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Sunday, Tops between twenty four an thirty degrees. And that' s the WI I'
News hour for this Tuesday night. tomorr
I' m Danielle Post.....see you tomorrow Good night.

Supertext captions by - This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Brady Halls, sitting in for Tracy Grimshaw. When a maniac took the life of young Australian Nicole Fitzsimons in Thailand, framing her boyfriend while getting off scott free, her family were left devastated. A breakthrough in their fight for justice.They all have to be accountable and responsible and expect the Thai authorities to use the full force of the law.We just really like justice for Nicole. We loved her so much.The shocking story of Fitzsimons's holiday death and the -- Nicole Fitzsimons's holiday death and the treatment of her boyfriend angered many Australians. Now it's rattled ptyalin's top police officials and forced them in to action.. I was vulnerable. After one thing and one thing only, they were after me money. To bribe my way out of it. Jimmy Keith's ordeal just hours after his girlfriend was killed in a scooter cash in Ko Samui was exposed on A Current Affair.

Samui was exposed on A Current
Affair.. This lieutenant general has criticised the police for failing to file a charge against the culprit who is named in there now. Print reports in national Thai television detailed how a clearly speeding Thai scooter driver was never charged over crashing into the pair. As this security vision shows, it's around 10 o'clock at night. They were just metres away from the safety of their hotel. They weren't wearing helmets and Jamie and Nicole were returning after dinner.An almighty bang hit us from behind. From there I just remembered flying across the road and sort of blanked out for a second there. And I picked myself off the ground. And grew conscious of what just happened.Thai TV also repeated jimmy's recollection of how local officers cornered him just hours after the crash that killed Nicole.They threw the report in front of me asking me to sign, otherwise they'd take my passport. There was no way in the world I would sign.So you stood firm?As scared as I was and as much as I was hurting, I was so vulnerable. They got me in there within six to eight hours of the accident. And to have evidence there and still blame it on me, and try and sign the report, there was no way I was going to do it. They were getting to lock me up.After several days, police eventually returned jimmy's passport. But not without one last cruel condition. There would be no justice.To sign a blank piece of paper and say it was an accident, and that bloke is over there walking free. It burns inside of me. It's a cruel world over there. And we seen it with our own eyes.But in a significant development, ptyalin's top police officials have now moved on the case. The commissioner has removed the local Ko Samui police chief from his position, while launching a new investigation into the crash and allegations of police corruption. The Australian embassy is also being informed of their progress.He's been that forthright in what he's saying. We hopefully are seeing the start of a serious investigation in to what occurred. For Nicole's father, there is now hope justice will be served.The result of what appears to be an opening up of the situation and a chance to review it. That they will follow through and give some justice. Not only to Nicole and Jamie, but also to hold the police officers involved accountable for their actions.Senior police have been critical of the way local officers handled the initial investigation but they say corruption was not a factor.The Thai police have denied there were any extortion attempts. Do you stand by that allegation?We were offered 20,000 bart in the form of supposedly compensation to the person who caused the accident, in order to release us from the position we were in.But Vince says he remembers vividly just how friendly the local police chief treated the culprit as they sat in the station.They would go over to him, pat him on the back, massage his shoulders, get him a Coke.We had to stand in the same room as this bloke. This idiot. This moron who took Nicole's life.While the Fitzsimonss family continue their pursuit for justice, they have taken great comfort in knowing the tragic loss of Nicole has touched so many hearts.It's been overwhelming and I'm trying to get back to thank everybody.Many felt the family's pain, especially jimmy's heartache as he recalled his fairytale relationship with Nicole.We have so many beautiful photos and memories I cherish forever.

That's what I get up for every morning.And it was at this table during that tragic trip to Thailand that their romance continued to blossom.We planned who is going to be our bridesmaid and groomsmen when we get married and start a family. Now I look back on it and I'm gld we had it because I know -- glad we had it because I know how she felt and how I felt because our love together will always be inseparable.What unfolded after that conversation was a nightmare. Justice for Nicole may just help ease the pain.We really want to see that person pays for it and Vince and Jamie have been traumatised by the police because it wouldn't happen like that in

traumatised by the police because
it wouldn't happen like that in Australia.It's so sad and so wrong. Rest assured we'll keep you updated on how that Thai police investigation goes. Details of how you can get involved with the Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation are on our website. Coming up - the driveway collapse. Trapping residents inside their own homes. As soon as I started seeing the cracks in there, I knew something bad was going to happen.Now a change of pace. The world went baby crazy today with the announcement the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child. What's in storeor our future king or queen?Congratulations to Will and Kate. All the best.I feel very sorry for you, darling, but we've all been there.Australia's mums sending their best to Kate and Wills with a bit of advice.Have a home birth. Take it from me, it's gorgeous. I had one and it was wonderful.Try and pretend you're not being watched by every individual on the planet.The royal baby's at least 7.5 months away and Kate's on the other side of the world. But today's announcement from the palace has sent the women's magazines in to a frenzy. Here at Woman's 'Woman's Day' they're going gangbusters.Page after page. We can't stop talking about it. There are angles galore to this story.The editor, Connelly, got the call at 3am this morning. The team is scrambling to get their special edition with all the latest royal news as it unfolds on to the stands for Friday.Not only have we got this amazing announcement and exciting news of the pregnancy itself, there's the sickness, she has not been very well. The fact the Queen wasn't awir of the pregnancy until last week. And all the royal history that goes along with the royal baby.We're all trying to work out would she, could this have happened while she was down here in the South Pacific. We'll- a European summer baby. Wouldn't it have been great if that maybe was made almost on our shores. Deborah Thomas reckons Kate's pregnancy and the life of the latest royal edition could become one of the all-time media show- stoppers.This will be the most- watched child ever to have walked this earth. I mean, with the media getting to the stage it's got to, social media, Internet, everything else, this baby will not be able to move without somebody reporting it every moment in life.Even before it's born, there's a parody Twitter site with thousands and thousands of followers.

site with thousands and thousands
of followers. But for now what's dominating the serious royal news is Kate's hospitalisation and her unusually severe morning sickness with its bizer name, hyperemesis gravidarum.Kate want be the first woman to have had extreme morning sickness. Obviously early days and they're doing the right thing. They're taking her to hospital to make sure she doesn't have dehydration and so on. Speculation will be rife. There may be twins. Could you imagine - the first one that will come out will be the monarch, even if it's only a matter of seconds.Princess Mary of Denmark had twins and she too suffered terribly from morning sickness. Like Mary, the media will be breathlessly watching every move that Kate makes, every new outfit from here to materny.How will she dress? Will she wear the more modern figure clinging where you flaunts your baby bump? And whatever she does wear it will be copied and reproduced and sold around the world.Long-time royal enthusiast Ita Buttrose is spell- bound by the style-setting power of Kate.She's a girl women like to follow, young women in plar.The most important question of -- particular. The most important question is what names will they choose. John and Diana are favourites.James for royal babies are always traditional. We have Edward, James, Charles.My little girl is named Rose. I love it.I named my son Henry.If it's a boy, Marmaduke.This will be the future King or Queen and they won't be Prince River or Queen Apple.It's been a long, long time this news coming from the royal family. Who would have thought Prince Charles would bea grandfather before being king -- be a grandfather before being King?I saw the name Fergie on the list today. As if. We would like you to share your best wishes.

on the list today. As if. We would
like you to share your best wishes. Jump on our Facebook page or send us a tweet. Now, when a unit block began being built next door, Luke Houben expected there would be some disruption but he never anticipated this would happen.I could hear it collapsing.He put a lot of people here at risk.Development is encroaching on every suburb.As soon as I started seeing the cracks, I knew something bad was going to happen.Disabilities pensioner Luke Houben is caught between a rock and a hard place. You see his driveway recently collapsed thanks to the noisy builders right next door. What about this woman who lives in the end unit and the guy that can't get his ute out?Don't know them. Luke lives in unit three, Steve across the walkway. As these pictures show, every resident in the small unit complex has found themselves in a very precarious decision.I feel sorry for the landlord. Their priorities are being shoved aside. The priority is to get the building continue there, kwhiels they leave an often danger ex-- whilst they leave an obvious danger exposed.You're trapped in your own home?Yes.Luke's ute remains parked in the garage.

your own home?Yes.Luke's ute
remains parked in the garage.I couldn't believe my eyes.What did it look like?Like a bomb had hit it.It wasn't a bomb but clay dirt and metal barriers collapsing. The gaping chasm that used to be their driveway has made poor Luke and his concerned neighbours all bus house bound.I can't drive out now. There's no room.Or no driveway? Both. There's high rises going up. New developments happening. You are going to see more and more of this where development is conflicting with the residents in that area. Slain Bowering is from Red Tape Busters. How can you protect your rights if you find yourself in this situation?Be very vocal about it. Take videos. Record everything. Make sure you have documents. Making matters worse is the fact Luke does have evidence which proved he warned the builders next door this was imminent.The driveway started cracking two weeks ago. I took photos of it and reported it to my landlord and showed the construction workers. They said it's fine.Charlie Woodward is the builder responsible for this terrible mess. We approached him on site when council officers had come to inspect the damage. The guy in unit three, Luke, claims he was warning the workers here he could see cracks.We've had a structural engineer inspect it three times before it occurred. Charlie claims a freak storm, not poor workmanship, is to blame. Wouldn't you have been required to put some sort of reinforcement against this?No. We batted it according to the geotechnical engineers.It didn't work very well, did it?No.Shortly after Luke made his dire prediction, 150 millimetres of rain fell in one day across Brisbane. Two weeks later, his driveway is still slipping away. Are you worried it could get worse? Definitely. You can see it the past three days, it has been cracking further and further.My concern was for the woman living closest to the works.One of the worst affected residents lives upstairs, a single woman who done want to be identified. She said she heard the wall collapse. She's now living in fear the ground underneath her will subside even further.It's not as bad as it looks. We will get it all fixed up.You take full responsibility for what's happened? I can't make any comment until my assessor comes out.The builder has his position. The landlord has their position. Their insurer will- a different position. And council wit sit over the top and want something maybe completely different. It's a case of balancing all of these.Safety to people in the community has to be a priority. They are all concerned that live in this building. I'm sure you can understand from their point of view?They should know this sort of stuff. They got it

view?They should know this sort of
stuff. They got it wrong.Charlie Woodward has informed work to rectify the problem is ready to commence. Now to the routine lip procedure which has left one woman scarred, broke and humiliated.

For three years, make-up artist Julia Theodosis has had to live with this.It shattered my whole life.Julia was getting her lip tattoo refreshed, a cosmetic treatment she had undergone previously on a number of occasions. But she was left with what she can only describe as clown lips.It was like a brown moustache, actually. A caramel colour. When I asked her what she had done to me, she said she did a bit of shading to give shape to my lips. I said that I didn't ask for it. I just wanted my lips down.Jenny Tran runs the Laser and Buty Centre in Sydney's inner west. Jenny insisted she could fix it and over a period of seven months, Julia returned to the same salon to undergo a series of laser treatments.I kept on going back because I believed she was fixing it.After 10 treatments and minimal results, Jenny Tran told us she had a new laser treatment that could get rid of the marks once and for all. This final treatment made things even worse. Oxidising the ink and turning it black.I said, "What have you done to me this time?" She said it would begone in five days.When somebody has a cosmetic tattoo, if there's a reddish brown pigment in it it means it contains iron and it can react.Kerryn felps said it's this reaction which -- Phelps said it's this reaction which caused it to turn black.You go to a specialist dermnologist, somebody who works in this area all the time and has a very special area of skill in removing tattoos with laser. Originally she said it would only take six treatments. It's number 22 at the moment.Julia claims the treatments have cost her around $75,000. But it's not just the money. It's her personal life, her sef esteem and her career that have -- self-esteem and her career that have suffered.The treatment became more intense and it became harder to cover.

more intense and it became harder
to cover. So I couldn't work within the retail anymore. It was either get it fixed or get up and leave. The District Court of NSW ordered Julia $230,000 for the botched procedure but Julia is yet to see a cent of it from Jenny Tran and it's now believed Jenny Tran has left the country. All Jenny wants to see is tighter regulation of the beauty industry.I think it's high time the Government took a very carefullic at this area and looked at minimum educational standard, approved courses and regulation of the people who were operating these potentially dangerous pieces of equipment.You can complin about a lawyer. You can complain about a doctor. But there's nowhere you can complin about a

doctor. But there's nowhere you can
complin about a beautician.If you have a story you think we should know about, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email or give us a call. After the break - the 'Money Magazine' awards. They name the best of the best.We This program is not captioned. These holidays,
I have some questions for you. Would you rather:

Would you prefer to:

Too often I see the trauma
when drivers get it wrong. Choose wisely.

This program is not captioned.

What to expect when a royal baby is on the way. And the ultimate Christmas album. See you at 5:30. Thank you, Lisa and Georgie. Welcome back. Phones, credit cards, home loans and bank accounts. 'Money Magazine' has cast it critical eye over thousands of products to find out which is the best of the best.There's a short cut as to how you save that money. Hard work has been done for you. They're not Logies or Oscars but these glass statues represent the best of the best. Unlike other red carpet awards, knowing who gets one of these could save you thousands. It's the 12th annual best of the best awards run by 'Money Magazine'. They scout hundreds of financial institutions to find you great deals.The winner of this award is -From home loans to Internet and insurance. Effie Zahos says if you're looking to save some serious dollars, look for their gold stamp of approval.You're guaranteed when you see the Money logo research has been done on it to make sure the product that receives this is a best value for you.Who are this year's

year's winners? For the cheap rs home loan package, Suncorp wins -- cheapest home loan package, Suncorp wins gold. Newcastle Permanent taking out best non-bank.Picked up several gold awards and it was the cheapest overall.There are two winners for best reward credit card - the ANZ Rewards Platinum and the American Express David Jones card which the experts believes give you the most bang for your buck. Finance expert Paul Clitheroe reckons the awards are great at giving your average Aussie a head start when it comes to finance.If the average family would give me a bit of their time, look at the right credit cards and the right bank account and the right mortgage and right insurance, I reckon the average family will save around $4,000.If you're worried about phone bills, this next category might be for you. Amaysim winning the best unlimited mobile phone plan. CEO Rob Hanson.Won gold for our unlimited product the second time in a row. We're very happy act it.When it comes -- about it. When it comes to the Internet, it go to AA Net -- aaNet and eftel. If you want more money in your retirement, check out the two winners for the lowest cost super fund. HOSTPLUS offering an annual cost on a $50,000 balance of $103. ING Direct's Living offering a fee-free investment option. Michael Kristafides is their head of finance.It's the first time all Australians will have the opportunity to invest their super without any admin or management fees.The cost of home insurance has gone up in recent years. Real Insurance taking out the honours for being the most affordable. It's almost $100 cheaper than its near rs competitor. You can find more details -- nearest competitor. You can fine out more details in the latest 'Money Magazine'.We do hope it cuts your time in research and narrows the decision down to what may be best for you.Our website has more information on that story. Coming up - retirement living goes feral. The senior citizens at war with each other.

feral. The senior citizens at war
with each other.You keep This program is not captioned. Great to see you, Benji.
Thanks for comin' down. You excited? This is about
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Bowls. Like a bowling ball.
Like a bowl you eat out of. Alright, I gotta put my sunglasses
on. I gotta get serious. ONLOOKERS: Ohh!
WOMAN: Oh, my God! A bit of muscle in that one. JOEL: That was a warm-up.
Let's really do this now. Let's do this.
Let's put some money on this.

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Now tomorrow night - seniors versus seniors. Retirement living. It goes feral.Keep your mouth shut.The senior citizens at war with each other. Aggress fbg, assaults, AV -- aggressive, assaults, AVOs.I don't need it, mate.That story tomorrow night. That's all for this (HAMISH AND ANDY CHUCKLE)

Oh, whoops! Oh, sorry. You just caught us having a laugh
with our best friend, Kate. Hiya.
What's on the show tonight, Kate? I'm not sure.
No. That's a let-down.
You don't have to know either. 'Cause this guy's going to tell you. VOICEOVER: (ENGLISH ACCENT)
Alright, geezers? This is Hamish & Andy's
Euro Gap Year, an adventure that will see
a couple of plonkers go everywhere from Russia to Venice
and right here in London. It's going to be bigger, bolder and most of all
it's going to be Europeanier. Oh! Tonight, however... Jeez, I'm going to be sick. ..Hamish and Andy seriously consider jumping off this
bloody massive bridge in Bosnia. What's the number one thing
to remember as you're standing at the edge. "May God help you."
Oh, Jesus! They go head-to-head in a bout
of translation racing from Italy. (SPEAKS ITALIAN AWKWARDLY)

And I forgot the best bit -
rabbits jumping over things. Oh, my God!

Not a bad little telly show,

Good evening, everybody. Welcome.
Hello. Good evening and welcome...
Thank you. the very first episode
of Euro Gap Year. And welcome to the Lord Stanley, the pub that was once decrepit and we have lovingly renovated it
back to life. You bet we have, Ando. And you know
what owning a pub means. You beauty!
Loving life, loving you, loving him. TV's the best. You're the best.

That's the best. He's the best. OK. I should point out at this point, although we have taps, we don't have
any beer connected whatsoever. No.
And so that's... No, obviously not. I...
That's what I'm saying. Just the atmosphere's great. And I take nothing back.
I love you. You're the best. We're pumped to have everybody here to show you our adventures
through Europe. And we want to kick things off... (LAUGHTER) We want to... We'd like to kick things off with
a little trip we took to Bosnia that would determine
whether we were men or mice. That's true,
but just before we get into this, I would like to put on the record -
let's not hate mice. You know what I'm saying?
Because mice are great. Danger Mouse, Mighty Mouse,
Mickey Mouse. Yeah, they're the best of the bunch.
No, don't... (APPLAUSE)
Yeah. Don't clap that.
Thank you. Let's hear it for Mickey. OK, we were aiming to be men
at this point. Just saying, if any of us
displayed mouse-like tendencies, they're still heroes and could be
in charge of the Disney corporation. Yeah. The setting for this was
the small ancient town of Mostar.

ANDY: We flew to Bosnia and headed
for the small town of Mostar, a city named after the word
'mostari', which means 'bridge keepers'. They've kept this bridge,
and it is a place where young men... HAMISH: I mean, well,
let's be honest - they're hunks. ..jump to prove their coming of age. It is 25 metres high.

I thought death height
was 18 metres.

Sounds like
a Jean-Claude Van Damme film. (LAUGHS) Him jumping from 19
and some sort of fluke saving him. Well, life ain't a JCV film, man.
As much as you want it to be. JCVD, sorry.
(CHUCKLES) Three hours later, and... Oh, no. Did we get
a parking ticket? Damn. ..we arrive. How'd you sleep? Good. I actually came down with a little,
small case of extreme terror during the night, which has remained with me
this morning. Are you wearing a parachute?
I wish it was a parachute. It's just got a towel,
final notes.

Asthma medication. Floaties. All the tough stuff.
Cyanide pill. HAMISH: As you can probably tell, I
wasn't that thrilled with this idea. Oh, why does the bridge go up?
Go down, go down. Yeah, should have been
a reverse arch.


Oh, we can't do that. That's silly.
That's higher than some planes get. Oh, jeez. I'm going to be sick. I didn't actually think
it was going to be that high. I'm going to be sick. I think there's snow
on the top of that bridge.

My leg.
I just got a telegram from my legs. And they just said, "No way." They didn't say "hi",
they didn't say "goodbye". They're obviously that angry,
they're not moving.

Let's do it.
Don't touch me. HAMISH: We were invited
into the clubhouse to meet the local Mostar men,
who planned to teach us how to jump. This, um...this room, is this room
just for bridge jumpers? Is this a clubhouse? (SPEAKS BOSNIAN LANGUAGE)

This is where the tradition started. So, years and years and years back, rich traders would sit up here
and do business and stuff, and the children in the town
wanted to somehow impress them and earn a bit of money, so they came across the idea
of jumping off the bridge so that the traders
could see them from here, and then they'd get
a gold coin for jumping. How old are the guys in the town
when they first take their jump? (SPEAKS BOSNIAN LANGUAGE) So, 13 to 14 is the juniors,
as they're known as. I noticed they all had
big bottles of water. Is it important to stay hydrated? (ALL CONVERSE IN BOSNIAN LANGUAGE)

OK, so you drink a little bit, but
actually you pour it on yourself. So on your chest area, heart, veins,
so you can cool yourself down a bit. Before you jump. Because it's really hot outside
and the water's really cold, so it doesn't want to be
a shock to your system.