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(generated from captions) Grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' magazine. Join in carol singing. Try the Finders Keepers market at eve eve -- Eveleigh. And in sport, the Sydney Thunder are on at the SCG. The weather is looking unsettled this weekend. The best bet for any sunshine is tomorrow morning. Enjoy it while it lasts. Before we go, a reminder about the fund for family of detective inspector Anderson. You can make a donation to:

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12:05. Tonight ... A deal to lower terri
electricity prices and lock the chil
territory' s NDIS trial Should a
child' s weight be recorded on thei fig
report card And, the scientists, evenin
fighting fire, with fire. Good pr
evening, I' m Danielle Post. Power househol
price relief is in sight for leade
households. State and Territory which
leaders have negotiated a deal, which could save the average year.
household hundreds of dollars a agree
year. It was one of a number of meetin
agreements reached at the COAG Duffi
meeting in Canberra today. Luke dea
Dufficy reports. Well this is a acr
deal which is sure to be welcomed h
across the country. All governments s
have been under pressure to rein in soaring electricity prices, and it' under
s hoped this will help get them th
under control. As part of the plan t
the states and territories will aim l
to boost competition. They' ll also
look at introducing smart meters an Ch
time of use pricing. Here' s what Chief Minister Katy Gallagher had t say earlier today. So what we' l decisio
need to do based on today' s join
decisions is go back through our o
joint venture and through the board a
of ACTEW to really ask them to look pas
at the resolutions that have been passed today and look at how I gues h
their advice back to Government on Th
how those are being implemented. agreem
There' s also been an historic
agreement on the National Disabilit ter
Insurance Scheme. All states and support
territories have signed up to particular
support the plan, which is g
particularly important for the ACT, i
given it is one of the launch sites in July 2014. Next year there wil jus
be extra funds. We' ve got about the
just over $10 million coming from
the Commonwealth to focus on respit pe
services. It means for up to 5000 people in the ACT will be able to b we
part of the launch. At the moment we' re probably sitting around 3000 f
The Gonski review into education COA
funding was also discussed at the w
COAG meeting. The leaders say there concre
was progress made, however, no i
concrete deal at this stage. Though dis
it' s likely to be a hot topic of discussion at the COAG meetings nex year.

WorkSafe inspectors have returned afte
to the Nishi site in New Acton -
after a piece of gyp rock was eithe fe
thrown of fell onto Parkes Way. A t
female driver was reportedly forced WorkS
to swerve to miss the material. s
WorkSafety Commissioner Mark McCabe says it demonstrates the culture at fo
the site. A notice has been issued forcing the managers to investigate als
the incident. The commissioner is improvemen
also preparing a number of a
improvement and prohibition notices on
after a surprise blitz at the site profe
on Wednesday. A leading medical we
professor has suggested a child' s r
weight should be included on school
reports - to help tackle the obesit ha
epidemic. ACT' s education groups and
have labelled the plan revolting, and believe it puts undue pressure that'
on teachers. A radical plan - that' s left the community outraged Quite frankly that' s a ludicrou Form
concept and offensive really. vice-chan
Former Melbourne University Peni
vice-chancellor, Professor David child'
Penington, has suggested, if a their
child' s weight was included on
their primary school report cards i te
could create conversation between w
teachers and parents about obesity, which may eliminate unhealthy eatin habits. Actually writing in blac car
and white on a student' s report card what their weight is, of cours th
without any parameters as to what con
the actually means is a revolting damagi
concept and can only lead to a childr
damaging of self esteem in our won
children. There are concerns it lev
won' t accurately measure obesity eati
levels, and increase anxiety and Child
eating disorders in children. diffe
Children are different heights, q
different bone structures, there' s per
quite a range of weights that are group
perfectly acceptable across age
groups. It' s pretty ridiculous a
I mean just because someone weighs a lot, doesn' t mean it' s actually li
it could be muscle In the end accurat
like BMI and weight is not an accurate measure of how fit or obes fearf
someone is Teachers are also repercussion
fearful it could greater style
repercussions on their teaching res
styles, and put more pressure and We
responsibility on the classroom. ta
We do our health programs where we eatin
talk about nutrition and health
eating and things like that and als I think we need to take a step bac May
and give it back to parents. w
Maybe if you said what their height m
was too so you could actually get a n
measure of whether that' s obese or th
not. In a statement to WIN News, the education directorate says it i fo
not considering this as an option for Canberra schools.

An autopsy will be conducted on th Tugger
man found unconscious in Lake ca
Tuggeranong yesterday, to find his id
cause of death and to work out his hav
identity. The only witness police have is the person who called tripl zero. They want to hear from anyon suspi
who may have seen a man acting Lak
suspiciously around shores of the fr
Lake. Firefighters dragged the man m
from water which was one and a half metres deep. He died at the Canberr ma
Hospital. A twenty-eight-year-old stagger
man has been nabbed driving a ove
staggering eighty five kilometres on
over the speed limit. Two officers on motorbikes were checking speeds
on Adelaide Avenue late last night when a white sedan was clocked at kilometres
one hundred and sixty five pur
kilometres an hour. After a short pursuit, police pulled the driver a
over. A search of vehicle uncovered a replica glock handgun, two knives parame
and a baseball bat. A row over pote
paramedics rosters has erupted - emer
potentially leading to delays in Canbe
emergency medical treatment for am
Canberrans. The union representing
ambulance officers hasn' t ruled ou pus
industrial action, if ACT Health adminis
pushes ahead with the planned cha
administrative changes. Service endan
changes, which some claim could endanger lives. For many years th under-funde
PTS has been chronically under-funded and has been run on th
smell of an oily rag and now Healt ra
wants to suck the oil out of that rag. The Patient Transport Servic Mo
currently operates 11am to 7:30pm on
Monday to Friday, and 9:30 to 6:30 on weekends. ACT Health has propose and
changes which would see Saturday and Sunday' s times apply seven day wh
a week. This lines up better to when the patients are ready to go s pa
that we can have less waiting for an
patients when they' re ready to go hosp
and more turnover of beds in the own
hospital. On the Ambulance' s
own figures there is demand for tha hour
work seven days a week from the se
hours of seven in the morning till w
seven in the evening. +w The TWU is intens
worried the changes would mean delayed
intensive care paramedics are b
delayed from attending emergencies, sl
because they' ll be picking up the slack. What we' re seeing more an more of is delays in response time
due to the fact that intensive car wo
paramedics are picking up the PTS work which is simply unacceptable. a
Patients could feel the affects of of
a changed roster, and so would PTS signi
officers, who could be facing a significant pay cut. Morale is at s
absolute rock bottom and people are so despondent that they don' t see will
future in PTS work. The Union will meet with its members on Monda to discuss the proposal. It says i could take industrial action if th dow
Health Directorate doesn' t back
down. At this stage we can' t rul anything in or anything out. We' l to
be meeting with our member Monday ha
to discuss the way forward. We' ll have a report back then.

A Canberra bus driver isn' t likel g
to live this down anytime soon. He Park
got stuck at a turning circle in bus
Parkes, when he went to pick up a lu
busload of workers for a Christmas whil
lunch.The staff were left hungry i
while ACTION operations were called driv
in to help. It' s reportedly the Poor
driver' s first mishap. WOMAN: Poor guy. REPORTER: Feel a bit sorr for him? WOMAN: I don' t like bein lo
watched reversing a trailer let a forty
lone a bus. It took more than a
forty-five minutes to manoeuver the do
articulated bus out and reverse it .
down the street. Next on WIN News arti
... The works of a well-known UK winte
artist return to Canberra for a winter blockbuster exhibition. And, ab
... Answering the burning question lat
about bushfires - How late is too late to prevent a tragedy? This program is not captioned. Researcher
late to prevent a tragedy? deadly
Researchers are recreating the try
deadly Black Saturday bushfires - firefigh
trying to determine how long b
firefighters have before a blaze is prov
beyond control. The answers will dang
prove invaluable on extreme fire live
danger days - potentially saving
lives and property from destruction firef
A burning question. How long action
firefighters have before their
actions are futile. That' s a ver co
critical time under most wildfire ti
conditions. That' s about the only succes
time you' ve got to be able to bef
successfully attack that bushfire Blac
before it becomes a threat. On three-hundr
Black Saturday, more than th
three-hundred fires were reported, researchers
thirteen took hold. CSIRO researchers looking into the fire' conditio
development are replicating
conditions here - in the Pyrotron. measurement
We can do these detailed those
measurements and hopefully from som
those measurements we can provide ty
some models and say ok under these f
type of fuels and this weather this accelerat
fire will take this long to experiment
accelerate. All of the in
experiments we' ve been able to do lim
in the past in the open have been limited in the weather conditions i t
which we can light them. No one in fire
their right mind allows to light Bl
fires under the same conditions of to
Black Saturday. This leaf litter fou
took just seven minutes and forty wi
four seconds to burn out. During a bu
wildfire it' s the layer, in thick pro
bushland or around the home, that
provides the main source of energy. veg
The average one square metre of power
vegetation has enough energy to h
power a 100 Watt light globe for 50
hours. Researchers want to provid mode
firefighters with a preliminary model of the rate of growth of fire agenc
before the end of the year. So reso
agencies have a better idea what cr
resources to allocate at a time of crisis. Like all predictions ther pr
will be some uncertainty in those uncertai
predictions because there' s gi
uncertainty out there but again it u
gives them a better insight, better those
understanding to help them make those decisions.

Several organisations within ANU twent
admit more than one hundred and stude
twenty five thousand dollars in
student funds is missing. Accountin -
firm K-P-M-G has compiled a report trans
- with evidence of unauthorised student
transactions linked to an ANU peri
student over a two and half year all
period. The bulk of the money has Student
allegedly been taken from the beli
Students Association.The rest is Med
believed to be taken from Student Associ
Media and the Interhall Sports investig
Association. ACT Policing is c
investigating the alleged theft. He throu
captured the essence of romance and
through his landscape paintings - of
and influenced the next generation work
of impressionists. JMW Turner' s
works are making the pilgrimage fro firs
the motherland - in Canberra' s years
first winter blockbuster in ten U
years. JMW Turner is arguably the art
United Kingdom' s most well known fam
artist. He' s probably the most a
famous and possibly the greatest of the
all British artists and certainly pai
the most influential in landscape A
painting. The National Gallery of blockb
Australia hasn' t had a winter ten
blockbuster exhibition for around ou
ten years. Opting to make its name ce
out of summer shows. However the
centenary year offers an opportunit wi
to have another go and see how it has
will fare. The tourism minister -
has labelled it a coup for Canberra the
- some pieces in the "Turner from hav
the Tate: The Making of a Master" UK.
haven' t been seen outside of the UK. The Gallery is hoping to attrac durin
two hundred thousand visitors, perio
during what' s a normally quiet se
period. We are focussing on four sen
seasons of events, makes a lot of Canber
sense to have indoor events in T
Canberra in that winter period. into
The London fog will come rolling June.
into Canberra from the first of t
June. Turner from the Tate is hoped Cap
to bring a bit of warmth into the
Capital' s winter. +w We got a lo peopl
of people through traffic from w
people on their way to the snow and even
we have been building wintertime uni
events and wanting to see what' s exhibiti
unique about Canberra. The
exhibition portrays Turner' s caree from the very beginning to the end on
One hundred and ten works will be influence
on display - showcasing the H
influence his work had on Europe. His later work influenced the Frenc la
impressionists like Monet and his cont
later works also have influenced contemporary art +w

Twenty two new officers have joine afte
ACT Policing - today graduation rec
after months of training. The new tomor
recruits will hit the beat from Poli
tomorrow, in traffic operations. ye
Police Minister Simon Corbell says dete
yesterday' s stabbing death of a Wale
detective inspector in New South polici
Wales highlights how dangerous on
policing is. The attestation comes cros
on the eve of one of the biggest a
cross tasman operations - targeting Unite
alcohol related crime.Operation unti
Unite kicks off tonight and runs sea
until Sunday. It may be the silly
season, but for many it' s times ar yea
so tough its hard to relax. This an
year the Department of Immigration ev
and Citizenship has been acting as t
eves, Putting together packages for Motorcycl
the annual toy run. The ACT event
Motorcycle Rider' s Association event is on again tomorrow. They' l
be carrying donated toys, games an ri
non-perishable food. This year' s ride will support the Salvation Arm -
and St John' s Care. Sport is next Sy
- And the Cavalry take game one in D
Sydney. Plus - Queanbeyan Cricketer Dean Solway on his big summer. This program is not captioned. Olympi
Dean Solway on his big summer. Bu
Olympians competing in tomorrow' s i
Burley Griffin Regatta have arrived medall
in Canberra. Silver and Bronze includi
medallists from London Games, Cook
including event ambassador Sarah T
Cooke, will take to the water. Greg s
Thomson has the details. Well the in
stage is set for the twenty twelve The
inaugural Burley Griffin Regatta. The finishing touches are being put
in place, in the marquees. While th afternoon.Twe
Olympians flew in this be
afternoon.Twenty five of them will bl
be competing on the lake. They' re expect
blown away by the marquees and Oly
expect a great day of racing. The a
Olympians have arrived and all eyes are on the prize. A new event - wit olympian
an incredible energy - dual up
olympians didn' t hesitate to sign athl
up. As soon as I went to every to
athlete asking them if they wanted def
to be apart of it, they said yes, opportunity,
definitely jumped at the d
opportunity, straight away, so I' m time
delighted to be here. +y The two
time Olympic rower is now trying he hand at Sailing, but will be back. and
I have made the move to sailing at
and that' s taking up all my focus for
at the moment, training full time Olymp
for that, hopefully for the Rio we'
Olympics but year for one weekend Andre
we' ll focus on rowing again. be
Andrew Barr has thrown his support terri
behind the event. it would be p
terrific to see it become an annual
part of Canberra' s events calendar The Burley Griffin Regatta will be back for the centenary. I thin the dream is for this to get bigge Re
and bigger every year and for the even
Regatta itself to be a three day event but for the festival to becom is
a week long event. It certainly wil
is a very impressive trophy which
will be presented by Sports Ministe are
Andrew Barr.While the conditions are overcast at the moment, tomorro de
they' re expecting a sunny thirty row
degrees, great conditions for the rowers and spectators as well.

Canberra is one up against Sydney, s
in their Australian Baseball League inning
series. The game went to extra one-al
innings, with scores locked at r
one-all. Sean Toler hit the winning scor
run in the thirteenth. The final Caval
score two-one, in favour of the tonig
Cavalry. Game two gets underway
tonight, with the series wrapping u Dean
on Sunday. Queanbeyan Cricketer mos
Dean Solway says he' s making the Ch
most oh his latest chance with the th
Chairman' s Eleven. The batsman is selected.
the only local player to be f
selected. He' s staying in Canberra South
for the ACT Comet' s match with So
South Australia, next week. Dean making
Solways' summer is heating up, catc
making the most of his chance to Another
catch the eye of selectors. playi
Another great experience for me sides
playing against one of the best s
sides in the world and playing with crick
some of the up and coming state a
cricketers that are performing well seco
at Sheffield Shield. It' s the gaine
second year in a row Solway has w
gained selection, rubbing shoulders
with the likes of Usman Khawaja. yester
had a pretty good chat to him def
yesterday in the lunch room, yeah yes
definitely good watching him, but M
yesterday, such a quality player. Moving to South Australia to furthe
his career is working out, with th coac
guidance of a former Australian re
coach. The squad that I' m in is really good, emerging Redbacks, wit tha
Tim Neilsen, taking a lot out of Me
that. A Comets Twenty20 clash in S
Melbourne against the Renegades put Murlitheran,
Solway up against Mutiah Murlitheran, who clean bowled him. I guess eight hundred test wickets to
if you' re going to pick a bowler the
to get out too he' ll probably be t
the one. Solway made five not out Ope
today for the Chairman' s Eleven. se
Opener Scott Henry two hundred and Come
seven not out. Meantime, the ACT their
Comets have been forced to move
their game with South Australia nex Queanbeyan
week, to Freebody Oval in Ma
Queanbeyan, due to construction of cha
Manuka Oval' s lights. Not many Prescot
changes from last game, Chris Prescott will make his debut, so we gam
re looking for him to have a big fro
game for us. Higgs has returned
from Adelaide after being put on th Bash.
supplementary list for the Big Bash. So if there' s an injury, I know,
m a chance of playing, but you know, great experience, probably di Gre
show how old I was over there. Greg Thomson, Win News.

The Belconnen Magpies' new stadium of
at Kippax will host the first game
of the twenty-thirteen NEAFL season ro
They' ll play host to Eastlake in Qu
round one. While reigning premiers Queanbeyan will take on Ainslie. Th h
competition has scheduled a double local
header, for the first time. All Ma
local teams will be taking part at Manuka Oval, in round 14, next june Klimkova
Canberra United coach Jitka probl
Klimkova says fitness wont be a problem for the team, in tomorrow' T
home game with the Newcastle Jets. W-Leag
The team will play their third thei
W-League game in a week - due to
their recent tour of Japan. We ar schedule,
really ready for the tough seaso
schedule, we trained before the had
season even started, in August we had the fitness preparation and tha Geor
is why we can play this game. Georgia Yeoman-Dale will return fro off
a toe injury. Canberra is coming We
off a two-one win against Perth on bo
Wednesday Night. Good confidence i
boost for the team and gets us back
in the running to get in to that to t
four spot. United has never lost to Newcastle at home. Now checkin WIN'
the Fishing Conditions. Here' s ba
WIN' s Rob Paxevanos. I just got back from a trip out of Batemans Ba where I had a turn at being over o ou
your side of the camera. I headed Co
out with Anthony Stockman from the o
Complete Angler..along with a bunch abou
of blokes keen to learn what was lo
about and how to catch it. Anthony l
loves teaching fishing and the main
lesson was that it pays to try a fe Tro
different techniques on the day. Trolling the headlands produced zip snapp
so we tried using pilchards on wate
snapper in close in 15 meters of spot
water, but despite fishing great did
spots on a high tide change, that 4
didn' t work either. Luckily out at wit
45 meters things were much better flat
with morwong, flying gurnard and an
flatties all on the chew. Pilchard bai
and squid cocktails were the best a
bait, and amongst the catch was the
aptly named ' tiger flathead' one o Alo
the best eating fish in the sea. Along the way some pan sized snappe responded to using lighter line an fa
on new age light tackle, they are fantastic fun. So there you have it b
sometimes you need a back-up plan, on
but such is the variety of fishing m
on the south coast that there is as
many plans as you need to bring hom the goods.

I' ll have the weekend weather forecast after the break. This program is not captioned.

forecast after the break. A cloudy rea
day about the region, The Capital f
reached a top of twenty-three after twent
five overnight. Right now it' s So
twenty-one degrees outside. On the degre
Southern Tablelands, Twenty-two twen
degrees for Goulburn.Yass topped twenty-
twenty-six today. Queanbeyan,
twenty-three while Braidwood reache a high of twenty-one . On the Sout Coast, Nowra and the Bay climbed t r
twenty-two degrees. Lows overnight degrees
ranged from eleven to sixteen tw
degrees. On the Snowies, A high of Peri
twenty-two for Cooma. Sixteen in ei
Perisher. Thredbo, slightly warmer Bomba
eighten degrees. Twenty-four in Cl
Bombala. On the Satellite picture, is
Cloud over eastern New South Wales
is associated with a weak trough fe show
by onshore winds. It' s causing cle
showers. On the chart, The sky is ridge
clear in the north-west under a ridge of high pressure. To tomorrow t
s forecast, A mix of conditions on Mor
the South Coast. Mostly sunny for Fo
Moruya Heads, twenty-five degrees.
Fourteen to twenty-seven in the Bay Moruya
A chance of thunderstorms for heading
Moruya Heads and Nowra, which w
heading for twenty-eight degrees. A Tablelan
warm day across the Southern d
Tablelands, Braidwood, twenty-eight Q
degrees. Nine to thirty expected in Y
Queanbeyan. A high of thirty-one at Goulburn
Yass. Twenty-nine degrees in sh
Goulburn. On the Snowies, Bombala, Eig
should reach twenty-nine degrees. twent
Eighteen for Thredbo. Perisher, i
twenty degeres. A little bit hotter there
in Cooma, twenty-eight expected top
there. In the Capital tomorrow, a T
top of thirty after a low of nine . whic
The UV index will reach thirteen for
which is extreme. To the five day of
forecast, Showers on Sunday, a top t
of twenty-five degrees. Dropping to wi
twenty-two on Monday. Temperatures reach
will climb throughout the week, And
reaching twenty-nine to Thursday. thi
And that' s the WIN News hour for Post
this Friday night. I' m Danielle n
Post..... Have a safe weekend. Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight, the couples you're about to meet hoped to be spending this summer among the army of grey nomads cruising around the country in their brand new caravans but the man they trusted with their dreams not only ripped them off but left them homeless and living in a car park. Are you a con man?Sorry?Are you a con man?Just answer yes.Are you a con man?A con man?Are you a crook?He's a mongrel. A dead-set mongrel.Excuse me? Don't turn your back on me.Lies, lies and lies. It's a caravan catastrophe.Tony,