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This program is captioned live. Good morning. First today - dozens of students have been evacuated and a school is in lockdown in Newcastle after a child brought a hand grenade to class. -- to class for show and tell. The children are waiting in a nearby park as specialist police and members of the Australian Defence Force examine the device. We're just waiting for defence people to come up from Sydney so they can actually look at the device and make sure that it is safe and, if it isn't, to actually take appropriate action about removing it and making sure that area is declared safe.Police say the grenade resembles a model from the Second World War. We'll bring you the latest on the situation a little bit later in the bulletin. The National Australia Bank has become the first of the big four to pass on yesterday's interest rate cut, but not all of it. The NAB lowered its standard variable home loan rate by 0.2% to 6.38%. The Reserve Bank slashed the official cash rate by 0.25% yesterday. The family of a teenage boy who died while celebrating schoolies in Fiji has arrived in the country to bring his body home. 17-year-old Harrison Kadell drowned in the pool of his luxury resort yesterday. Nine's Aislin O'Connor is in Fiji and has more details. Harrison Kadell's parents, brother and sister arrived in Fiji late last night, less than 24 hours after they found out the 17-year- old had drowned in a pool at the resort he was staying at on Plantation Island. They're grieving. They're in shock. They wanted to come here to find out what happened to Harrison. Various reports are coming back from other teenagers on the island, but at this stage, authorities haven't confirmed any of them. Police are over there, again, today, investigating. At this stage, it is still unclear why Harrison drowned. The tragic accident has shocked over school- leavers staying on the island. Many come here believing it is a safer alternative to partying on the Gold Coast.We were just at a different resort. Got a text from mum just before we got on the plane to come home saying that, you know, there'd been an accident. Really scary. I heard about it and I was like, "Oh!" Rall sad. I hope the family is OK.Friends of Harrison say he was bright and bubbly, a talented sportsman and performer, so the fact his life has been cut so short is an absolute tragedy. Harrison's family has just released a statement. They said their son was a beautiful, kind and well- respected young man. They thanked the Government and Queensland Police for their help. Harrison's parents have expressed their appreciation to family and friends for all their love and support. Prince William has spent the day by the hospital bedside of wife Kate as she continues to improve after a severe bout of morning sickness. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic has the details. Well, the news from King Edward VI Hospital here in Central London is good news, a-- VII hospital here in Central London is good news, which released a -- according to St James's Palace, who released a statement a few hours ago now. The statement reads:

She's being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum, the acute morning sickness that Kate had been feeling and suffering from in the days leading up to her admission to hospital here. There had been a faint hope that Kate might be leaving hospital this evening but that almost guarantees that that won't happen. So there is now a hope that she will leave tomorrow but it's more likely that she will leave hospital in two days' time. Her only visitor today has still been Prince William for the second day in a row. He spent about six hours here by his wife's bedside and he surely did look relieved when he left hospital a few hours ago. Now -- a few hours ago now. He walked from the entrance to the hospital into a waiting Land Rover that quickly drove him away. There was no talking to the media. We're still waiting to hear William's first words but he's the only member of the royal family who have turned up here in the past few days. I'm certain we'll all be told when to expect other members of the royal family to arrive as well. There had been a hope that we might see the Middletons here today because Mr and Mrs Middleton were seen and filmed driving out of their home in Bucklebury a short time later -- but a short time later they drove back in. Kate's sister, Pippa, lives in this area so we expect to see her visiting her sister. Of course the moment everyone is waiting for here is the moment when Kate does leave King Edward VII Hospital but as yet that's an unknown as to when that might happen. Peter Stefanovic in London there. Back home and a man accused of drink-driving slammed into four parked cars in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs last night, causing mayhem in a Bondi street. Let's cross straight to Matt Snelson. Matt, tell us how this unfolded.Good morning, Brett. You can still see the results here. The cars have not been towed away yet. Two were written off and probably when tow trucks get here and separate a couple of the cars, they might find a third has been written off as well. Plenty of damage and plenty of people hurr hurt. It happened last night. They say a Holden Commodore came around the corner, lost control and a Mercedes four- wheel drive and a ute bore the brunt of the damage but two other cars were hit as well. When they arrived, they gave the 43-year-old alleged driver of the Commodore a breath test. It was positive and he was taken to a police station where he returned a breath analysis of 0.106. That's in the Midrange. We spoke to some of the locals who heard the accident. Let's hear some of what they told us. You heard a very long screech and then a big bang. I didn't think too much of it at the time, not knowing there was this much damage done.I fell asleep and then this huge bank and -- bang and we knew it must be serious.Pretty big bang?Enormous. The thing that woke us up was there were no skid marks, just the bang that started it.The alleged driver has been given a notice too appear in court next month. He's facing the charge of Midrange drink- driving and this morning, there's a costly clean-up operation amid for the owners of these cars. It certainly looks like it. Thank you. Two men in their early 20s are badly hurt but alive after a crash which obliterated the cabin of their car. The ute is believed to have been travelling at high speed when it struck a tree near Balmoral in the NSW Southern Highlands. One of the men was thrown from the car. He was taken to hospital in a medically indupesed coma. Fire and rescue crews freed theory man from the wreckage before he was also flown to hospital suffering head injuries. Queensland is bracing once again for above-average temperatures today but it's the extremely dry conditions that have authorities concerned. Live now to nine's Michael Best in Brisbane. Good morning, Michael. Fire crews on high alert there today. We seem to have problems there with Michael's audio. We will cross back to Brisbane as soon as we resolve that problem. Meantime, a resort town on WA's south coast is holding its breath this morning amid fears a forecast wind change will send an out-of- control bushfire straight toward homes. 130 firefighters have spent the night patrolling containment lines which are currently protecting Bremer Bay. A watch-and- act alert has been issued with a wind change expected which could push the blaze through containment lines. Authorities say if that happens, there will be little hope of defending some homes. Fire crews were called to the Shell refinery at Geelong shortly after 2:30 this morning for a significant amount -- after a significant amount of diesel began leaking. The CFA says the leak is condition contained on the site and does not pose a threat to the community. Emergency services will stay at the scene as a precaution. Let's go back to Michael Best in Queensland now to talk about fire alerts there. Good morning, Michael. Tell us about the alert that fire crews are on there today.Well, Brett, after this week-long heatwave that Queensland has experienced, there's certainly dangerous fire conditions that are affecting most of Queensland right now. 41 blazes are currently burning across the State from right up north, west of Cairns, out west to Miles and here in the south-east. Three of thousands are considered significant, including one west of Maryborough. So far there's been no threats to property, which is a good thing. As the day continues, firefighters expect the dry and gusty winds to intensify and conditions to become more dangerous. Here's how they describe what they're facing today.Temperatures slightly down to yesterday but winds picking up which has negated that. The word that we've got here in -- weather we've got in Queensland is unseasonable for this time of year. We expect this to last for another few days yet. We've had a couple of years of quite heavy rainfall over Queensland and the vegetation is very abundant across the State.A difficult day ahead. Is there any sign of reprieve in terms of the temperatures, Michael?There is a slight reprieve T was 38 degrees in Brisbane yesterday. They're expecting a top of 34 today. The dry winds which are intensifying the fire threat are also making it a little bit more comfortable. There's not the generally high humidity you get in South East Queensland in particular when the temperatures become very hot. Now, the heatwave is expected to end after today. We'll go back to about average temperatures in South East Queensland which is about 28 degrees. After the week we've had, Brett, there'll be a lot of happy people here in South East Queensland tomorrow.It will be a welcome change. Thanks for your time. Let's have a quick look at the weather across the country today:

Plenty more to come including - nurturing a future monarch. How Kate's journey into motherhood will be different to Diana's. Shane Warne arrives home amid speculation he could return for the Ashes. And which city has been voted the best in Australia?

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They're one of the most endangered species in Australia but now promising research could help save the grey nurse shark from extinction. Queensland scientists have launched a major project, tagging sharks in a bid to boost numbers. We're joined by Nine's Libby Stone at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. Morning, Libby. What more can you tell us about this?As you mentioned, these animals are critically endangered. There are only around 1,000 grey nurse sharks living on the east coast of Australia and that's inspired researchers from the University of Queensland and SeaWorld to launch the Missing in Action Project. We're joined by someone from SeaWorld. Why are these animals so endangered? Probably two main reasons. The first is they have quite a unit eke life history. They're long-lived, have a long time to reach maturity and only have two pups in a year. The number of pups born over time is low. The other main reason is human impact. The animals are still being caught even though they've been a protected species for many years. They're being caught by recreational and commercial fishers. It's certainly an interesting project. Tell us more about it. Basically we're trying to find out some missing locations, where the animals that are Jesstating - so animals have just been mated -- gestating - so animals have just been mated with - where those animals will spend the next 12 months. We're trying too find those sites so we can protect them.Your team has just been on a field trip recently. Tell us what's involved? There are a few known locations on where the animals mate on the east coast of Australia and one of them is just north of North Stradbroke Island, at a place called Flat Rock and there's a couple of places off Moreton Island. We were looking for animals that had been recently mated with - this is females. You can find them because they have bite marks all over them. Then we would insert a tag and basically watch them for the next 12 months. OK, look, thank you so much for your time, Marnie. It is certainly an interesting project and it should wrap up, Brett, in 2014. Already, around 13 pregnant grey nurse sharks have been tagged. Some good news. Libby Stone on the Gold Coast, thank you. If you're wing and dining in Australia, one city has been named the standout. Sydney has been crowned the nation's favourite city at the annual 'Australian Traveller' magazine awards last night. The Harbour City was awarded five gongs, including Best Restaurant, Best Bar, and Best Travel Experience. Last year's winner, Melbourne, claimed just one award, with Crown named Best Luxury Hotel. WA's Margaret River was voted the country's Best Town and Queensland took out the most State awards, winning seven titles. As the mother of a royal baby, the Duchess of Cambridge has a hard act to follow. Princess Diana was often hailed as setting the benchmark for a royal mother, doting on her two sons. If Kate has any doubts about how to embrace motherhood in coming months, she should look no further than the example set for her by Prince William's mother. When it comes to mothering a future monarch, royal mothers say -- royal-watchers say Princess Diana set the gold standard.Diana lovished her boys with affection and she was truly a loving parent, which, in many ways, broke the mould of traditional royal parenting.While Kate will be a seasoned adult when she gives birth, Diana was only 20 when she announced that she was pregnant with William. The announcement came in November of 1981, just over three months after Diana wed Prince Charles in a wedding watched by the world. The press had begun to speculate that Diana was pregnant weeks before the announcement, notably when she fell asleep sitting up at a formal function. When it came to fashion, Diana was the master, even while pregnant, donning pieces that were fashion- forward for the 1980s. When it came to royal duties, Diana was ready and willing to perform, pregnant or not, appearing beside the Queen, greeting well-wishers. When it came to birth, Diana showed she would do it in a modern way.Prince William was the first worthwhile baby to be born in a hospital.Diana reportedly laboured for 16 hours in London's St Mary's Hospital and followed a national childbirth plan, which including sucking on ice with Prince Charles by her side. Word of William's birth was spread via apaper announcement attached to the gates of Buckingham Palace prompting an elated nation to celebrate the birth of a future king. From the beginning, Diana insisted on keeping her infant son by her side.Prince William was the first royal baby who was brought along on a royal trip. She insisted that she would not leave him behind and part of the reason for that was that she was breastfeeding, also very much unheard of amongst the royal family. Two years later, when she gave birth to Harry, Diana's hands-on mothering style continued. She regularly played educational games with her boys in their nursery and was actively volved in drop-offs and pick-ups at a day school in London. Children as young as 6 and 7 were sent to boarding school. That was not OK with Diana.In later years, William and Harry would call Diana simply the best mother in the world. Those are some big maternal shoes to fill but royal-watchers predict Kate is up to the challenge.I think William and Kate's parenting style may be somewhat similar to what Diana did and William and Kate will really follow that model, to do everything they can to ensure as normal a childhood as possible while at the same time behind the scenes educating their child for their future role. Now, in a case of art imitating life, a quick-thinking craftsman has knocked up a new figurine of the royal couple featuring a pregnant Kate. The shapely statues have already hit the shelves in Italy, where local fans have been quick to snap them up. One minor inaccuracy - the Duchess is dressed in her wedding gown but last year's event clearly wasn't a shotgun wedding. Still ahead this morning - kidnapped and thrown into the boot of a car. A man's terrifying ordeal. Also - the first of the big banks moves on interest rates. Will the others follow? We'll have the latest from Canberra. And overindulging - why This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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This program is not captioned. The first of the big banks have passeds on part of the Reserve Bank's interest rate cut. We're crossing to Kerrie Yaxley. The NAB has moved. Can the Government get the other banks to take on the rate cut as well?Not really, Brett. But they can certainly put the pressure on. The NAB has cut its rate by 20 basis points. However that's five points short of the Reserve Bank. The drop takes it to 6.38%. The ANZ makes its decision monthly, regardless of the RBA. Treasurer Wayne Swan has been on television and radio this morning urging the big banks to pass the cut on in full. Tony Abbott has also been out and about and he says that under the Howard government, the banks moved more quickly to pass on the rate cuts and more often they were passed on in full. Have a listen.Our big banks are very profitable and they shouldn't be taking their customers for a ride. At Christmas, I think their customers will be very angry unless they pass this through in full. When Peter Costello was the Treasurer, the banks invariably passed the rate cut through. Since Wayne Swan has been the Treasurer, the banks have invariably procrastinated. People have not got the full and immediate benefit of rate cuts. Shead owe Treasurer Joe Hockey argues there is less competition between the major banks under the current Government and that's why they're less likely to pass on the full cut but the Banksers Association says there's plenty of competition and it's quite healthy and the banks hold back, waiting to see their competitor's hand so they can then undercut them to get new customers. Let's have a listen now to the Bankers Association's Steve Munchenberg with a little on the banks' perspectives.The banks will look at reaction from the community because that's an important consideration for the banks and they'll balance that out in making their decisions. The decision gives some insight into the state of the economy but we'll have more on that at around 11:30 this morning when growth figures are released by the Bureau of Statistics.We'll have Ross Greenwood talking to us about those figures during this bulletin. We all like a little chocolate indulgence now and then but an Australian study has found warning women to not eat too much of the treat can have the opposite effect. The research twuent the University of Western Australia and a university -- between the University of Western Australia and a university in Scotland says those women who aren't dieting are more prone to impulse eating when shown negative ads. Women who are dieting take chocolate after seeing thin models. It doesn't work either way. Let's take a brief look at the weather across the country now.

Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - students evacuated after a child brings a hand grenade to school. Our reporter has the latest. Also - extreme heat. Queenslanders bracing for another scorching day. And how you could be sleeping and driving and not even know it.

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Welcome back. You're watching Nine's Morning Newshour. If you've just joined us, these are our top stories - authorities are at a school in Newcastle where students have been evacuated after a child brought a hand grenade to class. The family of Queensland teen Harrison Kadell who died during schoolies in Fiji has paid tribute to their son this morning, saying he was a beautiful, well- respected and fun-loving young man. And a pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has spent her second day in hospital as she recovering from -- recovers from severe morning sickness. The family of a Queensland teenager who died while celebrating schoolies in Fiji say their hearts are breaking. In a statement, 17- year-old Harrison Kadell's parents said their son was a beautiful, kind and well-respected young man. His family arrived in Fiji late last night less than 24 hours after learning Harrison had drowned in a resort swimming pool on Plantation Island. Really scary. I heard about it and I was like, "Oh!" so really sad. I hope that family's OK.The circumstances surrounding Harrison's death are still unclear. Kate Middleton is likely to spend another couple of days in an exclusive London Hospital, despite an improvement in her severe morning sickness. Prince William spent much of the day by his wife's bedside as the intense media interest continues over the royal baby news. If the announcement of a royal pregnancy conjured up this kind of frenzy, one can only imagine the attention the royal offspring will attract in the years to come. When you're the child of the most scrutinised couple on the planet, then chances are you're going to be well scrutinised yourself, but mum and dad will want it on their terms. Prince William has some bad memories about his childhood, being pursued by paparazzi. They won't want that to be repeated. I think certainly things have changed and the landscape has changed. I'm not sure whether the public has the same appetite for the hounding of the Royals that maid have been there in the 1980s.History will play an important part in guiding not just William and Catherine but the media too. The prince's early appearances were choreographed by Charles and Diana - first and last day of term, brief appearances on the slopes with his brother. But there was the constant tension of the press and media wanting more and some pushing the boundaries of official arrangements. The attention persists.Calm down the flash a minute, please. Interest is global now. The interest in China, Japan and these emerging countries that have this interest in British royalty. So, in that respect, the challenges are the same and probably even more difficult. His mother's battles with the press have left William determined to protect his family's privacy. Using the courts this summer to halt publication of topless pictures of his wife. But that episode served as a reminder that in a modern media age, control of your image and information is getting more difficult. The couple don't just have to worry about TV and newspapers but the web and social media like Twitter. A spoof account devoted to the royal baby has already attracted thousands of followers. On top of that, these days it seems every member of the public has a camera in their hands. It's going to be very difficult to enshrine any sort of code in law because you can clearly try and control the media in this country but you can't control the Internet. It's completely unpoliced. There are bloggers out there. Everybody has a mobile phone that can take photographs and also the American websites where these blogs go up are, in fact, protected by law. After the hounding of Diana and more recently the phone-hacking scandal, the Royals will be hoping for a shift towards greater privacy, but the potential rewards for an exclusive photo may prove too much of a tempt aches for some in the press and for those members of the public later compelled to take a look. Returning now to our top story and there's an emergency at a Newcastle school this morning with an unexploded hand grenade brought in by a student for show and tell. For the latest, let's cross to Sarah Harris, who joins us on the phone. What's the latest there?Hey, Brett. This drama unfolded at Hunter Christian School just before 9 o'clock this morning. An 11-year- old girl, we believe, in Year 5, brought in this unexploded hand grenade for show and tell. Teachers became worried. It was taken to the principal's office. He ordered the 460 students here at the school be immediately evacuated. He then called the police to let them know and consequently, surrounding streets around the school have also been evacuated. Now, all of the kids have been taken to the local leagues club here where they're being picked up by their parents. We understand the little girl at the centre of all of this, the little girl who brought in the unexploded hand grenade, is incredibly upset by all the drama she's caused. Have a listen to what the school's principal said earlier. She's a lovely young lady who has innocently brought it to school not realising what it is or the seriousness of what it might mean. Was she surprised by the impact? She's bewildered and trying to make sense of it.Sarah, what can you tell bus the hand greb aid itself? It's a pineapple-style hand grenade, possibly an MK2, similar to those used in World War II. We're hearing that pin and possibly the ignition have been removed. The little girl actually found it in her neighbour's garden. Incredibly, we're hearing she's been playing with it for the past couple of days before bringing it in to the school. Now, whether it is actually -- whether it actually has the capability to explode we just don't know yet. We've just seen two members of the Australian Defence Force arrive. They went into the principal's office and took the bomb away in a red box for testing, we understand. A press conference here is about to get under way. I'll have a few more details hopefully after that.That's great. Sarah Harris, thank you. A former Victorian detective accused of organising the murders of a whistleblower and his wife is promising explosive new details about the killings in a tell-all book. Paul Dale says it's time for his side of the story to come out. Almost a decade after Christine and Terrence Hodson were executed. Dale was accused of offering $150,000 for Hodson to be killed. The case against him was abandoned in 2010 after one of his accusers died. He says the murders were solvable. The police focused all their attention on him. Fire crews are bracing for extreme conditions in Queensland today as high temperatures once again bake parts of the State. We're live now to Nine's Michael Best in Brisbane. Good morning, Michael. How much of Queensland is under threat?Most of it, actually, Brett. The heatwave that struck most of Queensland for the past week has had a cumulative effect on this fire threat. It's dried out a huge amount of vegetation that's accumulated in the State after a few wet summers. Today, there are 41 blazes burning from the Atherton Tableland to the south-east. There are three significant blazes, one up near Cairns, one out near Miles? Central western Queensland and one near Maryborough. So far, no properties have been under threat. No properties have been dang damaged. But the dry, westerly winds which are adding to the fire threat are expected to intensify throughout the day so as the afternoon progresses, conditions will only get worse.How long are these high temperatures expected to last, Michael?Well, a couple of days yet. It will be slightly cooler today than yesterday. We hilt 38 degrees here in Brisbane yesterday, which was the hottest temperatures in December for 11 years. It's expected to be 34 here today and will be slightly cooler tomorrow, but it is the dry winds which firefighters are worried about and this is how they're describing the threat and what they're expecting over the next couple of days. The weather that we've got here in Queensland is pretty unseasonable for this time of the year. We're coming in towards the end of the fire season but we've had some of the worst days that we've had. We expect this to last for another few days yet.There are certainly a lot of crews out around the State today. The emergency services headquarters are holding constant meetings and monitoring blazes throughout the State and emergency services say they have enough resources to fight any fires that do break out.And summer has only just begun. Michael, thanks for your time. As we've heard, the first of the big banks this morning announced they will cut their interest rates, the NAB dropping its standard home loan 0.2%. But the banks could be setting themselves up for criticism by not passing on the cuts in full, especially after the latest economic growth figures have shown a slowdown in Australia's economic growth. For the latest details, we're joined by Nine's finance editor Ross Greenwood in the studio. The figures came out a matter of moments ago. What's in them?What we can see is the economic growth figures for the last quarter are up by 0.5% and the annual economic growth of Australia is right now 3.1%. You can see that we are way away from recession. 3.1% is pretty much what you'd call the trend growth over the very long period of time for Australia. So as the Reserve Bank said yesterday, it's not as though we're booming or going backwards. We're going sideways. The important thing is the terms of trade - in other words, what we get for our exports - has fallen by 4% during this period of time and it's important to note that the Australian dollar after this announcement has fallen. So that implies that market believes this might spur on the reserving bank next year to continue to cut interest rates.It is almost 24 hours since the RBA cut the rates yesterday. The NAB hasn't passed on the full cut. Do you think the other banks will?The thing is that there's an argument right now as to whether the banks have the capacity to do so and, indeed, if the Reserve Bank is cutting interest rates but the banks do not pass it on in full, whether that's providing the full incentive that business needs to get the growth figures strong. What we can see from the numbers that have come out this morning is that mining industry is still the strongest contributor to our economic growth. However, the thing that is dragging on economic growth right now is government expenditure - in other words, the Government is starting to cut back on infrastructure and la range of different areas and really this is contributing -- and a range of different areas and really is contributing along with a slowdown in the mining industry and the prices they're receiving for their goods, to create a scenario where next year these figures may be even weaker. Certainly that is what the Australian dollar falling this morning would also imply and why many would encourage the big banks right now to pass this interest rate cut on in full. Thanks for coming in.That's OK.It was extraordinary in Sydney last night, showing the narrow escape these two young girls had when a metal awning almost crashed on top of them. Amazing. They were on a bench in the western Sydney suburb of Guildford. One of the girls saw the structure flying towards them and yanked the other, believed to be her sister, to safety. Queer trying to track them down. If you know who they are, please contact us by email. Quite amazing. Overseas now and the southern Philippines is in the grip of a monster typhoon, with reports of at least 50 people dead as the system carves a path of destruction across the region. Mindanao has been win of the hardest hit as violent 210km/h gusts ripped through, forcing tens of thousands to flee to safety. Power has been cut in many towns, while other areas have been overwhelmed as the torrential rain triggered landslides and flash-flooding. The 600km/h-wide -- 600 km-wide storm is expected to reach the South China Sea tomorrow. Three teenage soccer players in the Netherlands are facing manslaughter charges after a man was kicked to death. The 41-year-old father of two was refereeing his son's soccer match when he was attacked. It was here on a frosty football pitch that the volunteer linesman was attacked. 41-year-old Richard Nieuwenhuizen had been officiating at the match between FC Buitenboys and nearby rivals Nieuw-Sloten. His son was playing for the local team. On Monday, the club hastily organised a book of condolence. TRANSLATION: On Sunday there was a match here on the field and then a linesman was pulled on to.field and kicked by lots of boys. And then he got up and he ran away. Spectators at the match on Sunday morning said the game had been bad- tempered. After the final whistle, it's alleged the three teenagers attacked the linesman, beating him and kicking him to the ground. He managed to struggle to his feet and try to fly but they set upon him again. There were dozens of eyewitnesses. TRANSLATION: Number 8 - I still see it vividly - gave the fatal kick at the back of the victim's head with his football food. Three of them kicked him in the belly. He couldn't do anything. It was terrible. He returned home, apparently without serious injury, but fell ill that afternoon and was admitted to hospital. He died in the evening. The national flag was lowered to half mast at the team's clubhouse. With parents, families and friends clearly overcome with grief, the reaction from national and international sporting clubs was immediate. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said he was deeply shocked. The junior league in which the two teams played has cancelled all its matches this weekend. Professional teams in the Netherlands will observe a minute's silence with players wearing black armbands. Nieuw-Sloten has suspended the alleged attackers and withdrawn from the league. Prosecutors say three teenagers, two aged 15 and one 16 will appear in court on Sunday charged with manslaughter, assault and public violence. A camera mounted on the dashboard of a police vehicle has recorded recorded a traffic stop in the US that turned out to be anything but routine. Officers unwittingly foiled a kidnapping when they pulled over the vehicle on a Texas highway and heard screams coming from the boot of the car. This newly released police dash-cam video capturing a seemingly routine traffic stop that's about to become anything but routine. What cops don't know yet - there's a man tied up in that trunk, fearing for his life. That man, 22- year-old Shawn Bloemer, seen here in his Twitter picture.Obviously scared. I didn't know what their intentions were.Police say these three people kidnapped Bloemer from his job at a Louisville convenience store in August. He was beaten and stuffed inside his own car trunk after their car broke down. Cops say the suspects were looking to buy drugs. The whole time, Bloemer was still in the trunk, at times passing out. Incredibly, he came to just in time to see flashing lights outside a crack in a broken taillight.I heard a voice and I could tell from, you know, from his inflection that he was an officer. He came back and asked about insurance and that's when I started kicking and punching on the hood, yelling. And now the pay-off. Back-up units arrive and guns are drawn. Cops pull the suspects out of the car. Then it's to the trunk, guns still drawn, still not sure if it's friend or foe inside.The trunk was popped. I exposed my hands like the officers asked me to do. Then there was probably 8 or 10 cop cars there at that point.Bloemer is safety. The nightmare is over. He got to thank the officers who may have saved his life at a ceremony honouring their quick thinking. There's not really a lot I can say except for thank you but, um, it means a lot more than that.And the three suspects - they are behind bars this morning, charged with kidnapping and theft. Lucky man. Drivers are often being warned not to get behind the wheel without some solid sleep under their belts. Now a US study has found drowsy drivers may be taking several microsleeps, all while their eyes are still open. My eyes are open but what you can't tell in this experiment - I'm actually asleep. Every day, an estimated 250,000 Americans fall asleep while driving, like this woman, who was videotaped seemingly nodding off at the wheel in Denver. Sleep-deprived drivers are blamed for thousands of crashes every year, but many times it's not that obvious. Scientists say there's something called microsleep, where you can fall asleep for just a few seconds without realising it, sometimes with your eyes open. Hi, I'm Ron.We travelled to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute outside of Boston where they study microsleep.It's a brief transition from wakefulness to sleep and it can last up to maybe 20 or 30 seconds. You're awake and suddenly you're asleep.I agreed to take part in an experiment. I would drive while sleep-deprived. To mimic the condition of people who dot do not get enough sleep, I stayed up all night. At the lab, I was hooked up to a brain wave monitor. I thought I could handle the driving.I feel OK now.Then I got behind the wheel of a mini-van on the lab's closed track.I'm feeling pretty worn out.My eyes are open here, but I'm asleep. And here too. This is what microsleeping can look like. At one point, I did dose off. That was not good. Finally - stop. I'm done. I knew I had dised off a couple of times but what was stunning - I had actually microslept 22 times and never knew it. So what was going on inside my brain?This is evidence that you're falling asleep.My eyes were open but see how these lines are becoming minister jagged? That's sleep coming on. And these lines show my brinking is getting slower. I'd microslept for three seconds. If I'd been driving 60 miles per hour, I would have gone the length of a football field asleep. I was in a real twilight zone the entire time and it was scary. Sure was. Right, time for sport now with Tim Sheridan. Tim, could we really be seeing Shane Warne again?Well, he's been stirring the pot a bit. That's for sure. Three or four overs in Twenty20 is one thing and the Test arena in another. He says Liz Hurley loves seeing him in cricket whites. The spin king has been taking to Twitter to ask questions about a Test return. And greater western Sydney This program is not captioned. 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This program is not captioned. Shane Warne has taken to Twitter to answer speculation he's ready for a return to Test cricket. Nine's Cory Norris joins us now from Melbourne. Good morning, Cory. Well, at the very least, we know that Warnie believes he still has what it takes. He certainly does, Tim. Shane Warne is no stranger to making headlines but this is a little leftfield with the spin king declaring he would consider an Ashes call-up from Michael Clarke. The comments from the 43-year-old legend have sparked many mixed opinions about the possibility of a Test cricket comeback after he retired from the longest form of the game back in 2007. Warnie was ducking a little bit from his comments this morning. He certainly wasn't keen to talk to the media camped outside his home as he welcomed Liz home from the UK. No great surprise he took to Twitter this morning to try and put a little bit of backspin on his comments saying:

He added:

So read into this however you want but probably the key to all of this is that Warnie says there's no doubt he could bowl successfully at Test level again and as he prepares for Friday night's Big Bash opener for his side the Melbourne Stars, he says he's bowling as well as at any time since his retirement. A poll running on the MSN website indicates most of the fans think he should perhaps stay in retirement. Maybe a bit of food for thought for Michael Clarke and Mickey Arthur or perhaps Warnie has everyone in a little bit of a spin.We all have to be careful what we wish for, Cory. Thank you for that. AFL and Kurt Tippett is all but guaranteed to make the move to premiers, Sydney. Tippett had been in limbo for several weeks as the league investigated a salary cap rort at his former club, Adelaide. But now he'll get his wish and head to the Swans after rivals GWS decided they could not afford him. Tippett can't play for Sydney until Round 12 after he was suspended for a dodgy third-party deal. To golf and Australian Open favourite Adam Scott is playing his Pro-Am round right now at Sydney's Lakes course. Four tournament draw card, Tom Watson, says he's playing well for an old-timer.Coming in here with a pretty good attitude about my golf game. The only problem is a 63-year-old body has got a cold and I've got a little bit of jetlag coming from South Africa.And Rory McIlroy has been named the US PGA Tour's Player of the Year, the youngest to take out the award since Tiger Woods in 1997. The Kookaburras have held on to defeat Pakistan 1-0 in their final group game of the Champions Trophy. A yellow card handed the Aussies a second-half penalty corner to open the scoring. The Kookaburras finished second behind the Dutch in their pool and go on to face England in the quarterfinals. Humiliation is complete for English champions Manchester City in the European Champions League. They were beaten 1-0 by German side Borussia Dortmund, not even qualifying for the second-tier Europa League. Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid, who played top-shelf football to defeat Ajax Amsterdam 4-1. And Arsenal was beaten 2-1 by Olympiakos, but will play in the knock-out stage. And Adrian Anderson has resigned from one of the top jobs at the AFL after nine years in the job. So a little bit of instability there at the top of the game. Very interesting. I guess he won't be taking over after all.No.Tim Sheridan, thank you.Thank you. Talk to you soon. Still to come - we'll have finance and the latest weather.

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Let's get all the weather details now around the country:

To finance. Taking a quick look at the market numbers:

And that's Nine's Morning Newshour for this Wednesday. You can join me for more news at 4:30 this afternoon. I'm Brett McLeod. I hope to see you then. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia -

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