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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Brady Halls filling in for Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight - should older drivers be required to re-sit their licence test? It's a question that causes some very heated debate. Now renewed calls for seniors to prove their ability to continue driving.I get

for seniors to prove their ability
to continue driving.I get angry that people are still allowed to drive when they are obviously haven't got, um, the capacity to drive safely.

drive safely.It is something that just shouldn't have happened.How old was the driver of the car?The driver of the car was an 83-year- old lady.Elderly drivers that are not capable of handling a vehicle on the

on the road in normal driving conditions is somebody just as dangerous as a drink driver and they should be off the road. Jim Carroll's mother Ann didn't stand a chance.My mum happened to be walking past at the time and was crushed against the wall behind her. The spritely grandmother

The spritely grandmother was walking in a shopping centre car park when he was hit by an out-of- control car being driven by an 83- year-old woman.She hit the accelerator and pinned her lower limbs against the wall there.The driver had previously had her licence taken off her because she was suffering from dementia, but it had been reinstated. Three years on, Tim and her husband Garry are still looking for answers. Should that woman have been behind the wheel of a car?Absolutely no way in the world. Absolutely no way in the world. Who do you blame for your mother's death?I blame the system that lets someone like her continue to drive when she's been assessed as being unable to drive because of her cognitive disability. The system allows her to still have access to her car and her keys. And doesn't monitor her closely enough to make sure she doesn't drive. A few months ago we reported on a controversial new proposal for drivers over the age of 65 to be made to displace S plates on her car.I would like to see our senior drivers over the age of 65 display an S plate for seniors. So we have visibility frStory sparked outrage from the seniors group.Silly plates are theySeniors plates.You said S plates and I think it is silly as it sounds. Since then there have been more tragedies. In September a pregnant woman and her unborn baby were killed when they were run down in a Brisbane car park by a driver who was 76 years old.

was 76 years old. Then, there are the countless near misses.No, I'm not driving home. I could but they wouldn't let me.79-year-old Colin Wood mistook the brake for an accelerator and crashed into a book shop. It is the second time he has done it. Even though she is a danger behind the wheel no-one thought to take his licence off him. Responsible for who should be reporting older drivers for not being allowed to drive again I believe should be on the shoulders of their GP. Colin Carroll is a driving instructor. He believes that a medical check is all that older drivers need.Doctors have a strong responsibility, a community service obligation to actually report, speak to or stop an elderly person who shouldn't be behind the wheel from being behind the wheel.Garry Carroll also happens to be a driving instructor and doesn't agree.No, definitely not. I think as everyone knows the older drivers they go to their local GP, they are friends with them, they just say let's have a again check-up but the GP doesn't see this person drive the car.Like many others he wants to see drivers from age 07 be made to take compulsory driving lessons and complete a practical test.We are not trying to take their licence off them, we just want to make sure they are OK to drive. When it happens to someone in your family that you love very much, it breaks your heart.I don't think it is necessary. I would have no trouble submitting myself for a test, but I am not suggesting by that that it should be mandatory. Bill is 73 and doesn't believe older drivers need to sit any sort of practical test.There are people running around coming up with these fly-by-night ideas saying he attack this group or attack that group, to make ourselves heard all in the name of safety.Kim Carroll says with ineffective laws and unreliable medical testing it is up to families to step in to get loved ones off the road before it is too late.It is your public responsibility to ensure that they are not on the road because if they kill someone you will never forgive yourself. Yes, and some very divided opinions there. What do you think? We'd like to know. Head to our Facebook page or send us a Tweet. They're convicted child killers - mothers found guilty of unspeakable crimes. Tonight a former inmate claims that, far from being punished, these women are being rewarded on the inside with taxpayer-funded perks. Did you kill Caleb?No.Did you kill Laura?NoDid you kill Katherine?NoDid you kill Sarah? Kathleen Folbig was sentenced to 30 years jail for killing her children over a ten-year period dating back to 1989. Kathleen Folbig killed four of her own flesh and blood.It is frightening isn't it.A shock to believe that one could do this to a little child. Today Dean's mother was committed to stand trial for his murder. Rachel Pfitzner murdered her 2- year-old son Dean and then dumped his body in a suitcase in a pond. No-one could help her because no- one knew.Ebony's mum locked her away and starved her to death. Then more recently this caseDid you kill the child?No, I

kill the child?No, I did not.Keli Lane, watttor polo champion, mother to three secret children.Convicted of murdered her newborn Tegan in bizzare circumstances.Within hours he had got rid of the body, dressed herself in a cream suit and made to it a friend's wedding.Keli Lane is now appealing her conviction and in a dramatic development the judge who presided over her case has now raised concerns about the jury's verdict. Behind these walls mums who have murdered their own kids - women locked away by society as the lowest of the low, but we are told they have many luxurys as you could on the outside. So while they are despised for their appalling crimes they are apparently living like Queens a the the taxpayer's expense. Your tax is supporting them people. Having that sort of lifestyle. Let's call her Tessa. Yes, she a crime too, released recently but her crimes were about money and not child murder and she is outraged by the pampering in prison of those women convicted of murdering those own kids.You you have that much to entertain you at a night time, and I think taxpayers should be more surprised where thater that money gois.The catalogue of luxurys these worst of the worst women prisoners take for granted is an eye opener. A behind-bars

eye opener. A behind-bars shopping bon an zafpltThese people are watching the same televisions ha you and I have in our lounge room. Any DVDs that are there for your entertainment pleasure, you are entitled to them.They are spend solg much time watching television when they should be doing therapeutic studies.This man believes that women prisoners cop a sweeter deal than men because it makes them more come plient.We are not dealing with

not dealing with their offending behaviour. Are told that make-up is high on their list of buy ins, using money they earn on prisoner Johns or then on found.They are putting the same nail polish on that your mother is possibly using. Tessa reserves special content for Kathleen Folbig. The mum doing 30 years for killing her kids.She looks like, when she is dolled up, she looks like she is about to be picked up by a limo. Gels her hair, puts on blush and foundation.Her attitude in custody is more about look at me, look at me and how fantastic I am, and there is absolutely no contrition. That is a real concern.As for the cells, some according to Tessa even have a good view and room to stretch out. There are palm trees and a lovely breeze and when it is hot you can sit out there and you can have your little cordial and your ice and just think you are in Surfers Paradise or something.Tessa and another ex-prisonerer who recently told their story in 'Woman's Day' believe that child murderers should be punished much more heavily than other crimes by being shut away in their own much more severe prisoner. When you are waking up in the morning, you are all the same. They are

are evil monsters you all deserve to be with one another.Tessa believes that she will go back to jail at some stage and fears speaks out. But 'Woman's Day' news editor James Graham thinks they are doing a public service.I think the public will be infer rated. They should be pay for what they have done but here they are living it up large at the taxpayer's expense. Tay are some of the worst crimes it just doesn't seem rite.

Tay are some of the worst crimes it
just doesn't seem rite. Now to a speedo scam wiping hundreds of thousands of kilometres from cars and leaving families with unsafe vehicles. Tonight we confront the

confront the man allegedly responsible. How do you feel? How much did you rip me off?He ripped us off $33,000 and I have had enough. It is time to face the music.How do you feel, Bill? Would you put your kids in a car like that? Would you?I was trying to get a safe, reliable car for our three kids to travel in.You are tough now, aren't you, you won't even say a word.

even say a word. But yet you will rip me off any day of the week. Matt Cameron and his wife Michelle are fuming.

are fuming.
What about the 336,000 ks he wiped off my car? What about that? Now open the door. The pair bought a car off this bloke - Bilal Ammoun, otherwise known as Bill.Open the door you gutless wonder.He is tough enough to take our money but he doesn't want to come and talk to us now.

want to come and talk to us now.
He was advertising a second-hand Toyota Prado four-wheel drive online.Just looking at it you wouldn't think that it would have that many ks on it.When you bought the car you looked and said this looked like a pretty good car?Yeah, we thought we had come across something really good.It was a 2005 model with 101,000km on the clock - or so they thought. Six months after the purchase Michelle and Matt got a phone call from Consumer Affairs saying the car's speedo had been wound back almost 350,000km.

almost 350,000km.Instead of buying a car with 101,000kms on the clock we then had a car

we then had a car with 400- something,000kms.Can you believe it was wound back so far?No, even when we were first contacted we never, ever thought that many ks. We thought possibly 50, 100,000 at the most, but not 336.There was a double blow. In 2006, Michelle prematurely gave birth to son Charlie. Frail and anaemic, he passed away two days later - the hospital agreed to pay them compensation. That money was used to buy the car.He knew where the money was coming from. All we were was honest and that is all I expected in return. You can't trust a human being any more. It is all gone out the window.36

Bill was prosecuted and convicted and ordered to pay an $8,000 fine for duping Matt and Michelle. Duminy But that hasn't helped them - now financially ruined, not to mention stuck with an unreliable car. What have you found that is wrong with the car?The air bag light her is constantly staying on now which we have been told can cost up to $2,500 to fix.Now it is due for a timing belt. Andrew is Michelle and Matt's mechanic. He warns to check these signs when buying a used car.Signs of wear and tear is the steering wheel, it is all smooth and shiny. The seats are warn out. The ignition has been tampered with, the ring is missing around it. For months they've pursued the man behind the wind-back scam - determined to serve him with a civil claim - but he has been notoriously hard to track down.

notoriously hard to track down.It is Michelle. I need to speak with Bill, please.Bill is not here. Open the door and tell me that. I have three little kids that I put in that damn car that he sold me!! Tell us where he is.Michelle and Matt aren't the only victims. In fact, since we began this investigation we've learnt that Bilal Ammoun is alleged to have tampered with the odometers of up to 46 other cars he has sold. He's facing more than 90 charges here at Melbourne Magistrates' Court where today he can no longer hide.Lost for words now? Happy that you got plenty of money in your (Beep!) pocket.He can't look me in the eye can he? He did everything but look news the eye.Keep your little smirk. While there was no apology, 24- year-old Bill will face another day in court.What do you wish you had said then? A simple sorry?Sorry, and give us our money back. He can take the car back, I have no issue, but he can give me our $33,000 that we paid for the car. What is your message to the pool out there?Be careful when you are buying a car. We had all the appropriate checks down. But you have to be extra careful.You are soft aren't you? Real tough. And if you believe you have been a victim of Bill or any other speedo windback scams,

windback scams, please send us an email or give us a call. It's the employment agency with a difference - helping everyone from older to younger people find the work they want, fast. And it may change the way we apply for jobs forever.

want, fast. And it may change the
way we apply for jobs forever. Hi, I'm Katherine. I am really wanting to work and I hope you hire me.My name is Will Ryan I name is Will Ryan I am really interested in working... They're all looking for casual work, the new way.I have also done a bar course and cocktail course... Since it started a few months ago, 16,000 men and women, old and young, have signed up to and put themselves into the job market on video.

market on video.I have done a shift with OneShift and I really like it because the work opportunities I get vary.You should employ me. I am a hard worker, I adapt easily to change and I am not afraid of a challenge I also have my licence challenge... 2,000 employers hungry to find the right temp. I can get somebody to come in and do a shift very, very quickly and it is quite cheap for me.From an hour to a couple of weeks to a contract for three months, whatever they need, it is there. Oneshift is the revolutionary brainchild of 21-year-old Genevieve George. And it's for anybody at all who needs casual work quickly. It's absolutely free for job seekers, and employers pay a mere $20 to post an ad and make their choice. OneShift is like a network. We are not an agency so it connects employees and employers directly to each other so it cuts out the middle man and so it is saving the employer time and money and allowing employees to have the flexibility and control over when they work and what skills they show case. Imagine that - no wasted time going to job interviews and not making the short list, or for the boss suddenly discovering the employee who looks good on paper is actually a Martian. It's a classic case of what you see is what you get, because of the videos they make at home and post on the website for employers to see.Hi, my name is Bob Jones. I am 61 years

Bob Jones. I am 61 years of age. I live at Ambervale in NSW. Until recently, wod as a senior manager in the credit and finance years.

in the credit and finance years.
Bob's turning his redundancy into an opportunity to do what he's always wanted - work how and when he wants.I didn't fancy doing the 12, 14, 16-hours a day old grind I used to do and I wanted some choices to be made which I could then be in control of He found recording his video to sell his skills and experience to prospective employers was easy.I find retirement wasn't for me and I have looked for one -off contract work. It gives me the control and the time... Now Bob doesn't rate his acting skills in front of the camera, but then, he's not acting here anyway. You have verbalising and explaining what you do and really get to market yourself to the employer and it gives the employer a better understanding rather than a piece of paper with a couple of words on it of what you are like which can get you through the door a lot quicker.I am back home in Sydney and basically looking for a bit of workBasically pulled out the iPhone and spoke for a minute-and- a-half and put it online. John Bogiatsis just wants to save some coin to go travelling again. His video scored him a shift at Easy Eating. He caught the eye of boss, Michael Matsoukis, who needs a casual kitchen hand.Basically someone that is clean hut, very, very motivated to work and shows enthusiasm. John basically showed all of those things and is perfect for this particular role. If it works for both, there'll be more shifts here.I have three children all at university and I have been using OneShift jobs because it is great for me now to have something to do during the day. Be

52-year-old Ann joined OneShift to ease herself back to work after many years being a mum.I think you are just putting you yourself out there for the world to see and I find that really daunting, really. She's nervous doing videos and doesn't like this first effort, so she's having another go. I am looking for flexibility in my job. I am an adventurous person. I have done a lot of travel. My background is travel.If you get nervous and mess it up you can redo it so in an interview you only have one shot. In your home it is lot better.

It's no different for older job seekers, says Matt Higgins from who reckons seniors are taking to this new way of selling themselves very easily. They spend all day on the Internet, so it wouldn't be any trouble for them to download a YouTube video, no problem at all.Ok - it's not Hollywood, but if it lands them a job that's a film-star feeling. I look forward to you getting back to me. Bye.

I look forward to you getting back
to me. Bye. After the break - author and TV star Judy Nunn gets hitched in Bali. (APPLAUSE) .

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. She's a much-loved actress, best selling author and now - on a recent trip to Bali - Judy Nunn's happily married, again. I caught up with Judy for this exclusive interview.

exclusive interview.Guess what?I just hit 300,

just hit 300, lookLook.Only halfway there.They are at it again in their separate studies.

halfway there.They are at it again
in their separate studies. Churning out their best international best sellers.I am chuffed but I also feel tremendously lucky.The veteran TV and stage

veteran TV and stage actors -Judy NunnYou sure had us fool.And Bruce Venables.Whatever you do say may be used in evidence.Judey seemed to always be on our screen. Remember she did TV's first lesbian kiss in 'The Box'. There was prisonerer and 'Sons and Daughters', but she was best known for her 13- year stint as Ailsa Stewart, Alf's wife in 'Home and Away'.Girl 18 goes beserk with knife.Stone the grows. But these days it is the books.That is the title for book number 12.Yeah, it is 'Elianne". Her fictional tale based around Aussie history are made her an international best selling author. She has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.Because a lot of my books have a lot of characters that I need to remember when they are born, it is a family tree.You have to keep track of them.YeahShe is midway through their latest novel, there is a family tree and a map of the sugar baron's estate. It

the sugar baron's estate. It all helps Her Majesty nation, a saga set on the cane fields in Queensland. Another best seller.I hope so. I am having fun so I hope that the reader is having fun.But she and Bruce want to show me the family snaps.That is a nice shot. You see, they took some time out recently for their 25th wedding anniversary in Bali where someone suggested to them -Do you want to renew your vows? I have renewed everything else. GIO is up to date, so I thought - all the insurances. So we might as well done do the vows.Love, honour, cherish and support.So that is just what they did n traditional Balinese dress. You look like Katoot in that insurance ad.I look like the village idiot.I think you look lovely.'Woman's Day' think so too - they did a full page coverage on our Katoot and his lovely bride. Humour is their secret recipe for a successful marriage.Bruce will go out of his way to make me laugh and to my mind it is a way of saying I love you. To make somebody laugh, deliberately, because that take as bit of energy.But it is back to work now. Three books down, Bruce is just about finished his fourth. And Judy - well,This is my career now, and I love it. Aren't I lucky. Mirror-imaged careers, actors and authors and husband and wife for the second time around.It is a wonderful life, just wonderful. Yeah, they are a real fun couple. And one of my favourite reporters there too, by the way. Coming up after the break - the best of the best. 'Money Magazine' reveal this year's most trusted brands. This program is not captioned. (ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC) MAN: It's not so much the job. To me, it's the people
that make Toyota what it is today.

MAN 2: When you think about it,
it's quite astonishing. You just can't help but be proud.

MAN 3: I'm watching it
go out the door. It's going out to some family now. We send that car out to you
with the best quality it can be.

Great to see you, Benji.
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a very relaxed game of lawn bowls. This is Australia. Only
special people get me barefoot. My magic ball. My lawn ball. What are these balls called? Bowls?!
Bowls. Like a bowling ball.
Like a bowl you eat out of. Alright, I gotta put my sunglasses
on. I gotta get serious. ONLOOKERS: Ohh!
WOMAN: Oh, my God! A bit of muscle in that one. JOEL: That was a warm-up.
Let's really do this now. Let's do this.
Let's put some money on this.

best. 'Money Magazine' reveal this
year's most trusted brands. Welcome back. Tomorrow night 'Money Magazine's best of the best.You can bet you are getting good value for money.The average Australian family can save around $4,000 a year. I reckon you should make a new year's resolution to have $4,000 more in your pocket next gear.That -- next year. That story tomorrow night. That is all from us tonight. Good night. Supertext captions by Red