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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The heat is on - scientists predict a five degree temperature rise by the end of the century.By the end of 2100, there will bea planet few people recognise.Egyptian judges hit back and a hero's welcome for the Palestinian President. Facing a possible death penalty - an Australian accused of drug trafficking in Malaysia.Hope is fading for a 9-year-old boy feared taken by a crocodile in the Northern Territory.

Good evening. I'm Anton Enus.And I'm Janice Petersen. Texting not so sexy but it's not thumbs down as newer media comes to the fore.With my fum and friends I use it.And Napoleon's plan to blow up the Kremlin. There are ominous signs tonight the battle against global warming is being lost. A new study has predicted the planet could be four to six degrees warmer by the end of the century. A scenario for environmental disaster.That research has found global greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise more than 2% by the end of the year. That would mean a rise by more than 50% since 199, the year of the Kyoto Protocol. The World Climate Change talks in Doha are now in their second week. And the demands of these protesters are unlikely to be met. The UN's goal to hold the global temperature rise to two degrees by 2020 looksen achievable without drastic action. According to the global carbon project that tracts greenhouse -- tracks greenhouse gas emissions, the future is now desire. The CSIRO's Dr Pep Canadell says the figures are alarming.By 2100, it will be a planet people will not recognise.China's economic boom is coming at a cost to the plan. It's by far the worst emitter at 28%. The US's next at 16%, followed by the EU and India.I think there is a complete mismatch between what the science is advising policy- makers and what the policy-makers are hearing. Otherwise it's hard to explain why emissions are going up rapidly.Impact on the earth of such a temperature rise would bow catastrophic. More destructive storms, long droughts and rising sea levels, bushfires.They're sad reminders to show how ill prepared we are.For low-lying countries in the South Pacific, the future's bleak.This is a particularly worrying story ticularly worrying story for the countries that actually are least guilty of causing the problem.Another scientific report in Doha has already warned that emissions must be reduced by 15% to have any chance of hitting the UN target. To the Middle East now. Judges in Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court have stopped work, complaining protests staged by supporters of President Mohammed Mursi have placed them under psychological strain. In a further challenge to the President's rule, they've also refused to oversee a proposed referendum on the country's draft constitution in two weeks time. Some members of Egypt's Constitutional Court called this the blackest day in the history of the country's judiciary. Supporters of Mohammed Mursi blockaded the court, preventing justices from ruling on the draft constitution. Protesters say they speak for all Egyptians.

The Association of Judges argued the only thing standing between a President and a dictator is the judiciary and it will not oversee a planned referendum later this month.

An alliance of opposition groups issued a statement supporting the position of the justices and condemning the President. Though some Muslim Brotherhood members are trying to paint it as a victory.

Many ordinary Egyptians hold great reservations. Among them, Muslims who say the country cannot be governed only in the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Christian groups boycotted the parliamentary vote on the new constitution. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has received a hero's welcome in the West Bank after his successful campaign to upgrade Palestinian status at the UN.The Israeli PM, Binyamin Netanyahu, has stood by the decision to build more housing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.Days after a resounding endorsement from the United Nations, celebrations in the West Bank continue. Thousands gathered in Ramallah waifbging flags and chanting slogans flags and chanting slogans for a man who helped make it possible. A full honour guard awaited Mahmoud Abbas as he returned from a brief visit to Jordan. The Palestinian President has dedicated the UN victory to Yasser Arafat, offering prayers and a wreath at his tomb. Addressing the crowds, Abbas called the victory a historic achievement for Palestinians. Their status as a non-member state earning them more diplomatic clout on the world stage.

But there have been repercussions. Palestinian debts have prompted Israel to have prompted Israel to withhold tax revenues from them tax revenues from them this month worth about $100 million. That's on top of plans to build another 3,000 homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The announcement has been condemed globally. Israel's plan includes reviving projects in the highly contentious E1 zone, a corridor that runs into the heart of the West Bank. Frplgt fizz rail is to build in E1 there is no possible agreplt on a 2-state -- agreement on a 2-state solution. The UN says the plan would deal an almost fatal blow to any prospects of peace. Israel said it could take up to two years before any construction begins in E1. When the stalemate will end, could take many more. A Perth man is facing a possible death penalty in Malaysia. 32-year- old Dominic Bird is accused of trying to sell methamphetamine,ologly caught outane sting operation in the nation's cap -- allegedly caught out in a sting operation in the nation's capital. Mandatory death penalty, but despite this looming over him, people in court said he appeared in good spirits as he pleaded not guilty to both.So I think if a judge considers it properly, the whole charge should fall.He was arrested in a Kuala Lumpar coffee shop last March. Undercover police say he tried to sell them 160 grams of methamphetamine. At the time the thro-year-old was being watched as parts of an anti-narcotics operation. Three other people were arrested in relation to the case. In a case where it was capital punishment, I will not allow anything to go by unchecked.Bird is accused of planning to smuggle drugs back to Australia. The small amount was found in his home. For anyone found more than 50 grams worth of methamphetamine in Malaysia, there is an automatic death penalty. Emma L'Aiguille maintained the drugs belonged to her boyfriend and was freed last month. Malaysia as freed last month. Malaysia has executed three Australians for drug offences. Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers were hanged in 1986 for trafficking heroin. They were the first Western executed. Michael McAuliffe was executed in June, 1993. They're considering replacing the mandatory death penalty for drug offences with prison sentences. There are around 900 prisoners currently on death row in Malaysia, most for drug offences. Dominic Bird's current hearing is expected to last five days. A verdict is not expected until next year. Appeals could drag the process out until 2014. The death toll from a roof collapse in a Japanese road tunnel has risen to nine.Tunnels across the country will undergo safety inspections following the accident at the Sasago Tunnel, west of Tokyo. What began as search and rescue during the day, turned in to body recovery by nightfall. A 50-year- old truck driver who phoned his company for help immediately after the clps was pulled from the rubble. It's still unclear what caused the large concrete panels inside the tunnel to come crashing down, subsequently sparking the deadly blaze. The president of the company which operates the toll road issuing a public apology.

The company speculated that vibrations from earthquakes or passing vehicles could have caused the material connecting the ceiling panels and pillars to detear yaufplt no abnormalities were found in -- deteriorate. No abnormalities were found in September at a safety check.

Police have launched a negligence probe in to the incident as investigations into the cause continue. With Japan's Transport Ministry to issue emergency inspections of at least 20 similarly designed tunnels across the country. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Police in Burma have arrested at least two activists during a protest over a crackdown on a demonstration against a Chinese-backed copper mine. The latest unrest follow as police raid on a protest camp last week, during which dozens of people were injured. Activists claim there have been mass evictions and environmental damactions and environmental damage at the mine. Former Slovenian PM Borut Pahor has decisively won the run-off for the largely ceremonial post of President. Unlike his opponent, Mr Pahor has defended government austerity measures government austerity measures that have sparked mass protests. Slovenia is suffering from one of the worst recessions in the eurozone. And government and opposition figures have united in Hungary's capital, Budapest, against anti-Jewish remarks. Last week a law-maker from the JobbikPerty called for the screening of -- Jobbik Party called for the screening of Jews who pose a national security risk. Fiefbg Afghans and several -- five Afghans and foreign troops have been killed on a base in Jalalabad, near the Pakistan border. The aftermagtd of an assault that was -- aftermath of an assault that was brazen, complex and coordinated. The Taliban sent attackers in explosive-laden vehicles and suicide bombers on foot. Some were said to be in Afghan uniform. They made it to the gates of the base and tried to blast and shoot their way in. With the help of attack helicopters, NATO held them off.There are most likely three suicide attackers using vehicles to attack the base. Afghan officials said later there were nine suicide attackers. All died in the assault. There were no NATO deaths but two local doctors were killed as they made their way to work. NATO says the attack was a failure because the Taliban didn't penetrate the base. But questions will be asked about how they got so close to such an obvious target in spite of checkpoints on the approach roads? This was the second major Taliban attack on the base this year. The latest assault is another reminder that the militants can still hit hard. In spite of claims that they have been weaken. Afghan officials are investigating if any of the dead were killed by friendly fire were killed by friendly fire from NATO. Hopes are fading for a 9-year-old boy who was taken by a 4-metre long crocodile while swimming in the Northern Territory. Adults tried to spear the animal but it disappeared in to deeper water. Police say it had been fed by the local community but some locals local community but some locals say they've been misrepresented as having treated crocodiles as pets. It's the second such attack in as many months at Port Bradshaw. A community near the eastern tip of Arnhem Land. Police resumed the search for the massive killer croc this morning. Professor Graham Webb said the tragedy has been lost in a media spin.As I said this situation there is a creek nearby somewhere where there was a crocodile that everyone suwear of and knows and would occasionally feed or something. This is a misadventure.While a death is bad enough, members of the Port Bradshaw community have vented their frustration today at the misunderstanding of their culture. While crocs have a traditional significance to the people, it's being misrepresented as the community treating crocodiles as pets.The education programs that operate and are very effective, they tend to concentrate mainly on the people who they think don't have any knowledge about crocs. But maybe it's time for the people to talk with the traditional owners from these other areas.Professor Webb says a knee-jerk reaction and a return to culling will not solve the problem.The number of crocs has gone up 20 times in abundance and 100 times in the weight of the population. And the rate of attacks has been pretty constant.Professor Webb, who has been studying crocodiles in the Northern Territory since the 1970s, says that a healthy respect and caution around unknown swimming areas is really the best defence. You can watch the full NITV news bulletin Monday to Friday on our website.

You're watching World Now's Australia on SBS. Trouble -- World News Australia on SBS. Trouble with police and the far right Golden Dawn party. Pro-democracy and Islamist groups rally together in Aleppo. Traded in for a younger model. Texting may only be 20 years old but already it's being left behind.


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It's been a tough day for the PM. Julia Gillard's plan to reduce household power prices has so far drawn only a muted response from the staifrts and Territories. They'll be discussing -- States and Territory. They'll be discussing that plan on Friday. And on International Disabilities Day, Julia Gillard has been heckled by a woman who said the Government is not doing enough to help those in need. The PM wants to lower household power prices by encouraging use outside peak times. To do that she needs to increase competition and to do that she needs the States.We think some of what the PM is proposing will work for other States. Some of it we're already doing here in Victoria. We need to get the regulator as strong and independent as possible.Julia Gillard will sit down with Premiers and chief ministers this week.This is a topic that Australia needs addressed. So the advice is find a way to actually address it. If the States are unhappy with the approach, then it's up to the States to suggest another way.The Opposition thinks it's a cynical diversion from the carbon tax.This is just another political promise from a PM who is desperately trying to change the subject.The PM also needs the States and Territory's backing for the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme. She's urging disabled people and their carers to hold them all to account, including her. That began before she even finished her speech. We really need you to talk to us and I to talk to us and I promise you we will be listening.PM, are you aware disability is nearly 57% of national minimum wage.A wheelchair bound Mel Leckie told Julia Gillard she couldn't work full time but was penalised if she tried to work a little.We're listening.Julia Gillard promised her staff would speak to Ms Leckie. The Opposition Leader has declared the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme above politics.It Willoughby easier to get there if we cooperate with the States. It will be easier to get there if we- a strong economy and not a weak one but get -- it will be easier to get there if we cooperate with the States.Rescuing asylum seekers at seas is taking a toll on sailors' mental health. The navy's border protection operations are difficult ection operations are difficult and confanting Ray Briggs says. He says defence is getting ber at dealing with mental illness.First issue for me is always about breaking the stigma of mental health and getting people to talk about. It we had an ADF Mental Health Day earlier this year.He says sailors agree before they go on operations and receive follow-up support if it's needed. Extradition proceedings have begun in New Zealand against a former Catholic brother facing 252 child sex charges in Australia. Bernard Kevin McGrath is wanted over charges arising from incidents in the Newcastle-mate nnd area in the 1970s and -- Newcastle-Maitland area in stle-Maitland area in the 1970s and 1980s. An urgent campaign has been launched to find a buyer for iconic tomato sauce maker Sozela. Gourmet Food Holdings and Waterwheel have been placed in receivership. Tim Ayres says efforts are being made to keep the jobs of the employers.It's to sell what's a viable Australian food-making business as a going concern and to prec every single job.Employees have been told they have work until Wednesday. But administrators say they can't make guarantees after that. A witness has told the committal hearing for the man accused of murdering Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe she saw a man trying to wres alboy into a car at the overpass where Daniel disappeared. Judith McIntyre said she did not intervene because she thought the incident was an argument between a father and a son. Brett Peter Cowan is accused of abducting and killing the boy in 2003. Five people are in hospital with one under police guard after a brawl involving 30 young men and women erupted during a football match in Western Sydney. Number of weapons were seized as police broke up the melle which broke out late yesterday with a tournament run by the local Sudanese community. It was supposed to be an enjoyable family afternoon. It quickly descended into chaos.A bit of an all-in brawl.Football fans watched on as up to 30 men and women attacked each other.One group on the other side of the road and the other people start running from the car park near the road. Officers say they seized an assortment of weapons including a knife, a chisel and a spanner. People using construction tools. This is a dangerous weapon. They went into their cars and got them out of their cars.Five people ended up in hospital. One man was arrested and five cars were seized for forensic examination.Any violence is un-Australian at a game of sport.Officers hope witnesses with mobile phone footage of the brawl will come forward. Frplgt we have identified people that were there --We have identified people that were there and we are trying to ascertain what they did. Organisers of the tournament have been helping police with their investigations. Sudanese community leaders insist this brul was not gang-related. They say it was a dispute from a party the night before which happened to flare-up when the rival groups saw each other at a game of football. Tournament organisers were quick to point out no football players were involved in the brawl.According to what I heard from people, it started at the party on Saturday night and nothing to do with the football.The Sudanese community were trying to get more publicity for their football tournament but this is hardly what they had in mind. One of the most controversial aspects of Greece's recent economic and political woes has been the rise of the far right Golden Dawn Party. Now it appears the party has infiltrated the ranks of the country's police force. It seems a far higher percentage of police officers supports Golden Dawn compared with the overall civilian population. As poverty deepens, the far right Golden Dawn is busy winning hearts and mind, giving out clothes to Greeks who have fallen on hard times. Their support is growing but how far does it extend? According to the people who suffered these injuries, the Greek police and Golden Dawn often work together. They say they were beaten in police custody after being arrested on an anti-Golden Dawn protest. TRANSLATION: They were swearing at us and told us the political situation was different, they would have killed us. They were taking pictures and filming us. They said they'd send these to Golden Dawn and we'd get what we deserved.The police deny this and say there's forensic evidence no-one was beaten in custody. But they are under strain. Morale is low. Here protesting outside parliament because of salary cuts. I spoke to a former head of the police union, now an MP, and asked what percentage of police in Athens support Golden Dawn. TRANSLATION: It's more than 25% to 30% unmy opinion, and it's increasing. It's not just the police. There's the army, coast guard, firefighters. I saw them turning to Golden Dawn.This is a primary school in central Athens but on election day it doubles up as a polling station. Local people vote here but so do many policemen who are based in offices nearby. Now we've analysed the results from the most recent election. At this polling station and at other ones in Athens where the police voted in the most recent general election and the results are striking. In central Athens, Golden Dawn got 7.8% of the vote. In 13 polling stations next to police headquarters, where we know police voted, Golden Dawn got 20.3%. Across Athens where police voted, Golden Dawn's percentage almost always rises. This is the Golden Dawn symbol. They sell party gear alongside police T-shirts and jackets.We're receiving support from everywhere.The police?Yes. Of course. Why not? Policemen are in the street every day and they're on the first line. They are watching what's happening. They feel it.Here the police were secretly filmed beating up an immigrant in a rundown neighbourhood. The police say one of these officers was suspended, another fined. TRANSLATION: The Greek police completely respect human rights. This is our first priority. The Greek police do not show any tolerance to racist violence.But left wing and anarchist groups don't trust the police. They now stage their own anti-fascist patrol through central Athens. The police face a crisis of legitimacy just as the divisions in Greek society become more acute. Golden Dawn has set up a local Melbourne chapter with a ourne chapter with a Facebook page that at one point attracted more than 2,500 followers. The northern Syrian city ouf lepo has become a flash -- of Aleppo has become a flashpoint for competing interests flashpoint for competing interests. Residents who have fled are now returning. With the rubble, there is power cuts and consant shelling. Aleppo has witnessed an uncomfortable alliance between Islamist rebel groups and those in bel groups and those in favour of a Western-style democracy. They're putting their differences aside to rid the country of Bashar al-Assad. To the tune of skwaert jingle Bells', -- to the tune of 'Jingle Bells', a protest. We are all hand in hand, they sing, until we get rid of Assad. The bulk of the crowd pro- democracy but some carrying flag flags, the Islamists. "Les agree each has a right to their perspective." A show of unity but later Islamist groups take up their own chant. The people want an Islamic state. "When we say we want an Islamic state, it means every citizen will have their rights. Islam respects the rights of others." But according that their own interpretation. One of the Islamists tells a member of the CNN team here that I should cover my hair. This 25-year-old says the Islamists are being nurtured from outside forces but he's not worried they will take over the country. Syria is beautiful. A nation of many colours. Whether they like it or not.What we just witnessed is a microcosm of a larger dynamic in Syria and the country's future challenges. Criticism of some rebel units. "They looted and this is not right. We can't have thieves in the army for freedom." In streets that were once deserted, families picked their way through rubble. Traffic has increased in front of the hospital, the main field hospital for the wounded here, bombed last week. There used to be a government checkpoint down the road here. This is one of the first neighbourhoods that saw fierce clashes between rebel fighters and government forces. It is also, we're being told, the first neighbourhood to fall to the Free Syrian Army. And around three weeks ago residents began to feel confident enough to return. Now in the streets we're see agfair amount of activity and we're naturally drawing quite a bit of people's natural curiosity. Real safety is still a long way off. This wek a regime air strike took out a -- week a regime air strike took out a water main. Up the road, a desperate crowd clamors for bread. Prices have doubled at this bakery. In other parts of the city it costs even more, if available at all. This woman waited for three hours. Her husband was wounded after she returned. "What can I do? Say I am afraid, are my children not going to eat?" Amid all the destruction and the threat of more valiant efforts to start repairs. With winter closing in, these people gambled. The relative safety of escape for the promise of shelter and came back to their homes. A different landscape but the same lottery of survival. The opposition Syrian observatory has claimed more rebels have been killed. In just 20 years, text messaging has changed the way we communicate and become the most popular way to do so. There are signs our reliance on that short messaging service is slipping slightly over other social media choices including Twitter and Facebook. Experts say that two decades on, texting is clearly here to stay. This is what you can find 19-year-old Julia Peters doing up to 40 times a day. Her thumbs gliding in a blur across her phone. I use it all the time, with my mum and phren. me, with my mum and phren.Clearly Julia is not alone. We text while waiting to cross the street and while waiting for a train. Everywhere you can think of and often.I know without SMS, the mobile phone wouldn't have had as big an impact as it has.The technology allows us to send up to seven trillion messages worldwide everything year.Because it's fast. And you can say whatever you want in a quick text message and send it away.Texting has made phone companies billions of dollars and created a culture of instant communicators. It's given birth to a generation of people raised on an abbreviated language based more on phonetics than it is spelling. It's been great for helping people to laugh out loud. But texting has a dark side. This ad is meant to scare young people away from texting while driving which continues to claim lives each year. Texting has given bullies a much easier wait to get to their victims. In the good old days, you went home and you were safe from bullying. But now because you have the mobile phone with you on the bed stand or maybe even in the bed with you, they can SMS you all night long.At least one survey found almost 40% of teens admitted they use the technology to they use the technology to send sexually suggestive messages. Texting has its advantages. During the devastating 2011 attack in Norway, a teenager sent a message to her mother, "Tell the police to hurry," because the noise of a call would have attracted attention. And on a daily basis it helps us to stay in touch.If you're worried you haven't heard from Uncle Bob in a while, you shoot him a quick SMS. We are preferring other social vehicle methods. Just ask Julia if she could survive without being able to do this 40 times a day. Would I have Internet still? If I had Internet, because there's free texting on Internet. I would use that.You realise the technology, that's become such a big part of our daily lives is here to stay.

Up next on World News Australia - Craig Foster with spor. The Proteas' guard of honour for Punter as cricket farewells one of its grits at the WACA. A coded letter written by Napoleon sells for almost a quarter of a million dollars at auction in Paris.

There's another sign China's economic recovery is continuing with a leading index pointing to growth in the manufacturing sector. Frplgt the survey by HSBC showed conditions in the sector improved for the first time in more than a year.That news helped the Australian share market start the week on the front foot.

Time now for the day's sport with Craig Foster. Wasn't quite the fairytale ending for Punter. A bit of a whimper at the WACA. Ricky pawning has been dismissed for just eight runs as Australia continued to struggle against South Africa on day four of the third and deciding test at the WACA. Chasing a world record 632 runs for victory, Ponting was one of seven wickets to fall before tea.

Still needing an improbable 592 to win, Australia's task drifted towards impossible after just two deliveries. COMMENTATOR: What a start.Shane Watson got himself in and looked set for a big score until Morne Morkel sent down the day's second nick-inducing delive day's second nick-inducing delivery.Superb bowling by Morne Morkel.That brought Ricky Ponting to the crease for his last test innings, greeted by a thunerous applause from the WACA crowd and a guard of honour from the Proteas. He greeted his fans to one of those famous pull shots. But his day was far too brief. Out for just eight.Jacques Kallis has taken a great catch.The former skipper bowing out as one of the modern greats.17 years of blood, sweat and toil.Ed Cowan was the anchor cutting and pulling with authority and reaching a half century.Now the pull shot.But another short ball from Dale Steyn was his undoing.A man straight to him. They've got the two back.Four down and Australia's pain turned physical for Michael Clarke.That's got him. A nasty blow that.The skipper gasping for breath. He and Mike Hussey breathed life back into the match. The partnership 50 in no time. But a rush of blood and Clarke was on his way. Moments later, Mr Cricket joined him in the sheds.Gone.When Matthew Wade was well caught at mid-wicket, Australia was on the brink. Little doubt South Africa will still be the world's number one test team whenever this match

whenever this match finishes. To football. Sauk razz coach Holger Osieck says he remains -- Socceroos coach Holger Osieck says he remains wary of Hong Kong. With the tournament falling outside FIFA sanction dates, Osieck's largely inexperienced 20-man squad is predominantly maden squad is predominantly made up of A-League players. Eight are yet to make their senior international debut. The Socceroos coach aiming to blood new talent ahead of next year's World Cup qualifying campaign.I'd like to refer to our last game in November, in Korea, where a couple of the young guys who had little more no playing time, they really stepped up and left a good impression and that's what I expect from some of the boys who are here in Hong Kong.The Socceroos will play four games in seven days with matches against North Korea, Guam and Chinese Taipei as they attempt to qualify for the East Asian Cup in July next year. SBS will stream live and exclusive online coverage of all four of Australia's qualifying games. Log on tonight from 11:25pm when the Socceroos take on Hong Kong. Pressure continues to mount on Martin O'Neill following his side's defeat at norwoman. The loss leaves the Black Cats one -- Norwich. The loss leaves the Black Cats one point outside the relegation zone. Let's move on to golf. Graeme McDowell has ended a 2-year victory drought with a 3-shot triumph in the World Challenge hosted by Tiger Woods. McDowell carded a 17 under 271. Australia's sole representative in the 18-man field, Jason Day, finished a further 16 strokes back. With world ranking points on the line, shot points on the line, shot of the day belonged to Rickie Fowler. This approach good enough for an eagle. McDowell, who capped the e. McDowell, who capped the stellar 2010 season and saw him win the US Open, hadn't won anywhere else in the world since then, until now. His birdie putt at the 18th enough to claim the winners cheque of a cool $1 million. Reigning Brisbane premier jockey Chris Munce is set to undergo two months of intense radiation treatment after recently being diagnosed with throat cancer. Munce's dentist first noticed swelling during a ruteen check-up in September. The 43-year-old former Melbourne Cup and Cox Plate winning jockey says telling his family was difficult. In 2007, Munce served 20 minutes in prison for giving tips for cash in Hong Kong. Doctors have not given him any indication if and when he will be able to resume his racing career. Israel Folau is expected to be unveiled as a Waratahs player tomorrow, marking his switch to a third football code in four years. The former rugby league international and failed AFL convert is expected to announce a one-year deal with NSW for the 2013 Super Rugby season. Keep in mind The World Gim tonight when we review the entire -- Game tonight when we review the entire weekend. Real issues around the refereeing in the A-League.I was a celebrity tipster on the A-League and didn't do very well.The weather coming up. And Napoleon's splesive message. A coded letter -- explosive message. A coded letter from Napoleon

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Strong winds and pounding rain have blooded parts of the Napa Valley. Famous for its wine.It's the third storm to hit the area in less than a week. Dropping close to three centimetres of rain per hour in some areas and causing chaos on the roads.To the forecast now. Hot northerly winds are affecting Queensland and generating severe thunderstorms in north-eastern NSW. Another trough is triggering storms in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

A letter written by Napoleon Bonaparte has smashed auction expectations selling for 10 times its estimated price.The French emperor outlined plans to blow-up the Kremlin in Moscow.The military and political leader penned his thoughts in 1812, writing of his plans to destroy the Kremlin. The letter was only one of a handful to remain intact after years a private collectioner was expected to get around $80 thun rr US.

The letter was written in code and is historically significant buzz of his calamitous invasion of Russia. It's an important moment in history. It's 1812, the major defeat. The first time napoleon is indecisive and gets trapped and pays very heavily for it. And the army is destroyed.It rose steadily in 5,000 euro lots as French and Russian buyers battled it out. The hammer eadventureally fell at the staggering price of $243,000 US. It's quite surprising.The Paris Museum of Letters and Manuscripts is the new buyer. Russian bidders disappointing they want bow taking the letter home.We wanted to buy this document to offer it to a museum. It's a question of perhaps to return it. So we think it's very important for Russia and for the Russian people.Napoleon Bonaparte died nine years after writing the letter, aged 51. Recapping our top stories now. A new CSIRO study has predicted a grave future for the planet. With forecasts the earth could be four to six degrees warmer by the end of the century. Global greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise by more than 2%. Members of Egypt's Supreme skpn constitutional Court has stopped work, claiming protests by supporters of President Mohammed Mursi have placed them under psychological pressure. A Perth man is facing a possible death penalty in Malaysia accused of trying to sell meth amphetamines to undercover police. He was allegedly caught out in a sting operation in the capital, Kuala Lumpar.Hopes are fading for the survival of a 9- year-old boy who was attacked by a crocodile while s attacked by a crocodile while swimming in the Northern Territory. It's the second such attack in as many months at Port Bradshaw.That's the world this mane. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One. Looking pretty bad for Australia - nine wickets down against South Africa. 287 on the board. Defeat, I'm afraid, only a matter I'm afraid, only a matter of time.You can get all tonight's stories online and now's around the clock at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -