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(generated from captions) 29.
32. Does insect blood
contain red blood cells? ALL: No.
Correct. In which part of the human body
is the fibula bone found? (WHISPERS) Arm. Arm.
Leg. What is 57 + 15? 72.
Correct. What word, meaning 'rough hut', do you get by replacing one letter
in the word 'shock' with another?

Shack. True or false? Bat species have existed on Earth
for as long as 50 million years. False.
True. Is the planet Jupiter visible
to the naked eye from Earth? No. Yes, it is. True or false? The official name of
the Statue of Liberty is 'Liberty Enlightening the World'. Marayong South outside the browser. True. (PANTS) Um, scores. Samuel Gilbert -
Zac, Nicole, Madellen - slipped a little at the end. 220. You finished third. Marayong South. Didn't hear from the girls -
Monique, Riya and Prakriti - much through that last round. They've still finished second.
250 points. Again, it basically came down
to the last question. Hornsby North - Yong Yong, Jackson and Kate -
winners today. 260 points. There's nothing in it. Join us again same time tomorrow.
Bye for now. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - a fire burning near homes
in Sydney's north. Two of the big four banks
offer some mortgage relief as the others hold out. And Warnie welcomes Liz to Melbourne as test comeback talk
makes world headlines.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage. Good afternoon. First to breaking news - and a bushfire is burning
close to homes around Lane Cove National Park
in Sydney's north-west. For the latest, let's go live to Robert Ovadia
at the scene. Rob, are homes under threat?

At any homes under threat? Fires are burning around properties. We have a lot of firefighters on the ground and they are being helped by water bombing aircraft, including one which has been deployed for the first time in the NSW bushfire season. The fire is burning very close to properties. What is your advice to residents in the area? There's a lot of smoke in the area and the fire is throwing up a lot of embers so we are encouraging people, if they can, to remain indoors to avoid the smoke. We have a lot of firefighters working in the area at the moment. Follow the advice of firefighters. We are aware some people have been climbing up on to their roofs with garden hoses. We urge you to get down, work with firefighters on the ground. It is risky to get on the roof. D know how many people are fighting the fire? That they are more than 50 firefighters. They are being assisted by water bombing aircraft which have been picking up from the nearby river. They seem to be getting on top of the fire a sudden but there are many more hours of work ahead. Thank you for your time. Now let's go live to a Seven News reporter who is in a helicopter over the scene. What is the latest where you are? Homes were under threat but it is a good sign that as of about 20 minutes ago we can say they no longer are. What were unpredictable winds have changed. They were coming from the south and were pushing the fire towards homes. You can hear the helicopter above us now. It is the first time it has been deployed this summer. It's an ominous sign, considering this fire broke out in suburban Sydney. It broke out about 90 minutes to go up and broke a natural Container Line, the river. You can see pretty clearly. On the ground it is extremely thick and acrid, that smoke. We have spoken to a couple of residents could have been clearing their homes. Others have left as a precaution. The wind in the past 30 minutes has turned back towards the south, allowing firefighters to contain the area around here. That fire is burning towards the front right now they have to extinguish it. At the moment, residents are safe and firefighters believe they will most likely contain displays for will stop what is the advice to residents in the area? The wind has been strong around Sydney today. Are they being told to stay put? OK, we have a problem with our connection there. We will try to get back to this later. The Commonwealth has become
the second of the big four banks to reduce interest rates
after yesterday's official cut. But, like the NAB, it isn't passing on the full 0.25%
announced by the Reserve Bank.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
behind the wheel of a big rig... We are off!

..driving home his pledge
to improve the Pacific Highway. While Treasurer Wayne Swan
was steering his anger towards the big banks
for failing to pass on all of yesterday's 0.25% rate cut
from the Reserve Bank. Do the right thing
by your customers. So far,
only ING Direct has listened, with the Bank of Queensland,
Commonwealth Bank and NAB passing on just 0.2% instead. That's a further reduction
of $50 a month No word yet from Westpac or the ANZ. There's a great hesitation
of passing on these cuts. That's money in the bank

and half-millions by our estimate
every day held back. On 55 separate occasions, the banks have ignored
the Government on interest rates. And the banks say they're justified. We still are experiencing volatility
and uncertainty in funding costs, as well as increased competition
on deposits. The Reserve Bank, itself,
doesn't always expect the banks to be able to pass on rate cuts
in full. And the latest
economic growth figures out today will put pressure on
for another rate cut. Our economy only grew by 0.5%
in the last quarter on the back of weak retail spending. Despite the fact that the Reserve Bank has cut
interest rates 175 basis points since November last year, the household sector
is not responding and that's a big worry. The Reserve Bank will meet again
next February.

400 students were evacuated from
their New South Wales school today when a hand grenade was brought in
for show-and-tell. The Year 5 girl
thought the weapon was safe, but bomb disposal experts
weren't taking any chances. Adam Walters has more
from Newcastle. Sam, the principal here
at the Hunter Christian School has told us the 11-year-old girl
at the centre of the drama had set out in all innocence
to tell her class some news without having any clue, of course, about the national headlines
she was about to generate. And what a fuss it was. The teacher didn't hesitate
to contact the principal upon seeing the pineapple grenade
on his desk. It was of WWI vintage. Turns out it was inert, but the school wasn't
taking any chances, alerting the police, who in turn contacted
the army's bomb disposal unit, which took the emergency
very seriously. Well, we've had it appraised
by our local bomb techs, who have sent some photos off
to the Department of Defence, who are concerned enough
to actually send people from Sydney to come and take possession
of the item. The main thing is they're all out.
That's all that counts,hey? Nothing has blown up. I think it would be a concern
for the parents to know that their child
had done that. The principal says although some
had managed to see the funny side of this drama, that the girl involved by no means
saw it as a laughing matter, describing her
as distressed and embarrassed. It was a very innocent act and one that I suspect
she will be embarrassed about and probably get stories
will be told for her 21st. As the inspection of the grenade
continued, the air force even became involved and the grenade has been
taken away for further examination. Seven News understands
it was used as a money box, that the 11-year-old girl was using
it to store her pocket money, but she could not have been counting
on all the fuss at her school here today,

which was closed when the students were evacuated
to a nearby club. The classes didn't resume, but it will be
business as usual tomorrow, Sam.

The family of a Brisbane teenager The Duchess of Cambridge
is feeling much better but will remain in hospital as she recovers
from severe morning sickness. The British Government
has now confirmed William and Kate's child
will succeed the throne even if the baby is a girl. He had spent more than six hours
at his wife's side. As he left the
King Edward VII's Hospital tonight, Prince William's body language
told the world he was a much happier man
than 24 hours earlier when she had been admitted. A statement from St James's Palace
said the Duchess was feeling better. The smile on William's face
confirmed it. He'd also learnt that he
and the woman he married last year could now have a special place
in history. For coinciding with the announcement
of the Duchess's pregnancy, Commonwealth leaders today agreed that the child she bears,
regardless of its ex, will become a future monarch. If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have a baby girl, even if she, in the future,
has younger brothers, she will be able to become our queen so, you know, the timing is great and it means we will now be able
to go ahead and present the bill and pass it in the House of Commons
without further delay. History making is for the future,
of course. Right now, the royal pregnancy
and its uncomfortable side-effects are being played out
before the massed cameras of a world that seem to have
an insatiable appetite for all things William and Kate. (NEWSREADER SPEAKS IN RUSSIAN) Knowing what we now know about the
Duchess's early pregnancy problems, this appearance playing hockey at her old school in Berkshire
on Friday seems even more remarkable. After Friday's day,
which was quite amazing, to then find out
that she's expecting a baby, was just wonderful. It was...the news spread so quickly
around the school. It was a tremendous day. Many of the children
the Duchess met on Friday had been busy preparing
their own messages and pictures for their school's
most famous ex-pupil.

Snow has fallen
in Victoria's alpine region just days after the state
sweltered through a heatwave. Our weatherman, David Brown,
joins us now. Brownie, is it unusual
to have snow at the start of summer? Sam, a few years back, it snowed on Christmas Day
in Victoria. In fact, Mount Buller was under
threat from bushfire at the time. It was the summer 2006. And it's been snowing on and off
over the Victorian Alps for the past 48 hours as a blast of cold sub-antartic air
surged across the south-east corner. The west-south-westerly winds
reaching gale force along the Tasmanian
and Victorian coast. But come the weekend,
the south-east corner of the country is set to sizzle
ahead of a thundery change. Sam, I'll have more weather details
following sport. Thanks, David. See you later
for the national forecast. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the children honoured
for inspirational acts of bravery. Also, are baby boomers wasting their
money on brain training games? And the Governor-General
hosts a kid's Christmas party at her Canberra home.

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Five of Australia's
most inspiring children have been honoured
for their courage and commitment. Winners of
the 'Take 5' Brave Kids Awards were recognised in Sydney. 8-year-old Seth Gilford
is preparing for a charity walkathon three years after his dad
was killed in a car crash that left him
with a badly injured spine. I can raise money for Starlight
who helped me and all that. Helped me with a lot of stuff. The other four recipients
were awarded for bravery, caring, fundraising
and sporting feats.

Plenty of baby boomers
are forking out money on controversial
brain training games to help improve memory loss. Some say
you're better off saving the cash and going for a daily walk instead. 62-year-old Wes Henson is not
waiting for age to take its toll. and then goes online
for brain-training memory games meant to sharpen brain skills. Eventually, I might lose my memory,
but I'm not helping it along so I'm doing everything I can to improve my memory
and make it better. For about $80 a year,
the brain-training program Lumosity claims it can build
a better, faster brain. Brain training is big business, projected to be
a $3 billion industry by 2015. It's even being integrated
into retirement communities. Walnut Village
in Southern California is an early investor
in Dakim BrainFitness. 81-year-old Dorothy Bowen
uses it two to five times a week. Do you think this system
makes your brain young? I don't know whether
it makes it young, but it keeps it from deteriorating. It does?

Older people can train their brains, can improve their
everyday memory abilities and it can be fun
learning how to do that. Can bring training really work? Well, some experts in the field
of human intelligence are sceptical as to whether these games
can actually make you smarter. In one study, researchers
at Case Western Reserve University found that online brain training
does not transfer to everyday tasks. There is no evidence that you will be able
to remember your keys better, what you will be able to do
better on that test. Both sides say it is
about keeping your mind active - whether it is brain training,
reading a book or working on a hobby... I just love life. Hi, guys.

..enjoying life as we age and
working to hold onto our memories.

NATO has echoed
Barack Obama's warning to Syria

There's been a wild party
at Government House in Canberra as the Governor-General hosted
some wildlife and schoolchildren at her annual Christmas Party
at Yarralumla. Santa also dropped in, ditching the sled
for a ride in a naval helicopter. It's good to see you.
Give everybody a wave. Isn't that wonderful? More than 1,000 schoolchildren,
their parents and carers turned up for the event and no-one went home empty-handed.

After the break -

And in sport, one of the AFL's
most senior powerbrokers quits.

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That's right.

Westpac has just become
the third of the big banks to cut interest rates by 0.2% after yesterday's official cut
of 0.25%. So to the finance figures,
and the ASX 200 closed higher - up 17 points.

Three dogs, rescued from
a New Zealand animal shelter, are hitting the road, literally. They're being taught how to drive as a demonstration
of their intelligence. Trainers hope to prove it's possible to encourage more people
to adopt abandoned pets. This is a story
about the extraordinary intelligence of humankind's closest friend. (BARKING AND SQUEALING) It begins two months ago
at the SPCA in South Auckland. Mark and his team
are going to teach three dogs how to drive a car. (BARKING)

But, first things first - the future dog drivers
have to be chosen from a 7-strong shortlist
of candidates. In the end, three very different
dogs are chosen. Two weeks
of intensive training later, the dogs are beginning to master
the basics of driving a car. (SONG) # Do the dog catcher # Do the dog catcher # Do the dog catcher. # His gear changes
are a thing of beauty. MAN: There it is. It's in gear now. And check out his paw position. So he he's got a nice driving style
with a nice, straight back. Jenny's starting to steer
left and right, while Monty is working on both
his gear changes and acceleration. WOMAN: OK, we're off. This is a big moment. It's the first time the dogs
have trained away from the farm, and it's their first time
in a real car. 'A'!

Once Marie gives the 'A',
for accelerator, command, he is off. # Snoop Doggy Dogg # The dog! # Snoop Doggy Dogg #

How they will fare
driving alone and unassisted on a narrow track is still
a nerve-racking proposition. Two months of daily training
will be sorely tested and it'll be done on live TV.

And you can see more on these dogs
in Seven News at 6:00.

Hello there.
Coming up in Sydney tonight - a bushfire emergency
on Sydney's North Shore. Properties are under threat
at North Ryde after a fire broke out
in the Lane Cove National Park. We'll go live
to our reporter Robert Ovadia who is with worried residents. We'll have the latest
on a Liverpool petrol station which bursts into flames, forcing roads to close
and buildings to be evacuated. It's the servo's second blaze
in just four months. We'll talk to parents
about a hand grenade that sent a Newcastle primary school
into lockdown - how a young student got her hands
on the dangerous weapon. Sydney's afternoon crawl is now officially
the slowest it's ever been - we name the roads to avoid
so you get home sooner. The first of the big banks moves
on interest rates - how the rate cut will affect
your mortgage. And Prince William's pregnant wife,
Kate, feeling better after a second day in hospital. We go live to London
for the latest on her condition. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6pm, but now here's Jim
with the day's sport news. Good afternoon, everyone. One of the AFL's
most senior decision makers has quit and there's speculation Adrian Anderson could be heading
to North Melbourne as the Kangaroos'
new chief executive. Anderson has served the AFL
for nine years as the general manager
of football operations but says the time is right
to pursue other opportunities.

Often people have something finalised and organised before they move on, but I haven't done that. Anderson was a key figure
in salary cap investigations including last week's hearing involving the Adelaide Crows
and Kurt Tippett. This morning,
Greater Western Sydney confirmed they wouldn't pursue Tippett
in next week's preseason draft leaving the Sydney Swans
in an ideal position to secure
the former Adelaide forward. Australian captain Michael Clarke
has been ordered to miss this weekend's
Big Bash opener to rest. Meantime,
Blues fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has again been struck down by injury But talk of a Shane Warne comeback hasn't impressed
some Australian team members. He's had his time. He's obviously done a lot of
great things for Australian cricket, but he's done and dusted now
and Nathan Lyon's the spinner. Warne has apologised
to Michael Clarke for causing a media frenzy and a test comeback
is highly unlikely. Manchester City's dismal
Champions League campaign has come to an end with a 1-0 loss
to Borussia Dortmund. The defeat condemned
the Premier League titleholders to last place in Group D. Arsenal made it through
to the knockout stage, despite losing to Olympiakos 2-1. COMMENTATOR: How about that? What an impact from the sub! Real Madrid tuned up for
the next stage of the tournament by thumping Dutch side Ajax 4-1.

Adam Scott says he'll probably use
his controversial broomstick putter in tomorrow's opening round
of the Emirates Australian Open at The Lakes in Sydney. Scott used a conventional putter
at today's Pro-Am over the opening nine holes and then reverted to the broomstick
for the back nine, while Robert Allenby has revealed he's battled personal demons
this year.

I was going to quit because I just wasn't enjoying it. I wasn't enjoying it because I was so stressed from outside things that were happening. The Open is live and free on Seven
tomorrow from midday Eastern. Just check your local guides. That's all in sport.

After the break - we'll get the national weather
forecast with David Brown.

Hello again. David Brown
with your weather update. It's a hot and sunny day
across southern Queensland. Currently in Brisbane:

Cooler tomorrow. In Sydney,
it's a beautiful afternoon. And, in Melbourne,
it's a cool and cloudy afternoon. From the satellite -

cooler air is heading
towards the Queensland boarder.

We had a few centimetres of snow falling across the Alpine peak so the last 48 hours.We will start to see some cool air moving up to the southern parts of Queensland so some relief from the heat off the past week. Fine conditions throughout most of NSW. This rain has been good over the last 24 hours. The bulk of it is starting to slip away to the south and we will see hot desert air streaming into parts of SA.

Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -
a shower or two. Sydney, fine and sunny. Canberra, fine. Melbourne, fine. Warming up in Adelaide. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Sam. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Samantha Armytage.
Enjoy your evening. See you soon. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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