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(generated from captions) Final round, Beat the Buzzer. Good luck. Starts now. What's 79 + 13?

Correct. True or false? The element potassium
is found in the earth's crust.

True it is. Which is a state of the USA -
Hannah or Montana?

Uh...we heard B. Montana, correct. True or false? Inventor Alexander Graham Bell worked for
The National Geographic Society. False.
True. What is 77 - 42?

35. What is the past tense of the verb

Correct. True or false? The mulga snake is also known
as the yellow-bellied sea snake.

False, it is. Inside. The points come off, Aidan. Very interesting last round. 220 for Samuel Gilbert - Madison, Lillian and Jack
have finished third today, but well done, very competitive. Marayong South -
Ethan, Hamish, Shello - 240. Second, but did themselves
a big favour in the last round. Hornsby North winners -
Aidan, Jasmine, Gabi - 270. Well done, red. Tomorrow, our first grand finalist.
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - two radio DJs break their silence
over their royal prank. A Bega schoolgirl killer admits to murdering
a missing Melbourne teenager.

A massive boatshed fire
south of Brisbane.

And an education department apology
over a schoolboy's allergy death.

Good afternoon. Two Sydney radio DJs
have come out of hiding to apologise for their royal prank that's caused an international
storm of controversy. They say they're still trying to
come to terms with the suicide death of one of their hoax victims.

Looking solemn and nervous, Michael Christian and Mel Greig
emerged from hiding this afternoon. Forced off the air, the 2Day FM presenters have spent
the past two days undergoing intensive counselling, shell shocked after nurse
Jacintha Saldanha took her own life following their royal prank call. Unfortunately I remember that moment very well because I haven't stopped thinking at it since it happened. I remember my first question was, was she a mother question was, was she a mother? With a looming investigation
from the broadcasting watchdog, 2Day FM has gone into damage control claiming it followed
all appropriate checks, even contacted the hospital
five times before the prank call went to air. It is absolutely true to say that
we actually did attempt to contact those people
on multiple occasions. We rang them up
to discuss what we had recorded. The call has sparked
international outrage following Jacintha Saldanha's death.

King Edward VII Hospital
has described the outcome as tragic beyond words. 2Day FM agrees, but in a statement
to the hospital last night said the outcome was unforeseeable.

Nevertheless, the company
is deeply saddened and our staff, and all of us,
our hearts go out to the family. It's agreed to cooperate
with any investigation. The Australian Communications
and Media Authority could launch one immediately, bypassing the broadcaster's right
to reply to complaints first. Commentators say the royal prank call has revealed
gaping holes in radio regulations. The rules around privacy
are not tight enough. The rules around
when you can put somebody to air without their permission seem very loose in this situation. I think all we can do
is mourn and grieve for everyone involved. I think it's important
to let the dust settle before we rush into demands
for more media regulation. All advertising on 2Day FM has been
suspended until further notice. Shares in Southern Cross Austereo
crashed in early trading as a result.

And you can see more
in our news at 6pm. Plus, see the full interview
with the radio DJs on 'Today Tonight' at 6:30pm. And if you feel like
you're under pressure and need help call Lifeline on:

Infamous Bega schoolgirls killer
Leslie Camilleri has pleaded guilty
to murdering a Melbourne teenager, who disappeared
more than 20 years ago. The body of 13-year-old Prue Bird
has never been found. Kate Osborn was in court.

Sam, Leslie Alfred Camilleri was already one of Australia's
most notorious killers and has today admitted
to another shocking crime. In the Supreme Court this morning he pleaded guilty
to the 1992 murder of Prue Bird, who was just 13 when she was
abducted from her Glenroy home and her body has never been found. For her mother, Jenny,
it's been two painful decades of not knowing what happened
to her daughter. She was in court
for the brief hearing and as Camilleri was walked
from the courtroom he passed within a metre of her and she was visibly shaking
and choked back tears. Here is what she said briefly
outside court. Awful, as always. Camilleri has a long history
of sexual violence offences, the worst of which is
the 1997 Bega schoolgirls murders in which he and another man
abducted, raped and killed a 14- and 16-year-old girl and he is currently serving
a life sentence without parole. In the Prue Bird case, prosecutors had initially
linked her murder to the Russell Street bombings but that theory
has now been abandoned and full details
of the prosecution case will be outlined
at a pre-sentence hearing to be held early next year, Sam.

Fire crews are battling a large
blaze at a marina south of Brisbane. The fire broke out
inside a boat shed at the Horizon Shores marina
in South Moreton Bay around 2:00 this afternoon. Up to 350 boats are inside the shed and it's estimated
around 80 have been damaged. 12 fire crews are on the scene. The damage bill
is likely to run into the millions. A family of eight
has lost everything in a fire on Queensland's
North Stradbroke Island. The blaze broke out yesterday, destroying caravans, a shed,
demountable house and cars. Peter Doherty sent this report
from the fire zone.

Good afternoon, Sam. Authorities are confident this fire on Stradbroke Island
is now under control, but they'll keep a watch over it
over the next couple of days. (ROOSTER CROWS)

Now, this is one of the places
that was impacted by the blaze. Now, look, to most Australians
it doesn't look much, but it was actually home
to a family of eight, a struggling family of eight
here on Stradbroke Island. They fled yesterday
with their possessions. You may have just heard a rooster. It disappeared up into the trees
when the blaze swept through. They came back straight after,
there was no sign of it... (ROOSTER CROWS) ..but the chicken known as
'Know-it-all' has returned today. That's the one bright news
for this family. This was their Christmas tree
over here. There are a number of children
in this family. They are facing
a very bleak Christmas. Just had a big tarp here
that we were living under.

Yeah. It's just really sad. Fire crews will continue to remain
on the island for several days to keep a watch over this blaze. What would really help would be
some rain over Stradbroke Island. Back to you, Sam. The New South Wales
education department has apologised to the family of a teenager who died from an allergic reaction
after eating a cookie. It's admitted,
at the time of Raymond Cho's death, the right systems weren't in place
to protect students with allergies. Jodie Speers has more.

Raymond Cho was 16 when he died following a severe allergic reaction to a Walmart cookie. The inquest into his death heard that the cut he was made in class and soon after he 88 he became sick. His parents are distraught. His father was emotional in court. The Department of Education started the inquest by delivering an unreserved apology to his family. The lawyers admitted that systems failed him and those who tried to save him. The senior Thursday officer has given evidence saying those who tried to help the 16-year-old were shaken and the person who tried to administer the medicine to him accidentally put it into his own thumb. By the time Raymond Cho arrived at hospital it was too late. Have there is some lessons learnt from this sad story. -- hopefully some lessons. Treasurer Wayne Swan
is refusing to give up on his budget surplus promise, despite growing calls to scrap it. The Business Council says
the plan is unrealistic as the economy slows and government revenue
continues to plummet. Wayne Swan joins rugby league greats to promote an Indigenous
education program... You can keep chucking it.
Hot potato, you know. (LAUGHTER) his opponents play
political football with the Government's
promised budget surplus. They're promising a surplus
which Treasury has exploded today. The Coalition's seized on reports suggesting there'll be
another two years of deficits based on treasury modelling. This is a government which is never, ever going
to deliver an honest surplus. The Treasurer isn't giving up. But he does admit a slowing economy
and falling government revenue will make it much harder
to keep his promise. It's appropriate that we return
to surplus. Now, of course,
that's become more challenging. The Government has been given
some extra wiggle room today. The Business Council suggests a failure to get back in the black
this year would be acceptable as long as there's a realistic plan
to do it soon after. After promising a surplus within
three years, if it wins government, the Opposition today claimed there never would've been a deficit
if John Howard stayed in power. Most people accept that we would
have had continuing surpluses. These people are delusional.

After the break - the pop superstar
killed in a Learjet plane crash. Also - why staff trashed
a Melbourne department store at a work Christmas party. And the death of a man who inspired
millions to look to the stars.

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Staff at a Melbourne
department store have defended
an illegal Christmas party that got out of hand
and ended in several arrests. Security video shows police arriving to break up the party
at Dimmeys' Richmond store. The shop and stock were damaged. Workers say they're upset the store
is closing at the end of the month to be turned into apartments.

Richmond is the spiritual heartland
of Dimmeys and it's a shame that it has to go but progress is progress and at least we sent it off
in a good way, I figure. No-one has been charged. A female police officer
has been taken to hospital after a brawl in Sydney's west
involving around 30 people. Officers were trying to eject
a number of drunk patrons from a Parramatta hotel last night when the fight broke out. Police called for backup but a female officer
was struck in the head before reinforcements arrived. Five people have been charged.

A road in Sydney's inner west
was blocked off this morning after a massive tree came down,
crushing several cars. Emergency services worked
to remove the tree after it toppled over
earlier this morning. Three parked cars were damaged, but, luckily, they were unoccupied
at the time. A Mexican-American pop star has been
killed in a private plane crash. A Learjet carrying singer
Jenni Rivera and six others was reported missing shortly after taking off from Mexico
yesterday. Today, searchers found
the plane's wreckage but say there are no survivors. No doubt, she is one of the biggest
stars in the Hispanic community. For years, her friends
have followed her life like the episodes of a TeleNovela. The 43-year-old sold more than
15 million albums worldwide. A unique chapter
in television history closed today with the death of British astronomer
and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore. For decades, he inspired millions
to look to the stars. The 89-year-old died at home
with his beloved cat by his side.

His was a career
which nobody will ever match. It began in a different age. Good evening. Well, I am afraid Burnham's Comet
turned out to be something of a disappointment. When the show, which will always be identified
with his life's work, began, no man had yet entered space, but his broadcasts encompassed
the heights of the space age. MAN: There they are! There they are. The time when travel to the moon
seemed set to change man's destiny. Do you think, from your knowledge
of the moon, having been there, that it is going to be possible
in the foreseeable future to set up scientific basis there
on anything like a large scale? Oh, I am quite certain that we'll
have such bases in our lifetime. By the time his last 'Sky at Night'
was broadcast last Monday, he'd been presenting the show
continuously for 55 years, a record which will surely stand. And, in his time, he has inspired
generations to look to the stars. I never saw him
refuse anybody anything. People would write to him, you know, 8-year-old children
would write to him and say, "Could you come
and set up my telescope?" and he would do it. (PLAYS XYLOPHONE EXPERTLY) Nobody doubted his eccentricity, something which he wore with pride
all his life. But whatever his on-screen persona,
whatever his private character, scientists respected him
for his devotion to science. It was uncanny.

If you were interviewed by Patrick you had the feeling
that you were talking to somebody who knew more about your subject
than you did. PATRICK: There's the diamond ring.
An incredible sight. For half a century, he showed
his viewers the value of wonder and the breadth of human horizons. And all it took
was to look at the sky at night. Until then, goodnight.

After the break -
the surprise proposal live on TV. Also, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe
surprise drinkers at a New York pub. BOTH: (SING) # Your child
will live within my care. # for surfing's world title
at Pipeline.

Two Comancheros bikie members
will be extradited back to New South Wales after facing court
on the Gold Coast. Gang leader Mark Buddle
and another man were arrested at Hope Island yesterday by police responding
to a domestic disturbance. Buddle is wanted for affray, while his 26-year-old associate
is wanted in connection to a shooting
in Sydney in July. They will both face court
in Sydney on Wednesday.

Time to check the financial markets. Local stocks are firmer on the back of positive
economic data from overseas. The ASX 200 has finished the day
up 6 points.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe have treated pub patrons
in New York to an impromptu karaoke performance
from their latest movie. The 'Les Miserable' co-stars
battled it out on stage, recreating an intense moment
from the film. # I am warning you, Javert... #

They're both considered
Oscar contenders for their roles in the big-screen adaptation
of the hit musical.

A news presenter in the US has taken public marriage proposals
to a new level, popping the big question
live on air. Mark Rivera's girlfriend thought she'd been brought on his show
to talk about her work, but he said
he only had one question for her. It's the most important question
I've ever asked anyone. Will you marry me?

Luckily for him, she said yes. But, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6pm, and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello there.
Coming up in Sydney tonight - the 2Day FM radio hosts
break their silence in a tell-all-interview
with Channel 7. Hear what they have to say
about the phone call that's changed their lives forever and left Jacintha Saldanha's family
without a much-loved mother. We'll also cross live to London for reaction to the interview
over there. We have exclusive details
of cuts to the health service and fears lives could be put at risk
by budget-saving measures. Hear how the education department
is taking some of the blame for a schoolboy's death
during a cooking class. Could you help police with
vital new clues they've uncovered in the investigation
into a terrorist bombing in Sydney's east 30 years ago? See the amazing bargains on offer at a one-off luxury car auction
in Sydney. Plus, the good deed for Christmas
from 'X Factor' stars who drew a big lunchtime crowd
in the city. We'll have those stories
and plenty more in Sydney's Seven News
tonight at 6:00. But now, here's Matt Carmichael
with the day's sport news. Good afternoon. Skipper of the Blues
for five years, Judd is also stepping down
from the leadership group. A new captain will be named
in February. Just looking forward to getting back to the essence
of footy and competing and probably not having
as much responsibility. In the NRL,

the Cowboys have re-signed test prop
James Tamou until 2016.

Manchester United
will travel to Sydney in July to take on
an A-League All Stars team. United won a thrilling
Manchester derby, 3-2, over City this morning. COMMENTATOR: Van Persie may well
have won that Manchester derby. City down and out,
in despair and disbelief. United captain Rio Ferdinand's head
was split open by a coin. He was also confronted
by a pitch invader. In the A-League, Japanese import Shinji Ono scored
his first goal for the Wanderers in their 1-0 win over Brisbane. Australian team-mates have urged
fans to be patient with Phil Hughes before his test comeback on Friday. The Sri Lankans were in the nets
in Hobart this morning. Hughes tuned up for his third chance
in test cricket with a match-winning 74 in Adelaide's Big Bash victory
over Perth.

Only concern is every time he gets out
someone will want to mention it so that's just what
he'll have to deal with. He's a great player in great form. Dougie Bollinger was off target but Travis Birt led Hobart to
victory over Brisbane at the Gabba. 53-year-old Peter Senior
has set his sights on this week's
Australian PGA Championship after becoming the oldest Australian
Open champion in history last night. Senior defied gale-force conditions to beat Brendan Jones by one stroke
in near darkness. I can't believe
how many people stuck it out. I would have been home in bed
by now. Senior last lifted
the Stonehaven Cup 23 years ago.

It's advantage Joel Parkinson
over Kelly Slater in surfing's world title showdown
in Hawaii. Parko recovered from a nervous start
to win his round three heat, then backed up
to reach the quarterfinals. It's just good to get going.
It's a nervous frustration.

Yesterday was torture. And so many good Rival Kelly Slater has to wait
for the contest to resume before his fourth round heat.

I would love to be on the Gold Coast when he wins that.

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Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update
from the Werribee Open Plain Zoo, about a 30min drive
south-west of Melbourne of this beautiful
summer's afternoon. There

There are

There are some wild dogs behind me. In Brisbane,
it's been a showery afternoon with the odd passing thunderstorm. In Sydney, a shower or two.
A few more showers tomorrow. And in Adelaide,
it's a warm and sunny afternoon.

From the broad belt of high pressure
south of the continent is directing
a moist and unstable easterly wind onto the New South Wales coast,
triggering scattered showers.

It is directing showers on to the eastern seaboard and storms

eastern seaboard and storms around the south-east of Queensland. There will be little changed tomorrow. Temperatures will start to rise over the south-east corner and SA.

In Brisbane tomorrow,
a few more showers. Little change
in Sydney too. Canberra, fine
and partly cloudy. Melbourne,
warm and sunny. Adelaide,
dry and clear.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sam.

Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. A reminder, you can see more of
the radio-hoax DJs' interview at 6pm and the full interview
on 'Today Tonight'. I'm Samantha Armytage.
Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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Thank you, Pricettes. Nice job. Ah, Danger Price, Darya. Are you familiar with this one?
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