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Tonight - tears over a tragedy - the 2Day FM radio pranksters finally have their say. Apology over the death of a teenager who ate a nut cookie at Ashfield Boys High. Sydney's mega winds leave a mess - what's coming next. Missing mystery - police reopen an enduring murder case. And the sales come early - how to get a bargain two weeks from Christmas. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Peter Overton. Good evening. Incredibly distraught and overcome with grief - the two DJs at the centre of the royal prank phone call tragedy have spoken for the first time. They've expressed their sorrow at the death of the nurse who took the call, as they battle to cope with the enormity of what has happened. Mel Greig, Michael Christian. Wrecked by the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, and then crushed by worldwide condemnation of their prank call. They struggled through their first interview, recounting the moment on Saturday morning when told the nurse had committed suicide.We both found out about the same time, and I think it was...

Worst phone call I've ever had in my life.They have been in the care of radio staffers and counsellors, and clearly have been supporting one another. Today, a desperate message to the nurse's family - her husband and two children.We've thought about this a million times in my head - I've wanted to reach out to them and give them a big hug and say sorry. And I hope they're OK. I really do.We just hope, you know, that they -I hope they get through this.They get the love, the support, the care that they need, you know?It's hard not to be moved by their plight, however, a YouTube clip purporting to be from cyber activist group Anonymous has called on Austereo to sack the presenters and pay for the funeral of the nurse.

Deluge by complaints the media watchdog may fast-track an inquiry into any possible breaches of the radio code of practice.Hopefully we'll hear from them shortly.Under Section 9.3 of the Commercial Radio Code, 2Day FM was required to get the nurse's permission before airing the pre-recorded call.

They tried, but failed - and then made the decision to broadcast the call. In a pre-recorded statement, the Austereo boss steered clear of an apology.It's a tragic event, and one that we could never have reasonably foreseen.What was supposed to be a bit of fun, instead two young DJs will now live with the consequences of the call for the rest of their lives. Mark Burrows is outside 2Day FM tonight. Mark, Austereo has just released a new statement. What does it say?Peter, this scandal is really starting to cut into Austereo's bottom line. They have now decided to suspend advertising indefinitely. It was until Wednesday - it's now indefinitely. They have also decided to end all prank calls that station - perhaps no surprise there. Just a reminder - the full interview with Tracy Grimshaw and Mel Greig and Michael Christian will be straight after the news at 6:30, on 'A Current Affair'.OK, Mark. Thank you. If you or anyone you know needs help, you can contact Lifeline 24 hours a day on 13 11 14. The Education Department has admitted it failed a student who died after eating a walnut cookie at school. Raymond Cho had a severe nut allergy, and went into anaphylactic shock. An inquest is examining whether staff at the school were properly trained to save him. Lyn and Henry Cho are struggling with something few parents understand, but all parent fear. Their boy, 16-year-old Raymond, went to Ashfield Boys High School one day in May last year, and never came home. His friends had made walnut cookies like these in food tech. At lunch, they shared the leftovers and may have challenged Raymond - who had a severe nut allergy - to eat them. Later that afternoon, he fell to the ground in anaphylactic shock in front of the school's senior first aid officer. After Raymond collapsed, a teacher tried to administer the EpiPen, but opened it the wrong way, and it went through his thumb, so he had to run for a second EpiPen. Then, because Raymond had a weak pulse, the first-aid teacher decided not to administer CPR. Today, the Department of Education unreservedly apologised to the Cho family, saying:

In light of his death, changes are being made.Allergy, when it turns to anaphylaxis, is like a chain reaction. If we get in early on that allergy, we can make a difference.There must now be compulsory anaphylaxis and CPR training for all staff, and each school needs to have at least one emergency EpiPen on stand-by. A jury has found the youngest brother of Kings Cross nightclub boss John Ibrahim not guilty of conspiracy to murder. Michael Ibrahim was accused of organising a hit man from behind bars to avenge a shooting attack on his brother, Fadi, in 2009. The accused hit man, Rodney 'Goldy' Atkinson, has also been acquitted of the same charge. Fadi Ibrahim is due to face a separate trial over the alleged murder plot next year. Four parked cars were crushed by a large tree that was uprooted in the wild winds that have hit Sydney. SES volunteers spent hours removing the 300-year-old fig tree from a street in Glebe. The winds died down a little today, averaging 60km/h on the Coast -- coast, and will slow to around 40km/h tomorrow. The Treasurer is standing firm on his commitment to a budget surplus, despite the rising cost of processing asylum seekers. The Opposition says it's another reason the budget won't be back in the black next year. As the number of boats increase, so does the cost, and the Opposition says it'll blow the budget.Every illegal boat that arrives costs the taxpayer.The Opposition seizing on figures that show charter flights to transport asylum seekers now cost almost $7 million a month. Spending more money, flying illegal boat arrivals, than subsidising the Royal Flying Doctor service.The Immigration Minister says Mr Abbott is living in fairyland.If the Opposition thinks they could process people on Nauru and pnk PNG and return people to Sri Lanka for free, I'd like to see how they think they could do it.The Greenpeace want the cheaper option of onshore processing.The cost of offshore processing, the cost of cruel detention of refugees, is exorbitant.The Greens have no economic credibility.The Opposition claims the cost of border protection will spell the end of Labor's promised surplus, but the Government insists all expenses are budgeted for. The Treasurer still hopes to hand down his first surplus.It's appropriate that we return to surplus. Of course, that's become more challenging.He rejects Opposition claims a Coalition Government would have delivered surpluses in receipt years.These people are delusional. Who killed Janine Vaughan? It's a question that's haunted a family, and police, for 11 years. Homicide investigators have reopened the case, as new witnesses speak out - and a crucial piece of evidence mysteriously disappears. Cancer will kill Jenny Vaughan before she learns how, or why, or who, killed her daughter Janine.We miss her so much. Our lives have changed.Doctors have given her until Christmas, so any hope is enough.I think I've got a new lease of life!Definitely have hope for the first time in 11 years. That's because of this woman. Two years after Janine Vaughan went missing from a Bathurst nightclub, Julie Collins found the 31-year- old's handbag in this drainpipe 10 minutes from town.I've grabbed an electricity bill out of it, and it had "Janine Vaughan quates written on it. I went, "Oh, my gosh." We drove straight to Bathurst police station.Then, what could have been the most critical piece of forensic evidence went missing.That was the last thing that she had with her that night.The handbag was never mentioned at a coronial inquest that cleared Bathurst detective Brad Hosemans of having a role in Janine's murder.When we asked why it wasn't brought up, their answer was they just didn't know where to slot it into the case.An internal police inquiry found Hosemans had deliberately misled investigators. What else are they hiding? What else did they hide?Questions the homicide squad will hopefully answer.We'll go back to day one, the day that Janine disappeared, and painstakingly go through all of the evidence. Ultimately, put somebody the courts.A new investigation undoubtedly a breakthrough for the Vaughan family. They also say it's a step towards justice for the Bathurst community. But nobody deserves some answers more than Janine's mother - especially now. I'll be looking down over her. I'm going to be the next to know what happened to her now. So, if there's any way I can get word back, I'll do it.

You won't have to wait as long for a taxi if the independent regulator gets its way - IPART wants to put an extra 500 cabs on our roads. It could also help drive down taxi fares. In Sydney, we pay more than $50 for a 20km journey. In Melbourne, it's only $40. In New York, it's just $29. Kevin Wilde joins us live from the city. Kevin, will Sydney cab prices drop?Pete, I don't think we'll ever get a fall in cab prices. The best we can hope for is that the next rise will be below inflation. Under the plan announced today, there would be 205 unrestricted licences added, more cabs on the road there, and also another 280 who would only operate during the peak times.Seven days a week, between 12:00pm and 5:00am, they should make a big difference on Friday and Saturday night. Waiting times on the peak times will be 7%, cut by 7%.A next price inquiry will take place, Pete - sorry about that - in January. We will get more cabs, and also the new fair structure, by July.Well done, Kevin. Thank you. A stunning coup for Sydney, with the news English soccer powerhouse Manchester United will play a match here in July. It's the first time in 13 years the Red Devils have played in Australia, and 82,000 lucky Sydneysiders will see them in action at ANZ Stadium. They've got more money, more fans, more clout than any football team in the world. Quite simply, they're the biggest show on earth.We're talking about the world's most famous football club coming exclusively to Sydney next July. It's absolutely massive.Here's a taste of what Sydney fans are in for - Wayne Rooney scoring two goals against bitter rivals Manchester City this morning. The Premier League leaders will hold a week-long training camp before facing an A-League All Star team at ANZ Stadium on July 20.It's great for people who will have a chance and opportunity to see these guys close up, what they're really like. Barring any injuries, Manchester United will send a full-strength squad on its pre-season tour - so all the stars will be out. That's helped by the fact that there's no World Cup or major football tournament in between the European seasons. And for Rooney, a chance to become part of an old sporting rivalry.The rivalry between Australia and England in cricket is massive. Obviously it's going to be a great experience.Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday. Stay with us - in the news ahead - the Christmas shopping rush - when is the best time to grab a bargain? How a cigarette butt may have started a massive fire at Greenacre. And Hugh Jackman reduced to tears during a very emotional interview.

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This program is not captioned. The Christmas cat-and-mouse game between shoppers and retailers has started - shoppers are waiting for stores to launch their sales, while retailers are holding out, waiting for consumers to start spending. When it comes to Christmas, kids can be unsure - and so can their parents.Sometimes you overspend, 'cause when you've got little ones, they want everything.It's stressful for shoppers, but for retailers, it's live or die.If you get Christmas wrong, it can be disastrous for retailers.It's a cat-and-mouse game between shoppers and retailers, each trying to get more value out of the other. Here in Sydney's biggest shopping centre, Parramatta, there are almost 29 million visitors every year - and most of them come here in December. The average spend for an Australian on Christmas presents every year - $475.I've just got a limit in my account, yeah. I've got a couple hundred, and that's it.Already, the sales are popping up in the big shopping centres.As soon as retailers start discounting, all they're doing is eating into their margin, and ultimately their profit. Retailers will be wondering at what point what and how much to discount. Interest rates were supposed to spur spending. Today, housing finance data was flat, suggesting consumers remain worried about spending.The consumer very much has their hands in their pocket and are waiting to see signs of discounting.Now, it's a a case of who blinks first - the shopper or the shopkeeper. Cigarette butts flicked from a nearby restaurant may have burnt down a home at Greenacre in Sydney's south-west. The blaze spread between two buildings, destroying an apartment on the top level. Thankfully, no-one was injured. Hugh Jackman has broken down during an emotional television interview in the United States. The Aussie superstar is tipped to win an Oscar for his latest role in 'Les Miserables'.

Belting out a number with an old friend...

The pair hit the stage at the pub Russell Crowe owns in New York for an impromptu gig. They both star in the upcoming film adaptation of 'Les Miserables'. For Hugh Jackman, it could well be the role of a lifetime.Who am I? Jean Valjean is the Holy Grail for me. I know that it demands everything from me as a singer, as an actor, to pull it off.But it's the lessons he learned from his single-dad father about the importance of family that really brings him to tears.It's all... Sorry, mate. It's always... "How's Deb?" It's not about work.

Sorry, mate. It's always... "How's
Deb?" It's not about work. And I think that's him living with, probably, some of his regrets. And feelings of, maybe he, you know, at the wrong time, put too much into his career. And, ah, he doesn't want me to make that mistake. Jackman has now wrapped up filming on his fifth 'Wolverine' movie as well. Jean Valjean is nothing now!

Jean Valjean is nothing now!But it's 'Les Miserables' that could win him an Oscar.

Ken's next with sport. Good evening. Good evening to you, Peter. Tonight - how our opening batsmen reveal the extra work they hope will take the team back to the top. The salary cap and player strikes - the big issues at a high-powered league lunch. And Joel Parkinson on a wave to a possible world title.

When will the summary weather return? I'll be back a little This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
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This program is not captioned. After the disappointment of their test series defeat to South Africa, Australia are hoping to revive their summer against Sri Lanka in Hobart this week. Australia's opening batsmen have been taking extra measures to ensure they get the team off to a perfect start. An afternoon at a wildlife park for the Aussie openers, bonding time away from cricket becoming a regular thing for Cowan and Warner. The pair even have extra exercise sessions together, doing all they can to sumeant their partnership at the top of Australia's shaky batting order.It's just something we like to do - train together and push each other. When we're out in the middle, batting for long periods of time, we've got to try and keep going.Hobart holds happy memories for both. Warner scored his maiden test century here last summer. And a decision to move to Tasmania from Sydney kick-started Cowan's career.It's by far my best ground around the country. I've been lucky enough to score some runs here consistently.The rest of the squad flew in today, preparing for a new era post-Ponting.Still got really good support staff. Shane Watson is still vice-captain. There's plenty of senior players around me.Ricky Ponting is gone, but he won't be forgotten this week in Hobart. There'll be a lap of honour here on day one of the test - a fitting tribute to one of Tasmania's favourite sons. ARL chairman John Grant admitted today the Commission may have to step in to avoid a player strike over the salary cap dispute.At the end of the day, if the two parties can't agree, then the Commission is going to make a decision. That's our responsibility as the Commission.Talks between the NRL and players will continue on Wednesday. In surfing, the challengers don't come much bigger than Pipeline, and Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson had to conquer if he's to win the maiden title. Unfortunately, fellow Aussie Mick Fanning was today knocked out of the race in Hawaii.

Aussie Mick Fanning was today
knocked out of the race in Hawaii. Pipeline has a reputation, and today's conditions confirmed it - solid sets over shallow reef, and just how hollow can it get? The day started with three surfers in contention for the title - Australians Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning. The other - a surfing legend who refuses to retire. Round three, and Fanning's campaign was shut down, along with this barrel. I'm like everyone else - I'm a fan, and I'm going to watch the showdown go down. It's going to be awesome. After more than a decade on tour, Joel Parkinson is ready, threading between reef and water all the way to the quarterfinals. Please, please tell me this is the year. (LAUGHS) I know. We all ask the same question, me in particular.In order to do that, he has to tame one of the most dangerous waves on the

one of the most dangerous waves on
the planet. And he'll be doing it in front of a crowd cheering for an 11-time world champion - a man who's made this place his home. Kelly Slater has won six times at

who's made this place his home.
Kelly Slater has won six times at Pipeline. Backhand barrels are a breeze.

Pipeline. Backhand barrels are a
breeze. Now that is a reporting assignment - he looked so comfortable!Should be out there! Thank you, sir.

Amber is here with the weather. Thanks, Pete. Our west was 10 degrees below average today, but it is going to warm up. I'll tell you when, next.

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This program is not captioned. Thunderstorms moved across the NSW ranges yesterday, bringing blustery winds and heavy rain. We saw windy conditions again in Sydney today, with gusts of nearly 60km/h at the airport.

Penrith reached 19, 10 below average. Tomorrow, a slow-moving high will continue to generate scattered showers across eastern NSW and in Queensland. We can expect a cloudy day, with widespread showers - possibly heavy near the coast - and a chance of a storm. Conditions will ease by the afternoon. There is a 90% chance of rain, with between 8mm to 20mm forecast.

Amber, thank you very much. That is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good

Tonight ... Canberra after dark - dr
from police eyes. The crackdown on Tw
drunken violence. A lucky escape -
Two men walk away from this shockin couple
crash. And: it' s a date! Why e
couples will wed on Wednesday. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. A blit t
on drunken violence uncovered more trouble on our roads than around th city' s nightclubs. A Gungahlin ma was caught driving five times over the legal limit - police are blamin me
early Christmas celebrations. A merry time of year, with some endin s
up on the naughty list. There' s communit
still a minority part of the
community that are still not heedin them
the message about looking after frien
themselves, looking after their friends. +y Police were out in forc o
at on Friday and Saturday, as part an
of Operation Unite. Violent drunks wer
and highly intoxicated Canberrans offend
were in their sights The worst fr
offenders had been dumped by their police
friends. An excess number of s
police certainly didn' t dampen the Ac
spirits of the attending public. five-tho
Across Australia, there were
five-thousand-six- hundred-and-fift hundred-
incidents, Of those, three- charge
hundred-and-forty-seven people charged with assault.The ACT is the transTas
smallest jurisdiction in the appre
transTasman crackdown. Officers peo
apprehended six people, with four people arrested for assault. I' v statist
got to admit even though our t
statistics are low, disappointingly wou
they' re still higher than what I Drin
would have liked to have seen. rat
Drink driving had a higher strike b
rate. Police conducted nine-hundred returned
breath tests and nine people thirty
returned a positive reading. A wil
thirty-six year old Gungahlin man blow
will be summonsed to court after Frida
blowing point two four three on p
Friday night. It' s indicative of
people not listening to the message that they are putting themselves i harms way and putting the communit pres
in harms way. While the heavy offic
presence was centered in Civic, f
officers were also called to attend distur
fourteen disturbances. Those cit
disturbances were not only in the city but in outlying suburb areas, noise
number of parties, a number of +w
noise complaints over the weekend. +w

Two people are lucky to be alive,
after their car crumbled in an earl ne
morning crash. The vehicle rolled Reporte
near the Parkes Way off ramp. The
Reporter Gemma Coombe has more. hi
The driver of the Honda Accord and Hos
his passenger are in The Canberra f
Hospital, amazingly with only minor from
facial injuries. This is the car from the site this morning - crushe the
beyond recognition. It rolled on it
the Parkes Way off ramp, landed on Th
its roof, up against a small tree. was
The twenty-six-year-old passenger
was able to free himself, the drive crews
was trapped. ACT Fire & Rescue th
crews cut the thirty-year-old from t
the wreckage using hydraulic rescue Inve
tools. ACT Policing' s Collision Team
Investigation and Reconstruction Team are investigating the incident an
At this stage it looks like speed and alcohol may have contributed -
and there is only one reason why th sti
men, specifically the driver are l
still alive. "The driver was very wa
lucky to escape serious injury. He t
was lucky he had his seatbelt on at sa
the time and that' s probably what saved his life." Police are using othe
the lucky escape as a message to r
other road users. "It' s a timely reminder, particularly coming up to people
the Christmas season to remind dri
people about the dangers of drink spee
driving and driving at excessive w
speeds." Police are asking anyone c
who may have witnessed the crash to come forward.

Twenty truck drivers returned roadside
positive drug tests during a Off
roadside operation near Goulburn. tw
Officers conducted six hundred and M
twenty breath and drug tests at the Stat
Marulan Heavy Vehicle Inspection returne
Station yesterday. No drivers th
returned alcohol readings. Each of
the twenty drivers had their drivin four
privileges suspended for twenty test
four hours - pending further lab c
testing. Any driver whose sample is noti
confirmed will be issued a court off
notice and charged. ACT ambulance
officers have given the Government