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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Breaking their silence - the radio announcers at the centre of the royal prank speak out.I remember my first ut.I remember my first question Wozniacki she a mother?Resting comfortably - reassurance over the immediate health of an increasingly frail Nelson Mandela.I pray he will be OK.And damning findings - friends and family learn the truth about the Christchurch quake CTV building collapse.Personally, nothing will change for me or the families.

Good evening and welcome to the program. The two Australian radio announcers at the centre of the royal prank scandal have broken their silence amid a growing backlash against their Sydney radio station. 2Day FM has tonight suspended advertising indefinitely and banned all pranks following the apparent suicide of London nurse Jacintha Saldanha. She was found dead two days after being duped by Mel Greig and Michael Christian. 2Day FM radio hosts breaking their silence on prime time Australian television. Until today, Mel Greig and Michael Christian have been in hiding and undergoing counselling after their prank call to London's King Edward Hospital last week sparked global outrage. Both are now living with unbelievable regret. Look, I'm gutted. Shattered. Heart broken.It was never meant to go that far. It was meant to be a silly little prank that so many people have done before. This wasn't meant to happen.But nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who answered their hoax call asking about the condition of pregnant Kate Middleton, was found dead a few days later. A suicide investigation is under way.There's not a minute that goes by that don't think about their family and what they're going through and we may have played a part in it is gut-wrenching.They were the worst accents ever.Prank calls are common on commercial radio stations. Tactics used to boost ratings. The 2Day FM hoax say their prank was given the green light.We made the phone call and that was phone call and that was it on our behalf.Southern Cross Austereo head Rhys Holleran today revealed they tried to contact the hospital prior to the broadcast.We rang them up to discuss what we had recorded. Before it went to air?Absolutely. We attempted to contact them on no less than five occasions.Why? Because we did want to speak to them about it.It appears 2Day FM didn't get through to anyone and chose to air the call anyway. Media regulators have begun assessing whether the radio station violated broadcasting rules.I think it's important to let the dust settle before we rush into demands for more media regulation. Investigations have been launched in Australia and London.Don't want to think about going back on air. Mel Greig and Michael Christian won't be on air in the near future. 2Day has now axed the show. Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has issued a new decree augtserizing the military to arrest civil -- authorising the military to arrest civilians in the run-up to the constitutional referendum. That has done little to dissuade opposition groups who are moving ahead with a mass planned rally in Cairo tomorrow. lanned rally in Cairo tomorrow. Supporters of Mohammed Mursi continue to assert their right to demonstrate. This sign reads, "Yes to Sharia law." While that's deeply concerning to millions of secular Egyptians, they are worried about the links back to Mubarak.

Mohammed Mursi may have won a democratic election but opponents say he was elected with a slim majority and now he's dismantling democratic institutions. They say the draft constitution he wants to put to the people this week is anything but his week is anything but democratic.

The National Salvation Front has called on another day of mass protests tomorrow.If the President uses his majority to pass laws, and the universal rights that are against the standards we're looking for, we find ourselves in a difficult situation.But Mursi is not without support among moderate Egyptians who believe his motives have been misrepresented.He's only looking for the sake of the country. Not for power, money or anything. Just the sake of the country. Others say Mursi's proposed constitution will damage human rights.It limits freedom of expression. There are provisions that ban insulting individuals or insulting the Prophet. Very, very broad provisions that can be used to undermine human rights protection.Journalists at Egyptian state television say their positions are being undermined. They've accused the information minister of attempting to censor any criticism of the President. Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela has spent a second night in hospital in South Africa. The country's President said the 94- year-old is t said the 94- year-old is comfortable and in good care. It's the second time the increasingly frail Mandela has been hospitalised this year. Nelson Mandela was airlifted to this hospital in Pretoria over the weekend. Government officials were quick to reassure South Africans the former president was admitted to undergo some tests and there was no cause for alarm. Current President Jacob Zuma has been to visit his predecessor. He released a statement saying that he looks well after a restful night. Many supporters of the ailing leader are worried.He has old and has been ill for a long time. They will keep checking him. I pray he'll be OK. Mr Zuma's office said Nelson Mandela needs medical attention from time to time which is consistants with his age. But that's not allaying fear that many of his followers have who have seen his health deteriorate.We're not feeling good because South African politics is not good without Mandela. The condition is not alright if he is in hospital.He is a legend and will be a legend for years and years to come.The respected South African elder has not been seen in public since the country hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2010. In February this year he was admitted to hospital for minor surgery. And the country feared the worst when he spent two nights in hospital in January of 2011 with acute respiratory illness. But he came through. He's also gone under the knife for prostate cancer and cataracts. Supporters are hoping he will prove resilient yet again. New Zealand police are examining the findings of a royal commission in to the collapse of the CTV building during the Christchurch earthquake. 115 people were killed when the building fell in 2011. The commission has found the building's design failures were so significant it should never have been given a building been given a building permit. 22 months on from the CTV building collapse rpbgs the families of the 115 victims have their answers. More than 300 pages of them.There was only one word I wanted to come out of the whole thing and that was the truth. I think they succeeded in bringing that out.As far as CTV goes, it's a building with a history that is unbelievable, really, from start till finish.That history makes grim reading. Flawed design, construction failures and multiple opportunities to close the building missed. In fact, the commission's findings list six specific reasons for its collapse. Five of those were design or construction failures. The sixth was the force of the earthquake itself. It's not the royal commission's role to apportion liability but certain parties are clearly implicated in these failures. The principal of the firm that designed the building said he's yet to receive the report. In a statement, the doctor said, "When I receive a copy, I'll study it carefully with the assistance of the experts who assisted ARCL:

The Christchurch City Council, the body that granted the building permit, has made a similar statement. The families that were spoke to today said they won't be part of any legal action. Personally, nothing will change for mean or for the families. But if there is a gross case of negligence or whatever, that's up for the appropriate people to instigate proceedings.I think that, I'm great believer what goes around comes arn.This report has done nothing to rule out further actions by police.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's announcement that his cancer has returned has shocked the country and alarmed supporters. In a sign that he may not be able to continue as President, he has named a possible successor. Thousands gathered in the capital to wish him well as the long-time ruler prepared to return to Cuba for treatment. Supportsers of Hugo Chavez in Caracas - they all chant. Others stand around in Chavez T shirts, unable to take in the headlines. TRANSLATION: President, prrtd, I love you. I love you. We need you. We need you. All of us, we need you. This is the moment Hugo Chavez said the results of his latest health check were not good. TRANSLATION: Unfortunately, in that exhaustive medical exam, the presence of new malignant cells appear in the same area. We have had to consult experts and it's been decided it's essential for me to submit myself to a new surgery and that should occur in the next few days.Chavez has been receiving aggressive treatment for cancer in Cuba since the middle of last year. He's already had three operations. He only returned from his latest trip all on Friday. Now he's heading back for more. In a move thought to dampen infighting, Chavez has named vice-president Nicolas Maduro as his successor.He hasn't got anything like the charisma and charm Chavez has. Chavez has led his country for the past 14 years. Once a military officer who led an unsuccessful coup attempt, by 1998 his growing popularity had won him the presidency dfplts spite a failed coup attempt against him in 2002, he's left his an -- leftist anti- American agenda is popular. Confirmed by his re-election two months ago against an increasingly confident opposition, his next term in office is due to start early in 2013. But many Venezuelans must be wondering if he will be fit enough to take the post again. Coming up after the break - offshore processing - more warnings of the toll it is taking on asylum seekers.

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Offshore processing should be phased out immediately according to a leading psychiatrist who says long-term immigration detention is a major cause of mental illness. There are also fears the recommendations of health experts are being ignored. The Government says the detainees are offered the best available care. Ramesh fur nends loves strolling the grey stones -- Fernandez loves strolling the grey stones of Melbourne. He says it's freedom for himself after being in detention.I see people cutting themselves and trying to hang themselves. And starving for a long time.The disturbing reflection support the views of psychiatrist Professor Louise Newman. For more than a decade she's been studying the link between long-term detention and mental illness.These people are unlikely to recover when they're faced with the prospect of arbitrary and very prolonged detention. Their situation needs to be resolved to allow them to recover and to function effectively. In remote facilities like Nauru, there are practical difficulties sourcing willing, qualified and capable health professionals. And it's expensive. The cost of charter flights for detainees and workers travelling between centres is now estimated at more than $6 million a month. According to Professor Newman, we could soon be confronted with another health and financial crisis. She says treating mental illnesses inside detention centres isn't working because so often the centres themselves are the cause of the problem.When actually, A, it's ineffective. And, B, it's producing a huge B, it's producing a huge burden of mental health problems that the Australian community is likely to have to pay for. We could place 1,000 mental health professionals in some of these locations and it will not fix the people.Refugee advocate Pamela Curr fears it's a matter of time before a detainee suicide attempt is successful. She says even the strongest recommendations from health providers fall on deaf ears. They need to be removed to a therapeutic setting, a hospital or removed into the community. Those recommendations go to Canberra and are ignored.In a statement, a spokesman for atement, a spokesman for Chris Bowen said people transferred offshore receive health care from onsite:

An inquest has begun in Sydney in to the death of a 16-year-old schoolboy when died after eat agwalnut cookie made at school. The Ashfield Boys High student Raymond Cho was known by staff to have a nut allergy. He went in to anaphylactic shock after eating the cookie made by fellow students in a cooking class. The boy's parents heard an apology from the Education Department. A lawyer said it believed it had systems in place to keep children with anaphylaxis safe but it was wrong. Victorian police are warning travellers not to rely on Apple Maps after going to the aid of six people lost in bushland over the past two months. Its location for Mildura was off by 70 kilometres. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Paul Keating's Redfern speech that started Australia on the long road of reconciliation with indigenous people. The divisions between black and white are just as stark as they were 20 years ago for many. In Redfern today it was a time for reflection. They're meeting today in the exact place where Paul Keating delivered the speech that accepted responsibility for the issues facing our people.Imagine if we resisted this settlement, suffered and died in the defence of our land, and then were told in history books that we had given up without a fight.The crowd of mostly indigenous people watched on as Keating delivered the speech on December 10, 1992. Lorraine Towers was one of the few non-indigenous people there that day and said it was an eye-opening experience.I think it was more of a revelation what I expected what he said, when there was a kind of admission about what white people had done historically and continued to do. Wayne Morgan is from the Block in Redfern and he said people like Keating are people like Keating are one in a million.That man, he's up here. Fantastic human being. He's up there with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and all them people.Paul Keating's address at the park in Redfern raised issues that would frame the debate for the next decade. Redfern locals looked on from afar. Wayne says reconciliation would be aided from moving away from the fear campaigns of the past.As long as they give Aboriginal human rights their rights, let Aboriginal people live, let them prosper on their own land. We're not going to take over everything and run over everything. Just a reminder that NITV goes free-to-air from Wednesday on digital channel 34. To find out more, just go to our website. Let's check the finance figures now. The Australian share markets closed moderately higher after a weaker than expected Chinese trade surplus.

The weather is coming up and tributes for the man who brought the heavens in to the world's

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Around 12,000 people have marched in support of football linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen, killed after a game in his home town in the Netherlands. Nieuwenhuizen was assaulted by four teenage boys after officiating at his son's match. Top league games were proceeded by a minute's silence. And players wore black arm bands in honour of the 41-year-old. British astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore has died. He was 18. His program, 'The Sky at Night', was broadcast for more than 55 years and popularised star gazing with millions of Britons. The young Patrick Moore seemed a serious sort of chap when 'The Sky at Night' first made him Britain's favourite star gazer. He made his last appearance on the program just last week talking about water on Mercury. I'm a total sceptic for this.Along the way, he became one of the nation's favourite eccentrics. A defiantly old-fashioned man, whose passion for astronomy had first been kindled by this book when he was just six. He had his own observatory in his own garden. He mapped the moon.Astronomy has just grown through leaps and bounds. It's people like Patrick who have been able to put it in to perspective, help ordinary people understand the enormity of the universe.Thousands of amateur astronomers caught the bug from his infectious enthusiasm.That is the end of this eclipse of the century. His monocle delivery was easy to parody.This is Ronnie Barker.Good evening!He was happy to send himself up as well, launching a set of astronomical stamps at StoneHenge.It is very suitable indeed to use -- Stonehenge. It iserary suitable to do this.Are you a collector?No.Not at all?No. Music was a great love. He played the piano and composed with a ziphone. He could have made a fortune but said his astronomy would have suffered and he always put astronomy first. And Queen guitarist Brian May, who is a doctor of astrophysics and wrotd two books with Moore, said -- wrote two bookwise Moore, said the world has lost a sensational man. The controversy didants affect the Obamas, they were all there attending the charity concert. The 'Gangnam Style' star was in protests against the Iraq war. He wrote an anti-American rap after two Korean girls were killed by a US military vehicle. The concert is in its 31st year. To the weather now. A low-pressure trough is generating thunderstorms in southern Queensland with brisk south-westerly winds bringing showers to the NSW coast, while a high is creating clear skies in Victoria and Tasmania.

That's the world this mane. I'll be back with you at the same -- Monday. I'll be back with you at the same time tomorrow night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -