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(generated from captions) Next to it -- next week temperatures will drop right back.

Next to it -- next week
temperatures will drop right back.

Before we go, we have an update on our breaking news. A policeman has been killed close to Windsor. It is understood that he was attacked with an axe as he responded to a domestic dispute. Police have two people under arrest. The commissioner is on his way to Windsor hospital. That is Nine News for this Thursday. From us all, good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... A man dies, after being Tuggeranong
found unconscious in Lake Dece
Tuggeranong. Canberra' s coldest
December morning on record. And: th another alleged off-field incident I
plagues the Raiders. Good evening, af
I' m Danielle Post. A man has died Tuggeran
after being pulled from Lake sp
Tuggeranong this afternoon. He was wat
spotted laying unconscious in the Midgley
water. Police reporter Ellena Midgley has more. Detectives ar d
investigating but at at this stage dea
don' t know whether this shocking
death is suspicious. At five to one emergency services were call to th Sowar
shore of Lake Tuggeranong near t
Soward Way at Greenway. A member of belie
the public had spotted the man, believed to be in his late twenties water
lying face down unconscious in water, one and half metres deep. ACT Fire and Rescue arrived shortl after and retrieved the person fro investigation
the water. Initial hadn'
investigations would suggest he suffi
hadn' t been in the water for a Intens
sufficient period of time. C
Intensive care paramedics conducted wa
CPR on the man at the scene and he wh
was taken to the Canberra Hospital di
while he was still unconscious. He are
died just before three pm. Police
are yet to formally identify the ma and are appealing for any witnesse b
to come forward. +w Police would t
be asking for anyone who either saw ha
the person in the water or who may strangely
have seen a person behaving ho
strangely in the minutes or indeed o
hours before hand around the shores wh
of Lake Tuggeranong, indeed anyone person
who may have knowledge of this fou
person or leading up to him being Crimestoppers
found to please contact Crimestoppers. The man who made
the call to triple zero is assistin police with their inquiries

The icy front, has delivered morning
Canberra its coldest December di
morning on record. The temperature at
dipped to point three of a degree, d
at five-forty-four am , just before two-poin
dawn. By six o' clock it was f
two-point-two degrees. A surprise expe
for summer, so yeah, not what we a
expected. That' s what you love us
about living in Canberra, it keeps fell
us on our toes. Yesterday snow and
fell on the peaks around Thredbo, winds.
and Canberra was hit by strong to
winds. The mercury will be back up Jo
to thirty degrees this weekend. MP
John Barilaro will ask the New Sout revi
Wales Roads Minister for a full peo
review of the Monaro Highway. Two Cooma,
people died yesterday south of re
Cooma, taking the road toll in the region to five in just three days. notoriou
Another two lives lost on a notorious stretch of road. It' s and
terrible time for their families f
and it' s come at a really bad time forty
for all of us to be honest. A
forty-five-year-old Canberra man an Queanbey
a forty-year-old woman from Queanbeyan were in this ute, when i H
rolled several times on the Monaro ou
Highway. It does appear from the fatigued
outset that it may well be a peop
fatigued related accident. Six p
people have died on the road in the long
past four months. The NRMA has Monar
long argued for upgrades to the alon
Monaro Highway, often listing it of
alongside the Kings Highway as one ide
of the region' s worst roads. One full
idea that' s been suggested is a dangero
full Government Review of the than
dangerous stretch. I' m more Ministe
than happy to put that to the w
Minister and to the Government that
we have another review of the Monar the
Highway. John Barilaro regards priorit
the highway as his number one
priority, promising to push for mor re
funding regardless of whether the motori
review goes ahead. Police want safet
motorists to listen to the road survive
safety message: stop, revive, to
survive. Fatigue, is also believed kille
to be a factor in a crash which Goul
killed a seven-year-old boy near r
Goulburn this week. It hasn' t been truc
ruled out as the reason why this ne
truck veered off the Hume Highway, n
near Gunning, killing two men. We
need to take more responsibility fo othe
ourselves and for the health of others as well.

Extra police officers will target w
Canberra' s boozy city streets this dru
weekend, zeroing in on aggressive
drunks. It' s part of a trans-Tasma alco
crackdown on binge drinking and ni
alcohol fuelled violence. As the ci
night wears on, so does trouble on alcoho
city streets. Australia wide alcohol consumption is a problem an problematic
bing drinking has become problematic as a societal problem. Every weekend police see Canberran passed out, and gathering outside between
nightclubs where fights erupt Fr
between gangs. The difference this f
Friday and Saturday, a concentrated Operati
force will be out. As part of Aus
Operation Unite, conducted across th
Australia and New Zealand. Being encourage
the festive season we would r
encourage people to consume alcohol frien
responsibly, look out for their their
friends, look out for people in arres
their groups. +y Last year nine related
arrests were made for alcohol assau
related offences, including two
assaults. Police say new liquor law have curbed violence throughout th year. In some categories there' t
been 25% reduction with regards to lo
the number of people who have been intoxica
lodged for alcohol misuse or ri
intoxication. There are numerous drinking.
risks associated with binge inhibiti
drinking. There' s dropped illici
inhibitions around using other dri
illicit drugs at the same time as susep
drinking alcohol and then their Directi
suseptibility to violence. +w
Directions ACT believes changing th school
culture must start at primary ab
school. Educating young Canberrans par
about how far they should go when peo
partying. We see a lot of young w
people in their mid teens and older h
who actually begun drinking or have youn
had experiences of drinking of a young age.

It took firefighters fifteen hours Canberr
to extinguish a mulch fire in sit
Canberra' s north. Crews left the af
site at eleven o' clock last night a
after being called to Canberra Sand
and Gravel yesterday morning. Stron over
winds caused the fire to spread s
over the fifty metre by fifty metre combu
site. The cause was spontaneous mulch
combustion heat build up in the lea
mulch pile. A new wave of defence Austr
leaders, has graduated from the They'
Australian National University. master
They' re the first to obtain a
masters in military studies from th institution. In this room, is th mili
next generation of Australia' s the
military leaders. The Generals, the Air Marshals and the Admirals o h
the future are all standing around Co
here today as Majors, Lieutenants, Au
Commanders and Squadron leaders. Australia is raising the bar for it givin
training of defence personnel, Th
giving them extra accreditation. o
The last ten to twelve years of the Australia
operational temple that the Bri
Australian, the Americans and the
British have been going through. On i
of the key things that' s come out vers
is this balance of the education Nat
versus training. The Australian National University and the Australian Command and Staff Colleg cou
- have partnered, offering a new course for those in the armed force
- allowing them to obtain a master degree. Today - the first cohort o professional
students graduated. A so
professional officer needs to be a bein
soldier scholar so a mix of both being a practitioner but also havin bas
a solid theoretical and academic lead
basis is the best way to produce leaders for the profession of arms. p
Basically they' ve learnt their becom
professions, they' ve learnt to t
become soldiers, sailors and airmen internati
to be able to operate in an
international environment, coalitio secu
environment and provide for the security of Australia. +w Professor car
say it' s the next step in their careers - and it allows Australia t strateg
become more competitive on a strategic level. I was recently i conference
China on an international way
conference and we' re leading the countries
way in this space and other fo
countries are looking at Australia for our example to see how we do it

Next on WIN News ... An illegal
organised burnout session, busted b police. And, ... The man, who coul Gar
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This program is not captioned.
Gary Humphries. Police have seized bu
second car in as many days, after Off
busting, a group burnout session. tip-of
Officers received an anonymous tip-off that a large number of cars were on Brindabella Road at Coree. t
Reports are that there were up to eng
thirty vehicles at any given time engaging in that behaviour. Which i Policing
extremely concerning to ACT Policing that large organised group loc
of these were all young males at Wedn
locations outside Canberra. On h
Wednesday a twenty-one-year-old had o
his car seized after leading police doin
on a pursuit, when he was caught reache
doing a burnout. The Banks man one-hundred-a
reached speeds of up to one-hundred-and-fifty kilometres an Contractors
hour in an eighty zone. pr
Contractors at the Nishi apartment in
project could face further trouble conducted
in the future. WorkSafe ACT yesterd
conducted a blitz at the site seriou
yesterday, finding a number of se
serious safety breaches, issuing a improvement
series of prohibition and Commissioner
improvement notices. The outstandi
Commissioner says there are two
outstanding problems. There are ta
two matters that we are looking at
taking to court in relation to that principal contractor that we ha yeste
already been looking at before th
yesterday. We' ll consider whether ye
there' s any further action out of revea
yesterday. Mark McCabe can' t st
reveal what the issues are at this high-prof
stage. He says yesterday' s a
high-profile action has already had att
an impact. It certainly got the
attention of the industry. I' ve ha a lot of calls from other employer c
assuring me of what they' re doing Aust
correctly on their site. The Australian Greens have announced th head
former Get Up Director, will go t
head to head with Gary Humphries at leade
the federal election. The party agains
leader claims the recent swing re
against the Greens at ACT election
result isn' t a hurdle, and believe votes
there are just fifteen hundred votes in it. It was widely tipped de
it' s now been confirmed. "I' m announc
delighted to be here today to Aus
announce that Simon Sheikh is the A
Australian Greens candidate for the yea
ACT for the federal election next GetU
year." +w The former director of a
GetUp! reportedly won pre-selection Simon
after an internal party stoush. Canbe
Simon Sheikh has never lived in -
Canberra for more than a few months co
- but he' s confident he knows the community. "We' ve spent probably l
about a third of each year over the
last four years here in Canberra an wit
like many people we fell in love Libe
with the place." Long standing commen
Liberal Senator Gary Humphries
commented on the appointment, befor s
it was even made. He' s faced this Canberr
situation before and says the Canberra community won' t respond t wil
a fly in lobbyist. "The Greens e
will always put a lot of energy and campaigns,
effort into these sorts of someb
campaigns, they' ll always find befo
somebody who turns up six months us
before the election. Somebody what
usually the people of the ACT don' wins
really know." If Simon Sheikh pol
wins - he' ll be the first Greens Territory
politician to represent the Ther
Territory in Federal Parliament. the
There was a massive swing against election
the ACT Greens in the recent undeterr
election. Christine Milne is undeterred and claims it was becaus n
voters didn' t think. "I think a f
number of people who may have voted partie
for some of the other emerging recon
parties if you like will now be t
reconsidering that. Because I think there was a fair bit of complacency automatica
that the Greens would just F
automatically be re-elected." The
Federal Election must be held befor the end of November next year.

Developers hoping for more relaxed major
environmental approval laws for blow
major projects have been dealt a Fed
blow. Plans which would have seen states
Federal power delegated to the
states and territories are on hold. consider
A diverse landscape - also A
considered prime real estate. The k
Australian natural environment is a Aus
key part of what makes Australia, believe
Australia. Conservationists believe much of it is under threat study
wildlife and habitat. A recent heritage-list
study claimed the world ha
heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef
has lost half its coral cover in th are
past twenty-seven years. Dangers coas
are on the horizon - tourism and them
coastal development. If we get la
them wrong they can have very long lot
lasting legacy affects which cost extinction
lots of money to clean and brin
extinction is forever, we can' t T
bring animals back from the dead. vuln
This year, koalas were listed as New
vulnerable species in Queensland, statu
New South Wales and Canberra. A
status not extended to other States could
and the logging of their habit further
could see populations dwindle th
further. If we can' t look after It
the koala, what can we look after. re
It' s our iconic beautiful species recognised all over the world. Th discussion
Federal Government was in pro
discussions to hand environmental l
protection powers to the States but leader
looks set to retreat. Business jeo
leaders had argued green tape was
jeopardising major projects. Howeve stand
with no guarantee high Federal Sta
standards would be applied in new po
State laws, the Commonwealth fears alw
possible legal challenges. I' m always nervous until I see the blac en
and white. PM, look after our our
environment for our wildlife, for fu
our future and for our children' s future.

Less university hopefuls are makin next
Canberra their first choice for Universit
next year. Figures from the tha
University Admissions Centre show Austra
that first preferences for the d
Australian National University have Wha
dropped by point-three percent. studen
What we' re seeing is actually students making more refined choice se
and let' s be honest, this is the pref
season of wishes. We' ll see the e
preferences come in and land around
early January, and then we' ll know The
I think, with more certainty. +y t
The count for first preferences for s
the University of Canberra remained total
steady, but there was a drop in un
total preferences. New South Wales universities, on average, saw a ris l
in the number of first preferences lodged. The main round of universit sixt
offers will be released January sixteen. Australian scientists have spoken out about fears, the field o c
physics may be dying out. They' ve are
come up with a plan, highlighting star
areas that need to be addressed,
starting with our school students. gr
A science, that' s been taken for granted. Really we want society t how
realise the value of physics and it
how it' s not just something oh if fine
it goes away, everything will be everythin
fine. It actually underpins brigh
everything we do. Some of the spent
brightest science minds in have De
spent years developing the Physics t
Decadal Plan, to change this way of c
thinking. I think we have a cliff reall
coming up that we just haven' t the
really got our head around and so plan,
the strategic plan, the decadal
plan, is all about focussing on wha yea
needs to happen for the next ten ma
years. They' ve pinpointed three n
main areas. The first is generating new quantum technologies, the secon th
is the quest for new physics; and importantl
thirdly, and arguably most generati
importantly; inspiring a new w
generation of scientists. How can educat
we make sure we' ve got a well t
educated physics literate community maki
that informs Government decision phy
making and brings the benefits of
physics that underpins a society. + for
Creators of the plan have called fie
for a better understanding of the secondary
field - particularly in the b
secondary education sector. Experts wa
believe they need to find a better ph
way of selling it to students. A ri
physics degree opens opportunities cou
right across the spectrum from of technol
course physics research, from
technology but including things lik Th
finance and strategic planning. suppor
There are also calls to better support science teachers.

In sport after the break - The th
finishing touches are in place for Regatta.
the inaugural Burley Griffin c
Regatta. And - the off-field dramas nex
continue for the Raiders ahead of next season. This program is not captioned. le
next season. The Raiders have been al
left red-faced again, with another pre-
alleged off-field incident, this
pre-season. Police are investigatin apa
who threw a glass bottle from an hit
apartment, which a cyclist claims has
hit him in the head. Greg Thomson head
has the details. It' s another wel
headache for the Raiders, who are late
well into their pre-season. This latest alleged incident has led to
police investigation. It' s claime fr
a bottle was thrown at a cyclist, Th
from an apartment at Lyneham. Joel bloc
Thompson, lives in the apartment incid
block. Police say, the reported incident happened at 6pm on the sam Raide
day as the Foreshore Festival. Raiders HQ hasn' t released a publi se
statement - but did say, the star time.
second-rower was asleep at that time. His team mate, Blake Ferguson f
was dealt with in-house this week, for allegedly spitting on patrons a juni
the music event. The mentor for the
junior players, was escorted from traini
the venue. All players were at f
training yesterday. The Raiders are has
four weeks into pre-season, which co
has been far from quiet. Assistant t
coach Andrew McFadden quit the club
to move to New Zealand. While Justi two
Morgan was axed, one year into a remar
two year contract. After such a incl
remarkable finish to 2012, which t
included the home final win against
the Sharks, the off-field dramas ar causing a distraction, 14 weeks ou C
from the start of the 2013 season. co
CEO Don Furner arrives back in the to
country this evening, after a trip ex
to China - no doubt wanting a full explanation from the players.

An unbeaten one hundred and 60 by t
opening batsman Scott Henry has put po
the Chairman' s Eleven,in a strong Lan
position, on day one, against Sri s
Lanka at Manuka Oval. The Chairman' bat.
s 11 won the toss and elected to
bat. Fellow opener Marcus Harris wa sent
caught on twenty. Usman Khawaja selector
sent a message to Australian selectors, scoring 56. Glenn Maxwel bo
fell short of reaching a century, bowled out on 91. The Chairman' s 1
are four for three hundred and 65 Lan
causing all problems for the Sri touches
Lankan bowlers. The finishing th
touches are being put in place for Regatta,
the inaugural Burley Griffin up
Regatta, on Saturday. Marquees are incredibl
up by the lake, creating an Cre
incredible view for race-goers. yea
Create something which is special y
year on year, this is the inaugural tho
year, so in fifty years time, all ye
those that were here for the first
year, can say they were here for th fr
first year. A host of big names attend
from fashion and sport will be Dawson
attending, including Charlotte go
Dawson and George Gregan. We' ve h
got twenty five olympians coming in here, we' ve got rowers, kyakers an out-riggers
stand up paddle borders, out-riggers, it' s really a festiva s
both on water and off water. It' f
s been a long time coming, planning ago
for the Regatta started 12 months Mikaela
ago. Canberra Capitals star about
Mikaela Dombkins has opened up,
about her recovery from a nasty bac S
injury, during her final season at te
Sydney. Dombkins will face her old team, in WNBL action tomorrow night o
Michaela Dombkins has become one performers
of the Capitals consistent the
performers, in her second year at return
the club. Tomorrow night - she playin
returns to her old home court, alwa
playing against former team. I them
always seem to play well against s
them and match up well against them weekend.
so I' m confident about this memo
weekend. The Guard has painful Sydney
memories of her last season in
Sydney. A badly ruptured disc force St
her to nearly give away the game. Starting from scratch - after barel being able to walk let alone run. fi
It was extremely tough, it was my
final year, I hurt myself, I was ou th
that season, I think mentally was return
the biggest thing. Unable to return to the court took its toll. friends
I don' t think my parents or through
friends really liked me going t
through that period because I wasn' I
t myself really, I was never happy, Motiva
I' m such a positive person. Motivation was at an all time high rehabi
out of the sick bed and in to p
rehabilitation - Dombkins wanted to WN
prove that she could return to the givin
WNBL. Thankful to Graffie for such
giving me this opportunity, I' m
such a big risk, taking me on at th start, where basically, I couldn' every
walk back to running and doing everything. Tomorrow night' s gam woes
in Sydney isn' t without injury C
woes for her team-mates. Michelle b
Cosier and Alex Bunton have been in off
bed all week crook, we' ve backed so
off Nicole Hunt, a little big just
some niggling knees and achillies. and
The trio will travel to Sydney - p
and will have to the last minute to Wi
prove their fitness. Greg Thomson, Win News.

Canberra United has kept their Glo
unbeaten record against the Perth las
Glory in tact. After losing their
last two games, Canberra returned t Stadiu
the winners circle, at Deakin locke
Stadium last night. Scores were time.Before
locked at one-all at half import
time.Before a goal by American import Nikki Washington, secured th win. Canberra hosts Newcastle, thi wi
weekend. The Monaro Fight Circuit f
will be going out in style, for its in
final event of the year. Local and
interstate fighters will take to th tomo
ring, at the Kamb tomorrow. w
tomorrow. Cooma' s Charlie Thompson Middlewei
will contest the Australian Middleweight Kickboxing belt, in th com
main event. Females will also be y
competing. The MFC will return next year, with its first show to be hel December
in Cooma. After the coldest December morning on record - how di have
the rest of the day fair? I' ll Af
have the weather in just a moment. After that cold start This program is not captioned. t
After that cold start it turned out hig
to be beautiful day, Sunny with a Ca
high of twenty four degrees in the tw
Capital. Right now it is clear and Tw
twenty outside. On the Tablelands, One
Twenty three degrees in Goulburn, Queanbeyan,
One more in both Yass and in
Queanbeyan, Freezing to twenty two rea
in Braidwood. To the Coast, Nowra Ulladulla
reached twenty two degrees, Bat
Ulladulla twenty , Cooler in both ninete
Batemans Bay and Moruya Heads, War
nineteen degrees in both centres. o
Warmer on the Snowies today, Twenty bo
one in Cooma, Perisher and Thredbo se
both hit sixteen degrees, Bombala, cl
seventeen . On the satellite, High S
cloud is spreading over western New t
South Wales ahead of a low pressure
trough, but this is not bringing an rain. While on the chart, The rest of the state is generally clear due to
to a high pressure system, leading s
to another cool night. To tomorrow' Coas
s forecast, Partly cloudy on the
Coast, Eleven to twenty five in bot i
Bega and Nowra, Twenty two degrees Ba
in Moruya Heads and Ulladulla, The Tabl
Bay, twenty three . Cloud on the heading
Tablelands as well, Braidwood deg
heading for a top of twenty three a
degrees, Twenty five for Queanbeyan th
and Goulburn, Yass twenty six . To top
the Mountains, Early fog before a Thirt
top of twenty three in Bombala, Fifteen
Thirteen degrees for Thredbo, f
Fifteen for Perisher, Cooma, twenty Twenty
four . A grey day in Canberra, l
Twenty five degrees the top after a the
low of seven . Despite the clouds extreme
the UV index will still be at forec
extreme levels. To the five day Saturday,
forecast, Thirty degrees on Tho
Saturday, Some showers on Sunday, work
Though they should clear for the shou
working week, where temperatures Fi
should be around the mid-twenties. are
Finally tonight - Christmas trees
are going up right around the regio Canberra
- but none can compete with M-L-A
Canberra' s giant centrepiece.. M-L-A Yvette Berry, was hoisted int on
the air today - helping place the Christma
one-metre star, on the giant t
Christmas tree. It will be lit up a i
two-hour celebration tomorrow night enter
in Civic Square, including free S
entertainment from Peter Combe, and tha
Santa Claus may just stop in. And Th
that' s the WIN News hour for this Post...
Thursday night. I' m Danielle nig
Post.....from everyone here, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Tomorrow is nine years to the day since 13- year-old Daniel Morcombe went missing. It's also the day his parents, Denise and Bruce, will finally bury their little boy. I spoke with them as they prepared for this huge event.

spoke with them as they prepared
for this huge event.We don't carry anger towards the bus driver.How can you not?I don't know how you ever put something like this behind you? What are you supposed to do? The faces you see in the media are not the faces you see in the kitchen at home. You know, there are certainly dark days and there are certainly tears at home.Are you angry at home?Sometimes.I