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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News. Good afternoon. It's the news the world has been waiting for - Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic has the details. It's the royal secret Kate's found impossible to keep mum about - an heir to the throne finally on the way for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But it's early days for the happy couple, with Kate less than 12 weeks pregnant. Overnight, St James's Palace confirmed the swelling rumours after then come duchess was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. She'd been staying at her parents' home in Berkshire, when soon to be DADT William drove his wife to hospital in London. Doctors say, with some rest and rehydration, the Duchess should be fine to leave hospital in a few days. The impending arrival has already been given the royal seal of approval, with the Queen and the rest of the family said to be delighted by the news. The British Prime Minister the first to congratulate the couple.Delighted for them. I'm sure they'll make absolutely brilliant parents, and I'm sure everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight.On behalf of everyone here in the White House, beginning with the President and the First Lady, we extend our congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.From the Australian people to Prince William and Kate, delightful news, and our congratulations.The speculation has intensified in recent days - a new hairstyle, loose jackets, and the Duchess shunning alcohol while on a tour of Asia. The long-awaited royal arrival will be third in line to the throne after Charles and William, no matter if it's a boy or a girl. That will push Prince Harry down to fourth place. While it's believed Will and Kate found out about the pregnancy on the weekend, it still sparked a worldwide betting plunge on what the new addition will be named. Of course, traditional names are most likely. If the baby is a girl, the couple may pay tribute to William's late mother, Diana. One thing is for sure, though - this royal baby will set the trend for the next generation to come. Social media has been in overdrive, with royal baby fever, and speculation rife about gender, names, and even where the new third in line to the throne was conceived. Joining me now in the studio is Nine's Peter Harvey. Speaking of baby names, there are rumours they may need two?Absolutely there are. I suspect that some time in the very near future, the royal watchers will have us up to three, but for the moment they're all saying, with the benefit of this terrific inside knowledge that all the royal watchers have, that she's so sick that it means twins. And that's sort of where it ends and begins, really - it's speculation by the people who keep their eyes on Buckingham Palace. Who knows?A lot of questions to be answered, I think, at the moment. And of course people are also guessing about where this baby - or babies - were conceived, Peter?A great deal of number-crunching has been going on. The experts have now worked out that 12 weeks ago - which is the term in which, um, the Duchess is allegedly pregnant - began in Singapore on a royal tour. So they're now saying that it could have been Singapore. It could have been the Solomon Islands. It could have been Tuvalu. It could have been the 10 minutes they spent at Brisbane Airport on the way back to London.(LAUGHS) Take your choices with this one. Whatever you may say about it, there's no doubt about how just a big deal this is. Everybody loves a new baby, and everybody loves a royal baby.How about names? Any tips for us?The betting agencies - pardon moo - have the girls as favourites - Anne, Diana, his bths, Francis, Mary and Victoria. Boys - Charles, George, James, John, fill and Richard. But like everything else, it's really a matter of conjecture.A lot of rumours for you to get the bottom of this afternoon.That's right!.Thank you for your time.OK. A 17-year-old Queensland boy has died during schoolies celebrations in Fiji. Harrison Kadell, who was the vice-captain of his Brisbane high school, drowned in the pool of a resort on Plantation Island. He's been described as an slept role model and an outstanding young man. We'll have more details on this tragic story with Davina Smith later. It's been a tough day for Queenslanders struggling through searing temperatures across the state. Nine's Michael Best joins us from our Brisbane newsroom with the latest. Michael, just how hot has it been there today?Davina, -- Sylvia, for days, the weather bureau has been protecting days of 39 degrees for Brisbane. So far, we haven't reached it yet. It was hovering at 35 for the past few hours. In the last half-hour, the hot north-westerly winds have picked up. Here in Brisbane, it's now 37.6 degrees. That's led to a couple of fire outbreaks around the south-east at places like Mount Glorious and Mount Me. No homes serious under threat. It's also good to report, after days of Queensland Health worrying about a spike in heat-stress said patients at their hospitals, only a handful have so far presented to the PA and royal Brisbane hospitals here in the south-east. Good news on its impact so far.That is a relief, but am it must have been a struggle to stay cool today. How have people been coping?Absolutely. The only way to cope has been to stay out of the heat - to get in the air- conditioning or, as many people have done, hit the pools and the swimming locations right across south-east Queensland. At places like Southbank and Springfield, the pools have been very popular. People are getting in the water and cooling off. Here's what a few people said how they've spent the day.It's really hot!Really, really, really hot!They've got their hats on, their shirts on. Plenty of sunscreen. And they've been drinking lots of water.If we get too hot, we take a run over there and jump in an ice pool. It's fantastic.Only a few hours more of heat left this afternoon, Sylvia. It is projected to cool off tomorrow. We should get back to normal summer in Queensland after that. Still hot, but not quite what we've seen the last couple of days. Good news. Thank you. A man and woman have been arrested over an alleged crime spree in Sydney's south. Police believe the pair drove a ute through a chemist in Sans Souci around 3:30 this morning. They're also accused of ramming three police cars in Hurstville before setting the ute alight and fleeing. Mortgage-holders have been handed an early Christmas present from the Reserve Bank - a 0.25% rate cut. The Bank of Queensland has been the first to move, but dropped its variable rate by just 0.2%. I spoke to Treasurer Wayne Swan a little earlier. Naturally, he welcomed today's decision. Well, I think it's great news for families. It's great news for small business. If you're a family with a $300,000 mortgage - an average mortgage - you're paying $5,000 a year less than you were paying when the Liberals were last in office. People are seeing that flow through the system. That's about $100 bucks a week.That a good saving, but of course, Treasurer, the RBA cuts are one thing, but the challenge lately, of course, is getting the banks to pass it on in full. Do you have any advice for the banks?They should pass through in full. I think their customers will be very angry if they don't pass through in full. There are opportunities to walk down the road and get a better deal. We have abolished mortgage exit fees for new loans. We've also put in place a system that makes it much easier to change your financial institutions. I think if customers are unhappy with their financial institution, they can walk down the road.While a rate cut is, of course, good news, the economic conditions which have prompted it surely are not. The housing, retailing, manufacturing, resources - they're all struggling? Well, unlike other developed economies, our economy is quite resilient. We have low unemployment. We have economic growth much better than most other developed economies. We have lower interest rates. And we have a pretty big investment pipeline. Our economy is still pretty resilient in what is an uncertain global economy.For now, Mr Swan, we won't have another Reserve Bank meeting until February. Given the state of the world economy, what do you think we can expect of rates in 2013?I don't predict decisions of the Reserve Bank, but I do know this - that if you are in Australia, you are in a much better position when it comes to jobs, when it comes to interest rates, than you are in just about any other developed economy.OK. Treasurer Wayne Swan in Canberra, thank you for your time.Thank you. A young girl has saved her friend's life, pulling her to safety seconds before an awning came crashing down in Sydney's west. The incredible vision was captured after a truck crashed into powerlines, pulling down the roof of a shop in Guildford. Our Sydney viewers can see full details on this story in tonight's news at 6 clock. Still to come on Nine's News - a narrow escape for a toddler, after a suspected drunk driver crashes into a Melbourne backyard. Gas cylinders left in a burning car during a crime spree in Adelaide. And why this feline is now female, after undergoing sex-change surgery.

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A 55-year-old mother has had her driver's licence suspended and will face court after crashing into a Melbourne backyard and blowing more than five times the legal limit. A young girl narrowly avoided injury in the accident. For the latest, we cross to Laura Turner. Laura, a very close call. How did it all unfold?Good afternoon, Sylvia. Witnesses to this crash say that this woman has come around this corner you can see behind me, turned left at the roundabout. They say that is when she has overcorrected her car, hit the guttering, gone out of control up this driveway, slammed through the fence. Her car has then tossed that trampoline up into the air, she's then hit another fence, and her car has ended up hitting a caravan. Now, 9-year-old Sienna Carlyle Clarke was on that trampoline just minutes before this happened. She's gone inside moment later, when her mother has heard a huge crash and come running to her aid. Her mum says that she then came across this driver in the midst of all this rubble, and she claims that's when things got even worse - she says the driver then tried to flee the scene. Let's have a listen.She was trying to reverse outta here. There was a number of people from across the road - pregnant mums with kids - trying to block her in, and some other people that stopped but she was wedged. She wasn't going anywhere. She'd wedged right through with the big, thick post with the wrought-iron gate.Very close call. Laura, what now for the driver?Well, as we know, she blew nearly six times the legal limit, so her licence has been suspended. Her car has been towed, and she's yet to face charges. Now, in court for drink-driving. What we also know is that she's a 55-year-old mother from the local area. Many of the people who saw this all unfold yesterday actually know of her. Unfortunately, now they know of her - allegedly - for all the wrong reasons. Back to you.OK, Laura in Melbourne. Thank you. Residents in Adelaide's west have had a lucky escape after two gas cylinders were found in the boot of a burning car at a service station. Firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze before they exploded.We virtually had a bomb in this vehicle that was sitting in the proximity of a service station.The car was reported stolen yesterday, and was earlier used to ram-raid the petrol station. They say cats have nine lives, but one moggy in Melbourne has also had two genders. Nine's Chris White explains how a TomKat went to become a female feline in a matter of hours - all to save its life. The curious case of the cat that had a sex change - as a male moggy, this fluffy feline called Domino had a chronic bladder blockage which had laid him low. After eight attempts to unblock the build-up of salt crystals to save his ninth life, the only solution was to turn him into a her.We basically had to chop off the male parts and reconstruct it and turn him into a girl. That gives him a lot bigger opening, he can use his blader and no locker gets blocked up. As far as I know, he's a lot happier at home.The gender reassignment surgery took two hours, and now that Domino is a girl, her cat character has changed too - her owner says for the better.Since having it, he's like a new cat. He's so much more playful. Just got a lot more energy. Very affectionate. Yeah, he's just great. Now that Domino is a female and no long armale, some might say she'll live happily ever after. Still ahead on Nine News - police in Victoria on high alert, after another young girl narrowly escapes an abduction. Witnesses recall seeing Daniel Morcombe moments before he disappeared. A Christmas warning, as hundreds of lights and trees are recalled over safety fears. Right now, though, here's a look at what's happening in Tonight - extraordinary video of a little girl saving a friend's life, pulling her to safety just before an awning comes crashing down at Guildford, in Sydney's west. The Reserve Bank delivers a Christmas rate cut for Sydney families - Finance Editor Ross Greenwood will reveal which banks will pass on the rate cut in full. A royal baby on the way - we're live from London with the latest on Kate's condition in hospital. A ute set on fire after it was used in a daring ram raid at Sans Souci. Schoolies tragedy - a teenager drowns at a Fiji resort. How a game in a pool went horribly wrong. And we give code hopper Israel Folau a grilling as he signs up with the Waratahs. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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A 16-year-old girl has punched a man in the face, after he attacked her during a vicious assault in Melbourne's south-east. The teenager was walking along a footbridge when she was grabbed from behind and dragged into bushes. The girl used her martial-arts training to hit the man and send him running.She was certainly shaken as a result of what happened, but the information is that she's coping well.Police have released this image of a man. Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers. Daniel Morcombe's family has heard disturbing new evidence about the moments after he disappeared. Belinda Russell said she saw two people fighting in the back of a moving blue car, but didn't report it until much later. Other witnesses say they saw a boy talking with a man at a bus stop, but they thought the child was being naughty. You can't help but feel a little Christmassy, with all the lights and decorations around at the moment. But there's plenty of danger lurking, as authorities showed today. For the details, we cross to Amelia Ballinger. Amelia, what are the dangers?Well, Sylvia, the major dangers at this time of year generally all relate to electrical faults. There's lots of people trying to get into the festive spirit by decorating their homes with Christmas lights inside and out. If they're not careful, these can lead to some major issues. Today, both NSW fire-and-rescue and the minister for fair trading spoke of some of those issues. They got together today and part of their talk, I suppose, was simulating a house fire that shows what can happen when you overload powerboards. It took just minutes for that fire, from the initial spark, to the entire room set-up with the Christmas tree, lights, presents and furniture to be completely incinerated. They also showed us today some of the products that can be risky - cheap Christmas lights that are backed with paper and cardboard. They can be approved for sale in Australia, but they're certainly not high on safety standards. Foreign plugs - in particular, plugs from Europe - are also a major concern, mainly because they don't comply with Australian standards. Unfortunately, those kinds of plugs can still be purchased in Australia, despite the fact that they are illegal. The common theme with all of these products is where they're purchased from. It seems to be mainly discount stores that are selling these kind of products. Today, the minister for fair trading spoke to us about those issues.People looking for bargains are going to get more than they bargained for. Unfortunately, as we've seen today, that could be permanent injury, or even possible death.If you see any sort of different plug that doesn't look like an Australian-standard plug, any sort of different wiring, any sort of frame, when you plug them in and see any sort malfunction, my thought would be to throw them out.The other major concern at this time of year, of course, is overloading powerboards. There are lots of people who want to plug as many Christmas lights in as they can, lots of decorations. You have to be careful not to piggyback those powerboards and, ideally, one powerboard per decoration is the way to go.All good advice. Thank you. Still to come on Nine's Afternoon News - the latest on the royal pregnancy, as William and Kate prepare for their first child. Tributes pour in for a promising young teenager who died on a schoolies holiday in Fiji. The extraordinary pictures of a little girl heroically pulling her friend out of the path of a falling awning. And looking back at a legend, as Ricky Ponting retires from the world of cricket.

Good afternoon, Good afternoon, Tw th
men have died in a truck crash on se
the Hume Highway near Gunning, the second fatality in the region in tw half
days. A law report shows nearly half of all ACT residents experienc T
at least one legal problem a year. And
Twenty percent, experience three. co
And, Capitals coach Carrie Graf is confident the team can snap out of doubl
their form slump ahead of their ho
double header. Details in the best hour of news in the country from 6. This program is not captioned. Ah...
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The Australian cricket team is facing life without one of the greatest player to ever pull on a baggy green. Ricky Ponting begins his times a retired cricketer today. Nine's Tim Gilbert takes a look at and the record breaking career spanning almost two decades.41 test centuries and more than 13,000 test runs - there is no doubt Ricky Ponting is one of the greats. He started playing for Tasmania at 17, then made his test debut for Australia at 20 against Sri Lanka, just missing out on 100, making 96. Big moment this for Ricky Ponting. Got him. Oh ,no, he has dropped him. Ricky had to navigate his way around a couple of off field incidents early in his career but he quickly matured and built up records and runs N 2003 he inspired Australia to a World Cup victory, scoring 140 in the final against India. A short time later he was made test captain.Ricky Ponting will be appointed as Stephen way's succesor.In 2005 Ponting's side came face to face with England for The Ashes. He produced a magical 156 to win the third test, but Australia lost the e - urn. Next time they met they were out for revenge. Ponting scored 196 in the opening innings of the next ashes series, setting Australia on their way to a five-nil whitewash and fittingly he was named man of the series. As a fielder he was simply brilliant. As a batsman, only Sachin Tendulkar had made more test and one-day centuries in the history of the game.That's a fine innings and he is getting a wonderful ovation here.Ponting's team struggled after the retirement of guys like Warne, Hayden, Gilchrist and McGrath. But Ricky Ponting departs the long form of the game as one of its most prolific captains and batsmen. What a player - leaving more than 20 test records in his wake.The tough little fighter can now afford maybe a little tier.You're watching Nine's afternoon news - these are our top stories. Baby joy for William and Kate after the palace announces the Duchess is pregnant with the next heir to the throne. A community in mourning after a promising Queensland teenager dies on a schoolies holiday in Fiji. And interest rates slashed to their lowest level in years but will the banks pass on the cuts to customers. Now to the details - the world is abuzz with royal baby news following the announcement Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are excepting their first child. St James's Palace was forced to break the news early after Kate was taken to hospital suffering severe morning sickness. Live to Nine's uniform correspondent Peter Stefanovic in London. Is there any update on Kate's condition yet? It's 6 o'clock in the morning and there hasn't been an update on her condition just yet. But the general consensus is she was kept here overnight as a matter of precaution more than anything else. She will be kept here a few days yet because doctors want to monitor her. The condition she was admitted with can be serious. The official term is hyperemesis gravidarum, something that affects one in 100 pregnancys. It means you can't keep anything down. From some of the reports we have been reading this morning Kate was apparently vomiting all night, some 30 or 40 times. That's why he was - she was brought here by William some 16 or 17 hours ago now and has stayed here for the night. There is a serious amount of euphoria around London, the Commonwealth and around the world. That's continuing word with thousands of messages of support and congratulations for the Royal family since that announcement. Here are some of the comments from world leaders. Delighted for them. I'm sure they will make absolutely brilliant parents and everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight.On behalf of everyone in the White House beginning with the President and first lady we extend our congratulations.From the Australian people to Prince William and Kate, delightful news and our congratulations.The news has everyone talking, Pete. No shortage of speculation about names and whether they will need more than one.You are right about that. The minute that the statement was released from Saint James' Palace yesterday there were several confirmed favourites from British bookies in particular. George is the current favourite for a boy and Victoria is the current favourite for a girl. But also in third position at the moment is Francis, Dianna's middle name. Can expect more names will be added to the list over the next 6 or 7 months. We have a lot of bump watch over the next few months. Schoolies celebrations have once again turned to tragedy following the death of a teenager in Fiji. The 17-year-old died at his resort on plantation island. Live to Nine's fill Wilmington who is in Sunnybank in Brisbane. Phil, what do we know about the teenager and how he died? His name was Harrison Cadell, a 17- year-old, the vice captain at Saint Thomas More college at Sunnybank. He and three mates went to Fiji to celebrate the end of year 12. It appears he drowned in a pool at the Plantation Island Resort in the early hours of this morning. This has hit the school community here very hard. They are numb with grief. He was very popular and a very good athlete. You might see images of him competing in the school cross country now. Here is the principal of the school, Peter Ellmore. Harrison was our college vice captain, an outstanding athlete. We're at a moment of grief. We are at an immense loss.Tragically isn't the only death during schoolies celebrations this year. That's right, just two weeks ago its Dell Colman fell from a Gold Coast high rise. Her death regenerated a lot of controversy about schoolies. The cruel twist is that Harrison, Cadell and his mates - we understand the reason they want to Fiji was a lot of people felt it was a safer place to go. We spoke to some of the students today and here is what they had to say.I haven't seen him since grade 9. We're gonna miss him heaps.The students are going to organise something here at the school in the next few days. They are not sure exactly what but they do want to do something to mark the passing of this very popular student.Such a tragedy, thank you. The mercury may not have reached predictions but Queensland has still struggled through one of its hottest December days in several years with Brisbane hitting 35 degrees. Paramedics are reminding people to kept well high great - hydrated.Sometimes people want to vom miss, they have muscle cramps or a headache. They could collapse or lose consciousness. Fire fighters are still on high alert with much of the state facing an extreme fire threat. Banks are being urged to pass on today's interest rate cut in full from the RBA to help families in the run-up to Christmas. The RBA dropped its cash rate a quarter of a per cent today to a four-year low of 3%. Their customers will be very angry if they don't pass through in full. There are opportunities to walk down the road and get a better deal. The Bank of Queensland has been the first to respond - dropping its variable home loan rate by 0.2%. A man and woman have been arrested following an alleged crime spree in Sydney's south last night. Three police cars were attacked and a ute was driven through a chemist during the violence. Nine's Matthew Snelson has the details.A man and woman were arrested this morning at a unit block in Hurstville and have spent the morning being interviewed by detectives over a ram raid at a Sans Souci chemist. About 3 o'clock this morning a ute was rammed through the front doors. The driver jumped out, grabbed 7 boxes of sleeping tablets and the till before jumping in a ute and speeding off. Police say this morning they received information that led them to a street in Hurstville. Three police cars were waiting there when the ute arrived. The driver rammed two of the police cars and stopped and reversed back a third police car giving chase. The ute was later found torched in Allawa.Around 9 o'clock or 9.30 this morning two people have been taken into custody and are assisting police with inquiries. We currently have a 38-year-old female and 32-year-old male assisting with inquiries.It has been a rough few weeks for the owners of the chemist. They are facing a huge damages bill. It's the second time in three weeks the chemist has been targeted by thieves. Last time thieves broke through a side door and stole Xanax and Valium.Very upsetting. It's so close to Christmas. It happened a few weeks ago. They came in through the side. We haven't even had that fixed yet. It's a big shock.Police say they are continuing to investigate and also looking at links between other recent events. A young chef from the Gold Coast and his partner have been farewelled by devastated family and friends after they died in a car crash in Peru. The vehicle containing Jason and his partner collided head on with a truck at the weekend. The couple had been living in Lima running a popular restaurant. A 55-year-old Melbourne mother will face court on drink driving charges after crashing into a backyard a young girl had been playing just minutes before. It's alleged the driver blew more than five times the legal limit.She came zooming and then up there and then around here and banged the trampoline and went through there. The woman's licence was immediately suspended. Extraordinary vision has emerged of the moments a little girl pulled her friend it safety just before an awning came crashing on top of them in Sydney's west. The roof fell to the ground this afternoon after a truck crashed into powerlines in Guildford. Thankfully no-one was hurt in the accident. Sport now with Tim Sheridan. Tim, some tough choices for cricket selectors?Not only were they heavily beaten in Perth - and that's one issue; they also have to find a replacement for Ricky Ponting. We find out who the contenders are next. Plus is Issie Dizzie mad? A former Wallaby weighs in on the Israel Folau bombshell. And the extraordinary This program is not captioned.

Australia's cricket selectors have more than enough to talk about in coming days. Later this week they will name their squad to take on languagea and it will include at least one new face following the retirement of Ricky Ponting. Cheered from the field - a fiting exit for one of the baggy green's most loyal servants.My wife and family have been great supporters and given up a lot to let me achieve the things I have achieved in this game. Without them it wouldn't have happened.

An emotional farewell from international cricket - on the same ground as it all began 17 years earlier. Now the question for selectors is : who replaces one of Australia's best ever batsmen? Which ever way you go you can guarantee you will have a good replacement.Going forward it's a plus and a good thing for me, I suppose confidence.I have only had three hits at test level. If I can get a few more hopefully I can show my wares.Whoever it is will join the side for next week. For now the test team is looking forward to a couple of days' rest.We have some time leading up to the first test against Sri Lanka to reflect, to look at the positives and also where we can improve.It improve. It time lucky for Israel Folau morbgs has announced he will play rugby next year, joining the Waratahs. The former AFL player says he was frustrated by long contract negotiations with the NRL and insists his move isn't about money.If it was entirely for the money I could have stayed in the AFL and played out the next two years I had with them.Pol follow has signed a one-year deal, with ambitions to become a Wallaby. Given those last two fact it is might be worth while to seek the opinion of performer Wallabies captain Andrew Slack on this change of codes. Good afternoon, Andrew. The path to Rugby League to Rugby Union winger at super level is well trodden but how is Israel going to adapt, do you think?I'm always wary about saying nothing is insurer, but nothing is insurer. It will be great. He is such an athlete. Those who have seen him in State of Origin or in his NRL career would know. He wasn't a great success in AFL but he played a few games and you have to have some talent. Played the game as a kid to some degree. He will be a star.It took sony bill Williams four years to get to the top for the All Blacks. Israel has signed a one-year deal with ambitions to become a Wallaby. Is that realistic?I think it is. The depth of New Zealand rugby is a bit stronger than ours. The fact he is potentially a winger-fullback, I think it's very realistic. I would be amazed if he is not in the Wallabies by the end of 2013.The Waratahs already have five wingers. Two of them are Wallabies. He has to elbow his way into the queue, doesn't he?That's right. But you want competition in the team. As the coach said. The background has been unfortunate a bit. He has been pilloried as a person. But he strikes me as a good kid. The bitterness is a bit disappointing from both sides of the fence. I wish him well.He will be a great spectacle if he plays well. Double training sessions and no days off is what Sydney FC can expect under new coach Frank Farina. The former Socceroos coach admit it is won't be easy getting the sky Blues off the bottom of the ladder.I'm aware of how big the job is but I'm up for the challenge.It's yet to be known whether Alessandro De Piero will be fit to play this weekend after injuring his hamstring. Meanwhile the Socceroos have struggled to knock over Hong Kong in an east Asian Cup qualifier on Friday night. It wasn't until the dying minutes that Aussie skipper Brett Emmerton found the back of the net. And a comeback today by one of the biggest names in racing - trainer David haste returned to the saddle or at least tried to. After several attempts Hayes was up. He was road testing his new $5 million training track at Urowra in a match race with apprentice Chad Schofield. Although about 60 kilos heavier than his opponent Hayes performed quite well. You probably have to worry about the state of the horse after that one.I think so but he looks OK.That's not minimum weight!Still to come - finance and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon. It's extreme heat in Queensland but it's snowing in Tasmania.Yes, look at the difference in temperatures. 40 degree heat in northern Queensland and below freezing in the mountains

Tonight on WIN News: Two men kille Explo
in a truck crash near Gunning. Gou
Explosives found under a house at rate
Goulburn, And, a cut to interest on
rates - will the big banks pass it on. That' s tonight. This program is not captioned.

Stkpwhroi good afternoon. Plenty is going on 20. Storms in the west. Ahead of the trough line,

going on 20. Storms in the west.
Ahead of the trough line, extreme heat. While south westerly winds are pushing up cold air with snowfalling in Tasmania and Victoria. A cool change swept across Melbourne last night. Today the top was 18 and it felt like 10. Just a few days ago it was a sweltering 40. Sydney reached 30 today. A cool change will arrive around midnight but it will be fairly week so tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler N Brisbane it hit 38. With the humidity it felt like 41. The south westerly change will arrive this evening bringing relief. It will be cool again in south eastern Australia. A warning for damaging winds tonight in southern Victoria as another cold front moves through and rain will increase in the west. Some heavy falls are expected in the Gascoyne. A few showers in Tasmania and Victoria will clear during the afternoon. Tomorrow, 33 and sunny in Brisbane. Thursday, showers and 29. 25 tomorrow with sunshine for Sydney. Winds will be gusty in the morning, then ease in the afternoon. 19 and partly cloudy in Canberra. Although it will be windy. In Melbourne, showers and gusty winds tonight. Tomorrow a few showers and 18 again. The showers and winds will ease during the afternoon. Heat will return on the weekend. Up to 37 on Saturday in Melbourne. Showers clearing and 15 in Hobart tomorrow. Adelaide, partly cloudy and a mild 23. Showers, storms and 29 in Perth. An afternoon shower or storm and 35 in Darwin. Townsville, the chance of a late shower or storm. Sunny and warm for Cairns. Thank you. In finance - the share market closed lower after the RBA cut its cash rate to a level last reached during the GFC. The All Ordinaries down 28 points. In currency - the Aussie dollar is worth 104.37c.

That's Nine's afternoon news for this Tuesday. Our next major bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Silvia Jeffries. Have a great evening. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the
Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. And tonight, hopefully,
$1 million will be given away! Yeah!

If not, just a little bit
to make somebody happy. That's what we want to do.
Let's meet our contestants tonight. And they are - Marty Burns moved
here 13 years ago to Australia, wakes up every day excited,
with butterflies. He's rapt. Medical scientist Lauren Thurgood
realised at 25 that sultanas were
actually dried grapes. What? Jarryd Underwood
flew to Sydney to watch the cricket, but was thrown out with only
half an hour of play through. Mary Norman
was having so much fun at a party she did a commando roll
on the carpet. Adrian Parente was mobbed in Mexico when he was mistaken
for Michael Hutchence. And Caitlin Cataldo
wants to become a musician. Her backup career is with the UN.
There you go.

First up tonight is Marty Burns.
Come on, Marty. Let's go.

How are you, Marty?
I'm good. Good, good. Marty's 34,
from Coorparoo in Queensland. He's a delivery driver
with Reece Plumbing. Yes.
His partner is Angela. Hi, Angela. Hi, Eddie.
How are you? Good. Nervous.
Nervous. Now, Marty,
you come over from Ireland. Yeah. Belfast.
From Belfast. Yeah.
Northern Ireland. And you wake up every day thinking
how good is this place, Australia? Mate, you wake up and hear lorikeets
in the trees chirping away, the sun's beaming. Can't beat it, mate.
How good is this country, seriously? Marty, so you...did you come out to
get away from the Troubles, or just for a new life? No, just for a new life. I was given the opportunity by
an old girlfriend of mine who said, "Come along, give it a go," So I'm like,
"Yeah, I'll come give it a go," and the rest is history. Mate, good on you, buddy. Well, let's get stuck into it.
No worries, mate. 15 questions will get you
$1 million. Yeah.
You can buy Ireland. Yeah, mate, pretty much.
This time, yeah. This time, yeah,
you better believe it. Let's play.
Are you ready to play Hot Seat? I am.
Let's go, come on.

For $100. According to the classic
Irish ballad...(LAUGHS) It's not rigged, I can tell you.
It's not rigged. (READS QUESTION)

Well, um...
That would be 'Dunny Boy'. Yeah.
(LAUGHTER) I'll have to lock in 'calling', A. The pipes, the pipes are calling. You'd want to get this one right,
being an Irish boy. It's right for $100.

From glen to glen,
and down the mountainside. $200.


I actually know this one, Ed. I'll have to lock in C, crystal. Crystal's locked in. Correct for $200.



I'm going to have to say
A, topography. Locked in. Correct for $300.



I have no idea. As pretty as a picture.
As pretty as a picture. You can have a pass,
if you like, Marty. Yeah, I'm going to have to pass.
Catch you later on, pal. Thanks, mate.
See you, Marty. Cheers.

Hello, Lauren.
Hello. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. That's the way.
Lauren Thurgood is 29. She's a medical scientist. SA Pathology.
Yes. That's the way. From Aldgate, in
South Australia. Mum's with us. Hi, Sandra.
Hi, Eddie. Good luck tonight.
Thank you. Hey, Lauren. You've done some great things here. You're doing a lot of research on something that affects
Venus Williams. What's that? Um, I work in immunology
at Flinders Medical Centre, and we look at a disease
called Sjogren's syndrome which is an example
of an autoimmune disease. Yeah, and it's sidelined Venus
Williams from her tennis career. What are the symptoms? Well, initially the symptoms
are pretty vague - there's muscle soreness,
inflammation, but then... So, it's sort of characteristic
of lots of diseases. It's really diagnosed
by dry eyes and dry mouth. OK. Good on you, Lauren. Come on,
Lauren. Let's get on with it. Do you know this one? I'll give you the question
and the answers, alright? (REPEATS QUESTION)