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(generated from captions) Penrith reached 19, 10 below average. Tomorrow, a slow-moving high will continue to generate scattered showers across eastern NSW and in Queensland. We can expect a cloudy day, with widespread showers - possibly heavy near the coast - and a chance of a storm. Conditions will ease by the afternoon. There is a 90% chance of rain, with between 8mm to 20mm forecast.

Amber, thank you very much. That is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good

Tonight ... Canberra after dark - dr
from police eyes. The crackdown on Tw
drunken violence. A lucky escape -
Two men walk away from this shockin couple
crash. And: it' s a date! Why e
couples will wed on Wednesday. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. A blit t
on drunken violence uncovered more trouble on our roads than around th city' s nightclubs. A Gungahlin ma was caught driving five times over the legal limit - police are blamin me
early Christmas celebrations. A merry time of year, with some endin s
up on the naughty list. There' s communit
still a minority part of the
community that are still not heedin them
the message about looking after frien
themselves, looking after their friends. +y Police were out in forc o
at on Friday and Saturday, as part an
of Operation Unite. Violent drunks wer
and highly intoxicated Canberrans offend
were in their sights The worst fr
offenders had been dumped by their police
friends. An excess number of s
police certainly didn' t dampen the Ac
spirits of the attending public. five-tho
Across Australia, there were
five-thousand-six- hundred-and-fift hundred-
incidents, Of those, three- charge
hundred-and-forty-seven people charged with assault.The ACT is the transTas
smallest jurisdiction in the appre
transTasman crackdown. Officers peo
apprehended six people, with four people arrested for assault. I' v statist
got to admit even though our t
statistics are low, disappointingly wou
they' re still higher than what I Drin
would have liked to have seen. rat
Drink driving had a higher strike b
rate. Police conducted nine-hundred returned
breath tests and nine people thirty
returned a positive reading. A wil
thirty-six year old Gungahlin man blow
will be summonsed to court after Frida
blowing point two four three on p
Friday night. It' s indicative of
people not listening to the message that they are putting themselves i harms way and putting the communit pres
in harms way. While the heavy offic
presence was centered in Civic, f
officers were also called to attend distur
fourteen disturbances. Those cit
disturbances were not only in the city but in outlying suburb areas, noise
number of parties, a number of +w
noise complaints over the weekend. +w

Two people are lucky to be alive,
after their car crumbled in an earl ne
morning crash. The vehicle rolled Reporte
near the Parkes Way off ramp. The
Reporter Gemma Coombe has more. hi
The driver of the Honda Accord and Hos
his passenger are in The Canberra f
Hospital, amazingly with only minor from
facial injuries. This is the car from the site this morning - crushe the
beyond recognition. It rolled on it
the Parkes Way off ramp, landed on Th
its roof, up against a small tree. was
The twenty-six-year-old passenger
was able to free himself, the drive crews
was trapped. ACT Fire & Rescue th
crews cut the thirty-year-old from t
the wreckage using hydraulic rescue Inve
tools. ACT Policing' s Collision Team
Investigation and Reconstruction Team are investigating the incident an
At this stage it looks like speed and alcohol may have contributed -
and there is only one reason why th sti
men, specifically the driver are l
still alive. "The driver was very wa
lucky to escape serious injury. He t
was lucky he had his seatbelt on at sa
the time and that' s probably what saved his life." Police are using othe
the lucky escape as a message to r
other road users. "It' s a timely reminder, particularly coming up to people
the Christmas season to remind dri
people about the dangers of drink spee
driving and driving at excessive w
speeds." Police are asking anyone c
who may have witnessed the crash to come forward.

Twenty truck drivers returned roadside
positive drug tests during a Off
roadside operation near Goulburn. tw
Officers conducted six hundred and M
twenty breath and drug tests at the Stat
Marulan Heavy Vehicle Inspection returne
Station yesterday. No drivers th
returned alcohol readings. Each of
the twenty drivers had their drivin four
privileges suspended for twenty test
four hours - pending further lab c
testing. Any driver whose sample is noti
confirmed will be issued a court off
notice and charged. ACT ambulance
officers have given the Government roste
list of demands about proposed worki
roster changes. The re-modelled working times would apply to patien th
transport staff. The Union claims the changes would mean those needin delay
emergency treatment could face ti
delays because paramedics would be T
tied up with transporting patients. i
TWU members today voted not to take giving
industrial action yet, instead respo
giving ACT Health seven days to
respond to their calls. They includ scrapping the proposed changes, an f
introducing a new chain of command fo
for PTS staff. We are not asking for any unreasonable demands, we' r t
simply asking for a roster that is th
there to cover those patients when wil
they need this service. Members ES
will meet again next Monday. The m
ESA Commissioner has predicted, the be
majority of fires this summer will and
be deliberately lit. Firefighters The
and police will increase patrols. communi
They' re also encouraging the
community to help them watch out fo Deliberate
firebugs. Raging fires. Deliberately lit. About 60 percen b
of fires caused by human beings we w
believe are arson fire or fires lit seve
with intent. The potential for t
severe blazes this summer is higher
than the past few seasons. Just las region
week - fire crews battled the th
region' s first major grassfire of f
the year. There' s no natural cause commission
for the blaze. Leading the al
commissioner to this prediction: almost without exception this summe I would expect to see any fire tha O
does start, started by people. m
Over the summer months we work even more closely with our friends in th ran
Emergency Services we extend the rur
range of our patrols out into the generally
rural areas and our members peop
generally are on the lookout for c
people behaving suspiciously. The t
community should be on the look out activi
too, and report any suspicious some
activity to police. Canberra has the
some of the best trained staff in in
the country. Very highly skilled investigatio
in that area both on the a
investigation side and on the cause
and origin side by the fire service seriousl
So we take the problem very fo
seriously we investigate all fires cause
for cause and determination and seri
cause and origin. Arson is a f
serious criminal office and you can s
face lengthy prison term if you are committin
successfully prosecuted for committing such an offence.

ACT paramedics were forced to call att
police, after their ambulance was emergency
attacked while attending an a
emergency call-out. They swerved to onto
avoid hitting a man, who ran out nig
onto the road at Holt on Saturday night, stopping them from attending twenty-o
a priority one incident. The win
twenty-one-year old broke off the pane
wing mirror and damaged the side attending
panel. After assaulting the wa
attending police officers, the man
was charged. Supporters of the Sout par
Tralee Development have thrown a Som
party, to celebrate its approval. pushi
Some community groups have been Ne
pushing for the development on the years.
New South Wales border for ten hou
years. It will include affordable pos
housing, community facilities and three-
possibly a high school. Around tr
three-and-a-half thousand students travel across the border each day. Jerrabomb
I' m sure for many here at ac
Jerrabomberra that do choose to go forwa
across the border, they' d look g
forward to having an opportunity to o
go into a high school here in their be
own community. Construction will year
begin in the second half of next Govern
year. Next on WIN News ... The thousands
Government pays out tens of fo
thousands paid out in compensation Get
for chipped windscreens, And, ... c
Getting ready for the big date. The couples saying I-do mid-week. This program is not captioned. Ford EcoBoost. It's petrol, turbo. Torque is 300 newton metres. We wanted something powerful,
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couples saying I-do mid-week. There in
s been a thirty- percent increase infection
in the number of salmonella infections in the ACT in the past 1 si
month. There were one hundred and sixty one cases recorded. This year two-hundred-an
there' s already been Fiftee
two-hundred-and-eleven cases.. Fifteen people have been admitted t H
hospital because of the infection. e
High-risk foods include chicken and t
eggs - ACT Health is warning people u
to be vigilant as the weather warms force
up. The ACT government has been thousan
forced to pay out over thirty
thousand dollars in compensation fo on
cracked windscreens. Loose gravel South
on the Kings Highway at the New South Wales border damaged dozens o ye
cars after roadworks earlier this year. Compensated, but feeling le reside
down. "I think the Palerang to
residents and drivers have a right Go
to feel pretty shortchanged by ACT proj
Government' s management of this re
project." The ACT Government was Kings
responsible for resurfacing the at
Kings Highway Southern Deviation - at the border. It was a two year yea
project - finalised in April this associ
year. "There is some defects that
associated with the initial work contr
that will be at the cost of the
contractor." Those defects - loos crack
gravel, which caused dozens of Wal
cracked windscreens for New South t
Wales residents. Around thirty-five in
thousand dollars has been paid out "We
in compensation for the damage.
"We' re not accepting any additiona -
claims. We' ve settled 50 of those clai
- average cost is about $700 per pa
claim." The pebbles also chipped un
paintwork - those claims are still weath
under consideration. Recent hot a
weather caused the gravel to loosen sw
again. ACT Roads has been on site, wa
sweeping it clean, the speed limit sea
was reduced. "Resealed roads or whil
sealed roads are very common but o
while they' re still relatively new h
or fresh as the term may be, during
hot weather they can become soft an r
so there is always a need for some d
remedial work." With more than 10 de
days expected to reach over thirty conc
degrees this Summer - locals are concerned their efforts are futile. weather
When we had a burst of warm was
weather a couple of weeks ago, it st
was almost overnight that the road R
started deteriorating again. +y ACT
Roads is conducting an investigatio into the project. The findings wil be available after Summer.

Experts are calling for more publi home
housing to help ease the ACT' s sh
homelessness rate. The latest data i
shows the number of homeless people p
in the Capital has risen by seventy S
per cent in the past five years.ACT for
Shelter today released its vision c
for the future, calling for ten per cent of housing in new suburbs to b P
designated public accommodation. ACT
Public housing started off in the momen
ACT to house workers and at the ver
moment now it is just housing the shoul
very vulnerable, but we feel it i
should be extended to people on low
incomes. The policy statement say be
more community housing could also hous
be a solution. It' s a type of no
housing that taps into private and ab
not-for-profit organisations to be than
able to provide housing for less p
than market rent. Tributes have Swa
poured in for, Goulburn man Steve
Swadling who will be remembered as fifty-ei
larger than life local. The t
fifty-eight-year-old passed away at Saturda
the Goulburn Base Hospital on Saturday, after being diagnosed wit genera
a brain tumour. He was 2GN' s twenty-t
general manager for the past city'
twenty-three years and also the af
city' s deputy mayor back in 2000, nineteen
after being first elected in ba
nineteen-ninety-five. Restaurants, pa
bars and a boardwalk. They' re all aspir
part of the Tourism Minister' s sh
aspirational plan to transform the lake.
shores of the Capital' s iconic by
lake. Andrew Barr' s been inspired
by the first Burley Griffin Regatta Bu
Boats, bubbly and beauties, the Burley Griffin Regatta had it all. "mus
Music playing It was billed a no
"must attend" event, and there was no doubt the garden party added som are
class to the Capital. When you h
are trying to create something that a
has a bit of longevity, year one is always a feel-out period and to see feed
how it goes but the overwhelming feedback was that is was enjoyed by
all. Around sixteen hundred peopl tw
attended the temporary venue over Org
two days, well short of capacity. cha
Organisers say there will be some act
changes next year, including more ho
action on the water. They' re also
hoping the event has been noticed b t
the Government. When you put all hopefully
those people in a room then s
hopefully they' ll see the positive c
side of what' s gone on here and we futu
can perhaps look at that for the an
future. We don' t use the lake anywhere near as much as we should. T
While permanent buildings at Rond Terrace are out of the question, th part
Tourism Minister believes other fo
parts of the lake would be perfect West
for a revamp. I' m thinking of c
West Basin in particular, where you b
could continue that walk, perhaps a som
boardwalk, and there would be suite
some spots that really would be ev
suited to lakeside bars, cafes and expec
event facilities. Just don' t the
expect the Government to foot all t
the bills. We need to ensure that
there is scope for entrepreneurship anything
If Saturday' s Regatta is cer
anything to go by, the plan would people.
certainly be popular with the people.

The weaving of the Canberra fi
Centenary tapestry has begun. This creat
first section took one month to Ro
create, the Centenary' s Director, The
Robyn Archer added another today. pro
The tapestry is a community-based
project - anyone can visit the A-N- par
School of Art to weave their own th
part of the design, or just to see reflec
the progress. The project will of
reflect the past one hundred years landmark
of Canberra, identifying key t
landmarks such as Parliament House, flow
the War Memorial and Canberra' s man
flower, the bluebell. There are peop
many things in the tapestry that
people pick up on, as people look a they
the design, that' s part of it, they talk about things that they se produc
in the design. The finished Legislat
product will hang in the ACT nex
Legislative Assembly from October coupl
next year. It' s not common for mid-we
couples decide to tie the knot t
mid-week. Wednesday, the twelfth of to
the twelfth, 2012, though is being
touted THE day for a wedding. We me i
two Canberrans, who explained why, it' s so lucky for love. To some, it' s just another date. For others of
it will be the most important day a
of their lives. Three numbers, with is
a special meaning. The one in 12 is one and the pronunciation of 2 i Chinese sort of sounds like love s
saying 12, 12, 12 in Chinese sound lov
like you' re saying one love one no
love one love. Matt and Mina are no strangers to romance. Matt poppe Years
the question, in Sydney on New Years Eve, 12 o' clock, on the firs midn
day of 2012. On the stroke of whi
midnight underneath the fireworks which sort of illuminated it like i y
was daytime, I asked her, she said yes. On Wednesday, they' ll becom of
man and wife. Picking the twelfth of the twelfth of the twelfth as th tr
lucky day. One reason is in the really
traditional calendar that' s a marrie
really good day for you to get fa
married it' s a good day to make a Ra
family +w Marriage celebrant Julie enquiries
Rattenbury says she had six W
enquiries about having a wedding on t
Wednesday. She' ll be residing over Cultural
two ceremonies on the day. different
Culturally some people pick week
different auspicious days of the
week and they can sort of pick it i thi
alignment with the stars sort of a
thing so that' s different cultural ceremon
and they' ll have an official co
ceremony but then go back to their countries and have the larger more on
colourful ceremonies. Last year, eleve
on the eleventh of the eleventh "
eleven - 6 couples in Canberra said align
"I do". There won' t be another eighty-eight
alignment of numbers for
eighty-eight years. it' s the sor grandk
of thing that we can tell our o
grandkids you know, we were married the
on 12,12,12 and even at that time pic
they won' t have a opportunity to w
pick a similar date. Maybe they anniversa
won' t forget their wedding anniversary

Sport is after the break - The ACT P
Comets' strong start at the crease. Cante
Plus - Why Brett Kimmorley left Canterbury for Canberra. This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

The naughty ones.

The athletes.

The greedy ones.

The excitable ones.

The little ones.

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This program is not captioned. Kimmor
Canterbury for Canberra. Brett Rai
Kimmorley will take charge of the
Raiders young halves, after startin today
his new job as Assistant Coach today. The three-hundred game playe ha
says he isn' t concerned the club assistan
has gone through a number of o
assistants in recent seasons. Day one of the new job - Brett Kimmorle earl
was thrown straight into it. An worki
early morning training session, an
working with the halves on passing in
and kicking. I think the club is t
in a wonderful position, ah the way ta
they ended the year last year, the
talent you' ve got in the squad her m
and it was just an opportunity for Davi
me to grow my own development. David Furner' s new coaching team i gut
now complete. There was a good gut feeling to come, it was going t b
be a nice place to come and a good boss to work for. The Boss has ha rece
his fair share of assistants in McFad
recent years. Incumbents Andrew afte
McFadden and Justin Morgan gone, Kimmorley
after this season conclude. sort
Kimmorley isn' t concerned. We c
sort of developed a relationship, a play
couple of years ago, spoke about
playing down here, I suppose coache t
have left, it' s not a good or bad hal
things. The premiership winning halfback retired at the end of 2010 finishing his career at club numbe coachi
six, Canterbury. A specialist Kimmo
coaching role under Des Hasler, apprenti
Kimmorley says he' s done is hesitat
apprentiship. Mate I had no w
hesitations at all, I think it' s a an
wonderful job to have been offered doing
and I certainly look forward to s
doing the best that I can, and as I ti
said hopefully there' s some great t
times around the corner. The team
together and all smiles - Kimmorley club.Ter
s signing is a coup for the the
club.Terry Campese was sitting in the captain' s chair. We certainl and
want to get him back on the park o
and certainly don' t expect to much back
orginally but we want him to get ag
back to the heights of a few years boa
ago. +y David Shillington back on board, after his pre-season break and giving the changes a thumbs up. There are a few new faces which i fresh
good, a bit of change and some fresh ides, around the place. Gre Thomson, Win News.

ACT Comets batsmen managed to get start, but couldn' t go on with it The Comets won the toss and electe Au
to bat, on day-one, against South Ayr
Australia at Freebody Oval. Aaron Ayre top scored with sixty-one runs capt
before being caught. Opener and quick-fire
captain Jono Dean belted a recordin
quick-fire forty. The Comets und
recording a low run-rate, at just C
under three per-over. At stumps the a
Comets were bowled made two hundred shot
and 67. The Canberra Cavalry has Austra
shot up to second place on the Th
Australian Baseball League ladder. s
They recorded their second straight
series win of the year. Smashing th vi
Blue Sox in Sydney. After a tight g
victory, in game one, Canberra lost ta
game two, before bouncing back, to Orang
take the series, three-one. The next
Orange Brigade head to Melbourne next. The Capitals chances of makin the WNBL play-offs have taken a bi lo
hit, after a humiliating 46 point n
loss to Sydney. Their losing streak doub
now stands at four, with a tough week
double- header in the West, this Ca
weekend. Right from the word go,
Canberra was on trouble. The look o Syd
Carrie Graf' s face said it all. Nico
Sydney double-teamed point guard Nicole Hunt, for immediate impact. don
And there' s the turn over, well ba
done by Pono and Efsani, under the Mistakes
basket, makes no mistake. +w r
Mistakes kept coming - Canberra was t
rattled early. Another turn over, st
this will be a worry, in the early n
stages, Sykes going up to the rack,
nicely done. The home side had th The
urgency. Accuracy came in handy. score
The Capitals finally got on the scoreboard, as Brigitte Ardossi lea the fightback - top scoring for th Caps with twenty one. Ardoss got the shot off and it' s successful. S
For little result, as the stars of times
Sydney went on with the job. At Four
times, in spectacular fashion.
Four seconds now, Sykes going for i what
and nailing it, whistle, ending what is the perfect quarter, for th f
Sydney Uni Flames, thirty three to right
fourteen. +y Getting the basics Car
right proved tough going. Unhappy little
Carrie watching on - there was T
little the champion coach could do. s
The Capitals were flattened. Sydney an
strolled home. That is full time b
and that is an emphatic performance C
by the Sydney Uni Flames. Serving
Canberra their second biggest defea easi
in history. It doesn' t get any header
easier for Capitals - a double th
header against Perth and Adelaide, News.
this weekend. Greg Thomson, Win News.

Canberra United is back in finals the
contention, after another win, in h
the W-League. Three games in a week loss
has resulted in two wins and one J
loss, after defeating the Newcastle weeken
Jets at Deakin Stadium, at the
weekend. Nicole Sykes found the bac C
of the net, just before half-time. lead,
Canberra held on to the one-nil lead, for the rest of the game. The t
sit third on the ladder. Returning on
to the Burley Griffin Regatta, And the
on the water, the day belonged to "champi
the Ice Dragons. They won the "champion of champions" event, in fr
the final race of the day. Winners th
from each category from earlier in han
the day, went head to head in the mainta
handicap race. The Ice Dragons race
maintained their lead for entire winne
race and were crowned inaugural Regatta
winners of the Burley Griffin
Regatta Cup. Cooler again today - I break.
ll have the weather after the break. This program is not captioned. Australia, Aussie Christmas? BOTH: Tassie salmon. What salmon?
ALL: Tassie salmon! And even better with
my magnificent cherry vinaigrette. There's plenty for everyone. VOICEOVER: For Curtis's salmon tips
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WOMAN 2: Oh, wow. And only at...
ALL: At Coles. SONG: # It's Christmas time... #
Yum, really good. # It's Christmas time... #
(LAUGHS) # Stand up, stand up... #

This program is not captioned. regi
break. An overcast day about the
region, The Capital reached ninetee after twelve overnight.Right now' cloudy outside and sixteen degrees Go
To the Southern Tablelands, Where Ya
Goulburn reached eighteen degrees. Q
Yass, a high of twenty-one degrees. coole
Queanbeyan, nineteen . A little degrees.
cooler in Braidwood, sixteen to
degrees. On the South Coast, Nowra Ul
topped twenty today. Twenty-one in Ulladulla, the Bay and Moruya Heads the
Bega, seven to twenty-three . On deg
the Alps, Cooma reached seventeen Per
degrees. Minus five overnight for Thredb
Perisher, climbing to twelve . nig
Thredbo, also below freezing last degr
night, minus two topping sixteen pictu
degrees today. To the Satellite north
picture, Masses of cloud across troug
northern New South Wales near a
trough are generating thunderstorms clea
On the chart, The sky is mostly forecast
clear elsewhere. Tomorrow' s Co
forecast, Chance of showers on the Thir
Coast, Bega, twenty-one the top. All
Thirteen to nineteen for the Bay.
All other centres twenty degrees. O in
the Southern Tablelands, Eighteen climb
in Braidwood. Queanbeyan should l
climb to twenty-two degrees after a tw
low of seven tonight. Yass, a warm ex
twenty-four . Goulburn, twenty the Minu
expected top there. The Snowies, Per
Minus one to fourteen in Thredbo. ov
Perisher, also expecting minus one degr
overnight before topping sixteen twent
degrees. Cooma, should climb to show
twenty-one degrees. An afternoon to
shower expected in for the Capital twenty
tomorrow. Heading for a top of Win
twenty-two after seven overnight.
Winds will be light. To the five da continue
forecast, Temperatures will sunn
continue to climb. Heading for a Thirty
sunny twenty-nine on Thursday. shower
Thirty-one on Friday with some Fina
showers expected at the weekend. h
Finally tonight, The three wise men C
had them, and now so does Canberra. op
Camels graced Civic today, for the Gi
opening of the Christmas Carnival. chara
Giving some other funny looking the
characters a ride. They' ll be in t
the city for two weeks. And that' s Monday
the WIN News for hour for this presenter
Monday Night. 2DAY FM radio Chri
presenters Mel Greig and Michael ra
Christian break their silence in a Cu
raw and emotional interview with A The
Current Affair' s Tracy Grimshaw. i
The full and uncut version of their D
interview is next here on WIN. I' m G
Danielle Post.....see you tomorrow, Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight - it was supposed to be just another prank call in a cavalcade of similar stunts played regularly by radio announcers around the world.

by radio announcers around the
world. Now, a British nurse is dead, and two young Aussie DJs are facing death threats and calls for them to be sacked and even face criminal charges. I spoke with an emotional Mel Greig and Michael Christian today. For the record, this interview is unpaid and unedited. Mel and Michael, thanks for your time. I'd like to ask you, at the outset - you're under enormous pressure at the moment. I'd like to know that you're absolutely sure you're up to doing this.Yeah. You're OK? Mel, are you OK?Yeah. Alright. If it gets too much, let