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(generated from captions) by someone with one arm once. I said that was really funny, give it a big round of applause.The person said don't rub it in.McDonald's campaigning to have its nickname Maccas in the Macquarie dictionary. While we love our abbreviations only 29% of us support the move. Ridiculous. What are they gonna put red Rooster in the dictionary.I would love it if Maccas was in the dictionary but right down in the definition is says "the burgers are better at hungry jacks". We put it to a web poll.I don't know any more specifics than that. I think that poll - we need more information. We will go back to the people, spend some more money and come back tomorrow night.We all remember where we were when the Berlin Wall came down or when they released the first eye phone but where were you when Kevin 07 became Prime Minister of Australia.I Kevin Michael Rudd swear I will serve the Commonwealth of Australia. It's hard to believe five years as has passed. K Rudd, we have been through so much together. (SINGS) # We had only just begun # To live.....Through the highs, Through the pain, suffering and heart of these stolen generations, we say sorry.And the lows.And having said all that, folks, we have to zip.Relegated to Foreign Minister, he took Australia to the world. (Speaks Mandarin) We have watched on as you took on the challenges of merely talking.Beep smfplt (TheAttempts to get your old job back. Snie want to finish the job the Australian people elected me to do. Failed though, they were.Julia Gillard has won the ballot 71 to 31.I congratulate Julia on her strong win today.For the last few months we have watched as you perform the role of team player.I'm out there arguing the Labor case.The quintessential happy little Vegemite.As we mark 5 years to the day since you were first sworn into office as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia and we stand just 10 months out from the next election, come on, you still want to be the 28th as well, don't you.Here he is, the federal member for Griffith, former Foreign Minister and former Foreign Minister, a man with absolutely no political ambition remaining unsatisfied. I'm guessing it shear coincidence that today's galaxy poll has you streets ahead of Julia Gillard as leader - preferred leader. Arguably the most popular man in the country.It's five years today, guys, since I was sworn in as Australia's 26th Prime Minister. That's when the government began, but those polls have been out there a long time. I have been on the program twice this year so next question.Obviously five years on it's a good chance to reflect and look back. What advice would you give kudkud - Rudd rurd of five years ago?Probably not to drop as many F bombs when pre-recording speeches.You dismantled the Howard government's border protection policies. Given what a disaster that turned into, how much blame do you take for that?The truth is every government in the world is struggling with assylum seeker policy right now. It's striking a balance between being humane and maximising border security on the other. It's not easy but we're not Robinson Crusoe.Five years ago you installed Julia Gillard as your deputy. She went on to stab you in the back and take your job. Have you had some private moments of joy over the difficulty she is going through with the AWU affair?The truth is if you're a national political leadership - and I know a little bit about that - people will always raise questions about you whether it's in the parliament or the media. That's why you have to be pretty resiliant to be in and stay in those positions. If you come acroppers I have done over the years, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with the business.Someone else who is doing well in the policy is Malcolm Turnbull. He wasn't available to talk to us tonight, yet you have been on more media than PSY doing Gangnam style. Is he smarter than you, less ambitious, more loyal, what is going on?I tried to do a bit of Gangnam the other day with some kids at a local high school. They decided to cut it even from YouTube it was so bad.Maybe you could teach your little granddaughter some Gangnam. I have seen you tweet some pics of her laterly. Are you enjoying being a grandpa?Heaps. One of the joys of the age apart from being a beautiful little granddaughter, is having face time and Skype. We were there last night Skypeing and face timing each other. Every tried blowing raspberrys at 12,000 kilometres. When she blows you get a big spray of spinach across the screen. It's very textured.Quickly before we go, at the end of the year everyone has their work Christmas party. Did you get your boss a present, perhaps a set of stay sharp knives, something like that?If you're referring to the boss, I assume you're talking about it. Herese. I can say to everyone on the program tonight, anyone an got any ideas, discreetly, quietly put them on Twitter for me to think about. I'm worried and we still have three weeks to go.Discreet and quiet - that's what Twitter is all about. Congratulations on five years of government and talk to you again soon.See, you, guys.Tony Abbott has done some amazing things. Kevin Rudd has done some amazing things. Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard - but what I love about Tony Abbott is he seems to really enjoy hearing his own CV.He was the feature writer for the bulletin magazine and Australian. He was press secretary and political adviser to the Leader of the Opposition Dr John Hewson and executive director of Australians for a stpurbl Monachy from 1993 to 94.I really don't want to see what he does if he becomes PM.I can congratulate you?What is that? Holding up Dave's chair bagging Tony Abbott.I loved the fact he