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This program is captioned live. Dame of the people - Dame Elisabeth Murdoch passes away at 103. Lucky escape - families forced to flee from bushfires in Queensland. Royal prank - Aussie DJs' call to Kate sparks outrage around the world. Health warnings - calls for supersized energy drinks to be shelved. 'Les Miserables' - all the glitter and glamour from the world premiere. And behind the scenes with Pink during her visit down under. Good morning to you and welcome. It looks like a show where there's something for everyone, Lisa. That's exactly what it looks like, Georgie. We've got everything covered. Tim McMillan is here. Hello, Tim. Richard's here.We've got new movies today and Bruce Springsteen heading to Australia. That is big news. We'll talk about that throughout the morning.So the rumours are correct.100% correct. We can officially confirm that. Always a good thing. Good morning, Tim.Good morning, Lisa. Great to see the Boss heading into town. Fabulous. Good morning to you. It is Thursday, 6 December, 2012. Let's see what the weather is doing outside your window this morning.

Time to get the news with Tim. Good morning, Georgie. Good morning to you at home. We start this morning with some sad news. She's one of Australia's most celebrated philanthropists but this morning, tributes are being made across the world for Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who has died, aged 103. Rupert Murdoch says his mother will be mourned by thousands who had been touched by her generosity. In her 103 years, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch perfected the art of giving, supporting an estimated 100 charities annually. The Murdoch matriarch was devoted to helping others. The wife of media baron Keith Murdoch, Dame Elisabeth had four children, including News Corp tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Last night, she passed away surrounded by family at her beloved property, Cruden Farm, in Melbourne's outer south-east. She broke her leg in a bad fall three months ago, but never fully recovered. In a statement, the Murdoch family said they'd lost the most wonderful mother, but all were grateful to have had her love and wisdom for so many years. A former president of the Royal Children's Hospital, Dame Elisabeth played a vital role in establishing the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. In 1963, she was appointed a Dame for her charitable work by Queen Elizabeth. She was a Companion of the Order of Australia and, in 2005, she was named Victorian of the Year. But her greatest legacy was her family. Dame Elisabeth has.7 direct descendants, including 50 great- grandchildren. Despite her years of serving the public, she's expected to be farewelled at a private funeral. Dame Elisabeth will be remembered as a true public servant and, in the words of her family, she made our country a more hopeful place. A 19-year-old man will face court in South Australia today accused of murdering a woman and a teenage girl. The body of 22-year-old Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton was found yesterday next to her car on a dirt road at Quorn, less than 100m from her home. News of the well-known camel jockey's death has shocked locals.No, no reason at all. No. She'd do anything for you. Do anything for you. The man is also charged with murdering a 16-year- old Port Pirie girl, who was reported missing on Tuesday. Firefighters have battled through the night to contain a raging bushfire that threatened homes south-west of Dalby in Queensland. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us this morning. Alison, good morning. Bring us up to speed. What's the latest. Well, Tim, that situation was very dramatic out near the suburbs or the areas of Halliford and Lake Broadwater west of Dalby last night. Residents were urged to enact their bushfire action plans. There was a real fear that homes and property may be lost out there. The fire was very large, very fast-moving and residents were there trying to protect their homes alongside water-bombers and fire crews. The good news is this morning the watch-and-act message has been cancelled and we're told that that fire is no longer threatening homes out west of Dalby. But look, it's just one of more than 50 fires burning across Queensland and they're burning from just north of Brisbane out to the west and then right up to Far North Queensland. We know that a number of fires in the area of Ravenshow west of Cairns were deliberately lit. A tiring day for fire crews yesterday and the danger is not over there.Indeed. You've had a couple of nasty days weatherwise up there. What are you looking out today?Well, the good news is that - I guess we're finally getting a break from the unrelenting heat which has plagued Queensland for the past week. The temperatures finally, in the south-east at least, are dropping to under 30 degrees today. We're expecting tops of 28 or 29 here and also out in that Toowoomba area where the Dalby fire has been burning. Certainly there's going to be less concern about the hot, dry, gusty winds and that slight drop in temperatures is hopefully going to enable firefighters to really get a handle on all those blazes burning across the State. I've been told by emergency services this morning that none of the fires are posing a threat to homes at this stage, which is obviously great news, but they'd like to get as many of them out as quickly as possible today. Hopefully these cooler conditions do continue over the next few days, Tim. We will hope so. Thank you,alson. We'll check in with you again later. Meantime, fire authorities say an arsonist could be to blame for a plays which tore through Sydney's Lane Cove National Park yesterday. Strong winds pushed the blades close to factories and homes until crews could put it out with the help of water bombers. It's feared a fire bug could be responsible for a grassfire near Coomba Park near Forster on the NSW north coast. We're very lucky and the fire brigade is wonderful. I have to say I appreciate all their efforts. They don't leave a stone unturned. Firefighters managed to put out a tractor blaze before it caused any significant damage to a property. The man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe will today front a committal hearing for the final time this year. 46-year-old Brett Peter Cowan is charged with abducting and killing the 13-year- old in 2003. The Brisbane court is expected to hear from two more witnesses today before the hearing adjourns until next February. The Morcombe family is preparing to bury Daniel's remains tomorrow, exactly nine years after he disappeared. Police in Sydney have seized a Toyota sedan along with a number of unknown items following a suspected drive-by shooting. Officers were called to a home at Auburn just before 11 o'clock last night after neighbours reported hearing gunshots. When police arrived, they found a number of empty cartridges. There are no reports of damage to property or reports of injury. Bank customers are being urged to vote with their feet and abandon lenders that don't pass on the Reserve Bank's latest rate cut in full. The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and the NAB slashed the variable standard -- standard variable rate by 0.2%, just short of the 0.25% announced by the RBA. The ANZ Bank will wait until December 14 to announce its decision. The Opposition says it couldn't guarantee a change of government would put pressure on the big banks to act.Our record illustrates that the banks listen to us when we're in government. The banks, on march than 55 occasions, have ignored this Government. And why wouldn't they? The rest of Australia ignores this Government so why wouldn't the banks?Mr Hooky says if the Coalition is elected, it will hold an inquiry into the financial system which will focus on greater market competition. A powerful typhoon sweeping across the Philippines has killed more than 230 people in the country's south and hundreds more are missing. Strong winds and torrential rain have destroyed the homes of some 6,000 families. Corrugated iron roofs and other debris have been described as flying machetes. Around 180,000 people are now staying in evacuation centres. The typhoon is weakening as it moves towards the South China Sea. Kate Middleton has been visited by her vib links as she continues her treatment for severe morning sickness. Pippa and James arrived amidst a flurry of camera flashes with the world's media still camped outside the King Edward VII Hospital in London. Their visit came as Prince William spent another day by the bedside of his wife. Looking at the markets now:

Critically acclaimed Broadway production 'Les Miserables' is now a spectacle for the silver screen. The film officially premieres this morning in London after a special screening for cast and crew last night. Waiting for us on the red carpet is Peter Stefanovic, looking a picture there, my friend. Have any of the real stars arrived yet? Um, mate, I am doing a fair bit of star-spotting around here at the moment, none more famous than the chap next to me. A lot of Aussies know who he is. I just spoke to Russell a short time ago and he told me about how much of a wonderful experience he had making this film and if we pan over to the right, I think we can see Anne Hathaway there too, beautiful as ever, so a lot of star-spotting going on here. The red carpet has been open now for about an hour. But as you might expect, the biggest cheers were reserved for one H Jackman and we spoke to him just a short time ago. Here's what he had to tell us.Russell Crowe put it to me on the first day of rehearsals - he said, "Mate, we've both done a lot of movies but nothing's ever going to be like this ever again." We were doing something new - not only a movie musical but recording live. There were things that had never been done before and I'd waited a long time to do a movie musical so I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.So there is certainly a lot of excitement here on the red carpet at the moment. You might be able to hear the cheers coming from the crowd behind me. There's Russell just going behind me now and everyone here is having a good time and of course the reviews - haven't been too many that have come through just yet but so far, those that have come through are saying that film is absolutely tops and Hugh Jackman is absolutely superb. More later on in the show. Thanks, Pete. We'll leave you to it there. Richard Wilkins, of covers, has already given it a massive thumbs-up. That's as good a recommendation as any, I reckon. He's raving about it.He wouldn't shut up about it.Thank you very much, Tim. Let's have a look now at the national flyaround for you this morning.

Let's find out what's happening in sport. Good morning, Tim.Good morning, Lisa. Good morning, Georgie. Adam Scott heads in as favourite as the players prepare for the Australian Open at the picturesque Lakes course in Sydney. There he is with the broom stick. It's all on the way.

This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show. Great to have your company on this Thursday morning. Let's have a look at the front pages now. The headline reads, "A great life." The 'Herald Sun' reported Dame Elisabeth Murdoch passed away peacefully last night at the age of 103. Dame Elisabeth was a renowned community leader, charity worker and matriarch of Australia's greatest media family. In the 'Australian', Sri Lankan people smugglers are reportedly offering asylum seekers trips to Australia for as little as $500 in a bid to keep the illegal trade alive. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports a 15- year-old boy has become the latest victim of LSD, which has seen a recent resurgence amongst young people. Nick Mitchell was found in his bedroom after taking the drug and could not be revived.The Adelaide 'Advertiser' reports grieving friends and family of murdered 22-year-old Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton have no explanation for the killing of the young camel jockey and childcare worker. Overnight, police made an arrest in the case.The 'Courier-Mail' says Harrison Kadell's family is in mourning for the loss of their beloved son, with his mum revealing she tkhaut Fiji was the safer option for schooly compared to Surfers Paradise.In the 'Age', multi-million-dollar budget cuts for Victorian hospitals will be the equivalent of shutting down an entire tertiary hospital, they say. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says helicopter parents who hover over their child's every move have been heavily criticised but a new report has revealed the importance of getting parents actively involved in their child's learning.The Hobart 'Mercury' says two Hobart institutions that drive Antarctic oceanographic and climate change research could be gone in 18 months, jeopardising future projects and international partnerships.In the 'West Australian', Jennifer Lopez was seen relaxing on the balcony of her Perth hotel yesterday ahead of her concert in the city this evening. That is going to be a great one. Oceanographic. Ocean--graphic.That might do it. We can move on now. All the stuff under the sea. Why does it have to be -No, that's too deep. Pardon the pun. Australian selectors have more headaches ahead of announcing next week's side for the Perth Test against Sri Lanka. Paceman Josh Hazelwood will need up to six weeks to recover from a foot problem. John Hastings remains in doubt for the match.

the match.
Brett Lee took aim at selectors.I think the whole resting thing is not great. Usman Khawaja will be out to impress in Canberra with the Chairman's XI today with fill Hughes tipped to fill Ricky Ponting's spot in the side. Adam Scott will be hoping to keep the momentum flowing from last month's Masters victory when he tease off later this morning in the Australian Open. The Queenslander headlines the $1.5 million tournament at the beautiful Lakes course in Sydney despite trialling a new putter during the week, Scott will stick with the controversial broomstick. It comes after golf's ruling body announced they were going to ban it from competition.I think it's a very big call that they've made. Only time will tell if it's the right call. Unless I invent a better way to putt, then, for myself, I'll stick with the broomstick.The ban on the controversial club is likely to come in in 2016. AFL and the Swans are set to snare Kurt Tippett and boast one of the most damaging line-ups next season after Greater Western Sydney passed on drafting him. Giants coach Kevin Sheedy declaring Tippett wasn't worth the money.I don't think the Prime Minister is on $900,000 and she runs the country.Meantime, Carlton's Brock McLean says the time is right for Chris Judd to step down as Blues captain. Personally it would be the best thing for Chris to, you know, to select - to focus on his footy. Either Marc Murphy or Andrew Carrazzo are expected to take over the leadership. Adam Melling is $250,000 richer after coming from third to take out the Vans World Cup of Surfing event at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. The 27- year-old from Lennox Head nailed a 9-point ride to seal victory and a place on next year's tour.I love power surfing. Coming out here you can push as hard as you want because the boards are big. You get out there, push hard and a lot of Aussie surfers can do that so it's good.He moves to equal second in the Triple Crown series, which now heads to Pipeline, where fellow Aussie Joel Parkinson hopes to wrap up the world title. That comment from Kevin Sheedy - I don't know if you can say that about the Prime Minister because when you equate her wage to most other people in industry, you wouldn't want to compare the Prime Minister to the head of Westpac or Commonwealth or anything like that. I don't know where that really sits. Can I ask a golfing question, just with the broomstick.Fire away.I occasionally pull putt -- - pool putt -You go down on the grass. I'm a better pool-player than a golfer.I think he could have the next few days off.Is that illegal? Yes, it is. And it would take a long time to play.I like the broomstick. What's the big deal about the broomstick?There's a school of thought - golf is one of the great traditional games - that that is not a golf stroke. There needs to be more of a swing.I like it because there's a far greater chance of the ball hitting - Probably why it's controversial. It's not a complete broomstick. You know that, don't you?Oh, isn't it? Thanks, Tim. Thank you very much. Let's check in on the weather in the major centres.

After the break, we've got a hit of Hollywood gossip for you and we've got just the man as well. Richard Reid, good morning! Looking resplendent in a red confetti shirt!I know it is your favourite, Double-G. I will tell thaw. Hey, I've got some Gwyneth Paltrow baby news. That's right - the Oscar- winner says, "I wouldn't mind hearing the patter of little feet one more time!" all the scoop coming up.

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Welcome back. It is that time of the morning where we get some gossip. Richard, plenty going on? Right between the eyes, Georgie. Richard Reid, let's start with Gwyneth Paltrow. Is she getting a little bit clucky?Did you notice that too?Yes!I am telling you, golden Gwyneth hit the big four-oh and all of a sudden she says, "Hey! Another baby wouldn't be too bad." Here's what she said directly, "My brain says, "Oh, I think I'm done," but a part of me would love to have another one. Of course I'm old now!" 40 is the new 30. Everybody knows that. I know I do!Don't we all? Let's move on to George Clooney. How's that relationship of his getting on with him and his girlfriend, um, um -Stacey Keibler!Yeah!First off, I asked you not to bring it up because she's like, "It is nobody's business," in an interview the other day. They asked, "Do you think you'll marry George?" she's like, "You know what? It's called a personal life. That's because it's personal. I want to keep something personal." I think she's getting a little bit testy about if because I don't think George is ever going to walker her down the aisle. Lindsey Lohan - there wouldn't be a day of the week ending in Y if there wasn't a Lindsey Lohan story. She gets a helping hand from someone who understands.Oh! Yes. This is an interesting one. Apparently, Mr Mel Gibson thinks that he has just the thing to put Lindsey back on track. He's like, "You know what? If anyone knows a trouble magnet, it is me. Let me sit down with her for a couple of hours and I'll set her straight." So far, Lindsey hasn't, um, picked up on that offer yet.Very good. Well, that's nice of Mel. 15-second story - the most overpaid actors in Hollywood.Oh, my gosh. Really quick. First up - Eddie Murphy. For every $1 he's paid, the studio makes $2.30. Way overpaid. Second - Katherine Heighl, used to be so golden. Now don't hire her unless you want to lose money.They're lists you don't want to be on top of. Thank you. We'll check in with you later. Thank you, Richard. See you soon. Coming up - the stars of 'Les Miserables' step out in London for the world premiere. We're live to the red carpet shortly. And the Boss is back - big news for fans over Bruce Springsteen and we have got all of the details right here at 6:40 this morning. Exciting news, isn't it?It's great. Time now for the news. Good morning, Tim. Good morning, Georgie. Good morning to you at home. Tributes are being made this morning for Dame Elisabeth Murdoch who passed away at her home in Melbourne's south-east aged 103. Married to Keith Murdoch, Dame Elisabeth was one of Australia's most loved philanthropists, supporting around 100 charities every year. In a statement, Rupert Murdoch said he'd lost the most wonderful mother who made our country a more hopeful place. She'll be farewelled at a private funeral with a date yet to be announced. The death of a well-known camel jockey has shocked locals in South Australia. A 19-year-old man has been charged with the murder of the woman, as well as that of a 16- year-old girl. Jack Berketa joins us now live on the phone from Adelaide. Jack, good morning. What more can you tell us about these deaths?Major crime detectives are cheating this as a brutal double murder after the arrest of a 19-year-old Quorn man. There's been fresh revelations now that he's killed a 16-year-old girl from Port Pirie and that follows on from the death of 22-year-old Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton who was found less than 100 metres from her home yesterday morning. The exact cause of her death is still unknown but it's believed she died from significant head injuries. Details of the 16-year-old victim are still unknown. Police are refusing to release them but we do know her parents reported her missing two days ago and we're currently on the scene of an excavation site where police believe her body is buried. The 19- year-old man is believed to be from the -- believed to be fronting the Port Augusta Magistrates' Court this afternoon.Tragedies are always said to be felt more strongly in small towns. How is the community holding up?The town of Quorn is a small town of just over 1,000 people 300 km north of Adelaide. Everyone knows everyone and they're in absolute shock over what's happened. Indeed, the whole of the mid-north is in utter shock. Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton was a popular figure. She was a childcare worker in the area and was a well- known camel jockey. Just hours before her death, she put a photo on Facebook of her pose being a camel and, really, everyone is in utter disbelief over what's happened here.I can imagine. A shocking story. Thank you, Jack. We'll check in with you later. Firefighters have battled throughout the night to contain a raging bushfire that threatened homes south-west of Dalby in Queensland. Families were forced to flee as flames headed straight for their properties in the holl Ford area. Crews have contained the blaze but there's concern flying embers could cause it to burn out of control. Across the State, more than 50 bushfires are pushing firefighters to the limit. Residents are urged to be on alert and have a fire plan prepared. Five people have been charged after a 3- month police investigation into heroin supply in western Sydney. Threat men and two women were arrested yesterday following a series of raids on homes in the Western Suburbs. Detectives say they seized $250,000 worth of heroin as well as cannabis and cash. A number of weapons, including three stun guns, knuckle dusters and machetes were also allegedly found. Four of the five people charged will appear in Parramatta court today. Two Australian radio personalities have apologised after making a prank telephone call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge for severe morning sickness. The pair posed as the Queen and Prince Charles and were put through to a nurse from an update on Kate's condition. The hospital released a statement saying it deplored the foolish prank but would review protocols concerning patient confidentiality. Prince William did not comment on the hoax as he arrived at the hospital to spend another day at the bedside of his pregnant wife. To finance now:

I don't know if you've heard the audio from the call but the accents are appalling. I cannot believe they fell for it.Unbelievable.No wonder they're reviewing protocol. A good idea. Thank you, Tim.Good prank, though, that they got it through.They're making headlines around the world.It's a huge score. Incredible. They must have had a long day.Brush up on your accent next time. Sport. Let's start with a bit of Warnie. He's hosed down, a little, the whole idea of him returning to Test cricket. We saw that tweet yesterday and it's all about next year's Ashes series, of course. There's five in England. I was asked, "Could I play, not would I play?" thank you, Shane. We got that yesterday. Other Test players or other players are adamant his time is finished. He's had his time. He's done a lot of great things but he's done and dusted and Nathan Lyon is the spinner. We're all backing Nathan to do his job. If Shane Warne wants to come out of retirement and give him a crack, good luck to him. Warne will star in this year's Big Bash series which kicks off tomorrow night. AFL boss Dave Dempster expects rival codes to fork out the -- Andrew Demetriou expects rival codes to fork out the big bucks for Adrian Anderson who resigned as the game ace football operations manager yesterday. Marquee pairing Adam Scott and Englishman Justin Rose will tee off in just over an hour at first round of the Australian Open at Sydney's Lakes course. The Socceroos' hopes of qualifying for next year's East Asian Cup hang in the balance after a one-all draw with North Korea this morning. Archie Thompson opened the scoring in the fifth minute, only for North Korea to equalise late in the second half. So there's a dose of sport. A fair bit of dribble from me throughout the course of the morning and I am blaming the word 'oceanographic'. I've set the pace. No not you, the word. No, me.We haven't established yet what exactly it means either.Let's move on. In 10 minutes, we go live to the premiere of 'Les Miserables' in London.Later - the verdict on Rebel Wilson's new movie, 'Pitch Perfect'.And look who's driving - the amazing dogs getting behind the wheel.

Sometimes you're after people - you think, "Is a dog driving that car?" We've got it all.Let's get a check of the weather for you this morning. Good morning, Emma.Good morning, Lisa and Georgie. We are waking up in a delightful and particularly gorgeous Cobram this morning, in a part of Victoria often known as Sun Country by the Murray River and they're known for growing stone fruit, including delicious peaches. And we're going to be having fun with the fruits this morning. But before we do, we'll take a look at what's happening with your weather.

Showers and thunderstorms over WA today and most of the southern parts should clear during the afternoon. Isolated showers and thunderstorms developing about western South Australia. There will be showers and storms about northern parts of the Northern Territory and over southern parts of Tassie and Victoria as well. Well, stone fruit season runs from November through to March and here in Cobram, they have over 2,000 hectares of farmland to grow these delicious fruits, including peaches and nectarines and plumbs and apricots. Absolutely magnificent and the morning ain't bad either. We're going to be having some fun with the farmers this morning and eating some of these scrumptious fruits but we're also going to give you a bit of an update on what's happening with the weather, particularly in Queensland with all the grass and bushfires, but this is the perfect breakfast, Lisa and Georgie.Isn't it just. I love stone fruit.You've got to let the juice drip down your chin.Go for it, Emma. Well done.Beautiful part of the world. See you soon. Coming up in our next hour - exclusive behind-the-scenes vision of superstar Pink. But next we're on the red carpet at the world premiere of 'Les Miserables'.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back. Many are this morning paying tribute to Dame Murdoch minister, the renowned community leader, charity worker and philanthropist who died last night at the age of 103. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us from Melbourne. Chris, good morning to you. We understand Dame Elisabeth passed away peacefully at home. That's right, Georgie. She passed away at her much-loved Cruden Farm in Melbourne's outer east. She was an avid garner and loved that farm. She'd lived there since she was 19 years old. She broke her leg three months ago and never really recovered from that. Her family said she passed away peacefully surrounded by those who loved her. She will be mourned by countless thousands of Australians whose lives she helped and touched. More directly, of course, she'll be mourned by her family this morning. She, of course, was the wife of Sir Keith Murdoch. She was widowed at age 43, raising four children, including News Corp tycoon Rupert Murdoch despite, as you mentioned, Georgie, her very public charity work, she was a well-known philanthropist and community leader - her greatest legacy, in many ways, was her family. She had 77 direct descentants, including 50 great- grandchildren.Has there been any statement from the family this morning, Chris?Georgie, the family has released a statement. Rupert Murdoch speaking on behalf of the family saying, "We've lost the most wonderful mother, but we are grateful to have had her love and wisdom for so many years."

Now, despite living a very public life, her family say that her funeral is going to be a priefd one but they will announce a memorial service to celebrate her very full life.As you say, Chris, it was a remarkable life and she did devote herself to sane-so-many charities and with that, I guess she leaves a lasting legacy, doesn't she? Georgie, an extraordinary legacy. She helped directly 100 charities. She is such a well-known philanthropist. She threw herself into helping the Royal Children's Hospital after the death of her husband and she was integral in setting up the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. In 1963 she was awarded a Dameship by Queen Elizabeth. She was a Companion of the Order of Australia. She was a great supporter of the arts. She really did devote her life to helping others. At her 100th birthday celebration that we see there, she said that charity work was the most important thing. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch said, "Be optimistic and always think of other people before yourself." Georgie, she was 103.It's a great message to take through the day. Christine Ahern in Melbourne, thank you very much. Lisa. Thanks, Georgie. To the UK and the world premiere of 'Les Miserables' is under way in London right now and Nine's Europe correspondent, Mr Versatile, Peter Stefanovic is on the red carpet and he joins us now. Good morning to you, Pete. There he is, -- there is massive Oscar buzz for this movie, particularly for Hugh Jackman.There sure is and you know the half-Australian director Tom Hooper said to me that there was no way he was going to make this film without Hugh Jackman. It just wasn't going to exist and just recently there was special critics' screening in New York and after the film finished there was a long- standing ovation and much of that was for Hugh Jackman's performance. I spoke to him just a short time ago and asked him about the Oscar talk N hipical Hugh fashion, he all of a sudden started looking around saying, "I'm looking for my kid, Oscar." He wouldn't entertain the idea. That is typical Hugh and here he is talking to us a short time ago. How did-of-does this experience stack up to other films and experiences you've had?Russell Crowe put it to me best on the first day of rehearsals. He said, "Mate, we've both done a lot of movies but nothing will be like this ever again." We were doing something new - not only a movie musical but recording live. Many things had never been done before and I'd waited a long time to do a movie musical.It's good he enjoyed it so much. And great also to see so much Aussie talent on show. As we saw just then, Russell Crowe was there.Yeah and Rusty was in pretty good form too. Before I could even ask a question, he asked how Karl was doing. I don't even know where Karl is at the moment. He was in great form. The great thing about this film is a first. There's no lip-sinking in any of the scenes. It's all live music. They've got a little bit of music in their ear and they're singing along to that. It's extraordinary stuff and as I said, I spoke to Rusty a short time ago and here he is talking about Hugh and the film. We're just actually friends. We just have so many areas of creative interest and stuff that we connect on so, um, yeah, I know the newspapers have been trying to make something out of that but it's kind of more me and him against everyone else. I had to feel sorry for some of the ladies here tonight because it's probably about one or two degrees. It's very cold indeed. I've got about six layers on at the moment but there was a few thousand people here as well coming to see all the stars. They wanted to get some autographs and we spoke to a lot of the stars, including Amanda Seyfried, the young actress, and here's what she had to tell us. Is it cold enough for you?It's great! I love it!What about Hugh? No-one says a bad word about him? Is he all he's cracked up to be?I looked for some flaws. He was not wearing shoes one day and I thought there would be a wart or some freak toe. He's got perfect feet. So there you have it.Amanda Seyfried there. I have to ask, Pete - I know it's very cold there at the moment. Amanda had just about no clothes on. What is the temperature on the red carpet?It's probably about 2 degrees, I think, and it is expected to drop below zero in the next couple of hours, Lisa, so, in a few crosses' time, I may look like the Michelin Man.That's OK. You're excused. That's why the stars earn the big bucks, isn't it? We'll talk to you again soon. And the movie hits cinemas on Boxing Day right around the country. Georgie? Can't way to see it, Lisa. Most clicked is next and prove you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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Welcome back. It is that time of the morning for the most clicked items on the net. Starting at number one, those crazy Kiwis have decided to teach some old dogs new trick. This is not a set-up - we promise. The cars have been modified and the dogs use the accelerator and the brake and control every movement of the car. Apparently it is all to raise awareness of a rescue dog shelter. Look at that. That's a dog that doesn't need rescuing.He may be better than half the drivers on the road! Well spotted, Tim. At number two - this is a funny parody involving a Nickellback song and a popular Instagram app. Check it out. # Look at that Instagram # It's eggs and ham # Started out as lemon tart # Then my phone went and made it art # And these are my fingernails # The beauty is in the details # Drinking mai tais on a cruise # Just a coincidence, it's also boobs... # That's so true. At number three, an adorable sleeping baby bulldog who is clearly having some interesting dreams.

Look at the big guy. He looks like he's had a couple of schooners. Look at him! Stick being the dog theme, at number four, this is a fantastic photobomb from the animal kingdom. Check out this husky. That's great! He'd be fun at a party.That is fantastic. And finally at number five, a family is being interviewed on CNN and this adorable little boy stole the show.He likes to cook. This is you - by the way, you're adorable and I can't believe you're only in eighth grade. You sound like you should be working for a marketing company already. You did an interview reporter style with your little brother, who is also clearly adorable.I loved him when I was little -Adorable! It depends on what happens from here. We have time for one more - a 13-year-old girl on 'The X Factor' in the US blew everyone away with her rendition of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. (Sings) # You had my heart inside of your hands # And you played it # Roll your soul through every open door... # News, sport and weather is next. Stay with us. You're watching Today.

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Welcome back. We have got $30,000 worth of petrol to give away.You could go a long way with that, Georgie.You certainly could.First it's news time with Tim.Thank you, Lisa. Good morning to you at home. One of Australia's most loved philanthropists has passed away overnight aged 103. In a statement, Rupert Murdoch paid tribute to his wonderful mother, saying she made our country a more hoflg place. Dame Elisabeth was married to newspaper baron Keith Murdoch for 23 years and supported around 100 charities every year. A date for her private funeral is yet to be set. It's been a tense start for some Queensland residents south-west of Dalby as a massive bushfire raged dangerously close to homes. Flames leapt up to 60m into the sky as firefighters battled to control the fast-moving flames, threatening homes in the Halliford and Lake Broadwater areas. Thanksfully, -- thankfully cooler temperatures helped control the fire overnight. It's one of 50 bushfires currently burning around the State. A 19-year-old man will face a South Australian court today charged over the murders of a woman and a teenage girl. The body of 22-year- old Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton was found just 100m from her home in Quorn north of Port Augusta yesterday morning. The well-nope camel jockey's death has left those in her hometown relation. The man is also charged with the murder of a 16-year-old girl from Port Pirie, missing since Tuesday. Police in Sydney have seized a Toyota sedia along with a number of unknown items following a suspected drive-by shooting. Officers were called to a home aubt European just before 11 o'clock last night, after neighbours reported hearing gunshots. When police arrived, they found a number of empty cartridges. There are no reports of damage to property or reports of injury. Workers in the Philippines say entire families were washed away by flash floods caused by a powerful typhoon. The official death toll has risen to 300 although hundreds more are missing. One family of 10 say they climbed a hill for safety and were still forced to brace themselves against boulders as the swirling water rose. 180,000 people remain huddled in evacuation centres. Some 6,000 families have lost their homes. A volcano in far east Russia is continuing to erupt after springing to life last week for the first time in 36 years. Plumes of ash, smoke and steam are shooting 7km into the air as fire and ice combine. Lava is flowing but doesn't pose a threat to the local population. Tourists have been warned to avoid the area as poisonous gases escape the volcano. To finance:

The rejuvenated Hollywood sign has been unveiled following a gruelling facelift. What began as a billboard spruiking a new suburb in 195 has grown into one of the most recognisable signs. When the iconic white letters started showing their age, a team of professionals were called in to primp, preen and return them to their former Glory. Well, it's the place to go for a facelift! Very appropriate. Thank you, Tim. Let's get sport with Tim. Quite a bit of sport around. Phil Hughes is expected to fill Ricky Ponting's vacant position for next week's first Test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. Hughes is in career-best form with 518 Shield runs this summer. Usman Khawaja is also in the mix but will be aiming to impress when he lines up for the chairman's XI today in Canberra. Kevin Sheedy has confirmed Greater Western Sydney will not pick Kurt Tippett in Tuesday's pre-season draft, paving the way for the Swans to snare the key forward. Tippett will miss the first 11 games as punishment for his role in Adelaide's salary cap scandal. And fresh after his Masters victory at Kingston Heath, Adam Scott is among the favourites for today's Australian Open at the Lakes golf club in Sydney. He tease off in half an hour alongside Englishman and world number four Justin Rose. The Socceroos have drawn one-all with North Korea in their East Asian Cup qualifier this morning in Hong Kong and let's have a look at some of those T signs. First up is Mehigan, who is enjoying -- Megan who is enjoying the summer weather in northern NSW. Next we have 3-year-old Jayla who was very excited to find a T-shaped chip in her dinner. And 89-year-old Oscar is making a great big T whilst on holidays at Esperance Stonehenge in WA. That is just a beautiful part of the world. Keep the Ts coming in and try and about be a little bit quirky. Doesn't matter if it's in your dinner or nature. I'm sure there's good Christmas Ts around. We love quirky. We welcome quirky. We love it. We embrace it.Coming up - Hugh and Russell on the red carpet at the world premiere of 'Les Miserables'.Also Pippa visits Kate in hospital, as an Aussie prank causes headlines around the world and chaos for the Royals. Later we go behind the scenes of Pink's Australian visit.

There she is on stage in the Today show studios. It's all part of the documentary. All the details coming up. Right now it's time for your best local forecast. Here's Emma. Good morning, Lisa and Georgie! We are getting fruity in Cobram this morning, which is the stone fruit capital of Victoria. And this morning, it is all about picking beautiful ripe peaches and these pickers behind me do an amazing job, known as the fruitloops in this area and they pick thousands and thousands of delicious stone fruits every single year. We'll tell you more about that straight after we take a look at the national flyaround and see what's happening with your weather.

Well, some delicious peaches to get your appetite going this morning. Here are a few statistics for you on stone fruit in Australia - on average, these guys in the Cobram region will pick 70,000 tonnes of fruit, about 350 million pieces of fruit, which means on average each Australian will eat about 13.5 nectarines, plumbs and peaches, about every year. So that's a lot of fruit to be consumed just from this region alone. Not picking fast enough? Keep picking! Sun's coming up! Got to go a bit faster because we've got to get these fruits back to the studio for you to try a little bit later on, Georgie and Lisa. Yes, please!Wow. That's service. Back that whip, Em.That's a lot of Church of England teeth. Big news for fans of the Boss. We're behind the scenes with Pink and it's movie day. We'll check out the newies, including the latest from Rebel Wilson who is 'Pitch Perfect'. I'm going to the final. A bikini car wash is definitely out of the question.I'm supergood at bikini car washes. This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC)

SONG: # Do the crab... #

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Good morning again. Well, exciting news for Bruce spring screen fans. It's official - the Boss is coming to Australia. I will have all the details for you very shortly. It is move day. First up, the latest film that tracks Rebel Wilson's rise to Hollywood stardom. It's called 'Pitch Perfect'.Hi. Welcome to university. Don't blow it. This is actually happening.Any interest in joining our music group?Not a dude.We sing songs without any instruments. Yikes.I don't even sing.You get the picture, the Bellas are looking for new members.Have you to join the Bellas. Beca gets enlisted and she's good. You have a lovely voice.Thanks.So is Fat Amy.You call yourself Fat Amy.Yes, so you two (bleep) don't do it behind my back.But the boys are going to be hard to beat. Look, I must admit, I thought this film was going to be awful but it's actually OK, better than OK. It's pretty funny.You, girl, are awesome. Girl power!Anna Kendrick is delightful and our Rebel gets the lion's share of the laughs. The music is pretty good too, especially the rip-offs. So there you go. It's called 'Pitch Perfect'. It's not bad but it's definitely on song. 3.5 stars. Next up - an incredible-looking martial arts film which takes us to a village in feudal China which is descended upon by assassins and warriors and all manners of ne'er- do-wells looking for treasurer. Playing the local blacksmith is RZA, the guy from the Wu Tan Clan. Lucy Liu is the local Madam who runs the Pink Blossom.Power belongs to no-one.David Bautista is the guy with the Brass Body. And Russell Crowe is the renegade British soldier, Jack Knife.I always take a gun to a knife fight. The film was directed and written by RZA who took a lot of inspiration from Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' movies on which he worked and Tarantino is credited as a presenter of this film. It's a feast of colour, action, blood and fantasy adventure. It's called the man with the iron fists. It packs a punch. Again - 3.5 stars. -- it's called 'The Man with the Iron Fists'. Russell is really good in that and that's the first outing in what will be the season of the Crowe, the first of six Russell Crowe movies coming out in quick succession. Is a busy lad.Sure is. In other news, Pink has released behind-the-scenes footage of her recent Australian visit. Let's check it out.

Some of that vision is from when Pink performed in this very studio. We'll play more throughout the morning. It's good stuff. Pink is back here in June for a national tour and extra shows are on sale now and there's a special edition of her album out tomorrow. Alright. Big news for a lot of people - if you're a Bruce Springsteen fan it is official - the Boss is returning to Australia on his Wrecking Ball World Tour. Bruce Springsteen the E Street Band will be here in March for arena shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and a big outdoor show at Hanging Rock in Victoria. We've got all the dates and details on our website. There you go. Your Christmas present problem is solved right there if you have a Springsteen fan in the family. Look, our boss, our new boss here went on and saw the Boss in Oslo. Look how close he got to the front of the stage. That is a close-up shot. And you wouldn't believe it - Bruce Springsteen did a shout-out to the Today show. If this isn't a T sign, I don't know what is. Look at that. Hey! Wow! Are you sure about that?It's definitely a T.Hanging Rock will be cool.They've done a few down there. Rod Stewart did one. A couple of others. That will be special.Thank you, Dickie.Coming up after seven o'clock - energy drink crackdown. Should they be banned?And the Aussie prank call to Kate Middleton's Thursday that has two Australian DJs in a whole heap of trouble.And gym Kerr from Simple Minds joins us after 8:00. Here is their hit song. (Sings) # Don't you forget about me # Don't, don't, don't # Don't you, don't you # Forget about me... #

This program is not captioned. Get ready to win! It is 'Down Down Friday' and we've got a $10,000 Coles voucher to give away.All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and just say those magic words - you know them by now! "I wake up with Today". To register for the next draw:

Don't forget all our calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight savings time. Right now, let's get the money minute with Ross. Good morning to you. You know how somebody comes up and says, "How are you going?" and you say, "I'm great thanks," even if something bad is going down. That basic optimism is about not wanting to burden others with your problems, about looking on the bright side and I think it's a bit like that with the Australian economy right now. At first glance, everything is fine. Economic growth numbers are on the long-term average. Unemployment is low. Interest rates are falling. House prices are OK. We're good, thanks. It's always important, though, to poke a little deeper. The national account numbers are a great place to start. Here you see economic growth has cooled over the past six months as international demand has eased off. The winners and losers - mining is still really, really strong out here as new projects are completed. Manufacturing is a drag. Banks and fnls are up and surprisingly IT and tec -- financials are up and surprisingly IT and technology is down. I don't know what's happening there. Australians continue to be conservative with their money. The savings rate is just under 11%. It's level but remains close to 30- year highs. People don't want to spend. They're saving. The one to watch is the terms of trade - or just how much money we're getting by exporting goods. You can see it's ticked over. It was these strong terms of trade that caused the dollar to take off and soar. As it's fallen, the dollar, surprisingly, has stayed strong and that, more than anything else, is the sign that interest rate cuts still lie ahead for us in 2013. Georgie, Lisa. OK, Ross, thank you for that. It is time now for a hit of gossip with Richard. He's on top of it, our Rossco, just as Richard Reid is on top of all the scuttlebutt in Tinseltown. Miranda Kerr gets unlikely advice - - sage advice from an unlikely source.When it comes to romance, listen to your grandmother. We know Miranda looks good in a small pair of undies. Apparently her grandma says a clean pair of knickers will keep your love life alive. Take a listen.You know, let's bring it back to my grandma, OK!Here we go. You and your grandma.What she said to me about men - men are very visual. So don't forget that. She said, "Every day put a little make- up on, put on some nice underwear and you'll keep your husband." That's what she told me!What do you think of grandma Ann's advice, Richard?Nanna knows best. You would never argue with your nanna. It seems to be working OK for Miranda.Pretty good!What's the name of the Scottish bloke she was talking to?Oh, Craig Ferguson. Craig Ferguson is a good boy.We love a good celebrity cat fight, Richard. Rihanna and Katy Perry - what's up with them?I'm telling ya! You know, it's a thin line between love and hate. These former best friends are going at it like a couple of cats. Apparently over the bad boys they date. Rihanna has come out and said, "Katy Perry is a hypocrite dating that John Mayer. He broke Jennifer Aniston's heart and he'll break yours." Meantime Katy Perry is saying, "Oh, that Chris Brown, he hit you once, he'll hit you again." The two have traded a couple of nasty tweets and they're not talking.When besties fall out - that's the stuff that keeps you in business, Richard Reid. Right. Thank you.Barbra Streisand - this will be good. She's set to tell all. Wow.Here it comes. (Sings) # Memories... # I love that song. Barbra is in negotiations to finally Wyatt her autobiography! -- write her autobiography. She says, "I've been keeping notes all these years. I've got a memory like an elephant, like a steel trap. I don't forget anything and it will be in my book once you get a big old publishing deal."Richard, I'm just checking your contract here. There is a clause that says no singing here. What? I don't recall writing that. You wrote that in there. Handwritten note in there says, "No show tunes especially."You know what? With 'Les Mis' coming up, you know it will be all singing all the time.I do. I fear the worst. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift - this love story is headed in one direction still, huh?Oh, is it ever! We're just keeping up. Harry Styles - I'm not making this up - has moved in to Taylor Swift's hotel. Before he was just visiting. He was shot last night bringing all his gear, his duffel bag, into the hotel. You know, they're not keeping a secret of this romance. It seems like you'd go in the back door but no, he's going in the front door. I'm starting to smell a little publicity stunt here.Oh! Big call! I think Taylor's probably just arranged for him to get a little discount, you know, in a room nearby, something like that. They're just looking out for each other, those crazy kids.That's it. You're so naive, Richard!I can hear a couple more songs coming up! Richard, thank you. We'll see you before the end of the show.OK. Bye. That was fun. Hold on to that contract, Richard.I will. Don't worry about that.Definite reminder. Here are the top stories on Today: Dame of the people - Dame Elisabeth Murdoch passes away at 103. Lucky escape - families forced to flee from bushfires in Queensland. Royal prank - Aussie DJs' call to Kate sparks outrage around the world. Calls for supersize energy drinks to be shelved. 'Les Miserables' - all the glitter and glamour from the world premiere. And behind the scenes with Pink during her visit down under. Good morning to you T is Thursday 6 December 2012. Great to have your company this morning. Many are paying tribute this morning to Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who passed away last night at the age of 103. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us now from Melbourne.Chris, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch was one of our greatest Australians. She'll be sadly missed. Lisa, she was an extraordinary laidia who leaves an extraordinary legacy. She will be missed by countless thousands of Australians whose lives she touched. She passed away at her much-loved Cruden Farm in Melbourne's outer south-east overnight. She loved that property. She was an avid garner. She'd lived there since she was 19 years of age. She passed away peacefully overnight surrounded by her family. Now, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch dedicated her life to helping others. At her 100th birthday celebrations she gave some simple advice to others saying, "Be optimistic and always think of others before yourself." Let's have a look back at her remarkable life. In her 103 years, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch perfected the art of giving. Supporting an estimated 100 charities annually, the Murdoch matriarch was devoted to helping others. The wife of media baron Keith Murdoch, Dame Elisabeth had four children, including News Corp tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Last night, she passed away surrounded by her family at her beloved property Cruden Farm in Melbourne's outer south-east. She broke her leg in a bad fall three months ago, but never fully recovered. In a statement, the Murdoch family said they'd lost the most wonderful mother, but all were grateful to have had her love and wisdom for so many years. A former president of the Royal Children's Hospital, Dame Elisabeth played a vital role in establishing the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. In 1963, she was appointed a Dame for her charitable work by Queen Elizabeth. She was a Companion of the Order of Australia and, in 2005, she was named Victorian of the Year. But her greatest legacy was her family. Dame Elisabeth has 77 direct descendants, including 50 great- grandchildren. Despite her years of serving the public, she's expected to be farewelled at a private funeral. Dame Elisabeth will be remembered as a true public servant and, in the words of her family, she made our country a more hopeful place. The statement, they say --In a statement, they say, "We've lost the most wonderful mother but we are all grateful to have had her love and wisdom for so many years. Throughout her life, our mother demonstrated the very best qualities of true public service. Her energy and perm commitment made our country a more hopeful place and she will be missed by many." Now, Rupert Murdoch has also hit Twitter to pay tribute to his mother. He has tweeted this morning, "Many thanks for condolences about my mum, a great lady, wife, mother and citizen. 193 but still a blow." He then quickly produced another tweet to correct and said, "No. 103 years of age - there are limits." Now, as we've heard, the Murdoch family said despite her very public life, her funeral will be a private one. They will, however, announce details of a memorial service to celebrate Dame Elisabeth's very full life and they are asking people instead of any floral tributes to instead donate to the Murdoch Institute, Lisa.She was a remarkable woman, lived an extraordinary life. Christine Ahern in Melbourne, thank you. Georgie. To Queensland now and firefighters have worked through the night to control a major bushfire at Dalby, which came very close to destroying a number of homes. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us now. Alison, it was a close call for some families who were forced to evacuate. Take us through what happened. Georgie, it was very tense for people living in Halliford and Lake BroadWalter just west of Dalby. The fire was -- Broadwater just west of Dalby. The fire was fast-moving and there was concern of loss of property or stock. Residents were urged to leave their home or enact bushfire action plans. Fire crews were very busy overnight. They were trying to protect a number of farms and the conditions were very hot and dry. Temperatures were extreme. We know they did a good job overnight because the watch-and-act message has been cancelled meaning there is no longer any threat to homes in that area. But certainly a very difficult situation overnight. Take a listen. Just on dark this afternoon we were sure it was about to pull up. Wind changes and the game changes. Yeah. Pretty serious. I have three structures here and a large home and we're just hear to ensure its safety.It would have been frightening. Tell us about the forecast, Alison. What's the outlook for today?Finally after a week of unrelenting temperatures well above 30 degrees, finally we're dipping back into the high 20s today for most of Queensland and that is good news because there are still more than 50 fires burning from the Brisbane area right up it Far North Queensland and certainly while firefighters say none of them are threatening homes at the moment, they do need to try and get on top of all those fires today. They hope the conditions will be better. They expect them to be better. So hopefully a lot more of those fires can be put out as the day progresses, Georgie.I get the feeling it's going to be a very long, hot summer. Alison Ariotti. Thank you. Over to Tim. Thank you, Georgie. To South Australia where a 19-year-old man has been aleed over the murder of a woman and a teenage girl. The body of renowned camel jockey Jasinta- Leigh Fullerton was found 100m from her home in Quorn yesterday, shocking locals in the small tune north of Port Augusta. Jack Berketa joins us live on the phone. Jack, good morning. What can you tell us about these deaths?Tim, as you said, overnight major crime detectives arrested a 19-year-old man over the brutal double murder that's left a tiny town in shock. Yesterday, the body of 22-year-old Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton was found less than 100m from her home. The exact cause of her death is yet to be released but it's believed she suffered significant head injuries. As for the other victim, all we know at this stage is it's a 16- year-old Port Pirie girl whose parents reported her missing a couple of days ago. At the moment, we're on our way to an excavation site where it's believed her body may be buried. The accused teenager is expected to front Port Augusta Magistrates' Court this afternoon to hear the charges. We seem to have lost Jack there. He will face court today, though, that 19-year-old accused man, Lisa. Thank you, Tim. There is outrage in the UK this morning after two Australian radio personalities made a prank call to the hospital treating Kate Middleton for morning sickness. The Today FM hosts posed as the Queen and Prince Charles and were put through to a nurse for an update on Kate's condition. Take a listen. Hello, good morning. Hello there. Could I please speak to Kate, please, my granddaughter? Yes, just hold on.Are they putting us through to the room?Yes.If this has worked, it's the easiest prank call we've ever made... Your accent sucked, by the way. I want you to know. I'm not used to playing old 80- year-olds. Kate, my darling, are you there? Good morning, ma'am. Hugh may I help you?I'm just after my granddaughter, Kate. I want to see how her little tummy bug is going.She's sleeping at the moment. OK. I'll see to my little corgis, then. He was right. That is a shocking accent!Joining me now is royal correspondent Paul Harrison from Sky News in London. Good morning to you. Thank you for joining us. There has been a savage reaction from the British media. It's fair to say that Aussies are not in the good books this morning?Well, I don't know about that. Clearly not in the good books of the King Edward VII Hospital of course, where the Duchess of Cambridge is spending her third day in hospital suffering from accuse morning sickness. Not in the good books, either, I'm sure, of William and Kate, who have spent much of the day - certainly been joined much of the day by William inside her ward where that phone call ultimately made its way. I think outside there's a mixed reaction. I think when people hear it - and they'll have to did so by going online because it's not going to be broadcast here in the UK on radio or TV - but when they ultimately get to listen to it I think they will see it for what it is and it's a bit of fun and clearly the two radio hosts had absolutely no idea that they were ultimately going to get inside the ward where Kate is and speak to the on-nurse -- on- duty nurse. So they got lucky. Outrage is perhaps a little strong but clearly the hospital are livid. Those colonials, I'm sure they're saying! Now, the radio hosts have apologised. They've issued this statement. "Today FM sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by the enquiry to Kate's hospital. The radio segment was done with the best intentions and we wish Kate and her family all the best." The hosts also say, "We were surprised that our call was put through. We thought we'd be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents. We're very sorry if we've caused any issues and we're glad to hear that Kate is doing well." What do you make of that apology?Well, it's good enough for me and I'm sure it will be good enough for a lot of people but, hey, it's not we who should be apologised to, of course. It would ultimately be William and Kate but of course they're not going to accept an apology. You're not going to get anywhere near them. The hospital, in fact, told me there was absolutely no chance that that call would have got anywhere near the Duchess of Cambridge. So fair dos. It's certainly something that we wouldn't get away with here in the UK. You guys clearly using one twor different tactics to get through to the information. I heard about it first thing this morning UK time, 6am, when one of your Australian colleagues here sent me the link to it. Well, it rather tickled me have it say but ultimately, on a serious note, I suppose, the information that was passed on was fairly sensitive. Um, you know, when you think about the poor nurse who took that phone call, it would have been a pretty brave nurse to say, "Queen? Pull the other one!"Exactly. I really feel sorry for her. Eve just been looking at some footage there, Paul, of sister Pippa and brother James arriving at the hospital. If Kate was feeling badly about the news of the Aussie pranksters, this would have lifted her spirits, having her brother and sister there. Absolutely. They were here for about an hour, an hour and a half. I'm sure the cameras went mad when Pippa arrived, as you can imagine. In the past half an hour or so, Kate's mum arrived. She came on foot. She was rather mobbed by the press. Some of them were Australian press as well, obviously. But she went inside. I'm sure she'll leave not on foot when she comes out. I think she'll probably jump in a taxi. Of course, she's had her family with her today. She's had her husband by her side, as she has done every single day that she's been here at the hospital. So, um, we know that she's feeling a little better. So said St James's Palace. When she's going to be discharged - unlikely today. More likely tomorrow or even potentially the day after.Yeah. One tip, Paul - don't keep a woman who is suffering morning sickness to a deadline. She's sure to break it. Thank you very much for that. Paul Harrison there from Sky News. Over to Georgie. The country's leading medical body is calling for a crackdown on energy drinks following the launch of a new 1.2-litre bottle of V.