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(generated from captions) his enemies have a lot
to answer for.

Clinton had survived, but the impeachment ordeal
seemed to have sapped much of his drive and ambition.

BAKER: President Clinton has
more than 700 days left in office after he is acquitted by the Senate, and he promises to use every single
one of them to its fullest. But the constraints were enormous
at that point. The big aspirations were gone. The chances of reinventing Social
Security or reinventing Medicare just proved too elusive. He had a Congress which had just
literally put him on trial and it was not willing to do
a lot of business with him.

In 2000, Clinton came
tantalisingly close to the great historical achievement
for which he had yearned, but a peace agreement
between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in the eleventh hour.

The same year,
after decades of budget deficits, the federal budget had a surplus
of nearly $240 billion, an accomplishment for which
Clinton was given much credit.

It was only as her husband
was preparing to leave the stage that Hillary finally stepped
front and centre, ready at last to take her star turn. BAKER: The day the Senate votes to acquit President Clinton
on impeachment charges, Hillary Clinton is meeting
in the White House Residence with Harold Ickes to plot a campaign for
the very same United States Senate. Literally the end of his crisis
is the birth of her new phase.

SHEEHY: She said,
"I want to be independent. "I want to be judged
on my own merits." And she finally released herself from, you know,
the shadow of Bill Clinton over her and began making her own decisions.

He then came to her support, and there was nobody more of
a champion for her Senate race than Bill Clinton. He was behind her all the way. So, even if I didn't know her
better than anybody in this room, I'd be for her. (CROWD CHEERS) That November, as Vice-President Al Gore lost
the closest presidential election in American history, Hillary Clinton easily won
the Senate seat in New York. I am profoundly grateful
to all of you for giving me the chance
to serve you.

In his final round
of goodbye speeches, Bill Clinton even bid farewell
to the Washington press corps. You know, I read
in the history books how other presidents say the
White House is like a penitentiary and that every motive they have
is suspect. Even George Washington complained
he was treated like a common thief. And they all say
they can't wait to get away. I don't know what the heck
they're talking about. (LAUGHTER) I've had a wonderful time. It's been an honour to serve
and fun to laugh. I only wish that we'd even laughed
more these last eight years. Because power is not
the most important thing in life and it only counts for
what you use it.

MAN: Listen, this guy
loved being president. He even loved being president
when it was tough. And a lot of times I would say,
"How does he smile? "How does he keep laughing? "How does he keep going
through this?" But it was because he got
the energy back from the people.

Whatever you think of the man, he wanted to do the right thing for the people of his county,
his state, his country, and that never changed about him.

Clinton departed the White House
for the last time on Saturday, January 20, 2001.

In the end, he left
much as he had come - a man loved by his friends
and loathed by his enemies, a politician who had achieved
a great deal yet left behind a curious sense
of unfulfilled promise.

HARRIS: I believe he is
an argument without end - that there will be people
discussing and debating the significance of Bill Clinton
for a long time.

MAN: Bill Clinton will be remembered as one of our best presidents
in the 20th century who accomplished an enormous amount, and he will be remembered because
of his personal recklessness. And that is tragic, because
so much more could have happened.

REICH: Did Bill Clinton
help the country and was the country better
for having him as president? I think, unquestionably, yes. But are there elements of tragedy
here as well? Huge elements of tragedy in terms
of failures and opportunities lost and risks made
that didn't have to be made? Undoubtedly.

MAN: I know a lot of people think that Clinton's presidency
was a wasted opportunity. But he came to office in 1992
and left a stronger country in 2000. I don't know
if you can say of a president who served us well
and improved our material good that it was a wasted opportunity. And it was sure
a lot of fun to watch.

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This program is captioned live. Australia's cash rate is cut to a 3-year low but no movement tonight from the big four.There has been the slowing down of Chinese growth and that's a worry for Australia.A second day in hospital for the Duchess of Cambridge as news of her pregnancy makes headlines worldwide. I'm sure many will be thinking of Kate as she deals with morning sickness.Tributes tonight for an Australian teenager after tragedy strikes on a schoolies trip in Fiji. And at least six people are dead as a typhoon rips through the southern Philippines.

Hello. The bank of -- Bank of Queensland and ING Direct are the only lenders so far to reduce rates following today's interest rate cut. The big four have yet to move after the Reserve Bank dropped rates by a quarter of a percent to 3%, a level not seen since the height of the GFC. Heading up to 2:30 eastern time, Christmas shoppers in central Sydney were feeling this and they got their wish - the cash rate down a quarter of a percent to 3%. Today's rate cut from the Reserve Bank is the early Christmas present that hard-working Aussies deserve. The Bankers Association has been warning people not to expect the full pass on. As usual, the reason is higher funding costs for the banks. Cutting rates to emergency levels follows a flu of negative data. -- flew of negative data.The Government has no plan to deal with the deterioration in the mining boom. And the Reserve Bank is now having to do the heavy lifting. This rate cut is a consequence of prudent budget management, and contained inflation.So what difference between last months's steady rates and now? The bank eludes to the looming fiscal cliff threatening US recession. Locally while capital spending has been bolstering growth, other sectors are weakening. While the mining peak is now approaching.Australia has had so many years of pretty good growth without a recession. So I think from the Australian point of view, it looks not at all a bad year for many of us. In Europe, we're looking at no growth.Sydney firm FIP rates the iron ore industry.The expectation is that about 840 iron ore wagons for 2013 and about 1,000 -- 1,050 coal wagons for next year.The Australian dollar continues to defy the Reserve Bank's intentions, even rising after intentions, even rising after the announcement.

There's a huge media presence outside the ia presence outside the London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is beginning a second day of treatment for severe morning sickness. Now these are live pictures from outside the King Edward VII Hospital, where police are on guard. In a statement about the pregnancy, St James's Palace said members oof both the royal family and the Middleton famy were delighted with the news. Prince William leaves the London hospital where his wife is being treated. Kate, 30, is thought to be about two months pregnant. Palace officials say her condition requires hydration and nutrients. 70% of women who become pregnant will have morning sickness but only a few of them will go on to have hyperemesis gravidarum. That's where it's difficult to hold any food or drink down at all.She's expected to remain in hospital for several days. No sign of pregnancy last week, though, when the Duchess of Cambridge played hockey in high heels. Prince William was pleased to receive a baby outfit just days earlier. Britain's PM says he's delighted.I got a little note came in to a meeting I was having. I found it quite difficult to keep it to myself.The White House sending congratulations from President Barack Obama and the First Lady. They both feel having a child is one of the most wonderful parts of their lives. So I'm sure that will be the same for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.The PM welcomed the news that she said would bring joy to many around the world.I'm sure many will be thinking of Kate as she deals with morning sickness. she deals with morning sickness.Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sending his wishes via Twitter.Everybody likes the coming birth of a baby, a royal baby. Personalises the Crown which is search an important institution. The royal baby will be third in line to the throrpb even if it's a girl. That's because the British Government has agreed to change 300-year-old laws which give priority to boys. New Zealand has been coordinating the changes and is it the only one to include these laws in domersic succession.Woe have conveyed to the British Government our support. Our officials have beenictively involved in the -- been actively involved in the process.Julia Gillard has agreed in principle to the changes. NATO is set to approve the deployment of Patriot missiles to defend Turkey's border with Syria. The news comes as US President Barack Obama issues a stern warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The US has told Damascus there will be consequences if he turns chemical weapons on his own people. An amateur cameraman captures the latest professional hit on the flashpoint city of Homs. Cluster bombs raining down on one of the cradles of the revolution. While on the Turkish border, another films the aftermath of a government air strike on the rebel- held town of Ras al Ain. As usual, the pictures are impossible to verify. But opposition groups claim another 86 people have lost their lives in the latest fighting. At least 12 of them here on the border. It's not known how many were killed in the bombing of this markets in Aleppo, a city the US is watching very closely. Just 15 kilometres from the fighting lies one of the dozens of chemical weapons sites dotted across Syria. Having detected movement at one of the sites, the US has raised the possibility that the Assad regime is considering the use of gas in a limited artillery attack on advancing rebels.Today I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his coman, the world is watching. The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable.For Russia, it's Turkey's request that NATO positions Patriot missiles on its border with Syria that is totally unacceptable. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, telling his Turkish counterpart as much during a brief visit. But the deployment of the Patriots may not be necessary. The secretary-general of the Arab League predicting the Assad government is on the verge of collapse. As the fighting rages across the country, the international community is getting out. The UN indefinitely suspending all operations. The reported downing of another jet appearing to confirm that the rebels now have both the hardware and the skills necessary to topple the regime.

In breaking news tonight - Iran is claiming to have captured a US drone which entered Iranian air space over the Persian Gulf. The US says none of its drones are missing in the Middle East. A navy spokesman said US operations are confined to US water and air space. Australia has joined the international storm with protest against Israel over the plan to build more settler homes. The action complicates the prospects of resuming peace negotiations with the Palestinians. An area of desert in the West bank has become the latest barrier to peace. Israel's going to build homes here and that's caused alarm around the world. The UK summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest, so did France, Sweden and Australia. Russia and Germany adding their weight to an onslaught of diplomatic pressure. The US was also critical of Israel's move. The homes will be taking up space for a future Palestinian state.This is a crime against Palestinians. And this will not allow the peace to go forward.The expansion and construction now is being seen as punishment for last week's UN vote that upgraded the Palestinian's diplomatic status.You can't allow the other You can't allow the other side to slap in your face and ignore it. If you want to put facts on the ground unilaterally, we'll do the same.Israel says the majority of settlements built on the land are owned by the state.It is something we have to make clear that the world sees it different.A defiant Binyamin Netanyahu can expect another diplomatic rebuke when he visits Germany this week. Britain and France have indicated they take sterner action if the settlements go ahead. The country's top judges have overridden calls for a boycott over President Mohammed Mursi's referendum on a draft constitution. Egypt's Supreme Judicial Court Council will oversee the vote. President Mursi hopes the referendum will quell anger over a decree which granted him the autocratic -- d him the autocratic -- near autocratic powers. Fiji's coroner is expected to investigate the death of an Australian teenager during end of school celebrations. Harrison Kadell's buddy was discovered in the early hours of this morning. The 17-year-old from Brisbane apparently drowned in a resort pool on Fiji's Plantation Island. This is Plant aigsz Island resort, a tip -- Plantation Island resort, a typically idyllic looking destination. Fiji police say hundreds of schoolies are staying on the island and partacy nightly. Among them, Harrison Kadell, who was staying at the resort with friends when he drowned overnight while swimming in a pool. Resort staff attempted resuscitation but were unable to revive him. The Foreign xun fairs Department is providing consular assist -- consular assistance to the boy's family. Unleash Travel, the Australian company organising school elevener trips to Plantation -- leaver trips to Plantation Island, described it as a tragic accident. He was vice-captain at his school in Brisbane. His death has shocked the school community.A moment of grief. We're at a mental loss. As a community, we're numb and trying to work through it. We're helping our students at the moment. We're helping our staff. Last month another Brisbane school leaver fell to her death from a high rise Gold Coast apartment tower. The t apartment tower. The schoolie deaths come as more young Australians are getting into trouble overseas. The Foreign Affairs Ministereas. The Foreign Affairs Minister recently urged schoolies to be careful on end of year trips and consider their personal safety, alcohol consumption and the laws of the countries they're visiting. Still ahead - parts of Australia on bushfire alert as temperatures soar. Plus - heading for half a million followers and he hasn't even Tweeted yet. The Pope joins the social media revolution.

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Could you download one of those
Bush Fire Survival Plans? It would be good to sit down
and see what needs doing. Yeah, can we do it later?
I'm just in the middle of stuff. I'll tell you what, I'll print one
off sometime this week at work. Righto, sweetheart.
Let's do it then.

Typhoon bof bof -- Bopha has hit the country's south in the Philippines. More than 50,000 people have been evacuated in to nearly 1,000 government shelters. Bopha has passed over the southern island and is now bearing down on the central Philippines. Typhoon Bopha slammed in to the southern Philippines early this morning. Roofs were blown off, trees uprooted and electricity cut. Villages vulnerable to landslides have been flooded. Schools and businesses have been closed and transport cancelled. Entire coastal areas have been emptied. All this prompting a warning from the President.

But scientists say Bopha could be the worst typhoon to hit this part of the Philippines on record. About 20 typhoons hit the countries every year but rarely this region, leaving many remote communities in it path vulnerable and unprepared.

Authorities have been taking precautions from the typhoon since Sunday. Basketball courts and school buildings have been transformed in to makeshift shelters.We have water, medicine, response.Typhoon Bopha is expected to barrel across the southern and central provinces of the Philippines before blowing out into the South China Sea on Thursday. Back home and fire crews across two States are being kept busy tonight in Western Australia. A blaze is sparked by a blaze sparked by lightning has destroyed more than 11,000 hectares. It's now threatening the coastal town of Bremer Bay. Queensland has been battling more than 40 fires throughout the State. Authorities are expecting sweltering conditions to worsen in the coming days. Firefighters say a spate of recent blazes along the geld coast, Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs has reduced some fire risk across the State. Currently few areas have escaped the heat.Most of our fires are further west in the south-west areas or up around the coast in the Bundaberg area.Up to 43 bushfires burned across Queensland, including Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious. The mercury was expected to hit 41 degrees in some parts, many of them came pretty close.The humidity is pretty low. We have hot, dry wind coming in. All those combined make for severe fire weather.There's no immediate threat to lives or homes but residents are being urged to stay alert. Just in time for the holidays.It is not a good time for it. Unfortunately, at this time of the year we do get an increase in children lighting fires.Residents are being urged to leave the coastal town of Bremer Bay in Western Australia. Heavy smoke has forced the closure of roads and authorities say windy conditions over the coming days will put containment linesys will put containment lines to the test. If it breaks through, the area may not be defendable. About 130 firefighters have been called in, including water bombers, to make sure that doesn't happen. The man with more than a billion followers in the real world is quickly gaining more in the virtual one. That's because the Pope now has hin own Twitter account and he plans to start tweeting next week. Pope Bone dict XVI has given his followers lots of things to cheer about over the years but certainly nothing like this. His own official Twitter page.I official Twitter page.I think they'll appreciate it, don't you? 'll appreciate it, don't you?The leader of a church that dates back centuries is stepping into the world of social media with the Twitter account. The Vatican says some of the other names considered were already taken. If the Queen of England can do a film with James Bond, I think the Pope can be on Twitter.His Twitter account about 24 hours old already has more than 300,000 followers. I'd probably open an account.All of this raises several questions about how often will the Pope tweet?As often as the Pope wants. We'll see.Will the Pope do the tweeting? The Vatican says no but he will approve everything before it's posted. More importantly, what will the Pope tweet about?Whatever the Pope wants to tweet about. It is the Pope. It will bea spiritual message which we're going to be getting.That means those questions that have nothing to do with spirituality and there are many already on the Pope's Twitter account including, "Would you rather be a potato or a sausage."

Those questions have very little chance of ever receiving an answer. It means questions like this one - I could ask him what he's doing about the youth in the church. They're safe and questions like this -When is the Catholic Church going to change policies in regards to gays?Probably won get a response. Because the Pope's foray in to the world of tweeting really is for the benefit of the church's more than one billion followers. Who want to hear the message who have open minds and open hearts. And they will want to hear his message, no matter how it's spread. To the Australian share market which finished lower. That's despite the RBA's interest rate cut. Resource stocks were mostly down.

Next is the weather, plus a golden musical milestone.

There Seekers reveal plans to celebrate 50 years in music.

Britain's Turner Prize for modern art has produced some controversial winners over the years, not least a shark and an artist's unmade bed. It's gone to a video artist who has picked up a winner's cheque of just under $40,000. The contenders for this year's Turner Prize. Elizabeth in her film about a fatal fire in 1979. Paul with his meticulously invented metropolis. The first performance artist to ever be short-listed. And the documentary presented about the psychiatrist, RD Lang. Now over to Jude Law. Elizabeth Price wins the Turner Prize. How do you feel?A bit surprised, really. But I feel good. I haven't had that many big shows, so I didn't expect to be nominated. It will make a big difference to my career.Rhythmic finger clicks, that's her winning work. A film installation made from a mix of news footage, architectural diagrams and pop videos.It's about the fragility of all of our lives. Art can't get more serious than that. This is a work of art that justifys the Turner Prize. Stkpwhre liz bgt Price's video -- Elizabeth Price's video shows a more quieter, more thoughtful entity.Elizabeth Price was a former member of 1980s guitar pop group Talulah Gosh. One of Australia's most successful groups has announced a national tour to mark its golden jubilee. The Seekers gathered in Melbourne and told reporters they are looking forward to celebrating 50 years in music. The group's first performed at the Treble Clef in Prahran before finding worldwide hits with 'Georgie Girl' and 'A World of Our Own'.This is what we are meant to do, to sing, to touch people's hearts with the music.We're thrilled to bits that we could all be here. hat we could all be here. It's such a guessing game of who will be left after such a long time.The Seekers have already released a 50th anniversary album. To the weather now. Mostly fine up the east coast thanks to a ridge of high pressure. A broad trough brings clouds to most of Western Australia while a cold south- westerly flow will see showers linger over the south-eastern States.