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Finally tonight - Christmas trees
are going up right around the regio Canberra
- but none can compete with M-L-A
Canberra' s giant centrepiece.. M-L-A Yvette Berry, was hoisted int on
the air today - helping place the Christma
one-metre star, on the giant t
Christmas tree. It will be lit up a i
two-hour celebration tomorrow night enter
in Civic Square, including free S
entertainment from Peter Combe, and tha
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Post.....from everyone here, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Tomorrow is nine years to the day since 13- year-old Daniel Morcombe went missing. It's also the day his parents, Denise and Bruce, will finally bury their little boy. I spoke with them as they prepared for this huge event.

spoke with them as they prepared
for this huge event.We don't carry anger towards the bus driver.How can you not?I don't know how you ever put something like this behind you? What are you supposed to do? The faces you see in the media are not the faces you see in the kitchen at home. You know, there are certainly dark days and there are certainly tears at home.Are you angry at home?Sometimes.I don't blame you. After nine agonising years, finally Bruce and Denise more come are going to bury their little boy. Daniel's funeral tomorrow will be bitter sweet. We are hearing that nearly 3,000 people will turn out at the funeral tomorrow. How how does that make you feel, that so many people are so touched?I think everyone wants closure for the community, I am not saying for us, but for the community any way.You say no closure for you, is there no possible of closure for you?Daniel is not with us. He is always going to be in our heart. There is never going to be closure. It might close a chapter in our life but it is not going to be closure.That is the thing, it is a word that gets bandys around so often in situations like this, particularly tragedies people talk about closure. I don't know how you ever find it, how you ever put something like this behind you?What are you supposed to do? Put Daniel at the cemetery and say that is the end of the story? No. At least we will have a place now to visit Daniel if we want to, our family and our friends as well. But it is never going to be closure for us.On August 13 last year Brett Peter Cowan was arrested and charged with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse. That wretched day is now burnt into his parents' minds. The wounds don't heal. You had the terrible news last year that Daniel would not come home alive. Had you never given up hope at that point or had you - or at what point did you think we are not going to get him home alive?August 13th was probably worse than the day Daniel went missing when we got the news that Daniel was actually not coming home. I always had that little bit of hope in my heart. In my mind I probably knew he wouldn't be coming home but I always thought that maybe he would walk through the front door, but August 13, all that hope was shattered.You have been in court facing the man accused of killing Daniel. How have you dealt with that?I just sit there staring at him. I don't know why. I sit there staring at him and then I will listen to the witnesses and I will stare back at him just to see what he ising do.Why?I don't know it helped me get through the last week-and-a-half in a committal, sitting there watching him.Then there is one of the last people to look into Daniel's eyes before he died. The bus driver who chose to drive past the 13-year-old at the Sunshine Coast stop where he disappeared. Have you ever heard from the bus driver who Daniel put up his hand to hail him and then drove past?NoHas he ever approached you?NoHe showed no remorse, no regret. Never said sorry or "I wish I had done this". Which is a bit of a shame because if I was in those circumstances of course I would just admit, "Mate, I feel terrible, I wish I had stopped." It wasn't to be. We don't carry anger towards the bus driver but -How can you not? How can you not? How do you do that?We may be angry at home but we are not going to show it out in the public.Are you angry at home?Sometimes.I don't blame you. Witnesses have told terrible stories about seeing a man or a men attacking a boy in a car and we don't need to stipulate the details here. How have you managed to sit through 245?One day I had to walk out of the courtroom. I think we could probably say that it is crystal clear now that many people could have done something to help Daniel on that day, to intervene, to even call the police straightaway, and they did not. Do you get angry when you think that someone could have helped on the day and they didn't? Do you get angry?I would imagine they would be more angry at themselves. I certainly wasn't angry with them. I reserve the anger for the person who has done that. Those witnesses accounts would be concerned themselves and tear themselves apart thinking gee I wish I had done something. Also wishing someone had done something - Daniel's older brother Dean and his twin, Bradley. You have seen them through the young face of rebellion, was there a time they relented the focus that you spent on Daniel.They did.What toll has this taken on them, these last nine years?Look, they have had to live with an enormous amount. We don't want them be constantly reminded, but at the end of the day, look, Daniel was their brother. For Bradley a twin brother. They miss him enormously as you would expect but they get on with life. They have girl friends. They have moved out of home, they are independent. They have jobs and interests and, you know, they are fine young men. Are you thinking that one or other of them might present you a grandchild soon any time?I am waiting but I thinkly be waiting for many years to come. Is that what they have said to you, "We are in no hurry mum."They are in no hurry. Until then Bruce and Denise's full focus remains Daniel's Foundation - visiting schools across Australia tirelessly spreading the child safety message.Let's learn from what happened to Daniel so if we see something that looks a little bit odd at a bus stop, a shopping centre, a car park, report it, go over to the child and say, "Are you OK? Is there something I can do to help you?" And perhaps you might save somebody's life.Why do you think what happened to your boy has touched so many Australians? There would be very few people in the country who don't know the name Daniel Morcombe?It is probably his flashing eyes and innocent smile that every family can cherish and appreciate that that is just a normal kid. He wasn't looking for trouble but unfortunately he found it.He could have been anybody's boy, couldn't he, but he was yours? He could have been anybody.I think you two deserve enormous credit these past nine years for never letting your little boy become last week's news and you waited eight years for an arrest and you never quit. How did you do that? Where did you find the strength to do that?From the first day we vowed that we would find Daniel and that we would never give up.Were there times when you felt like falling in a heap?The faces you semi-the media are not the faces you semi- the kitchen at home. There are certainly dark days and certainly tears at home. We very rarely present those to the public. Marriages have crumbled under far less pressure than you two have had. Have you had your rocky moments? Plenty of them!I think all marriages have rocky moments but I think we have stuck together because we are both going through the same emotional turmoil. If I have a bad day Bruce will kick me in the ribs and say, "Get up again", and if he has a bad dayly tell him off.I don't know how you have done it. I honestly don't. Do you wonder yourself?Yeah, I don't really know how we have got through it.How will your lives change after tomorrow?We hope to move forward to, finally say goodbye. I think, you know, the service will be really beautiful. Denise has spent a lot of time on that with a lot of helpers and I am sure it whether will be something respectful to remember Daniel as it should be, a fine young boy.It will be sad to see Daniel leaving the church and going to the cemetery but we have always said that we wanted him buryed with dignity and I think the church service will be the best we are able to give him. I think he would be pretty proud.Thank you both.Thanks Tracey.

would be pretty proud.Thank you
both.Thanks Tracey. They are just two ordinary Australians who have done extraordinary things in the face of adversety. We wish them all strength for tomorrow and the family have asked that in lieu of flowers that people donate to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Details are on our website. A change of pace now. When the landlord of a retiree residential park decided to hike up the weekly rent, he didn't bank on it leading to a battle with his tenants, who refused to back down.He would really cough you this time.We believed it was excessive. We challenged it.It demonstrates that people can actually fight against what they think is

think is an injustice. It's a place where gardens are carefully crafted and time slowly rolls on by. No wonder it's called The Sanctuary.It is a good place to live?Yeah, lovely. Very safe.I have been here 23 years, I certainly wouldn't have stayed that long.I have been here 26. But ruffle these retirees with a rent rise that they don't like and all of a sudden life isn't so good. For the landlord, that is.We believe paying a fair rent is not a bad ask, but don't put excessive rent through when it is not necessary. They were up in arms over a whopping 11% a week rent hike. It amounted to $13.50. Now that's a big weekly hit for retirees.You should be carefully monitoring any rental increase on a property, carefully monitoring it. And for Barbara Orr, George Thomson and dozens of other residents here, they didn't like what was on the table from park owner Paul Craig. He has a lot of money invested and he wants as much as he can get. Non-negotiation situation with this landlord. So Barbara led the charge to the NSW Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal. Mr Craig defended his move in a statement to A Current Affair:

Affair: Despite Mr Craig's defence, the hearing went the residents' way - the increase was slashed in half to $6.50 a week or a shade over 5%. Fair enough, they all agreed.Fit wasn't for the residents here banding together and the CTTT giving people a fair go, you would only have millionaires affording the rent and they wouldn't want to come.They can take their case, explain the injustice and the umpire will make a decision. In Australia still you have that opportunity to do that. Planning and tenancy expert Bill Kusznirczuk says this case is a perfect example of people power taking on the landlord to force a fair decision.It demonstrates that if you are properly prepared and you express the arguments and concerns you have, someone is going to listen and in this case the office of fair trading did.I am not in the business of making money, I am in the business of getting what I pay for. That is what I am doing. I exercise my right to keep the rent at a level that I believe is acceptable.

the rent at a level that I believe
is acceptable.I'm sure a lot of you have thoughts on that story. We'd like you to share them on our Facebook page or via Twitter. When it comes to talk show hosts, few come close to the formidable Michael Parkinson. With an unrivalled list of celebrity guests, he was always bound to have a few favourites and tonight he tells us who they are.There is nothing that Muhammad Ali and I bet you I will eat you up right there. There is no way you can topple me.That dancing, you know when twhrou were a kid you would go and ask them to have dance and some could dance and some couldn't - that is like doing an interview. He's no astronomer, but he knows his stars - intimately. You have to put everything together. But there are aspects of that. Favourite sex symbol interview, favourite actor, favourite actress. # More than 2000 in fact, and please, don't ask him to choose. And please:Don't call me Sir Michael. It is mike emor whatever you want to call me.My very favourite is to stand behind people and go...Every interview is a Michael master class in sublime skill and style. It is one of those things that I shouldn't have said.Two people have to be working together. It doesn't work spectacularly as I found out with people like Meg Ryan. You are wary of journalist, you are wary of me.Sure.Wasn't just the petulant Ryan either. Actress Helen Mirren had the claws out too! Do you find it best as you being and your attributes?Can you explain what you mean by my attributes.I mean your body.My fingerprints.No, your fin ger. The late Kerry Packer packed a punch as well. Again, he has a fascinating story to tell.What sort of judge would you make any any case if you are Yorkshire man, you are a friend of Boycott and you are talking about test cricket?Michael has a pretty good story to tell as well. 25 of them in fact. They're his favourite interviews over the years - Oprah. John Cleese. Dame Judi Dench. Joanna Lumley. Michael Caine. Orson Welles. Bette Midler. And a host more, all on DVD.And she marched me up to the principal office and said, "Who wrote this, who did this?" I said I did, I know a lot of big words. Elephant.Over all of the prop problems that she has had she has succeeded in a spectacular away. You were physically abused?I remember as a child I got a terrible beating and had to dress to go to Sunday school, that is the irony of it and I turned in the mirror to put on my little blouse and remember getting whipped again because the blood came through the blouse.You do wonder about the human spirt, about the determination some -- spirit, about the determination that some people are able to triumph over overwhelming circumstances. I am a sucker for a story like that. And he's a sucker for stars like Bette Midler.But it has a tasz will. These are the very provocative, very sexy, the great, great fun and bright. That is the other thing about her. The interview is funny but there is a lot in that interview as well, where she came from, pineapple chun ker. Poor background and all of that, and working in the gay baths and all that business right at the very time -You are in show business?No, noI didn't know you were a journalist how dreary. She pulled his leg, then his hair! She made the mistake of thinking that most - well, some women did - that I had a wig on.Is that a rug? No, it is not a rug!! She did try to pull my toupee off.I was in the cemetery buffing up my husband's oblisqeu?So which sex does he prefer to psychoanalyse sorry interview? Men or women?I don't know, either. I think there is a free zone with - - Frisson with certain woman that you can't deeParticularly when you are younger. That is part of the game, you flirt like mad and that is part of it because that is normal human intercourse, if you like.And some of the female flirting - ferocious!!This is true, without a doubt and thank the Lord for that. Many have fondled the Michael meniscus. That's your kneebone!The knee cap it will go to the museum in history. It is the knee cap that ha been touched by most film stairs. You are a straight man, we are not going to go here.Over 40 years, just one thing makes the great man cringe. His appearance.We started in the 70s, we had the huge mop of hair. You walk on grinning like you think you are jack the Lad and you look a total twir p. I did an interview with John len than and we look like two hamsters in a haystack.Pfbpfb Of course, no chat with Parky is complete without mention of his great love - cricket. And he's eloquent, indeed, about the recently departed Ricky Ponting. Ricky was indisputably one of the greatest players, not just Australia has produced, but cricket has produced. There is no doubt. The record stands. He was a very, very fine captain, a very fine competitor. Tough, hard, as you would expect an Aussie to be. That is the way Aussies play their sport. And thank God they do and may they continue so to do.I wrote a poem and I am going to close with this. "I love your show, and I like your style, but your suit pay is so cheap I won't be back for a while." What a brilliant career. After the break - we reveal the new, budget fashion retailer hitting our shores. They do amazing fast fashion at ridiculously cheap price and they are making a huge impact on the Australian market.

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This program is not captioned. Australian market.
Tomorrow on Today we catch up with JLo her Australian tour.And your chance to win big on Feed Your Family Friday. Welcome back. Australia is now a huge market for the UK's top fashion brands. And the latest one to start delivering here claims to be

be affordable and fast.It is really affordable, really accessible, really commercial and right on trend.They do amazing fast fashion at ridiculously cheap price and they are making a huge impact on the Australian market. Neon shirts. Print pants. And short shorts. The UK's latest fashion trends direct to our shores. Boohoo is one of the UK's top online stores. But it's Australians who have fallen in love with the low- cost label since it landed here earlier this year.There is a real affiliation between what happens in the UK and what happens in Australiand and we are finding the fashions are mirroring each other. According to chief executive Carol Kane, Boohoo is already Australia's fifth most popular online shopping site. And she's giving us a sneak peak at its new line.You have the short dress, the net layer over the top, you are on show but not fully on show. You are quite comfortable. How much for this look?The whole outfit comes in at $58. The dress is $50 and the head band only $8. Talk me through this look.$80 on the jacket, $40 on the skirt and $60 on the shoes. We love our high heels!This is quite a young look because I don't know many of us are that comfortable getting our mid- rift out.I would say up to about the age of 23, 24. I don't know about in Australia but in the UK for sure they will wear this. Boohoo has also just launched a range for blokes.They are a bit more dressed down. A lot of the stables we are selling on the men's weir have been chin know, polo shirt, slim-line trousers, button up shirts and lots of faded den nil. And double den nil.After after At any one time, there's 8,000 products on the site. Nothing costs more than $100 and shipping is absolutely free.Now in Australia we just got express delivery so you can get your order in three to five days, so it is pretty good. If you're looking to add a little bling to your outfit is another new arrival. The US's biggest online jewellery store has launched here - just in time for Christmas.We sell product at least 50% off compared to retailers.Nick Molnar from Iceonline says there's even a gift guide for those stuck for ideas. You can buy silver ring with real Diamonds with a blue sapphire for 135. You can buy a topaz in white gold with real diamonds for 125. And Amy Starr from 'Shop Til You Drop' magazine says it's just the beginning, as more international brands tap into the Aussie market. Australians are notorious to have an appetite for online shopping, we are famous for it and that is something that every global grand would be crazy not to take know tist of so we are seeing more and more going to the party which is good for us.

more going to the party which is
good for us. Coming up - seniors ripped off and homeless. They paid for brand new caravans but have been left with nothing. Are you a conman?Just answer yes. Are you This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night the grey nomads left broke with nowhere to live.Are you a conman?Just answer question. Australia's caravan catastrophe on A Current Affair. The pensioners who have lost evidence everything. Where is our money gone?Now their desperate fight against the mongrel who took their life savings and left them homeless.We have nowhere else to go.That story tomorrow night only on A Current Affair. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Gotta, gotta
# Get away

# Get away, you gotta get away # Whoa, oh, oh... # NATALIE: Hi there.
And welcome to Getaway. Tonight on the show, Dermott will show off the less
touristy sites of San Francisco. We're going to go beyond the Bridge. We're going to dig down
a little bit deeper and find out
just what makes this city so great. We've got some great spots where
you can camp in our capital cities. Only 10 k's from the centre of
Australia's biggest city, Sydney. This is the Lane Cove
River Tourist Park. Plus - I'm in one of Asia's
most vibrant cities - Hanoi. Well, it's around
six o'clock in the morning, and already, Vietnam's capital is well and truly wide awake.

DERMOTT: When you land in a new city, it can be difficult
to get your bearings and, as tourists,
we often fall into the easy trap of heading straight to
the well-known landmarks. And nothing quite says San Francisco
like the Golden Gate Bridge. But this trip, we're going
to go beyond the Bridge. We're going to dig down
a little bit deeper and find out just what
makes this city so great. (BEATS INFECTIOUS RHYTHM) San Francisco! Such a good vibe. San Fran would have to be one of America's most exciting
and most popular cities. It sits around halfway up
the California coast, about six hours from LA.

There's some standout tourist stops where you'll find hundreds -
often thousands - of like-minded tourists, but I've been promised
a local's view of the city with Intrepid guide Lucia Hossfeld. LUCIA: Because we like
to put a twist, we do see the iconic sights, but we also like to have lots of fun and explore different areas
and different local communities. So, you get underneath
all those iconic sights to see and you see stuff I wouldn't get
to see unless I was with you? Exactly. Sort of
an insider's perspective.

Public transport is the way
to go in San Francisco. At any of the busy stops, you're guaranteed to wait
only five or ten minutes.

Our first location,
the Mission District, is one I'm assured is not
on the general tourist map.

Lots of tour companies
don't want to come here, where we stress the importance
of coming to this. We like to marry culture
and community and really get underneath
the urban identity here and mix with the Latino culture. Was it ever unsafe
or anything like that or...? Definitely, there has been
some gang rivalry but other than that,
it's fairly safe. It's just a lot of fun.
It shouldn't be missed. Tourists, safe as?
Safe as always.

The Mission District is known for its
bohemian culture and its mural art.

Patricia Rose,
a local muralist from Precita, says its their way
of giving locals a voice. The use of murals to get
an idea out before the public is such a wonderful thing to do that it very quickly spread to every
neighbourhood in San Francisco, and really all ethnic groups
will use this as a form of public expression.