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This program is captioned live. (VOICEOVER) This is Nine News.Good morning. We begin with the news the world has been waiting for - Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have announced they are expecting are their first child. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic has all of the details. It's the Royal secret Kate has found impossible to keep mum about, an heir to the throne finally on the way. But it's early day force the happy couple with Kate less than 12 weeks pregnant. Overnight Saint James's palace confirmed the swelling rumours after the Duchess was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. She had been staying at her parents home when William, soon to be dad, drove her to a hospital in London. Doctors say she should be fine it leave hospital in a few days. The impending arrival has been given the Royal seal of approval with the Queen and the rest of the family said to be delighted by the news. The British Prime Minister the first to congratulate the couple. Delighted. I'm sure they will make brilliant parents.On behalf of everyone here in the White House beginning with the President and first lady we extend our congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.Wow, what a thing for the country and the world really. Because these royals are our future.The speculation had intensifyed in recent days, new hairstyle, loose jackets and the Duchess shunning alcohol on a tour of Asia. The long awaited royal arrival will be third in line for the throne after Charles and William - pushing Prince Harry down to fourth place. While it's believed William and Kate found out about the pregnancy on the weekend it sparked a worldwide betting plunge on what the new addition will be named. Traditional names are most likely. If the baby is a girl the couple may pay tribute to the couple's late mother Dianna. One thing is for sure - the Royal baby will set the trends for the next generation to come.And Julia Gillard is among the world leaders to offer her congratulations to William and Katherine. This is what the Prime Minister had to say just moments ago.I can start by offering my congratulations to Prince William and Kate on the news that they are expecting a child. This is delightful news tlt will bring joy to them and their family and joy to many around the world. Clearly it's a time of joy. It can also be a time of challenge. I'm sure many will be thinking of Kate as she deals with morning sickness and is in hospital. But from the Australian people to Prince William and Kate, delightful news and our congratulations.New South Wales police have arrested a man and a woman following an alleged crime spree in the stir's south. Police say a ute reversed through a chemist in Sans Souci at around 3.30 this morning. It's believed the driver stole hundreds of dollars in sleeping pills. The ute then alengthedly rammed through police cars in Hurstville before speeding away. The vehicle was later found ablaze in all what. One police officer suffered injuries to his hand. Queensland is bracing for a day of punishing heat with predictions the state could swelter through its hottest December day in 10 years. Aislin, how hot is it likely to get?Good morning. It's pretty warm here at the moment. It's only going to get hotter. Brisbane is expected to reach a top of 39 today. It's well above average. As you said, it will actually be the hottest December day in Brisbane in more than a decade. It's expected to climb above 40 in many parts of the state, in Ipswich to the west of Brisbane n Mount Isa and Longreach, they are all heading for a top of 41. Winton is heading for a top of 43. This means there is a very high fire danger. Warnings are in place for most of the state today. Everyone is urged to keep that in mind. Now of course for the south-east,this is the peak of a heat wave that's been going for five or six days. We're all getting used to the warm temperatures by now.I can't believe it. I'm warm at 6 am.I was like I would love to stay this bed today.It has been creeping up in the last couple of days. But definitely hotter than usual. Authorities are taking this very seriously. What are the warnings? Emergency departments are expected to be very busy today. Unfortunately in these conditions it's very easy to suffer dehydration or heat stroke and the elderly an young children are the ones most likely to do so. So family members are being urged to keep an eye on others, your children, parents or grandparents and look out for the symptoms, which include heavy sweating, headaches, vomiting, confusion, sometimes a swollen tongue. But of course the best way to avoid all of this is to just stay cool.That's good advice. Thank you very much. Meantime, Tamworth in northern New South Wales is cleaning up after a as iny thunderstorm yesterday. Hail stones the size of cricket balls pelted the city as storms swept across the northern tablelands causing blackouts and widespread damage. Wind gusts of 98k an hour brought down trees and branches. The SES received about 150 calls for help, with skylights, windows and roof tiles broken. Two men have been killed in a truck crash on the Hume Highway in New South Wales overnight. The pair was travelling in a B double which lost control at Gunning west of Goulburn. It's believed the truck crossed the median strip onto the wrong side of the highway before crashing down an embankment. A child narrowly escaped injury after a female driver who was more than five times the legal limit crashed her car into a Melbourne backyard. Laura Turner has the details.An extremely huky escape for nine- year-old Sienna, who says she was jumping on the tram poll lean in the backyard and had just been called inside when minutes later the car came crashing into the backyard. Police say it mounted a kerb before crashing through two fences and hitting a caravan and slamming the tram poll lean up against the wall. Little Sienna said she watched the whole thing unfold.She came zooming, up there, around here and banged the tram poll lean and went through there. Her mother Amy says she came running into the backyard after hearing a huge bang to find a huge mess. She alleges the driver actually tried to leave the scene. She was trying to reverse out of here. There was a number of people from across the road. Pregnant mum with kids. Trying to block her in and some other people that stopped. But she was wedged. She wasn't going anywhere.Police breathalysed the driver at the scene, a 55-year- old mother, and she allege they blew 0.285 - five times the legal limit. They say her licence was immediately suspended and she is yet to face court on drink driving charges.Here is a quick look at the weather across the country today. A as we heard, a hot one for Brisbane. A fine day ahead for Sydney and Canberra. A chance of rain in Melbourne and thunderstorms for Perth and Darwin. Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour, including a look at what to expect over the next nine months of royal pregnancy. Will there be an interest rate cut just in time for Christmas? Nine's finance editor Ross Greenwood joins us live for the details. And hundreds of Santas take over the slopes in This program is not captioned. Hi, Sarah. Now you can sleep tight
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Returning to our top story now - the world is celebrating the Royal announcement that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. It follows news Kate Middleton was taken to hospital overnight with morning sickness. Lisa Wilkinson takes us through what we can expect in nine months.From wedding bells to baby joy - the whole world went on to bump watch from the moment Will and Kate said I do. Ready fored next chapter of the fairytale. So, what can we expect? Well n line with tradition, news of a royal birth is first announced via a framed proclamation hung on the palace gates. This is followed by champagne and cheers all round. It's lovely. I'm all excited.And if you're in Denmark, bonfires and a cannon salute. Traditionaly the new royal would first appear on the palace balcony. But modern royals tend to appear on the hospital steps, where the world's media are waiting. First, comes the doting dad.Tremendous joy...And then finally mother and baby take their first nervous steps as a new family. It's a wonderful experience. Words cannot describe how map happy one feels.The first born is a particular source of fascination. Here is the heir to the throne. There are plenty of other firsts to celebrate - the first overseas trip, the first kick of a ball and the first family portrait. And with any luck, that little Prince will in time become a big brother and we get to celebrate all over again. That's perfect. A little boy and then a little daughter. Perfect. Another must for a royal baby, an elaborate christening and full barrelled monika... While they may learn to crawl on marble floors these privileged toddlers like to remind us that they are just children after all, children who will grow up very much in the spotlight and while William may have no experience as a parent, there is one thing he is very familiar with.Camera. Camera.The RBA is poised to deliver a Christmas present for mortgage holders with strong predictions it will cut rates by a quarter of a per cent today. For all of the details we are joined by Ross Greenwood.Good morning.What are the chances of a cut todayPretty good. They have been improving over the past couple of days with more economic information pointing to a weakening in our economy. Money markets are pointing to a 94% chance of an interest rate cut today. Economists are more evenly split. But there are more economists who believe there will be a rate cut today than won't be. The RBA are meeting as we speak and going through all of the various conditions in Australia and around the world N particular they will be concentrating on a few things. One will be very much about the retail environment. The retail sales figures that came out yesterday for October - absolutely dead flat. That's certainly not good news for consumers and/or indeed for retailers going into Christmas. We have also seen the closure of one of Australia's oldest businesses yesterday in Rosella foods that. Will bear on the thinking of the RBA and its board, that if business conditions are poor, quite clearly many business also need a cut.Even if we do see an official cut, it will be as always all eyes on the banks. Will they pass it on?The banks will always point to their own funding conditions. Even the ABA put out a - put out a statement in the past day that we should not expect a full cut if it comes. That's the red line, official rates compared with money market rates. After the GFC, when interest rates fell heavily, they rose for almost two years. That was until mid last year when interest rates since then are down almost 1. 75%. The banks have only passed on around 1.25%. They have held back have held back around for themselves. Certainly the message out of the banks is that even if the RBA cuts rates by a quarter of a per cent today do not expect them to pass on perhaps 0.2% unless they are feeling generous before Christmas.You will bring us the announcement live?At 2.30 eastern summer time.Severe storms have punished the West Coast of America sparking widespread flooding and mudslides. Heavy rain has destroyed some of the state's picturesque vineyards.From falling trees crushing this car in Oregon to rivers raging in Reno - up to 1 foot of rain, heavy wind and flooding caused by three sorpls in less than a week have left the West Coast a soggy mess. In the usually scenic Nappa Valley the triple whammy left vineyards underwater and giant trees came close to pancaking even more cars right before our eyes.We were literally driving down the road when this giant tree came toppling on to this road. How close did it come to you? Within feet of my truck.You were driving down the road?Driving down the road.The pounding rain made for a beautiful white winter back drop. But in this neighbourhood east of San Francisco the clean-up is only beginning.Forget the sleigh, hundreds of Santas have taken to the slopes in Maine in the US to raise money for toys. Although not as cold as the North Pole the group braved the conditions while being cheered on by the town's children. These these Saint Nicks used unconventional transport we are told Santa's reindeer and sleigh are set to go with three weeks to Christmas dare. Later this morning, the editor of the women's weekly joins us to discuss royal baby fever. How a US magician survived this horrific accident right on live TV. And Leanne rhyme's bitter Twitter feud.

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It's the news everyone is talking about this morning - a royal baby is on the way. Overnight the palace confirmed the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. For more we're joined in the studio by the editor of the 'Australian Women's Weekly', Helen McCabe. Good morning.Good morning. It's very exciting news specially for the world of women's magazines. The truth is women are really interested in babies. A royal baby is a massive news story worldwide. Women's weekly has a interest decision of always being the first to cover the story substantialy. I have had time to go back and have a look. This is the cover when Prince William was born. It was absolutely gorgeous. The other one I was going to show you was the "glow of motherhood" which is the when the world found out that Princess Dianna was pregnant. It's mayhem in my office today.So we can expect to see plenty more of that?I think media has changed a lot. I don't think we have it to ourselves any more. Television, Twitter, 24-hour news services - it means we have to do things differently now. But nevertheless the appetite for royal information is as strong as ever. Given the way the paparazzi hounded Dianna, do you expect the UK media will treat this differently?I do. But the world has changed too. The palace is a lot vavvier about how it manages media stories. I don't think you will see quite the controversy surrounding Princess Dianna. She raised the boys differently too. It was novel. She was quite a different Princess. I expect this will be much more subdued and the press will be conscious of doing the right thing and giving the young familiar some space.You will have a very busy nine months ahead. Sing ahead. Singer wittingly set off a Twitter war with her husband's ex-wife. It's the latest in a string of feuds between the two women.LeAnn Rimes used to be known for singing country songs about fights but lately the mega star has been grabbing headlines for a different kind of scuffle. On Friday the vocal powerhouse started a Twitter fire saying quote : flying out with my boys in a few hours, it's always more fun when they are with me." The boys in question, her husband and had his two sons from his first marriage to a reality star. She saw the tweet, responding, someone is trying to get under my skin by calling my children her boys. So transspairpbt. They are my boys. Eddie's boys and your stepsons for now. As the weekend went on Rhinmes posted faceless pictures from her family with Granville responding : They need to communicate with one another, not at one another.They have had a long tense history since 2009 when Leanne cheated with Brandy's then husband.Two wonderful kids of his half the time. I love them to death.A brief look at the weather across the country now. A fine day ahead for Sydney. Showers expected in Hobart. A top of 21 in Adelaide. And thunderstorms in Perth and Darwin. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - baby fever as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announce they are expecting. Police arrest two people over a brazen crime spree in Sydney. And why Angelina Jolie would be leaving the

This program is not captioned. Welcome back to Nine's Morning News Hour. If you've just joined us these are our top stories. Congratulations flow in from around the world after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announce they are expecting their first child. Police nab two people as they investigate a daring overnight crime spree in Sydney. A summer scorcher as Queensland braces for its hottest December day since 2001? To breaking news now - at 17- year-old boy from Queensland has died an a schoolies trip in Fiji. It's believed he was staying on Plantation Island - a popular spot for schoolies holidays. More on that story when it comes in. It's only the beginning of royal baby fever after Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge announced they are expecting their first child. Saint James palace announced the pregnancy early this morning after Kate was taken to hospital suffering morning sickness.Prince William wasn't hanging about, nor was there a smile for the cameras despite his delight at the fact that they are expecting their first child. It's just a matter of days since we last saw Kate. At her old school she got stuck in on the hockey pitch in her heels and steeled - steered the goss sip away from talk of pregnancy. Rumours of a royal baby have been spreading for months, hitting a peak as the couple visited Cambridge last week. Mum to be Kate clearly had babies on her mind while William received a Baby Grow. But the proud parents to be were forced to announce their good news well before the 12 week mark as Kate was admitted to a central London hospital suffering from acute morning sickness. The couple had driven to hospital after spending the weekend with the Middleton family at their - at their local pub the news has gone down well.Something positive to look forward to. Wish them all the best with it really.Delighted, delighted. Absolutely. My wife is in Georgia over in Russia working so I rang her and told her the news. Both Kate and Will yam have a natural way with children. Just weeks ago on a solo engagement in Gates Head an inquisitive and perhaps by then already pregnant Kate had lots of questions for young mothers.Do you help each other out and things? Cook. I'm sure you have good days and bad days. It's probably really nice when you're having a bad day to be helped by someone who is having a good day.The couple have made no secret of the of their desire to have a family.We will take it one step at a time, get over the marriage thing first and then look at kids. Obviously we want a family. So we have to start thinking about that.Just like news of their engagement it seems the families garden found out only at the last minute. If Prince Charles knew he was soon to be a grandfather he gave nothing away on this visit. Politicians too among the first to be told the news.I'm delighted for them. I'm sure they will make absolutely brilliant parents.The news travelled quickly across the pond.On behalf of everyone here in the White House gining with the President and first lady we extend our congratulations to the Duke and Duchess.What is clear is baby Cambridge will be born into a different world from the one the Duke was born into. Kate's pregnancy will be followed by a multitude of media. Because this is a very different world, whether their child is a boy or a girl they will be the future monarch.The Royal couple have been inundated with messages of love and support from well wishers across the globe. As the Duchess of Cambridge received treatment in hospital for severe morning sickness. To talk us through the illness, good morning, Gino. We understand Kate is suffering acute morning sickness. How serious can that be?Well, it's obviously serious enough that you end up in hospital. What happens is that you feel news that ious. You can't eet and drink and you can vomit. If you can't eat or keep fluids down you can get dehydrated. The Duchess is said to be less than 12 weeks pregnant. Is the illness a cause for concern at this point?No, it's the most common time to get morning sickness. We think it's related to higher levels of pregnancy hormone which affect the part of the brain that make you feel nauseous and want to vomit. By the time you get to 18 or 20 weeks it goes away and you will feel fine but for some women it lasts the entire pregnancy. It's not just morning sickness, it can last the whole day.There is some speculation that the illness is a sign she is having twins. Is there any truth from your perspective to that row mour.Wouldn't that be wonderful. There is truth that the more babies you have the larger the sides of the pla Senate at that and the more hormones would be produced. It's more likely if you have more than one.Lastly, how long do you expect Kate to stay in hospital suffering this illness?Usually we keep ladies in for three or four days. The temptation is to let them go home too soon. But if you don't get them well hydrated and start them on treatments to control the nausea, all that happens is they bounce back.I'm sure Kate will have lots of help when she gets home. But a few day's rest and perhaps starting treatment for the nausea is the way to go.We hope she feels better soon. Thank you for your time. Two people are in custody this morning after a violent crime spree in Sydney's south. Police have just addressed the media. Here is a little what have they had to say.A white dual cab ute with a silver tray was seen by witnesses reversing into a pharmacy. Two people ran from that vehicle into the pharmacy and then returned to the vehicle. Police attended a location in Marr Street at Hurstville and took up outside the premises. At around 3.50 not long after the incident at Sans Souci, a similar vehicle - we believe to be the same vehicle - then approached those vehicles and in fact damaged three police vehicles. We had three police vehicles unable to be operated at the moment from had that incident. At 5 am a vehicle was located at premisess in Saint George's Avenue in Hurstville. At 9 to 9.30 this morning two people were taken into custody to assist with police inquiries. We currently have a 38- year-old female and 32-year-old male assisting with inquiries.A severe fire danger is in place for three quarters of Queensland today with the state set to sizzle through its hottest December day since 2001 N Brisbane the mercury is set to reach 39 while Ipswich is bracing for a top of 41. Paramedics are warning people particularly the elderly to stay well hydrated and not leave pets and children in cars. Signs and symptoms to look for, people who have nauseous, muscle cramps or headache. They could collapse and lose house isness. Extra crews are on standby due to the combination of high temperatures and low humidity. Parents have been warned babies could be at higher risk of obesity depending what they are first fed. Experts say the first three years of a child's life is crucial in determining whether they develop unhealthy eating habits. A national obesity conference has been told babies should be fed mashed vegetables and protein rather than the traditional rice cereal. Mums were also warned that dieting while pregnant could ultimately make their off spring overweight. A diplomatic stoush is developing over the Israeli government's plans to expand settlements in the West Bank. Critics say the creation of 3,000 settler homes will make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible.It could be California but it's not. This is the front line of Israel's expansion into the occupied Palestinian West Bank - a suburb called Mala. Israel plans to expand this Jewish settlement into these hills, an area known as E1, and it provoked the Brisbane tich government to summon the Israeli ambassador to London for a dressing down. This is what it's about. If the Israelis build here on E1, it will cut Palestinian east Jerusalem off from the Palestinian Territories forever. Israel's decision to abandon a commitment given to the US not to build E1 was prompted by the UN's vote to grant Palestine non-member observer status. The move was seen as a triumph for the Palestinian President. The victory in New York was met with defiance from Israel settler leadership. Israel's left hopes international pressure could be used to get Israel to back away from settlement expansion plans. Britain and France have considered withdrawing their ambassadors to Israel in protest. For all of the diplomatic drama Israel is used to European discontent T won't shift its position until the US gets tough. So far there has been very little sign of that.Magicians are used to tackling death defying stunts but this time a magic trick in the US went horribly wrong. The magician was badly burned in an apparent attack by the show's host in front of millions of television viewers.In this death defying scene flames shoot from the head of the magician - a moment he says was no magic trick. Millions of TV viewers watched as this unscripted prank by a TV host back fired in a horrific way.His face is burnt. Now that host is expected to face charges - a warrant issued for his arrest T all started Saturday when he was a guest on the popular show in the Dominican republic approached the stars - he says the host unexpectedly poured a flaming cologne on his head. On Facebook he wrote.. This was not a stunt or part of an act,this was a criminal attack. He was rushed to hospital with first and second degree burns on his face and hands. He has since tweeted : resting and healing and working through the legal process. The outrage here and outpouring of support has been incredible. World famous magician David Copperfield is among the supporters.You never know what to expect. You try to present yourself as a performer who is creating wonder and amazement. He was performing on the show with a group of magicians. After the performance he says he was told the host want to give them a blessing. That without warning the host doused him with a popular cologne. He has gained international success as a magician, only it's not his magic but this moment of him cheating death that has the world talking.Police in the US are on the hunt for a young cancer patient snuck out of hospital by her mother. The 11-year-old left her medication behind and had a catheter still attached to her chest.This morning the FBI and police are saying this 11-year-old cancer patient could be in grave danger. They have been searching for her for the last five days. They say time is of the essence.We have a patient that has gone missing.These are the last images of young Emily captured on hospital surveillance cameras just moments before her mother snuck her out of Phoenix children's hospital. Emily had been in the hospital for a month receiving treatment for leukaemia and recently had her arm amputated. She was only hours away from being released when Emily follows her mother into a hospital rest room. Her IV machine in tow. Police say that's when her mother removed the IV from Emily's chest catheter herself which doctors fear could lead to a serious infection. We understand it could be a matter of days where the infection could take over and Emily could die.Both exited the rest room and walked out of the hospital, Emily wearing different clothing. Her father then drives them away in a black Ford mini van. Emily's parents could face child endangerment charges. Police say they are getting help from the FBI in Mexico.Law enforcement has to walk a fine line. If they are 2002 threatening the parents can disappear and the child's life can be in danger.All we want is for her to get some medical help.Acting is for forever - that's the latest word for - from Angelina Jolie. The 37-year-old has revealed family is likely to knowledge her Hollywood career out of the way in the not-too-distant future.I think I will have to give up acting as the kids hit the teenage years because there will be be too much to manage at home. Jolie and Brad are parents to six children, the oldest is 11. New Zealand is hoping an adventure about little men with hairy feet and a cranky dragon will create a tourism flood for the country. 'The Hobbit' is destined to be a global box office hit. The movie's town is set to become a tourist attraction. Deep in the countryside - 14 years ago a location scout from Lord of the rings spotted the site and approached the owners.They went up the road there and saw the better part of our farm. Then I believe he hired a plane and flew over, saw the lake and the tree there in the background behind us. Then he knocked on my dad's door.The location has recently been used for direct tore Peter Jackson's new Hobbit movie.You asked me once if I had told you everything there was to know about my adventures.I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure.This is where most people want their photo taken of course, outside Hobbit Billbobaggins house. The hype has seen visitor numbers here soar. They reckon 150,000 people will come and visit it by the end of the year. It's a boost which is needed. New Zealand's tourism has suffered from the GFC, and a strong local currency.For us it's all about promoting the landscape, promoting the experiences and people of New Zealand to the world.Tourism bosses estimate visitors coming as a result of the new film will bring an extra $250 million revenue a year. They hope it won't just be Bilbobaggins and the dwarfs who are heading towards a mountain of gold. I'm going on an an venture.Sport now. The Israel full allow saga rolls on.He is a soldier of fortune. While ever they keep handing out the money he is entitled to play whatever code he wants. He has played league, AFL and now he is donning the baby blue of rugby. And Ricky Ponting's exit This program is not captioned.

Today marks the first time in 17 years Ricky Ponting hasn't been part of the Australian cricket team, following an emotional farewell from the game. Ross Kelly is at the boundary again at the WACA on what would have been the fifth day of a more closely contested match. What sense is there over there of a new era for the Australian team?There is definitely a feeling of loss - they have lost a very important leader in the Australian teepbl. For Michael Clarke this particular Ricky Ponting is all he has known in cricket. He has lost a mentor and someone helped guide him through tough times. But for Ricky Ponting it begins a new era for him. They head back to Sydney today and will prepare to do things like normal family. They have never had a Christmas at home. Their young daughter Emmie said she is excited to be setting up their first Christmas tree with dad. The retirement won't hit him entirely because he is playing in the Twenty-20 Big Bash over the summer. But once that winds down and he begins to watch his old teammates on television it will really hit him that he has retired. He doesn't usually get emotional but yesterday when he started to thank people he choked up.It's been a long tough week, I guess. I think I have been - I know I have been more nervous this game than any other I have played. My wife and family have been great supporters and given up a lot to let me try and achieve the things I have achieved in this game. So, without them it wouldn't have happened. I was comfortable with the decision before this game, any way. Within my own mind I knew it was the right time to be walking away. I probably had a bit more of a fairytale ending in my own eyes than what has happened this week. You had to feel for Ricky. During this series he hasn't been that effective with the bat. Yesterday's result, going out in that fashion and against that back drop, it wasn't the result he wanted, was it?No, there was a strange vibe at the end of play here. The Australians obviously wanted to celebrate Ricky's career but they were show shattered about the 309 run loss. Ricky himself was disappointed. The Australians seemed balanced with South Africa for most of the series. This means they will not take the number 1 test ranking. South Africa keep it. Australia stay at number 3.I don't want to take anything away from South Africa. They showed why they are the number 1 test team in the world. On the other hand I want to pay credit to the Australian boys for fighting it out and staying strong up number this test match. - up until this test match. South Africa showed us that when they had momentum they ran with it and when they didn't they fought their backside off to grab it back.The rest of the Aussie players head to their home bases today as well. Selectors are set to name the squad for the first test against Sri Lanka later this week. Most likely Friday. That test begins Friday week.Enjoy a little bit of a rest. After stints in the NRL and AFL, Israel full allow has announced he will try his hand at Rugby Union, joining the New South Wales Waratahs on a one-year deal.I'm joined by new Waratahs recruit Israel p full allow. Does that sound funny?Not at all. For me it's exciting to be involved in a different code. And playing rugby. I'm just ready to move forward and get stuck in.A lot of contro versey had this move. What is your point of view on the whole way that the Parramatta deal went down?Only myself and my management company and Parramatta know what went on through the process. Like I said n the press conference, things didn't work out for both parties.Have you got a message to Parramatta fans who may be throwing things at the tele now - not because of me but because of you?Everyone is entitled to what they want to say. Obviously the fans in Rugby League and Parramatta in general are passionate fans. They are really from their point of view upset from what they have seen and what has been reported during the week. I will just move forward and get ready to start with the war wars. Do you think this is a way of the future for yourself and Karmichael Hunt and yourself and sony bill becomes guns for hire. Is it a way of the future?I don't think so. When players are looking for opportunities and they are happy, obviously they wouldn't go elsewhere. For me it's worth going about it in a different way. For guys like car Michael and sony bill as well. I will look to those guys as a bit of a stepping stone for me - they have done great in what they have achieved. It helps me build up something for next year.Thanks for joiping us. It will be a big challenge ahead.The Socceroos have been labelled arrogant following their 1-0 win over Hong Kong overnight. The coach fielded an inexperienced side with skipper Brett Emerton scoring the game's only goal. Meanwhile, new Sydney FC coach Frank Farina took charge of his first training session this morning and admits it's not going to be easy.Aware of how big the job is. I like a challenge. Hopefully I will be up for it.Good must for Brisbane's Thomas Brioch, clear to play this weekend after having his red card overturned. Some interesting things have been thrown on to ice hockey rinks over the years but this is up there with the best. During a minor league game in Canada fans showered Teddy beers an to the ice after the home team scored. It's an annual tradition. The final count was 21,000 stuffed toys - all of which were donated to local hospitals after they thawed out. The Wallabies have drawn pool A, the same pool as England and Wales. That's good news. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - This program is not captioned. Now for a look at the weather around the country, starting with Brisbane. Sunny and 39. A fine day ahead for Sydney and Canberra. Chance of rain in Melbourne, showers expected in Hobart. Top of 21 in Adelaide and thunderstorms for Perth and Darwin. Tomorrow, hot and sunny for Brisbane and Sydney. A windy day ahead for Canberra. Showers expected in Melbourne and Hobart. A top of 23 in Adelaide. Storms clearing in Perth and a late thunderstorm expected in Darwin. To finance

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This program is not captioned.