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This program is captioned live. This morning - we're sorry - two Sydney radio hosts apologise
for their prank phone call after a British nurse
took her own life. On the run - a nationwide man-hunt for a dangerous criminal
who escaped parole. And a blaze at a Gold Coast marina
destroys more than 20 boats. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. The Sydney radio hosts behind
the now infamous royal prank have apologised, saying they're heartbroken
by the death of the British nurse who took their call. Mel Greig and Michael Christian say
they planned a silly prank but it backfired in a way
they never thought possible. Two young radio hosts at the centre
of an international storm tearful and filled with remorse.

If we had any idea that something
like this could happen, we couldn't see this happening. It was meant to be a prank call. I'm gutted.

Shattered...heartbroken. The pair's been in hiding since the apparent suicide of
British Nurse Jacintha Saldanha. The 46-year-old mother of two
answered their prank call, unwittingly putting them through to another nurse
caring for the Duchess of Cambridge, sparking an outcry
from the British press. If we played any involvement
in her death then we're very sorry for that. The joke was always on us
not anyone else, it wasn't about trying
to fool someone... We thought with the voices we put on we were going to get told off
and that was the gag - on us. They say they could never
have imagined the affect their actions would have
on Jacintha's husband and children. We are so sorry for what
is happened to them, We are thinking of you and if we could call you,
we would want to reach out to you. The interview has made headlines
around the world. Mel Greig and Michael Christian
told Australian television networks they were heartbroken... ..Say they're heartbroken by the death of the
nurse that took the call. The reaction so far has been mixed. Yesterday, Southern Cross Austereo cancelled the Hot 30 radio show
indefinitely but stopped short
of sacking the hosts. Their future careers, in limbo.

And that's making sure that family gets through this tough time.

Our careers aren't important
at the moment. The pair's now considering
the possibility of facing Jacintha's family
at a coronial inquest in London. Absolutely, if that's something
they want to do to get closure, then I'll do that.

And the husband of nurse
Jacintha Saldanha has met a UK politician
at the House of Commons in London. Labor MP Keith Vaz says the King Edward Hospital VII
where Jacintha worked has failed her family,
which includes two children, and must offer them more support. Benedict Barboza flew to London to formally identify his wife's body
at a post-mortem tomorrow. A coast-to-coast man-hunt
is underway for a dangerous criminal who's
broken free of his tracking device. Jason Robert Herbert was on parole
in Newcastle, north of Sydney, but disappeared on Saturday. It's believed he could be
on his way to Perth to seek revenge
against two police officers over the death of his brother. Do the right thing,
don't do anything stupid. I beg you.

Herbert is considered dangerous
and should not be approached.

News just in.

A strong earthquake has struck
off the coast of Indonesia. The 7.1 magnitude quake hit
just before 4:00 this morning. It was so strong
it woke residents in Darwin with many taking to social media
to report the tremor. There was no immediate
tsunami threat. in the final Newspoll for the year. The latest poll shows Labor's
primary vote has dropped to 32% while the Coalition's
has climbed to 46%. On a two-party preferred basis,
the Opposition leads 54% to 46%. Julia Gillard's personal standing
has also suffered but she's still in front
of Tony Abbott. It's the first poll to include the
dramatic final week of Parliament where Ms Gillard's past
dominated debate. The European Union has been awarded
this year's Nobel Peace Price. The Nobel committee praised
the 27-nation bloc for promoting peace and human rights
for six decades since the devastation
of World War II. The reconciliation
between Germany and France is probably
the most dramatic example in history to show that war and conflict can be
turned so rapidly into peace and cooperation. The EU's three presidents
each received diplomas and medals. At least 20 boats
have been destroyed in a blaze at a dry dock storage
facility on a Gold Coast marina. Fuel and fibreglass
fed the intense flames, which proved challenging
for firefighters. At one point, they were forced
to pump water from the sea. It's certainly something that we
would prefer to not to have to do. It will be some time before the
full extent of the damage is known. There's no word yet
on what caused the fire. And rain has helped firefighters
contain a bushfire which tore across North Stradbroke
Island, off Brisbane's bay side. The fire claimed a house
and several caravans and a camp that was home
to a family of eight. Two years of working hard
and getting it going and this has just happened. It's horrible. Fire crews are still at the scene,
keeping watch for flare-ups. The New South Wales
Police Commissioner has personally invited the public
to attend tomorrow's funeral for slain
Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson. The much-loved officer
was fatally stabbed while responding to a neighbourhood
dispute in Sydney's north-west. A 45-year-old woman
and her 19-year-old son have been charged with his murder. The funeral will be held at
St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta from 2pm.

Australia and Indonesia
will sign an agreement today to boost cooperation
in search and rescue operations involving asylum seekers. The agreement is expected
to give Australian aircraft rapid clearance
to enter Indonesian airspace. It will also boost
maritime cooperation to improve response times
for vessels in distress. Doctors are hoping a new sensor,
the size of a human hair, will be able to help them
detect deadly cancers earlier than ever before. The sensor feels for abnormalities with better accuracy
than other technologies. This tiny encased fibre-optic sensor
is the brainchild of Swinburne University's
Associate Professor Paul Stoddard. I think
it's very promising technology. The biomedical engineer and his team
have invented the probe which can be fed into the mouth
and throat through an endoscope. What we are hoping to do
with our sensor is to provide the doctors
with the extra information about the feel of the tissue. This will help doctors determine whether it is normal
or could be a cancerous tumour. Early detection will enable
swift treatment and better possible outcomes. Researchers are also optimistic the probe will help in the early
detection of other types of cancers, including bowel and lung cancers. The device was originally used to help guide cochlear implants into
the delicate part of the inner ear. The Austin Hospital's
Associate Professor Paul Mitchell predicts it will also be useful
during surgery. Well, if you've got a tumour
in the throat or mouth or some other area of the body, you might be able to accurately
define the borders of that tumour so that you can guide your surgery. Human trials are expected
over the next two years. Australians are spending
a lot less on the pokies than in previous years. In the year to September, poker machine revenue dropped
by a billion dollars, to $10.2 billion -
roughly $3 million a day. That fall is in line
with a drop in the amount spent across all forms of gambling, which fell from $18.9 billion
to $16.9 billion. Bucking the trend, online bookies
raked in an extra $100 million over the same period.

Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the warning about dodgy maps,
which could leave you stranded. But next on Seven Early News - Molly Meldrum's remarkable recovery,
one year on. And our favourite dogs,
back with a new trick.

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Melbourne's diesel shortage
could now last until Christmas. Local refineries
have resumed production after storm damage halted operations
last week. But there's a massive backlog
to fill and customers
are feeling the strain. I heard one bloke this morning, he was down to the last 30
kilometres or something on his gauge and he had been driving around
looking for it. Shell has ordered two emergency
tanker-loads from Singapore but it could be another two weeks
before supplies return to normal. Molly Meldrum says
he's been given the all-clear and is feeling better than ever one year after he was almost killed
when he fell from a ladder. The music industry legend
has spoken to Seven's Jennifer Keyte about his remarkable journey
to recovery. Can you believe you're sitting here
with a big tick from the doctors? I was feeling very...trying to
find my feet, shaking and all that, and I thought,
"I'm never going to get better." But, yeah, it's incredible. How are you doing? Really well.
Really, really well. I mean, with Professor Jeff
Rosenfeld from The Alfred, "your plates are fine,
your brain is fine," and I said, "You know,
I do question about the brain "because I'm not sure
what template you used "because a lot of people
would say "my brain was stuffed
before the accident." Molly was standing on a ladder, hanging decorations for his annual
Christmas party when he fell. He fractured his skull,
broke his spine and ribs, punctured his lung,
damaged his shoulder and sustained bruising to his brain. Bleeding heavily
and already in a deep coma, Do you think you're fully recovered? I know I have. I know. This Christmas, Molly plans to keep his feet
firmly planted on the ground. Give us a kiss.

Our favourite dogs are back,
performing a new trick - driving a car solo. In a world first,
Monty has become the only animal to successfully put a car into gear,
accelerate and drive down a race track
and brake all by himself. Just two months ago,
he was homeless. A trio of adopted strays
made world headlines when they were taught to drive -
with help. was aimed at persuading people
to adopt strays. Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the pioneering breast cancer
treatment freezing tumours. But next on Seven Early News - the NRL salary-cap dispute
set to reach boiling point. And controversial
former AFL star Ben Cousins set to pull on the boots once again.


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The stories we're following
on the Early News - the Sydney radio presenters who made
a prank call to a British hospital have apologised after a nurse took her own life. Mel Greig and Michael Christian say
they're heartbroken and they could never have foreseen
the outcome. A coast-to-coast man-hunt
is underway for a dangerous criminal
who escaped parole. Police are worried Jason Robert
Herbert is seeking revenge over his brother's death. And the European Union
has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Price.

The Nobel committee urged leaders to
unite After the news and work together to solve the economic crisis.

There are concerns over the state
of the Bellerive Oval pitch ahead of Friday's opening test
against Sri Lanka. The resurfaced Hobart wicket has
reportedly been branded 'a shocker' by Queensland Bulls officials. But Aussie opener Ed Cowan
is looking forward to playing on his home track. The tourists have arrived
without the fanfare of South Africa but with the same intentions. And they have a new spin threat - Rangana Herath ranked
the world's best after stepping out
of Murali's shadow. Good year for me. Compared to the last two or three
years, this is my best year so I have taken
about 56 wickets so far. His impact will depend largely
on Bellerive's green monster. The pitch was virtually unplayable in last year's shock loss
to New Zealand It feels like a wicket
that I've conquered, probably, over
the last couple of years in bowler-friendly conditions. Conquering it again will at least
get persistent critics off his back. I'm surprised to hear Ian Chappell
doesn't want me in the team. What a surprise. Two innings of some significance
out of five - I reckon
that's a pretty good strike rate. Phil Hughes's strike rate
has never been a problem. His 74 steered Adelaide to victory
over Perth in the Big Bash - Friday's first test,
the third chance to prove his technique
is test-worthy. My only concern is every time he gets out,
someone will want to mention it so that's just
what he'll have to deal with. Getting players out was the concern
for the Heat at the Gabba. Chasing 173,
Hobart's Hurricanes stormed home with an over and eight wickets
to spare. Suspended AFL star Kurt Tippett
will become a Sydney Swan at today's pre-season draft. The key forward will reportedly sign
a 2-year deal with the reigning premiers - not the 4-year contract
that had been widely speculated. Tippett will miss
the first 11 games of next year for his role in the Adelaide Crows
salary cap scandal. Port Adelaide has ruled out
drafting Liam Jurrah but have promised to keep helping
the troubled former Demon. Meanwhile, Ben Cousins will come out
of retirement next year to play two matches
in country Western Australia. The NRL salary-cap dispute
could be about to turn ugly with John Grant warning players they might not get a say in
determining next year's salary cap. The ARL Commission chairman
has ruled out eating into rugby league's
$225 million future fund to accommodate a cap increase. It sets the scene
for an explosive confrontation when pay negotiations
resume tomorrow. We need to make a stance because it just seems like we keep
getting pushed to the side and pushed into a corner. Fans will get to choose the team
of A-League All Stars to take on Manchester United in a
friendly match in Sydney next year. Ex-United and Sydney FC star
Dwight Yorke is even talking up making a comeback
for the game in July. For these young men in Sydney
to play against a world-class team, it's a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity. Meanwhile, the pitch invader
who confronted Rio Ferdinand in yesterday's Manchester Derby
has been charged. Police are still hunting
the person who threw the coin that cut Ferdinand above the eye. Brian Smith
is the latest NRL identity to make the switch to super rugby. The sacked Roosters coach has
joined Jake White's ACT Brumbies as a defence and tackling coach. The Brumbies have been keen to add a rugby league element
to their coaching ranks for several months. They sparked cross-code controversy
in November by trying sign Newcastle Knights
hooker Danny Buderus as a collision coach. The move was subsequently blocked
by the ARL Commission.

Nat, the news from Hawaii, no surfing at Pipeline, a lay day, hopefully tomorrow they will be back in action.Thanks, next the weather.


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Now for a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up around the country. A trough is generating cloud
and thunderstorms over western Queensland
and the Northern Territory. Another trough in Western Australia
is also causing a few storms. Southerly winds are bringing clouds
and a few showers. Cloud along
the New South Wales coast.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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