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This program is captioned live. Tonight, a bushfire emergency in Lane Cove National Park. Residents defend their homes. The big banks cut their rates but leave mortgage holders short changed. A primary school evacuated after a student finds a hand grenade. Two millionaires come to blows over a neighbourhood dispute. And the test player who has hit Warny's comeback for six. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter overen to. Lines of firefighters are surrounding properties at North Ryde tonight as a bushfire burns dangerously close to homes. This afternoon, it moved quickly and fiercely, tearing through the Lane Cove National Park. The clear and present danger hung over dozens of homes. Smoke boiling up from the blaze, in the heart of the Lane Cove National Park. Then, smothering the streets of surrounding suburbs. It might have seemed a puny defence, but some hosed down their roofs against the flying embers. Man on roofThey told us to get out. We were at the top of the street. The family, the dog, the cat and lizard.Others tried to get back to their home, fearing the worst. While this elderly woman in East Ryde was among manyed who ha to be evacuated. In North Ryde, firefighters edged their trucks upstreet trying to get to grips with the flames. They were backed up by aerial water bombers, which sucked up water from Lane Cove River. But not just local residents were in danger.Come on...PetsIn the path of the smoke and flames pushed by a strong sou'wester. Late afternoon, the wind shift turned the threat away.It whips the fire up, and it has been whipping the smoke up. The smoke is the biggest hazard.Today's outbreaks are a reminder of the tough summer fire chiefs have warned lies ahead of us. Dimity joins us now from the fire zone. How is it looking?Water- bombing helicopters are doing laps around the area. We are told that the fire is completely out. Residents here in Magdella Road are staying to their homes, obviously staying alert in case of flare-ups. It is smokey across the Lane Cove area. Now the situation is under control here, fire crews are starting to pack up and and an investigation will begin. One of the concerning possibilitys that fire crews will be looking at, Pete is whether or not this bushfire this afternoon was deliberately lit. Crews also battled a fire in Liverpool after a petrol station caught alight. 70% of the shop was damaged, following a possible electrical fault. Three people were evacuated. No-one was hurt. Three of the big banks have made their move on interest rates, and their mortgage-holders will be disappointed. Westpac, NAB and the Commonwealth today cut their rates by just 0.2%, raising expectations that more rate cuts will be needed in the new year. It used to be rare, now it is commonplace - banks crying poor and holding back interest rate cuts.We are experiencing volatility and increased competition for deposits. The NAB held back more of the recent RBA rate cuts than any rivals - 4.6% from 1.75% from November last year.The NAB shouldn't take their customers for a ride.Today, a former Reserve Bank director said that rate cuts are not working. He says the answer to get Australia moving is for Government to start spending.We can invest in large-scale infrastructure projects in this country, nation-building with high rates of return.Economic growth numbers show quarter growth of - Australia has slowed. But the Treasurer is still committed to the much-promised budget surplus, except now with a warning. There is no doubt that some of the data indicates that that task is harder.Those who rely on savings also are having to cut back.This is certainly about a reduction in income for them, and making life just all the more difficult. Research for Nine News shows while big banks have not fully passed on rate cuts to borrowers, those with savings have been spared. On average, one-year term deposits are more than 0.4% higher than they could be.Savings accounts are seen as lower risk investments for the banks.Let's go live to Ross. The big banks have fallen short of the quarter of a percent cut from the RBA. Are more cuts needed?It seems inevitable there will be. The reason for that is the Australian dollar which has risen more than half a cent since the rate decision yesterday. It is banking on international investors believing that interest rates here will continue be cut. On the other side of it, also, you have a situation where if the rate cuts are not working as the Reserve Bank would want, or the banks are not passing it on in full, what choice has the Reserve Bank got but to continue to cut? A simple act of show and tell prompted a major emergency at a primary school near Newcastle today. A year 5 student brought in a World War II hand grenade. The entire school had to be evacuated. Packed in a bomb-proof box, the grenade that terrified a school.It posed a potential threat.As air force am mow experts took it away for testing, relief after a red alert had rocked Hunter Christian School.Worried that something more - well, something serious had happened.A year 5 student took the World War II grenade to school. The McCarthy twins are in her class. She brought it in. They were touching them.It is a weapon designed to explode, and spray jagged shrapnel in all directions. I was obviously immediately concerned and troubled if it was real, live. I immediately alerted the school to be evacuated. Students were marched out to the safety of a leagues club, while emergency crews sealed off the area. If a grenade went off in an average-size school room, everybody would have sustained some sort of damage.It is understood the little girl found the grenade in a garden. Neighbours assured her was safe. Incredibly, she had been playing with it for the past few days before excitedly bringing it into school to show her mates.A number of military bases in the area. I imagine that people have taken it home as souvenirs.She is bewildered. It is the first for me - I hope the last! Police have smashed a major crime ring in Yaugna, uncovering hundreds of stolen goods. They raided the home in relation to the theft of 100 vehicles where the cars were broken down and sold for scrap metal. A long-running and bitter feud between the owner of the Crystal car wash chain and his neighbour has ended up in the criminal courts. Anthony Sahade is charged with assault over a brawl in the driveway of his Point Pierp home. Love thy neighbour! These pictures suggest it is not always the case. Two residents of Sydney's most exclusive suburb fighting it out, and as the fists fly, the wife of one of the men screams out.Help! Help! Help!-f help! Please help! Today, the feuding neighbours again crossed paths. Crystal car wash millionaire Anthony Sahade faced charges of assault. Eckart Bischoff, the alleged victim, attended court with his cief, Ceila. The brawling in May theer broke out in the driveway of the -- this year, broke out in the driveway of this place. Sahade complained to officers that he had been attacked.What is going on?I've been assaulted.After viewing the security footage, officers later charged the car wash king with assault. Today's court battle is the latest legal stoush between these neighbours. They have fought in the Land and Environment Court over stairs Sahade built without council permission. In October they were squabbling over strata titles. Now the Crystal car wash boss is facing criminal conviction. Despite billions of dollars of investment in Sydney's road and transport system, the State Government's annual report card reads, "Could do better." Kevin Wilde is on Victoria Road tonight. There is room for improvement there?This is the worst-performing road overall, the seven busiest roads here in Sydney, actually the same 30km/h that it was in the morning peak four years ago. That is a 1km improvement on last year. If you look at the evening peak, it is actually improving 2km/h - or, got worse, 2km/h, but that is only $40km/h. But slow-moving traffic is a Sydney-wide problem.Lunchtime in the Sydney and more frustrated drivers stuck in the slow lane. Travelling just a few hundred metres takes half an hour.Oh, shocking day.It is getting worse. Much worse. Many drivers feel the same. And the Auditor General has crunched the numbers.Motorists are getting to work faster in the morning. But the bad news is that they're going home slower.A year of roadwork has reduce the speed on the M2 by 8km/h in the afternoon peak to 52. The M4 is getting slightly better, drivers doing 2km/h in the morning up 2km. And a 1km/h improvement in the afternoon for 40. On the M5, the drive in to the city is 4km/h faster at 38. It is 3km slower heading home at 48. Victoria Road is still the slowest - the average speed 23km/h in the morning. That is the big picture. The Government is hoping small improvements to pinchpoints will improve travel times. The latest completed today, with the human Highway intersects with the Horsely Drive at Villawood. The left-turn lane has been widened.We are progressing with the south-west and north-west rail links. Catch a train? Well, on-time running is the worst it has been for four years. Customer complaints are up to more than 29,000. Many passengers are upset about freight trains and rubbish. -- late trains and rubbish. Tony Abbott has swapped his limo for a semitrailer, travelling from the Gold Coast to the Central Coast. The drive home his -- he is driving home his $5.5 billion promise to duplicate the Bruce Highway.The 40% of the Highway between the border and Newcastle remains a 1970s goat track.The Transport Minister Anthony Albanese says it is an empty promise. More than 100 Sydney workers have a job for Christmas despite Rosella being placed in receivership. Administrators said they plan to trade until at least January, while they consider several offers to buy the company. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has spent her second night in hospital treated for acute morning sickness. Speculation about the sex of the baby, and possibility of twins, has sent royal-watchers into overdrive. The smile that said things are good. Prince William's face lit up by a wave of camera flashes after six hours at his wife's bedside. REPORTER: How is the Duchess?If he looked relieved, St James's Palace confirmed way - the Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better, the statement said, she and the Duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes. Many of the wishs have come from Australians.Really good. Looking forward to hearing whether it is a boy or girl.Very excited. I'm putting in my application to become a nanny.Kate is being treated for acute morning sickness. An intravenous drip has - her symptoms have been linked to the birth of twins. Will and Kate know that anything they do now, from here up until the birth and beyond will be watched by a huge sections of the press - similar to what is happening at the front of the hospital at the moment. So you can be sure that anything they do, any public appearance, will be very carefully stage-managed. Such as the next golden moment. When the Duchess walks out of hospital and a new phase of her charmed life begins. And that is where Peter is - outside the hospital in London tonight. When is expected -- when is Kate expected to go home?Well, Kate may be feeling better but she is still quite ill. Doctors want to monitor her for a few more days to come. While it is possible that she will leave hospital today, it is more likely that she will leave hospital tomorrow. If she doesn't feel better soon, it is possible that she will have to stay and receive further treatment here in London. If that is the case, William may have to make a tough decision to leave his wife here in London, because he's going to have to return to work in Wales. OK. Peter, thank you. In the news ahead - a drunk driver leaves a trail of destruction through Bondi. Plus, the heros of the Quakers Hill nursing home fire honoured. And why doctors say diet and exercise isn't the answer to fighting obesity. This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC) Australian apricots
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This program is not captioned.

Federal and state police have raided one of Sydney's biggest brothels owned by Eddie Hayson. The detectives entered the stiletto brothel at camperdown just before midday. The lawyers said that nothing of interest was located. A driver allegedly drunk behind the wheel has left a trail of damage in Bondi. A luxury Mercedes and ute were written off and two other cars damaged by the out-of-control driver. The owners face a hefty clean-up bill.I'm insured but I feel sorry for these guys, they are not insured.The police claim the driver returned an alcohol reading of 0.106. For the trained emergency services workers, the Quakers Hillers ining home fire in which 11 people died, was harrowing. The four nurses inside at the time, for them, it remains deeply traumatising. Today, there was some overdue recognition for their bravery. Out of the tragedy, finally, a chance to recognise the good and the brave from the Quakers Hill inferno.The worst and the best in human nature that day.The firies, the police, and the paramedics. And the four nurses who were there when it started.Despite the rapidly increasing danger, a roof collapse and the extreme difficulty manoeuvring through the smoke, nursing staff continued to assist with patient care.Speaking for the first time, Judith Watt. She isolated the blaze by closing the doors and put fear aside to save six residents.It was horrific. Smoke, flames.Yep. Rorz error how did you do it then? I don't know. I just did it.I just wanted to get the people out. REPORTER: Did you pick them up, physically?Yeah, physically. Pushed them, yes.Judith Watt - the very best of human nature. The very best indeed. We've long heard that diet and exercise are the key to battling the bulge. But experts say it is not the solution for people who are grossly overweight. Weight-loss surgery is being tauted as the most effective way to tackle the nation's obesity woes. Marisa Talmage has struggled with her weight since she was 10. At 36, she now weighs 150kg.I've tried doctors monitoring my weight on shake diets, high-protein diets, low-carb diets.More than 5 million Australians are obese. Experts say diet and exercise aren't doing enough to stem the epidemic.We can achieve 10% weight loss in 10% of people. For very big people, it is not enough.Professors Dixon says weight loss surgery produces bigger results but dieticians are cautious. Surgery is not without its complixs. People need to take those -- complications, people need to take those into account.Marisa wants to have surgery, but it is too expensive.Without health insurance, I'm looking at up to $30,000.There are weight-loss medications but the choice is limited in Australia. Users are also concerned about side effects. Marisa stopped taking Duramyne which can trigger heart problems. Two new drugs approved in the US are yet to make their way to Australia.I'm very much hoping in the future we will have better drugs.Time for sport with Ken. Good evening to you. And Shane Warn's come back has not gone down well with one star. His comments next. This program is not captioned. I am doing a Master in International
and Development Economics at the ANU. I travelled from France to come here because of the uni
international reputation. This is the place where world-leading
minds are meeting down the corridor. So these people have
a great reputation for influencing policy directions. My studies are not easy,
but, you know, it's OK. I'm here for a challenge and
I want to make a real difference and I know that ANU graduates do.

This program is not captioned. Australia's pace bowling injury crisis has worsened. Josh Hazlewood will need up to six weeks to recover from a foot problem. John Hastings has an injured back and is in doubt for next week's first test against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, talk of Shane Warne comeback has been slammed by a current star. Only a glimpse of Warren today as wife to-be Liz Hurley arrived at his Melbourne home, and we won't be seeing any more of him in a baggy green, if test paceman Mitchell Starc has his Wye.He has done his time. He has done great things for Australian cricket, down and dusted now.Warren was hosing down talk of a comeback on Twitter, saying, "I was asked, "Could I play, not would I play." Yes, I could, didn't say I would. One old foe things Warren still has what it takes.-- Warne has what it takes.A more immediate issue for selectors is finding a replacement for Ricky Ponting. Khawaja leads the Chairman's XI tomorrow and hopes to face them again against Hobart next week. Preparing for the start of the Big Bash this weekend, Brett Lee has taken aim at test selectors for resting Peter Siddle in Perth.If I was Siddle right now, I would be blowing up, definitely. I would not be happy with that. I always put my hand up. I think the whole resting thing is not great. Golf and Adam Scott won't be rushed into abandoning his broom stick putter for the Australian Open, beginning tomorrow. Unless I invent a better way to putt, for myself, then I will stick with the broomstick.It is facing a potential ban in four years. Scott has been trialling a shorter version but is not confident with it yet. A breakthrough win for Australia's Adam Melling at the Vans World Cup of Surfing at sunset beach in ha Wye yae. He nailed a 9- point ride to seal the victory and a place on next year's tour. Well done. Kelly Slater was knocked out in the fourth round. That is the news today. We are bringing out the American and the Canadian ice hockey teams next year. That will be terrific.I look forward to that. I do too! How long will these gusty winds last? I will have the forecast next. New
for the details next. Next on WIN t
News... Two killed near Cooma - the
third fatal crash in the region thi saf
week. The Nishi site raised over falls
safety concerns,And summer snow the
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This program is not captioned.

A warm and windy day with strong westerly winds averaging around 40km/h. Well, it may be the fifth day of summer, but it didn't v it doesn't look that way in Thredbo today, as 5cm of fresh snow fell overnight.

That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. Have a good evening. From us all, from
Canberra region, Tonight ... Two cr
from the Canberra region, die in a win
crash near Cooma. Snow and severe And
winds, summer dishes up extremes. Ca
And: safety inspectors raid one of site
Canberra' s largest construction Po
sites. Good evening, I' m Danielle crash
Post. Two people have died in a doub
crash south of Cooma, the second less
double fatality in the region in aft
less than forty eight hours. Just trav
after midday, a Toyota Hilux Ute lef
travelling on the Monaro Highway, time
left the road and rolled several from
times. Inside, a 45-year-old man forty-y
from Canberra, and a woman, a r
forty-year old from Queanbeyan. The d
road was closed in both directions, and
diversions in place at Nimmitabel t
and Cooma. Five people have died on s
the region' s roads since Sunday. A hi
seven-year-old boy was killed when G
his family' s wagon hit a tree near died
Goulburn at the weekend. Two men w
died near Gunning yesterday morning i
when the truck they were travelling Just
in crashed into an embankment. t
Just a week after the ACT sweltered two
through its hottest day in nearly mou
two years, snow has fallen on the las
mountains. Surrounding areas were
lashed by severe winds - with dozen o
of people calling for help. Snow sum
on the peaks, turning this school wonderland
summer camp, into a winter "H
wonderland. Students yelling thi
"Have you ever seen anything like come
this in Summer? No, not where we student
come from." These year nine where
students are from the Riverina, twenti
where today it reached the mid bus
twenties. They were planning on a p
bushwalk, but had a quick change of "I
plans when they woke up to this.
"It' s cold! It hurts your face whe go
it hits you in the face but it' s pe
good, it' s really fun to throw at people." "Well we' re up the to of Thredbo and as you can see ther is snow everywhere. There is a win chill factor of minus 10, certainl a far cry from the temperatures we ve seen over the past few weeks." fell
Around five centimetres of snow last
fell, as winter clung on for one three
last blast. "It usually snows summer
three or four times during the th
summer which is fantastic. You get occasio
the hot days and then you' ll coming
occasionally get a bit of snow definite
coming through as well which
definitely adds to the excitement." t
The rest of the region was spared escap
the snow and cold - but didn' t Goulburn
escape the wind. Wind In e
Goulburn, winds peaked at more than si
eighty kilometres an hour.Canberra sixty three kilometres an hour. Thi la
aircraft, finding it difficult to
land in the blustery conditions. Th received
ACT State Emergency Service Thankfull
received 33 calls for help. Thankfully mother nature should tur we
from wild to mild in time for the weekend. Temperatures in the Capita will return to the thirties.

True to their word, work safety constr
inspectors have raided a large barrag
construction site, following a h
barrage of complaints. Some workers devel
have been ordered off the Nishi compa
development, while the building prohi
company has been issued several C
prohibition notices. The Worksafe und
Commissioner walked onto the site was
undetected. Issue number one. I
was expecting we would find a numbe a
of issues. This site is in a phase
at the moment where they' re nearin of
completion. The commercial side fini
of the Nishi development must be t
finished by Monday. If workers don' wi
t meet that deadline - the company will owe money. Liquidated damage that
can be very high they will make hig
that completion date come hell or high water. So there are trades all over the place, it' s one of th managem
most dangerous times. Proper i
management of the site at that time re
is quite critical. Responding to and
repeated complaints from industry inspect
and the public, six workplace compensati
inspectors and two workers forc
compensation officers fronted in ba
force today. Finding trip hazards, bad scaffolding and uncovered holes did
in the floor. A number of workers is
didn' t have white cards. No one
is allowed to work on a constructio constru
site without a white card, a Manage
construction induction card. coul
Management was cooperative, that The
couldn' t be said for everyone.