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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Egypt in turmoil - the President quits his palace as people protests outside. Turkey wins NATO approval for missile defences. Please explain - the Defence Department $200 million accounting blunder in Afghanistan. And the Philippines - typhoon with the death toll rising to more than 200. ing to more than
200. ANNOUNCER: This is SBS World News Australia. Good evening, I'm Ricardo Goncalves and I'm Janice Petersen. Tonight - the Melbourne cabbie who refused to pick up an indigenous singer. We speak to the Chinese company accused of posing a long-term security threat to the West. Egypt is in the throws of its worst political turmoil since the downfall of Mubarak. -- throes. People are furious over the new power President Mohammed Mursi is seeking. Demonstrators tore down barricades outside the palace in Cairo and scenes not witnessed since the revolution. Police responded with tear gas before retreating. Once revolutionary allies of the Muslim Brotherhood, opponents now demand President Mohammed Mursi stand down., "Leave, leave" they chanted. He did for his own safety.We have to make the President understand that he is not going to be the new king for Egypt. The so-called last warning protests are the latest to sweep the country since the President's decree giving him powers above the law. And next week's referendum on a constitution drawn up by an Islamist dominated panel has escalated the worst political crisis since the President's election in June. Egypt is split between his supporters, and Egyptians who believe the new democracy is under threat. The draft constitution doesn't impose religious rule but opponents say it fails to protect basic freedoms.We have nothing against the Islam, we are willing t the Islam, we are willing to live flirve peace. They have to accept us and rate to live with us in peace. Women of Egypt will not be suppressed anymore.


These Egyptians may not have the numbers to defeat the referendum. But they are determined to keep alive their hopes of freedom that followed the revolution. Patriot missiles could be deployed on Turkey's border with Syria within weeks, following NATO approval of the move. The alliance says this is not a prelude to setting up a no-fly zone over Syria. Any use of chemical weapons would be unacceptable. More signs that Bashar al-Assad's hold on Damascus is slipping. The heaviest fighting seen in a month. Rebels say these rockets are being fired into the city from a military airport. State media reports a rebel mortar slammed into a school, killing 10 people, mostly children. Neither can be verified. Today though the violence has captured the attention of world leaders. NATO approving Member State Turkey's request for patriot missiles on its border with Syria.To anybody who would want to attack Turkey - we say don't even think about.It's not the first time NATO has sent weapons to Turkey, during the two gulf wars, surface to air missiles were deployed. The patriot's deployment will take place within weeks. Russia, Syria and Iran criticised the I request. Most of the international community are in consensus - concern over the use of chemical weapons. Making it clear to Bashar al-Assad's Government that it's unacceptable.The response will be emphatic. It won't be in other words, that we issue a strong statement. Russia's Foreign Minister says the issue is overblown.s the issue is
overblown. TRANSLATION: Syrian TV was quick to carry reports from the Government insists it would not use chemical weapons against its people.

weapons against its people. In Al volunteers try to help out. There are more hungry mouths than bellies filled. World Food Programme has cut itsrations for thousands of people, needing $19 million to keep operations going this month.

operations going this month.
Secretary carian clashes linked to the conflict have broken out in neighbouring Lebanon. Two men were shot dead in districts of Tripoli. Tensions have been exaccerbateed by last week's killing in Syria of 21 Lebanese men from the city.State TV shows images of a drone called Scan Eagle, claiming it flew in from gulf. All unmanned aircraft are fully accounted for.

are fully accounted for. Here, mistakingly accounting $200 million. The mistake is forcing the government to reassess its figures. It's a $200 million Defence Department mistake. A third of what's called aid for Afghanistan in the past six years wasn't aid at all. But military spending.I wish to apologise for this error and any inconvenience caused.The OECD sets guidelines of what qualifies as overseas development aid. Personal providing security and security costs themselves. It's now told a senate inquiry that they don't qualify.Once that was uncovered it was quite easy to uncover the problem.Does that mean figures are not checked on what's eligible? They do now.Under the guidelines, the cost of personal delivering aid are eligible but not regular salaries and expenses. It should be noted that these costs exclude the personal providing force protections. It's only those doing the reconstruction work or the actual task.But we would call that expenses. ut we would call that expenses.Forced protection costs were included last financial year, likewise, defence engineering and trade training activities back to 2006, activities back to 2006, and the costs of operating military checkpoints. Aid organisations says there's too much white elephant spending for military objectivesding for military objectives.Why is ADF in this space at all in delivering aid? It should be left to the aid professionals.The Department has corrected the statement and the original figures - no longer $255 million in aid but $57 million.I'm not suggesting you guys are doing anything wrong. guys are doing anything wrong. This is serious smoke and mirrors.We are not trying to do any smoke and mirrors,

Not everyone was as lucky. Many victims sought lucky. Many victims sought safety in a school and village hall, but the structures were in golf. These families had never seen a typhoon on this scale. They were practically defenceless.

Fewer casualties along the coast, but a number of fishermen are reportedly still missing. Residents are only starting to assess the damage. A beach in a city was completely washed away. Schools were ravaged. Large areas are still without power, food and clean water is in limited supply. The death- toll climbs. Authorities say it could have been much worse. Last year, a typhoon half the size of this one killed 1,500 people. This time, the government took more precautions. 50,000 people were evacuated before it made landfall. Local MPs are now appealing to the private sector to help provide relief. Three teenage footballers are facing manslaughter charges, accused of beating a linesman to death in the Netherlands. The attack happened at the end of a youth game involving a 41-year-old victim's son. a 41-year-old victim's son. What began as a father volunteering to help officiate his son's sporting endeavours ended with a violent death. It was allegedly at the hands of players from the opposing team.

A shocking incident which left friends from the football club in morning. The wider community is searching for answers.

The attack occurred after the final whistle of the match. The victim was taken to hospital after collapsing hours after the incident. He slipped into a coma and died the following day. nd died the following day. Police say that three players aged between 15 and 16 have been detained in connection with the attack. They are charged, not just are charged, not just with manslaughter, but assault and public violence. All 33 amateur matches in the Netherlands had been cancelled this coming weekend and the tributes for the victim will be held before professional victims. -- professional games.

The FIFA President took to twitter to extend heartfelt thoughts to the family of the victim com --, in what she described as a terrible tragedy.

Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. The captain of a listing cargo ship has managed to regain control of ed to regain control of the vessel in the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey. Tugboats were ey. Tugboats were dispatched to help the struggling carry a debt to calmer waters. 10 people are still missing after another cargo vessel and a argo vessel and a rescue boat both went down in the same area during a severe storm. NASA has announced a bold expansion of its exploration of Mars, with plans to send a new Rover to the red planet within eight years. The announcement follows the success of the curiosity Rover. NASA has just released -- . NASA has just released -- released the results of soil tests, which identified the traces of ed the traces of compounds such as water and oxygen which are necessary for life. Tens of thousands of people had packed into the streets of Bangkok to celebrate the 85th birthday of the king. The King, who was hospitalised since 2009 with a cobras battery connection, it returned home to the royal palace. -- was the Tory condition. The minor art is looked up to by many citizens as a constant figure. -- the mark. Commonwealth curry it -- countries have a uproot a change of the succession law, which means that the baby of the Duchess of Cambridge will hess of Cambridge will be third in line to the throne whether it is a boy or a girl. Prince William has spent most of the day in the hospital in central London where his wife is being treated for a severe form of morning sickness. William tonight leaving the hospital and aving the hospital and looking very much more relaxed than ry much more relaxed than he has been over the past 24 hours. The treatment appears to treatment appears to be working, according to a spokesman, Kate is continuing to feel better. But it has been an anxious couple of days, for what should have s, for what should have been the private early weeks of he private early weeks of pregnancy had turned into a huge international story. From one side of the globe to the other, the couple have been headline news.

At a rather more stately pace at Buckingham Palace, the Queen was doing what e Queen was doing what she always does, carrying on with business as usual. Privately, she will have been kept in touch by William about Kate's condition. One important piece of news for the couple, the Government confirmed that it will be moving quickly to pass a law ensuring that if their first child is a girl, she would definitely be third in line to the throne. She will not be passed over by any younger brother. The old unger brother. The old fashioned rules, that only a boy could become a king, and that if his older sister was not allowed, those rules have been swept aside. It is an Updating of the rules that many people f the rules that many people would welcome.

The prognosis is satisfactionry. Tonight, it would appear that her condition has settled down. Though it is still unclear, how long she will remain in hospital. And in a sign of the electronic times, this was the first Royal pregnancy to be confirmed by tweet. You're watching SBS World News Australia. Coming up next - stopping short NAB, Commonwealth and Westpac fail to pass on the full Reserve Bank cut. A taxidriver accused of racism after refusing to pick up an ARIA winner. Claims

Security threat.

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Three of Australia's largest bank defied the treasurer, announcing they won't pass on in full yesterday's interest rate cuts. Mortgage repayments won't fall as much as borrowers like. First the Reserve Bank cuts interest rates and the treasurer urges banks to pass on the rate cut.Pass it through in full. Our big banks are very profitable.Once more, he's disappointed. ANZ will reveal its hand next week.We still are experiencing volatility and uncertainty in funding costs as well as increased competition for deposits.That's despite the Reserve Bank governor declaring banks having no difficulty accessing funding.iculty accessing funding. But the Bankers' Association says costs have been rising.The Reserve Bank confirmed that bank funding costs have gone up relative to cash rates.Tony Abbott is trying to drive home his point that Labor is not managing the economy. So far ING is the only lender to pass on the rate cut in full.The Reserve Bank cut rates to stimulate the economy. The latest national accounts appear to vindicate that decision, recording only modest growth in the September quarter. Gross Domestic Product grew by 0.5%, annual was 3.1%.There has been some moderation in growth in the first part of the year. And global weakness has taken a toll.With the introduction of the carbon tax, this is the slowest quarter of economic growth since the Queensland floods.Joe Hockey says the economy is vulnerable and Labor refuses to acknowledge the challenges it faces. This is how the standard variable rates of the big four banks

The moment:

The moment:
To other stories - a Brisbane court has heard that a 45-year-old dis9 pensioner allegedly underwent military training in Ukraine for fighting as a mercenary. He was arrested by Federal Police. Richard Newen-Hoyzen could face a 10-year prison sentence. The case was adjourned until e case was adjourned until January.

adjourned until January.
Yothu Yindi Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has taken ill at home and been taken to hospital. A taxidriver's refusal to carry one of Australia's most celebrated musicians has sparked outrage. Blind singer Mindanao had just finished a performance when the driver saw him coming to the cab and took off. Another Aboriginal performer complained of similar treatment. For a singer said to have the voice of an angel - it was a less than heavenly reception after a successful collaboration last night Mindanao hailed him a taxi outside the skilled venue.As he came out of the door and onto the road the taxidriver said no and took off.The blind singer's long time friend and spokesman was furious. Mindanao himself unphased. I started yelling at him and I rarely yell. The reaction was more hysterical laughter at me yelling. It's believed the taxidriver was Indian.It's about the passenger that was refused service.In 1992 Mindanao was ejected from a bar because he was Aboriginal. 20 years later, his nephew suffered racism in the same suburb. Sadly, it's by no means an isolated incident for the indigenous rtist and fellow performers from the top end, who say only this week they experienced similar discrimination at the hands of a taxidriver.

of a taxidriver.It shouldn't happen.The driver next in line wasn't so reluctant and spoke up for the group.It's very shameful and the cab driver behind him say, "You should pay more respect to these guys, these are the original owners of this left-hand." This is a moral issue. And the industry needs to fix itself. It has prompted calls for better driver training, not to mention greater tolerance. Well, if you've never heard of a Chinese company called Wawa, chances are you will. Products used by 3 billion people worldwide are manufactured by them. It has a reputation that is serious enough to scare away gofplts. The telecom's firm is regarded as suspicion.

suspicion.This is headquarters. You have mobile devices and a lot of the infrastructure. Even if you are not using their device, you are kuching their network.In many ways, this building represents how they go about their business, not drawing attention to its self while it quietly makes products used by 3 billion people around the global, including half of Australia's population.I wouldn't be surprised if they touch a good half of the world's population with their technology, not only in Western countries by China, Asia and everywhere.The first image is the highly competent smartly run company that knows its market.They are good at working network equipment that works. And very cost efficient for operaters that want to deploy these sorts of networks. The other image is that of a company that can't be trusted. Agents of the communist party. That image came to light on Washington's capital hilt Hill.

capital hilt Hill.
TRANSLATION: We completely under stands the concern of the cyber security. If anybody raises concerns or fears because a company originates in a particular country, I don't think that would be fair. Signer security concerns - Australia decided not to let the company building the high speed National Broadband Network buy from the company, the risk was deemed too great.We know the National Broadband Network may have been the first time we heard of it. We are working with major operaters today. The company isn't shows being hit.

The company isn't shows being hit.
The success depends on which view you believe - whether you see the global company as a success story or security success story or security risk not worth taking. The US teeters on its fiscal cliff. Barack Obama has held another round of talks in an effort to avoid financial disaster. An automatic trigger could bring in billions of dollars worth of tax cuts and hikes. In already hard-hitting cities that would pile on the pain. Once upon a time this place was famous for its port and steel industry. Now you may have heard of it as the inspiration behind the hardcore crime series, "Wire" and they didn't have to fake the film set. It wasn't a war or a hurricane that created this level of destruction, it was of destruction, it was neglect and poverty. In the middle of it all, we found a place optimisticly called the academy of success. A job centre so new that you can smell the lick of paint. The mayor ick of paint. The mayor presided over the grand opening. Paid by state funds and private donations and the giant sisers could become a big axe if the fiscal cliff isn't avoided.

the fiscal cliff isn't avoided.
This is on the chopping block, everything you can think of to assist a struggling community. This puts us backwards.I'm currently still looking for employment. Rwanda is looking for a job, any job, because her unemployment benefits run out next month and will be xt month and will be left destitude. If they accounted cut the money, I'll be one of the statistics and I know quite a few other people just like me.If she can't find a job, it may be because Brian can't give her one. He's in the trophy business. He and his five employees survived the recession and are looking to expand if it wasn't for the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff.My customers need us to expand, to offer additional services. It's good for them, for us, the economy.You are not hiring more employees and not buying more equipment because you don't know what will happen next year?Correct. The children of this school in after an afternoon program has transformed their lives.I used to see life as a challenge. This has taught me that I can enjoy my life and things I used to do.They call this the dream academy, although it's more of an escape from the nightmare outside.How many of you have a parent who is currently in prison or currently in prison or has been in prison in the past?11 out of 16 hands went up. There are more black males in jail than in college, two-thirds are single parents. This offers a hope from the cycle of despair. Everybody's tax bills are due to increase after the cliff.We have donors who have told us that they are cutting back 10-20%. People aren't as willing to give as much as in the past.They are holding onto money because of the uncertainty.This global economy has left us all joined at the hip and wondering if the politicians can avoid a cliff with all the appeal of a suicide act.

appeal of a suicide act.
Britain's Prime Minister has warned newspaper editors that the clock is ticking if they are to avoid thism significance of a law to control the print media. David Cameron says they need to move quickly to set up a new independent regulator. Although he shares their deep reservations of the need for statry control.These are the men and women who run our national newspapers.

newspapers.This means fines, proper investigation of complaints, a prominent apology, a tough independent regular try system. I told them that the clock is ticking for this to be sorted out.The self-regulation will be tough. The basic message is to get on with it. We have get on with it. We have sat around the table and agreed to a plan.How can the public have confidence that the editors together will deliver on this?It all must be endorsed by Parliament.The press backed the plan for a new independent regulator with a tough code of conduct and the power to impose fines and apologies. They say a separate watchdog to oversee the regulator must be independent of government and legislation isn't needed. It is clear that some kind of press watchdog will be set up. Yes, there are differences over who will sit in it, who will pay for it. All sides insists these differences can be overcome. For campaigners today, that's just not enough.What victims are saying - we've heard good intentions before but those have drained away and we've ended up back to where we started and they've suffered abuse. They want to see real legislation which can ensure that we have independent shelf regulation guaranteed in law. The first Minister agreed, calling for a Scottish solution to the proposals with the press setting up their own regulator, underpinned by Scottish law. , underpinned by Scottish law. The BBC reporting. Back home - it's not every day that indigenous people are represented on the golf course at elite level. All of that will change tomorrow when Scott Gardener hits the fairways. He has picked up a tour card and will compete at the Australian Open. After being away from Australia for the past three years, Gardener is back home and looking towards play getting under way in the Open. He has achieved every golfers dream of qualifying for the PGA Tour next year.I've enjoyed every tour that I've played. Obviously, it's the biggest stage. To get the chance to play against the best guys, guys that everybody watches each week, you know, renew some friendships in other tours will be great.He becomes the first Aboriginal person to play on the PGA Tour and he hopes his presence on the course may inspire others to take up the game.To see that somebody has done it. There's so many talented sports people among the Aboriginal people. If they see it, we are all capable.The 36- year-old believes his preparation is sound and is ready to tee off tomorrow.It's great. Adam Scott and Justin, t. Adam Scott and Justin, we all turned 'The Project' around the same time.

Project' around the same time. NI TV goes free to air one week today. Coming up next - all of the day's sports news - including in the Champions League a Ma did master class as Ajax is taken to the cleaners. Tributes flow for one of


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In finance - the Ten Network is hitting up investors for cash once again. Its shares have been placed on hold. It's believed the TV network is seeking around $225 million to help paydown debt. If the raising goes ahead it would be Ten's second in six months. To the share market now.

Time for the sports news with Craig Foster. Goals galore for Madrid. There was a demolition of Ajax. Ma did finished in second place in Group D. cond place in Group D.

A number of first-team players. Ajax looked to secure third spot in Group D and a round of 32 place that goes with it. But 13 minutes is all it took for Real to expose holes in the Dutch defence. Another pass putting the homeside two up at the break. Creating history the 28th Champions League goal making the dominance for 4-1 route. The Germans faced Man United City. City became the first club to finish the group stage with just three points and without a victory. Dortmund clinched top spot in the group.

clinched top spot in the group.
Arsenal's disappoint the group. Arsenal's disappointing season continued as the Gunners went down, ending hopes of finishing in Group B. The side had to settle for second place in the group. While in Group C, Milan rested a number of regs and was made to pay for the decision. The Russian outfit secured 1-0 away win. Match day six continues tomorrow with a round of 16 draws to take place in a fortnight's time.

The cook will play England in the quarter finals after a hard fought 1-0 over Pakistan.

The retirement of Ricky Ponting has foe kuck cussed attention on who will replace him for the forthcoming series against Sri Lanka.

Lanka.I put my hand up. I think I'm in the frame. So many other players will be before the selectors. I'm sure they will make the right decision. Meanwhile Michael Clarke is suffering back soreness and has been told to skip this weekend's Big bash match. In Olympics news - the world governing body has suspended India because of its stance in electing two officials on bail over corruption charges. Until the situation is addressed, participation in the Olympic Games under the India flag and ongoing funding remains under threat.With this decision, the IOA is not entitled to exercise activity including financial support. Until the suspension is lifted. India's next appearance at a major event is scheduled to be at the Asian games, assuming that the ban is rescinded. Finally - cyclist an Meares was crowned the sports woman of the

crowned the sports woman of the
yearI hope my achievements have inspired the next generation to follow their dreams and through hard work, dedication and passion for their chosen sport, that it is possible to achieve dreams despite any challenges that you may face. In one final piece from left field this time - two-time world 400m hurdles champion is heading to Europe to try to qualify for the 2014 winter Olympics as a rider in the two-woman event, no less. That's the day in sport guys. Australia are playing North Korea tonight in a very important game. They beat mportant game. They beat Hong Kong a couple of days ago. There will be a lot of focus. Coming up - the weather and the power of one. Friends and

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The Prime Minister joined hundreds of people to celebrate acclaimed author Bryce Courtenay. His family held a private service in Sydney after he lost his battle with stomach cancer two weeks ago. It was strictly a private service, with security guards around the edge of the church overlooking Sydney Harbour. Publishing executives and the Prime Minister were among the guests. They remembered Bryce Courtenay's extraordinary career and watched a video he put together of how to write stories which will soon be released to the public.Any goodness I can do, kindness I can show, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.After writing 21 works in 24 years, the best selling author died peacefully at his Canberra home two weeks ago with his family and pets by his side. Friends say it was an extremely private celebration witnessed by 300 people. Sessions described him as a born story teller. With his strong and complex plots, larger than life characters and ability to appeal to so many readers. The father of three, soared to the top of the best seller charts with 'Power of one' which was made into a film. Passionate to the end, his 21st and final book went on sale November 12th. Recapping - Egyptian police fired tear gas at thousands of protesters surrounding presidential palace in Cairo. The fury surrounding Mohammed Mursi' new political powers led to some of the country's worst violence since the Dunne fall of the Mubarak regime. NATO approved the deployment of missile defences to Turkey'sboarder with Syria. The Defence Department apologised for mistakingly counting spending as foreign aid. That's the world this Wednesday. Our late news is on air later than usual at 10: 35. Of course, you can still get more stories on the website. Or follow us on twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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