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Heat wave - firefighters on high alert with temperatures set to soar in Queensland. Man-hunt - police looking for clues after a terrifying abduction attempt in Melbourne. Energy boost - the PM's plan to save you money. Will it work? Final innings - can Ponting pull off a miracle in his last-ever test? Oscar buzz - Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe take us inside 'Les Miserables'. It is Mortgage Monday - are you our next $10,000 winner? Australia lights up - the best Christmas lights in the country. # I don't care about the parents # Underneath the Christmas tree # I think it is the best song that Mariah Carey recorded!I cannot argue with you.Karl is off on holidays.He is! How did that happen?!Someone signed a form somewhere. Georgie is filling in with the next eight weeks.We will have a lot of fun. Timmy McMillan. I'm waking up with Today today...YouAre waking up ON today! I think I am! I'm wiping the sleep out of my eyes.Timmy Gilbert is filling in on sport.I will be here for a couple of months.A couple of months?!A really heavy couple of months of sport. Good morning to you. It is Monday 3 December. Not many sleeps to go until that Christmas morning. But, meantime, let's see what the weather is doing today.

Let's kick off the show with some news. Good morning to you at home. Residents in Tasmania's north-east have been warned to be on alert this morning with a large out-of- control bushfire just over a kilometre from homes. The blaze jumped containment lines overnight and headed straight for the town of Musselroe Bay. At this stage, the fire danger is still classed as low to moderate. But authorities say blazes under these conditions are difficult to control. Crews are confident they will be able to gain control in the next few hour ts. Fire crews are on alert in Queensland today as the heat wave sent the mercury soaring into the 40s in some areas. Firefighters in Brisbane spent the night monitoring for flare Hopman Cups after a fierce blaze in -- flare-ups after a fierce blaze in the city's north.The grass is starting to dry out. It is not making our job easier. The blaze was brought under control late yesterday and is now safely burning within containment lines. Five people have been rushed to hospital after an afternoon soccer match exploded into violence in Sydney's west yesterday. Police say the brawl at Wilmot involved up to 30 people, including men and women aged in their late teens to early 20s. A chisel, knife, soccer corner post and spanner were used at weapons. The crime scene extending up to 2km. Five cars were impounded. Clothes was seized. One person is still under police guard in hospital. A 21-year-old Queensland man will appear in court this morning charged with the murder of a teenager during a massive brawl involving up to 150 people. The man's accused of ploughing his car into a group of people in Woodridge, in Brisbane's south, during Saturday night's street fight. 17- year-old Jordan Tukaki suffered life-threatening injuries, rushed to hospital and later died. The community now fears there will be revenge attacks. We have police talking to people in that street, and we also have police talking to a number of community members as well. Jordan's family say their boy was a vibrant young man, looking forward to celebrating his birthday later this month. A man-hunt is underway in Melbourne for a man who tried to abduction a 10-year-old girl only to be thwarted when she climbed over the backseat of the car and fled out a passenger door. The girl was pulled into the station wagon in Pakenham last Friday on her way to school. The parents say they are devastated by what happened. Absolutely horrific. You know, don't know what the intentions were, but doesn't matter what - twha he has tried to do, -- what he has tried to do, like I side, it is not human.Police believe the man may have struck before. An Australian chef has been killed after the car he was in collided with an out-of-control truck in Southern Peru. Three other people, including his girlfriend, were also killed in the crash. The 26-year- old Gold Coast man had recently opened his own restaurant in Lima. The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is providing assistance to the man's family. Rescuers have recovered the bodies of five people and are still searching for two others confirmed missing following a deadly tunnel collapse in Japan. A 30m section of the busy highway near Tokyo caved in, crushing cars, and forcing dozens of people to flee for safety. Rescuers have spent the day in and out of this long Turnbull in what is clearly a tricky operation. First, a fire prevented them from gaining access, and fears of a further collapse forced them to stop their work several times. Inside, these are the difficulties they are facing - CCTV pictures show large sections of the concrete roof lying across the road. A stretch of the tunnel up to 100m long is said to have caved in. The three of those died were found inside one burnt-out car. It is understood the tunnel's ventilation system was not working, 345 access through the smoke that much harder. Those who escaped had remarkable accounts of how they accelerated away as they saw the roof come down in their rear-view mirror. At the moment, the cause is not clear. There are suggestions that a landslide on these hills might have triggered it. Rescuers and investigators will be using their knowledge and equipment from earthquakes to help them, and once the recovery is done, they will need to fix what is clearly a vital part of Japan's road network. Looking at this, that could take u some considerable time. They were dumped as leaders of their respects parties but now it appears they are the two Australians want to vote for the most. A Galaxy poll has Kevin Rudd at the top with 27%, and Malcolm Turnbull comes in at second, with 23%. Meantime, the Prime Minister is lagging behind with 18% and Tony Abbott is in last place, with just 17%. A new report to be released today says Australian families could be $100 a year better off if tough new standards relating to the electricity industry are introduced. The findings by the graten to Institute shows customers could be big winners if a handful of changes are made to how lektristkwrit distribution businesses invest in poles and wires. The report also urges state and territory leaders to go further than the current power reforms, which will be introduced when they meet in Canberra this week. Economists say the Reserve Bank is likely to deliver some early Christmas cheer tomorrow when it meets to decide on interest rates. The RBA is tipped to slash rates in an attempt to boost consumer confidence ahead of the all- important festive spending period. Money markets expect rates to be cut by 25 basis points to 3%, lows not seen since the global financial crisis. Tomorrow's meeting is the last until February, with the RBA on a 2-month Christmas break. Sea World has come under fire in the United States, after a young girl was attacked by a dolphin while at the park's popular feeding attraction. The traumatic incident left the 8-year-old with bite wounds to her arm, and it was captured on camera. Gillian Thomas, 8 year-old, says dolphins are favourite animals. Imagine her horror when this happened during a recent trip to Sea World. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gillian, innocently feeding the dolphins at the theme park's pop lor Dolphin Cove, was in the middle of the second visit of the day. That is when she made a crucial mistake - raising the small plate of dolphin food in the air, out of excitement. The park warns people not to do that. The dolphin, apparently eager for that bait, chomps down on Gillian's arm instead, nearly dragging her into the water. Her souvenir - a set of teeth marks the size of dimes. Her parents are furious, claiming Sea World's employees trivialised the attack. In a statement, Sea World officials said, "Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees and animals. Educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when it happened and immediately connected with the family." This is not the first time a child has been bitten by dolphins at Sea World. Similar incidents happened twice back in 2006. Still, the park has not yet said whether it will make any changes to this attraction. Looking at the markets now:

Kim Kardashian has sparked violence in the Middle East with Islamic protesters rallying against her visit to Bahrain. Police fired teargas to disperse the crowd as the controversial reality star launched her new Milkshake shop in Kuwait. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian draws a crowd almost everywhere she turns up - the Middle East, no exception. Almost riotous outpouring of affection as she promoted her shop in Kuwait.Thank you so much for having me!But it is not just fans reacting to Kardashian in the Middle East. Saturday, riot police in Bahrain fired teargas to disperse more than 50 hardline Islamic protesters denouncing her presence. If Kardashian was aware of the protests it was not evident in Tweets

protests it was not evident in
Tweets like these: Bahrain's Foreign Minister retweeted, "Thank you". No word if Middle Eastern turmoil was part of Kardashian's tweeted meeting with US ambassador to Kuwait. But the reality starsp - here she is loving Kuwaiti designers, posing in front of a camel she Tweets, "Such a fun day in Bahrain." But the hardline Islamic protests and the monarchy's teargas response drew plenty of reTweets mocking Kardashian.

Well, Kim Kardashian's own Tweets may say she loves it here, and despite the adoring crowds, clearly not everyone loves her! Let's have a look at the national fly around this morning. That's right, do you know what? We have got that! We will do that!You were mesmerised by Kim Kardashian. I could see that!A milkshake shop in Bahrain!OMG!Do you think she misunderstood the "shake" part of it. Do you think it is the controversy? What was that dress?! Well, she had the shoulders covered, Lisa. Respectful.Prettiest place on earth? Will she say that after the teargas?See you soon. We will give you that national fly around this morning.

It was a big weekend in sport and Tim Gilbert is here with all the details. It is about fairytales. David Beckham got one as he finished up for the LA Galaxy. Will Ricky Ponting get one in Perth? The Aussies will need a miracle in the third test against South Africa, trailing by 592 runs. We will tell you all about it. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. If your Christmas wish is to have a whole heap of cash, we have exactly that coming up shortly on the show. Right now, it is time to have a look at the front pages around the country. In the 'Daily Telegraph', asylum seekers in nearby have labelled Julia Gillard a hero, after learning they will receive welfare payments and rent assistance should they make it to Australia by boat. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports the world is on track to see an unrecognisable planet that is between 4 and 6 degrees hotter by the end of the entry, according to new data on greenhouse gasess.In the Australian groups have -- environment groups have formed a group to cut red tape.The Gillard Government has asked for public servants to search for fresh spending cuts in the lead-up to Christmas for a surplus.TheThe 'Courier Mail' says the political fix for Queensland's power price pain has hit a stalemate on the eve of the heat wave, set to test the electricity grid.In the 'West Australian', Opposition Leader mrk McGowan will consider installing electricity smart metres in every home and revamp power pricing in a bid to woo voters.The 'Northern Territory News' reports Port Bradshaw locals regularly gave food to a crocodile, which is believed to have taken a 9-year-old boy while he was swimming.The 'Adelaide Advertiser' - toll roads are needed in SA to help fund transport projects vital to economic growth, according to the peak freight transport advisory group.Hobart mercury - Hobart's water fronts came alive yesterday when young and old rolled up to take on F1 ace Mark Webber in a fun run.He is having a great time there at the moment, isn't he?It is a massive day for the Australians, Lisa and Georgie. It will take a record-breaking effort to send Ricky Ponting Ricky Ponting out a winner in the third and final test match against South Africa. They trail the proteas by a massive 592 runs, after centuries from Amla and de Villiers. It is is the fourth highest innings total for Australia to chase in test history. Mitchell Starc finished 6 for 154. Mitchell Johnson took the other wickets to have South Africa all out for 569. Despite the mammoth task, the coach, Mickey Arthur, is remaining upbeat.We have to believe that we can do it. Ricky will get the innings, and it will be fantastic.Ed Cowan remained unbeaten on 40 runs. Now, former Socceroos boss Frank Farina has begun his rejuvenated A-League coaching career with a scoreless draw against the Melbourne Heart in Sydney with an absolute shocker in front of goal handing the Phoenix a 1-0 win over Western Sydney. Wellington's 'Cake Tin' serving up a gusty encounter as Jeremy Brockie netted his sixth goal in five matches. COMMENTATOR: Oh, misjudges it! We talk about the wind! If we could give a goal to the wind, there is one for Jeremy Brockie! His rich vain of goal-scoring form continues. No such such luck at Allianz Stadium. There was a four-match losing strike for the Sky Blues. Will Davison has polyed the party in Sydney, ensuring Holden didn't grab the bragging rates. Will Davison took out the Sydney 500 ahead of Craig Lowndes. The Holden driver's second placing enough to seal a 1-2 in the Championship Series. Mark Winterbottom had to settle for third overall after an incident on the opening lap saw him finish ninth. Jamie Whincup was fifth as he officially claimed his fourth V8 Supercar title.I'm rolling in, feeling like in the heat of the battle, having fun out there. Hopefully that continues for a long time. Big thank you to everyone at the time, I cannot thank them enough and everyone at Vodafone. End of an an era.The race ended a 2-decade rivalry between Holden and Ford with a whole new series involving Nissan and Mercedes starting next year. All eyes are on the playing future of David Beckham. Will he come to Australia after the English soccer star completed a fairytale ending at the LA Galaxy. Becks and his team-mates came from behind to defeat Houston 3-1 in the Major League final. Be where does he go next?I'm going to continue to play, and get rest over Christmas, decide where I will go, what I will do. Just have some downtime right now. A trip Down Under continues to look unlikely but the former English captain has not ruled out anything just yet. He has hinted of a possible return to the European Champions League, following successful stints at Milan and Real Madrid. I don't think he will need social security. But it would be great for David to come here.Oh, absolutely! I would have thought that the kids were the right age too, do some surfing, just enjoy it for four or five months.Yeah, he was on $50 million in LA Galaxy. Where do you get these ones from? Posh would love it! Come on down! Let's check in on the weather for the major centres. .

Alright, after the break, a hit of Hollywood gossip. Richard Reid, good morning to you. What is going on?Good morning! Double trouble! OK, I'm tellin' you right now - Lindsay Lohan, she's gotta a conspiracy theory! That's right, she's blamin' everyone but herself for that New York bar brawl! I'll tell ya what her latest theory is. Comin' up! This program is not captioned. It makes sense that when businesses
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. It is time to get a hit of gossip. Yes, it is, indeed. Well spotted. Here is Richard Reid in Tinseltown with an early morning hit for us. Lindsay Lohan has come up with a novel excuse for the bar room brawl!Of course "I was set up, a conspiracy theory. The woman I got in the fight with, she was trying to rob me." Apparently the woman, Tiffany Mitchell, was a psychic from Florida. She should have seen trouble coming! Apparently Lindsay Lohan called her a gypsy and was out to steal money from her from her purse! About $10,000! First off, why do you go into a bar with $10,000 in your purse. Suspicious to me! Lindsay has hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the woman so when she sees her in court she will say, "A ha! I knew it! The real culprit is exposed."Oh, she is a trouble magnet. Only in America! Mike Tyson has talked about the time that he met Brad Pitt.Yeah! When Brad Pitt was in bed with his wife! This is a shocker! Mike Tyson has written a book, mike Tyson was separated from his wife, Robin Givens time. He showed up at the time, and in bed with his wife was Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt had terror in his eyes. He said, "Sorry, dude." Brad'sifies could have looked like Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend!John Travolta has revealed the secret of his superpowers?Yeah. Well, of course, it has to do with Scientology! Apparently, John Travolta has secret Scientology healing powers, he was in Shanghai, a man had a broken foot. He was in a car accident. John did a little hands- on assist. Moments later, the crowd went, "Oh!" the man was healed! Goodness me! Very good indeed. We are talking to John Travolta on the show.Ask him to heal you! (LAUGHTER)20-seconds story to see us out. Who is going into business with Gordon Ramsey. Holy bangers and mash!Of course, it is David Beckham! David has hinted and that he and his good pal will open a restaurant in either London or LA. Obviously, David likes to be around very bossy people! That is what he could do after LA Galaxy, flippin' burgers! Right! There we go, ladies. Comprehensive, Dicky. Thank you. Coming up this hour on Today, extreme weather fires threaten homes in Brisbane and around Tasmania, as summer sets in.Hugh Jackman in the role of his career. We hear from the Aussie superstar on the making of 'Les Miserables' very soon. The word is that it is fabulous. From all accounts, it is a pearlerer. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Now the news. Good morning. One man has been arrested and another person remains under police guard in hospital, after a violent brawl rupted at a soccer game in Sydney's west yesterday. It is believed up to 30 people, some just teenagers, were involved in the fight. Police seized a number of weapons, including a chisel, a soccer corner post and a knife, after establishing a 2km crime scene. Officers also impounded five cars. Five people were treated in hospital for their injuries. Residents across parts of Queensland are bracing for scorching temperatures over the next few days. The mercury is expected to soar into the 40s in some parts, and could rise further tomorrow. Yesterday, fire crews and residents battled a large blaze at Beachmere in the city's north. Dozens of homes came under threat when the flames came dangerously close.There were tyres on fire, it was bad. Real bad.Very scary. Very disappointing, but, yeah, not much we can do. Just wait and the firies are doing a good job.Authorities brought the blaze under control late yesterday and have spent the night at the scene monitoring for spotfires. Fire authorities in Tasmania have worked through the night battling an out-of-control bushfire burning a kilometre from homes. Some residents were forced to evacuate at the massive blaze jumped containment lines near the town of Musselroe Bay, in the state's north-east. Most have returned, and the Tasmanian Fire Service has warned them to be on alert with the community still at risk. Public servants have reportedly been forced to search for fresh spending cuts in the lead-up to Christmas in a new attempt by the Gillard Government to achieve a budget surplus. Fairfax said that departmental officers, normally winding down after the midyear update, have instead been asked to identify savings. The minerals resources rent tax collected nothing in revenue during the September quarter. The search will get underway in the NT today for a 9-year-old boy snatched by a crocodile on Saturday. The child was swimming with family members at a remote water hole 80km south of Nhulunbuy when he was attacked by a croc.At this time, the suspected crocodile, and the missing child, have not been seen. It is believed the animal responsible was known to locals who had been reportedly feeding it for some time. Productivity in the mining sector is at its lowest level in 25 years, according to one of the nation's leading economic forecasts. BIS Shrapnel has labelled the industry an is absolute disaster in its latest annual mining report. It found the work rate for the sector has dropped 60% from its peak more than a decade ago. The world could be up to 6 degrees hotter by the end of the century, according to the latest data on greenhouse gas emissions. NASA climatologists say natural changes coupled with human emissions are causing climate change 20 times faster and could make the planet unrecognisable in 90 years. It is hoped the fresh data will spur the United Nations to take stronger action to hold global temperatures to rise to 2 degrees. To finance, in the US:

Tim Gilbert now with sport. Plenty about. The Australian coach Mickey Arthur said the WACA wicket is only getting better and will it get better over the next two days of the third test in Perth, courtesy of centurys from de Villiers and Amla, the hosts are chasing a massive target of 632 but believe they can bat out the match.We get through the new ball, you know, we can just bat. And, again, the approach you take is batting session for session. You cannot get ahead of yourself, a couple of big partnerships, you never know what might happen. Australia still trails by 592 runs heading into day 4. Every ball live here on Nine. Norwich has claimed fourth straight win at home this year hanging on to defeat Sunderland 2-1 in the English Premier League. Norwich climbed into the 12th position on the ladder. Sundland balances one point above the relegation zone. St Kilda has been treated to a special tour of the training facilitates of NFL side the Denver Broncos with both teams in awe of each other. Some of the sizes of these guys - they are big boys.I could not do all that running!I run 10 yards at a time. I just - I run into people and move people, that is my big job. That is an adjustment for me.The Saints are in Colorado as part of a 16-day high-altitude camp. It is absolutely extraordinary. Even the college teams, as we know, are likely little cities - the enormous amount of playing staff, coaching staff, auxiliary staff. It is an eye-opener for the St Kilda boys. Yeah, they take it very seriously. Massive money. Coming up on Today, we could be calling you with $10,000 in Mortgage Monday.Also, is this the best parallel park of all time?! Pretty impressive. More for you in Most Clicked.That one rivals you, Lisa! Julie good win gets the festive season underway, cooking a yummy, scrumptious Christmas pudding. Good morning to you. What a lot of weather there was across the weekend. Big storms in Ballarat, in Victoria, here in Sydney we had some very hot conditions, and, of course, we are expecting a mini- heat wave in Brisbane today, with some areas pushing up close to 40 degrees. More details throughout the morning. Let's get right into the maps now and see what is happening in the main centres around this beautiful country of ours.

In I c

Now, it has been a very warm weekend for Sydneysiders across the weekend. Very difficult to get to sleep, with night-time temperatures around about 8 degrees above average in many areas. It has cooled down a little this morning. A little bit drizzly. It is a strange morning here on Sydney Harbour. It is like a mill pond. Still, and a lot of low cover. As the Irish would say, "It is very close weather." Muggy. Good morning to the Irish viewers tuning in today.Top of the morning!Top of the morning.It is eery this morning.It is very eery. This will make it better! See you soon, Stevie. Hollywood comedians John C Riley and Sarah Silverman are joining us in the studio. And fire crews in two states on high alert. You are watching Today, we are back after this. This program is not captioned. So, have you checked to see if there's better value cover
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This program is not captioned. Very good morning to you Sydney. Isolated showers today, a top of 25 degrees. Right now, it is sitting on 18. Well, summer has well and truly arrived, with firefighters working through the night to control a large bushfire threatening homes in north-east Tasmania. Residents in Musselroe Bay are being warned to be on high alert, after the blaze jumped containment lines, and headed straight for the town. Currently, the fire danger is still classed as low-to-moderate, but authorities say blazes under these conditions are difficult to control. Crews are confident they'll be able to gain control in the next few hours. Meantime, Queensland is on high alert today with a heat wave set to hit the south-east. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us now. Alison, crews are still on the scene of a blaze there at Beachmere. What is the situation right now?Well, Lisa, it is very smokey here this morning. As you can probably see - and there is a fair bit of grass land burnt behind me. Now, we are at Beachmere, as you said, which is about an hour north of Brisbane city, close to Bribie Island. This fire really kick started yesterday afternoon, about 2:30. It came perilously close to people's homes. We saw residents standing on top of roofs, using fire hoses and garden hoses over the back of the fence, trying to keep the flames at bay. It was a frightening afternoon for them. Fire crews have been on scene trying to back-burn and strengthen the containment lines. Now the fire is burning within containment lines. What crews are worried about are the hot conditions, which are predicted for several days still to come. Yeah, tell us about that. The temperature is set to soar over the next couple of days. Exactly how hot will it get?Well, Lisa, yesterday was our fifth straight day over 30 degrees. Today is going to be another one - 33 degrees, but tomorrow is the real scorcher that everyone's concerned about. 39 degrees is the expected top in Brisbane. It may get to 41 in Ipswich. Certainly, that will be temperatures that we have not seen for about a decade. So the fire danger is high, and people are being urged to obviously take all the precautions that we were speaking about in NSW and Victoria last week, keeping an eye on the elderly, staying cool, styeing hydrated. It sure will be a test on our power grid.It will be. Alison Ariotti, thank you. Well, it is safe to say that our next guest loves a challenge. Nick Gleeson has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as trekked past Base Camp on Mount Everest, competed in three New York marathons and represented Australia at the Paralympics, all of this despite being blind. Nick Gleeson joins us for International Day for People with Disability. And you have your companion of three years. Welcome, Nick. Lovely to see you. Let's talk about your childhood. You actually became blind after an accident at the age of 7, I think. Tell us what happened.That's right. I originally am from broad meadows in Melbourne. I'm the youngest of seven children. There was one particular afternoon I was in a supermarket with my mother, 7.5 years of age. As we left, I went to go through the automatic swinging doors. It struck me on the side of the head. There was some blood. They cleaned it up. We went home, thought nothing of it. A few days later, on a Sunday afternoon, my sight just went in a few minutes. Completely.Totally blind.Explain how that felt, and how you got around that.As a child, I don't think - well, I didn't realise the consequence of that happening. However, I think my parents were obviously very devastated by what happened. I was very fortunate, my parents took the attitude of encourage meeting to do things rather than them becoming protective of me. It allowed me the opportunity to move forward. Basically, I acted as if I didn't have a disability.It has clearly resonated, given the achievements as we listed there in the introduction. Your wife is blind. That's right. Heather has been blind from a similar age, of about 8. She lost all of her sight due to a congenital glaucoma that she had had since birth.You certainly have not let it get in the way. You have brought up two children.We have two wonderful children, Belinda and Peter. They both can see. I suppose we're just like any other family. We have our ups and downs. We have our - you know, discussions and both our children's bedrooms are untidy as any other two children! So, yeah, we are ordinary people. Hopefully, doing special things.We are having a look at the vision of your great achievements. Talk us through Kilimanjaro, and Everest. I mean - extraordinary facilitates to take on foom -- extraordinary feats to take on!When I could see, I remember having visual images of Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to know what it felt to be on a mountain and to feel high altitude and how it felt, and to see what that challenge was like. I really enjoyed that. And the people that I was with, on both those expeditions, were wonderful. The communication between people with a disability and sight, and how they can achieve things together, and both people with sight and disability gaining from that experience.Absolutely. So tell us about the Don't Dis My Ability campaign. I know it is an issue very close to your heart.It is. I'm one of the ambassadors. It is my opportunity, I suppose, to encourage people, one of our key messages is that if you have an input into employment, because unemployment can be - have a huge effect on people's lives. If if you can consider employing someone with a disability, it can really enhance their lives, and your organisation, as well as any organisation involved with recreation. So look at what you are doing and is it welcoming and encouraging people with disability to join in? If you are a member of the community at home today, look at what you know about disability, and see how you can make a difference to other people's lives. It is a two-way street here, it can be mutually beneficial to both. I encourage people, all of you out there, to take the opportunity to create them, take them. Also, surround yourself with great people. That is how success is really gained. Most important of all - enjoy life! Absolutely. You are inspiring individual, Nick. Thank you so much for coming in and sharing it with us.My pleasure.Enjoy today. It is a special one.Thank you. Such a great message. Well, Most Clicked is next, including the Victoria's Secret angels who have become Beliebers! This program is not captioned. Introducing the ultimate Bat Light
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Great to have your company this Monday morning. I think we should do Most Clicked, what do you think, gang?Thumbs up! Is this the best parallel park ever?! Take a look.

Oh, oh! Gee, that is pretty good! It rivals our Wilkinson.Oh, gee, excellent.

What language is that that he is parking?It is a universal language!Wouldn't that come in handy in the car park Christmas shopping at the moment.Look how close that is! Number two - this cat may have a new career as a DJ!


Pretty cool cat, hey?! Whoa oh! Don't you miss vinyl!

Number three - these firefights needed help bringing down a tree so they brought in a secret weapon!

(THEME TUNE TO 'SUPERMAN' PLAYS). Number four - for all the blokes hanging on to your Movember mos, here is how to shave them off. Some guys go straight for the razor. That is horse cat. You have to be gentle. Start with scissor, slowly cut away a few hairs here and there, speaking reassuringly. Once your cookie duster accept what is is happening, it is done. Resist the temptation to indulge in the moustache. Now is the time to officially say goodbye to your bookinger bro. Gather the shorn hairs together. Give your dearly departed dirt squirrel a funeral. Send him to the Nordic gods of facial hair! A bookinger broom?! -- a booinger broom? A cookie duster.You disappointed a lot of Australians when you took your tache off. I know it was for a great cause.President Barack Obama's dog Bo had an important duty to inspect the White House decorations. Take a look.


We will end on a high! We end on a high. We are now going to show you behind-the-scenes of the Victoria's Secret runway show, the models, including our very own Miranda Kerr, singing along with Justin Bieber. # Show you off! # Tonight I wanna show you off! # Hey, hey, hey # What you got # A billion years # News is This program is not captioned. WOMAN: Yoo-hoo! Hey! Hey-hey-hey-hey!

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This program is not captioned. BALL: Uh-oh.
BALL 2: Oh, no. All yours. Just roll with it.
Oh! Aah! VOICEOVER: Oz Lotto's $13 million
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truckload of cash this Tuesday? I'm dizzy.

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Welcome back. Coming up - it is, of course, Mortgage Monday. We have $10,000 to give away, thanks to Westpac.How good is that! Pretty good. First, we have to get news. Good morning to you at home. Police have seized a chisel, a spanner and a knife believed to be used as weapons in a nasty brawl in Sydney's west yesterday. Up to 30 people, including men and women, some just teenagers, were involved in the violent clash at a soccer game in Wilmot around 5:00. Police arrested one man and set up a 2km crime scene around the area. Five people were taken to hospital, one of those remains under police guard. The family of a Queensland boy who was killed during an out-of-control fight say he was an outgoing and vibrant young man looking forward to his birthday in three weeks. 1 7jaerld Jordan Tukaki was involved in Saturday night's fight involving up to 150 people. A 21-year-old man allegedly ploughed a car into the group, fatally injuring Jordan. He has been charged with his murder. Forecasts are warning of temperatures well into the 40s across swathes of Queensland. Mount Isa is bracing for 43 degrees. Winton will hit 44. Meantime, fire crews have spent the night monitoring spotfires at Beachmere in Brisbane's north. Authorities and residents battled the large grassfire that threatened a number of homes. The blaze was brought under control late yesterday. Parents of a young girl snatched by a man in Melbourne have praised her bravery after she managed to flee her abductor. The 10-year-old was pushed into a station wagon while on her way to school in Pakenham last Friday. She climbed over the back seat and fled out a passenger door. Her parents say they are in shock of the incident.You hear of the things happening, but you don't think that it could happen to you. Police believe this may not be the first time the offender has attempted to abduct a child. A secret coded letter sent by a French improper Napoleon has sold at $230,000, ten times its estimated price. The letter was bought by a French museum, which considered the purchase a bargain. Another letter in its Napoleon collection set it back a whapg half a million dollars. It is the high tech revolution that has changed the way we community. The hubble text message has reached a new milestone. Today mark 20 years since the first SMS was sent with the British engineer sending just two words "merry Christmas" to his phone from a computer. Last year more than 3 trillion text messages were sent around the world, proving we just cannot get enough of talking with our thumbs. To finance:

To finance:
The stubborn owners of the infamous nail house in eastern China have finally decided to vacate their five-storey home after a motorway was built around. The 67-year-old farmer had refused to sell the property four years ago because he was not offered enough compensation. After receiving more money and new land in the deal, demolishers moved in to destroy the house. To Tim Gilbert with sport. It might be a Chinese of 'The Castle' coming up! It will be a ripping day of test cricket today. Australia is chasing the second highest fourth innings total when play resumes in the third test in Perth. Ed Cowan and Davey Warner at unbeaten at the crease, trailing by 592 runs with all our wickets in hand. Earlier, centurys from Amla and de Villiers saw South Africa post a lead of 632. Of course, all the action here on Nine. Coverage from 1pm. Frank Farina says he is talking - or taking, rather, plenty of positives from Sydney FC's 0-0 draw. It was Frank Farina's first game at the helm. A blunder in front of goal saw Wellington climb into fifth position with a 1-0 win over Western Sydney. A two-decade holden/Ford rivalry is over as Will Davison took out the season-ending Sydney 500, and Craig Lowndes was runner-up. Jamie Whincup was officially crowned with his fourth V8 Supercar title. Well done to him. Now for some Today show T signs. This is from Sonia McCarthy. The chooks wake up with Today! Oh, gee! Right.Goodness gracious! Stevie, Olivia and Leila from the Gold Coast made us this T shine. Good on you girls! And thank you to Aniella at Machu Picchu in July this year.Great trip! Coming up on Today, in five minutes, the stars of 'Les Miserables'. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway.One Direction are branching out. Richard Reid reveals what is next for the boy band.And a little later, Today reporter Mike Dalton reveals the new app that helps you track down the closest meat pie. Like you need an app for that! Right now it is time for your best local forecast. Good morning, everyone. The warm weather across the weekend in Sydney has eased to start the working week. A little bit of drizzle about today, very grey day here on Sydney Harbour. All the weather will be focused in Queensland today - very hot temperatures expected. A mini-heat wave for Brisbane over the next five days. We will see 39 degrees and forecasters saying we might see the hottest day in Brisbane since 2001. That is where we start the national

national fly-around this morning. Queensland - warm temperatures.

Quite a strange morning here on Sydney Harbour this morning. We had some very warm weather across the weekend in Sydney, with night-time temperatures especially staying around 8 degrees hotter. It is very hard to get to sleep across the weekend. This morning, as you can see, it is just grey and drizzly. But it is good to find some relief from

But it is good to find some relief
from this weekend heat. Crazy weather! Let's get some entertainment. Thank you very much. Look, the man behind 'The King's Speech' Tom Hooper should get ready for another Oscar. I spoke to the stars of his latest movie, a little thing called 'Les Miserables'. # Who will be strong and stand with me # Somewhere beyond the barricades # Is there This program is not captioned.

Good morning again. Well, today we shine the spotlight on the film that everyone is talking about for all the right reasons. It is the big screen adaptation of one of the most loved musicals ever. Oscar- winner director Tom Hooper has done an awesome job. I spoke to Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway. The stars of 'Les Miserables'.MOVIE REEL: My soul belongs to God!It was a much sought-after role bringing Jean Valjean to life, and no-one more perfect for the part than our very own Hugh Jackman. # Who am I #? When this came up, it was better than I could have imagined as an opportunity. I love the musical. So I met with him and I said, "Mate, I want to audition with you." He said, "I haven't signed on." I said, "I don't care."# Who am I? ## Stole a loaf of bread # My sister's child was close to death #.It was by a far the most challenging thing I've done and by far the most rewarding. Every day it was like an opening night and closing night in the theatre all at once. Emotionally, it was asking me to go places as an actor I rarely get the opportunity to go. # Nothing remiss but the crime I hate # # Look down # We always will be a slave #One of the biggest challenges - transforming himself into a man who spent 19 years in jail.I went on a water diet, restriction diet, I didn't have diet for 30 hours for the first day of feeling, to sink in my cheeks. I first came home, Deb kind of did a double-take. My kids were like, "Who is this guy with the shaved head?" All of us just did not want to leave anything on the table. When I look at the film, I think there is nothing else I could have done.# My name is Jean Valjean # I'm Jean Valjean #The reentless Inspector Javier played by Russell Crowe.Hugh Jackman's performance in this movie is nothing short of spectacular. He is about to be seen by people in a very different light. His skill set is quite frankly amazing. Anne Hathaway in this film - she tore me apart. I was shredded. # Come with me then # # Remove me from this hell I'm living # No different now # From what it was #A number of years ago, it became apparent to me that I would probably need to choose if I would have a career in the theatre or film. Film was going so well, so I thought, well, I will ride this one as long as it lasts. I never wanted to lose my connection to musicals and to theatre. So I've been studying voice for the past 10 years. So, it was kind of amazing when this opportunity came up. I hadn't been preparing for it consciously. But all of a sudden, all my training I was able to use. One of the truly unique things about this production was director Tom Hooper's insistence that the vocals were recorded live on set. Tom Hooper started to think - you know, I go to a concert, and the performer touches my heart, I watch a filmed musical and I don't get that. So why not? So his solution was obviously to sing every tape live. It is a very easy thing to say. But it is a much harder thing to do. I think it is a much harder thing to wrap your mind around. Once we'd started to do it and we realised that in truth it doesn't shut down what is available, it opens more things up.With award season just around the corner, Hugh Jackman is emerging as an early favourite to take out the Oscar for Best Actor.It is a long road between here and there. But that performance is deserve of an academy Award nomination.I feel very lucky, the opportunities I've had. But this certainly feels another level. It is one of those rules I think Jean Valjean, lay miz miz which demanded everything on me, acting wise - I'm pinching myself a bit. # Do you hear the people sing # Say, can you hear the distant drums? # When tomorrow comes # I have to tell you - not only are those three spectacular in the film. So are the rest of the cast. Amanda Seyfried, Sasha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter and Eddie Redmayne. 'Les Miserables' hits cinemas on box daying. It is not -- cinemas on Boxing Day. That is not Oscar buzz you are hearing - it is Oscar roar! I think Hugh Jackman for Best Actor and Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting. It is my favourite at this stage for Best Picture. It is an extraordinary film.The Oscars love actors who have suffered for their art, don't they?It ticks all the boxes.It does.I love Hugh's humility, saying he pinches himself still. Great guy.He has a lot more pinching to do! Alright, coming up, can Ricky Ponting pull off a miracle in his final test? Richie Benaud joins us. The search for the best Christmas lights in Australia, how you can win thousands in prizes. And get your dancing shoes on for our song of the day. Michael Jackson's 'Black or White'. # I believe in miracles # # Thinking about my baby # I don't matter if you're black or white #

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We will be making a $10,000 phone call a little bit later in the show. Right now, though, here is Ross. Good morning to you all. You know I sometimes tell you that Australians are becoming more conservative? I will try to prove this to you by showing the soaring savings rate. More people are using debit cards and fewer credit cards. But there is something else. It is this - marriage right now in Australia is booming. Last year, there were 121,752 marriages registered in Australia. It was a record. Now, is this part of the new conservative Australia? You can see the trend here. Gone up. Starting in 2001. It picked up since the global financial crisis. Do married couples feel more secure than singles? For a long time, it was prematureed that people waited longer, particularly women, to get married. That is levelling out. The average age for a man is 29, and for a woman, 26.5 - that is rising. This suggests that business is getting its act together, allowing women to continue careers after marriage and children. Women are not delaying marriage for the sake of careers. Then there is divorce. While there are more marriages, a trend for divorce seems certainly to be down. Through the gliefs, there was a spike in the -- global financial crisis, there was a spike in the divorce rate, pressure inside marriage as a result of finances. The 7-year itch is alive and well. The separation is 8..7 years, it takes a couple more years to settle the divorce. What do you reckon, Georgie, Lisa?I got married in an absolute bust time! You were against the trend!Totally. I will make a small observation. The mothers shacking up all the years ago would like their daughters to get married. That is one other thing I suspect.Shacking up - charming term, Ross!That is what they did - that is what they did in your time.Thank you, Ross! (LAUGHTER)We are looking for the best Christmas lights in Australia. That's right, Georgie! What we want you to do is send us a video of your home all lit up, and you could be in the running for a $5,000 gift voucher from David Jones. You can enter by emailing us. We will be showing the best entries every day. So be bright and bold. Show us your Christmas spirit. If you are going to be out and about, I love doing this with the kids - taking them out to streets where there are lots of houses lit up. If you see a great one, tell the owners to enter the competition! We would love as many as possible to show on the show. Time for a hit of gossip. Christmas is approaching, dicky. It is! I'm doing the months. I think I significantly contribute to all the grapes of wrath there! Let's go to Hollywood! Richard Reid joins us in Tinseltown. Richard, Miley Cyrus - is she hot property or what? Enough work on for two and a half of her?!Well, yeah! Hello! Miley Cyrus could be headed back to TV in a very full time - not two and a half way. OK, we know last week Angus T Jones, the boy of 'Two and a Half Men', called the show filth and encouraged people not to watch it. He has apologised. But now executives at CBS, here in America, are like, "Hmmm, when Miley Cyrus was on the show, as a guest star, ratings went through the roof." Perhaps she'd like to come back full-time as we maybe shove a little other someone who seems ungrateful out the door! So don't be surprised if it is 'Two and a Half Men' and a very little lady! Gee, they are messing with the whole set up there! Interesting, Richard. Now, Hugh Hefner. Is he said to walk down -- set to walk down the aisle again? Huh?!OK, yes he is! Remember, last June, he was engaged to Crystal Harris. Three days before the marriage, she bolted out the door, "What am I doing - I'm marrying my grandfather! No way." She has seen better. They have planned a wedding at the 'Playboy' mansion on New Year's Eve! That's romance! Hopefully, you know, Uncle Hughy will be able to stay up until midnight - you know, something! You know what? It is an odd couple. She is 26, he is 80-something so there you go!Dearie me! It will be filmed for a TV special, I bet cha! We have been talking - those One Direction boys - smelling good at the moment. What is their secret? Well, I know it is money. I know that has something to do it with. You can smell good when you are rich. But, yes, the One Direction perfume is on the way! You know what? It is going to come out next fall. So we still have about a year to come up with a good name. It is going to have musk and Pec chuly. What will it be called Puberty, Testosterone.Testosterone is not bad! I don't know, Richard! I think find out what the next album is called and it might

About 50 hundred militants came out saying "Porn star go home. We don't want you here". Kim said "Man, this milkshake tastes good" so unaware as usual, that is our Kim.We have to go. See you back before The end of the showFor the Kardashians that is more money in the bank an maybe next time she can buy a whole dress. I didn't get the dress. Thank you, Dickie.Heatwave. Firefighters on high alert with temperatures set to soar in Queensland. Manhunt - police looking for clues after a terrifying abduction attempt in Melbourne. Energy boost - the Prime Minister's plan to save you money. Will it work? Final inning - can Ricky Ponting pull off a miracle in his last ever test. Oscar buzz - Hugh an Russell take us inside Les Samba. Australia lights up, the search for the best Christmas lights in the country.

Fire crews are on alert with a number of bushfires threatening homes. In Tasmania a large blaze jump containment lines and was heading towards Musselroe Bay where some people have fled their homes. Firefighters worked through the night to try to control the blaze which was burning just over a kilometre from the town. Currently the tire danger is classed as high but crews hope are hope to gain control in if next few hours. Firefighters in Queensland have battled a blaze that was burning just north of Brisbane overnight.

just north of Brisbane overnight.
It was a close call yod with residents with hoses, leaning over the back of their fences a stressful situation. Overnight fire crew have been backburning an working on containment lines and the situation is OK. There is a bit of smoke around which is lifting as the sun comes up but residents are being warned to keep windows an doors shut if they are suffering from respiratory problems and firefighters will keep an eye on the area with conditions expected to really heat up again today.The news is not good because temperatures are set the soar today and tomorrowthat. Must be of huge concern to firefighters?It is. The fire danger is high the severe in different parts of Queensland and fire crews have been busy with a in of different fires across the state in recent days. From this area down around Brisbane to the Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

in Far North Queensland. If Charles and Camilla thought it was hot in Longreach 43 is the top expected there today. 44 in Winton so that in the West. State is a severe warning in place. Everyone is being warned ahead of what is going to be a very, very hot day tomorrow. Summer has arrived. An Australian chef from the dwol Gold Coast were killed in Perru. The 26-year-old man had opened his own restaurant in Lima. The depth says it is providing assistance to the man's family A manhunt is under way in Melbourne for a man who tied to be a duck at 10-year-old girl.

a duck at 10-year-old girl.Police say the are investigating an incident in Pakenham but this was a terrifying ordeal for this 10-year- old girl riding her scooter to school last Friday at 8.30 in Pakenham. She says she was approved by a man who coaxed her to the back of his orange or red station-wagon. Then he grabbed her, threw inside the car but this 10-year-old girl was a quick thinger and scrambled out the back seat out the passenger door then hid in a neighbour's garden before heading to school and alerting teachers to what happened. Understandably her parents are shocked and horrified by this incident. They say the girl is doing okay but she probably does not understand the severity of the situation. Let's listen to what they have had to say.Absolutely horrific, you know. Don't know what in the tensions were, but does not matter what he has tried to do, it is, you know, what I said, not human.Police say the are taking this very seriously and are pulling out all stops to catch the offender. As we have seen they have released a picture of the man they want the speak to. He is of olive complexion age $in his 20s, thin build and dark hair There are concern as serial sex offender is at work in Melbourne's east.This man has assaulted eight women since August an police fear he will strike again. The latest victim was a 27-year-old woman from Canterbury in each of these cases this man has attacked the women from behind and normally after they have got off public transport alone and are walking through the streets. This is the picture of the man they want the speak to. He of Asian, age $in his 0s, slim build and about 178 tall. Police urge anyone with information regarding inform either case to call Crime Stoppers.In Queensland a 21-year-old man will face court charged with the murder of a teenager after ploughing his car into a group of people. The instance don't occurred during a massive street fight involving 50 people on Saturday night. 17-year- old job Dan Tikaki was rushed to hospital but later died the community fears there will be revenge attacks.There are people, police talking to people in that street and police talking to a number of community members. Jordan's family say their boy was a vibrant young man looking forward to celebrating his birthday later this month Police in Sydney will continue their investigations into a massive brawl that broke out in the city's west yesterday. Have police made any arrests?One. Man has been released. He was not an agreesor but one of the victims, we know there were up to 30 people involved here at the brawl at Wilmot a major soccer come e petition. Men an women from their late teens to early 20s, so members of a group of Sudanese that came from outside this area for the competition but it is not clear if they were spectators or players. We know this a corner post, a knife, a spanner and hammer were used as weapons in the wild brawl and that five people were injured and remain in hospital being treated for injuries which are not life- threatening.As we know, soccer can evoke some fairly strong passion but what do we know about this brawl?Police are trying to put together what sparked it. The crime scene sparked 2 kilometres has night and they seized five cars as part of that investigation tfplgts five people in hospital, police will try to speak to them as soon as possible to try to clear up how and why this start. They say that there are a lot of people here for the competition, players, spectators an locals as well but at this stage very few have - witnesses have come forward and police say it is crucial that those who saw it come forward so that they can find out and hold those involved together in these ugly scenes yesterdayKevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull were both dumped as leaders but now it appears they are the two that Australians want to vote for the most. A poll asking who would make the best leader has Kevin Rudd at the top with 27% while Malcolm Turnbull comes in at second with 23%. Meantime t Prime Minister is lagging behind with 18% and Tony Abbott is in last place with just 17%. Economists say the Reserve Bank is likely to deliver some early Christmas cheer tomorrow when it meets to decide on interest rates. The Reserve Bank has tipped to slash rates in an attempt to boost consumer confidence ahead of the all-important festive spending period. Rates are expected to be cut by 25 basis points to 3%, lows not seen since the globe globe. Tomorrow's meeting is the last until February with the Reserve Bank on a two-month Christmas break weefpl will follow that with interest. The Prime Minister has promised to cut household power bills by up to $250 a year in an overhaul of the electricity sector. A lot of people sweating on some reduction. How should this work?. The Prime Minister has had a white paper with a lot of recommendations. She knows that this is one of the real key points that people are worried about the Government especially after the carbon tax so she has a four-point plan. The first thing is try to stop gold- plating of the note work, trying to build the system so that it cope was the hottest and the coldest days which is when energy use is higher so she will try to cut the over-investment in the poles and wires so she will try to encourage the companies to cuts back but she needs the cooperation of the states to dothat. There is a new group that will allow consumers to put more pressure on their electricity companies. We saw the one big switch campaign and what power individual consumers have. The Prime Minister has tried to pink on this as well. On top of this is going to be another $23 million which will be put into the Australian energy regulator. Again this is trying to monitor the system so that recovers try to get better savings out. The final part there will be rewards for companies to try to mitigate their power during the peak days. There are ways companies can do this - turning off lights in big warehouses, trying to run air- conditioning systems cooler in those times particularly in big freezing operation. The big question is whether we get smart metres and whether we have to pay for those and if we need them. If these puts are put to the people verys later this week she will get big opposition in New South Wales an QueenslandShe has relied on the support of the states but is it going to work?That is the point F the States do not cooperate the Prime Minister hits a brick wall but she has an argument saying she has found a solution to come up with these savings per year, it is the states now not me! So that is politicsSounds like an election. Australia has a lot of work to do today heading into day four of the third test in Perth. Who Bert the talk about it than a man who has seen it as a player, captain and from the commentary box, Richie Benaud as I welcome you. Can they do tonightThey can do it alright but it is a weird and wonderful thing. The three matches have been. 2 one with the first day washed out in Brisbane then the Adelaide thing that was absolutely magnificent where the South Africans fought back so well. Here over in Perth you would hardly believe it, if someone wrote the script you would laugh an work outMickey Arthur says they have to take it session by session. The wicket seems to be getting betterIt is always good pitch in Perth. The was a time when it was bouncy but it is a good pitch. It will deteriorate when the Australians go out there today it will not be quite as good as it was yesterday and we have seen the foot holes an things. There is a bit of wear on good-length spots and it will not be easyOne of the greatest cricketers is about the say goodbye to test cricket. Can they use that in their favour? I know you cannot get too emotive but can they use the Ricky Ponting thing as a benefit?Only if he makes runs. It is not as thing "This is your last Ricky, make a double 100". It is one of those things where we have seen people retire before, some great ones. I saw Neil Harvey and Allan Davidson go in one match so it is not easy but if Ricky can do it, it will be great. Ian Chappell wrote a marvellous piece about Ricky Ponting yesterday and everyone should read that.I readthat. It was outstanding. If we can get the crystal ball out t water will be hot, 35 - the weather. How to you think it will play out?. If it will be 35 degrees the pitch will deteriorate further and pitches do that day by day. The striking thing about this match is that there is so much time to go. The two batsmen who go out there this morning not out overnight with 40 on the board, have to get their nuts down and really fight hard.Finally, compelling stuff t whole series has been?Extraordinary. The match in Brisbane, the one in Adelaide and the one here now with so many runs, you are back into the timeless test time where the English men had to get on their boat way back in 1939 because of the start of the Second World War and you have seen things this year that they have been as remarkable as anything I have seen. I have a date with the couch this afternoon. Great the speak to you Richie. We keep being toll technology is making our lives easier but the big question is does it make our lives important tasty? Mike Dalton has discovered a tie um of of the digital age a smart phone app to help you find the closest pie shopI was waiting for the pus when Ben was the enter my life.

when Ben was the enter my life. Now your phone can tell you how far you are from the nearest quality pie. The medallist in the competition have been Googleed map thanks to Ben.Let's utilise GPS capability of the smart phone and it shows you where you are in relation to award- winning pies.Where are we going? 94 metres, 1 minute walkThis is owned by Anthony.Old school cherries, whichever. I work with you, you are the man.Steak pie! Good on Anthony.Next! We are here in Penrith Panther territory, where can I get myself a decent dog's pie?. The Bake House It is in the hands of this man, his wife and son!Biff go to the oven to serve the the customer, we have to go through all four of us have to agree with the quality of the pierbgs the tastes of itAfter examining the sample of pumpkin, gnocci, sour cream, staerbgs chili and cheese, I settleed on the 2009 winning steak and bacon, cheese. BeautifulMate t steak, bacon an cheese, magnificent! I'm feeling like a dessert pie, Ben. Can you assist? I know just the spot Traditional apple pie, one silver medal.Ron arrived from Germany in 1983, a time when pies were sadA lot of gravy, not a lot of meat. The taste was a bit on the bitter side, you know?Mate, that completely spoils the sensation for you.I did not really like it. It was strange. They like the meat pies, the Aussies?We doYou can't go wrong with that can you?You are just speaking words of wisdom every time you talk, RonThe marriage between man, technology and a top quality feed! It is now literally in your hands! I bet Karl is behind that app. No one love as meat pie more than him.One of the boast pies I had was at Lorne on the Great Ocean RoadThe weather now. Good morning, Steve.Downloading that pie app, that sounds fantastic. A few meat pies will be eaten at the WACA over the next few days. Weather information for the cricket but let's look at the main centres.

Five consecutive days below the November average of 26 here. Now headed into December temperatures warming up, 33 today. If the Aussies can bat through to tomorrow mid to high 30s, so not only will be up against it with the run case but the weather. Hot and dry.Most clicked is next. We think this is pretty much the best parallel park of all time! This program is not captioned. (MODEM NOISES)

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