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(generated from captions) Join us in a live video Q & arbs. Go to Facebook just before 7 o'clock to join. I hopia have a

late edition. Tonight ... Two kille Canb
in an horrific truck crash. why thi
Canberrans will be heading online this Christmas. And: Summernats rev I
up Parliament House. Good evening, been
I' m Danielle Post. Two men have what
been killed in a truck crash, in t
what' s been a horrific 48 hours on ve
the region' s roads. The b-double, Hum
veered onto the wrong side of the sec
Hume Highway at Gunning. Within road
seconds a delivery run, became a midnight
roadside tragedy. Just after carryin
midnight this B-Double truck, dri
carrying a load of magazines, was ju
driving south on the Hume Highway, unkn
just past Gunning. For reasons o
unknown at this stage it' s crossed a
onto the northbound lanes. Inside 58-year-o
a 59-year-old driver, and a b
58-year-old passenger, both men are Aft
believed to be from interstate. t
After crossing the median strip the do
truck went through the guard rail, through
down the embankment, crashing
through trees and scattering debris fift
It finally came to a stop about cab
fifty metres from the road. The cras
cabin bore the full brunt of the i
crash, windows and doors crushed on chanc
impact. The men inside stood no ej
chance. Both occupants have been injur
ejected and have suffered fatal s
injuries. We can' t confirm any acci
sort of cause or reasons for the a
accident. Anything is a possibility
at this stage. Traffic on the Hum Highway was stopped for a number o examin
hours while forensic officers examined the scene. A report will b prepared for the Coroner. It comes B
after another accident on Sunday at seven-year
Bungonia, near Goulburn. A hi
seven-year-old boy was killed when th
his family' s four wheel drive hit re
this tree. His ten year old sister dis
remains in hospital. It' s very emerge
distressing for the police and at
emergency services that do have to
attend. Police have made a plea t begins
drivers as the holiday season increas
begins. We do experience an a
increase in traffic on our highways ta
and we do encourage all drivers to limi
take care and stick to the speed limits.

Military explosives have been
discovered under a home in Goulburn The new owner of the house, a sixt four year old man, was clearing ou rubbish when he found the ordnance gren
The items were found to be hand wer
grenades and a mortar round. They A
were removed and transported by the C-S-
ADF to an isolated location. The improvem
C-S-I-R-O has been issued an ineffect
improvement notice about its bu
ineffective responses to workplace s
bullying and conflict. Federal work ordering
safety authority Comcare, is
ordering a improvement in managemen workpla
and staff training following Mak
workplace bullying allegations. ar
Make sure the system and processes up
are there to allow people to speak difficult
up if there are tensions or fr
difficulties in the workplace that an
frontline managers and supervisors is
and team members can work on these t
issues. +y The C-S-I-R-O is willing employs
to comply with the notice. It people
employs more than six thousand
people across the country. If passe b
on, a cut in interest rates, could are
be a welcome boost for homeowners Can
are retailers ahead of Christmas. o
Canberrans are most likely to spend business
online though, leaving small gift
businesses calling for their own s
gifts this festive season. Online an
shopping - it' s fast, convenient,
and can be done twenty four seven. If you shop online, that means les jobs,
jobs for our kids, less casual jobs, less jobs for older people wh are look for work. Canberrans ar onlin
more likely to buy their goods count
online, than anyone else in the fi
country. Which is an interesting figure when you look at the Norther twenty-five
Territory where they' re sh
twenty-five percent more likely to o
shop online, but they' ve got a lot sen
of remote communities so it makes n
sense, but here in Canberra, we' re the
not remote. Part of the reason, -
the ACT is more tech-savvy, Another thin
- is accessibility to shops. I at
think the Government needs to look diff
at that and make sure the really Kingsto
different shops that exist in C
Kingston and Manuka and Lyneham and pla
Civic and Belconnen and all those
places and people can get there, an peo
they can find parking. While ca
people might not be spending their go
cash in shops around Canberra, the m
good news is they may have a little Res
more change in their pockets. The
Reserve Bank cut interest rates thi Retai
afternoon, to three percent. Retail figures were weak for Octobe - the Australian National Retailer l
Association is hoping the cut will thanks
lead to a 4% jump in spending, the
thanks to mortgage savings. For fam
the average person or the average m
family in canberra, with a $300,000 $5
mortgage, it' s a saving of around inter
$50 a month off a principal and
interest home loan. That' s if th big banks pass it on.

More than a third of the ACT' s pr
population will experience a legal The
problem in a twelve month period. re
The findings, from a comprehensive ha
review of the system in Australia, Commonwe
have prompted calls for more A
Commonwealth cash to help the Legal of
Aid service. This report is part c
of the biggest survey of legal need "L
conducted anywhere in the world.
"Legal problems are very broad, the matters
don' t just involve criminal ma
matters, they involve consumer law finan
matters, tenancy matters, other prob
financial problems, contract law
problems." In the ACT alone - mor tho
than one hundred and thirty four leg
thousand people will experience a six
legal problem each year. Close to more
sixty thousand people - three or are
more problems. "It' s those who who
are in poverty, who are homeless, li
who face disadvantage who are more Th
likely to have legal problems. "
These alarming results will help th ne
Government identify where help is parliame
needed most. A post election A
parliamentary agreement between the communi
ALP and the Greens will see a so
community legal centre established mak
somewhere in Canberra. "Does it c
make sense for it to be here in the th
city or should it be in a location u
that is perhaps closer to where the wi
unmet legal need is." The answer ye
will be needed by budget time next is
year. The broader issue of funding stret
is raw - those in Legal Aid are stretched to the limit. "Those of ma
us who' ve worked in legal aid for w
many years would say, ever since it
was set up, it' s been underfunded. G
Over the past few years, the ACT fun
Government has upped its level of programs
funding - supporting various Croc
programs and initiatives. Andrew Commonwe
Crockett says it' s time the t
Commonwealth did too. "There does part,
tend to be, on the Commonwealth
part, an underestimate of the exten of disadvantaged in the Territory.

Canberra could soon have too many Inte
apartments. Research by Colliers dem
International has found while the ar
demand for units has slowed, there
are still many new developments. Th sev
company says there are more than c
seven thousand new apartments which 201
could be released between now and 2015. Around six hundred and sevent of these are in danger of not bein sold. An ACT charity has received heart
wave of support, following the heartless theft of Christmas gifts, T
collected for teens doing it tough.
The thieves smashed through the doo o
of St John' s Care, stealing up to one thousand dollars worth of iTune bee
cards and vouchers. They' ve now fr
been replaced, thanks to donations from Canberrans since the break-in. t
It' s gone from a really bad day, know
to, it' s quite a lovely day, to Canberr
know that there are people in to
Canberra out there who are willing to support us and just help us help em
others The organisation provides famil
emergency relief for struggling t
families. Those responsible for the Petr
thefts have not yet been caught. l
Petrol-heads prepare, Summernats is of
less than a month away. Organisers the
of the twenty-sixth instalment of promi
the street machine festival are a
promising more cars, more music and Ye
a world record. Cars revving car-l
Yes, it' s that time again. The Summerna
car-lovers paradise known as t
Summernats is back, and it' s going pret
to be bigger than ever. We' re ve
pretty happy to say that today we' numb
ve already gone past the entrant mont
numbers for Summernats 25 with a h
month to go. The festival will be Park.
held at the revamped Exhibition
Park. There' s a brand new burnou going
pad and a brand new grandstand c
going in. Rev-heads are hoping to som
christen the new burnout pad with doi
something special. Seventy cars
doing a simultaneous burnout for th Th
Guinness Book of World Records. Northbour
The Citycruise parade along back,
Northbourne Avenue will also be extra
back, this time with some added extras. We' ve been allowed to pu cars
in some of the non-street legal cars driving on a special permit, s there,
we can put the big blocks out There
there, making a lot of noise. at
There' ll be musical entertainment Rose
at night - the Hilltop Hoods and Alon
Rose Tattoo among the big names. w
Along with some local bands, one of its
which is sure to prove popular if John
its name is anything to go by. Thoug
Johnny Road Kill and the VBs. ma
Though there' s no doubt about the a
main attraction. JOURNALIST: What W
are your favourite things about it? B
WOMBAT: Probably the burnouts mate. th
Bring on the burnouts. As always will
the police and security presence been
will be high. The Government has bee
been happy with how the event has tea
been run since Andy Lopez and his It'
team took over three years ago.
It' s much more family friendly. Th certainly
family friendly Friday has W
certainly been a popular thing. team.
We' ve got a fantastic security we
team. We' ll be doing exactly what f
we' ve been doing the last three to grea
four years and it' ll be another be
great and safe event. Summernats begins on January three.

Next on WIN News ... We speak to a i
star of The Voice, And, ... A boost int
in security could be what secures air
international flights at Canberra airport. Great to see you, Benji.
Thanks for comin' down. You excited? This is about
a very relaxed game of lawn bowls. This is Australia. Only
special people get me barefoot. My magic ball. My lawn ball. What are these balls called? Bowls?!
Bowls. Like a bowling ball.
Like a bowl you eat out of. Alright, I gotta put my sunglasses
on. I gotta get serious. ONLOOKERS: Ohh!
WOMAN: Oh, my God! A bit of muscle in that one. JOEL: That was a warm-up.
Let's really do this now. Let's do this.
Let's put some money on this.

This program is not captioned. expensi
airport. Canberra is the most rent
expensive place in Australia for con
rent, utilities and and household Sta
contents, according to the latest It
State of Australian Cities report. gener
It' s second, behind Sydney for services.
general household goods and Que
services. Canberra, combined with
Queanbeyan is regarded as the eight largest city in the country. It sa 3
a population increase of more than 20
37 thousand in the five years from
2006. The labour force participatio al
rate of females is the highest of all the major cities, and it has th ea
highest active travel rate on the a
east coast. Motorists were diverted sever
around Russell this morning, as because
several roads were closed off Th
because of a mass fire evacuation. Defen
The drill, at the Department of Defence, saw all staff forced out o K
their offices, and onto the lawns. Ru
Kings Avenue, Constitution Avenue, wer
Russell Drive and Northcott Drive n
were closed for several hours until ha
noon. Security at Canberra Airport o
has been bolstered with the opening
of a new aviation operations centre art
The facility houses state of the the
art equipment - aimed at reducing aviat
the risk of terrorism and other aviation crime. Just last year th at
Australian Federal Police numbers money
at the airport were cut to save
money. Now it' s expanded operation fa
- at Brindabella Park. "The new operat
facility includes an emergency op
operation centre an airport police train
operation centre, muster rooms, accommod
training facilities, general ex
accommodation for staff as well as C
exhibit handling facilities." The its
Canberra facility is the third of M
its kind in the country - following Murwillumbah, Sydney and Darwin. Al consoli
elements of aviation safety, "Th
consolidated into one building. target
"The duties include of course, av
targeting criminal activity in the terr
aviation area. Deterring acts of terrorism and there is a counter h
terrorism first response maintained t
here." +w "It' s there to provide pa
the capability for the security of Can
passengers travelling to and from g
Canberra." The facility will help o
get the Capital' s overseas flights
off the ground. "This new facilit we
is very timely for the airport as yea
we continue to grow and look next operati
year to move to international t
operations." The AFP Commissioner forens
today also responded to claims overs
forensic evidence is being sent Canb
overseas for examination because "W
Canberra' s facility is too old. element
"We do actually send out some elements of DNA to other components
in this case New Zealand. I' m tol Commissi
that' s done rarely." The Commissioner adamant criminal trial haven' t and won' t be jeopardised "One of the reasons we do send i th
to those places is to ensure that the best evidence is provided to th court and it' s done in a way that e
s professional." +w A new forensic a
examination facility is being built aviation
at Majura - close to the new operati
aviation centre. It should be operational by 2015.

The New South Wales Government has will
played down speculation councils
will be amalgamated. A review panel Go
set up earlier this year by Local look
Government Minister Don Page, is set
looking at changes to the current significa
set up. It' s recommended a councils
significant consolidation of o
councils - without specifying which ones. Findings are expected in Marc th
and the Minister says he' ll take them to cabinet for approval despit befor
the state government promising
before the 2011 election there woul be no forced merges. The Universit receiv
of Canberra' s Chancellor has non
received the highest honour for a Mack
non- native Chilean. Doctor John o
Mackay , has been awarded the Order recognises
of Bernardo O' Higgins. It thei
recognises foreign nationals for scien
their contribution to the arts, sciences and education. he' s ver aspects,
tight with Chile in several
aspects, in education, as a busines man, he has been very important fo Doctor
us in our bilateral policy. honoure
Doctor Mackay is thrilled and honoured to be given the award. I th
ve been working very closely with now,
the ambassador for several years arts
now, particularly in the area of arts and education so those things w
presume play a small part. The ent
world' s most successful piece of entertainment is coming to Canberra o
Andrew Lloyd Webber' s The Phantom names,
of the Opera, starring two big ye
names, will perform ten shows next
year. It' s one of the most iconi b
musicals in the world. It' s the P
biggest box office draw card. The Can
Phantom of the Opera is coming to Canberra. It' s the premier of th Centenar
Phantom of the Opera in the c
Centenary of Canberra so you really Freerai
can' t do better than that. righ
Freerain Theatre has secured the interna
rights - and talent - for the
international hit. It' s introducin L
two major stars to headline. Julie and
Lea Goodwin will play Christine - Pha
and Michael Cormick will play the p
Phantom. singing for Canberra stag
performers to be able to work on consum
stage with people who are such m
consummate professionals is just to the
me a most exciting experience for by
them. Hopefully they' ll learn thi
by watching. I mean that' s how I caree
think we' ve both learnt in our
careers as well. Cast and crew sa audie
Phantom of the Opera will take op
audiences on a magical journey. It opens in August next year. singin +w It' s just one of those iconi soprano roles and it kind of has i jou
all, it' s this amazing dramatic mel
journey, these beautiful sweeping th
melodies and a little bit of dance go
thrown in there as well. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

for tonight' s Inclusion Awards. Th in
legally blind singer placed third S
in the TV show earlier this year. rea
Singing Rachael Leahcar didn' t realise she would become such a rol d
model after the show, and believes disabilities should never be barrie am,
to success. If I wasn' t how I jus
am, I would be, I would feel like h
just another singer, so I' m glad I differen
have something that makes me pr
different from the crowd, and I' m what
proud of that, and I' m proud of The
what I can achieve despite it. +y un
The Inclusion Awards are currently business
underway. They recognise ACT individ
businesses, organisations and s
individuals who have demonstrated a people
strong commitment to including
people with a disability. Sport i Canbe
coming up after the break. The pl
Canberra Cavalry shoot up to third Isr
place. And the Giants reaction to 15
Israel Folau' s defection to Super 15. This program is not captioned. Great to see you, Benji.
Thanks for comin' down. You excited? This is about
a very relaxed game of lawn bowls. This is Australia. Only
special people get me barefoot. My magic ball. My lawn ball. What are these balls called? Bowls?!
Bowls. Like a bowling ball.
Like a bowl you eat out of. Alright, I gotta put my sunglasses
on. I gotta get serious. ONLOOKERS: Ohh!
WOMAN: Oh, my God! A bit of muscle in that one. JOEL: That was a warm-up.
Let's really do this now. Let's do this.
Let's put some money on this.

This program is not captioned. praise
15. GWS coach Kevin Sheedy has fo
praised Israel Folau' s character, Rugb
following his defection to Super sign
Rugby today. The 23-year-old has N
signed a one year contract with the Thomso
New South Wales Waratahs. Greg the
Thomson has the details. Well
the GWS Giants are back in Canberra t
their presence can not be ignored, a
their community camps visit schools this
and local footy clubs, including on
this one - all the focus though is Super
on Israel Folau on his shift to ye
Super Fifteen, after signing a one Wa
year deal with the New South Wales wish
Waratahs. GWS Coach Kevin Sheedy hone
wishing him well and praised his
honesty during the process. Movin walkin
on without their high-profile Israel
walking billboard for the AFL. his
Israel Folau coming to terms with leaving
his Aussie Rules experiment - footbal
leaving for Rugby - the third ve
football code he' ll play in. I' character,
ve got no problem with his t
character, he' s always told us the that
truth and I have no problem with
that at all. Sheedy says only onc pl
did Folau bring up his future and he
plans to leave the code. The day we
he told us which is the day before it
we actually went to press with it, gam
it' s as simple as that, his last complem
game was his best game. The been
complements kept coming. I' ve y
been around the game for forty five hon
years, Israel Folau is one of the dea
honest people I' ve actually ever t
dealt with. +y On field Sheedy says with
the former league star struggled
with one main element. Reading th o
game at three sixty degrees of the a
opposition coming from all quarters major
at you, his kicking was never a Co-
major problem, I never thought. anoth
Co-captain Callan Ward believed o
another season in the AFL would' nt
of hurt. He' s doing what he want ha
to do now, so he' s a big man, he mad
has his choices to make and he' s their
made one. The Giants continue t
their community cam tomorrow with a a
training session at Ainslie, before prepar
a hospital visit, as the squad wi
prepares for season 2013, and life without Israel Folau.

Meanwhile, Sydney Swans fans in th chanc
Nation' s Capital have had the tr
chance to lift the AFL premiership trophy. It' s the real deal and is t
travelling across regional areas in abo
the South East. The Cup tour is so
about bringing the premiership cup sharing
so the people and it' s about sharing the joy and we' re very muc Annett
into that. Swans Ambassador to
Annette Ellis was one of the first Th
to get a grip on the silverware. an
This is very exciting two thousand was
and five, winning the premiership is
was a relief and euphoric and this exc
is just a few years, is very very
exciting and great silverware to se Uni
come into Canberra. Canberra celeb
United Captain Ellie Brush will in
celebrate her 50th W-League match, T
in a rare weekday fixture tomorrow. Stad
The game against Perth at Deakin Stadium is being played, as a resul Japan.
of Canberra' s recent trip to com
Japan. The reigning champions are Sydne
coming off a four-three loss to around,
Sydney FC. It' s a short turn easier
around, which doesn' t get any again
easier. Canberra has to back up
again, hosting the Newcastle Jets o game
Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow' s Baseball
game kicks off at six-pm. To bus
Baseball, and Canberra is back in business, after their ABL series wi in
over Adelaide. The Cavalry is now mee
in third place on the ladder, and h
meet arch-rivals Sydney next. The Ca
home-fans gathered desperate for a
Canberra series win. Their start wa Grenning
brilliant. cheers Brian mound.
Grenning ruling the top of the Hightowe
mound. Cheers Enter Kody f
Hightower. A two nil lead after the continued
first. cheers The trend slu
continued - Adelaide' s start was on
sluggish an eight-two loss in game C
one. Adelaide took game two. Before th
Canberra got back on track in game tigh
three, winning six-three. It was hit
tighter in the final hit out. Big E
hitters Ryan Stovall, KC Hobson and Ora
Eric Massingham lead the way. The as
Orange Brigades fielding, was just scoring
as crisp. Cheers In a low have
scoring affair, Adelaide didn' t catchin
have too many troubles in the
catching department.Adam Bushini wa oppositio
creating headaches for the r
opposition, as his team posted four couldn
runs in four innings. Adelaide s
couldn' t snap out of it. The final in
score - four-two. Canberra sitting Bri
in third place - one win clear of head
Brisbane and Melbourne. The team Thur
heads to Sydney - game one is on Thursday. Greg Thomson, Win News.

The Canberra Capitals third out
straight loss, has seen them fall su
out of the WNBL top four. Canberra goi
suffered a double dose of defeat,
going down to Logan and Dandenong i twenty-four hours. The Caps now si in sixth place on the ladder, afte hav
nine rounds of competition. They weeke
have another double header this weekend, heading across the Nullabo ext
to play Perth and Adelaide. From extreme heat - to possible snow - I ll have the forecast next This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
unexpected guests are expected. The hordes are starving. Ah! Will that be enough?

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This program is not captioned.
ll have the forecast next Well, it summe
s the fourth of December, into summer, and there' s the possibilit tomorrow.To
of snow on the Mountains tomorrow.Today though, gusts reache ti
up to sixty kilometres an hour at degr
times in the Capital. Twenty one degrees was the top. Right now it' clear and sixteen outside. Windy o h
the Tablelands too, Twenty one the Brai
high in Goulburn, Queanbeyan and bet
Braidwood, One less in Yass, Lows Coa
between seven and eleven . To the Nowra,
Coast, Twenty eight degrees in and
Nowra, Twenty three for Ulladulla twenty
and Batemans Bay, Moruya heads
twenty two , Bega topped twenty fou nineteen
. On the Snowies, Cooma hit P
nineteen degrees, Three to seven at Bombala,
Perisher, Eleven at Thredbo, p
Bombala, sixteen . On the satellite AC
picture, Patchy low cloud over the f
ACT and Southern New South Wales is bring
forming in the wake of a front,
bringing a few showers. While on th deve
chart, There' s also some cloud nor
developing with a trough over the ligh
northeast, which is causing some s
light rain to develop. To tomorrow' coas
s forecast, Windy and wet on the coast, Twenty two degrees the top a in
Bega and Moruya Heads, Twenty one in the Bay, Ulladulla, twenty .Nowr heading for twenty three . Drier o degr
the Tablelands, Six to eighteen centr
degrees in Braidwood, All other the
centres heading for nineteen . To degr
the mountains, Rain and fourteen sh
degrees for Bombala, Possible snow five
showers at Thredbo and Perisher,
five and seven the tops there, Coom looking at seventeen . Windy in th af
Capital, Nineteen degrees the top sun
after a low of six overnight, The s
sun will rise at five forty two and U
set just after eight o' clock . The UV index will be extreme. Looking a fi
the five day forecast now, Mostly Sunda
fine except for some showers on
Sunday, Tops between twenty four an thirty degrees. And that' s the WI I'
News hour for this Tuesday night. tomorr
I' m Danielle Post.....see you tomorrow Good night.

Supertext captions by - This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Brady Halls, sitting in for Tracy Grimshaw. When a maniac took the life of young Australian Nicole Fitzsimons in Thailand, framing her boyfriend while getting off scott free, her family were left devastated. A breakthrough in their fight for justice.They all have to be accountable and responsible and expect the Thai authorities to use the full force of the law.We just really like justice for Nicole. We loved her so much.The shocking story of Fitzsimons's holiday death and the -- Nicole Fitzsimons's holiday death and the treatment of her boyfriend angered many Australians. Now it's rattled ptyalin's top