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(generated from captions) Last round - Beat the Buzzer
starts here. Good luck. What is 75 - 51?

Well done, Taylan. True or false? Cane toad tadpoles
have five rows of tiny teeth.

True, correct. Which has a larger surface area -
Australia's 50-cent or 20-cent coin? 50 cent.
Correct. True or false? The planet Saturn's atmosphere
is mainly made up of carbon dioxide.

False. What is 67 + 25?

Correct. Rearrange the letters
of the word 'votes' to get another word for 'oven'.

Stove. True or false? The male echidna
has a spur on its back leg.

True. correct and
it's inside the buzzer as well. And it all came down to that! Samuel Gilbert, 190 today. The very last question
has decided the game. Marayong South, 300. Well played,
kids. Well played, everyone. But Troy, Monique, So Ae, with that
last question, winners for day 1. Go on, high five, Troy! Come on! That's better!
(LAUGHS) OK. We will see you tomorrow. Bye.

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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - hundreds of jobs at risk
as a famous Aussie brand collapses. Parents worried as Melbourne police hunt a man
who tried to abduct a schoolgirl. Five people in hospital after a wild brawl
at a Sydney soccer match.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Sally Bowrey. Good afternoon. The company that owns Australia's famous
tomato sauce brand Rosella has been placed in receivership. The collapse puts
hundreds of jobs in jeopardy. Chris Maher is at the Rosella
headquarters in Sydney. Sally, according to unions, workers here at Rosella
have been told by receivers they have a job until Wednesday and are hopeful
of selling the group soon. 100 workers here at Seven Hills, about 270
across the Gourmet Food group, have been given the grim news today that it's been placed
into administration. Gourmet Foods is made up of
Rosella Waterwheel in Victoria and the mainly NZ-based Pintango. Today, workers
have arrived for shifts to be greeted by security guards
at the gates. Rosella is, of course,
an iconic brand dating back over 120 years making tomato sauce, soups
and other favourites. It's been back in Australian
ownership for a number of years. I think we've got
a very strong business there with very skilled employees, selling products that all Australians have come to
know and love. We've got to make sure they're there
for Christmas. Right now, its workforce is hopeful
a buyer can be found but they'll have to be quick - expressions of interest
are due to close on Friday, Sally. To breaking news now and the Victorian health department is investigating an outbreak of
legionnaire's disease in Melbourne. Three people
have been treated in hospital after contracting the disease
around the suburb of Bundoora. Investigations are under way to see
if any cooling towers are to blame. Anyone in the area
who's suffering flu-like symptoms is urged to see their doctor
for testing. Police are continuing
to hunt for a man who tried to abduct
a 10-year-old girl in Melbourne on Friday. The attacker
threw the child into his car boot but she managed to escape
through a passenger door. Margaret Dekker is in Melbourne. Parents of schoolchildren
here in Pakenham in Melbourne's outer south-east remain on edge after Friday morning's
attempted abduction of a schoolgirl as she walked to school. Police say the 10-year-old was
walking along bushy Riviera Drive when she was lured to
the back of the man's station wagon by his offer
to show her something in the car. He then grabbed the girl
and lifted her into the back but the brave child then climbed
over the back seats and got out via a side door
before raising the alarm. Parents in the tight knit suburb say the attempted abduction
has made them change their ways. It makes me feel a bit creepy. I do not know what the solution is because, as I said, unfortunately
parents have to work. They...yeah,
it's out of their power a bit. There is someone out there
doing this sort of thing, so... ..just try to catch them, I suppose. Police want to speak to a man
described as being in his late 20s with dark hair, olive complexion and of thin field

and of thin build and urge anyone with information
to contact Crime Stoppers. A man has been remanded in custody, charged over the hit-run death
of a teenager during a wild brawl
in South-East Queensland. Charles Greene is charged Community leaders fear the death could ignite
racial tensions and revenge attacks. 21-year-old Greene
will spend Christmas behind bars. He has an 8-week-old daughter. Police say five people injured during a brawl at a soccer field
in western Sydney late yesterday are refusing to co-operate. They're in hospital,
one under police guard, after dozens of spectators armed
themselves with makeshift weapons and metal tools.

The brawl involved 30 young men
and women, the crime scene spread
over 2 kilometres and the weapons used
were frightening. There was a couple of metal poles.
Metal poles, yeah. Couple of shanks, knives. Police also seized a chisel,
a spanner and a crowbar, even a soccer corner post
ripped from the ground. We seen a couple of poles
getting swung, couple of knives being thrown
and people injured. Five people were taken to hospital,
one with serious head injuries. Police also seized
five damaged cars. Something happened over at the car. Like, they threw the thing
at the windscreen. The brawl began
at a soccer tournament organised by the South Sudanese
Football Association at Wilmot in Sydney's west. Police say no-one is co-operating
with their investigation but they're working
on three possible motives - a fight over girl,
an incident on the field or ongoing racial tensions. First thing we're asking
for is witnesses to come forward. In particular, if anyone has got any
footage of what they saw. They came here
and we can't tell anyone to leave, because without the fans
we can't have good football. One man was arrested at the scene
but later released without charge. Another remains in hospital
under police guard. Fire has badly damaged
a shopping complex in Adelaide. The blaze started in a bakery
at Fulham Gardens this morning. Workers say they saw smoke
then heard an explosion. 50 firefighters battled the blaze which spread to the neighbouring
butcher and takeaway store. Seven shops
have suffered extensive damage. The damage bill
is estimated at $700,000. The fire is not considered
suspicious. State Premiers are divided over the Prime Minister's
latest promise to reduce power bills
by hundreds of dollars. Julia Gillard has also faced
unexpected criticism this morning over Government support
for people with disabilities. On international disabilities day,
Julia Gillard is applauded for supporting a national
disability insurance scheme. (APPLAUSE) Only minutes earlier,
she'd been heckled. I promise you,
we will be listening... Prime Minister, are you aware the disability pension is nearly
57% of national minimum wage? OK, well, we're listening. The Prime Minister's plan
to deliver power price relief has also received a mixed reaction. Labor Premiers are on side. At a national level, we absolutely support what
the Prime Minister is doing. We're right behind
any commonwealth initiative that's about putting downward
pressure on electricity prices. But Liberal Premiers
are threatening to pull the plug when Ms Gillard meets with all state
and territory leaders on Friday to ask for their support. Julia Gillard needs to put consumers
ahead of bureaucracy. Central to
the Prime Minister's promise of reducing family power bills
by up to $250 a year, will be ending over-investment
in the electricity network to cope with peak demand. That gold plating of the networks is causing higher prices
for consumers than is necessary. But there's concern the benefits
won't start flowing until 2014. It's a case of
these reforms will mean you'd need a satellite to find it. The Opposition says
it can provide immediate relief. The easiest way
to reduce electricity prices is to scrap the carbon tax, everyone knows that. Queenslanders are being warned
to take extra precautions tomorrow with even hotter heatwave conditions
forecast. The temperature in Brisbane
will soar to 39 degrees in what could be the city's
hottest December day in a decade. It'll be 44 in the central Queensland towns
of Winton and Longreach. Well, I think
the most important thing is to let people know, if you've got elderly people
close by, go and check on them, go and say g'day,
go and make sure they're OK. Gusty winds could spark
more bushfires too. Firefighters are monitoring
a bushfire that came within metres of homes
near Brisbane yesterday. Next in Seven's 4:30 News -
a milestone for text messaging. Also, the girl who got between
a dolphin and its food. And the parade that leaves
two bananas squashed and bruised.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
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Authorities in WA
are keeping watch for a 4m shark spotted off a Fremantle beach. This massive white pointer,
not surprisingly, forced competitors
at a Surf Life Saving carnival out of the water yesterday. It was spotted 100m off
Leighton Beach. It wasn't moving anywhere, just hanging around
close to the beach. It's in between the swimming cans
at the event. Beaches are being monitored today
in case the great white returns. The bodies of five people have been
found inside a burnt-out van after a highway tunnel collapsed
in Japan yesterday. They were among nine people killed
when the concrete ceiling gave way, crushing cars
and sparking a massive blaze. Dense smoke poured from the tunnel. Vehicles trapped inside
had caught fire. Rescue teams could be seen
trying to reach survivors. A large section of the concrete roof
had collapsed. Motorists described narrow escapes
from falling debris. Some had to walk
for almost an hour through the darkness to safety. (SPEAKS JAPANESE) This woman was in the tunnel
as the roof came down. She says she realised at one point
the car was in half and there weren't any more cars
behind her. Running almost three miles
underground, this is one of Japan's
longest road tunnels, the main motorway between Tokyo
and the west of the country. (SPEAKS JAPANESE)

"We still don't know the reason
why this happened. "We already have people
inside of the tunnel "looking into what went wrong." Other road tunnels across Japan
are urgently being inspected as the rescue operation
continues. An American girl has learned
the hard way not to get between
a dolphin and its food. 8-year-old Jillian Thomas
was feeding the animals at SeaWorld in Florida when one jumped out of the water,
biting her as it lunged for a plate. I was thinking it was going to
haul me into the water, and this is a little crazy but I thought it was
kind of going to eat my hand off. Jillian's hand has healed, but thanks to her dad's camera work, the frightening memory
will last a lifetime. Today marks a special anniversary
for text messaging. 20 years ago today, the very first text message
was sent to a mobile phone. did I realise like, "Wow, that was
10 years ago, that was a big thing," and here we are 10 years later and text messaging has gone on
to even bigger and better things. Texting has gone on
to create a new dialect and change the way we communicate but it's also ruined
some famous marriages. The Bananas in Pyjamas
have been caught unawares during a parade in New Zealand. Oh, no!

B1 and B2 took a tumble when the vehicle they were on
collided with another car at the start of the annual
Christchurch Santa Parade. After coming down in pairs, the hardest part
was getting back up. Luckily, these bananas
weren't badly bruised. After the break - will the Reserve Bank
cut interest rates tomorrow? Also, the college sweethearts
proving it's never too late to fall in love. And in sport - look who's back
rolling his arm over.

The Reserve Bank is expected
to cut interest rates tomorrow in a bid to lift consumer confidence
for the Christmas shopping period. Figures released today
show retail spending is flat and job ads have fallen. With the Aussie dollar
still very strong and even with some information
we had today in regard to jobs ads, employment, it looks as if the labour market
is softening and we need lower interest rates. A 0.25% cut tomorrow will
lower the official cash rate to 3%. That anticipated cut
in interest rates helped the Australian stock market
along today. The ASX 200 finished
25 points higher at 4,531.

This next tale is a love story
65 years in the making. Bernard Zager and Jeanann Ross were They dated but eventually broke up
and married other people. Three years ago,
they found each other again and, over the weekend, they officially became
husband and wife in Las Vegas. It just proves
that there is love after 80. At age 86 -
at age 86 for me and she's 84 - we found new love,
just like we had 65 years ago. The pair reconnected through
a website for classmate reunions. Sport shortly. But, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00, and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello there. Coming up in Sydney tonight - 100 Sydney jobs on the line after the company behind Rosella
went under. We'll have the latest
on what receivers are doing as they try
to save the Aussie brand. Also tonight,
from sauce to pies. 100 workers at Sargents Pies
walk off the job in Western Sydney. Why they're demanding a pay rise. We'll look at interest rates and whether borrowers can expect
an early Christmas present from the Reserve Bank. The board's decision
on a rate cut comes tomorrow. Also the Sydney diver
attacked by a shark on the state's mid-north coast. We'll have the theory on what may
have provoked the attack. What really led
to Sydney's violent soccer brawl. Victims tell Seven News about
the events that lead up to this. And not happy. Neighbours oppose multi-million
dollar renovations at Lachlan Murdoch's
luxury Sydney mansion. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00 but now here's Jim
with the day's sport news.

Good afternoon, everyone. The test career of one of
Australia's greatest cricketers is over after Ricky Ponting's
dismissal for eight on day four of the third test
against South Africa. Chasing 632 runs to win, Dave Warner lasted two balls today then Shane Watson made way
for Ponting's last stand. (CHEERING)

After a signature pull shot
to get off the mark, Ponting was out for eight
off spinner Robin Peterson. COMMENTATOR: He wouldn't like
doing that either. He wanted to get the job done
for Australia. Australia were 3/102
when Ponting left the test arena for the last time. More on Ricky Ponting
in Seven News at 6:00. Shane Warne is back again, not for Australia, unfortunately, but in the Big Bash for
the Melbourne Stars in Twenty20. Now here's one for the photo album, Warne talking tactics
with Sir Vivian Richards who's acting as a mentor
and advisor for the Stars. The Stars had a practice game today and Warne rolled his arm over, opting for shorts
rather than cricket whites. The king of spin was a bit rusty. The Stars play
the Melbourne Renegades in the Big Bash opener
on Friday night at Etihad Stadium. After rejecting the NRL,
Israel Folau appears set to sign a cut-price deal with Super Rugby's
New South Wales Waratahs. Folau has been accused
of being money hungry There are reports the 1-year deal
he's negotiating with the Tahs is worth less than what he would have earned
with the Parramatta Eels. It's believed the NRL's delays
in registering Folau's deal prompted his management
to open talks with the Waratahs. V8 Supercars champ Jamie Whincup has
brushed off claims of race fixing while showing off
his fourth championship trophy. Rivals Ford Performance Racing claim Team Vodafone should have been
disqualified at the Sydney 500 after Whincup helped Craig Lowndes claim second place
in the championship. Certainly no team orders. It was my decision to let Lowndesy
through on the pit stop. I'll do it next year
if that's what it takes. Whincup will be honoured
at tonight's Gala Awards. Sydney FC has sacked
Football Director Gary Cole, the first big move
under new coach Frank Farina. The Sky Blues couldn't move off
the bottom of the A-League ladder last night, after a scoreless draw
with Melbourne Heart who were furious over a tackle
by Sydney import Fabio. In my opinion,
that was a terrible tackle and should have been a red card. The Wanderers fell to eighth place after their 1-0 loss
to Wellington.

That is the end of a big chapter in Australian sport with Ricky Ponting. It was great to see the South Africans with the guard of honour. That was a class act. It was a nice touch. Did you have a Tear in your eye? There was.

After the break - we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Australia's number one news
is just a tap away. Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update on this cool and cloudy afternoon
in Melbourne.

In Sydney, it is a cloudy afternoon.

From the satellite, the tail end of an active trough is driving scattered showers
and thunderstorms over southern
parts of Queensland and the north-east corner A weak cold front is approaching
the south-east corner. It'll push through tonight
and tomorrow and tomorrow bringing rain to western Tassie and scattered showers to
southern parts of Victoria. Temperatures are set to rise
over south-west WA with afternoon thunderstorms
building along the coast.

Forecast in
Brisbane tomorrow - a sizzler.

Sydney -
a shower or two. Canberra -

Melbourne -
a few showers and windy weather.

Hobart -
a shower or two.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sally. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
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