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(generated from captions) Japan had wounded a superpower
and crippled an empire.

Worse still, it was done with
the help of people

the Japanese were
supposed to be fighting against.

For Britain, the price was enormous.

She would never be
the dominant power in Asia again.

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This program is captioned live. Japan shaken - a powerful quake strikes off the east coast. Hundreds of thousands homeless - the Philippines cleans up after Typhoon Bopha ns up after Typhoon Bopha as the death toll tops 500. Fine tributes - Daniel Morcombe laid to -- final tributes - Morcombe more late to rest nine years after his death. He may no longer be with us but Daniel's legacy will live on.Strip off and strut your stuff - the good call behind stuff - the good call behind your -- this. I'm strutting my stuff so every Indigenous kid every Indigenous kid gets the chance to go to school. ANNOUNCER: From SBS this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. A powerful earthquake struck north- eastern Japan tonight and was felt as far away as Tokyo, -- Tokyo where buildings shock violently. The 7.3 magnitude undersea quake triggered a 1m tsunami forcing people to flee their homes in the same area devastate -- devastated bid last year's tsunami but this time there are no reports of major damage or injury. You can see on your screen right now the earthquake. Buildings shock violently in Tokyo as the quake struck. It's force recorded and broadcast by Japanese TV. We felt it right here in Tokyo. We saw buildings sway for a number of ministers. Here we felt the tremors in the studio as well. The epicentre was 284km east of Sendai. It struck early in the evening Tokyo ly in the evening Tokyo time as people were heading home from work. And after about 40 or 50 seconds my whole building was swaying quite drastically. So aying quite drastically. So there was a real sense of panic and certainly on social media as well the reaction was - the sense was, is this the big one? Bullet trains were suspended and telephone systems jammed. And a tsunami warning was issued for coastal regions of north-eastern Japan. Residents were advised to move to higher ground in the same area struck by last year's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. This time a small 1m tsunami was triggered but there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries and no sign of damage to the crippled fuk fuk nuclear -- Fukushima plant. The tsunami warning has now been lifted. The death toll from the Philippines' Typhoon Bopha has risen to at least 500 -- 540. Hundreds more remain missing. It's the deadliest typhoon to hit the country this year. More than 300,000 are tonight without shelter. President Benigno Aquino has visited the communities vowing to work to find ways to pre-verpbt similar storm disasters. In the -- prevent similar storm disasters. In the Davao region of Mindanao people are burying the dead or desperately searching for lost loved ones. Disaster sites where homes once were. Villages and -- in Davao Oriental devastated by the violent winds of Typhoon Bopha. Other towns hit by flash floods and mudslides. Residents of Compostela Valley rescued after being trapped by the river. This trajed hospital continues to help the injure -- damaged hospital continues to -- continues to help the injured. Shocked families mourn lost relatives. Hundreds are still missing. As the death toll mounts. So does the cost. Livelihood crushed along with homes. Entire crops lost by farming-dependent families.

The President visited affected communities, distributing food and supplies.

The head of the Philippines delegation broke lippines delegation broke down at an environmental conference in Doha describing the nightmare conditions. I appeal to the leaders from all over the world to open their eyes to the stark reality that we face. I appeal, please, no more delays, no more excuses. The first -- this is the first of the scale to hit the region highlight the consequences of a changing climate. Bopha slammed into the southern Philippines on Tuesday leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. Our hearts go out to those members of the Philippines community in Australia who know friends or loved ones who have suffered in this tragic weather event. Australia is providing $35 million in aid but char -- 5 -- $5 million in aid but charities say more is needed. A bushfire that forced the evacuation of residents to a remote West Australian beach has burnt out. The blaze h has burnt out. The blaze at Bremer Bay was one of dozens throughout s one of dozens throughout the country. Curramulka in South Australia are Dalby in Queensland have been serious blazes - have seen serious blazes while fires are also burning in the Great Lakes region of NSW. Hamas leader in exile Meshaal received a warm welcome as he crossed into the Gaza Strip for the first visit to the Palestinian territory. Accompanied by his deputy, Meshaal kissed the ground before embracing Gaza -- Gaza's Hamas Prime Minister. Egypt's opposition tonight has the formally rejected the President's off to discuss the country's crisis through dialogue. The nation is bracing for more trouble after Mohamed Morsi vowed to forge on with a controversial constitutional reform which has infuriated his opponents. Listening but not liking what they are hearing. Anti- government protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square to hear President Morsi's -- President Morsi speak. His frail yur to meet any of their demands -- failure to meet any of their demands calling his opponents to call for mass demonstrations following Friday prayers. He called for talks at the presidential palace tomorrow but said there would be no going back on the going back on the new powers he's assumed or the referendum on a new constitution due to take place in just over a week. The crowds consumed by anger at his words.

But the President's supporters say his opponents are making a mockery of democracy. g a mockery of democracy.

President Morsi says the new powers he has assumed which puts his decisions beyond judicial review are temporary cial review are temporary and will cease once the new constitution has been ratified. He says they are necessary to stop judges appointed by the previous regime from interfering in the reform process P but his opponents say the measures and the constitution he is proposing which they claim limits freedom of expression and women's rights and paves the way for a strict interpretation of Islamic law is not what those who led the revolution fought and died for. It's looking like another bleak year for the eurozone in 2013 with the European in 2013 with the European Central Bank slashing its growth forecasts. The bank expect it is Block's economy to contract both this year and next and only to return to growth in 2014. It's more gloomy news as unemployment in Greece hits a record high of 26%. Clashes in Athens between left-wing protesters and rite police. An anniversary march marking the 2008 police shooting of a teenager turned violent. Anger also erupted over the harsh austerity measures that Greece is taking to secure international bailouts. As the Greek economy outs. As the Greek economy faces a sixth year of recession its jobless rate rose to 26%, almost 1.3 million Greeks are out of work and have little hope of finding a job.

Spain also has around one in four workers unemployed and also remains deep in recession. Analysts are starting to talk about a lost decade in Europe amid a gloomy outlook next year with more tough times ahead. The eurozone economy shrank two quarters in a row this year and is forecast to contract 0.5% in 2012 and another 0.3% next year before recovery in 2014. The European Central Bank has sharply revised its growth projections while leaving interest rates on hold. The governing council continues to see downside risks to the economic outlook for euro area. These are mainly related to uncertainties about the resolution of sovereign debt. With economic weakness persisting, the looming US fiscal cliff could also further delay recovery. As we get closer and closer to the end of the year I think the uneasyness is going to continue and the worry that we might not see a resolution is going to affect our market. The US President believes America can step back from the brink. I do remain optimistic that we can get something done that is good for families like this one and that is good for the American economy. President Obama and Congress have just weeks left to avert tax hikes and spending cuts due to come into effect on January 1. Coming up - a nation's farewell - Daniel Morcombe laid to rest nine years after his death.

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Nine years after he disappeared, Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe has nineally been -- finally been laid to rest. With the committal hearing of the man accused of his murder adjourned until February, thousands attended a public mass at the 13-year-old's former school. Nine years to the day that Daniel went missing the Morcombe family finally had a chance to find a degree of closure. 900 mourners filled to church while thousands more gathered outside at the Siena Catholic College, Daniel's old school. In line with the family's wishes red was the colour of the day. For his father, today was not a day to be sad. Today is about embracing his return to family. And being reflective of what might have been. He may no longer be with us but Daniel's legacy will live on.Among those who attended members of Daniel's former school, police involved in olice involved in the case and former prime minister, Kevin Rudd, a keen long-time supporter of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The congregation told of a brother's life cut short. Daniel also enjoyed the company of his friends, sharing a movie or going to the shops. He enjoyed food with - as long as it was his favourite. It was also recommended you don't stand between him and a birthday cake. Tributes also to the thousands of people who joined the marches and took part in the education campaigns to find Daniel and to stop his fate befalling other children. He was not an attention seeker yet because of his sparkling eyes and beaming smile, which is captured in photo after photo, he is somebody everybody took into their hearts. After an extended service, a guard of honour and a final moment of reflection. In contrast to the very public and nationally broadcast service, the burial was a strictly private affair. A chance for the family to say a quiet goodbye to a son and a life lost very much in the public eye. Late tonight Daniel's mother sent out this l's mother sent out this tweet: "Daniel will be happy tonight. Angels will be with him. Bless you always. Love Mum. Hope you liked your service." A Sydney court has been told that the alleged killers of a NSW police officer have shown no remorse for their actions. Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson died after attending a neighbourhood dispute in Oakville in Sydney's north-west. A woman and her son have been charged with murder. As floral tributes were laid out -- outside Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson's work place, his brother spoke of a loving and dedicated family man. Our family cannot adequately express the devastation that follows the loss of Bryson. Commensurate with our sense of loss is the pride we have in a man who has given his life in the service to the people of swail. His -- of NSW. His comments echoed by the state's Police Commissioner. This is the the -- the sort of man that that no-one can afford to lose from a modern police agency. His loss is ce agency. His loss is one that we will feel for many, many years to come.In court police alleged that Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson died after being stabbed with a knife. He'd been called to the scene of an ongoing dispute between 45-year-old Fiona Barbieri, her 19-year-old son Mitch and their next-door neighbour. It's believed Bryson Anderson was stabbed after negotiations broke down. Fellow officers and paramedics tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead on arriving at hospital. Commissioner Scipione acknowledging the trauma to his colleagues. They're police. They were stoic. They were strong. They were certainly bearing up quite well but let me assure you, not too deep under that there was a whole lot of pain going on. At a lunch for police widows the commissioner paid further tribute describing Bryson Anderson as a peace maker and a force tore stable. He had featured recently in a documentary helping Catherine Smith, a victim of horrific domestic abuse. Today Ms Smith said he had restored her faith d restored her faith in the police force and in humanity. This year, the 150th year of policeing in NSW, was supposed to be a year of celebration. But in March this year Senior Constable David Rixon was shot in the chest and died after a routine traffic stop. We now conclude 2012 with the death of another -- death of another officer. It is a very year.The Police Associationery year.The Police Association says it wants to raise $1 million for Anderson's wife and three children. State and territory leaders have agreed to the Prime Minister's plan to try to stem the rise in power prices by increasing competition and off-peak discounts but Queensland and Western Australia are still opting out of the first phase of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. And Queensland also wants to go its own way on changing the rules for succession to the British throne. New Zealand's Prime Minister has described the tornado damage in auk handle as utter devastation. Many properties have been significantly damaged. Some will have to be demolished. After the fury of the storm, today the clean-up begins. The tornado ripped through suburban Auckland destroying homes, uprooting trees and claiming three lives. The Prime Minister John Key toured the area paying special tribute to the men who died. Tragically, I think one of the guys has gone one of the guys has gone back -- back into the line of fire looking to get away from the tornado. Looks like they've been crushed.That man was 42-year- old Stowers. Stwo other men sheltering in the truck were killed when it ruck were killed when it was crushed by a falling concrete slab. Co-workers 22-year- old Brendan Johnson and 60-year-old Keith Langford now lost to those who loved them. Langford's friends visibly shocked by the news. He was a beautiful person. He was a beautiful person. He will help anybody else.Two other workers remain in hospital tonight in a stable condition. Elsewhere in the disaster area with trees uprooted and roads clouds many people were left with people were left with nowhere to go. I'm a bit struck -- stuck because I work from home so I'm reliant on everything in my house to do my job. But some residents were extremely lucky. Very very -- very, very fortunate. Amazing. The only thing was a chip on the window. A refuge centre has been set up for people forced to leave their homes. Many have no idea when they can be able to return. We are hoping after the informss are completed some will be able to get back in but some properties have been extensively damaged so quite a lot of work will have to be -- to be done on those before they can go back in. 1,300 houses still haven't power. Despite delays Auckland International Airport. Tonight those inside the cordoned off zone have been allowed back into their homes but have been warned to take extreme care. To the Australian share market now which finished today at a 7-week high. Resource stocks did well while the banks closed stronger. Ann was up after becoming the first Australian bank to be granting an off sis in Burma. Late tonight Ten said it raised $173 million in the product raising. -- raised $167 million from institutions with 93% take up including all % take up including all four major share horlsd. Are major share horlsd. Are -- a retail offer with the remaining $63 million will open on January 4. Next - the weather -- in Japan - the Nikkei retreated from a 7-month high. And coming up - the need for

Dutch researchers are claiming there's no evidence to suggest blood booster EPO improves performance in elite cyclists. EPO, a drug linked to disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is banned because it's believed to improve oxygen delivery to muscles. World Anti- Doping Agency John Fahey says he believes the drug should remain on World Anti-Doping Agency's banned list and says he took news of the Armstrong doping scandal hard. I can recall reading his book. It's not about the bike, when I was recovering myself from cancer, and I found it inspiring, so to find out some years later that ta man that wrote that was a fraud -- that the man that wrote that was a fraud is extremely disappointing. As a sports lover I want to see heroes. I think sports -- sport's ab heros and to again have one of the greatest, the Bradman of cycling, ex-- exposed as nothing but a cheat is pret interest shattering. You can watch an extended version of that interview TPG our website. Briefly to sport and the -- interview on our website. Briefing, -- briefly to sport, Socceroos and the Socceroos went in to tonight's clash with Guam Guam hoping to score as often as possible. They ended unwinning 9-0. It took Aaron Mooy a little over 10 minutes to open the flood waits. Eli Babalj scored twice for Australia while Thompson tho secured a hat-trick in the second half. Australia has one more qualifying. Quade Cooper has signed a 2-year deal with the ARU reportedly worth $800,000 a season. It allows him to box in an event on February 8, eight days before the Reds kicks off a -- of the Super Rugby season.. A student has been injured in Turkey after part of a bridge chanced in the central province of Corum. The collapse appears to have happened on a section weighed down by the heavy know. The cause is still being investigated but repair work is already under way. To the forecast, and a low-pressure trough is triggering isolated showers with cloud stretching from Western Australia to Tasmania. Patchy cloud also on the south-east Queensland coast as moist easterlies cause a few showers. In the major centres:

One of Australia's most eye- catching charity events has been held in Sydney. More than 400 people took re than 400 people took part in Strut the Streets, raising money for an Indigenous mentoring program. It's the annual event that really puts the fun in fundraising. A host of personalities also pledged their support with members of the NSW Waratahs and dancers from -- and dancers taking part. Basically I'm strutting the streets so that every Indigenous kid gets a chance to go all the way through school. Like, we want 100%.Those not brave enough to strip down to speedos could strut their stuff with organisers this year opening the event up to supporters wearing boardshorts. Yeah, boardies. Didn't want to wear the speedos. You know, footy shorts or boardies. Boardies or budgies, it made little difference to curious onlook,, -- onlookers, traffic stopped in its tracks. The attention-grabbing event a novel way to raise funds for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, or AIME, a program which teams university students with university students with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander high school pew tills. -- pupils. Kind of what I suppose the Australian institute is support athletes we are for Indigenous high school kids. So it's a really structured high school program for Indigenous kids and we give them a pathway where we know being Aboriginal Torres Strait islander is a bloody good thing and they can play ball in both world.With and and -- and with more than $115,000 raised before the end of the day, Jack and his supporters are well on their way to expanding the program into South Australia in 2013. NITV's Nancy Guivarra there. You can see NITV on free-to-air on Wednesday from channel -- on channel 31. That's where we leave you tonight. That's the world this Friday. That's Ricardo Goncalves. Enjoy your weekend.


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