concerns as a mayor, I've always had concerns, but we are subserve yent to the state. We have to take them at their word. It's a difficult balancing act for everyone involved. Of course t businesses here are very big employees in the area, but there's lots of new lovely estates where people want to buy and live in this area. No doubt we haven't heard the last of this argument between industrial v residential for the next few weeks. PfThank you. The Gillard Government has not had the preChristmas popularity boost it would have hoped for. According to the last Newspoll of the year, the Government's primary vote has fallen four points and the Coalition's has risen three. After preferences, the Coalition is ahead 54-46. Approval ratings for Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott remain low. The Newspoll Boss puts that down to a bitter political debate.The personality-style attacks that both leaders have leverageed on one another have not helped. They have only entrenched existing views. Both sides accused the other of waging personal attacks against their respective leaders. The number of Australians suffering from an eating disorder is on the rise. A new report has revealed close to a million people are battling the condition. Binge eating is the most common disorder. There's also been a surge in anorexia and bulimia. The conditions are costing the health system an estimated $100 million. Nearly 2,000 people have died from eating disorders this year alone. Childhood obesity is a growing problem and health experts are looking for ways to cut down on the number of calories consumed by children. A new study of over 4,000 Australian kids has found that what they eat affects their choice of drinks. Doctors say limiting salt is a good thing, which goes for children as well. Too much salt can cause health issues like high blood pressure, along with kidney and heart problems, etch in little ones. Now a study in this week's Journal of Paediatrics finds salt may play a greater role in drinks - especially sugar-sweetened bever ridges.

Researchers found 62% of youngsters reported drinking sugar-sweetened drinks. They found the link between salt and sweet drinks, knowing that children who ate more salt, drank more sweetened liquids. For one gram of salt consumed, a child consumed 17 grams more of a sweetened drink than those who did not eat a lot of salt T study showed that children who drank more than one serving of a sugar sweetened beverage were 26 more likely to be overweight or obese. If kids stop eating a lot of salt, scientists concluded, they may reduce how many sugar-sweetened drinks they drink. Tributes are pouring in for the American navy seal killed in a daring mission to rescue a doctor being held hostage in Afghanistan. 28-year-old Nicholas Check is being hailed a hero. Nicholas Check was just 28 years old, but for much of the last decade, he had been a navy seal, the last five years part of the elite seal team 6. In Iraq, Afghanistan, whereever he was needed, he carryed out dangerous missions, just like the one that took his life on Sunday. It was just before 3am when Check and his team along with Afghan Khan doughs loaded into helicopters and headed in the darkness to a remote mountain-top location in Eastern Afghanistan. Down below, Taliban fighters held a relief worker and father of four from Colorado, kidnapped, leaving a rural medical clink just days before. The highly- trained seal team moved in quickly to a group of huts where Joseph was held. Gunfire broke out. Joseph was rescued, but the young navy seal took a bullet to the head. The decision to go in so quickly was made by the top commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, who thought Joseph was in immediate danger.The race was on. At that point they knew if they couldn't get him before he was taken over the border into Pakistan, that it would be almost impossible to rescue him.There have been hundreds of successful missions by the seals, including the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, but the missions are dangerous as Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said. He said they knew they were putting their lives on the line. A new road campaign is under way in Victoria, targeting young drivers, by getting some of their peers involved in the project.

It's called the A Film, Make A Difference Competition. This theme was 'Party in a Car'. More than 300 film-makers submitted ideas. 24- year-old Jonathan Burton and 25- year-old Jordan Wiseman taking out the top prize with two different short films.

Not like you to call. Keeping on top of studies?Yeah. Where are you?Loobing after my mates. # I make all the right moves # Now I'm sharply my brother # Everyone come with me, I'm the dez iing naited driver. I thought that music is a great way to engage an audience and have a positive road safety message. Emotional engagement will hopefully reach people. I think using this medium engages emotionally. We believe that the two scripts undertaken by Jordan and Jonathon were really the best at expressing how easily tragedy could happen when you are spring a party in the car. Eight people have been killed on Victorian prods since the weekend. As we head into the holiday festive season, the road safety message has never been more important. Really important we provide these messages for young people to remind them about that life and death scenario.The ultimate accolade as a film-maker is to get your work seen by people. One of the great things is it will get seen by a lot of people and promote that positive message. The films are funded by the Victorian Transport Accident Commission and will be shown in cin mass, on television and through the Facebook page. South Korean popstar, Psy, has apologised for an anti-American rap he made eight years ago. He was facing a backlash in the US but said sorry performing at a Christmas concert for the Obamas. Late Sunday the President and his family mingled with elves...Merry Christmas.They posed in front of a Christmas tree that is usually an unnews worthy Christmas in Washington event. Mixed in with cheer was controversy, courtesy of this guy in the red top, getting ready to take the stage. # Gangnam style You will know Psy from the most watched clip in the history of YouTube. It turns out the man who made countless Americans dance around like drunken horses has a history of anti-Americanism. Yes, Psyt guy on every talk show from 'Ellen' to 'Leno' and he performed for troops. He got on stage? 2000 and smashed a toy version of an American tank and later performed a song whose lyrics included "Kill those (expletiv' Yankees..." He issued a statement saying he was deeply sorry for how the lyrics could be interpreted. Despite an online uproar, President Obama attended the Christmas show. The White House insisted it had no control over the guest list. What will happen next to Psy's career? Fewor you were making up horrible things that a popstar could say to get them this trouble, you would have a hard time with coming up with worse things than that that. We have the sport now. And our cricketers hit the nets? We've had Twenty20 fun and now time for the test again. Sri Lanka poses a new challenge for our Australian test team. There are question marks over the Hobart pitch. We will talk to Roz Kelly about that. Rugby league will scrap for charity with Rugby Union in boxing.

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Australia's test team has assembled in Hobart desperate to make up for missed opportunity against South Africa. Roz Kelly is at Bellrieve Oval. Good morning. It looks lovely. What's the conditions and pitch? Good morning. The weather is beautiful, but there are plenty of Aussie batsmen that would have nightmares about coming here. The entire surface has been relayed since the last test was played here N that test Australia were rolled by New Zealand. None of the Aussie batsmen made more than 25 runs apart from David Warner. Since then even domestic Sheffield Shield matches have been funishing in three days with teams posting shocking totals. It's been a night mayor for batsmen, but Aussie opener, EdCowan says it's not that intimidating. His advice is try to survive the first 30 or so balls and you will settle in. We're used to playing on pretty juicey wickets. Having seen the wicket it looks in pretty good nick. Only three days until the test, but there are quite a few question marks around the Aussie team.Well, this afternoon is the Aussies' first training session. That officially begins the post Ricky Ponting era. The team has been protective and supportive of his replacement, Phil Hughes. His test career was derailed at this ground last year, dumped from the test squad. He went back to domestic cricket and moved states to try to improve his form; changed his technique and has since being the leading Shield run scorer.He worked really hard on his game on certain areas. He's obviously improved. Now it's time to play cricket. My oj concern is every time he gets out someone will want to mention it. And Ricky Ponting will make an appearance on Day 1. He will do a lap op honour at lunchtime. We will be live from Australia training session in the 4.30 afternoon National News. To AFL now. It seems the Kurt Tippett saga is over. The former Crow officially became a Swan in the preseason draft. He kfpbt play until at least Round 12 after being suspended for his role in Adelaide's salary cap rort. Only eight players found new homes with GWS using their first pick to give Brett Thornton a lifeline. The NRL and its players are on a collision course as the two sides remain divided over salary cap issues. Players are after a big increase following the billion- dollar TV rights deal, but the league says any talk of a strike is bluff. No-one gets a mortgage on their position. This is a compromise. Everyone needs to compromise because at the end of the day, we're chaseing the same thing. Rugby league is scheduled to return in February with the All Stars game. Rugby league stars, Paul Gallen, Greg Bird and Willie Mason, will trade punches in a charity boxing event in New Zealand. They are raising money for cancer research, but there's plenty of rivalry. We've got big helmets on and 16- ounce gloves. It's not a professional bout, but everyone is taking it serious.Willie is fighting former All Black Troy Flavell. He's asked Jeff Fenech to be in his corner. The Phillipino boxing hero, Manny Pacquiaou, is not taking defeat well. One of the toughest men on earth cried in an interview, with his wife Jinkee imploreing him to retire. Despite the emotional and physical strain t33-year-old has not indicated he will retire. As the Aussies prepare for the test series against Sri Lanka, we have a story about a far more ambitious test. Nigeria, an African football powerhouse, wants to make a world impact on the game. There's been progress, but some teams have staged tuem. Nigeria entered the ICC world rankings in 200 and while the demand for handmade bats is growing, there's confusion about what they're used for.Is it for paddling a canny? -- a canoe? They don't know the cricket!Nigeria want the same impact for cricket as for football. We need to push down the age to the point to where a kid is born, it's two or three, and he's already thinking of playing cricket, to make it as popular as football.Of the 106 countries listed with the ICC, Nigeria sits in 37th place, but they do it tough. There's carpet pitches, scoreboards that are basic but faith is high. Cricket in Nigeria is changing lives.There are a lot of boys on the street who don't know what is going on in their minds, but cricket was there for me any time I needed it. Cricket is all I got. And it's a can lay day for surfing in Hawaii, so Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater have to wait for their battle for the world title. We will do some research. It would be great to see Parko win? Yes.And coming up after the break, we will have the finance and weather.

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Let's look at the weather.

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