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This program is captioned live. Crisis talks - Austereo holds an emergency meeting as their radio hosts remain in hiding. Fire danger - property destroyed and families evacuated in another Queensland bushfire. Hotel brawl - police officer in hospital after a massive brawl at a Sydney pub. Bill shock - unhappy diners criticised for their weight on a restaurant receipt. It's Mortgage Monday - you could be our next $10,000 winner. And Ricky Martin reveals all about his new role on 'The Voice'. SONG:# Her lips are devil red # And her skin is the colour of mocha...# Good morning to you. It is a Monday morning. How is that doing it for you?It is great, I had a good week, we put up all the Christmas deck raid. We have a water fall at our place. Of Christmas lights.Oh, Lisa.I am getting into the competition.A good weekend all around?YesWater and electricity normally involves a great combo. So far so good, one night in. I have to break to it you that you can't enter the competition.I hate that!!But you can get into the spirit.I am definitely into the spirit. Good morning to, you it is Monday, 10 December 201. Let's have a look at the weather for you this morning around the country.

around the country.
It is good to have your company this Monday morning and it is a very good morning to Tim McMillan. Good morning, Georgie, and good morning to you. The Australian radio hosts at the centre of the royal radio prank remain in hiding this morning, as their employer swings into full-blown damage control. Austereo has now responded to a damning letter from the London hospital where Jasintha Saldanha worked, before she was found dead in her apartment following Tuesday's hoax. For more, let's go live now to Sylvia Jeffreys who's outside Austereo's Sydney headquarters. Sylvia, what did Austereo have to say?Well, Tim, Max Moore-Wilton is chairman has essentially fallen short of apologising for the prank but he has committed to co-on rating with any investigation into the incident. He said it is too early to know the full details leading to this tragic event and we are anxious to review the results of an investigation that may be made available to us. The network bosses yesterday held a crisis meeting to discuss how best to respond to a scathing letter sent from King Edward VII Hospital in which the chairman Lord Glenarthur described the prank as foolish and appalling and called on the radio network to take steps to ensure that a tragedy like this is never repeated. Of course, the stunt has attracted enormous criticism from right around the world, particularly from media in the UK. On the 2Day FM website on the Facebook page there are now more than 24,000 comments relating to the stunt. Most are either directing criticism or even threats to Mel Greig and Michael Christian who have been undergoing psychological support. They have very concerned about her mental state at the moment V a listen. They are both understandably incredibly distraught too and we are concerned for their well being and at this point we have asked them to make no comment and we have agreed at this point in time that the radio show won't go ahead into the future and will be reviewed. Sylvia, any word on the futures of Mel Greig and Michael Christian? Well, it seems at this stage that 2Day FM is committed to keeping them employed in the long term but for now the radio duo have gone to ground. They have been pulled off air temporarily. They have deleted their Facebook and Twitter accounts and moved to secure and secret accommodation for the time being. There was an indication that possibly later today the pair will be speaking publicly, giving their side of the story for the first time. There are certainly many people right around the world, Tim, who are waiting to hear what they have to say.They sure are. Thank you. Emergency grews have been battling a large bushfire on north Queensland fire good morning to Alison Ariotti s the blaze under control?Good morning, Tim, the blaze is burning within containment lines but it is not yet under control. A very large bushfire that broke out just after lunch yesterday and by 3 o'clock the situations with very serious as that fast-moving fire swept south, south-west towards the town ship of Myora. That is when residents were told that the watch and act message had been activated. About 50 people, holiday-makers as well as residents were evacuated to the town ship of Dunich. They were told they couldn't - fire crews couldn't guarantee that properties would be save and we know that as of late yesterday afternoon three caravans in that area had been burned. The good news is for residents about 8pm last night that watch and act message was cancelled and they were allowed back into their homes but certainly the fire threat on that island has not eased completely and we will have to see what this morning brings as crews can really assess the situation once we get some light up here.We will hope for the best and check if with you later non the morning. -- later on in the morning. A female police officer has been bashed in the head during a wild brawl in Sydney's west. The fight broke out in the beer garden of a hotel in Parramatta, and soon spilled onto the street. As police tried to break the tussle up, a number of other brawls erupted. The police woman who was struck in the head was rushed to Westmead Hospital - another officer was also injured in the violence. Three men and two women were arrested and have since been charged. A young mum and her 6-month-old baby boy have narrowly avoided serious injury after a car came crashing through the front of their home on the NSW mid-north coast. Renee Jarvis was breastfeeding her son at Sawtell yesterday afternoon, when the red Commodore slammed into their lounge room, hitting the chair the pair was sitting on. Her husband, Scott, says they weren't hurt and that he raced to check on the driver.I ran outside to see if the person in the car was OK and rang 000 to get the ambulance and police here as soon as we could. SES volunteers braced the home as the Commodore was removed. No charges have been laid. Police say hopes of finding a surfer who went missing off the West Australian coast alive have all but faded, as the search enters its recovery phase. The 22-year-old was with two mates when they ran into a rip on Saturday afternoon at Margaret River's Redgate Beach, about 280km south of Perth. One man made it to safety but the other, an American tourist, was killed.Yeah, they were bogey boarding - having fun and got themselves caught in a rip and before they realised it they were in deep trouble. The search will begin again this morning though police say resources will be scaled back. Up to 50 people have been evacuated after a blaze ripped through a block of units in Sydney's west. Strong winds fanned the flames at the Greenacre complex, as 45 firefighters worked quickly to put it out. No-one's believed to have been injured, though emergency crews searched the units for anyone who may have been trapped inside. Those who were evacuated were from a nearby reception centre. It's still not known how the fire started. Obesity experts are warning people who carry extra weight to steer clear of wine as a tool to lowter risk of heart disease. Researchers say the long- held belief that a glass or two or wine can help protect the heart was taken from 40 years ago and is now out of date. They suggest small amounts of alcohol can be good for slim people, but for those who are overwielgt drinking regularly has no positive effect. -- over weight drinking regularly has no positive effect. Looking at the markets now.

Looking at the markets now.

Three friends in the US have been left shaken, after getting a nasty surprise while reading their bill at a restaurant. Waiters used cruel comments to describe the girls, and it's sparked widespread condemnation.I got the bill and I was looking at the bill and all I said why does this receipt say fat girls.And I am like, heck no.Sure enough, though, there it is, right on top of the receipt. A bar teender named Jeff had typed in fat girls to keep track of their bill for the table. When they asked the manager for an explanation -He had a smirk on his face like it was funny but trying not the laugh.But it went from bad to worse when the restaurant still wanted them to pay the bill with a 25% discount. They declined the next offer too.He said, we, I can do 50% and we are just like, are you serious.In a Facebook message overnight the Cameo Club Casino owner apologised saying insulting a customer is intolerable in our establishment. As for Jeff, he is now looking for a new job.He was busy last night but that just no excuse. Jimmy did not work that night but is trying to clean up the mess.I just want to tell them that we are sincerely sorry for that and we will do everything in your power to make sure that never happens to anyone ever again. This is the art of thing that will sting for a while.It is not funny. I can just see it over and over again. I am in a bit of trouble this morning because I dared to glance over at you during the tin troe to that story. I meant nothing like it. Now you are highlighting it.You had the previous story about red wine, alcoholics all of that, don't even try to lose weight, girls.I have learnt all of these learns the hard way over the year, so, yeah. We will take you on.I don't doubt that, that is why I am worried. Very sticky water, Tim McMillan! (LAUGHTER) Let's have a look now and we will let you off the hook just for now, at the national fly around this morning.

Alright, we have had a big weekend in sport and Tim is here with all the details.Yeah, a stack, Lisa. The golf finished after 7 o'clock last night. What a day, the wind caused chaos but that didn't stop Peter Senior from becoming the oldest burn to win the This program is not captioned. Open. We have it all after this.
Welcome back. Time to have a look at the front paging around the country. -- pages around the country. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports Southern Cross Austereo was holding a crisis meeting last

Southern Cross Austereo was holding
a crisis meeting last night to consider what action to take over the prank call tragedy engulfing its Sydney radio station, 2Day FM. The 'Adelaide Advertiser' says radio hosts, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, are sorry for the prank call but are not yet ready to face the public after a tirade of abuse and threats forced them into hiding. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports the Gillard Government is spending an average of $6.1 million a month flying asylum seekers to Nauru, more than what is spent transporting sick and injured taxpayers in remote areas of Australia. In the 'Courier Mail', it takes one look into the gorgeous blue eyes of Annabelle Mags to grasp the devastation from a horrible weekend car crash that claimed the lives of her 23-year- old mother and 22-year-old father. The 'Australian' says the nation has backed a global climate change deal that offers poor countries financial aid for the loss and damage they suffer from extreme weather events, in a new step that could one day leave taxpayers with a $3 billion annual bill. In the 'Herald Sun', confidential documents reveal Victorians could pay tolls of almost a million dollars a day to use the proposed east-west link road. 'The Age' says critics of Sri Lanka's human rights record are calling for a boycott of the national cricket team's tour of Australia and say the Boxing Day test will be an opportunity to protest. "Operation rebuild" - the 'Hobart Mercury' says new homeowners will be the big winners when Premier Lara Giddings unveils her jobs stimulus package today. And finally in the 'Northern Territory News' - "Cover charge" - blokes at a Northern Territory nightclub have been told take your pants off or pay $250.

nightclub have been told take your
pants off or pay $250.Sadly we don't have any other information on that but we are desperately seeking because all we got was the front page. We are going to fill you in. Who is desperately seeking it?OK, it was me. I was trying to work out what the heck was going on.It is the NT, Lis, don't took too much into it.I am looking for deep when there ain't much deep. The Australian cricket team will start readying itself for Sri Lanka today when they gather in Hobart. Phil Hughes warmed up for his test recall with a strong display in the shortest form of the game, belting 74 from 48 balls to help Adelaide to a Big Bash win over the Scorchers.Has he got enough for this? He has. Swept away for six. Ricky Ponting was sidelined from Hobart's clash with the Heat in Brisbane, and the homeside looked in good stead, with 172 from their 20 overs. There it is. Straight back over his head for six. That is a very good shot. But they struggled in the field as Travis Birt and Owah Shah put on 95 together, sealing an 8-wicket win. At the age of 53 Peter Senior has become the oldest Australian player to win the champion following his one-shot win over Brendan Jones in Sydney last night. Senior finished at 4-under the card, with winds of up to 80km/hr causing all sorts of havoc. After a delayed start he managed birdies an 10 and 12, before holding on down the back nine for his second Australian Open title.I thought the days were over of giving speeches but I have one left in me. Thank again, thank you, everyone. 1989 was the last time he won, it was extra special because he got to three play offs and lost them this year. He also had his son Mitch, his teenager, on his bag. He picked up some pocket money from his dad. The Australian mens hockey team have gone some way to making up for the disappointment of London, by taking out their fifth consecutive Champions Trophy title. It didn't come easy, needing extra time to secure a 2-1 win over the Netherlands. The Qantas Socceroos have qualified for the East Asian Cup following an 8-nil thumping of Taiwan last night. They needed to win by five or more to make it through, and did it comfortably, while former Socceroos boss Frank Farina has had his first win in charge of Sydney FC.On side, chance for the second goal and this is the killer goal.Both Sydney sides managed a win yesterday with the Wanderers edging out Brisbane 1-nil. And the Manchester derby has lived up to expectation in the English Premier League, with United and City playing out a thrilling encounter at Etihad Stadium. The Sky Blues came back from two goals down before Robin Van Persie engineered a dramatic finish for the visiting side.

the visiting side.Van Persie may well have won the Manchester derby. That is a ka ah cracker, isn't it? The result puts Man Utd six points ahead of City on the ladder. And last year's Melbourne Cup runner-up, Red Cadeaux, has finally had some Group 1 success and it came in a big way. The 6-year-old claimed the Hong Kong Vase at Sha Tin - a race worth $2.2 million. And that sort of money gets you a long way on the Hong Konger if rifplt well done. There is our sport this morning.Excellent. Thank you, Tim.Let's check in on the weather now for the major centres.

After the break it is time for some Hollywood gossip on this Monday morning. You are in position so I know you are raring to go. What do you have?Oh, my gosh, who doesn't love One Direction but they got some surprising fans. How about Dustin Hoffman! The unbelievable kiss that has everybody talking. Such a scandal. This program is not captioned. (GRUNTS)
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Wait a minute...!!We are looking for the best Christmas lights in Australia. We want us to send you a photo of your home and you could be in the running for a gift voucher for David Jones.Let's have a look at some of the entrys that have been coming in. This one is from Wayne and Jackie in NSW. Very impressive display there, love the candy canes.Beautiful. Elaborate. You can enter by emailing us your video and we will be showing the best entries every day. So, our advice is be bright, be bold, be creative, show us your Christmas spirit and you could get your house on the TV.$5,000, not to be sneezed at. While we are showing you the best of our Christmas light entries, here is an idea of what not to do. (LAUGHTER) They are trying. Some people just like a smaller display.

like a smaller display.
Understated.. Let's get some gossip. Don't let that deter you. Send them in any way.Good morning, one and all, good morning Richard Reid who joins us from Hollywood. Dustin Hoffman has a chosen counter with one of the One Direction lads? There might have been something hairy about it - Niall's upper lip!! One Direction has been taken New York by storm. They culminated their week-long stay there appears on David Letterman when Dustin Hoffman came out and planted a big one right on Niall's mouth. Take a look. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Oh, wait a minute...!! (LAUGHTER) I got to say, you know what, I'm not saying that Niall didn't enjoy it, but that was some kind of pash. I got to say, who doesn't love One Direction?Everybody, including Dustin Hoffman one would think. You don't see that every day, do you? No, not every day. No.We are seeing it twice. Oh, there he goes. Gee, big Dustin. Hugh Jackman - moving right along, he takes credit for Daniel Craig's rise to superstar domestic - huh?Well, speaking of a shirtless male hunky superstar this Monday, why not, Hugh Jackman, he and Daniel Craig, great mates but he said, you know what, that Daniel Craig he owes me. If I hadn't turned down the James Bond role in Casino royal that Daniel Craig wouldn't be a star. Hugh was locked into the X men movies playing Wolverine, he really didn't have a break, so second choice Daniel Craig, and the rest, as we say, is history.Yeah, it is good to see the boys having a bit of a laugh with each other. They are both incredibly successful. Who is the latest celebrity to chase down a diet deal?Oh, this was a surprise! It is none other than Cher's son Chaz Bono. The poor thing, he has struggled with his weight over the years and now he figures he is perfect for either Jenny Craig, weight watchers - he is ready for a cash deal and he will lose the weight. Of course he did lose some weight when he was on dancing with the stars, didn't really go over pretty good, I think he got kicked off halfway through, but if you know anyone out there who knows Jenny Craig send them Chaz's way.And finally Mel Gibson's ex does what?She is releasing an album of hip top songs. That is right, Oksana Grigorieva - that is right, our favourite. -- Oksana Grigorieva - I couldn't say her name!! She has released an album of hip hop songs. He is a classically trained pianist and now she thinks she can do hip hop. A lot of talent there.Indeed. Oksana Grigorieva.Still doing headlines. Something like that. Coming up this hour on Today - Austereo in crisis. We are live at the headquarters as they deal with the repercussions of that prank call. And also ahead, he has big shoes to fill. Ricky Martin talks about replacing the fabulous Keith Urban on 'The Voice'.

Urban on 'The Voice'.
And bringing the kids as well. It will be fun.It is right on 6 o'clock, let's get the news. Thank you, Georgie, good morning to you at home. Austereo executives will decide on Wednesday whether to reinstate advertising on 2Day FM, following last week's Royal radio stunt. But management has refused to confirm whether the hosts at the centre of the hoax will keep their jobs. Mel Greig and Michael Christian remain in hiding, after the body nurse Jacintha Saldanha was discovered at her London apartment, following Tuesday's prank.They are both understandably incredibly distraught too and we are concerned for both their well being and at this point we have asked them to make no comment. Having said that, Southern Cross Austereo remains committed to any investigation and we will help authorities.The communications watchdog, ACMA, is reportedly considering launching an investigation into the prank. Fire crews on Queensland's North Stradbroke Island have spent the night battling a large bushfire which broke out yesterday afternoon. The blaze, which is not yet under control, burned dangerously close to properties, sparking evacuations. Race in, grab what personal things you got and go, straightaway. Authorities say the fire has been contained and residents are now able to return to their homes. Their disappearance sparked a large-scale search operation in Victoria, but now, in a bizarre twist, two fishermen who went missing near Port Albert are in strife with police. Nine's Vicky Jardim joins us now. Good morning. What will these fishermen accused of?Police are understandably furious. They spent more than five hours searching for a 33-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy who were reported missing after failing to return from a fishing trip. Now, while a large air and water search was under way the pair was spotted doing burn outs in their boat just 150m from the Portcle Bert boat ramp, the 33-year-old man steering the vessel was allegedly drunk. The legal limit while in charge of a boat is 0.05. It does get much worse than that. He was also unlicensed and not carrying the necessary safety equipment. He has also been charged with giving alcohol to a minor because of course his passenger was just 17 years old. Only last week Victoria police warned people to take extra care over summer but clearly some people aren't listening to the messages, Tim.Understandably angry. Thank you. A police pursuit has ended in a nasty smash in Sydney's cast overnight. Officers say they chased the vehicle at around 1am in Moore park after discovering it was stolen.There was a car in the middle of a road, a police car drove past and then stopped and then we realised he was chasing another bloke off to the right-hand side.Police say he then crashed into another car before fleeing the scene on foot. It is later arrested. It's alleged he reached speeds of 160km/hr in a 60 zone. A young family on the NSW mid-north coast has incredibly escaped uninjured after a car ploughed into the front of their home. Renee Jarvis was sitting in a chair, with her 6-month-old baby boy when they were thrown to the ground as windows shattered and a brick wall collapsed around them.We braced ourselves, we thought it might have hit the carport and all of a sudden the car appeared in the lounge room, while Renae was feeding young Matt. No charges have been laid. Christmas is just around the corner, but if you've yet to buy presents for family and friends, it seems you're not alone. Australians are expected to fork out $6,5 billion this week on their Christmas shopping - about $285 each. Retailers are hoping customers will splurge a little this festive season, despite less than impressive sales figures in October. And while online shopping is expected to get a boost this year, it's believed the vast majority of money will be spent in store. To finance now, and on Wall Street the Dow Jones finished the week stronger.

I am sure Tim Gilbert spent at least $285 for his Christmas shopping.No doubt I will when I start it. Peter Senior has declared his Australian Open wint o be the best of his long career. It's the second time he's lifted the Stonehaven Cup, after finishing the tournament at four under, one shot ahead of Brendan Jones. What an outstanding win it it was. Phil Hughes has tuned up for Friday's test against Sri Lanka, by smashing nine 4s and a six in the Adelaide Strikers 6-wicket win over the Perth Scorchers last night. And despite a poor performance with the ball the other night, Shane Warne is still refusing to rule out a return to test cricket.At the moment while he is still doing it and bowling really well, which I am, then I suppose anything is possible. The Kookaburras are back on top of the world, claiming a record fifth straight Champions Trophy in Melbourne - a 2-1 overtime victory against the Netherlands sealing the title. And we've seen the ugly side of soccer again with Manchester united defender, Rio ferd and in hit by a coin during his side's 3-2 win over rivals Man City. Ferd and in also clashes with a fan, who wan on to the field during the game.We have very good behaviour generally across the board at sports venues in this country. Some of the behaviour overseas -Ugly isn't it. It is down right dangerous.We used to see some of that in the old NFL day, I have seen coins thrown then but way back. It is a different atmosphere now.Dangerous. Coming up on Today we will have more on the 2Day FM radio crisis. And your chance to win $10,000 no Morgue Monday.And later with he hear about Jamie Oliver's new Aussie project.But right now let's get a check of the weather with Steve Jacobs. Good morning, to you, I am at the Australian museum this morning checking out a fantastic exhibition called Alexander the Great 2,000 years of treasure, one of the most fantastic and successful conquerers of history. A lot coming your way but first we are going to get into the weather maps and see what is happening around this beautiful country. 36

So who was Alexander the Great? He was king at the age of 20 and at the time he qon kered two-thirds of the known -- conquered two-thirds of the known world and that is why they call him Alexander the Great, not Alexander the average or...We have your drift, don't worry about that.And you are Stevie the great. Thank you, I will take that.See you in half an hour.Up next, crisis talks at Austereo's 2Day FM. And Ricky March speaks about bringing the kids to Australia for 'The Voice'. -- Martin speaks about bringing the kids to Australia for 'The Voice'. This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC)

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kids to Australia for 'The Voice'.
Good morning to you, Sydney, you can expect showers today a top of 22 degrees. Right now sitting on 17. Lisa.Thank you, Georgie. Well, the bosses of Austereo held crisis talks last night as they attempt to deal with the growing outrage over the Royal prank call that has been linked to the death of an English nurse. The radio hosts at the centre of the scandal remain in hiding this morning, and are receiving counselling over the incident. Today reporter, Sylvia Jeffreys is at the 2Day FM headquarters in Sydney. Good morning to you. Do we know what happened at that emergency board meeting yesterday? Good morning, Lisa. Well the bosses of Southern Cross Austereo met for crisis talks last night partly to discuss what to do with the embattled radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian but also to figure out how to respond to a Cateing letter from King Edward VII Hospital, the hospital where Jacintha Saldanha had worked and where she answered that prank call before committing suicide. A response has now been issued from Southern Cross Austereo in which they say they are committed to cooperating with any investigations into the incident. Max Moore-Wilton, the chairman of Austereo said it is too early to know the full details and we are anxious to review the results of an investigation that may be made available to us. The chairman did, however, Lisa, fall short of issuing an apology for the opportunity.We know that the hosts have gone to -- stunt. We know that the hosts have gone to ground and taken off the air indefinitely. Any word of their future?There was a suggestion from 2Day FM that they will do their best to maintain their employment in some way, shape or form in the long term but for now they have been wrapped up in cotton wool. They have been taken off the air and removed into a secret location. They have deleted their Facebook and Twitter accounts as they continue to be the focus of intensely critical headlines around the world. They are said to be receiving intense psychological support as well as the radio bosses say they are very concerned about their mental well being at the moment. Have a listen.Our presenters, we have spoken to, and we have agreed at this point in time that the radio show won't go ahead into the future. It will be reviewed. They are both understandably incredibly distraught too and we are concerned for both their well being and at this point we have asked them to make no comment. Having said that, Southern Cross Austereo remains committed to any investigation and we will help authorities that may want to investigate this matter further. Now, there is a lot of pressure, particularly from international media outlets, on Southern Cross Austereo to take action to make sure that this kind of tragedy is never repeated. A spokesperson for the network Sandy Kaye has come out and fought back. She said that the radio duo has been the subject of a witch hunt and she is asking why the same level of criticism hasn't been direct tat hospital. She went on to say also that prank calls have been part of the radio industry now for 50 years and they are not intended to direct any Hugh millionation or embarrassment. Whether or not that is adding fuel to the fire we will wait to see. There are certainly international media, or international journalists expected to dissent on this station here in the city later today. We are also expecting to possibly hear from the radio duo later to dafplt it is suggested that they will be speaking publicly later on today to give their side of the story. Certainly a lot of people waiting to hear what that is.Indeed that is the case. Sylvia Jeffreys there outside the Austereo studios, thanks very much. Georgie.To Queensland now and residents on north Stradbroke Island have been forced to flee from a raging bushfire overnight. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us. We understand that this bushfire flared up around lunchtime yesterday. What more can you tell us? Any that is right, just afternoon on the north side of north Stradbroke Island was where this bushfire flared up. I was moving in a south, south-westerly direction very quickly and that is when fire crews were concerned. I was heading towards Myora and they enacted a watch and alert message at 3pm yesterday afternoon. I was moving very quickly and fire crews on the scene there said they couldn't guarantee that all properties would be saved. We know that late yesterday three caravans had been destroyed but the fire about 8 o'clock last night was burning then within containment lines but it still was not under control. I have spoken to emergency services this morning and they are trying to get an update from the crew on the ground at the moment who are very busy trying to protect properties right now, so certainly they are still very busy fighting that large bushfire there on north Stradbroke. What is the forecast, how are things looking for today?Well, certainly we have temperatures Gwen under 30 degrees, about 28 degrees expected around Brisbane and there are some showers forecast for the area so no doubt fire crews will be hoping that those showers do reach North sprad broke aisle and have an impact. We know that 50 residents and holiday-makers were evacuated yesterday but as of late yesterday evening they were allowed back into their homes so hopefully no other propertys will be lost on the island. Let's hope you are right. Thanks very much for the latest.Most clicked is next including a great moment on a sling shot ride. This program is not captioned. (GIGGLES) (LAUGHS)

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moment on a sling shot ride.
Christmas is so just around the corner and we have $10,000 to give away so make sure you stay by the phone. But now for most clicked, these guys try to ride the Giant Sling Shot ride in the United States and asked for a count down. Can you give us a count down before we go? (SCREAMING) .What kind of a count down was that!!I am feeling that in my stomach.Apologies if you were halfway through breakfast.Coming in at number two, here is an interesting way to give your dog a banana.

Oh to!!We like bananas, you know. That is like that actress that used to chew the food and give it to her baby.Apologys if you are having your breakfast.Again. At number three this guy decides to pose next to a Tiger. It doesn't exactly go to plan. (LAUGHTER) Oh, yeah. Did he think it was stuffed, did he?He was going to be stuffed if it moved very far!!All they needed to do was prick the finger. Look at what happens when a colony of penguins wad willed down the ice and one slipped over.Oh They are laughing at him. Oh.And coming in at number five, if you ever wanted your cat to get a bit of exercise, here is how to do it.

do it.
Beats walking around the block, I guess.True. (LAUGHTER) Oh! That is my treadmill.

Oh! That is my treadmill.
Thanks Georgie.Coming up, we are talking to Ricky Martin, the brand new coach on 'The Voice'. Don't go anywhere, we are watching Today. We will see you right after this.

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Tomorrow is holiday Tuesday and we have $80,000 Scenic Tours voucher up for grabs. You will stay in five-star style and that is just one of the dozen of great holidays we up for grabs.It is all thankss to Scenic Tours and all you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say "I wake up with Today".To register for tomorrow niece draw: -- tomorrow's draw: I know why you love it, because you always loved an '80s stit sit come. Also coming this morning the restaurant diners who have been left pretty upset after discovering they had been described as fat girls on a bill.That restaurant definitely needs a table numbering system to get them out of trouble in the future. It is 6:30, so it is time for the news. Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. The communications watchdog is reportedly considering whether to launch an investigation into the Royal radio hoax. The Australian newspaper reports ACMA could bypass the complaints procedure that gives broadcasters the first right to response. Overnight Austereo management confirmed the radio show at the centre of the prank will be scrapped, as the hosts involved remain in hiding.They are both understandably incredibly distraught too and we are concerned for both their well being and at this point we have asked them to make no comment and we have agreed at this point in time that the radio show won't go ahead into the future., and will be reviewed. A London coroner will make a determination on the cause of Jacintha Saldanha's death, later this week. Police have made a major breakthrough in their investigation into the terrorist attacks on the Israeli Consulate and Hakoah Club in Sydney 30 years ago. Detectives believe gas cylinders from the state's rail authority were used in the explosions, and will now interview former employees to narrow down a suspect. Two people were injured in the 1982 attacks. A raging bushfire which destroyed three caravans and forced residents and holiday-makers to flee on North Stradbroke Island has now been contained, but authorities warn it's still not yet under control. Authorities worked frantically to get on top of the blaze, using water bombers and fire crews on the ground.It was a big surprise. I was just there playing Suduko on the couch and, um, next minute Peter, "Get out of here, come on, let's get going!". Residents were allowed back into their homes last night.

their homes last night. A fierce blaze has ripped through a block of units in Sydney's west. 45 fire- fighters battled the flames which leapt from the roof of the building at Greenacre.

at Greenacre. Hopes are fading for a surfer who vanished off the West Australian coast on Saturday. The 22-year-old was one of three men dragged out to sea in a rip at Maragaret River's Redgate Beach. One of the men survived but tragically, an American tourist drowned.It was quite a big surf, about 4m. A recovery search is expected to resume at 7am, local time. An American doctor has been rescued from the Taliban in a daring joint raid by US and Afghan forces. Dr Dilip Joseph was working at a remote medical clinic in Afghanistan when he was kidnapped four days ago. The US Army ordered the raid overnight after hearing the doctor was in imminent danger. To finance now:

To finance now:
Some of the world's biggest music stars have glittered at Madison Square Garden, for New York's annual Jingle Ball. Thousands of people packed the venue for the show, with singer Taylor Swift proving, as always, a highlight. SONG:# This time I'm telling you, # We, are never, ever # Getting back together." Boy band One Direction also brought the house down, performing a number of their hit singles. No Grammy nominations.No.Still a scandal and an outrage.Richard Wilkins is still seating about that.People are taking to Facebook, it is that bad.That bad?Yeah, that bad. Let's get some sport.We are starting to talk about cricket again. It all starts again today for the Australian cricket team - they hit Hobart, ahead of Friday's opening test against Sri Lanka. The Twenty20 Big Bash took centre stage over the weekend though. Last night the Hobart Hurricanes had no worries beating the Brisbane Heat by 8 wickets, while the Perth Scorchers crashed to a six wicket loss at the hands of the Adelaide Strikers. Peter Senior's become the oldest person to win the Australian Open at 53, claiming his second Stonehaven Cup 23 years after his first. His one stroke victory was a family affair at the Lakes - son Mitch was his caddy for the weekend. We are a pretty close family and Mitch, wherever he is, I know he is down there somewhere, but, mate, we finally did it, mate.The soccer roos are into the east Asian Cup following an 8-nil thrashing of Taiwan. They needed to win by five to qualify. That was a good win. We could see a new surfing world champion crowned later today with Australian Joel Parkinson looking to end Kelly Slater's dominance of the sport. Here are some Today Show T signs. They put a T sign on top of the pie.Excellent stuff. James took this T sign on Alice Springs on holidays with his wife and a big hello to Ant who found this when he was working on a construction site in Papua New Guinea. That is quite creative. That is mighty.Oh, Lisa!!Gosh.I always try.You are very good. Originally.It was rubbish.Alright, thank you, Tim. Coming up on Today in five minute, Ricky Martin talks about filling Keith Urban's shoe on 'The Voice'.And Julie Goodwin has some edible Christmas gifts. What a nice thing to do.And we check out some of the best entrys in our Christmas lights xeption and we want to remind you there is $5,000 up for grabs to spends at David jobs so it is well worth -- Jones, so it is well worth sending us a picture.It certainly is. Right now it is time for Stevie.We are looking at an exhibition of Alexander the Great who lived about 350 years before Christ and this is one of the earliest portraits. This is the head of a statute that was found in a Roman home. He was short, he was blond, and he was determined. We are going to show you exactly what he did over his life time but first we are going to head into the weather and see what is happening at your place today.

at your place today.
We are at the Australian museum this morning checking out Alexander the Great where you can find some examples of the armour used at the time. He took a trained army of 35,000 with a total entourage of 150,000 people, started in Greece, marched down through tuk and intufrbg and into India and through Pakistan. He was the 1066 guy wasn't he, Stevie?1066, what does that mean?I thought 1066 - no, that is wrong. No, no -His through was never my strong suit. Who was 1066?William the conquerer. I knew one of those guys with the big ego.Thank you, Stevie, we are learning.As I never did.Look, today we speak to the man stepping into Keith Urban's boots as the new coach on 'The Voice'. Up next our exclusive interview with Ricky Martin. SONG:# This program is not captioned.

# Like every girl in history.#
Good morning again. Well, he went from teen star in the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo to 'Living La Vida Loca' as a global superstar. Now Ricky Martin has snagged the biggest gig on Australian TV, named as the new coach on the next season of 'The Voice'. Ricky is currently starring in the Broadway production of 'Evita' and that's where I caught up with him just before show time. Ricky Martin, thank you for joining us, sir, how are you doing? Hey, come on, thank you so much for manage me. Very excited. Hello everyone from New York. You are on stage at the theatre where you are performing in 'Evita', correct?Yes, I have been doing theatre for the last nine months. It has been very beautiful. I will be plays Jay until January 26.You have been playing it to great acclaim, rave reviews so congratulations on that. It is quite significant, you are probably unaware that January 26 is Australia Day, our national day of celebration, and it is the day you wind up there and you prepare to come to our country. We are very excited about that.To be able to be part of 'The Voice' family in Australia is something really interesting and I just can't wait, man. It is going to be a very beautiful first six months of the year. You are replacing one of our favourite sons here, Keith Urban. Big shoes to fill, mate?Yes, of course, of course! I love what she doing in music, I love what he has done for many years. He started this amazing project of 'The Voice' in Australia and I am humbled to be sitting in his chair. But that is going to always be his chair.Mate, that is your chair now, don't you worry about that. It will have a big Ricky on the back of that and we are very thrilled you are coming down. How are the twins?Thanks for asking, they are doing great. I don't know how they went from diapers until all of a sudden I am dealing with school uniforms. Time place to.Are you bringing them to Australia?Of course they are coming with me to Australia. The first week or so I might go there with just me and my manager and then the family will join me. They might have such a great time here you may never go back, Ricky. You might be Aussie Ricky, stay in Australia.Hey, that I know and and that is not a problem for me.You have played here a couple of times, you even played on the Logies which was pretty special for those of us in the business. Any thoughts of a big concert?Of course, I would love to feel the adrenaline of the crowd in Australia. I would have a need to be on stage performing so I have to lock myself in a studio at a certain moment. I need to go on the road again.You sure had a lot of that around the turn of the Millenium. You were the hottest recording artnist the world. Living LaVidaLoca, what was your learning at that point?I learned a lot to say no. At that moment I was seduced by fame and I was living every moment with full passion, but it was very important for me to step aside for a moment and just take a look at where I have been and just take care of myself spiritually and mentally and for that I needed to just take a moment and go home and spend time with my family and I think it was a very smart decision that the moment. Now I look at it and it feels really good.How has fatherhood changed you as a person?Like any father would say, priorities change. Everything that I do is based on their well being. They are my inspiration. It has been miracle after miracle being a father.Very well said, mate. Well, Ricky, we are thrilled you coming to Australia. We are delyinged you going to be one of the coaches on the -- delighted you going to be one of the coaches on 'The Voice'. I know you have a show in an hour- and-a-half so we will let you get ready for 'Evita'. Thank you for your time, sir.Thank you so much, God bless you and see you soon. There he is the man.He will be good, don't you think?A good choice.He is such a massive star and he lights up the room when he walks in. He will be here in February for the blind auditions of the voice. He will certainly create some excitement on and off the camera. It will be a big publicity thing. Not that the show wants that, but big shoes to fill and I think he will do the job.I think you are right.Bring it on. Coming up after 7 o'clock Jamie Oliver talks about his big plans for food trucks in Victoria.And for our song of the day, here is another Ricky Martin classic. See you after the break. SONG:# She makes you take your clothes off # And go dancing in the rain. # She makes you live her crazy life # But she'll take away your pain # Like a bullet to your brain # Up side, inside out # Living lavidloc # Her lips are devil red # And her skin is the colour of mocha # She will wear you out #

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(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

This program is not captioned. Welcome back. Mortgage Monday is back. We could be calling you with $10,000, thanks to Westpac! All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words - "I wake up with Today." That $10,000 phone call is coming up right after 8 o'clock. We suggest you stick by the phone and remember the words. Right now, stay where you are. Here is Ross. Yes, good morning to you all! It is Christmas time, of course, people thinking about gifts. One thing you should think about is gold. How much do people love gold? Women especially but blokes as well. Investments in gold has been one of the most incredibly things. The price has jumped more than eight times since 1909, when most of the world's Central Banks sold off the gold reserves. In July '97, the Reserve Bank announced it was selling 167 tonnes of gold in the previous six months! Am I betting they wish they had the decision over again. The cash they got was put mainly into foreign currency reserves. Read the US dollar! As you can see, since then, the gold price since back here, has basically taken off. It has risen from $350 US an ounce to when they sold it off, to around about $1,700. Though they could not have seen the future, those who made that decision, terrible decision, to sell made a monumental mistake that cost Australians tens of billions of dollars. It made us exposed to a massiveiful weakening US currency. According to the Reserve Bank, today it has around $4.4 billion worth of gold in its reserves out of a total of $48.1 billion - in other words,% of total reserves. That is what experts said families should have held in gold. It depends on the world. If the US shows signs of picking up, gold will easy off. That is the forecast of many of the investment banks this year, mind you, they, like our Reserve Bank, have been proven fallible in these forecasts before. That explains why the gold-buying stores have cropped up around the country, that is for sure.Sure does!Tim, you caught up with - change of pace, the real-life superhero.Pace is one of the words I will use. Trent Morrow is attempting a super-human feat - planning to conquer 114 marathons in one year, to raise money for charity. He plans to do it dressed up as a superhero. He is over in Los Angeles at the moment. The Marathon Man, he is called.We will get to the outfit in a tick. I want to ask you the question - why do you run so many marathons?Look, I love running marathons! It is a really great adventure. It is a great analogy of life. There is no doubt that anyone who has run a marathon would l be able to relate to the challenge of the distance, and there's certainly a lot of times and challenges that you have to go through to get across that 42.2km finish line. It is a journey that I really have enjoyed since starting in 2008.What about that outfit I hope you don't have any kryptonite around! What is the story behind it?I wanted to stand out and show people what was possible. I thought that there's no better way than, I guess, being a superhero and Marathon Man came about, been running marathons around the world ever since.You have a big 12 to 18 months ahead for yourself - that is the important key. You love running marathons but you are raising valuable money.Yes. I'm supporting Cancer Research, and I will be helping cure Cancer Australia Foundation in their very vital role they are playing to find a cure for cancer, and also improve the treatment process. So that's certainly a major motivator for what I'm doing, and looking at taking on the Guinness world record for the most number of official marathons in a calendar year, 2013. It will take you around the world but you need other people to put their hand in their pocket? Absolutely. I guess the current record has been set at 114 marathons. I'm aiming at taking on 120-plus marathons in a calendar year in 2013. Now, of course, this won't be able to come about unless I have the support of some really key partners in the country. Not only am I doing it to raise funds for Cure Arns, but also hopefully going to inspire others to get out there and take on a new adventure and to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Yeah, well, let's hope people get behind you. It is a great thing! I cannot believe you have run that many marathons - it is a credit to you, and you are raising funds for a wonderful cause.It will be a challenge. Two to three marathons a week is an ambitious project. Hopefully, everyone can follow me on and share the journey.He is ambitious. Good on you, Trent. If you want to get behind Trent, go to our website. See what you can do. It is a lot of marathons!Good for him.Just done the calculation, 4,800km! Not bad! In a suit!!In a Lycra - highly flammable material! A quick hit of gossip. It is the love story that is still headed in one direction - Taylor and Harry, huh in!Oh, they are goin' strong! They have gone their separate ways, only for a little bit. The band is headed back to England. But Taylor Swift is rumoured to be heading over there to celebrate her 23rd birthday! That is next week - mark your calendar, December 13. Harry has been shopping for her present! I'm not making this up! A ruby ring! That is how fabulous it will be. Ruby - of course, red to celebrate her triumphant album 'Red'. These kids are in it to win it! Thank you for that. Here are the top stories on Today. Crisis talks - Austereo holds an emergency meeting as their radio hosts remain in hiding. Fire danger - properties destroyed and families evacuated in another Queensland bushfire. Hotel brawl - police officer in hospital after a massive brawl at a Sydney pub. Bill shock - unhappy diners criticised for their weight on a restaurant receipt. It is Mortgage Monday - you could be our next $10,000 winner. Ricky Martin reveals all about his new role on 'The Voice'. # Livin' la veed ta loca # Good morning to you. It is Monday 10daez. The two radio hosts at the centre of the royal prank call scandal remain in hiding this morning and are receiving counselling. Management at Austereo held crisis talks last night as they attempted to deal with the growing outrage over the stunt, linked to the death of an English nurse. Today reporter Sylvia Jeffreys is at 2Day FM headquarters in Sydney. What came out of that emergency board meeting last night? Well, Lisa, the chairman of Southern Cross Stereohas written a response letter to the London hospital where Jacintha Saldanha had worked and also received that prank phone call before committing suicide. Now, max Wilson in the letter said that it is too early to know the full details of the tragic event, and we are anxious to review the result investigation that may be made available to us. He said, "The outcome is unforseeable. We are taking immediate action, reviewing the broadcast and processes involved." The chairman, did, however, fall short of issuing an apology for the stunt.Do we know any more about the future of the two radio hosts?Well, the tv has made it clear that they intend on maintaining their employment at the radio station in the long term, in some way, shape or form. For now, they have essentially gone to ground. They have been moved to a private and secret location for accommodation. They have been taken off air trailer. They have even cleet -- they have been taken off air temporarily. Mel Greig and Michael Christian is is have said that they are keen to speak publicly. It could happen today. The radio station said they will help them make arrangements when they feel like doing so. They have received psychological support over this incredible criticism and global outrage that has been fired at them. The network bosses say they will allow them to speak publicly when they feel they are up to it.Our presenters, we have spoken to, and we have agreed at this point in time that the radio show won't go ahead into the future and will be reviewed. They're both understandably incredibly distraught too. We are concerned for both their wellbeing and at this point we have asked them to make no comment. Having said that, southern Cross austerity remains committed to any investigation. We will help authorities that may want to investigate this matter further. Now, foreign media, particularly in the UK, is putting enormous pressure on 2Day FM to take action over this, particularly given the station's history of controversial pranks. Of course, this has all put Kyle Sandilands back in the headlines.What a fath, bitter thing you are, you deputy editor of an online thing. You a nothing job anyway.It was the rant that Southern Cross Austereo deemed offensive. The tirade against journalist Alice Stevenson was not offensive enough.Some fat on the Telegraph website. You don't have that much (BLEEP) to wear that dress. Change your image.It had attitude and menacing words.The problem - this was just one of several incidents attached to the Austereo brand. In July 2009, Sandilands was pulled off the air for two weeks for questioning a 14-year-old girl about her sexual history. A few months later, Austereo was cleaning up another mess.That is what all fat people say...Oh! You put in a concentration carp and you watch her weight fall off.

I think it is cruel, not on to trivialise what happens to people in concentration camps. That is abhorrent. Well, joining us now, someone who has spent many decades in the radio industry. 3AW's Neil Mitchell. Good morning to you, Neil. So today FM in trouble once again. Do you have any sympathy for them? I've got sympathy for the two - it is a tragic thing. I have sympathy for the two presenters. It is a cultural problem. You look through the Kyle Sandilands business. If they have not learned from that, they never will. A lot of people are saying here a lot - and they don't understand it. Was this live, this prank? I don't think so. The indications are that it was prerecorded. In that case, somebody in the building in management, has made the decision for it to go to air. These two kids have just started - they have started on the program. They would have been so excited by getting that, playing it to everybody. Somebody within Tv has made the decision that that goes to air. That would seem to be likely - Today FM. It is a management decision, I would expect. A spokesperson for 2Day FM has defended the hosts and the station. Sandy Kay says, "The backlash is just ferocious. Australia seems to be much more balanced. In the UK, it is like they are on a witch-hunt. It is intense, and what is incredible to me, it is so much easier for the British media to have us as the target. They have not once looked at the hospital." What is your take on that, Neil? I can't see what the hospital's got to do with it, really? It seems to have behaved impeccably. But the British press behaves that - they get the smell of blood and they go after you. That is what they are doing. We have to cop that. The hosts did a stupid thing. They are governed by different laws. In talk radio, for example, there are big gaps in the codes of conduct here. I have to live to a different standard as a talkback and current affairs commentator than the people who do cull so called light entertainment.You think there is a problem with the culture at 2Day FM?Look, you would have to suspect that. It looks like this has been approved up the line - not a decision by two junior DJs. We need to know that. If they don't learn from the Kyle Sandilands example, they never will. I don't think they will lose their licence. I think there will be huffing and puffing but they will stay on air.Because of their automated overnight shows, the network was playing the prank call three hours after they got the news of Jacintha Saldanha's death. What do you think of the way Austereo management handled that situation. Should they have taken themselves off the air at that point? How do you think they are handling generally it?It is an awfully sloppy thing. They should have dealt with it quickly - I guess it was an oversight. I'm told their news has not been running news of the nurse's death, which is also wrong, if that is the case. Look, they have not handled it well. I don't think they are being entirely upfront. There are questions to answer - was it prerecorded? If it was, as is normal process, who approved it going to air and why. How many people discussed it with the program director, station manager, who knew about it? If you had that piece of stuff on tape, as a DJ, you would play it to everybody, to show how clever you were. I reckon everybody in the station would have known about it.Many, many questions to be answered on this. A lot of pressure on Austereo to speak publicly. For now, Neil Mitchell, thanks for your time this morning. Residents and tourists on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland have been forced to evacuate after a bushfire destroyed property overnight. Joining us now is Today report Alison Ariotti. It must have been a frightening night for those residents there. Take us through exactly what happened, if you could. Georgie, about 50 people were moved from their homes midafternoon yesterday. People in the area of the township of Mayoroa, frightening for them. It was a fast-moving fire which came from the north, heading south, south- westerly quickly. It was 3 o'clock when fire crews issued a watch-and- act notice, which basically means enact your bushfire plan or leave your home if you don't think it is safe. 50 people then were moved on. We know that three caravans were lost in the bushfire. I've had an update from crews on the ground, who have been jack burning overnight. They say that no properties are under threat at this stage. The fire is burning within containment lines. There is a section of area of inaccessible land which is not under control. They are busy attacking the fire at the moment. About 10 crews worked overnight, jack burning, as I said. Hopefully, conditions will improve today.What is the outlook for today?Well, there are

Which would - Well, there are showers predicted. I was told that there was rain overnight, but more would be welcome to try to get the fire completely control. As you know, it has been a busy week or so for fire crews here in Queensland with a large number of fires burning because of the extreme conditions in the state.We wish the crews well. We leave it there for now, Alison. Thank you so much. A police pursuit has ended in a nasty smash in Sydney's east overnight. Officers say they chased the vehicle at 1am in Moore Park after discovering it was stolen. The man mounted the kerb and smashed into a police car before speeding away. A female police officer was injured in the collision.A bit of a screech. I walked out the front. There was a car in the middle of the road. A police car stopped, looked in, and kept going. They were chasing another bloke off to the right hand side.Police say he crashed into another car before fleeing the scene on foot. It is alleged he reached speeds of 160km/h in a 60 zone. A young family on the NSW mid-north coast has incredibly escaped uninjured after a car ploughed into the front of their home. Renee Jarvis was sitting in a chair with her 6-month-old baby boy as a brick wall collapsed around them.We thought it might have hit the carport, and all of a sudden the car appeared in the lounge room while Renee was feeding young Matt. No charges have been laid against the driver. A female police officer is recovering in hospital this morning after she was bashed on the head during a wild brawl in western Sydney. Nine's Amelia Ballinger joins us this morning. Good morning. This fight spilled out on to the street, it seems. What can you tell us?Tim, the fight that started in the beer garden here at the Roxy not only spilled out on to the street but sparked several other brawls in surrounding streets. A couple of hundred patrons made their way out of a beach party at 10 o'clock last night. Officers had been called earlier to eject some intoxicated patrons. The brawl started and they called for back-up. Officers from other commands came here. During the course of that, a female officer was punched in the side of the head, taken to Westmead Hospital. A male officer was injured, and he did not require medical treatment. Five people, three men and two women, were arrested here at the scene and taken to Parramatta Police Station where they were charged. They will appear at the praement local court in January.An ugly night. Two fishermen the subject of a large- scale search operation in Victoria have been found alive. But in a bizarre twist, they are now in trouble with police. Nine News reporter Vicky Jardim joins us. What is the story? Well, Georgie, a 33-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy are in quite a bit of trouble this morning. They were reported missing after failing to return from a fishing trip. A large air and water search got underway. The police and coastguard were looking for five hours when they spotted the pair near the boat ramp. They were caught doing burn- outs in the water. They were gone for two days, didn't tell anyone where they were going. The pair was allegedly drunk. The older of the two blew 0.107. The legal limit in charge of a boat was 0.05. He was unlie cepsed, not carrying the necessary -- unlicensed, not carrying the necessary life jackets and flares. He was charged with giving alcohol to a minor, his passenger was 17 years old. Police are warning people not to be stupid and waste resources during the busy summer period. Well, it has been long been thought a glass o