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This program is captioned live. This morning -
five people taken to hospital after a wild brawl
at a suburban soccer game. A man to face court
charged with murder after a teenager is killed
at a birthday party. the threat of bush fires
has authorities on alert.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr.

Good morning. Police in Sydney are investigating
after a wild brawl broke out at a soccer match organised
for Sudanese refugees yesterday afternoon. Five people were taken to hospital,
one with serious head injuries.

Frightening scenes as a violent
brawl spills onto the street.

Young Sudanese men and women
fighting - some armed with household tools
and knives. Something happened over at the car. Like, they threw the thing
at the windscreen. We seen a couple of poles
getting swung, couple of knives being thrown
and people injured. The brawl began
at a soccer tournament organised by the South Sudanese
Football Association of NSW. Police don't know what sparked it but the association's president,
Abraham Ajok, says it was between spectators,
not players. They came here
and we can't tell anybody to leave. A youth leader at the tournament
called police. They arrived quickly and set up a
crime scene stretching 2 kilometres. The road was littered with clothing and the remnants
of makeshift weapons. There was a couple of metal poles.
Metal poles, yeah. Police seized a chisel,
a spanner, knives and even a soccer corner post
ripped from the ground. Five people were taken to hospital,
one with head injuries. Police impounded five cars
damaged during the brawl and arrested one man at the scene. A second remains
under police guard in hospital.

A 21-year-old man will face court
in Brisbane this morning charged with the murder
of a teenage boy who was run down
during a weekend riot. At least 100 people gatecrashed
a 16th birthday party in Woodridge on Saturday night. 17-year-old Jordan Tukaki died after a car ploughed into a group
of people standing outside. the car was doing a drive-by,
went up the road, turned around came flying down and hit our mate. Jordan was due to celebrate his own
18th birthday in two weeks time.

Police in Victoria are desperately
searching for a sex attacker who's been targeting women
in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. They believe the man is responsible
for eight attacks in the area since August. I think we've been lucky he hasn't been successful in raping
any of the women but his intent has left us no doubt
that's his ultimate aim. Police say it appears the man
is targeting women soon after they get off
public transport. Thousands of people have donned pink
and joined a march in Victoria to pay tribute
to murdered woman Sarah Cafferkey. The 22-year-old Bacchus Marsh woman
was found dead three weeks ago. I'm overwhelmed
by the amount of people here. It's just beautiful. A 47-year-old man has been charged
with her murder. Firefighters in Queensland
are on alert with scorching temperatures expected
over the next few days. Residents in Beachmere were forced to defend their homes after a bushfire came within metres
of properties yesterday. When the embers were flying over
we were hosing our roofs down. That was a bit scary because we
couldn't see what was happening. The blaze has now been contained
but is being closely watched.

The Federal Government's promise to save Australian families
hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity bills While consumer groups
have welcomed the plan, they've warned
the savings won't happen overnight.

Julia Gillard on a war path... Are you OK? ..urging state premiers not to stand in the way of her plan
to reduce power bills. I want them to adopt a plan which
will see families pay $250 less. She'll present it to them on Friday, promising to set up
a new consumer challenge panel which will allow power users
to question pricing and to boost funding
to the Australian energy regulator to better scrutinise
electricity companies. There are some real problems with the way
our electricity pricing works, over-investment in the poles
and wires that costs families a lot. The so-called gold plating of
the network to cope with peak demand is blamed for most of the 50%
price rise in the past four years. It is definitely
the right way to go. The cost of this infrastructure
is crazy. It's actually time
to take some action so that households
don't keep copping these sorts of price increases
on their electricity bills. But even if the states
agree to the changes on Friday, the benefits won't start flowing
until 2014. The Opposition says
it has a more immediate solution. We can drop the price of power
by 10% tomorrow if we drop the carbon tax. The Prime Minister has no intention
of walking away from that. Thanks very much.

After a brutal final week
of Parliament, both Julia Gillard
and Tony Abbott are waking to a familiar headache today. The latest News Limited Galaxy poll
shows the pair they replaced as leaders
remain more popular with the public. 27% of voters believe Kevin Rudd
makes the best leader while 23% like Malcolm Turnbull. It comes as Julia Gillard
is questioned over her role in the AWU slash-fund scandal while Tony Abbott struggles
to win support as the preferred PM.

Australians are buying
illegal weapons online along with other prohibited goods
like laser pointers and steroids. Nearly 1,000 weapons a day are being
intercepted by Customs officials.

Of the 180 million parcels and
letters sent to Australia this year, here's one card
that won't be delivered. MAN: We got a positive presumptive
test for heroin. Drugs arriving by mail
are now outnumbered seven to one by illegal goods bought online. If you can't get it
over the counter, you'll almost certainly find it
in the internet's darkest corners. There are realistic imitation guns
that fire plastic pellets, laser pointers - 16,000 of them
were seized last year - along with all manner of knives
custom-made for violent crime. They're spring-loaded
and by pressing a lever... ..the blade will come out. ..concealable canisters
of pepper spray It would disable a person.
So, they're definitely dangerous? There are layers and layers
of security, scanners for every parcel and sniffer dogs
that don't miss a trick. Steroids and hormones are booming. How common is it for your people
to see this stuff coming through? Is this a rare seizure?
Daily. Daily?
Yep. The flow of illegal items
is almost never-ending. Last year nationwide,

Customs seized weapons alone
at the rate of almost 1,000 a day. Razor-sharp throwing stars are a favourite
of martial arts devotees... They're dangerous and we've got to
stop them at the border. And that is mighty sharp.
It is. Getting caught with prohibited
imports would hurt even more - penalties range from fines
of up to $275,000, 10 years jail, or both.

A 4-metre shark has caused panic
at a beach south of Perth. A Surf Life Saving carnival
was cancelled and competitors forced
out of the water when a shark was spotted 100 metres
off Leighton Beach at Fremantle. It wasn't moving anywhere, just
hanging around close to the beach. It's in between the swimming cans
at the event. Authorities will be on the look-out
for the white pointer today with temperatures expected
to reach 33 degrees in Perth. Now for your first look
at Monday's weather. A hot day in Brisbane
with showers and storms. Possible morning showers
for Sydney. Partly cloudy
for Canberra. A late shower or two
for Melbourne. Hobart, a shower
or two. Adelaide,
showers developing. Fine and sunny
in Perth. Thunderstorms
for Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the real-life crime drama
involving a murder, an internet millionaire
and a tropical paradise. But next on Seven Early News - could Facebook and Twitter
spell the end of mobile texting? And the search for survivors after a major highway tunnel
collapses in Japan.


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Five bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a freeway
tunnel that collapsed in Tokyo and several more are still missing. The collapse triggered a fire
inside the 4-kilometre long tunnel, trapping drivers
and sending smoke billowing outside. Firefighters managed
to put out the blaze but smoke and structural concerns initially prevented them
from getting inside the tunnel. It's not known what caused
the tunnel to collapse.

Taliban insurgents have attacked
a joint US-Afghan air base in eastern Afghanistan, claiming at least five lives. Multiple suicide bombers rammed
the gates of the facility in cars loaded with explosives. The attack sparked a land
and air gun battle that raged for at least two hours. Two Afghan civilians and three
Afghan Special Forces soldiers were killed, several international soldiers
were injured. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
has received a hero's welcome on his return to the West Bank, after winning an upgraded UN status
for his people. He was greeted
with a guard of honour at the presidential headquarters before laying a wreath at the grave
of late leader Yasser Arafat. Speaking before a crowd
of supporters, Mr Abbas vowed to continue to work
towards reconciliation with Israel.

A British study has found the number
of mobile messages being sent is in decline for the first time. SMS messages are down by a billion
in the UK since last year. Experts say the fall is due to the
emergence of smartphones that allow users to communicate
via Facebook and Twitter. So while we're texting less, we're communicating electronically
more than ever. The first SMS was sent
in December 1992 and simply read 'Merry Christmas'. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street closed mostly flat
last week.

Tennis ace Bernard Tomic has
a new set of very expensive wheels. He was spotted in Surfers Paradise
yesterday driving a yellow Ferrari Spider
worth almost $600,000. Hey, man, cool car. How are ya?

The 20-year-old only got his
full driver's licence last week. Last month, he was fined $1,000
and put on a good behaviour bond for driving his orange BMW
outside his licence conditions earlier this year.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Justice Crew perform their new
smash hit live at Brekky Central. But next on Seven Early News - Israel Folau one step closer
to a rugby union deal. And a mammoth task ahead
for Australia in the fourth day
of final South Africa test.

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - a brawl involving up to 30 people has seen a spanner, chisel
and even a soccer corner post used as weapons.

The fight broke out a soccer match
for Sudanese refugees in Sydney's west. Five men required
hospital treatment. One man has been arrested and police
say they expect to lay more charges. A man will face court today
after teenager was killed when a birthday party
turned into a riot. Jordan Tukaki died when a car
ploughed into a group of people standing outside.

And the PM's promise to cut power
bills has been met with criticism by the states. Consumers groups say
there's merit in the idea but warn savings
won't happen overnight. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Australia needs
to smash the world record for the highest fourth innings
run chase to win the deciding Test
against South Africa in Perth. The Proteas set
a monster target of 632 courtesy of centuries to Hashim Amla
and A.B. de Villiers. Australia trails by 592 runs
heading into day four.

On 99 overnight, Amla got his hundred
off the third ball of the day. Then set about putting the game
beyond Australia's reach. Well, chase that. The Aussies claimed only 1 wicket
before lunch, Kallis for 37. Mitchell Johnson's under it. It took three balls after lunch for
Amla to reach his next milestone. That's 150...for Hashim Amla. De Villiers
joined the wrecking party. That's beautifully hit. That's a mile back. The South Africans
were getting creative. The Aussies were getting desperate. Oh, the crowd love it. Cheers for Ponting's medium pace,
but no wickets as the agony continued. Slashed for four.

It took some brilliant reflexes
from Johnson to get rid of Amla, four short of his double century. (APPLAUSE)

Yes, beauty. Elgar lasted four balls. Hit on the elbow, then the arm before Johnson rocketed one
into his pads. Ohhhhh! Yes, Mitchell.

De Villiers led the way as the Proteas lifted the tempo
in the final session. He eventually went for 169. Edged and gone. By the time Starc got
the final wicket to give him six... Bowled him! Beauty. ..the lead was 631. Just batting session for session
now, that's all we can do

The Australians were left to
face 14 nervous overs before stumps. And they did it
without losing a wicket. , It was a good wicket and we were aware of the fact that if we go the full length of the test match, they will come quite close.

Frank Farina's first match
as coach of Sydney FC has finished in a scoreless draw
with Melbourne Heart. Sydney's marquee man
Alessandro del Piero was heavily targeted
at Allianz Stadium. But it was the Heart
who were left fuming when a crude challenge from Fabio left Ben Garrucio I keep my mouth shut
every week about things and it doesn't get me anywhere. In my opinion,
that was a terrible tackle and should have been a red card. In Wellington,
Western Sydney goalkeeper Ante Covic was caught out badly
in the blustery conditions, the Phoenix winning 1-0. And in the Premier League,
Norwich downed Sunderland 2-1. After rejecting the NRL, Israel Folau appears set
to sign a cut price deal with super rugby's
New South Wales Waratahs. Folau has been accused
of being money-hungry since turning his back on the NRL. But Fairfax reports the one-year deal he's negotiating
with the 'Tahs is worth less
than what he would have earned with the Parramatta Eels. It's believed the NRL's delays
in registering Folau's deal prompted his management
to open talks with the Waratahs.

The Ford versus Holden era
of V8 Supercars is over but the animosity
between the rival manufacturers remains as fierce as ever. Ford Performance Racing's
Will Davison won the final race of the season
at the Sydney 500 but FPR boss Tim Edwards remains
livid at champion Jamie Whincup and his Holden team-mate
Craig Lowndes, accusing the pair of race-fixing. Whincup deliberately sacrificed
his pit stop priority to help Lowndes secure the race win and second spot
in the championship. Edwards believes
it was a case of team orders and says Lowndes should have been

It wouldn't be the end of the season without a bit of controversy and fire. It was hot out there, wasn't

Next on Seven Early News - a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country.

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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country. A broad trough will bring showers
and storms over north-east New South Wales but also extend
into southern Queensland while a cooler southerly change
will push into Victoria and Tasmania bringing some isolated showers. A trough over Western Australia
will help bring a hot day with easterly winds. Around the capitals - Brisbane,
showers and storms. The chance
of morning showers for Sydney. Partly cloudy
in Canberra. A late shower or two
in Melbourne. 20 degrees in Hobart
with showers. Rain developing
in Adelaide. Sunny in

And thunderstorms
for Darwin.

It's a love story
65 years in the making. Bernard Zager and Jeanann Ross were
college sweethearts in the 1940s. They dated but eventually broke up
and married other people. Three years ago
the found each other again. It just proves that there
is love after 80. At age 86... at age 86 for me
and she's 84, we found new love
just like we had 65 years ago. The pair reconnected through
the website And that's Seven Early News
for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand by now for Sunrise. Supertext captions by
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