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It was quite chilly
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The coldest spot along the coast
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it felt like winter. A top of only 11 degrees. On the satellite - there's some
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The North Shore and Central Coast
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Thanks for your company. Stay tuned for 'Today Tonight's
full interview with the 2Day FM DJs who made
the royal hospital prank call.

Hello. Welcome to Today Tonight.
I'm Kylie Gillies. Tonight - the two young radio hosts
break their silence on the prank call
that's had such tragic consequences. We all know 46-year-old nurse Jacintha Saldanha
took her own life after the stunt received
international coverage. How much the prank had to do with
that tragedy is open to conjecture. What is certain is that 2Day FM's
Michael Christian and Mel Greig are two young people
under intense pressure and living with unbelievable regret. This afternoon,
they spoke to Clare Brady.

what we're about to discuss,

I first me to ask if you feel emotionally stable. do you feel emotionally stable
to do this interview? Are you OK? Yes. When you heard the dreadful results
following the days after the prank, describe for me how you felt, Mel?

Unfortunately I remember that moment
very well 'cause I haven't stopped thinking
about it since it happened and I remember my first question
was, "Was she a mother?" When you found out that she was,
of two children, how did you..? Very sorry and saddened
for the family. I can't imagine
what they'd be going through. And what about you, Michael? Gutted. Shattered. Heartbroken.

Does it even feel real to you,
what's happened? We're still trying
to get our heads around everything. Trying to make sense
of the situation. It doesn't seem real because you just couldn't foresee
something like that happening from a prank call. You know, it was never meant to go
that far. that so many people have done
before. This wasn't meant to happen. In hindsight, and anyone can
say that now, in hindsight, would you do something like that
again? I don't think that anyone could have
predicted what could've happened. It was just
a tragic set of circumstances that I don't think anyone could have
thought that we'd be here. Who came up with the idea
of the prank? Who came up with the idea? It was just in a team meeting
before the show. It wasn't either of you
individually? Everything's done as a team. Did you have legal advice
or senior producers nursing you through this? The call, to begin with,
wasn't about speaking to Kate. It wasn't about
trying to get a scoop or anything. The call was just,
we'd assumed that we'd be hung up on and that'd be that. When you weren't hung up on
and, let's be honest, you thought it was a coup
at the time, Mel, were you quite shocked
that you even got that far to talk to the nurse
beside Princess Kate? Absolutely.
And the accents were terrible. You know,
it was designed to be stupid. We were never meant to get that far. From the little corgis barking
in the background we obviously wanted it to be a joke. And, I suppose, you know,
the joke was always on us, not anyone else. It wasn't about
trying to fool someone. I mean, we just assumed that with the voices that we put on,
you know, we were going to get told off
and that was the gag - in us. Here at the station, at Austereo, do you get any coaching,
any training, at all as to what you're allowed
to put to air? What you've got to tell people
they're being recorded and they're going to be put on air? Have you been taught that
during your tenure here? This phone call
is the same with any phone call, with any prerecorded segment
that goes to air. There's processes in place and
people that make those decisions. I mean, our role is just... But have you been taught that?
Sat down in a legal class? There are people that make
those decisions for us. Our responsibility is just to... Did someone listen to that recording
and say..? It went through the processes of
every other recorded bit that we do. From interviews to, you know,
anything at all that gets recorded and passed on
to the appropriate people, goes through the process, and we're told
whether it's yes or no to play. What was it,
if you can give me a rough, and it probably feels all blurry
to you, but the time spent
from when you did that call to putting it to air? Was it two hours, three hours? In between all of that, though, it wasn't as though
we were sitting around waiting for an answer. You know, there was... We go about our work
and just keep going. Getting other things organised. But you were pretty giddy with
what you'd pulled off, weren't you? We couldn't believe
that it had worked, absolutely. You didn't expect it to. We thought 100 people before us
would've tried the same thing. We just did not see that
actually working. But it wasn't to get something
that no-one else had. It wasn't about getting... But you are aware you were trying
to get a medical condition and a medical condition on a royal? But we didn't actually want that.
We just wanted to be hung up on. We wanted to be hung up on
with our silly voices and play a 20sec segment to air
of us doing stupid voices. You didn't think of identifying
yourselves at the end of that call? That's where the process comes in. We just record everything
and pass it to the team. That's what we do.

And, again, the call itself is... There's no malice in the call.
There was no digging. There was no trying to upset
or get a reaction. Do you feel now
that you're part of a witch-hunt, that someone wants
someone to pay here? There's hackers here
threatening to shut down the station and hack into the whole system if you guys aren't sacked. Does that make you feel vulnerable? There's nothing
that can make me feel worse than what I feel right now and for what I feel for the family. We're so sorry
that this has happened to them. How do you move on? Is someone caring for you guys?
Are you having counselling too? We're getting the support
that we need, and we've got those around us
that are helping us but, you know, right now... I care more about the family. I want to know that they've got
the support that they need and that the public are, you know,
being respectful of their privacy. Have you tried to contact the family
in any way? I don't think it's
an appropriate time to do that yet, but this is where we want to say
that we are thinking of you and if we could call you,
we would want to reach out to you. Or if you could turn the clock back? If we played any involvement
in her death, then we're very sorry for that. And time will only tell. Have you been reading a lot, Mel? I've been advised not to, but I'm doing it on the intention
of finding out more about Jacintha. Right. What lessons can other DJs,
and worldwide, learn from your horrible experience? These are prank calls. They've been around
for as long as radio's existed and they're done
by every radio station. But this result is just horrific. No-one could have predicted
this result. What are you guys going to do, then? Are you going to pursue
your DJ careers? I don't want to think about that
right now. There's bigger, pressing issues and that's making sure that family
gets through this tough time. You know, our careers
aren't important at the moment. That Scotland Yard is now involved
and you may be called to an inquest and that inquest
will probably be in London and you'll see the family
face to face, are you prepared for that? The weight of that?

Right now, we're trying to wrap
our heads around what's happened. If that's going to make them
feel better, then I'll do what I need to do,
absolutely. If that's something
that they want to do to get some closure, then I'll do that. You have had a lot of support. and two-thirds have said they feel you're not to blame
for this horrible result. And then you've got the other side
of horrible Twitter saying, "Many lives ruined", "Shame on you",
"You've got blood on your hands." How do you balance that, the support
and absolute hostility? I think that, you know, what's
important right now is, you know, that they deserve. And, I mean,
that's what's important here. You know, it was... It is nothing more
than a tragic turn of events that no-one could have predicted, and, you know,
for the part that we played, we're obviously incredibly sorry
and, you know... I feel in you, Mel,
that you're just all but frozen. Is that correct?

I'm just so devastated for them.
I'm really feeling for them. It's a shocking turn of events. I just couldn't... If we had any idea that something like this
could be even possible to happen, you know,
we couldn't see this happening. It was meant to be a prank call. Do you feel sick now that you were saying, "This is
the highlight of my career," and you were excited
about getting the call through to get to this moment? When you did call them
and you were talking, did you think in the days after,
"Oh, those poor nurses," wonder how they're feeling? Did you think for them at all, or
were you just in that giddy sense? The call itself was not malicious and no harm was intended
on Jacintha, or the other nurse, or Kate, or Prince William,
or anyone. It wasn't, from start to finish,
there was no harm intended. And obviously, you know,
we're incredibly sorry for the harm that we may have helped
contribute... You've been very brave for talking and I just hope that people
are caring for you guys too because it's going to take a lot... I feel for two DJs who
like to put a few smiles on faces and it'll be a while before we hear
the two of you laugh. Thank you.

Whatever your opinion on the
prank call that led to all this, you have to feel for those two very young and relatively
inexperienced broadcasters. And the feedback from Australians
reflects that. But, in the UK,
it has been a very different story with headlines and commentary
condemning Michael Christian, Mel Greig
and 2Day FM. Joining me now is Martin Frizell,
Seven's UK correspondent. Martin, people over there
will be waking up to the news that the DJs
have done these interviews. They have expressed deep remorse. Will it make any difference
to the way the pair is viewed?

I had just

I had just seen that and the networks here on television

I had just seen that and the
networks here on television and radio will be broadcasting it, they had to wait for you to broadcast it.

had to wait for you to broadcast it.
You can feel the remorse, the sympathy and that will go some way to easing the anger of people feel. At the same time you can perhaps see there was a son's schooling, media training suggesting, you mentioned the process. The DJs were inexperienced, silly, for it but who was in charge of them? Who was running the station and who were the lawyers and did they see it? I understand the station said they tried to contact the hospital five times. They could have tried 500 times. If no-one says yes, you can run it, you do not run it. Also there is a bit of he said, she said. Newspapers are suggesting that the hospital should actually do with some homework and perhaps the women died from depression as a cause for suicide. We don't know what drove her to this. There is still a postmortem and a coroner's inquiry. It has been described as a witch hunt, is that fair?I can tell you that the papers are going with that. Monday morning in the UK, the papers are just out. The Daily Mail is leading the charge. The nurse died of shame. The Daily Express has Mel Greig on the front page saying the British DJs may well be questioned by police. Sorry, the Australian DJs. The Daily Mirror has spoken to friends. The papers and the press say they are reporting social media. Blood on their hands. Worse than that. This may well be a backlash from the Leveson Inquiry, the press feel like they can't say what they like sometimes. Why should someone else say it. Even without the Leveson Inquiry, I don't think they would have phoned up the hospital here because you are prying on someone's medical condition, not the sort of thing you would do.We understand the major papers in Britain have sent journalists to Britain. What else are they after?This was probably before the DJs came out and gave their interview. They would have been on their way and got some good freelance to analysts reporting for some of the big newspapers, cleared in into the background. Not just the DJs but the people running the station. The Australian culture of ratings driven prank phone calls. When they get there, they will be looking into it. This will not be the end of it. They will want to look into the background of the DJs, what they were doing, who the station bosses are and who is the lawyer. They want to know who the person was who said, let's go with it. And before the tragic news of Jacintha Saldanha's death, the station was triumphant about this and using it in promos and Mulgrave said this is a career highlight for her. --

a career highlight for her. -- Mel apps said. Thanks, Martin. It will be interesting to see just how the public and the press in
the UK react over the coming days. And we should point out
Lifeline has a crisis hotline that helps people in distress. Just this weekend,
they reached a milestone - 500,000 calls this year, alone. Sadly, that is a record. We'll take a break. When we come back, something that may make you
rethink even the first drink - how women are taking greater risks
drinking and driving. (TYRES SCREECH)

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Good luck with that.

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Welcome back. How much is too much? It's a question
many people ask themselves as they toss up whether to drive or
catch a cab after one or two drinks. Tonight, a test which may make you
rethink even that first drink. Pippa Gardner reports it shows
even if you're under the limit, you may not be fit
to get behind a wheel.


My heart is still racing.

I honestly can't believe I'd still be able to drive home
after drinking alcohol.

People should not think they know
their own blood alcohol reading.


This is the new face of Australia's
growing drink-driving problem - women.

You think you're safe,
you're legally safe to drive? Yes, I think I am under or just on. It's a mistake
many women are making, playing Russian roulette
by misjudging how much they can drink
before exceeding the 0.05 limit - some even doing the school run. Julie Ann Carrington was ordered
off the road for six months after drink-driving with 5 children,
aged from 18 months to 11 years, in her car.

I was pulled over once
after having one glass of wine. I was pulled over just around
the corner and I blew over. Professor Ian Hickie,
from the Brain and Mind Institute, says the national drink-driving
guidelines don't always work and give a false sense of security. It depends on what you've had to eat
when you're drinking alcohol, it depends on how quickly
you absorb that alcohol and it depends how your body,
your liver, metabolises alcohol to the rate you actually reach. The point is no-one can tell how much they can drink before
hitting then exceeding the limit. To prove it, we brought Frankie, Cat
and Adrienne together to put it to the test. The ladies are all different ages,
weights and heights. Over a 2-hour lunch, they downed two bottles of wine,
or about four standard drinks each. Government guidelines recommend women have one standard drink
an hour if they plan to drive. Are you safe to drive, ladies? Just.

Enter motoring expert John Cadogan. Meet your new best friend. This is an Australian
standard breathalyser. The results are surprising
for everyone. Oh, 0.057! Would the police
let me say I was just over? No, I think your licence
would be taking a bit of a holiday. Adrienne blows point 0.026. So, you guys were glass for glass? So, Cat is over
and Adrienne is under. That just goes to show how
personally dependent alcohol is. At 0.036,
Frankie can also legally drive. Frankie, are you surprised
by that reading? I am. I thought it would be higher. According to
the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of females caught
drink-driving is at a record high. Last year, 21% of those convicted
were women, up from 17% a decade a ago. 58% are under the age of 35. You've got different bottles and different glasses and sizes
and different contents of alcohol. It's just confusing
for the consumer. Paul Nicolaou, from
the Australian Hotels Association, says the mistake many people make is thinking a glass of wine they order
in a bar is a standard drink - it's usually 1.5.

Yes, but they all have
different alcohol contents. As a rule of thumb, a standard glass of wine
is about 100ml. Where women also get into trouble
is cocktails. This is a mojito, which is
a very popular drink with women, and it has two nips of vodka
in that - most people think it's one - but because of all the sugar,

it masks the alcohol content
in that. (TYRES SCREECH) You might think, "I'm just under 0.05,
I'm OK to drive." In fact, you're twice as likely
to crash at that level. That brings us
to our second experiment. After having two standard drinks
over an hour over lunch... ..our ladies are all
under the legal limit. But when they
get behind the wheel... (TYRES SCREECH)

..their reaction and stopping times
are all dramatically affected. Driving expert Ian Luff. Drinking alcohol and driving
is a bad cocktail. It really is dangerous. Even a small amount of alcohol
will impair judgement. Obviously the more you drink,
the greater the risk, but I just believe
don't drink and drive. A lesson our ladies will take away. It's saying it's OK to drive a little bit drunk
but not a lot drunk. I think that's sending
the wrong message. It should be zero for everyone. If you want to be completely safe,
just don't drink and drive. Pippa Gardner reporting. Police in all states
will be announcing their drink-driving campaigns
in the next week. As always,
they will be out in force. We'll be back after the break.


Tomorrow night, a story
we'd hoped to bring you tonight but had to hold for our interview
with the 2Day FM radio hosts. And the test
into our favourite ice-creams revealing what's really in them.

They can contain a whole cocktail of food additives. Emulsifiers, stabilisers. If they say banana flavour it may never have seen a banana. May contain 50% or greater of the air. You up paying for care. You have no idea if the flavour has come out of the Laboratory for out of different. That story tomorrow night.
Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies.
Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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garden design. But you can't just do it
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And that's something that
garden owner Steve knows all about. He lived in Bali
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right here in Airlie Beach.

The first thing I noticed
about this garden is the planting. It's not based on
a Balinese resort style, it's based on the real gardens - the ones that people live in and what you'd find on the side
of the hills and in the mountains. There's so much texture, colour. The plants are all shiny.
They look like the tropics. You've got the canopy over the top
creating a roof, and underneath there's groundcovers
and strappy leaf plants.

Steve, why bring Bali home? The true beauty of Bali
is in the people and their culture. And what we try to do
is to bring some of that Bali spirit back into our own home by bringing the beautiful gardens
that surround them.

was the handmade stepping stones. So, I thought I'd give them a go

So, this is the little path where
I'm going to put my steppers. And I want them to tie in with
the garden that's around it, so I'm looking at the plants
around here for inspiration - like the golden cane palm
and this windmill palm are perfect. The best thing about them?
They're readily available.

Now, I could make these steppers
out of bags of concrete, but it's got aggregate in it, and that means it's hard
to get my finish on the top when I want to show
the texture of the leaf. So what I'm doing
is knocking up my own. I've got brickie's sand, which has
got a lot of clay content in it and I've got paving sand,
which has none. But mixed together with some cement,
it'll be the perfect texture so I can get the inlay of the leaf
on the top of the steppers.