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This program is captioned live. Bodies pile up as the death toll from the devastating typhoon in the Philippines rises further. An uneasy calm in Egypt tonight after violent protests forced its President to seek safety. Army accountants apologise after mixing up military spening with foreign aid.A dollar is working to relieve poverty. There's a big question mark.And still no sign of Kate as the world's media keeps watch outside a London hospital.

Hello, I'm Ricardo Goncalves. The death toll Goncalves. The death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Bopha has risen even further tonight. isen even further tonight. More than 230 people are now confirmed dead and thousands are homeless. Rescue teams are working to reach those desperately in need of aid in remote villages. Scores are still missing. Shocked relatives identify dead loved ones. Villagers count the cost of Typhoon Bopha. Community devastated. Families torn apart. Worst hit, the water and mud crushed buildings where families had been taking shelter.

Bopha was the worst typhoon to hit this region on record. It barreled through the fill feepbz yesterday, packing winds of more than 200 kilometres an -- Philippines yesterday, packing wind of more than 200 kilometres an hour. Rip it ripped through buildings and powerline. -- powerlines. These rural families had never seen a typhoon on this scale and were practically defenceless.

Fewer casualties along the coast but a number of fishermen are reportedly still missing. Residents are only starting to assess the damage. A bridge completely washed away. Schools ravaged. Large areas are still without power. Food and clean water is in limited supply. As the death toll climbs, authorities say it could have been much worse. Last year, a typhoon half the size of Bopha killed 1,500 people. This time the government took more precautions. 50,000 people were evacuated before Bopha made landfall. Local MPs are now appealing to the private sector to help provide relief. An uneasy calm has settled over Egypt tonight as the country endures its worst political turmoil since the downfall of the Mubarak regime. All is calm in Tahrir Square at the moment and this was Cairo just a few moments ago. But earlier police firing tear gas clashed with a crowd of at least 100,000 protesters. President Mohammed Mursi was forced to leave the palace for his own safety. Demonstrators tore down barbed wire barricades outside the palace in Cairo in scenes not witnessed since the revolution. Police responded with tear gas before retreating. Once revolutionary allies of the Muslim Brotherhood, opponents are demanding President Mohammed Mursi stand down. "Leave, leave" they chanted. He did for his own safety. We have to make Mursi understand he is not going to be the new king of Egypt.The so-called last warning protests are the latest to sweep the country since the President's decree giving him power above the law. And next week's referendum on a constitution drawn up by an Islamist-dominated panel and escalated the worst political crisis since the election in June. Egypt is split between his supporters, some demanding Sharia law, and secular Egyptians who believe the new democracy is under threat. The draft constitution doesn't impose religious rule but opponents say it fails to protect basic freedoms.We have nothing against this lamists, we are willing to ts, we are willing to live with them. They have to accept us, and we will not be oppressed anymore.Mursi appears undisturbed by the demonstrations, believing they'll run their course. The leader of his porty telling reporters the worst will soon be over.

These Egyptians may not have the numbers to defeat the referendum but they're determined to keep alive their hopes of freedp that follow the revolution. -- freedom that follow the revolution. In breaking news tonight, champion jockey Franky Dettori has fail addrugs test in France. The penalty was confirmed a few moments ago bringing into question the future of his career. Apologies for those incorrects pictures there. Patriot missiles could be deployed on Turkey's border. But the Defence xunliance says this is not a prelude to setting up a no-fly zone over Syria. It could be used to shoot down any missiles that stray over the border.We say, "Don't even think about it."NATO members also unanimously expressed concern over the potential use of chemical weapons in Syria. The Defence Department has apologised for mistakenly counting almost $200 million in military spending in Afghanistan as foreign aid. The mistake is forcing the Government to revise its claims on the size of the aid budget. It's a $200 million Defence Department mistake. A third of what's been called for aid for Afghanistan the past six years wasn't aid at all, but military spending.I wish to apologise for this error.The OECD sets guidelines for what qualifies as overseas development aid. Defence has included the allowances for personnel providing security for aid projects and the security costs themselves. It's now told a Senate inquiry it's discovered they don't actually qualify.Once that was uncovered, then it was quite easy to talk about it.Does that mean Aus Aid doesn't check your figures? They do now.Under the guidelines, the cost of personnel delivering aid are eligible.

A Greens Senator questioned the alculations.They exclude the cost of the ADF personnel. So it's only those doing the reconstruction work for the actual task.We would call that expenses?But the general was wrong. Forced protection costs were included last ction costs were included last financial year, likewise defence engineering and trade training activities back to 2006 and the costs of operating military checkpoints. Aid organisations say there's too much white elephant spending for military objectives.Why is defence and ADF in this space at all in delivering aid? e at all in delivering aid? It should be left to the aid professionals.The Department has corrected the general statement and its original figures. No longer $255 million in aid, but $57 million.I'm not suggesting you guys are doing anything wrong but this is serious smoke and mirrors that's going on here.I assureia we are not trying to do any smoke and mirrors. The Australian Government largely has had a good faith arrangement with the Australian people that our aid dollar is working to relieve poverty. There's now a big question mark over how to what extent that is really happening.And the Government's confirmed some aid for Papua New Guinea has been spent on immigration facilities on Manus Island.. We believe this is undermining public faith in the aid program. The Government is now revising its figures. It delayed an increase in the May budget to save $3 billion. Defence's miscalculation meanss miscalculation means it's another $200 million further behind. Three teenage footballers are facing manslaughter charges in the Netherlands for allegedly beating a linesman to death. Witnesses say the trio aged 15 to 16 took Nieuwenhuizen few to the ground before kicking and punching him several times. Tens of thousands of amateur matches have been cancelled since. The e been cancelled since. The Dutch Professional League says it will hold a minute's silence. Despite the strong Australian dollar, tourists are continuing to flock into Australia in record numbers according to new figures just published by the Bureau of Statistics. More than 522,000 people visited the countries in October. That's up 2% from the previous month. And nearly 4% from a year ago. The number of Chinese tourists surged to close to 58,000. That is up by more than 18% on a year ago. China is Australia's second largest tourism market behind New Zealand. St James's Palace has issued an update on the Duchess of Cambridge tonight. Kairt's health is continuing to improve -- Kate's health is continuing time prove and both her and her husband are grateful for everyone's good wishes. Now it's a case of playing the waiting game outside the hospital where reporters from around the world are eager to catch a glimpse of the Duchess whenever doctors decide she is well enough to go home. Meantime, Commonwealth countries have approved a change of the succession law for future monarchs. That means the baby of the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting will be third in line to the throne, whether it's a bior a girl. William tonight leaving the hospital and looking very much more relaxed than he has been over the past 24 hours. The treatment appears to be working according to a spokesman. Kate is continuing to feel better. But it's been an anxious couple of days when what should have been the private early weeks of pregnancy have turned into a huge international story. From one side of the globe to the other, the couple have been headline news.

Prince William just arriving at Kate's bedside after their huge announcement a royal heir is on the way.At a rather more stately pace, the Queen was doing what she always does, carrying on with business as usual. Today it was an investiture. Privately, she will be being kept in touch by William about Kate's condition. One m about Kate's condition. One important piece of news for the couple today, the Government confirmed it will be moving quickly to pass a law ensuring if their first child is a girl, she will definitely be third in line to the throne. She will not be passed over by any younger brother.The old-fashioned rules were only a boy could become a King and if his elder sister was not allowed to, those rules are going to be swept aside and that's a change, an updating of the rules many people would welcome.After a worrying couple of days for the couple, the prognosis for Kate seems to be satisfactory. Tonight it would appear her condition has settled down, though it is still unclear how long she will remain in hospital. The British royal family isn't the only ones celebrating. Tens of thousands of people packed into the streets of Bangkok today to celebrate the 85th birthday of Thai King. The King who has been hospitalised since 2009 with a respiratory condition returned home to the royal palace where he made a rare experience. -- appearance. Why Telstra has finally relented over the $28,000 phone bill racked up on a stolen mobile phone. And the cabbie in trouble for refusing to pick up Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.

A taxi driver's refusal to carry one of Australia's most celebrated indigenous musicians has sparked outrage. Blind singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu had just finished a performance in Melbourne when the driver saw him coming to the cab and took off. For a singer said to have the voice of an angel, it was a less than heavenly reception, after a successful collaboration last night with Missy Higgins, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's manager hailed him a taxi outside the St Kilda venue.As he came out the door and on to the road, the taxi driver said no and took off.The blind singer's long- time friend and spokesperson Michael Hohnen was angry.I started yelling at him and I never yell, very rarely. Gurrumul was laughing at me.It's believed the taxi driver was Indian.It's not the ethnicity of the driver. It's about the passenger who was refused service.In 1992, Mandawuy Yunupingu was ejected from a bar because he was Aboriginal. 20 years later, his riginal. 20 years later, his nephew has suffered racism in the same suburb. Sadly it's by no means an isolated incident for the celebrated indigenous artists and fellow performance from the Top End who say only this week they experienced similar discrimination at the hands of a taxi driver. B2M is in Melbourne to record its debut album. After a late night session in the studio, band members went to a nearby cab rank but were refused a lift.It shouldn't happen.The driver next in line at the rank wasn't so reluctant and spoke up for the group.. It was very shameful. And the cab driver behind him said, "Look, you should pay more respect to these guys." The incidents have appalled Alan Fels who headed an inquiry in to Victoria's taxi industry.This is a moral issue. And the industry needs to mix itself.It's prompted calls for better driver training, not to mention greater tolerance. Meantime, Yothu Yindi singer Mandawuy Yunupingu has been taken to hospital in Darwin. He collapsed at his home in arnm lan. The former Australian of the Year has been battling end stage recently disease. Doctors say he is responding to treatment and they're hopeful he can leave hospital in the next few days. And a reminder National Indigenous Television goes free-to- air around the country one week from today at 12 o'clock on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th. Finance now and three of Australia's largest banks have defied the Treasurer - NAB, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank have confirmed yesterday's RBA rate cut won't be passed on in full. It's a well-worn path, first the Reserve Bank cuts interest rates, then the Treasurer urges rates, then the Treasurer urges the banks to pass on all of the rate cuts.They should pass it through in full. Our big banks are very profitable.Once more, he's disappointed. Westpac, the Commonwealth and NAB have cut their standard variable mortgage rates by 0.2%. ANZ will reveal its hand next week.We still are experiencing volatility and uncertainty in funding costs, as well as increased competition for deposits.That's despite the Reserve Bank Governor declaring banks have had no difficulty acing funding.They have no excuse. They should pass it through.The Bankers before Association said wholesale borrowing costs have been rising. As recently as last month, the Reserve Bank confirmed bank funding costs have gone up relative to the cash rate.Tony Abbott's trying to drive home his point that Labor's mismanaging the economy. He says the former Treasurer had no such problems.When Peter Costello spoke, markets listened. When Wayne Swan speaks, markets do their own thing. So far ING is the only lender to pass on the rate cut in full. The Reserve Bank cut rates to stimulate the economy. The latest national accounts appear to have vindicated that decision, reporting only modest growth in the September quarter. Gross domestic product grew by 0.5% in the three months to September. Annual growth was 3.1%. Frplgt there has been some moderation in growth from the above trend pace. And global weakness has taken a toll.With the introduction of the carbon tax, this is the slowest quarter of economic growth since the Queensland floods.Joe Hockey says the economy is vulnerable and Labor refuses to acknowledge the challenges it faces. To the Australian share market now which finished around a third oaf a percent higher. -- of a percent higher.

A Melbourne man who haHIH his mobile stolen on haul day and came home to a $28,000 bill -- holiday and came home to a $28,000 bill has finally won his battle against Telstra. Rayden Crawley's phone was taken in Spain. His bill showed 855 calls, stretching over 28 pages, amounting to thousands of dollars. Telstra agreed to investigate but then debted his credit card anyway. After weeks of fruitlessinoseations with the national telco, he finally went public. Telstra has agreed to wipe the bill and refund his money. Coming up - tributes as an outstanding Australian author is farewelled. Plus - catwalk campaign - can one of fashion's biggest names become a US ambassador?

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The PM was among 300 guests who farewelled legendary Australian author Bryce Courtenay in Sydney today. The private funeral was held at a church overlooking the harbour. He was described as a born storyteller and a latter day Charles dickens. He passed away with his -- DickensHe passed away with his family by his side and died of stomach cancer.She could be telling people what to say. Ferocious fashionishat to say. Ferocious fashionistic Anna Wintour is being tipped for a new career in politics but not everyone is convinced the straight-talking vogue rr editor has the schmooze -- 'Vogue' editor has the schmoozing skills to become a US ambassador. She's renowned for exquisite taste. The inspiration for Meryl Streep's characters in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.It wasn't a question.A portrayal Anna Wintour may not have enjoyed. But she said she respected it.Did you recognise any part of yourself?I'm a decisive person. If Meryl seemed somewhat strong, I respect that. at strong, I respect that.She is the single most powerful woman in the fashion industry. Her influence felt not just on the runway but in the shopping malls too. The editor of 'Vogue' doesn't mince words.It is quite one dimensional.She raised millions for the President's re- election.Please join us, but don't be late.Politicians often reward their biggest fundraisers but Anna Wintour privately she is in the running for a plum diplic attic post, either ambassador to France or Britain. She may not want the job. She is the reigning queen of fashion and queens don't have to be diplomatic. That takes us to weather news now. And the threat of two bushfires burning near communities in Western Australia has eased. There were fears the summer tourist destination of Bremer Bay in the State's south could be threatened by a massive bushfire which has been burning for close to a week. A separate fire had broken out in Augusta but both fires are now under control. Quite a different picture in parts of Victoria with alpine snow falling just days in to summer. Falls Creek had recorded six centimetres of fresh snow after temperatures dropped to minus one degree overnight. Parts of Mount Buller have been blanketed in white. A cold south-westerly flow which will bring shower clouds to the south- eastern States. A weak trough is marked by patchy high cloud over Queensland which could bring the odd shower to Cairns and Brisbane.

That's the world this Wednesday. There is more news at our website. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -