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a very relaxed game of lawn bowls. This is Australia. Only
special people get me barefoot. My magic ball. My lawn ball. What are these balls called? Bowls?!
Bowls. Like a bowling ball.
Like a bowl you eat out of. Alright, I gotta put my sunglasses
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a nurse mourned as radio bosses meet to decide
the fate of two Sydney radio DJs. Gale-force winds
cause havoc across Sydney. A brawl as thousands of police hit
the streets for a crime crackdown. How more drivers are helping
police catch dangerous road users. And is this the busiest day
in history for online shopping?

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Samantha Armytage.

Good evening. An emergency board meeting
is under way to determine the fate
of two Sydney radio hosts involved in
the royal prank phone call. The scandal has caused
international outrage after a nurse
who fell victim to the 2Day FM DJs committed suicide. Sean Berry is outside 2Day FM
in the city. Sean, have we heard
from the presenters today? Sam, neither Mel Greig
nor Michael Christian have been sighted today, with both presenters going to ground since news of the nurse's death
broke. Austereo says they're receiving
intense counselling as well as
onslaught of online abuse, as well as
an onslaught of online abuse, with their employer expressing
concern about their mental health, which is said to be fragile. They also remain off air
indefinitely, refusing to talk publicly
about the stunt or the nurse's suicide. While Austereo says they're confident their presenters
haven't broken the law, the pair may face questioning
from Scotland Yard. The deputy police commissioner says detectives in London
have already been in touch. They simply wanted to touch base, raise the issues,
make us aware of them, and it may be that they wish
to speak to someone at the station at a point in time
down the track.

Yesterday, 2Day FM
took the extraordinary step of suspending all advertising on
the station until at least tomorrow. And late today a hackers group,
Anonymous, announced it would start an online attack
against Austereo if it didn't attack the announcers. Sam. The family of the nurse
who took her own life has spoken publicly of their loss with her husband saying
he's devastated. Jacintha Saldanha's employer has
also blasted 2Day FM's management as anger about the prank
spreads across the globe. Prince William was flying solo
at a charity fundraiser. Catherine was to join him
but cancelled because of
the acute morning sickness which landed her in hospital. The father-to-be
didn't speak publicly about the tragic death
of Jacintha Saldanha, one of two nurses
duped by a prank call But the head of the hospital
didn't hold back in a scathing letter to the chair
of Austereo, Max Moore-Wilton.

Flowers have been left
at the 46-year-old's Bristol home where friends are comforting her
husband and two teenage children. It's devastating, you know.
It was never supposed to happen. These things
you think will never happen. It could have happened to anybody. In India, the nurse's homeland,
her extended family is in shock. (SPEAKS HINDI) Her mother-in-law says
she first heard of Jacintha's death when reporters
for an Indian newspaper called. Tributes have also been left
at the hospital and the nurses' quarters
where she was found. We just thought
it was really sad for everybody, for the radio
and for obviously the girl herself. The exact circumstances surrounding
the nurse's death remain unclear. It's not known if she was facing
other problems in her personal life which may have contributed
to her apparent suicide. An inquest which starts next week may help answer
some of those questions. Jacintha's husband, Benedict,
has posted a tribute on Facebook, writing:

Her family says
she'll be laid to rest in India. And if you feel like you need help,
call Lifeline on: Wind gusts of nearly 100km/h have brought down trees
across Sydney this afternoon. Emergency crews have received
dozens of calls for help. At Rockdale,
a tree was ripped from its roots, crashing onto a car.

The electricity wires hit the tree and then the tree has just dropped
and the wind was unbearable. It felt crazy. Like a hurricane was coming
or something. Winds up to 85km/h were recorded with the worst damage
on the North Shore around Greenwich, Ku-ring-gai
and Hornsby. Parts of Sydney's south and east
were also hit. Winds are expected to ease
later tonight. A heavy police presence didn't stop
a massive brawl breaking out in Kings Cross last night, with one man king hit to the ground. Hundreds of people
have been arrested as part of a national crackdown
on drunken violence. This is exactly
what the police feared when they set out
to round-up drunken thugs in Sydney's infamous party zones. None more notorious
than grubby, dangerous Kings Cross.

In the blitz
on booze-fuelled violence, no cocktail was more disturbing than the combination
of alcohol and testosterone. I spit, I spit on you. Serious attitude
and zero tolerance. Not following police directions. I've done nothing.
You just told me to back off. More than 2,000 police
hit the streets In Sydney,
despite all the police warnings, it was a typical summer night
of boozing, bashings, stretchers and handcuffs.

There's about 486 charges laid
and the numbers are up on last year. Some of those wanting to flee
the trouble in Kings Cross found themselves stranded. Have no idea how we are going to
get home we're from Perth. And, in Perth,
trains come every hour and taxis
will actually take you home. As police were called
to this hit-and-run in Woolloomooloo As police were called
to this hit-and-run in Darlinghurst drink-driving was also targeted with with 35,000 breath tests
resulting in 88 charges. A Comanchero bikie gang boss
has been arrested in a police operation
on the Gold Coast. 28-year-old Sydney man Mark Buddle
was detained at a resort after police responded to reports
of a domestic disturbance. He was taken to a local
police station under heavy guard. He's in Southport watch-house and awaiting extradition
to New South Wales on other matters. A second Comancheros bikie, wanted over a shooting in Sydney
in July, was also arrested. An increasing number of drivers are installing high-tech cameras
in their cars to catch other dangerous road users
in the act. The dash-cam video delivers police and insurance companies
on-the-spot evidence if there's a crash or incident. Hit from behind at high speed, the driver of this car
struggled to stay on the road as an out-of-control Commodore
flashed past him and slammed into
a concrete bridge barrier. A camera mounted on the windscreen
captured all the action and was vital
in the post-smash investigation. His first initial response was
"I'm so sorry. I fell asleep. "I don't know what happened." Then he shook his head,
regained himself and said, "No, no.
I wasn't at fault. "I don't... "No, no. I didn't do anything." Paul says the mention
of this on-the-spot vision set the other driver straight. He's one
of an increasing number of drivers using motion-activated
in-car mounted cameras to capture dangerous road incidents
while they're behind the wheel. New technology means
the cameras are relatively cheap, costing between $60 and $300, and the pay-off comes when
assessing fault on insurance claims. If you can prove that you're
not at fault with these cameras, it's quite a good investment,
really. The increasing use of these cameras is not just confined
to insurance claims. Motorists are also
offering up their vision to police to help them
track down hoon drivers. The old adage
that the camera doesn't lie. People need to be aware that those
things are out in the community. I think it might encourage people
to act more responsibly in certain situations. Distracted drivers, near misses
and stray pedestrians are all being caught out
by the high-tech cameras. And while there may be
privacy concerns, police say they support the cameras,
if used appropriately. The police officer
was that impressed by the vision that he actually wanted me
to get the details of where I got the unit from so that he could go out
and purchase one. Online retailers are predicting
to set new shopping records today, declaring it's the busiest
they've ever been. Christmas is just over
two weeks away with time running out
to ensure delivery by December 25. With just 16 sleeps
to go until Christmas, Santa and his elves
are preparing themselves for the busiest time of the year. And orders are coming in fast. LEGO. It seems like
it is making a comeback. So I'll have to get my elves
to make a whole lot more. Today Australia's online retailers had the biggest day of trading
they've ever seen with a predicted 26% increase
on last year's busiest day. A DVD sold every nine seconds, a pair of women's shoes sold
every 40 seconds. But time is running out to guarantee
delivery under the tree. There's more and more
online shopping happening for us. Mainly in the stores. I've thought about online
but I think I've left it a bit late. I don't know. Just worried about
whether it would get here in time. One of the biggest winners
from this online shopping boom is Australia Post. Next week it will deliver
an extra 500,000 parcels than it did at the same time last year. It's a huge volume of people and I really think it speaks to how people
are changing their behaviours. But traditional retailers are fighting back against
the online trend with sales up by around 4%
on last year. People still want to go
to their bricks and mortar stores for that experience
of Christmas, you know,
the superblasted Christmas carols and the Christmas windows
are definitely part of the season. And if you're still lost
for ideas... A kitten.

A cyclist has spent more than a year pedalling overland
from London to Sydney to raise money for prostate cancer. 23,000km later, Scott Jeffrey finally arrived
at his Northern Beaches home this morning. (CHEERING)

For Scott Jeffrey, this is the sweetest part
of his gruelling 23,000km journey. He is the reason I did this. Today's final leg
on board the Palm Beach Ferry was one of the easier ones. I'm so very, very, very proud of him
for what he's achieved. Scott's been on the road
for 440 days. He travelled from his father's
birth place in Kent, England. Well, I think
we spent about six months trying to talk him out of it. But that didn't work.
He was determined. He rode through the traffic jams
of Istanbul, the fish markets
and busy roads of India. I was in a bit
of a 9:00-to-5:00 rut in London, making money to spend money
and not really getting anywhere and feeling that I hadn't
really achieved anything. He also travelled
the streets of Berlin. Then I had some crazy moments
of needing places to sleep after it got dark and finding temples
and police stations. All of this he did solo
to raise money for prostate cancer. Scott's trip ended here
at Mona Vale Hospital, the place he was born 34 years ago. It's the end of one journey,
but the start of another - reality. Have a shave, clean up and
go and join the real world again. And have a pretty decent story
to tell when he does. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - why Sydney's south-west
is a disease hot spot. Also, former South African leader
Nelson Mandela back in hospital. And a brave little Sydney boy
wins over the Wiggles. That's next.

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A woman has died and
two men are in a critical condition after a car slammed into
a telegraph pole in Sydney's north. The vehicle was travelling along
Myoora Road at Terrey Hills when it lost control on a bend
and crashed early this morning. Police say
speed could have been a factor. Conditions on the roadway
are very good. There was no traffic around at all. Both men were airlifted
to hospital. Sydney's south-west is battling
a health epidemic so big, the area's considered ground zero
for diabetes. Public forums are being held
to educate those most at risk about a disease
that's going undetected and putting lives at risk. Jim Maynard has battled diabetes
for 22 years. Started off initially
with just diet and exercise and that went on for a few years and it deteriorated a bit. Today he relies on insulin
to manage his condition and he's not alone. There are so many suburbs that are
affected in western Sydney by this issue of diabetes. I'd actually say
this is a region at risk. 50% of people with the disease
don't know they have it. The Diabetes Council is so worried
it's launched a new campaign, holding forums in known hot spots to educate people
on the symptoms and risks, with a focus on pregnant women who are more likely
to suffer gestational diabetes. We know that the levels
of gestational diabetes are significantly higher
in the western suburbs of Sydney and that those rates
are continuing to climb. Liverpool has the highest number
of cases from any suburb in the state followed by Lakemba, Campbelltown,
Westmead and Blacktown. The top 100 suburbs
all in Sydney's south-west. The top 10 suburbs
all in Sydney's south-west. If you've got diabetes, you're probably going to have heart
and weight problems as well. Women with the illness are more
likely to develop type 2 diabetes. And the epidemic is getting worse
in ethnic communities. It's really frightening. What it's going to be
in the next 10 years? diabetes can cause renal failure,
blindness, cardiac arrest and stroke. Former South African president
Nelson Mandela has been admitted to hospital
for medical tests. It's understood the 94-year-old is undergoing
a series of routine check-ups. Current president, Jacob Zuma, says Mandela has medical treatment
from time to time that is consistent with his age. He's reassured South Africans
there's no cause for alarm and Mandela is doing well. It was hard to tell
who had the bigger smile when a 3-year-old cerebral palsy
sufferer met the Wiggles in Sydney today. Jackson Keleher got to meet
his favourite group after defying medical experts
to stand up and walk earlier this year. He was the little boy
who moved a nation to tears with his incredible story. Now he's out to make you smile. Hands up. Whoa! When Jackson Keleher was born,
his brain was starved of oxygen. Doctors said
he'd never stand up, talk, or walk. If the day comes when he walks, probably the happiest day
of my life. David became
his son's primary carer, devoting his life to Jackson. 'Sunday Night's story showed
the miracle of a father's love, winning over a nation
and the Wiggles. The men in skivvies took time out
before their concert at Allphones Arena this morning to meet Jackson and his dad. Hi. I'm Dave, Jackson's dad.
How you going? G'day, Dave.
Are you well? Yeah. Going well, mate.
Cool. It's great to meet you, Jackson. The Wiggles had time for a song. ALL: (SING)# Play your guitar
with Murray # Let's all play and sing. # Thank you. Say bye. Bye. That's music to a dad's ears
that not even the Wiggles can match. Sport now with Matt Carmichael and Shane Warne's not giving up
on this test comeback? It's gaining momentum, Sam.
Warnie's had plenty to say today. That's coming up. Also, Starc stars as the Sixers take down the Thunder
in the Sydney derby. Plus, the chaotic end
to the Australian Open at the Lakes. And an Aussie star's brave comeback
at pumping Pipeline.

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The Australian Open
is racing the clock to finish before nightfall after destructive winds
forced a lengthy delay to the final round at the Lakes. John Senden's overnight lead
has been blown away with Peter Senior and Justin Rose
pushing for the title. All but the leaders got away before gusts of more than 80km/h
slammed the Lakes. The gale so strong, it knocked over
a television tower and play was suspended
for three hours. I mean,
it is really severe conditions so they made the right call. But not everyone was happy
with officials. Nick O'Hern nailed three birdies
through the worst of it. It's going to be the same
for everyone out here and then they blow the horn so to say that I'm annoyed is
a little bit of an understatement. But when play resumed, American Kyle Stanley
strayed from the tee but got a lucky bounce
off a Seven cameraman. It was all bit of yawn
for Adam Scott. He dropped two shots
before holding par under pressure. COMMENTATOR:
That's a fantastic putt from there. Overnight leader John Senden blew his 2-stroke buffer
at the first hole. That is right. Wow. Veteran Peter Senior
used all his experience to challenge Senden but saw no sense in the delay. It's hasn't eased up at all. I think it's still blowing as hard
as it was when they called it. Justin Rose went backwards
and looked completely frustrated. That's two in a row. A shot like this from Nick Cullen
could decide it if there's enough light. Oh, oh! Yes! (COMMENTATOR CHUCKLES) And the golf is continuing live now
on 7TWO. Spinner Shane Warne has again
fuelled talk of a test comeback and says he has no doubt
he can do it. Warne wants fans to judge him
on the entire Big Bash season. The spin king needed a police escort as fans flocked
to see the stars star. COMMENTATOR: Shane Warne. (CHEERING)

And he may yet give them
what they want with a test comeback. and still doing really well,
which I am, then I suppose anything
is possible. But the 43-year-old is still having
an each-way bet on the subject. We'll worry about that
down the track if at all it will happen,
which is highly unlikely. The Sydney Sixers
didn't rely on spin last night. He's lit 'em up. The Thunder had to try all sorts
of tricks to get get on top as Mitchell Starc
and his mates in pink dominated. Straight through him. Big hitting late
saw 143 the score to beat and the run chase didn't start well
for the Sixers. Edged and gone. Warner out for a duck but skipper
Brad Haddin steadied the ship. While Nic Maddison opened the door
on 39, before he fell
just one run short of victory. Yeah, but I was on a hiding
to nothing. The crowd wanted a six. I couldn't just lop it to mid-off so it's Twenty20, that's what
the crowd's here to watch. Moses Henriques getting
the Sixers home in the Sydney derby. Frank Farina is proving an
instant success as Sydney FC coach. The Sky Blues won for the first time
in six games today upsetting the Phoenix 2-1,
without Alessandro Del Piero. COMMENTATOR:
Onside chance for second goal. And is it the killer goal? Captain Terry McFlynn was sent off and Wellington hit back
with a late penalty, but keeper Vedran Janjetovic
saved the day deep in stoppage time. At Parramatta Stadium, the Wanderers have peppered
Brisbane's goal, but it was 0-0 at half-time. Oliver Bozanic might not remember
last night's F3 derby where his Mariners reclaimed
top spot with a 2-0 win over Newcastle. The Kookaburras have given Australia a fifth straight champions
trophy title with victory over the Netherlands. The Dutch scored first
in a tense first half before Russell Ford replied
for the Aussies. Slid in beautifully by Ford.
It's a great goal. The match went to extra time with Kieran Guvers the hero with
a magical goal five minutes in as Australia made up
for their disappointment at the London Olympics. Surfing's world title showdown
has started in Hawaii where one of the globe's
most dangerous waves has shown it may have the biggest say over whether Kelly Slater or
Joel Parkinson's crowned champion. Last year's Pipeline Master,
Kieren Perrow, was hammered in the opening heat
of the contest. COMMENTATOR: That's all about
commitment right there and Kieren not even close, buddy. He had no chance of making that. Still, the fearless Aussie charger
quickly found another board and another massive wave to stay in the competition. While Parko and 'King Kelly'
await their first heat, triple-crown contender Adam Melling
knocked Bruce Irons out of the comp. The career of one
of boxing's greatest champions may have come to a stunning end
in Las Vegas. Manny Pacquiao and his great rival,
Juan Manuel Marquez, met for the fourth time
after a draw and two controversial
points victories to the 'Pacman'. Today, the Mexican warrior
landed a brutal right hand in the sixth round. COMMENTATOR: He's knocked out.
Juan Manuel Marquez has done it. With Pacquiao out cold,
there were chaotic scenes ringside. He still earnt more than $20 million
for the grudge match. He is

He is OK. I do think his wife will let him do that again.I know, the look on her face. Sydney's weather forecast
is after the break

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As we saw earlier, it was a very windy day
across parts of Sydney with almost 100 calls for help
to the SES, mainly for fallen trees
and damaged roofs. The highest wind gusts of 85km/h
were recorded in Lucas Heights. The city reached a top
of 27 degrees. Right now, it's 19. Early sunshine gave way
to a cool and cloudy day, thanks to a southerly change
which delivered those strong winds.

Around the country
tomorrow - a shower or two
in Brisbane. Mostly sunny
in Melbourne, Hobart
and Adelaide, with possible storms
for Perth. On Sydney's waters, there's a strong wind warning
for coastal waters.

A cold one tonight
for the Blue Mountains.