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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a tragic end to a royal radio prank
as a nurse takes her own life. The radio network
at the centre of the scandal A skydiver killed
in a freak midair collision. A famous house goes under the hammer as Sydney homebuyers
beat the Christmas rush. And the Aussie soldier
who lost his legs walks tall with his mates. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Samantha Armytage.

Good evening. In breaking news - Sydney radio station 2DayFM
has suspended all on-air advertising until Monday after a nurse involved
in a prank phone call took her own life in London. The station says the move is in
response to a social media backlash and it doesn't want its brands
damaged by the scandal. The radio announcers involved
are said to be completely shattered No-one could have foreseen this
tragic end to a practical joke - a 46-year-old wife and mother of two
apparently taking her own life.

Jacintha Saldanha was the voice
on the end of the phone transferring the call
to the Duchess' nurse who divulged private details
about Kate's condition. Yesterday, the radio announcers
were bragging about their headline-grabbing gag. With the world's worst accent,
they put us straight through. We were expecting to be hung up on,
we didn't even know what to say. Today, they are said to be
deeply shocked. Their show will not return
until further notice The nurse had worked at the hospital
for four years. She was well respected
and a popular member of staff. It's understood she was just
relieving on the reception desk when she answered the hoax call. who cared diligently
for hundreds of patients during her time with us. The hospital insists she
wasn't facing disciplinary action and had their full support. The Palace says
it hadn't lodged a complaint and in a statement said:

Britain's royal baby joy has been
replaced by shock and sadness. It's shocking, it's awful,
it's just awful. It's very, very sad.
Terrible. A big surprise. There are calls for action to be
taken against the radio announcers. Going as far as they did into intimate details
about medical records when there's no conceivable
public interest? That's crossing a line. As this young family grows, another has been torn apart
by a seemingly harmless prank. Live now to Angela Cox, who's outside
King Edward VII Hospital in London. Ange, 2DayFM hasn't gone so far
as to sack its presenters. What's been the reaction there? Sam, the station is receiving
a lot of flack in the British media for not firing them and some are angered that the hosts
are being portrayed as the victims. Questions are also being asked as to why 2DayFM was still promoting
the stunt on its website after the nurse's death
was announced, Sam. Now to Talitha Cummins outside
2DayFM headquarters in the city. Talitha, there's been
a major backlash against the station here as well? Sam, while the British press
and social media have attacked these hosts, Australian politicians and
welfare groups are defending them. They say it was meant to be
a light-hearted joke and no-one could conceive
it would end in such tragedy. A prank fewer than 30,000 people
heard live now the subject
of worldwide scrutiny. Tragedy in London after the hoax
that ricocheted around the world... Jacintha Saldanha
answered the telephone to two Australian radio hosts.... Hosts Michael Christian
and Melanie Greig were nowhere to be seen today. Their employer spoke for them. I spoke to both presenters
early this morning and it's fair to say
they're completely shattered. 2DayFM has been bombarded
with hate messages. Online responses ranged from
calling for the hosts to be sacked to claims
they have blood on their hands. It is the law
of unintended consequences - they didn't mean this to happen. This was a act of humour that had absolutely
no malice attached to it at all. Feelings echoed by politicians. Look, this is a tragedy and our thoughts are with
the families and friends. It's up to the Australia
Communications and Media Authority to work through any issues. The broadcasting regulator
described the death as a tragedy and says it's working with 2Day FM
to investigate. The station's already been slapped
with broadcast restrictions over two on-air incidents
involving Kyle Sandilands. The difference is
they weren't illegal - some claim this could be. You're not allowed to record
a conversation without the other person's consent or publish that
without the other person's consent. The hosts have been removed from air
until further notice. It was Michael Christian's
first week on the job in Sydney and likely to be one
neither will ever forget. And anyone in need
of emotional support

In other news, a skydiver has been killed
and another is in hospital tonight after a freak midair collision
in Sydney's south-west. Police are now examining
helmet camera footage to determine
how the tragedy unfolded. The victim
was an experienced skydiver but hundreds of jumps
couldn't prepare him for a mid-air collision
above Picton this morning. The chutes deployed, as I said. One landed safely,
the other one landed heavily. The survivor suffered minor injuries
and was taken to Liverpool Hospital. Both experienced skydivers, yeah,
both regular jumpers here. They were among 16 skydivers
who jumped from this plane. With his emergency chute opening the victim, in his 30s, drifted east
across the Hume Highway and landed hard on a truck
parked on a building site at a new housing estate. Very sad, very sad. Nobody should end this way. It's a very sad situation. It's the second tragedy
at the Sydney Skydiving Centre this year. In July, a 27-year-old parachutist
was critically injured and later died after failing to pull out
of a dangerous mid-air manoeuvre. The victim today is believed
to have been killed instantly. A few preparing to make
their first jumps later were quick to abandon their plans. Were you always 50/50 about whether
you would ever jump from a plane? Yeah, I'm more like 100%
I don't want to jump now. Skydiving is not safe. It is an adventure outdoor activity. Police are hoping
pictures from helmet cameras can help explain the collision.

Investigators have returned
to the Oakville property where Detective Inspector
Bryson Anderson was killed on Thursday. It's believed they were searching
for arrows Inspector Anderson was stabbed
in the neck and upper body after responding to
a neighbourhood dispute. A 19-year-old man and his mother
remain in custody over the attack. Meanwhile, a memorial fund
has been set up for Inspector Anderson's family. Details are on our website.

A disabled woman
has been assaulted and robbed in a vicious attack
in Sydney's west. The 57-year-old
was riding her motorised wheelchair near The Horsley Drive in Fairfield when she was ambushed
by two teenagers. She was punched
several times in the face, suffering 14 puncture wounds. They tipped the chair over. I don't have words to describe the
cowardice of that sort of attack. It's just dreadful. Police are hunting two teenaged men
wearing light blue hoodies. Anyone with information
is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. Sydney homebuyers have been
taking part in a pre-Christmas rush at auctions today, buoyed by the latest round
of interest rate cuts. A famous home from a popular TV show
was among those up for grabs, agents promising
it's "packed" with possibilities. This federation home for sale
in Concord looks familiar. It has three bedrooms
and good, long-term tenants. Fingers crossed! Not to mention
the friendly neighbours. Cabo, Cabo! Mum, yeah, yeah, yeah. Today the 'Packed to the Rafters'
home went under the hammer. At $1 million the bid,
$1 million the call, $1 million, I've got. It attracted bids of more than
$1.1 million. Not enough to seal the deal. Ladies and gentlemen,
thanks very much for your patience. We'll pass the property aside. Laurence Andriolo
was the highest bidder. His hunt continues. The market is playing up and down. At Breakfast Point
the spring market was definitely up. It's been our best spring
in 10 years so over the three month
spring period we've deposited 93 properties
for a value of about $75 million. Time is running out to buy and sell. Next weekend will be the end
of the big auction days. After that
there will be the odd offering, like this renovator's delight. Last week's interest rate drop might
get buyers that dream home. They will help, but again, the banks aren't passing on
the full interest rate. Bah, humbug.

Two men and a teenage boy
are being treated in hospital after the car
they were travelling in The elderly driver
was in in the Woolworths car park at Arncliffe late this afternoon, when he lost control, smashing more than 4m
into the front of the store. Two supermarket customers were
also taken to St George Hospital. Several other people
suffered minor injuries. An Australian soldier
who lost his legs in Afghanistan Sapper Curtis McGrath's
prosthetic limbs are less than two weeks old but he was determined
to join his proud unit. In Afghanistan,
they served together. Now back home, Sapper Curtis McGrath
made sure they walked together. (BAND PLAYS)

360 diggers returned safely, an occasion too important to miss
for this brave 24-year-old. ('WALTZING MATILA' PLAYS) (APPLAUSE) There was a standing ovation
from 5,000 supporters. His parents among them. I didn't realise his mates
were going to be holding him up, side-by-side. So it was... I had the tissues out. The concentration was clear
on Sapper McGrath's face, but it was pride
on those of his mates. It just proves to everyone
not to give up, keep going. He'll be kicking around for ages. His terrible injuries
happened in August. These are pictures
from his own helmet cam. Just hold up. Hold up. (EXPLOSION) Sapper McGrath was fitted with
prosthetic legs late last month. He was determined to take his place
among his brothers in arms today. It was the work of his mates
around him that managed
to enable him to survive. Today's parades are the last chance for supporters to say thank you
to Queensland-based troops. It's the final group
to return home before Christmas. A present the McGraths will cherish. Thank goodness he's back. Couldn't ask for anything else,
really. Still to come tonight in Seven News, a city blitz as police crack down
on alcohol-fuelled violence. Also, new relief in sight
for sufferers of back pain. And the Aussie hurdler
trading in her running spikes in a bid for Winter Olympic glory. That's next.

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More than 270 people were arrested
across the state last night as police launched a nationwide
blitz on alcohol-fuelled violence. Police say it's slightly down on the
number of arrests in previous years. of people drinking
beyond their limits. People getting drunk,
getting violent, and doing silly things
that they regret the next morning and they don't realise it will have a great impact
on the rest of their lives. Police will be out in force
again tonight for Operation Unite targeting pubs, trains
and drink-driving. The Federal Government
wants every child to have better swimming
and first aid skills, announcing an overhaul of the national health
and physical education curriculum. The Education Minister wants all
children finishing primary school to be able to swim beyond
the current standard of 25m. Here's a beach where kids come down
to and swim every day. They're probably going to have a go
at swimming more than 50m. We want to make sure they can swim
as well as they need to to take good care of themselves
when they're in the water. On average, more than 200 people
drown each year in Australia. A worldwide study into a radical
new treatment for back pain promising relief for sufferers. It uses antibodies
rather than morphine to stop the pain could change the lives of
tens of thousands of Australians. Every day's a struggle
for Kerryn Collison. Even getting in and out of the car sends pain
shooting through her body. I go to bed with pain.
I wake up with pain. Sometimes I have maybe four,
four consecutive hours of sleep. That's a good night. But I'm up and down like a yo-yo. Back pain is one of the biggest
causes of disability in this community. It can profoundly disturb
a person's life. Patients in the study will be injected with an antibody
every eight weeks. Doctors hope it will block the pain
coming from the lower back, by inhibiting a chemical
called 'nerve growth factor'. A similar method has been successful
in treating rheumatoid arthritis. One of the most common treatments
for severe lower back pain is morphine.

But with side-effects including
stomach and heart problems, and effects on brain function, it's a treatment doctors
are keen to avoid. I hope I no longer have to
rely on medication on a daily basis. The study aims to find a better way to deal with the effects
of back pain, and give patients
a better quality of life. If it delivers on the promise, then it may be a bit of
a brave new world. And for patients like Kerryn... More details about the study and how
to take part are on our website. Despite her success on the track, Aussie hurdler Jana Pittman
is dreaming of a new career on ice. The 2-time world champion
has set her sights on bobsledding for the 2014 Winter Olympics and is determined to win
her first Olympic medal. I've tried a few different sports and this is the one that seems
to fit my body type and my dream and my passion, so give it a go. She admits to being inspired
by the hit movie 'Cool Runnings'. Sport now with Matt Carmichael and we're set for a shootout
at the Australian Open. Sam, they're all trying to
catch John Senden. Third round highlights next. Also, Warner's grudge match and Warnie's night
of hits and misses in the Big Bash opener. Plus, a spectacular Socceroos debut
for a Western Sydney star. And 'King Kelly's mind games before
surfing's world title showdown.

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Sydney's Big Bash Derby is set for an explosive start
at the SCG tonight. The sides have played down bad blood over Dave Warner's defection
from the Thunder to the Sixers but his move has created tension
between the two franchises. The new poster boy
of Big Bash champions, the Sixers, Dave Warner has one shot
at his former Thunder team-mates before rejoining the test side. His defection's added a bitter edge
to Sydney's Twenty20 grudge match. There's been a bit of cheeky chat
here and there throughout the start of the season but, you know, I guess tonight, that's where we'll find out
who the real winners are. Liz Hurley settled in
as the Murali and Warnie show opened the tournament
in Melbourne last night. COMMENTATOR: They're allowed to
look at their skipper, aren't they? Muppets. Warne gave us his plan for rampant
Renegades skipper Aaron Finch. Fast and straight
the order of the day, I think. Oh, he's gone big!

That is the biggest of the night
so far! He had promised to unveil
a new mystery "disco ball". And that's gone over the rope, too. SHANE WARNE: Not too much disco
going on here, Bluey. Might go and hide somewhere. There was nowhere to hide. So, a wicket here,
suddenly we have new batters. This was the very next ball. He's still spot on
with the predictions. It's holding up! The test comeback's
not looking so good. Warne was smashed for 41
from 2 overs. Thrown that up, it's a full toss,
and it's going to be a big one. It's all going well,
playing tonight. Dropping sodas, getting whacked,
can't get a pole. Finch finished unbeaten on 111
from 65 balls in an 8-wicket upset win
over the Stars. Veteran Aussie golfer John Senden
has overcome a windy third round to hold a precious two shot lead
at the Australian Open. England's Justin Rose
is outright second at 5 under while Adam Scott remains a chance
at 2 under. Adam Scott started round three
five shots from the lead. A birdie at the first
saw him move 2-under. COMMENTATOR: And this is exactly
what Adam Scott has to do early. Another at the second
and Scott was on the charge. What a way to start for Adam Scott. But he settled at 2-under. As the wind picked up,
going low was the smart approach - this from Steven Jones. Oh, like that! With rounds of 78, 68 and 78, Tom Watson blew out to 8-over. But he can still produce the magic. Kiwi Josh Geary stretched
his orange pants to the limit but it paid off at 15th. That was pretty well done. England's Justin Rose
surged through the pack, the lead changing like the wind. New leader. John Senden took on Rose
by showing courage, like this effort over the water
at 11 to nail eagle. Oh, beautiful shot. It's pulled up about 3m short
of Justin Rose's and now feeding back. Oh, look at this. Wow. Overnight leader Marcus Fraser
fell away but this monster eagle putt
kept him in the hunt. Have a look at this! As Rose slipped up,
Senden held his nerve to finish 7-under
and two shots clear.

Sydney FC will rely on youth without marquee man
Alessandro Del Piero in Wellington tomorrow. The Italian superstar's
out of the clash with the Phoenix with a hamstring strain. Adelaide United went back
to the top of the table with a 4-2 win
over Melbourne Victory followed by violent celebrations
on the streets. ALL: (CHANT) United, United, United! Reds fans chanted abuse
at Melbourne supporters. 10 flares were let off
and police made multiple arrests. And how's this for a debut goal
from Wanderers young gun Aaron Mooy, in the Socceroos' 9-0 thrashing
of Guam in their East Asia Cup qualifier
in Hong Kong. The Kookaburras
will face the Netherlands in tomorrow's final
of the Champions Trophy after beating India 3-0
in their semifinal. Australia's goal scoring machine
Jamie Dwyer bagged a first-half double. They'll play for
a record 5th-straight title. The Aussies and the Netherlands
played a 0-0 draw earlier in the week. The mind games have begun as Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater
get set for their world title showdown
at the Pipeline Masters. Parkinson only needs to finish
ahead of the 11-time champion and good mate Mick Fanning to seal his first world crown at
the season-ending event in Hawaii. Parko wiped out
in similar circumstances in 2009. It's not our first contest
and it's not my first title showdown so I'm really relaxed.

He's probably trying
to keep his mind off it but you know the reality is Joel's trying to win
his first world title and he's going to have
a lot of pressure on him. Slater's expected to announce
his retirement after the event which starts tomorrow morning.

After weekend sunrise tomorrow morning, straight home to the couch. The Australian Open golf, final- round, life on Seven from midday. It should be great.

It was a beautiful start
to the weekend today.

It was a beautiful start
to the weekend across Sydney. The city reached a top
of 26 degrees which is one above average. Right now it's 24. It was a clear night getting down to 15 degrees at Liverpool, Richmond
and Campbelltown. The fine conditions
stuck around today with only a little cloud
building up this afternoon. It reached 29 degrees
at Parramatta and Homebush and 30 at Liverpool. Penrith was the warmest suburb,
reaching 32 degrees. Tomorrow, Brisbane can expect
a brief shower. It'll be much cooler
in Melbourne and Hobart after a southerly moved in
late this afternoon. Perth will be fine and warm and Broome can expect a scorcher,
hitting 41 degrees. On our waterways we can expect north-easterly winds
shifting south-easterly, of 15 to 30 knots. Conditions will be rough. Tonight will be mostly fine with just the brief chance
of a shower. It'll get down to 17
at Campbelltown. Expect a warm start tomorrow morning before a gusty southerly
in the afternoon The city
will reach a top of 25 degrees. Looking further ahead we can expect
a cool start to the week with a few showers on Monday. They'll ease on Tuesday
and Wednesday before a return to fine conditions
on Thursday. Next Friday and Saturday
should be fine.

And that's Seven News
for this Saturday. I'm Samantha Armytage,
have a good night. Supertext captions by
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