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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Egypt's unrest - President's defiant speech spark it is threat of more protests. -- sparks the threat of more protests. Hundreds dead, thousands homeless - the deadly legacy of Typhoon Bopha. State and territory leaders sign up to plan to cut power bills but lit save money? I don't think you'll see a $250 reduction. And - a nation's farewell - Daniel Morcombe laid to rest nine years after his st nine years after his death. He may no longer be with us but Daniel's legacy will live on. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Anton Enus. And I'm Janice Petersen. Also tonight - we speak to World Anti- Doping Agency President John Fahey about the IOC's latest proposed ban on drug chaets. I think sports is about heros and to again out heros and to again have one of the greatest, the Bradman of cycling, exposed as nothing but a cheat is pretty shattering. a cheat is pretty
shattering. And, yes, we can -- yes, we cann- abis - Washington state legalises marijuana for recreational use. Egypt is bracing for more trouble tonight following a speech from the country's President that hz infuriated his opponents. A day after seven were killed and hundreds were injured in anti- government protests Mohamed Morsi has defied calls to curb his sweeping powers or suspend proposed changes to the constitution. Listening but not liking what they are hearing. Anti-government protesters gathered in Cairo's -- Cairo's Tahrir Square to hear President Morsi speak. His failure to hear any of their demands leading to protesters calling for mass demonstrations today following mass prayers. --TRANSLATION: The Islamist President called for talks at the presidential palace tomorrow but said there would be no going back on the new powers he's assumed or the referendum on a new constitution due to take place in just over a week.The crowds, consumed by anger at his words.

But the President's supporters say his opponents are making a mockery of democracy. aking a mockery of democracy.

President Morsi says the new powers he has assumed, which puts his decisions beyond judicial review, are temporary and will cease once the new constitution has been ratified. He says they are necessary to stop judges appointed by the previous regime from interfering in the reform process. But his opponents say the measures and the constitution he is proposing, which they claim limits freedom of expression and women's rights, and paves the way for a strict interpret aegs of iz -- interpretation of Islamic law is not what those who led the revolution thought and -- fought and died for. New Zealand's Prime Minister has described the tornado damage in Auckland as being like something seen in America's mid- west, known as tornado Ally.The tornado struck the suburb of Hobsonville in Auckland's north- west yesterday afternoon killing three construction workers and damaging 150 homes. After the fury of the storm, today the clean-up begins. The tornado ripped through suburban Auckland destroying homes, uprooting trees and claiming three lives. The Prime Minister toured to area paying special tribute to the men who died. Tragically, I think one of the guys has gone e of the guys has gone back into the line of fire, if you like, looking to get away from the tornado. Looks like they've been crushed round the truck.That man was a 42-year-old. Two other men sheltering in the truck were also killed when it was crushed by a falling concrete slap. A 22-year-old co-worker and a 62- year-old lost to those who loved one. One's man's friends were visibly shocked by the news. He was a beautiful person. He would help anybody other -- anybody out. Two other workers in hospital in a stable condition. Elsewhere trees were uprooted and roads closed, many people were left with nowhere to go. I'm a bit stuck because I work from home, so basically I'm reliant on everything that's in my house to do my job.But some residents were extremely lucky. Very, very fortunate, amazing. Just - only thing we had as chip on that window. A refuge centre has been set up to help more been set up to help more than 250 people forced to leave their homeless. Many have no idea if, or when, they will be able to return. We are hoping after the informations have been completed some will be able to get in but some properties have been extensively damages so quite a lot of work to be done on those before they'll get back in. About 1,300 homes are without power and extensive damage to roads is delaying rescue efforts. International the -- the international airport has reopened. Some have rt has reopened. Some have been allowed back into their homes but have been warned to take extreme care. State and territory leaders have agreed to the Prime Minister's plan to try to stem the rise in power prices by increasing competition and off-peak discounts. But Queensland and Western Australia are still opting out of the first phase of the national -- National Disability Insurance Scheme. And Queensland also wants to go it alone on changes the one on changes the -- changing the rules for suck seing to the British throne. They started with a long list. Right to go? Ready for a big day? Lots to do. At day's end they did agree on one thing. Yes, we're very happy that William and Kate py that William and Kate are expecting a child. But they still couldn't quite agree on how to ensure the royal baby inherits the British throne, girl or boy, and can marry a Catholic if they wish. The Commonwealth's legal advice says the states must give it power to legitimate the succession change. Queensland wants to legislate itself. Our view is that we will pass legislation in accordance with our position as a separate sovereign state. For that to be a legally effective process, all states have to do it. If one state doesn't do it then it doesn't work. They'll keep stalking on that and other matters including the Royal Commission on child sexual abuse. The Commonwealth's bearing the costs but aring the costs but they have all signed up to the Prime Minister's plan to ease household power costs by reducing what's called gold plating - overinvestment in poles and wires. -- wires. The keys will be to ensure you don't dumb down or up in a sense that will hurt individual communities. The agreement we have reached will make a difference of $250 for Australian families on power pricing. She's avoiding saying costs would fall. I don't think you'll see a $250 reduction. I guess as the Prime Minister's saying, if some of these changes are made hopefully future price increases fully future price increases will be less. On the National Disability Insurance Scheme, all states and territories bar Queensland and WA are participating in the launch in 2018. ting in the launch in
2018. The problem for Queensland is that we don't have the money that the other states have. If all -- they have all agreed to share lessons from the launch with the rest after NSW signed a shared funding agreement, the Prime Minister is looking to the others. If NSW can do it then you can all do it. Just not yet. The states are unhappy the Prime Minister shelved plans to give them environmental approval powers over development projects. They say she doesn't trust them. She says they can't agree on a system. She's defending her decision. I became increasingly concerned that we were on our way to creating the regulatory equivalent of a dalmaigs doing. They also argued over the qel's drive for a surplus. -- Commonwealth's drive for a surplus. The decisions and policy decisions by the Commonwealth are set to impose chuers on the states of up to $350 billion over four years. I don't like to argue with you but let me argue with you. Of course we don't accept the figure is about $350 billion. Of course that's untrue. One big happy family. It's looking Like An Eagle another bleak year for go eurozone -- it's looking like another e bleak your in the eurozone. They expect the economy to contract this year and return to growth in 2014. It's more gloomy glueings as unemployment in Greece hits a record -- news as unemployment in Greece hits a record high of 26%. Clashes in Athens between left-wing protesters and rite police, an anniversary march marking the 2008 police shooting of a teenager turned vl. Anger erupted over the harsh austerity measure that is Greece is taking to secure international bailouts. As the Greek economy faces a 6-year - - sixth year of recession, its jobless rate rose to 26%, almost 1.3 million Greeks are out of work and have little hope of finding a job.

Spain also has around one in four workers un-- unemployed and also remains deep in recession. Analysts are starting to talk about a lost decade in Europe amid a gloomy outlook next year with more tough times ahead. The eurozone economy shrank two quarters in a row this year and is forecast to cot0.5% in 2012 and another 0.3% next year before recovery in 2014. The European Central Bank has sharply revised its growth projections while leaving interest rates on hold. The governing council cons to see downside risk to the economic outlook for euro area. These are mainly related to uncertainties about the resolution of sovereign debt. With economic weakness persisting, the looming US fiscal cliff could also further delay recovery. As we get closer to the end of the year, I think the uneasy is -- uneasyness is uneasy is -- uneasyness is going to continue and the worry that we might not see a resolution is going to affect our market.The US President believes America can step back from the brink. I do remain optimistic that we can get something done that is good for families like this one and that is good for the American economy. President Obama and Congress have just weeks left to avert tax hikes and spending cuts due to come into effect on January 1. The Duchess of Cambridge has left hospital in London where she'd been treated for acute sickness in early pregnancy. With Prince William by her side she told reporters that she was feeling better. Officials at St James Palace say she'll now rest until she feels 100%. Kate, how are you feeling? How are you feeling? Much better came the reply. Kate emerged from the hospital look -- looking more subdued than normal but that's to be expected. Walking carefully and with a wave to hospital staff who have treated her since she was admission. She was taken from the hospital to the couple's home at Kensington Palace for what officials say will be a period of rest. Kate's recovery is certainly a relief for the Royal Family. Prince Charles, visiting members of a Commonwealth expedition preparing to set off to Antarctic, managed a joke about that prank call to the hospital. As you know I'm not a radio station. No, true. Very nice thought of grandfather hood in my old age so that's splendid and I'm very glad my daughter-in-law is getting better, thank goodness. Thank you very much. The important thing for Kate now, according to or Kate now, according to doctors, is to get as much rest as possible.The first thing Kate should be doing is resting and avoiding any commitments that aren't absolutely essential. If she doesn't there is a real risk that her vomiting could get worse again and she could end up back in hospital. But the need to protect the health of Kate and the unborn baby raise some very real practical issues for the couple. The royal doctors, here in London, are hardly going to be content at the moment for Kate to return to age see, in north Wales, where William is bailsed as an RAF search and rescue pilot. Both of them have decisions to take. Kate has to decide whether she stays in London but that would have to be without William's full-time support. He's needed back in angle si. And William must decide in the next few weeks whether to remain as an RAF search and rescue pilot, switch to another role or leave the military all together. All in all it should mean some important discussions when William and Kate join the rest of the Royal Family at Christmas. The duchess has pulled out of two planned royal led out of two planned royal engagements this weekend. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - a mother and son charged with the stabbing murder of a NSW police officer. Shortly - draped in red - thousands gather on the Sunshine Coast for the fuen -- funeral of Morcombe. And later lighting up - Washington state legalises the recreational useegalises the recreational use of marijuana.


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A Sydney court has been told that the alleged killers of a NSW police officer have shown no remorse for their actions. Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson died after attending a neighbourhood dispute in Oakville in Sydney's north-west. A woman and her son have been charged with murder. As floral tributes were laid outside the Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson's workplace, his brother spoke of a loving and dedicated family man. Our family cannot adequately express the devastation that follow it is loss of Bryson. -- follow it is loss of Bryson. Commensurate with a sense of loss is the pride we have of a man who has liven his life in the service of the people of NSW. f the people of NSW. His comments echoed by the state ice Police Commissioner. This is the sort of man that no-one can afford to lose from a modern police agency. He's - his loss is one that we will feel for many, many years to come. In court, police alleged that Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson died after son Anderson died after being stabbed with a knife. He'd with a knife. He'd been called to the scene of an ongoing dispute between 45-year-old Fiona Barbieri, her 19- year-old son, Mitch, and their next-door neighbour. It's believed Bryson Anderson was stabbed after negotiations broke down. Fellow officers and paramedics tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead on arriving at hospital. Commissioner Scipione acknowledging the trauma to his colleagues. They're police. They were stoic. They were strong, they were - were bearing up quite well but let me assure you not too deep under that there was a whole lot of pain going on.At a lunch for police widows the commissioner paid further tribute to him. He'd featured recently in a documentary helping Catherine Smith it, a victim of horrific domestic abuse. Today she said he restored her faith in the police hors force and humanity. This year, the 150th year of policing in NSW, was supposed to be a year of celebration. But in March this year Senior Constable David Rixon was shot in the chest and died after a routine traffic stop. We now conclude 2012 with the death of another year. It is indeed a very sad year.The Police Association says it wants to raise $1 million for Anderson's family, his wife, Donna and three teenage children. Nine years after he disappeared Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe has finally been laid to rest. With the committal hearing of the man accused of his murder adjourned until February, thousands attended a public mass at Daniel's former school. Nine years to the day that Daniel went missing the Morcombe family finally had a chance to find a degree of closure. 900 mourners filled to church while thousands more gathered outside at the Siena Catholic College, Daniel's old school. In line with the family's wishes, red was the colour of the day. For his father today was not a day to be sad.Today is about embracing his return to family. And being reflective of what might have been. He may no longer be with us but Daniel's legacy will live on. Among those who attended members of Daniel's former school, police involved in the case and former prime minister, nd former prime minister, Kevin Rudd, a keen long-time supporter of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The Congress graigs told of a brother's life -- congregation told of brother's life cut short. He enjoyed the company of his friends, sharing a movie or going to the shops. He enjoyed food as long as they were his favourite. It was also recommend you don't stand between him and a birthday cake. Tributes also to the thousands of people who joined the marchs and took part in the education campaigns to find Daniel and to stop his fate befalling other children. He was not an attention seeker yet because of his sparkling eyes and beaming smile, which is captured in photo after photo, he is somebody everybody took into their hearts. After an extended service, a guard of honour ice, a guard of honour and a final moment of reflection. In contrast to the very public and nationally broadcast service, the burial was a strictly private affair. A chance for the family to e for the family to say a quiet goodbye to a son and a life lost very much in the public eye. Australian scientists have begun a series of experiments to achieve a greater understanding of bushfires. Already dozens of fires are burning around the country burning around the country with authorities warning of a dangerous fire season ahead. The worst are in Bremer Bay in Western Australia, Curramulka in South Australia and Dalby in Queensland. Fires are also burning in the re also burning in the Great Lakes region of NSW. A fire can explode from embers to inferno in a matter of mips. Understanding why and how is key to stopping fire damaging homes or worse, endangering lives. To get better information and better warning to the public and not only to the public, to your average citizen out there but also for firefighters' safety.That's where the afety.That's where the pyrotron comes in. Nearly 830 experimental have been conducted in the CSIRO's machine this year. Today's simulation looked specifically at how bushfires pred from the point of ignition. It's hoped that research will help firefighters determine when to take certain courses of action like water bombing and setting up containment lines. Knowing how long they have will give them a better chance of successfully take that -- attack that fire when they get there. Another simulation planned for January will simulate the conditions in Black Saturday to understand why it unfolded like it did. The bushfire season is already under with fires across the country. Authorities warn we could be in for a deadly summer. We're expecting a high level of activity across many of those area that is received the drought- breaking rain. They now have significant grassfire risk that we probably haven't seen for 20 or 30 years. He's urging people to be vigilant. There are a number of wayous stay safe during the bushfire season. Firstly, keep updated with fire and weather warnings. Listen to the notices put out by your local fire authorities. Secondly, safeguard your home by securing water supplys and cleaning out your gutters and thirdly and most importantly prepare and enact a bushfire survival plan. Knowing when to leave and when to stay is paramount. That survivability is based on the preparations and decisions they've made before the day. Authorities say now's the time to set up a bushfire survival plan in you haven't got one already. -- if you haven't got one already. Go to SBS online for some practical information on bushfire awareness, alerts and contact details in your area. Emergency camps in the southern Philippines are overflowing with victims of Typhoon Bopha. More than 400 people were killed and hundreds of thousands of people made homeless after the storm destroyed whole communities. In Compostela Valley in the island of Mindanao families are burying the dead or desperately searching for last loved ones. Typhoon Bopha survivors cross to safer ground. Residents of Compostela Valley rescued after being isolated by mudslides. Like hundreds of thousands in Mindanao. They'll return to towns left literally in pieces. This damaged hospital continues to help the injured.

Alone and crying for her father a government worker has take then boy under his wing.

His parents are among the hundreds missing. Those identified now being mourned. As d now being mourned. As the death toll mounts, so does the cost. Lively hoods crushed along with homes. Entire crops lost by farming dependent families. The head of the Philippines delegation broke down as an environmental conference in Doha describing the nightmare conditions. I appeal to the leaders from all over the world to open their eyes to the stark reality that we face. I appeal to all - please, no more delays, no more excuses.He said the typhoon, the first of this scale to hit the region, highlighted the tragic consequences of a changing climate. It slammed into the southern Philippines on Tuesday. Whole villages were flattened by violent winds, floods and landslides. Australia is providing $35 million in aid. Our hearts - - $5 million in the aid. Rpblgts our hearts go out to the Philippines in community in haus who have suffered in this tragic weather event.Charities say more is needed and are especially concerned about child survivors. Girls -- girls and boys have to shower in the open and that raises concerns on our side. And many are schooled - disrupt education.Save the children says it may take up to a year for communities to recover.

Dutch researchers are claiming there's no evidence to suggest blood boots -- booster EPO improves performance in elite cyclists, the drug, linked to Lance Armstrong, is banned because it's believed to improve oxygen delivery to muscles. Marion Jones and Ben Johnson were stripped of their titles for using EPO. World Anti-Doping Agency John Fahey says he believes the drug should remain on the banned lirs as it cons the -- list as it continues the fight against drugs in sport. Look, I think we're fighting very hard. I don't believe we'll ever win the war, human nature being what it is, there will be those out there who will try and get the advantage. We have come a long way. We're far more effective than we were some years ago, when we started. But will he stamp it all out? I suspect not.Let's talk about the Armstrong bombshell and the mountain of evidence showing he was a serial doper. How disappointing was it for you to find out that? Well, look, personally I was quite shattered. I can say I was conscious for some considerable time that there were a number of matters there that the investigations would undoubtedly unearth and expose with time. We have now seen that. But personally, I can recall reading his book. It's not about the bike when I was recovering myself from cancer and I found it inspiring, so to find out some years later that the man that wrote that was a fraud is extremely disappointing. As a sports lover, I want - I want to see heroes. I think sport's about heroes and to again have one of the greatest, the Bradman, of cycling exposed as nothing but a cheat is pretty shattering.Well, another person who is very passionate about tackling this problem is AOC boss Coates. He's -- he'd like to see Australian Olympians sign a statutory declaration to declare they have never been engaged in doping S gaged in doping S that something you support in I support the motive. One has to ask, though, will this mean that the silence will come back into the process and what we saw through particularly the Armstrong case is that riders were prepared to give information knowing that they could get a reduced penalty. There would be a penalty, they couldn't escape that, but a reduced penalty if they gave information act others if we bring in -- about others if we bring in a provision that causes athletes not to say the truth, swear false information, because of the consequences to themselves, I just wonder if we're going to get the code of silence back into sport. We have into sport. We have to be very careful. The motive, though, I can't argue with. John Fahey has plenty more to say. You can watch an extended version of that interview on our website. Well, Washington state on the west coast of America has become the first US state to legalise the possession of cannabis. As of today, you condition be arrested by state police for possessing an ounce or less of the drug. In January, a second state, Colorado will follow, both decisions made in state referendums during the presidential election. It could be the start of a global shift in the way cannabis and other recreational drugs are viewed in law. Anybody need a drug? Four, three, two, one! Not exactly New Year but a new era for people who like cannabis. Efficient are -- everywhere else in America you can still be arrested for doing this. Bubbles of freedom.But not here, not in this state. There is the BMW of smoking apparatus. Thank them amongst others. This is like when the first bricks came out of the Berlin wall and people saw the wall could actually just come down entirely. That's what it feels like today. Ones on the bottom are gluten free. Yes, but full of hash. This is a medical dispense ry that looks and feels remarkably like a candy shop and, yes, they even sell weed lolly pops. It smells delicious. Officially these are patients not customers and need a doctor's recommendation to come here. Have chronic pain in my shoulders and it helps relieve the pain so I can go to sleep.But one day soon this may morph into a cannabis cafe. Thank you. Half hash Wednesday. Friday, free joint Friday, which is one of our more popular days.Shy by name but not by nature, the man behind the join has all the flare of a car salesman and the vision of a tycoon of coke. I feel Seattle will become a Mecca tore people wanting to come visit us - from Oregon, Canada. You'll become the Amsterdam. Yes, I would love to open a store by the airport because people would love to fly in and experience cannabis.Seattle is a ground- breaking city which has given the plan net the experience of Starbucks and Microsoft. So why not the world-wide weed. Washington regards itself as a bit of a laboratory chamber. Supporters of legalisation think it's as porn as the end of alcohol prohibition in 1933 and yet things are a little more complicated. Today basically what has happen now is that you can legally possess an ounce of marijuana but you have to get a - commit a crime to obtain it. L Until now it's only been the cartel who is have turned dope into a multibillion-dollar business. That may be able to change. Recreational or medical business. This woman is a cannabis business attorney. -- attorney. Since the phone her phone has been ringing off the hook with the question of potential investors. It really is the opportunity to build an industry, regulate it and make it safe, and we have only had this opportunity really one other time from the ground up and that was with alcohol if you look at Jim beam, he was a rum runner and now he's a household name.Once this defied -- this was America's culture, now it has two allies - the law and money. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Free joint Fridays, huh? In a darker development there's been a deadly done fight in a home in Washington state. A home owner shooting dead two masked intruders trying to take his 50 or 60 mash wa na plants. Authorities say he'll -- Marrara and wa na plants. Authorities say heel -- marijuana plants. Authorities say he'll be charged for growing the plants but not sure if he'll be charged with killing the arged with killing the intruders.Governments across Australia are being urged to implement tough workplace bullying laws. The push has intensified after a Federal inquiry recommended a cross-wonder crackdown on abuse. When Rae and Damien Panlock zud the bullying of workers they speak from the heart and personal tragedy. Six years ago the couple owes daughter Brodie took her life after experiencing relentless physical and emotional abuse while working at a cafe. Sadly, the working environment she found himself this was toxic. There was a culture of bullying and there were no structures in place to protect her or other employees. We don't want another family to endure what we have been through. Victoria's chief lawmaker heeded their plea, fast-tracking the introduction of legislation specifically targeting bullies. It can turn up in so many places - workplaces, schools, sporting clubs and on the internet.A nah campaign aims to sell the message - that sort of abuse won't be tolerated. Brodie's Law was introduced into Victorian workplaceoduced into Victorian workplace fls June last year. It makes bullying a serious criminal offence punishable by up to 10 ishable by up to 10 years jail. And now there's a push for the law to go national. Borderes have nothing to do - we're all humans and Australians, aren't we, and bullying is not acceptable. It should be Australia-wide, yeah. It should be worldwide when you see things like this happening. Yeah, young girl like that it's bad. It's taking something like that to change the laws it should be a criminal act from the start.A report by Federal MPs tabled last year stills worker abuse costs billions of dollars. More importantly than the economic costs of workplace bullying it's the human cost. While Coalition MPs issued a dissenting report, Bill Shorten says the parliamentary inquiry, which calls for an Australia-wide hotline for bullying victims, is the first step in developing national laws. Staff who run an half hours youth patrol in Alice Springs are shocked the community service will soon have to close its doors. The program is one of the casualties of this week's Northern Territory Government mini budget. I was dget. I was speechless because the drop in centre has been open since 2004, and we've built up a very good rapport with our young people and a brilliant respect with the local community. For the last eight years, kids have known they could hang out in the safety of the drop in centre. And be returned to their homes and a safe place. The after hours program conducts foot patrols and on a busy weekend will take over 100 children will take over 100 children off the street and return them home. The program was created by the community and is well supported but relies on Government funding. Staff were taken by surprise at the announcement earlier this week. We have young Indigenous staff who have got a good rapport with these young people and it's a really - it's good relationship. The NT Government says this service duplicates its own youth hub program. Our new program as a new Government has to be around child protection and out of home care services and these particular services don't particularly fit that criteria at the moment. Acting Congress cplt EO Donna Ah Chee says EO Donna Ah Chee says the Government -- CEO Donna Ah Chee says the Government is carrying out a review of its own hub, and while that isn't due until next year, the axe has already fallen on the Indigenous patrol. In terms of the kids let's just hope we don't see any increase in - in harm and seeing kids getting caught up in the juvenile justice system. Which is not something that we wasn't t something that we wasn't zo see.The centre is set to -- to see. The centre is set to close early next year but Congress is preparing to plead its case with the Government. That report from Ryan Liddle -- Ryan Liddle. We are counting down to see NITV on free- to-air SBS from Wednesday on channel 34. ay on channel 34. Coming up next Friday night's sport with Rob Grasso including battling the breeze and Liz rival, Senden fighting to stay on top at the Australian Open. Also - the Queensland art exhibition showcasing hundreds of pieces from the Asia Pacific.

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In finance, Australia's trade deficit has widened to $2.1 billion in October. As the nation continues to import more than it exports. Imports rose by 3% outweighing a 0.4% rise in exports. Let's check the Australian share market now which finished at a 7-week high. Resource stocks did well while the banks closed stronger. ANZ was up after becoming the first Australian bank to be granted an office in Burma. Ten remains in a trading halt amid reports major shareholder Gina Rinehart has agreed to participate in the company's capital raising while Myer held its AGM and e Myer held its AGM and has joined to chorus of other retailers calling for a cut to the GS. The--- GST free threshold from goods bought from oversea.The Nikkei retreat indeed p from a 7-month high. Shares on wall stret were a firmer. The Australian dollar -- Wall Street were a all Street were a -- were firmer. The Australian dollar:

Time for Friday night's sport with birthday boy Rob Grasso and no good news from John Senden at the golf. Exactly right. The Australian Open at The Lakes is sup for grabs with overnight leader John Senden slipping back at the halfway mark. Marcus Fraser is the new leader at 6-under with Senden and Marion Jones a stroke behind. Justin -- Brendan Jones is a stroke behind. Justin Rose was a threat but finished off the pace. The weather made for a nice morning's work for Marcus Fraser a hole in one on day one and five birdies had today him taking a share of the lead. Indonesia's top ranked golfer also an early moving as was Tom Watson, a remarkable round of 68 seeing the veteran American make the cut. Geoff Ogilvy having an off day. Shaky start I'm afraid. But the overnight leader, Senden, sent an early message to the rest of the field. That's a really positive put p putt. Adam Scott's appearance got tongues wagging. He looks like a prize fighter, he's absolutely cut.But they wouldn't drop for this year's Australian plasters champion. With playing partner -- masters champion. With his playing partner struggling, it was the world number four appearing a rose between two thorns. He's got it. Rose back at the top of the leaderboard.The Englishman took the outright lead with four birdies on the front nine. Senden's day took a turn for the worse while Scott got an elusive birdy. Finally, he looks to the heavens and says, "Thank you". The 2009 winner found himself inches short on the approach to the 11th before saving par with an excellent recovery. Like the shot of the day? Unbelievablot of the day?
Unbelievable. In Ricky Ponting, Rose got the jitters but Senden was unable to capitalise. With the leaders fading it was to finish Marcus Fraser's day. New approach Frank Farina remains confident of fixing Sydney's FC's confidence after being at the hellle. -- legal m. They will be looking to build on their scoreless draw against the Heart last weekend after conceding 18 goals in the games before his arrival. Injury, form and a horror run suggesting Sydney's FC's

run suggesting Sydney's FC's new And will be without Alessandro Del Piero due to an ongoing hamstring injury. 21-year-old Powell set to make an appearance in his absence. Probably start, you know e, he's got pace. You know, he can score. And with the others, it gives us a few options.Currently in fifth on the back of a 3-game unbeaten run, no injury concerns for the Phoenix. They will likely stick with the same squad that beat Western Sydney Wanderers. Tomorrow night Melbourne Heart will ght Melbourne Heart will be looking to rebound from a series of losses to the fifth-placed glory. A physical Perth pounding them 5-0 in the pre- season and 5-0 in the pre- season and handing them a 2-0 defeat in round three. Physically they bullied us on a number of occasions. That's not going to happen anymore. We're quite a strong team, players that know what Perth are all about. While tonight in Adelaide Melbourne Victory will be able to continue its good form. Ange Postecoglou's side collecting 13 points from a possible 15 recently to move into third spot, four points adrift of the leaders, Central Coast Mariners. We're going OK. Like I said, we haven't really had a settled line up. We've been affected by snarblgs -- internationals. Apart from Wellington, been affected more than anyone. For the second straight week they'll be without Archie Thompson and Milligan. Perhaps the biggest deciding factor will come down to whether Adelaide star Dario Vidosic makes his Vidosic makes his return from injury. With five goals from seven appearances his inclusion would be a welcome one for the coach. The Socceroos -- Socceroos will attempt to better North Korea keys superior goal difference in the East Asian Cup tonight. Australia take on Guam ranked 181. SBS will have live online streaming from 8:50 eastern daylight saving time. Mine time -- meantime, Liverpool and Tottenham have progressed to the Europa League knockout phase to join Newcastle and Chelsea in the last 32. The three remaining places were claimed by ining places were claimed by Steaua Bucharest and Stuttgart from Group E and Basel from Group G. Spurs defeated Panathinaikos while defeated Panathinaikos while Liverpool won at -- against Udinese. Henderson scored to decisive goal to fire the 5-time European champions, Liverpool, into the next round. Brendan Rodgers' side finishing on top of group A. Wallabies flyhalf Quade Cooper has ened a 6-month stand-off with the Australian rugby union by signing a 2-year deal reportedly worth $00 a season. After earlier criticising the tactics of Wallabies' coach Deans, Cooper initially received a downgraded incentive based offer. Both sides are happy with the deal which will allow Cooper to box in a charity event on February 8, eight days before the kick-off to the Super Rugby -off to the Super Rugby season. It's a big season coming up. I want to be in my best possible condition tore wh's next. Are you happy to play under Robbie Deans? Of course. He's the coach and, like I said, I'm just going to continue to train, do the best ki for Queensland and if I'm selected and get the opportunity then I'll do all I can to, you know, put out on the park now, put out on the park great performances. Queensland's opening Super Rugby match is on February 16 against the Brumbies in Canberra. In cricket news, haul eyes will be on Shane Warne when the Big Bash Twenty20 series gets ufrpbdz way tonight with the Stars Renegades taking on the Renegades. Although the 43- year-old has rejected suggestions of playing in the next Ashes series he would have noticed the performance of England Captain Cook against India overnight. Cook at 27 became the youngest batsman in history to reach 7,000 test runs. This is one thing in cricket you must never do -- never do. Edge and dropped. Dropping Alistair Cook is close to sinful. He'd made just 17 when this happened. The guilty hands. India knew what would happen next. Cook made a century. Even by his own standards, recent weeks have been extraordinary taking the captaincy has inspired rather than burdened him. Hundreds in three consecutive test matches to take his career total to is career total to 23, the record. It's his mentality which impresses mow more than anything. To to score three centuries on the trot, in three conservative games -- consecutive games, because once you get 100 you get jock dkdk cocky, you start your next innings as if you're on 120. He doesn't do that. Cook has overtaken Geoff boycott who made 22 hundreds. Cook has gone past others who played from England to the mid-'50s to the mid-1970s. Here at the lords museum there are displays which chart the history of cricket. In the future there may be a corner devoted to Alistair Cook. Certainly in terms of English cricket he has time to set records which may never be spoken -- broken. Peter sen is behind him but Cook would like -- could have another decade with him. England are only one wicket down and Cook will be back in the morning. That report from the BBC. One final note on cricket, New Zealand officials deny player agitation was the reason for their decision today to sack Ross Taylor as test captain. Brendon McCullum will now lead the side. That is the day in sport. Interesting summer ahead. Thanks. Coming up - the weather - and the Queensland exhibition showcasing hundreds of pieces from across the Asia Pacific.

Hey, sweetheart?

Could you download one of those
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I'm just in the middle of stuff. I'll tell you what, I'll print one
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Let's do it then.

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To the weather now, and in Argentina, authorities say there's little threat from a toxic cloud that's settled over the capital, Buenos Aires, after a container of pesticides caught fire. It was quickly put out but the smell was so puedrb -- putrid thousands of complained of feeling nauseous and suffering eye and throat irritation. We go to the forecast a low-pressure trough is triggering isolated showers with cloud stkreching from Western Australia to Western Australia to Tasmaina. Patchy cloud -- stretching from Western Australia to Tasmaina. Patchy on the South-East Queensland coast.

Almost 300 art works by 75 artists from 25 countries are on display at the seventh Asia-Pacific Triennial kick in Brisbane. Since the first exhibition in 1993, it has become one of the region's most significant art events.And this year alongside the list of renowned regional artists there's a focus on Papua New s a focus on Papua New Guinea. From the land of the unexpected, Papua New Guinea takes centre stage at the seventh Asia-Pacific Triennial at the Queensland art gallery. Over six months, 50 artists from Australia's nearest neighbour, crafted these giant toe tums that -- totems that dominate the exhibition. Every single APT is different and that's one of the joys of it. Known as APT7, this long00 run -- long-running series is a highlight for the program. For some artists it's their first exhibition exhibition -- overseas exhibition. I'm doing it. It is a comfortable zone. We been doing that. But if you come to another country it little scary. You have other nation in here. From Australia, works about the contemporary Aboriginal experience feature prominently. I have called it civilised. It's about how Aboriginal people were seen as being uncivilised. So what I have done is I've shown them as far as - through European eyes how they would more civilised. Over the 20-year history it's highlighted the social, political and economic changes in the region. The APT is also very much about Australia, who we are, where we stand. This is our neighbour, our region, and eighbour, our region, and we need to be engaging with that and it's a 2-way street. Almost 2 million people have been to see the last APTs and this, the latest, is expected to add several hundred thousands more to that figure by the time it closes in April. Recapping our top story now - Egypt is bracing for more trouble after President Mohamed Morsi again defied calls to curb his sweeping powers or suspend proposed changes to the constitution. And that's the world this Friday. Our next bulletin at 10:35 on SBS One. Have a great weekend. Goond. -- a great weekend. Goond.
-- Goond. Goodnight. -- Goodnight.
Goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

LILY: Some people know how to grow
great food

and some know how to cook it.

In between there's another
kind of food hero

who knows how to source it.

Simon Johnson is Australia's
pioneer provedore.

And I've been invited on board
to share in his other great passion.

Yay. Thank you.

You get out on the Hawkesbury
quite often, don't you?

Yeah, I love it. It's just
a great part of the world.

You go to Europe
and the Mediterranean's so crowded

and other places are so crowded

and you can come up here and
go into a little bay or a cove

and you're the only one there
and you drop the anchor

and, you know, some good food,
some great friends

and some, you know...
good bottle of wine

and you're in heaven,
really, aren't you?

I'm sold. (LAUGHS)

Simon Johnson is known
as Australia's best provedore

with stores in three cities.

He's the go-to man for some of the
finest food the world has to offer.

How does it feel to be
Simon Johnson, a household name?

Well, I don't know about
those sort of accolades.

30 years ago, my great mates
were people like Neil Perry

and, you know, Serge Dansereau,

who really gave me
a start in this career,

having left the kitchen.

So I was in the right place
at the right time

and I suppose I've taken
advantage of it.

Simon owes his success
to a finely tuned palate

and his vast knowledge of a huge
array of the world's finest foods.

I brought some of my favourites
along today.

And obviously roquefort is something
that I'm fairly passionate about

because of the times that we weren't
able to get it in Australia

because of the raw milk debate.

We've got a beautiful
camembert from Normandy

which is hand ladled, so it's
as close as we can get in Australia

to a raw milk camembert.


That is delicious.

It's so much more intense
than any other camembert

that I've tried in Australia.

And that's why we import
cheeses like that,

because, you know,
Australia produces wonderful cheese

but that has a level of complexity

that we just don't see
in our Australian camemberts.

And this is from Wisconsin.

It's a wonderful cheese which is
in the style of Comte, Beaufort.

And you've just got
this wonderful milk

that is giving us this really
complex hard cheese.

Real foodies love their olive oil
and, of course, so does Simon.

His opinion is so respected

that he's become an international
tasting judge.