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(generated from captions) The windiest spot was the airport. Humidity was very low, sitting around the 10%
which is quite rare and more what you would see
on a 40-degree day in bushfire-type weather. From the satellite the speckled cloud you can see
over Victoria and Tasmania is a very wintry air mass
moving through - cold enough for snow to fall on the high peaks
of the ski resorts tonight. Tomorrow we'll see fine weather
across New South Wales with cooler temperatures as the bulk of the south-westerlies
move through the state. Chilly and
showers in Melbourne
and Hobart. More showers
and storms in Perth
and Broome. On the waters:

Staying fine tonight. Crystal-clear skies again tomorrow. Spot-on average temperature. It will be fairly windy with fresh and gusty
westerlies across the suburbs putting a bit of a wind chill
in the air, making it feel a lot cooler
than it should. Looking ahead - Fine weather continues
for most of the week ahead with a few isolated showers
in Sunday.

That's Seven News for this Tuesday. Stay tuned for 'Today Tonight' and the new system
to keep motor mechanics honest.

Tonight - the shiftiest shoppers
going for maximum returns. These crooks, they're going to
go out, they're going to steal. Anything goes, and everything goes and it's all caught on camera. Catching out those
shonky mechanics - over servicing, overcharging
and spinning lies. A new way to keep them honest.

Good evening.
Thanks for your company I'm Kylie Gillies. First tonight, we all know
most women love a bargain but there's growing concern
about the number of girls going for the 5-fingered variety and being caught out
on security cameras. Mark Gibson reports shoplifting costs
Australian retailers billions of dollars every year and females are among
the most brazen petty thieves. Everywhere's got a camera nowadays. These crooks, they're gonna go out,
they're gonna steal, and whether it's on camera or not,
whether that's in their mind, only that person can tell. Tonight, the females
fond of a 5-finger discount, proving that
stealing isn't just men's business. As I looked around
and got to the checkout, my wallet was gone. Johanna Bellekom was shopping
at Coles, Thornlie. The 74-year-old didn't know it, but she'd been picked out
as an easy target by the woman on the right. She's pretending to be interested
in the meat section, but she's got one eye
on Johanna's handbag. On the face of it, it may seem like
an opportunity crime.

Watch as the thief strikes. With her victim distracted
by the spice section, she swoops, snatching the purse
from the handbag. Gone in the blink of an eye. That poor, old lady. She's lost her wallet
within a matter of seconds. and all my cards were gone and, yeah, very upset, actually. Here's a good look at the woman
who stole $60 cash and racked up another $300
on the pensioner's credit card. I didn't think that people would do
that kind of thing. That lady's obviously had a plan and she's exacted it
by stalking that lady,

You don't leave things unattended,
especially valuables and a purse. The top of a pram
is also a classic example. Ladies leaving bags and purses
on the pram, they reach over to the meat section and, before you know it,
your purse is gone. Stealing
doesn't get much plainer than this. A well-groomed young woman
simply reaches across the counter, opens the cash register and takes what she wants. This must be
the country's thirstiest thief. A carton of beer up a dress? Mr DeMille, this next young lady
is ready for her close-up. She looks like
she's doing the right thing, paying for items
at a Huntingdale servo. But on the way out,
she pinches a phone charger. She's gone into the store,

The charger was worth a mere $15. To me, to steal something
with minimal value, like an item such as $15, it doesn't seem worth the risk. However, people are willing
to take that risk and it's unfortunate. Our next brazen bandit takes a bottle of gin
from an Armadale bottle shop and slips it into her handbag. A staff member isn't far away,
but she's got a plan for that. The suspect has selected that item
and has an exit strategy as well. So, if she's called on by staff,
what's she going to come up with? She picks out a bottle of wine, then pretends
she's left her money in the car. Of course, the thief
and the stolen grog never return. She's deceived the staff
and made her exit. But the cameras got
a pretty clear shot of the suspect. Finally, a clumsy crook who can't resist the clothes
on display outside this shop. She decides to shove
some T-shirts into her coat. To me, that looks like
an inexperienced thief. Maybe it's an opportunistic crime. Why? Because she took off
with one T-shirt hanging out the back of her jacket. It doesn't look like
it's well planned

Odds are, nowadays,
if you're going to be a thief, you're probably going to be recorded
and we will catch up with you.

That was Mark Gibson reporting. Now, to the ultimate baby bonus in what's been a memorable year
for the Royal Family and the British people. With the
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confirming a royal baby
is on the way the rush is on to get the first
glimpse of the royal baby bump. Laura Sparkes reports on the baby
buzz sending the world gaga. that child will be
third in line to the thrown, so were actually creating history. The royal blood line
will now have a commoner's DNA. It was just obvious. She'd put on a bit of weight
on her face. It was obvious something was coming,
and it did come out. Kate's growing baby bump will be the
most watched pregnancy in history, and there's only one other woman who would have any understanding
of what she's about to endure. The media attention
is going to be in the extreme, certainly from now right up until
the birth and thereafter as it was exactly
with William's mother. surrounding his birth
and his brother, Harry. Ken Wharfe is one of the few
outside the royal family who has an inkling
of Kate's future as a royal mum. He was Princess Dianna's bodyguard and watched on
as Prince William and Harry grew up. Once he found out
his wife was pregnant,

Once he found out
his wife was pregnant, the one person he would have wanted
to speak to would be his mum. William would have loved
that moment. She would have been
absolutely delighted. I can just imagine the arched back,
the screeches of laughter, the excitement she would have had
at hearing that news. And just like he watched over
the young princes, this new baby monarch will have
security detail from day one. but the royal couple
will insist on a normal childhood. They will want to raise
their children in the style
William and Harry were raised, and I think that was a good idea. It's a good idea for them.
It actually worked. They had an upbringing where they
weren't hidden away from everyone. The newlyweds haven't been hounded
to the extent Princess Dianna was in the months
leading up to her death, but could royal baby mania
ruin this uneasy truce?

This is only the start of what is to come. There is already something like 50 photographers parked at side the hospital.The Sun correspondent believes that Kate will be far more protected than Diana ever was.

If you did get some exclusive
pictures to yourself, then you'd probably be talking

Paparazzi photographer
Niraj Tanna, from Ikon Pictures, should know. He's managed to click some of
the most exclusive shots of Kate. I know how royal protection officers
work. I know how the Palace works. When I say you can't get it, trust me, you will not be able
to get it.

The key to this whole thing
is information. It's not taking the picture, it's knowing where Kate is,
who she's with, what she's doing - that's the key. The information has to come
at the right time, and you have to be there
and hopefully, you know, it happens. 'New Idea' editor Kim Wilson
feels vindicated - her magazine
breaking the news two weeks ago in an exclusive interview
with Kate's old friend Jessica Hay. She points out every time Kate
makes the cover, sales skyrocket. Watching her as she gets bigger
and gets closer to having her baby, I think she's going to give us
lots of stories. As long as the readers
keep being interested, then, yes, we'll keep putting her
on the cover.

Ken Wharfe predicts
the heir will have 6-7 names. If it's a boy, there's going to be a 'George'
in there, there's going to be an 'Arthur',
there's going to be a 'Louis', that seems to be the case. If its a girl,
there'll be a 'Victoria' in there, there'll be an 'Elizabeth',
for certain, and, who knows, hopefully
there might be a 'Dianna' as well.

So, we're open to suggestions -
what name do you like best? Have your say on the website where you'll also find
what the bookmakers think are the most likely boys and girls
name for the next little Windsor

of join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Now to a story inspired by a previous
Today Tonight investigation. Helen Wellings' expose
on motor mechanics who over service and overcharge has led to an amazing idea that allows customers to
watch their cars being worked on, wherever they are. so we could have that peace of mind
wherever we took the car. It's transparent

and so you feel as if you're getting
what you're paying for. Victims of substandard,
over-priced car repairs - Gloria Stanbury and Phil Peters, Stacey Lewis, Jean and George Alim, once bitten twice shy, can no longer trust
they'll get a fair deal at a normal garage.

there's work being done that
you didn't expect to have been done. We had a bad experience
with a mechanic. I was overcharged for what was supposed to be
a minor service on my car. I paid close to $1,000
for this minor service. Behind the customer's back, our candid cameras catch red-handed
cheating mechanics. Can we talk to you about it,
though? Can you turn that off? Six out of six workshops
we've previously tested, by setting up
a specific engine malfunction, charged for unnecessary
or non-existent repairs - double to five times more expensive
than our experts estimate. For years, we've been reporting
on the motor vehicle repair industry doing faulty or nonexistent repairs,
over-servicing, over-charging. Well, here's a breakthrough - a garage
that's installed multi cameras so customers can see exactly
what's happening to their cars. We saw a report on your show
I think you did, Helen, where you had hidden cameras
in some cars and had taken it
to a number of different mechanics. That's when
George comes up with the idea of... The world's first totally
transparent mechanical workshop, where everything can be
viewed online as it happens live. George and Jean Alim are the brains
behind a world-first - this revolutionary set-up called U C US. They're not going to get told that
their spark plugs are being changed and they're not really not. Or that they're new brakes when they're, in fact,
second-hand brakes. Or that a mechanic's spent
six or seven hours working on a job when he hasn't really opened up the
bonnet and done anything to it. Now, Helen, you've got 25 cameras
positioned around the workshop that cover each bay. Now, you'll see right here Dominic's
about to work on this car over here. 25-year-old graphic designer Stacey
is having a full 100,000km service. Tripod cameras
capture close-up vision which can be viewed live
by the customer on a smartphone or computer. And you see only your car,
no-one else's. I can watch it
while I'm sitting here having lunch, or, throughout the day, I can
check up on what they're doing. So, you can see exactly what's going
on with your car under the bonnet, no matter where you are? That's right. Top up this coolant a bit as well,
please. You can also hear Dominic, so Dominic will talk you through
whatever. If he's changing a spark plug or oil
or whatever it may be, he will talk you through it
and you will hear that. It frees you up
when your car is being serviced. You're really not thinking,
"I wonder if they've started yet." George and Jean's garage
is in Sydney's Brookvale, and they plan to set up more soon
and in other capital cities. So, is it pricier than normal? When they give me the bill,
if I have any questions, cross-reference it against the disc
and what they've said, "We've changed this,"
or, "It took this long." Because of the price is so good, it doesn't cost you any extra
for all the extras there, so it's really added value.

Helen Wellings reporting on how a negative story
has had a positive outcome. If you have had recent dramas
with a mechanic, drop us a line. OK, this may be hard to believe but there are women out there
who say they're too good looking
for their own good. They are the among
the genetically blessed, the women who say
their beauty has been a curse. Is it a real problem or do these
women need a reality check? Jackie Quist reports.

It's definitely present
amongst women. Tall, blonde, attractive,
and in the sights of others.

Over the course of an hour,
we film, hidden from view, to see how looks can kill. Nearly every woman who passes
stares daggers. Why? Is it jealousy? Or does it go even further? It's sad to say,

but, honestly,
some women literally hate you. Hated because she is beautiful. I often feel hatred by women. Too good-looking
for their own good. A lot of women who talk to me
feel threatened by me. One of our first supermodels, Virginia Hey's angular beauty
scored her a career in the movies and the coveted role as a Bond girl. Now, at 60, she concedes her good looks have been a blessing
for her career but when it comes
to her private life, it's been a constant curse,
scaring off the most eligible men. Honestly, I think
that I will be single for probably the rest of my life and because of the problem
that my looks have created. It's definitely tall poppy syndrome. She is Generation Y's 'it girl', but in an age obsessed with looks, Ruby Jacenko's have often
brought her unwanted attention. I have felt treated differently, whether it be by girls being nasty
to me, without even knowing me, judging me from walking into a place
where they are and just not liking the look of me, and even men
not wanting to approach me because they think,
"Oh, she's going to be a snob." The discrimination

And it's not
that they are ungrateful for their genetic gifts. So many doors wouldn't have opened
if I hadn't been a model. They just want others to know
the flipside. Girls can play mean. Virginia recently attacked
by a female stranger And I know it was nothing
except the fact I had my heels on so I was 6'3", 6'4" made up - probably looked like a 60-year-old
Victoria's Secret girl - you know, the hair flowing - and there I am
walking along the train station, and she just decided,
"Who the hell do you think you are?" Smash! And bashed me in the knee. Ruby believes she has missed out
on job opportunities because of jealous wives
and girlfriends. I was a personal assistant and the boss's wife
was really intimidated by me, and she would come into the office
and she would be really rude to me and she'd just hang around
the office so I knew what was going on and that was obviously
because of my looks. But social commentator
Melinda Tankard Reist says these women need
a severe reality check. Women who conform
to society's ideals about facial and body perfection are often privileged. They're often privileged
in our society and they're not really the women,
I don't think, who are getting a hard time,
who are really facing a tough life. I notice it sometimes
when I walk into a room. PR guru and author Manon says she's lived with lookism
all her life. In her new book, 'Unzipped', she advises others
how on to deflect the bitchiness. Bitchiness only really comes from
a fear in other girls' personas about what they're not feeling good
about themselves. It's often called...I call it
transference, so they're transferring
their own insecurities on to you. To make life smoother
and more enjoyable for me, it's better if I downplay my looks and that way
women don't react adversely, that way, I'm perceived
as being more normal. It is kind of sad, in a way. I would never want to be plain,
I've got good looks and I'm going to use it and use it
for as long as it lasts. Hopefully which will be forever.

Jackie Quist reporting. We'll take a break. Then, could the health experts
have been wrong about the hot chip? Yeah, they can be
a healthier choice. How the fast-food favourite
has been misunderstood, and the scientific quest
for the healthy hot chip. That's next.


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and helps prevent food
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Hi. Could I get a thickshake? WOMAN: (OVER SPEAKER)
Yep, sure. That's $1. Oh, no, sorry.
I wanted to order a thickshake. Yep, that's $1. VOICEOVER: You won't believe the value you can get with Hungry Jack's
new Penny Pinchers menu. (YELLS) One thickshake!

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Here's a story
that will put dieticians in a spin. Italian scientists are making
the case for hot chips, claiming they're a lot healthier
than we've been led to believe. Tineka Everaardt reports
on the chips to choose and how to cook them. McCain, it's all good.

It's hard to say no... Australians love their chips.
It's almost a national dish. ..but do we really have to? Are these golden delights
as devilish as they look? Yeah, they can be
a healthier choice. The latest research
has dieters rejoicing - Italian scientists claiming that fried chips are, in fact,
full of nutrients and absorb less fat
than once thought. They found that zucchini and
eggplant absorbs 30% of cooking oil, while potato absorbs just 5%. The secret is in the starch

which seals the potato
and reduces oil absorption, but to get the benefits,

you need to stick to fresh potatoes,
not frozen, and leave the skin on. Dietician Melanie McGrice. What the study's saying is that most chips are, in fact,
not healthy. But if they're cooked
in the right way, then there's the potential
that they can be. She says it's the hidden ingredient,
salt, which can be a real killer. Things like tomato sauce
is just more salt, and so it actually increases
the salt content. But oil is the great divider when it comes to the healthiness
of chips. Canola is the best, with 92% of the good
poly and monounsaturated fats - a slender 8% bad saturated fats. Sunflower has 90% unsaturated. The ones to look out for
are cottonseed, with 74% saturated, beef tallow,
about half is saturated fat. The biggest shocker of all
is coconut oil,

I'd be looking for ones that are
going to be a thicker-cut chip rather than more of a French fry. Some fast-food giants have made
an effort to change their chips - KFC, Hungry Jack's and McDonald's
now use healthier canola oils. But Red Rooster still uses a mixture
of canola and high-fat palm oil. Anything that's deep fried is
definitely not healthy in my book. So, what's the alternative? Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson
believes he has the recipe
for a champion chip. The trick is to get a good potato
with the skin on. Make sure it's washed, cut it into a chip shape. I put them onto a tray, drizzle a little bit of olive oil
on there and then a nice little sprinkle
of salt. Or, if you want to avoid salt... A little bit of rosemary on there
as well, baked in the oven, nice and crisp and golden, perfect. Every now and again, a girl's just gotta indulge
a little. Thank you!

Mm! And I tell you what
when it comes to flavour, this is a real winner. They're not a healthy food,
they're a treat food, but if you're going to make them
at home, then you can actually make them
in a healthier way.

Of course, all things in moderation. That was Tineka Everaardt reporting. We'll be back after the break to check out some
real kitchen nightmares. A lot of people say, "I can't
believe that's your kitchen." No running water, washing up in a bucket. Are these among
Australia's worst kitchens?

(MODEM BUZZES) WOMAN: Australian businesses are using the internet
in more and more ways, like data transfer and online sales. The problem is our current copper
network's struggling to keep up.

The National Broadband Network
will give businesses in Australia access to high-speed,
reliable broadband. Built for our needs today
and tomorrow, the NBN will make us
globally more competitive and give us an opportunity
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It'll help us take Australia
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go to

Tomorrow night - inside
Australia's nightmare kitchens. Some are dirty, some are dodgy,
some are downright dangerous.

How long have you lived without to sink?About one year.I have got a tea-towel over my stove, because on windy days so it comes through from the chimney and lands on the stove. -- set.Welcome to my kitchen nightmare.

That story tomorrow.
Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies. Enjoy
your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

Hello, and welcome to Better Homes
and Gardens' Countdown to Christmas where tonight we've got cute
little decorations for you to make. Turn your tree into a superstar
with magical ornaments inspired by a great new movie,
'Rise of the Guardians'. Plus, cupcakes fit for
this season's heroes. You take the ones on the left.
I'll take the ones on the right?

Turn trash into garden treasure. Would you believe - all this
from a council clean-up? Be the coolest kid
in the neighbourhood. I'll show you how to build
your very own skateboard ramp.

And what to do about
a very hungry rabbit called Malibu. A $65 rabbit
does $2,000 worth of damage. And we've still got
loads more prizes to give away, so keep watching because Christmas
might be coming early to your place. SONG: # Ooh # Getting better, yeah # Life keeps getting better # All the time # Getting better. # You know, I've seen some of
the best gardens in the world but my favourites are often those
that are hidden in the suburbs created by you - just like this next one
I'm about to show you. It's jam-packed full
of really terrific recycling ideas and it looks amazing.

Hey, g'day, Gary. How are you? Good! How are you?
I'm really well, mate. Sorry to interrupt
your pruning there. Is this part of your bowerbird
collection that I've heard about? It is, actually.
I've got three sets of these. Really?
Picked up off the council clean-up. So, what captures your eye
as you're driving around or walking around the streets and you think, "Mmm -
I could turn that into something"? I've got a couple of dogs,
which are very slow these days. So, walking around the streets,
you often find things and you think,
"Wow, somebody's thrown that out," and it's a perfect garden ornament and often you see them
in the old antique shops up in the Southern Highlands and they've got hundreds of dollars
on them. Yes. So I use them
as features in the garden.

Now, the garden wasn't like this
when you came here. It was very, very different. We moved here in 2002 and it was an old returned
serviceman's weatherboard - actually, fibro - cottage. The only main feature
was the box elder at the back and I just saw
great potential for it. I fell in love with the garden
more than the house.

Tell me the story
about your bird feeder. Well, this is another
council collection piece. Really?
Yeah. My wife's aunty bought one
for about $1,000, I believe, and I thought, "I haven't got
that much money to spend on one." So the roof is actually
an old lampshade. Oh, I can see that now.
What about the top? The top is actually
the end of a curtain rod and the posts themselves
are the curtain rod itself. Oh, you just cut them into pieces? Basically, the only thing
I had to buy for it was the post so my bird table cost me about $25. Compared to $1,000.
Compared to $1,000.

Gary actually bought the fire bed
at his local hardware store but he made the sandstone plinth
that it's sitting on and it has two purposes - when he's not barbecuing here, it's a place
to pop in the clothes line