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(generated from captions) Oh, man. (LAUGHS)

That was worth every single dollar
of that $23,000. That is a national first.
That's sober. (LAUGHS) I'm just wondering
what age children have to be when they can divorce their parents.

Man, we should
run a warning on this episode. Now, Sheila, to make it $23,500,
what's in briefcase 2? Have the $75,000, Sheils, come on.
You reckon? I thought I might've had the $10,
but... Alright. So in that case, the $75,000
is in here, you're saying? It was all about 11, let's face it. Yeah, I think I've got $10.
Alright, pop the locks on 11. It's... $10!
Yes. There it is! There's the $75,000 in briefcase 2. Whoo! Good on you, Matt.
It has been a ball. What a pleasure. Good on you,
Sheila. Let's see the money. The gorgeous Chelsea, direct from a different kind of
paradise altogether, my friend. I'm so glad you could join us
from Pacific Paradise today.

Good on you, Sheila.
Great having your company. Thanks for being with us, everyone. We'll get hot under the collar
again tomorrow.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - The Reserve Bank's
Christmas present of rate cut but when will the big lenders
deliver? Live to the hospital where Prince William rushed Kate
with a pregnancy scare. Children narrowly escape a flyaway
roof on a western Sydney street. Arrests over Sydney ram-raid
robberies which came to a fiery end. It could be your home - the safety warnings
to prevent a Christmas catastrophe. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Christmas has come early
for homebuyers with the Reserve Bank slashing
the official interest rate. It's now at an emergency level of 3%,
following today's cut of 0.25%. Smaller banks started passing
on cuts immediately but as always, the big four have left
their borrowers guessing. The Christmas queue for a session
with Santa... ..but today the parents
got the early gift, 0.25% off interest rates -
some welcome Christmas trimmings. It'll be a little bit of relief,
I think, yeah. Today's cut from the Reserve Bank
is the early Christmas present that hardworking Aussies deserve. If passed on in full,
the cut means on a $200,000 loan
savings of $30 a month. On $300,000, $45 a month. An official rate of 3%. Emergency levels. That takes interest rates back
to the level they were at the GFC and to 5-year lows. But some say retail, manufacturing
and mining are worse today than then. I do think the Reserve
needs to get more aggressive, bring rates down in a one-off shock. In the GFC,
when official rates hit 3%, the big four banks'
standard variable was 5.75%. Today, it's 6.62% - much higher. And that means if the Reserve Bank
really wants to stimulate the economy and get people spending again it's going to have to
cut rates much further. Economists say down to 2.5%,
the lowest in history - or even 2% flat.

A call backed in a broadside from
one of Australia's biggest retailers. What they needed to do
was to go 0.5%, to really show the market
they mean business. They need to stimulate the economy. ING, the first to pass on
the full rate cut today, disagrees. It's not like the economy
is in a hole. It's just come off the boil,
so to speak, and we think this rate cut will help
to stimulate things again.

Live now to Chris Reason
at the Reserve Bank. Chris, when are the big banks
expected to announce their cuts? Mark, consumer groups say that for every day they take
to make their decision, the big four pocket a total
of $5 million in savings, not exactly an incentive
to move quickly. One study shows the ANZ is the worst
taking an average of 11 days, NAB the best, taking 7 days.

Of course, those delays hold up
exactly the Reserve Bank's aim - to stimulate the economy. Chris Reason there, thank you. Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge
is resting tonight in a London hospital. She is pregnant with her
and Prince William's first baby but she's also suffering acute
morning sickness. Live to Adrian Brown outside
King Edward VII Hospital. Adrian, just how serious
is Kate's condition? Mark, it's called
hyperemesis gravidarum. In plain English,
that's extreme nausea caused by an overload of hormones
in early pregnancy. Kate should be OK but will need
at least a few days in hospital and careful management to prevent dehydration. Prince William leaves the hospital where his wife is reportedly
on a drip and medication. A possible clue to Kate's condition
came on a school visit last week when she seemed
to suffer some discomfort, but she also played hockey - certainly not taking it easy
as doctors now insist. Once someone's admitted to hospital the symptoms usually settle
very quickly. The rush to hospital forced the premature announcement
of her pregnancy. It was widely anticipated. In Cambridge, William
was handed a baby's jumpsuit. (LAUGHS) No joke now
but everyone's thrilled. It's absolutely wonderful news
and I'm delighted for them. I'm sure they'll make absolutely
brilliant parents. I'm really pleased for them and just
hope all goes well for Kate. It's absolutely marvellous news
and I'm delighted. Yeah, well, they didn't mess about,
did they? Well, it has been 1.5 years, but children
were always on the agenda. I think we'll take it
one step at a time. We'll sort of get over
the marriage thing first and then maybe look at kids
but obviously we want a family so we'll have to start
thinking about that. It's been an extraordinary year
for this country - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee,
the Olympics, and now just a few weeks
before Christmas, the crowning glory - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
expecting their first child. It will be the Queen's
third great-grandchild and third in line to the throne. Adrian, any word if they're expecting
a boy or a girl? Nothing official, Mark, but medical research shows
severe nausea in pregnancy is consistently associated
with a female foetus. One study showing a 50% greater
chance of having a girl and also, with having twins. Mark. Thanks, Adrian. Now to Paul Kadak
at 'New Idea' headquarters. Paul, magazines will be going
into overdrive? Mark, overdrive and overtime - and not just magazines, with this
the first British royal baby of the social media age. The team here has been busy
since very early this morning And you can expect,
over the coming months, plenty more royal baby front covers. In the middle of the night came the story
made in magazine heaven. I think our readers
are really interested in this. We've had a fabulous journey, this is the next chapter
in a love story, really. Depending on what you read this pregnancy's been happening
for two years, but this time it's for real. This is delightful news. It's going to bring joy to them
and to their family. It's exciting, it's romantic,
it's lovely and especially so close
to Christmas. I think it's really exciting. I think it's great.
Why not? Oh, there's probably more important
things going on at the moment than Kate. Kate's acute morning sickness
has left her badly dehydrated. She's getting intravenous fluids. She'd be getting some medication
to stop her from vomiting. Boy or girl, new laws of succession mean
a younger sibling can't beat them to the throne. As for a name... I quite like Elizabeth. Oh, yeah, well,
they've had a few of those. What about 'Victoria' for a girl? Oh, it's a bit too old-fashioned,
even for me. (LAUGHS) Oh, no it's not. SportsBet says there are good odds for any part
of Princess Diana's maiden name. Other girl favourites - Anne, Sarah and Elizabeth. Best bets for a boy - John, Charles and Henry. With long shots Camilla and Fergie. People are betting the baby's sex,
weight, hair colour, even godparents. About the only thing you can't
put a bet on is where they, um,
where the baby was made - but that hasn't stopped
the speculation, which includes their day off during
a recent tour of the Solomon Islands or their farmhouse in North Wales. What is clear this royal baby will be born
into a very different world from their father. One website predicting the faces
of the future prince or princess.

Several people, including children,
narrowly missed being hit by a shop awning
ripped loose by a gust of wind in western Sydney this afternoon. Live to Jodie Speers at Guildford. Jodie,
it was an incredibly lucky escape. Mark, that's right. The awning or metal roof was big,
about 10 x 4 metres. It pulled loose and was blown
right across Guildford Road The drama was caught
on security video. You can see two children
sitting outside a shop, when they run for cover. One parked car had just moved off,
but a second was hit. Another look shows again
just how lucky those kids were. Very fortunate
that no-one was killed. It's a busy time of day
in the middle of Guildford. It landed across the road
on top of a car. Fortunately,
there was no-one underneath. The awning came from a mini-mall
across the road. It was dragged
into the middle of the street to be cut up by firemen
and carted away. Building inspectors are investigating
just how the awning came loose. Mark. A man and woman arrested
over a demolition spree in Sydney's south are now being questioned
over similar incidents in the past few weeks. They are accused
of smashing into several police cars after ram-raiding a chemist. A fiery end to a rampage
that spanned three suburbs. It started in Sans Souci at 3:25am when a ute backed into this chemist
on Rocky Point Road. What can we do? Bad luck. The shop was destroyed, allegedly by a man and woman
stealing cash and drugs. I was shocked. I was in tears, actually,
at home when I was told it. Based on only a hunch, police visited the Hurstville home
of two locals they know very well. The same stolen ute
allegedly turned up before ramming three police cars
as it sped off. And, fortunately,
no police were injured, only one officer
with a minor cut to his hand. The ute was torched at Allawah and a few hours later
officers returned to Hurstville... Hey, innocent person here!

..arresting a cheeky 32-year-old who says
he was elsewhere at the time. I got proof in my bum bag... came from Miranda
4:00 this morning. A lot of bum, but no bag, and no bail for
32-year-old Russell Sabelgunst. 28-year-old Catherine McGowan
was also driven away for questioning. The chemist had also been targeted
three weeks ago. Police are investigating
any links to that robbery and also to a robbery here yesterday
not far away, at Blakehurst, at a similar time,
same method and same goods stolen. Police will allege they tried
to hide those goods internally as they were arrested. Sabelgunst allegedly swallowed his. He is under police guard in hospital.

A teenager
who was an outstanding student at a prestigious college has died during schoolie celebrations
in Fiji. 17-year-old Harrison Kadell
from Brisbane drowned in a resort pool
at Plantation Island. where players hold their breath
underwater for as long as they can. he was an outstanding athlete, and he was involved in many, many
activities here at the college. Harrison was holidaying with friends. The school says they weren't part
of an organised schoolies tour happening on the island. With Christmas trees going up
across Sydney fire crews have shown just how quickly faulty decorations
can send your home up in flames. Cheap lights that don't meet
Australian standards and overloaded old power boards pose the biggest dangers. It's the Christmas of nightmares - a tree with dodgy decorations goes up
in smoke and destroys a living room. A garden hose at this point
would probably be fairly useless. This was a demonstration but the fire brigade fears an influx
of cheap Christmas lights could make these flames
a tragic reality. Make sure it complies
with Australians standards. Simple message -
if in doubt throw it out. There's plenty that belongs
on the scrap heap, sold online and in $2 shops, now in the sights
of Fair Trading inspectors. We've spoken to The Reject Shop
this morning about having it removed from sale. Firefighters say it takes
a natural Christmas tree just seconds to be fully engulfed. All items in that room, including
the carpets, the paint on the wall, the ceilings, the fittings are reaching very quickly
to an ignition temperature. Just three minutes into this fire
and lives would have been lost. There'd be no going back, the biggest danger would have come
from toxic smoke, generated by the chemicals
in modern furniture. They're full of cyanides. They're great,
they're comfortable, they're durable but when they catch on fire
we have a volatile cocktail. So far, Fair Trading has seized
77 dangerous Christmas goods from 106 retailers
and market traders. Still to come tonight in Seven News - the blood that could hold the cure
to a childhood disease. Our exclusive survey - which suburbs rate themselves
as Sydney's happiest. Plus, a surprise Christmas party
for some special Sydney kids.

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Sydney doctors could be on the verge of preventing one of the most
common chronic childhood diseases. In a world first, they're using
a child's own cord blood to stop the onset of type 1 diabetes. 8-year-old Brice Gardner
is a good big brother to his little sister, Araminta. A-ha. He holds her hand,
tells her stories. (READS): And then Sam I Am
came up and said "Why did you get
my green eggs and ham?" But mostly Brice hopes his 5-year-old
sister won't develop type 1 diabetes like him. It would be a great weight
off our shoulders just, you know,
to stop her having it. Araminta is at high risk of
developing the autoimmune disease, which destroys cells
in the pancreas. Her parents paid $3,000 to freeze her umbilical cord blood
at birth. Even if it was never used, we'd
at least have an insurance policy that it may be used one day. That day has come, with Westmead's
Kids Research Institute launching a world-first study
into cord blood and diabetes. They believe cord blood cells
returned into the bloodstream could stop the illness developing
in kids like Araminta. What we hope is an immune boost to prevent them from progressing
to type 1 diabetes. The study runs for five years, and
the results are vital for Australia. We've one of the highest type 1
diabetes rates in the world, with 130,000 sufferers. There's no cure and no prevention

A survey of the level of happiness
in our suburbs has thrown up some real differences
across our city. Exclusive research carried out
for Seven News has found Sydney's south
has the most content population. On a day like today,
it's not hard to see why. The Shire in the heart
of Sydney's happiest suburbs. Look around you. Like, we have the best life here. Oh, it's the easy life, you know. A survey conducted for Seven News
has found around three quarters
of Sydney residents are comfortable
with their standard of living. Sydney residents have told us
the best place to live in Sydney is south Sydney. They're happiest. Their standard of living is high. In the south,
83% of residents say they're happy. Happier than the east and north. Only 69% of the west. Not surprisingly,
western Sydney families are most concerned
about their personal finances. The challenge of paying bills
and affording mortgages taking its toll on quality of life. And those families who say
they're under financial strain? 54% in the east,
more in the south and north. But 65% of families in the west say
they're feeling under pressure, increasingly coming
to financial counsellors for help. More and more people
in the higher income brackets than we have seen previously and even people
who are small business owners. When it comes to getting on
with next door, 86% of Sydneysiders say
they like their next-door neighbour. They're the friendliest here
in the south In fact, 85% of people
living outside of Sydney are happy.

Some very special youngsters
have been treated to the ultimate Christmas party
at Darling Harbour. The Variety Club
puts it on every year but it was a big surprise for the 5,000 disadvantaged
and special needs children who came along. They were joined by their parents,
carers and 500 volunteers. Even Santa made a special appearance. Oh, Merry Christmas! Look at all these kids. Merry Christmas! It's the biggest event of its kind
in the Southern Hemisphere. Sport now with Jim Wilson and it's not about the money
for Israel Folau? Mark, Izzy has become
a serial defector and now he'll embark on a stint
in rugby union. Coming up,
we put the burning questions to the new Waratah
who wants to become a Wallaby. Plus, life after Ricky - how he and his wife celebrated
his test farewell. And first on Seven, Camden's favourite son's
act of kindness


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Israel Folau says
he's not money-hungry and Parramatta and the NRL
are to blame for not getting him back
to rugby league. Folau has become a serial defector and will now embark
on a 1-season deal at the Waratahs in Super Rugby. He's been called "greedy" but Israel Folau says it's garbage
to say his switch to rugby union is just another grab for cash. Definitely not, mate. If I was...if I was entirely in
for the money I could have stayed in AFL. I walked away from the AFL deal
which was massive. But the 23-year-old admits his heart
was with a switch to the Eels. If people had kept their word
would we be standing here now? Ah, well, the story
might have been different. Things didn't work out. In terms of the Parramatta talks
and hence why I'm here today. Folau says league didn't do enough. I think the game was doing
all it could within its rules and, you know, probably bending
the rules to accommodate him. While leaguies have slammed
his character, not those from AFL. I think Israel Folau
is one of the honest people I've actually ever dealt with. But will this switch be a success? Like the natural talent, there's
no questions asked, whatsoever. Mat Rogers wore these colours before
when he switched from rugby league and is certain Israel Folau
will match his efforts and become a Wallaby. I've got absolutely no doubt,
whatsoever, that he'll absolutely brain it
in rugby union. With what I know
I can do with my talent and, you know, I always back myself
in anything I do. If it doesn't work out there
are other options. Maybe badminton. (LAUGHS)

As Ricky Ponting reflects
on a brilliant test career former Blues batsman Phil Hughes says he's ready for another crack
at the big time. Hughes has scored a mountain of runs
for South Australia and has declared he has what it takes
to replace Ponting. Life after test cricket
begins for the Pontings after a surprise party to celebrate
one of Australia's greatest careers. We're too hungover
to process anything right now. Adam Gilchrist, blame him. (LAUGHS) Yeah, awesome night, yeah. The Gilchrists certainly know
how to throw a party. A lot of family and friends there, it was the perfect end
to a pretty long career. Except for the 1-0 series defeat
to South Africa. It was the tough Tasmanian
as we've never seen him, as he thanked his family last night. I wouldn't obviously be here without the opportunities I was
given at an early age by them. (CLEARS THROAT) It's getting a bit harder. (SNIFFS) Michael Clarke defended
the pace-bowling rotation for his grand final.

If Peter Siddle
and Ben Hilfenhaus were fit they would have been picked
for this test match. Ponting's replacement
will be named this week. Domestic cricket's
leading run scorer, Phil Hughes, is ready for a third chance. There's one thing
that I've really worked on. I'm not going to go into it, but I know it's improved my game
all around the park.

Teenage Sydney amateur
Jake Higginbottom

A dream come true
for hundreds of disadvantaged kids after an extraordinary act
of goodwill by boxer Daniel Geale. Today, the world champion presented
200 tickets for the children to state sports minister
Graham Annesley and Camden MP Chris Patterson.

It is going to be such a big event, in Australia, and it would be great for those less fortunate to have the chance to be able to come and watch.

The fight is on January 30
at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Just quickly, J Kidd and bottom will be teamed up with the legendary temper -- Tom

legendary temper -- Tom Watson for round one of the Australian Open. It begins at the Legs on Thursday. You'll see it right here on Seven.

Checking finance now. The share market fell after the Reserve Bank
cut official interest rates to their lowest level since
the Global Financial Crisis. Sally's next with Sydney's weather. Sal, are the clear skies
here to stay? Mark, we've got a run
of rainfree days ahead, with a warm one this weekend. I'll have the details, next.

Summer has arrived in the city
this week but we also have some snow
falling across the ski resorts as a cold change sweeps
through the south. Windy but fine
in the city today with warm and dry westerly winds
pushing temperatures up. Wind gusts across Sydney reached
the 50km today. The windiest spot was the airport. Humidity was very low, sitting around the 10%
which is quite rare and more what you would see
on a 40-degree day in bushfire-type weather. From the satellite the speckled cloud you can see
over Victoria and Tasmania is a very wintry air mass
moving through - cold enough for snow to fall on the high peaks
of the ski resorts tonight. Tomorrow we'll see fine weather
across New South Wales with cooler temperatures as the bulk of the south-westerlies
move through the state. Chilly and
showers in Melbourne
and Hobart. More showers
and storms in Perth
and Broome. On the waters:

Staying fine tonight. Crystal-clear skies again tomorrow. Spot-on average temperature. It will be fairly windy with fresh and gusty
westerlies across the suburbs putting a bit of a wind chill
in the air, making it feel a lot cooler
than it should. Looking ahead - Fine weather continues
for most of the week ahead with a few isolated showers
in Sunday.

That's Seven News for this Tuesday. Stay tuned for 'Today Tonight' and the new system
to keep motor mechanics honest.

Tonight - the shiftiest shoppers
going for maximum returns. These crooks, they're going to
go out, they're going to steal. Anything goes, and everything goes and it's all caught on camera. Catching out those
shonky mechanics - over servicing, overcharging
and spinning lies. A new way to keep them honest.

Good evening.
Thanks for your company I'm Kylie Gillies. First tonight, we all know
most women love a bargain but there's growing concern
about the number of girls going for the 5-fingered variety and being caught out
on security cameras. Mark Gibson reports shoplifting costs
Australian retailers billions of dollars every year and females are among
the most brazen petty thieves. Everywhere's got a camera nowadays. These crooks, they're gonna go out,
they're gonna steal, and whether it's on camera or not,
whether that's in their mind, only that person can tell. Tonight, the females
fond of a 5-finger discount, proving that
stealing isn't just men's business. As I looked around
and got to the checkout, my wallet was gone. Johanna Bellekom was shopping
at Coles, Thornlie. The 74-year-old didn't know it, but she'd been picked out
as an easy target by the woman on the right. She's pretending to be interested
in the meat section,