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This program is captioned live. This morning - a royal baby
for Prince William and wife Kate as the Duchess is rushed to hospital
with morning sickness. Emergency crews respond to a freak
hailstorm in New South Wales as Queensland prepares
for a heatwave peak. And economists put their money
on a Reserve Bank interest rate cut just in time for Christmas. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr.

Good morning. It's the baby news -
making headlines around the world. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have announced they're expecting their first child. As messages of congratulations flow, there are health concerns
for the mum-to-be after she was rushed to hospital
with morning sickness. Seven's Adrian Brown joins us
live from London. Adrian, just how sick
is the Duchess?

Well, this is very happen dwri news but not I have to say, particularly a happy morning for the Duchess. She is in hospital with acute morning sickness. This can be a very debilitating condition. She will have to remain in hospital for several days. Saint James palace confirmed that she had been admitted to hospital just after 4 PM local time this afternoon. Then we got the further confirmation that she was indeed pregnant. Now, St James's Palace won't say how long the Duchess has been pregnant except to say that they learned about this recently. There is also speculation as to whether she is up to 12 weeks pregnant or in between just between 8 and 9 weeks pregnant. What is clear is that once she leaves hospital, hopefully in two to three days, that she will have to reduce the number of public engagements she has been carrying out. She will withdraw from the public eye for a number of weeks, perhaps even months, because it's a priority that she regains her strength during this particular period because people who - women who have been pregnant and have suffered morning sickness say this is a recurring condition and this is something that could afflickt Kate throughout her pregnancy. Yes, OK, have happy news this morning, thank you very morning, thank you morning, thank you for bringing us up-to-date we will check back with you in Sunrise.

Queensland's heatwave will peak
today with extreme temperatures forecast. Strong, dry winds are also expected, a concern for firefighters
and health authorities. In New South Wales, emergency
services have been deployed to the New England region after a series
of freak thunderstorms hit the town of Tamworth, bringing flash flooding, gale force
winds and huge hailstones.

In the country music capital, all you could hear
was wind and hail...

Huge stones smashed through roofs
and shattered glass. The more you look, you go, "Well, that window's
broken, that window's broken. You've only got to look around,
it certainly came through. Flash flooding turned roads
into rivers, wind gusts topped 100km/h. Strong enough to uproot trees, extra emergency service crews have
been called in for today's clean-up. It's a different story
in Queensland - Brisbane is bracing
for its hottest December day in more than a decade - 39 degrees. With no sea breeze to keep the coast
cool, the fire danger is extreme. Very dry, gustily westerly winds
coming through. Hospitals expect a busy day. Heat stress builds over several
days, the elderly are most at risk. They become dehydrated,
don't recognise it and then more and more. Then they start getting confused
and that's when it's dangerous. The best advice - stay indoors. If you want relief, try the beach - a cool current means
the water is around 20 degrees. Temperatures should drop
on Thursday.

The Reserve Bank is expected
to cut interest rates today in a bid to lift consumer spending during the Christmas shopping
period. Most economists say a rate cut
of 0.25% is almost a certainty. It follows the release of
disappointing jobs figures yesterday showing newspaper and online job ads
have fallen to their lowest point in three years. Ricky Ponting's test cricket career
has come to an end with Australia going down to South
Africa in the final test in Perth. Surrounded by family, the former Australian captain
made a heartfelt speech to thank those who
have stood by him.

It was an emotional farewell
17 years in the making. Mum and Dad's support over the years
has been remarkable and I wouldn't obviously be here without the opportunities
I was given at an early age by them so... (CLEARS THROAT)

This is getting a bit harder. Ricky Ponting was hoping
for one last stand against the champion South African
team that formed a guard of honour
to say goodbye. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) It was a disappointing finale -
out for eight. Caught Kallis, bowled Peterson. COMMENTATOR: He wouldn't like
doing that either. He wanted to get the job done
for Australia. I just probably had a bit more
of a fairytale ending in my own eyes than what's happened this week. His 168th match over,
so too, a remarkable career. With more than 13,000 runs,
including 41 centuries, Ponting's the highest scoring
Australian batsman of all time - the second highest in test history. And he says there's no regrets
as a new chapter begins. I don't live my life
thinking about regrets. I just, day in, day out, have got up

and tried to make myself
a better person and a better dad and a better player. And as you can see I've got some
work to do on one of those. (LAUGHTER)

um...which I'll enjoy, won't I?

A Perth man on trial
for drug trafficking in Malaysia is in high spirits despite facing a mandatory death
penalty if convicted. Dominic Bird smiled
and waved to his family on the first day of his trial
in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. The 32-year-old is accused of selling
an undercover police officer 167 grams of methamphetamine. His lawyer will argue the alleged
drugs weren't tested properly. The quality and the quantity
is flawed so if a judge considers it properly,
the whole charge should fall. The trial is expected to wrap up
on Friday but a verdict isn't expected
until next year. Health officials are warning of an outbreak of legionnaire's
disease in Melbourne's north-east. The outbreak has already
put three people in hospital in the past month. Authorities have linked the outbreak to a cooling tower
in the suburb of Bundoora, which has since been shut down
as a precaution. Legionnaire's disease causes
flu-like symptoms which can lead to potentially
deadly pneumonia within days. Almost 300 jobs -
and an iconic Aussie brand - are on the line - after the company that makes Rosella
went under. Receivers for Gourmet Foods are
desperately trying to find a buyer for the company which has plants in Sydney,
Melbourne and New Zealand. We're assured by the administrator
their sole focus this week is to sell the business
as a going concern and to make sure
all of these jobs are protected. Workers will know their fate
by Friday. Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather - hot and sunny
in Brisbane.

Blue skies
in Sydney. Fine for

A few showers
in Melbourne. In Hobart, a chilly top
of 15 with a few showers around An early shower
for Adelaide. Hot and stormy
in Perth. And in Darwin more storms
and 35 degrees.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the latest from London
on the breaking royal baby news. But next on Seven Early News, more tensions in the West Bank with
plans for a new housing development. And what happened to the shark that came dangerously close
to Perth lifeguards?

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West Australian Fisheries
has defended a decision not to destroy a shark that came dangerously close
to swimmers at a children's surf carnival
in Fremantle on Sunday. Kill orders were introduced
after five fatal shark attacks in the state last year. Where we can clear the beaches,
where there are rangers, surf life saving, helicopters,
boats on the water, then clearly it is not necessary. The department says the shark left A young woman has told
of a terrifying sex attack on the grounds
of Melbourne University. Police have released security vision
of the man they're looking for, seen talking to his victim
moments before the attack. I want to get justice.
I want him to be found. And it's just really, really sad to
know that there's people out there that will take advantage of girls. Police say the man
is of Asian appearance. Several swimming pools at a Sydney
aquatic centre have been closed after a bacteria scare. Elevated levels of a common bacteria
type have been detected at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, forcing the temporary closure
last night. It can cause mild ear and eye
irritations but nobody has been affected. Two pools will be treated
with additional chlorine and will reopen
when tests give the all-clear. That could take up to seven days. European powers are summoning
their Israeli ambassadors to protest against
a new housing development that would cut off the future
capital of Palestine from the West Bank. Israel has announced it will construct 3,000 new homes
east of Jerusalem to a non-member state. Britain, France, and Sweden say the planned estate
will dash remaining hopes for a two-state solution. Russian road authorities
are still working to clear vehicles after a 3-day long traffic jam
north of Moscow. At its peak, the jam stretched
for 190 kilometres, with around 4,000 trucks
left paralysed by heavy snow. Many drivers ran out of fuel, prompting police to set up kitchens
and heaters along the road.

The pope is set to enter
the Twitter-sphere. His personal account on the social
networking service will be active next week. Pope Benedict XVI will assume
the user name @pontifex and he'll be taking questions via
the hashtag ask-pontifex. The 85-year-old's tweets will be
sent simultaneously in a range of languages and will always have his approval
before being posted. The account will be active
from December 12. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street is edging lower after
some weak manufacturing figures.

A Christmas light display in Perth
set to the tune of 'Gangnam Style' has been pulled down
after just three days. The spectacular show at a home
in Churchlands has made headlines around the world but its creator has had
to switch off the lights after 10 times more people
than expected turned up in the quiet
suburban street. Neighbours had safety concerns after the local council refused
to deploy traffic controllers.

we're live to London for extensive
coverage of today's royal baby news. But next on Seven Early News - the Waratahs set to sign
serial code hopper Israel Folau. And a painful end to Australia's
battle with South Africa

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - the world prepares
for the arrival of a royal baby. St James's Palace confirms Prince
William and his wife, Catherine, are expecting their first child. The Duchess has been admitted
to a London hospital for morning sickness. Queensland's heatwave will peak
today with extreme temperatures forecast. Brisbane is bracing for its hottest
December day in a decade - 39 degrees. And economists are tipping
a pre-Christmas interest rate cut when the Reserve Bank meets today. They say weak manufacturing, retail
and jobs data will push the case.

, We will put in some sport here,

Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Australian captain Michael Clarke
says the emotion surrounding
Ricky Ponting's retirement wasn't to blame for the heavy defeat in the decider against South Africa
at the WACA. The Proteas clinched the series
with a convincing 309-run win on a day when Australian cricket
farewelled one of its all-time greats.

The target at the beginning
of the day was 592. This wasn't a good start. COMMENTATOR: Oh, gone!
Second ball of the morning! Warner wouldn't be the match saver,
nor would Watson... Out! Yes! Beautiful bowling! It was the cue for Ricky Ponting's
last test innings. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Wonderful ovation. The South African team
formed a guard of honour... (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) ..then prepared
to send him back again and it took just 23 balls. Edged it from Robin Peterson. Australia's greatest test run scorer
adding just 8 to his total, the Aussies going to lunch at 3/110. Perhaps Cowan was the man
to stand up. That's four more. Perhaps not.

He fell into Steyn's leg-side trap. There's a man. Straight to him. Maybe the captain was prepared to
put part of his anatomy on the line to save the game.

Have a feeling that's around the
region were everyone else thinks it's funny
bar you. He recovered,
played some nice shots, then had a rush of blood
six short of his half century. Ooh, he's got him!
He has! He's got him! Hussey passed 6,000 test runs but when he went,
any resistance had gone. And the crazy eyes are back. They're sniffing victory. That victory was delayed by Starc who smashed Australia's
second-fastest test half century before the South Africans
wrapped it up. There it is.
Victory in the series, South Africa. They won by 309 runs - not
the ending Ponting had hoped for. I just felt there was one last
big push from me and the game on the day
was sort of set up for it and it didn't last long enough. To lose such a great player,
knowing it's his last game, um, you know, that should give you
more inspiration than anything else so yeah,
I'm certainly not planning that.

Israel Folau will hit back at
suggestions he's greedy and disloyal when he's unveiled as a New South
Wales Waratahs player today. Folau has copped savage criticism since turning his back
on NRL club Parramatta. ARL Commission chairman John Grant
says rugby league did everything
it possibly could to sign the former Test
and Origin star but players aren't convinced. Unfortunately, the NRL didn't take
the opportunity that they had to sign him up and now he's gone to another code. New Waratahs coach Michael Cheika
started chasing Folau when it became clear his return
to the NRL was no certainty.

The Socceroos have made
an unconvincing start to the East Asian Cup
qualifying tournament. It took a late goal from skipper
Brett Emerton to clinch a 1-0 win over the world's
172nd ranked side, Hong Kong. (CHEERING)

The Aussies play four matches
in a week - their next assignment
is against North Korea.

Samantha Stosur has won her
third straight Newcombe Medal, awarded to Australia's
most outstanding tennis player. The world number nine didn't win
a tournament this year but made finals in Doha and Moscow. The 28-year-old also made four
semifinal appearances, including the French Open. Stosur is the first Australian
woman since Wendy Turnbull to finish the season ranked
inside the top 10 for three years running.

Ford driver Mark Winterbottom has taken out
his first Barry Sheene Medal at the V8 Supercars
gala awards night. The stars of the sport
gathered in Sydney to celebrate another
successful season. Winterbottom edged out veteran
Craig Lowndes for the top award, which is given to the best
and fairest driver. Winterbottom finished third behind
Jamie Whincup in the drivers championship. Foundation V8 Supercars chairman
Tony Cochrane became the first non-driver to
be inducted into the Hall of Fame. , When I left celebrations last night, they looked like they were going for some time. You were

Next on Seven Early News - a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country.

You don't use your car much.

You use it on the weekend.

You only use your car
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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country - A through is bring isolated
thunderstorms over South East Queensland
and north-east New South Wales. While a cold front in the south
is bringing mostly low cloud to Tasmania, Victoria and coastal
areas of South Australia. Around the capitals - hot and sunny
in Brisbane.

Fine for

A few showers
in Melbourne. In Hobart -
a chilly top of 15 with a few
showers around. For Adelaide -
an early shower. Hot and stormy
in Perth. And in Darwin
more storms.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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