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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Diplomatic to stress. France and Britain summoned their Israeli ambassadors over r Israeli ambassadors over settlement plans. The heat ment plans. The heat is on. Scientists predict a five ientists predict a five degree temperature rise by the end of the century.We will be on a planet that few people will recognise. Recovery, not rescue. Grim discoveries at the sight of the Japanese tunnel collapse. Which is more popular?

Good evening. France and Britain have summoned their Israeli ambassadors tonight as Israel came under huge diplomatic pressure over its new settlement plans. Those plans are seen by many analysts as retaliation for the UN's decision to recognise UN's decision to recognise Palestine as a non- member state. s a non- member state. Returning to the West Bank from their successful mission, Mahmoud Abbas have received a hero's welcome. A full honour guard awaited Mahmoud Abbas as ted Mahmoud Abbas as he returned from Jordan, days after Jordan, days after a resounding Palestinian endorsement from the UN. The President dedicating the victory to Yasser Arafat, offering prayers and a wreath at his tomb. Addressing crowds in Ramallah, he caught the victory a historic achievement for Palestinians. -- he called it. It has earned them more diplomatic clout on the world stage.

But Palestinian debts are prompted Israel to withhold tax revenues from them es from them this month worth about $100 million. th worth about $100 million. There are plans to build another 3,000 homes in the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

Israel's plan includes reviving produce in reviving produce in the highly contentious E1 zone, a corridor that runs into the heart of the West Bank.If Israel is to build in E1, there is no possible agreement on leaked stay solution, because a Palestinian state would be cut. -- on two state solution.The UN says it the plan would deal a fatal blow to any prospects for peace. Israel says that it could take two years for any construction could start in E1. Egypt's Press has stepped up its campaign against President Mohammed Morsi, the morning papers had hit the news-stands in the past few hours, with ast few hours, with scathing front-page headlines, some accusing him of acting like a dictator. It comes after judges at the Supreme Court stopped work in protest against the President's push for a new constitution powers. Some members of Egypt's constitutional court accord is the blackest day in the history of the country's judiciary. Supporters of President Mohammed Morsi blockaded the port, preventing justices from ruling on g justices from ruling on the validity of the Muslim Brotherhood backed draft constitution. The protesters say they speak for all Egyptians.

The Association of judges argued the only thing standing between a president and g between a president and a dictator is the judiciary, and it will not oversee a planned referendum later this month.

An alliance of opposition groups issued a statement supporting the President of the justices and condemning the President. -- support in ent. -- support in the position. Some Muslim Brotherhood members are trying to paint the judicial impasse as a victory.

Many ordinary Egyptians hold great reservations. Among them, Muslims to say the country cannot be governed only in the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Christian Gross boycotted the parliamentary vote on the new constitution. -- Christian groups. A lovely new figures predict the planet could be 4-6 degrees warmer by the degrees warmer by the end of the century. -- alarming. Global greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise more than 2% by the end of the year. That would mean a rise of more than 50% since 1990, the year of the Kyoto Protocol. The world climate change talks in Doha are now in their second week. And the cond week. And the demands of these protesters are unlikely to be met. The UN's goal, to et. The UN's goal, to hold the global temperature rise to two degrees by 2020 looks unachievable without drastic action. According to the global carbon progeria which tracks greenhouse gas emissions, the rate of increase has dire consequences for the sequences for the picture. -- Global Carbon Project. The executive director of the Australian-based group, the CSIRO's Dr, says the figures are alarming.It will be on a planet that few people will recognise, off 4-6 degrees warmer.Diana Bliss and economic boom is coming at a cost to the planet. -- China's. It is by far te planet. -- China's. It is by far the worst emitter at 28%.I think there is a complete mismatch between what mismatch between what the signs his devising policy makers and what the policy makers are hearing. -- what the science is advising.The impact on the earth of such a temperature rise would perature rise would be catastrophic. More destructive storms, long droughts and bushfires, and rising sea levels.They are sad reminders of how ill prepared we are to deal with these extreme events now, later on, what can be a world of up to five degrees warmer.For low- lying countries in the South Pacific, the future is bleak. Kiribati is eak. Kiribati is already drawing up plans for the mass relocation of its people.This is a particularly worrying story for the countries which are actually least guilty of causing the problem.Another sign to be report in Doha has already warned that emissions must be reduced by at the 18%. -- scientific report. The Ukrainian President has accepted the resignation of the country's prime minister and government. The Cabinet will stay in an interim capacity until a new one is formed. He does have the option of reappointing Mykola Azarov, and individual ministers if he chooses. Emergency crews have rescued two workers from a coal mine that became flooded in north-east China. Authorities say they are still working to still working to save a number 14. They remain trapped more than 20 metres underground. Six others manage to escape. Witnesses say the water was so strong it washed away carriages and safety railings. Japanese emergency workers are still at the sink of a fatal tunnel collapse, but more than 24 hours after the crash, efforts have shifted from rescue to recovery. Nine bodies have so far been removed. Panels across the country will undergo safety inspections following the accident. -- tunnels across. What began as search and rescue during the day turned into body recovery by d into body recovery by nightfall. Officials pulling out the charred remains of several victims inside the Sasago tunnel, including a 15-year-old truck driver who find his company for help immediately after the collapse. -- 50-year-old. It is still unsure what caused the concrete panels inside the tunnel to come crashing down, sparking the deadly blaze. The company it -- the President of the company that runs the toll road issuing a public apology.

The company speculated that vibrations from earthquakes or passing vehicles could have caused the material connecting the ceiling panels and pillars to deteriorate. However, it says, no abnormalities were Boundary Estate good inspection of the tunnel during September. -- during a scheduled inspection.

Police have lodged a negligence probe into the incident as investigations intont as investigations into the calls continued. Japan's transport ministry is ansport ministry is to issue emergency inspections of at least 20 similarly designed tunnels across the country. Coming up - at the trial begins for an Australian facing the death penalty over th penalty over drug charges in Malaysia.

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A Perth man is facing a possible death penalty in Malaysia. 32-year- old Dominic Bird is accused of trying to sell methamphetamine, he was allegedly caught out in a sting operation. His trial began this afternoon. Dominic Bird is charged on two accounts, the most serious, it carries a mandatory death penalty. But despite this looming over him, people in court said he appeared in good spirits as he pleaded not guilty to both charges.The matter of analysis is flawed. If that is flawed, if a judge countesses it probably, the whole tide should fall. -- considers it properly.He was arrested in a copy shop last month. Undercover police say he tried to sell them 167 grams of methamphetamine. At the time, he was being watched as part of an ongoing anti-narcotics operation. Three other people were also arrested in also arrested in relation to the case. In a he case. In a case that will involve capital punishment, I would not allow anything to go by unchecked.He is also accused of planning to smuggle drugs are back to Australia. For anyone found with more than 50 grams of methamphetamine in Malaysia, there is an automatic death penalty. That had been the fate Melbourne been the fate Melbourne as Emma L'Aiguille had feared for drug possession. She maintained the drugs belonged to her boyfriend, who was freed last month. Malaysia has executed three Australians for drug offences. Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers were Hamed in 1986. They were the first Westerners executed under the country's tough and antique the drug laws. Michael McAuliffe was executed in Auliffe was executed in June 1993. -- toughened anti-drug laws. Malaysia is considering replacing the death penalty with he death penalty with prison sentences. Dominic Bird's current hearing is expected to last five days, but a birdie it is not expected until next year, and appeals could drag the process out until 2014. It -- a verdict. The prime minister's plan prime minister's plan to reduce household power prices has so far drawn only a muted response from the states and territories. There will be discussing that proposal with the Federal Government on Friday, along with a planned national disability insurance scheme. The Prime Minister wants to lower household power prices by encouraging use outside peak times. To do that, she needs to increase competition, and to do that, she needs the States.Some of it we are already doing Some of it we are already doing in Victoria. We need to get a regulated as strongly and independently as possible.Julia Gillard will sit down with premiers and cheap ministers at their regular COAG.This is a topic that Australia needs addressed. The advice is to find a way to actually address it, and if the state are unhappy, it are unhappy, it is up to the States to suggest another way.The Opposition says it is a cynical diversion from the carbon tax.This is another political promise from a prime minister who is desperately trying to change the subject.The Prime Minister also is the states and territories backing for the National Disability for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. She is certain disabled people to hold them all to account, including her. At a Senate foreign, that began before she had even finished her speech. Despite a Sydney forum.We need you to talk to us and I promise you we will be listening.Are you aware that the disability pension is nearly 57% of the national minimum wage?Were to about 28-year-old Mel Leckie told Julia Gillard she could not work full-time but was paralysed if she tried to paralysed if she tried to work a little. -- wheelchair-bound. Julia Gillard promise that her staff would speak to Mel Leckie.I'm proud that the government has made his story the difference.Opposition leaders declared that the National Disability Insurance Scheme above politics.It will be easier to get there if we cooperate with the States. It will be easier to get there if we have a strong economy and not a weak one, but get there we will.The WAG meets in Canberra on Friday. -- COAG. The chief of the Navy says rescuing asylum seekers is taking a toll on sailors' mental ing a toll on sailors' mental health. Vice Admiral Ray Griggs says the Navy's border protection operations are difficult and confronting. But he says their t he says their defence is getting better at dealing with mental illness. Extradition proceedings have begun in New Zealand against a former Catholic brother a former Catholic brother facing 252 child sex charges and Australia. Bernard Kevin McGrath is wanted over charges arising from incidents in the Newcastle Maitland area in the 1970s and nd area in the 1970s and 80s. He was bailed to today with as bailed to today with strict conditions. An urgent campaign has been launched to has been launched to find a buyer for iconic tomato sauce buyer for iconic tomato sauce maker Rosella. Gourmet Food Holdings and Waterwheel, the owners of the brand, have been placed in receivership. It is understood that efforts are being made to save the jobs of the company's more than 200 employees. The share 200 employees. The share market has started the week on the front foot.

News Corp rose. Tom Mockridge, the CEO of its British unit News International, is stepping down at the end of the year, accelerating talk that its parent company is splitting into two.

Coming up - the weather and the end of the road. One of the game's greats, Ricky Ponting, beats their world to Test cricket.

Ricky Ponting has been dismissed for just eight runs in his final Test innings as Australia slumped to defeat against South Africa in the third and deciding Test at the WACA. Chasing a world record 632, the Aussies were bundled out for 322, but undled out for 322, but the day was more about Ricky Ponting than Australia's failures. Despite the impressive entrance... and the ive entrance... and the early fireworks... as far as fairy-tale finishes go, this would not be one of them. Mustering just eight, he walked off the same field where it all started against Sri Lanka in 1995, up for the last time.Probably not the way that I wanted to finish with that result and my own performance, but they are a special bunch of blokes, and it is one special thing to play one Test match for Australia so I have been lucky.It will see him remembered as one of the true modern greats, there was all traffic in 2005, where he saved Australia from defeat with an impressive century, or his explosive performance in the World Cup final. These gilt could have been used by the current crop from just the second ball of the morning. The all-too-familiar top order collapse brought the end closer for Ponting, and the tents for Australia to reclaim what number one seemed like a fantasy. Batsmen found themselves at ways to get themselves out on or otherwise friendly pitch, and despite late fireworks, the end came with a roar from South Africa. But win lose or draw, this was the boy from Launceston's day. Australia's greatest run-scorer, a century- maker, and the greatest batsman since Don est batsman since Don Bradman. In under an hour, the Socceroos will begin their East Asian qualifying Cup campaign. Eight players are making their international debut. The Socceroos coach is ceroos coach is wary of his opponents, but using the matches to blood new talent ahead of next year's World Cup qualifiers.I would like to refer to our last game in November in Korea, a couple of the young guys who have little or no playing time, they really stepped up and left a good impression. That is what I expect from some of the boys who are in Hong Kong's.The Socceroos will place four games in seven days, with matches against North Korea, Guam and Chinese Taipei to follow.

That takes us to the weather: Hot northerly winds he weather: Hot northerly winds are affecting Queensland and generating thunderstorms in NSW. Another trough is triggering storms in the NT and WA.

In just 20 years, text messaging has changed the way we communicate and become the most popular way to do so, but there are signs that our reliance on the short messaging services are slipping slightly. This is what you can find 19-year- old Julia Peters doing up to 40 times a day, her fingers gliding enabler.I used at all the time, with my mum, my friends.Clearly she is not alone. We text while waiting to cross the street, and while waiting for a train, everywhere you n, everywhere you can think of, and often.Without text messaging, the mobile phone would not have had as big an impact.The technology just two decades old allows us to send up to seven trillion, that is trillion, messages worldwide every year.It is fast. You can say whatever you want.Texting has made phone companies billions of dollars and created a quarter of in stinking imitators. It has also given birth to a generation of people raised on an abbreviated language. To be honest, it has been great for helping people to laugh out loud. But texting also has a dark side. This ad is meant to scare young people away from texting while driving, which continues to h continues to claim lives each year. Texting had given ball is a much easier way to get to their victims. -- given police.In the good on days, when school was over, you went home anywhere safe, your home was your castle. But because you have got a mobile phone with you, they can text you all night long. At least one survey found that 40% of teenagers Emmett they use the technology to send sexually suggestive messages. -- admits. But texting has mits. But texting has its advantages. During the devastating vantages. During the devastating attack in Norway, a teenager sent ck in Norway, a teenager sent a message to her mother, because to her mother, because the noise of a call would have attracted attention.If you are worried you have not heard from Uncle Bob in a while, you can send a while, you can send a text message.There are signs suggesting that we may be texting less, preferring other social media vehicles, such as Facebook and Twitter, to communicate. But just ask Julia if you cannot -- if she can survive without doing this 40 times a day. Can I have the internet? I can text on the rnet? I can text on the internet.The technology that has become such a big part of our lives is here to stay. That is the world at this Monday. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -