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Japan tunnel collapse - safety concerns put - safety concerns put rescue efforts on hold. Egypt divided - counter protests as the constitution controversy grows. Violence greets Mexico's new president. Victorian Government gambled - depend it - depend it has saved punters more than $60 million. -- the ban that has.

Welcome to the program. Later, all of the sports news, including: Piling on the runs - South Africa's setting Australia A huge victory target in the third Test in Perth. But first a 15 metre chunk of concrete ceiling has collapsed in a highway tunnel in Japan. Emergency crews has suspended rescue efforts tonight because d rescue efforts tonight because of safety concerns. Police have confirmed a number of charred bodies are inside the tunnel. It is not yet known how many have died. At least seven people are reported missing. The sustained the tunnel is the second longest on a major Expressway linking Tokyo and Nagoya. No significant earthquake activity was recorded at the time of the accident. A terrifying scenario for any driver. Trapped inside a collapsed tunnel, surrounded by spare -- smoke. Emergency workers had no idea how many vehicles were crushed or a blaze. Visibility poor, the ventilation system reporter be failed and no rescuers could get within 300 metres of the accident centre. The collapse happened halfway into a newly five kilometre tunnel. Traffic managers watched it unfold as rescue crews carried out their dangerous mission, scrambling over concrete slabs piled like dominoes. Cars and trucks abandoned, survivors made their way on foot to emergency exits. Some talk of their terror as 20 centimetre fit panels disintegrated around them. One survivor said her car was in half and the vehicles behind her were no longer there. This car belonged to a local longed to a local news reporter. Unheard, his fickle received a battering. Three people were taken to hospital. When did not know what happened to her five fellow passengers. A number of people remain missing. Investigators will undoubtedly ask our major structure like this could possibly fail. Tonight, the risk of that happening again has put rescue efforts on hold.

Egypt's President, Ahmed Mercy, has called for a vote on the controversial and year - a controversial new constitution, announcing a referendum. He also urged Egyptians to work together. The President's opponents are keeping up their protests. After a week of protests against Egypt's President, the Muslim Brotherhood responded with a huge show of support reform Mohammed Mursi.TRANSLATION: He has tightened his control a little. He could have tightened it more. He was to fix the system and we should give him time.It was the biggest turnout of his supporters since his June election. So many called for Cherie Ian Moore in Egypt, the very thing feared by the President's secular and sident's secular and Christian opponents.We love Islam and this is wily aria. Mohammed Mursi earned international praise for ernational praise for brokering the Gaza cease-fire, but spark protests at home by giving himself sweeping new powers. Now he has called a referendum on a hastily approved and disputed draft constitution. Is urging all Egyptians to take part.

But those opposing the President and his power grab are not giving in.

Both sides have shown they can mobilise large numbers of supporters and s of supporters and both accuse each other of hijacking Egypt's Revolution. Tensions are rising and there have s are rising and there have been clashes between both sides. The President's critics say the sident's critics say the referendum will not solve Egypt's politicalwill not solve Egypt's political crisis.

Violent street protests have created Mexico's new President. Enrique Pena resident. Enrique Pena Nieto can renew his promise to smash the drug cartels in one of the most violent countries on earth. Many doubt he can do it. Enrique Pena Nieto says he will spare no effort to end violence in Mexico. That is exactly what greeted him on the day of his immigration. Following a controversial election, his main opponents are still refusing to concede defend. -- defeat. Earlier the official handover from his predecessor was ver from his predecessor was incident-free. At his swearing in some opposition members hold abuse.

Protesters on the streets of Mexico City Quan his PA -- his party only selves itself. Critics say that the group institutionalised corruption and fraud in Mexico. The new President has promised to bring it to end end.

The President has vowed to half Mexico's murder rate. The often unchallenged power of the country's drug cartels has seen more than 60,000 murders in the past six years. 25,000 people are missing. The new issing. The new President has not spelled out his policy to cut crime, but has agreed to pass a new law passing assistance to the families of murder victims. Something his predecessor had refused to do. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights believes more than 116 people have died this weekend in fierce clashes. Internet and phone access has been restored to much of the country. Under the cover of that today blackout, government Jets stepped up their bombardment of key parts of Damascus. They dropped what appears to be cluster bombs in rebel-held areas. A Syrian air force plane developing -- delivering Bashar al-Assad's response to al-Assad's response to the rebels that are closing in on the heart of his regime. That massive targeted dropped by targeted dropped by parachute. The Syrian regime forging late -- haunting waves of air attacks on the suburbs of its own capital city. And you is the impact on the ground in this Damascus suburb, filmed by rebels and broadcast over the internet. The internet is partially back-up in Syria today after a 2-day blackout, but these videos and to show how close they are to Assad's backyard. The rebels have disrupted at least part of the main road to the international airport. The airport has irport. The airport has also been shot for two days after rebel shelling and fierce fighting around it. The rebellion began here with the rest of the Arab Spring in March last year. It then spread to Homs, and other cities. The North East remain rebel strongholds. It is in Damascus that the future of Syria is now being fought for. Beside's bases his Kallis in the north of the city, but close by a rebels control these suburbs. They also claim to be close enough to the airport to force the court -- cancellation of all flights.It is too early to say we're coming to the end. The Syrian armed forces still have fighting capability under killing an awful lot of people.Rebels released this video showing Bombers ased this video showing Bombers and Russian markings on Russian markings on what appears to be a larger cluster bomb. The Syrian government had denied using cluster bombs. Here a woman injured but alive in Damascus. As ever, civilians bearing the brunt of war. The Foreign Secretary is hoping a new British mission will help some of the victims of some of the violence in Syria.

The civilian violence in Syria has prompted Britain to send a team of doctors and detectives to Damascus to investigate allegations that rape is being used to repeat -- repeatedly as a weapon of war. William Hague apon of war. William Hague has called in Angelina Jolie to help him mobilise support for elp him mobilise support for the cause.

Sexual violence has been used as a weapon for centuries, but now Britain's top diplomat says it can no longer be lost in the four Gulf War. -- fog of war. After seeing a film by Angelina Jolie about rape in Bosnia, he decided to launch a global campaign, starting in Syria. We have tarting in Syria. We have assembled a team of 70, doctors, psychologists, from the specialists, who can be deployed in the field. In the case of Syria, helping refugees and training local health professionals.It is an unprecedented move that will be used to assure accountability when the war is over.They want things not to be missed and to know that one day they will be able to go home and there will be accountability. It matters to them emotionally and it matters to the future of their country on a legal level.The team will also gather evidence in l also gather evidence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where both rebels and government soldiers are accused of appalling abuses. are accused of appalling abuses. It is thought at least 4% It is thought at least 4% of women in the Congo have been raped at least once.I do not know those people and I do not know where they are now. I could not follow up because if I tried to investigate they would come back and would kill me.The figures

investigate they would come back
and would kill me.The figures and would kill me.The figureack
elsewhuld kill me.The figures elsewhere in the world are just as confronting. 50,000 women were raped in Bosnia. 64,000 in Sierra Leone. 400,000 in Rwanda.

This is one of the worst things happening in the world today. In a world that has mountain campaigns against the slave trade. It is a world which ought to be able to do something about this.In the meantime people .In the meantime people will still try to escape the violence. A report by Red Bee Gee International found many Syrians chose to leave their country primary eave their country primary because of the prevalence of se of the prevalence of rape. -- refugee International. It also criticised the lack of psychological and health resources in the refugee camps. Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert says he will announce this week if he will stand in the forthcoming Israeli election. Speaking in Washington DC, he was repeatedly critical of current Prime Minister l of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He accused him of stalling the Palestinian peace process. The politician, who ran the country between 2006 and the 9th 2009, said the current government was not dedicated to be realistic pursuit of peace. He said a revolution -- resolution is volution -- resolution is still a long way off it.Time is running out not for the Palestinians, for Israel. The sooner we reach an agreement that will determine that there are two states, for two now - and -- two nationalities, the better it is for Israel. The Red Cross says more than 60 people were killed when a plane crashed into a suburb in the Republic of Congo. That figure doubles their hat figure doubles their initial estimates. These are s. These are the remains of a plane that landed on top of a suburb in the Congolese capital of Brazaville. The six-man razaville. The six-man crew died on impact after the plane overshot its approach at the airport. It crashed more than a dozen homes.

Congolese television reported that the plane on reported that the plane was caught in a thunderstorm and as it crashed into the suburb locals were lucky it was not worse. were lucky it was not worse.

It is the second time a Congolese plane has overshot the runway, crashing into nway, crashing into homes, in the past 18 months. 23 people died in March, 2011, in a coastal city. Not that locals will need a reminder of the country's dismal air safety record. The aircraft is effectively banned from countries like Australia due to its ustralia due to its poor safety record. And now a quick look at some of the other stories making use around the world. Kuwait's Shi'ite minority has won a third of has won a third of the seats in the 15 member Parliament accordi in the 15 member Parliament according to official results. The polls were boycotted by the Sunni dominated opposition, which claimed a voter turnout was below 30%. The opposition protested against changes made to voting roles last month. Stace said the amendments favoured pro-government candidates. -- they said. The Burmese officials have held an apology ceremony for Buddhist monks in the country's north-west. It comes two days after a raid on a protest at raid on a protest at a copper mine, where beast 50 people were injured, including more than 20 monks. Burmese authorities said they were sorry for the violence caused during the raid. Authorities in China have demolished a house which had become a symbol of resistance by Chinese homeowners. For four years the couple had ur years the couple had refused to relocate, saying officials had not offered fair compensation. After reaching an agreement, the owners moved out on Friday. North Korea has announced it is planning to launch a long-range rocket dismount. The Nations Committee for Space Technology says the attempt will be carried out between 10th ed out between 10th December and the 22nd. America has condemned the planned rocket launched as a highly provocative.

When it comes to putting on a show, North Korea knows how to grab the attention. Rockets the speed are hard to miss. The worry for Washington in its allies is that North Korea's new young leader will learn how to fire them half way across the world.

learn how to fire them half way
across the world. Today, North Korea announced it was going even further, these en further, these pictures the first sign of its plan to fire a rocket into space.

It has already tried that once this year. This rocket, launched last April, sprinted into the sea, along with its satellite, moments after take-off. Eight months on, North Korea says ths on, North Korea says its scientists at fit the technical problems, but the diplomatic ones remain. South Korea and the US believe these lodgers are a cover for long-range missile tests, banned g-range missile tests, banned under UN sanctions. South Korea is gearing up for a presidential election on 19th December and candidates have been airing their thoughts on relations with the North.TRANSLATION: In his administration, previous agreement with North Korea were disregarded. Nuclear talks have also stopped. The result is that relations have collapsed and the North Korean nuclear issue has become even more difficult than before.The question is, what can the Government in saw its Western t in saw its Western Airways actually do? -- in Seoul and its Western allies. They have urged Pyongyang to it abandon their plans. The failed launch in e failed launch in April stand get any thoughts of a thaw between Pyongyang and Washington.

You are watching World news Australia. Coming up: A winning hand - A winning hand - what is behind a $60 million drop in poker machines. Shortly, Australia's Gordon Beazer - the millionaires jumping the immigration queue. -- Gordon visa. Also, life as an outlaw, has the computer software tycoon wanted over a coon wanted over a murdered been captured?

The Victorian government is claiming a s claiming a major victory over problem gambling. A ban on 80 its - - ATM machines and gaming venues has led to a significant drop in the money being spent on the pokies. Critics say the Government is not addressing the nt is not addressing the real issues and is hurting struggling businesses. The July sinesses. The July ban on ATM machines in Victoria's 511 Gaming venues seems to be paying off. The amount spent on the pokies has plummeted by $62 million compared to the same time last year, but it has, at a cost, with tax revenue down by $50 million. A financial hit the Government is happy to wear.Any short-term reduction in revenue through gambling is really minor compared to long-term economic and social benefits erm economic and social benefits of reducing problem gambling.The Victorian Government now wants voluntary Prix commitment technology in place by 2014. Government cannot live people's lives for them, but we can put policies in place to help people keeping control.The Government has -- have also announced its den Bon buddies with den Bon buddies with earphones has been extended to s has been extended to 10 years.

They can take $200 each time and it can be up to the limit on their card. I do not believe the dead is 100% a reason why gaming is down. I am not sure they adrift -- they are addressing the problem.Geraldine Macdonald believes unless there is a ban on F Pass introduced into pokey venues, people will lose money continually. The Minister has dismissed the call, saying other customers need , saying other customers need to access cash services. The Prime Minister is promising relief for families with a plan to reduce power bills in 2014. Julia Gillard says there is a perverse incentive for is a perverse incentive for electricity companies to continue over investing in infrastructure, leaving consumers to foot the bill. The three kids under six, the Scots plan their x, the Scots plan their budget carefully, but maybe it has been more stretched than usual.Our power bills have gone up.Up an extra $150 a quarter. We recently put solar panels in to help reduce the cost of a bill. Getting up ll. Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and we will turn the by and we will turn the dishwasher and -- turn the dishwasher on them to capture the off-peak rates.The Prime Minister thinks she has a solution. She today released a plan to reform the electricity sector.There are some real problems with the way our electricity pricing works. Over investment in the poles and wires that costs them is a lot.She has to convince the states and territories to agree to the idea, but if they do the Prime Minister says families will save $250 a year from 2014.These proposals are not going to have any impact for more than two years. We can drop the price of power by 10% tomorrow if we drop the carbon tax.She is hoping to win support with the Gillett electricity changes. -- electricity changey changes. -- electricity changes. But the debate surrounding her role in the AWU scandal will not go away.I did nothing wrong.Some voters are not so sure, with a galaxy Paul finding only one in five

only one in five believe she is being completely honest. The survey also puts the Coalition ahead on a two-party preferred basis.

Nous to other stories in Australia. Hobart residents in Australia. Hobart residents have fled after a bushfire broke fled after a bushfire broke containment lines. They have ment lines. They have now been allowed to return home. It was one of 20 fires which destroyed 1,000 hectares of Portia and farmland. Emergency crews spent the day slopping up. Police in Darwin have formally charged a man over last week's deft of weapons from a navy patrol boat. The weapons were recovered during a raid on ecovered during a raid on ACT unity yesterday. A 40- year-old man will appear in court tomorrow. A man is dead and a woman has been seriously injured after they caught -- their they caught -- their car went through a book out guard rail, plunging 150 metres down a rocky embankment. Rescue crews used hydraulic equipment to free the injured woman before she was airlifted to hospital. Investigations into the tragedy are continuing. An Australian adventurer has been farewelled ahead of an expectation to recreate the famous southern ocean voyage of Ernest Shackleton. Tim Jarvis and five others intend to row e others intend to row from the Antarctic to South Georgia island, as Shackleton did in 1914. The organisers say the adventure will pay homage to the British explorer and raise awareness of climate change.

A new Australian immigration visa, dubbed the gration visa, dubbed the Golden ticket, is being criticised for allowing millionaires to jump the queue and retire down under. The visa for foreign-born investors with a few million dollars to spare has few roles and is attracting interest from Asia is a wealthy upper class. -- Asia's. The Australian migration visas, just like the Sydney mansion, are on the market. Both are aimed at wealthy Asian born investors with the cash to back it up. The Government's new The Government's new investor visa costs $5 million. It is upwards of $10 million for this house.We have a Chinese family living on the side and then we have a development that is just about to commence and that is a developer from Beijing.The significant investor visa has a top and real estate market optimistic, with mostly Chinese millionaires set to take advantage of the new scheme.What we found previously with legislation is that we have had Chinese buyers look and they have used their children who were students here. If they want to, and be feared there is normally a way, but this makes it much easier. -- if they want to come and live here. The new visa relaxes Immigration Rules for n Rules for those who can afford it. There is no English proficiency test them they only have to stay 40 days per year. Retirees can apply as well. It opens the doors for permanent residency, especially for those who can afford a house like this.A residence requirement the...-that clients of this immigration where would details about the way of -- about the visa. The calls about the visa. The calls come from retirement age to Chinese retirement age to Chinese citizens. She questions the removal of the upper age limit. Now they upper age limit. Now they remove the age limit totally so that if you have the money, they are not even checking your credentials.In fact there are no checks and business innovation skills or even where the money came from. The Federal Government is defending the nment is defending the economic benefit. Most things in immigration are controversial in one way or the other. You always get people who like or dislike things. The response from the business community has been overwhelmingly positive. This will help with capital, with th capital, with off of creation, with job creation.I do not think it is going to have a direct flow on effect. There are very few visas that allow all the people to migrate to Australia.For an expected 700 million years it is a quick pathway to Australia.

For more on that story, go on our website. From today, migrant workers arriving in Russia will have to take a language test. Up to 140,000 people arrive every year looking for jobs, mostly from the former Soviet republics. They contribute up to 8% of Russia's GDP, and often do the work Russians don't want. But they are accused of not integrating, and being open to organised crime.

This man starts work at around 6am. He is nervous giggle because his manager keeps talking -- calling him on his fran. -- phone. He gets a hundred dollars a month for clearing the snow. He is more than 100 -- 2,000 men and women from the former Soviet states working in manual Labor. Many of them do the jobs most Russians never would have. According to independent research, around two-thirds of Russians believe the Government should stop migrants from coming in the country. Experts say men and women like these are fundamentally important. Russia has a shrinking population. And it is people like these, collecting work permits, that the Government says must pass Russian language exams if they want to work here. The people we ask do not even know about the test.TRANSLATION: They do not pay enough in my country.The Government has been under pressure saying migrants from neighbouring states are responsible for crime.TRANSLATION: We believe a Russian citizen meeting a migrant workers should speak in a common language. We hope this will ease social tensions. The migrants are great help to the economy and live here.This man has been clearing the snow for 11 hours. He is a boss has come to check that he is still there. She did not want to be filled. She told him to walk away, and to keep working. Analysts estimate that one third of those who take the language test will fail. Anti-virus internet pioneer John McAfee has reportedly been captured by authorities in Belize, who want to talk with him about the death of his neighbour. The 67-year-old has been on the run for weeks, claiming police are unfairly targeting him.

This is the first time John McCaffrey has been seen after going on the run. -- John McCarthy. Are you afraid?Would you be? It has not been very fine.He only agreed to this interview after taking a series of secretive steps, including middlemen, and tenor Frank Barrett -- telephone calls with different numbers. His blog carries an unconfirmed report of his capture. How would this end?I do not have a crystal ball. I will continue to fight. I would not turn myself in.The internet guru is wanted for questioning over the death of his neighbour. He previously stated he had been at odds with austerity is after refusing to donate money to a local politician's campaign. -- authorities.Get away does not mean leaving the country. Number one, there will find the murderer. Number two, the people of this country will start speaking out and some of the were changed.He has promoted himself as a folk hero, outwitting crooked cops. Belize's Prime Minister has a different view. He has caught him extremely paranoid. -- caught him. Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Caught short - Mitchell Johnson dismisses Hashim Amla, just four runs away from a double century in Perth And time to get off the bottom - new coach Frank Farina anxious to get Sydney FC's season back on track.

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Good evening. South Africa is set to retain its number one ranking in Test cricket with Australia facing a massive second innings run chase for victory in the third Test. 196 to Hasham Amla

to Hasham Amla and a century to AB De Villiers have extended the visitors' lead beyond the 500 mark, and with two days plus remaining, Australia faces an impossible task of saving the match and the series.

A brilliant dad by Mitchell Johnson. The home team at look right back in the contest. But Graham Smith and Hashim Amla were quickly dashed on merit -- Australian hopes.This is a batting masterclass.Another desperate dive to dismiss Smith.

Hashim Amla finished one run short of a century in a recession. Today he duly converted his knock into triple figures. And his lead to more than a triple century. Hussey chased classic catch glory to no avail.

Iran on offer proved to stand and fight their hungry Jack's Palace. - - too appealing. Hashim Amla joined in the plunder by AB de Villiers. A desperate Michael Clarke turn to Ricky Ponting for a farewell bowling cameo. The South African keeper was unfazed, smashing his way towards a century. As Hashim Amla are closed in on a double time, a pair from a debutante. Joined at last for the Australians. The South African runs continued to flow. Sydney remains rock bottom with the new coach and a board to sparky sized to maximum points. -- are able to spark his side.

Sydney tradie chances but were unable to finish it off.

Sydney tradie chances but were
unable to finish it off. Frank Farina looking on as there was an early reprieve. Sydney levelled the Leger before Fred it left his mark on Del Piero. No ill-effect for the Italian. His shot prompted a scramble. Frank Farina had his first chance at the short board. Sydney narrowed do radar. Hearts in rows with Del Piero threatening. Few sides find Wennington a lucky place to come. The home skipper fortunate to avoid a penalty. The visiting goalkeeper with an elementary howler. The Wanderers custody and eager to make amends, and again from Jeremy Brockie. -- custodian. The Phoenix rose again. Brisbane Roar's player described last week's performance as a kindergarten standard. Their marking look it. James Brown had the goalkeeper stretching. But with half-time looming, the game exploded. Josh Mitchell bringing down a player. The penalty was caught. The Newcastle defender was in hot water. Thomas Broich was also seeing red. Caller Markes the prevailing in the second half. -- cooler heads. While David Beckham is still deciding if he will make an appearance in the A-League. He has finished his long contract in the United States as a winner, after LA Galaxy beat Houston Dynamo 3-1 in the MLS Cup final. Houston had led at half-time in Los Angeles after Calen Carr's strike. But an Omar Gonzalez header, and then Landon Donovan's penalty turned the match around. A second spot-kick, dispatched by Robbie Keane in injury-time, completed the victory. The 37-year old a Beckham was then substituted to cheers and a standing ovation and later promised his on-going commitment to growing the game. I will continue all my commitments. I will continue to promote the sport. I might not be played here anymore but my commitments will stand.It is the second time he has lifted the cup after LA Galaxy beat the same opponents last year. In the Premier League, Manchester United remain top of the ladder after beating Reading in a remarkable 7-goal thriller. Elsewhere, Manchester City drew with Everton, and QPR and Villa also shared the points thanks to a Brett Holman strike. Liverpool beat Southampton and Rafael Benitez's troubled

troubled start at Chelsea worsened, as West Ham produced an incredible comeback to snatch victory. Arsenal's worst start to a season under Arsene Wenger continued, as they slumped to 10th on the table. Fulham lost at home to Tottenham, West Brom missed the chance to go third while Reading, second from bottom, gave United a major scare.

Of the top 10 teams this season, only Tottenham have conceded more than Manchester United, and it was unfancied Reading who took the lead. But such has been the Royals' form, United quickly got back in control. Anderson with his first of the season, before Tabb's clumsy challenge gave Rooney a freebie. More shoddy defending gave Reading a second, before Morrison's bullet header had the Royals daring to dream.Could this be a victory one140 years in the making?But those hopes were quickly ruined. Aussie goalkeeper Adam Federici, desperately close. Rafael desperately unhappy, hooked after 30 minutes. The Flying Dutchman rounding a remarkable 35 minute goal-fest.

Goals were harder to come by in the capital. Arsene's Gunners shooting blanks, as they faced a late Spanish inquisition. Prolific midfielder Michu with a double, Arsenal in trouble.

Also feeling the heat, new Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez has had no wins in three as the champions of Europe copped a Hammer blow. West Ham up to 7th with a surprise 3-1 victory.

A first Premier League goal for Socceroo Brett Holman. This cracker giving Aston Villa a crucial point away to Harry's Hoops.

Retiring Captain Nathan Sharpe has been given the perfect farewell by his Wallaby teammates, with a last minute try from Kurtley Beale securing a sensational victory over Wales. With just 20 seconds on the clock, and Wales seemingly set to

clock, and Wales seemingly set to
end a long losing streak against Australia, a long distance try shattered the local fans.

Green and gold, Nathan Sharpe's coloured armour for more than a decade.What a moment for Nathan Sharpe.The Welsh seemed unwilling to submit to the Wallabies, launching attacks from their own goal line. Berrick Barnes obsessional in defence. -- exceptional. It continue to be a contest dictated by the efforts of the players without the ball. Scoring opportunities were rare. Halfpenny to kick more in the second half to hit the lead with less than 20 minutes to play. With only seconds left, Wales still held the lead but a cut up for by Berrick Barnes launched a 60 mid- air assault which would turn the game on his head. A more important try for the Wallabies, Robbie Deans, and Nathan Sharpe. Halfpenny stretchered off the field. The stand team-mates unable to walk off the field themselves. With the match stolen in the final exchange, Nathan Sharpe had a conversion attempt.It has been a fairy-tale ending.It is what we spoke about or year.What is certain is his international career has ended on a high. Meantime, All Black fans are in shock after England beat the current World Champions for the first time in nine years. And it was a record score for the men in white, in front of an ecstatic Twickenham crowd of 82,000. There is nothing like the arrival of New Zealand to focus the mind. They are unquestionably the best side in the world. Earlier in this way, a virus swept through their squad. There were off-colour in the first half. Owen Farrell had the kicking back. He landed three penalties and a drop goal. New Zealand had not registered a point at half-time. That has not happened since 1998. After the break, they did it briefly burst into life. Two converted tries. It narrowed the deficit by van point. England was sent out of sight with less than '60 Minutes' gone. The great All Blacks were in tattered. Manu Tuilagi could afford to walk in the third. England's first win against New Zealand since to govern and to, and possibly the best ever. -- 2003. The weather coming up. And why it will not be the end of the world.

Heavy snow brought on by a court fight has go parts of north-west China. A blizzard has been dumping snow since Thursday. And a snowstorm alert his current. Roads had been disrupted and the airport close. Around 1,000 passengers had been stranded.

Hosh nobody winds are flowing through Queensland and Northern NSW ahead of a broader low pressure trough. -- a hap mac hot.

Before the end of this year, the world is coming to an end. That is according to a candour by the ancient Mayan civilisation. It may sound like it is far-fetched, but many are convinced that doomsday would happen on 21st December. That has prompted senior scientists from NASA to do a bunk the predictions, a fact by fact. This man has been prepping for the end of the world for years.I see the potential for a disaster that is catastrophic. CNN caught up with him into further and nine by he prepared. All for this year, 2012.I am talking about the collapse of the civilisation's. Doomsday us are worried that it will be the last. That is the day when the ancient Mayan calendar is said to end.There Callum that does not end...This scientist says it is sheer nonsense. The sign terse take all the rumours one by one, and disprove them. Among the theories in about a large planet will have a close encounter with Earth, wreaking all kinds of havoc. This enormous planet is supposed to be coming towards Earth. We would have seen it long ago. If there were invisible, we would have seen the effects of it on the neighbouring planet.Thousands of astronomers say nothing of the sort. Another theory is that the planners were somehow a line, causing devastating tidal waves. There is no alignments taking place. And if it were, only the sound and the Moon could have the effects on tirades on earth. Experts have also disproved other theories Wraxall storms. There are quite a few people who are really afraid. Mostly because for the past several years, be internet has been talking about the world ending. This man, a senior scientist at a Institute at NASA says he has been in a dented by emails. -- inundated. Including parents who said they would kill their children before the day.They are asking about this strange 20 told doomsday hoax. Including many children who are really scared. -- 2012. Some have said they are contemplating suicide.They have put out a fact sheet. He says he is looking forward to December 22nd, the day after said the world can go on with their lives. And children can look forward to something else, Christmas. It looks like pure have to do your Christmas shopping after all. -- you will have to. At least seven people are missing after a major highway tunnel collapsed in Japan. Security cameras confirmed of that at least three figures were crashed. Become great singer and caved in on passing traffic. -- the concrete ceiling. Egyptian state TV is reporting that a court has delayed a constitution Rawling amid Islamic protest. Thousands of Mexicans have protested against the new President. The big terrain Government says its July a ban on ATM's in gaming venues has led to Victorians spending less on pokie is this year. -- Victoria's Government. You can get all of our stories online to. You can also follow us on the -- on Twitter. That is it for us. Goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

of the year,
It's the most exciting time

Pi Mai.
it's Lao New Year,

you wash away...
What they do, everyone's got water,

bring in the new karma...
You wash away all of the bad karma,

with lots of water!
and it's a big, fun festival,

I decided to escape the crowds,
With the whole town out celebrating,

for a bit of peace and quiet.
and venture into the countryside,

what I was looking for.
And it wasn't long, until I found

I have arrived to paradise!
Wow! Look at this place! I feel like

butterflies, lush tall trees,
I'm surrounded by beautiful

from the heat and humidity.
and it's a great escape

when I was really young,
Now this place actually reminds me of

in the jungle, with my mother,
walking through the bush,

a bag of boiled eggs,

whipping up something special?"
I was like, "Mum, are you

of chilli and some hard-boiled eggs.
She had some sweet fish sauce, a bit

and it was absolutely delicious.
She mashed it all up,

went quite a long way,
but a hard-boiled egg

of this Luang Prabang salad,
which reminds me

watercress and cucumber.
with egg, lettuce,

the egg yolk out, just like that.
we just get this egg, and you take

Put the egg yolk in the bowl,
Keeping the egg intact.

little dressing or little sauce.
now that's going to make our

if you like.
Use three or four,

just mashing it down, like that.
Just grab a spoon, and you're

dressing with a bit of sugar,
Now, I'm going to season this

sugar, bit of sweetness.
so two tablespoons of

so a touch of salt.
Bit of salt,

of fish sauce, as well.
A couple tablespoons

4-5 tablespoons of that in.
I'm going to put around

Mix it up.

like the waterfall here.
Now this is really cooling,

back of my neck, lovely!
It's splashing at the

or a mayonnaise, even -
A bit like a custard

gonna grab my chopping board.
Alright, put that aside,

freshwater crab!
"Yo!" Look at this, look at that,

salad! Isn't she beautiful?
I'm not going to put that in my

probably make a green papaya salad,
Now, if I had green papaya here, I'd

and fermented though.
Needs to be a bit salted

back to your home. That's so cool.
There you go, buddy,

slice up two limes.
Alright, I'm going to

thicker, just put more egg yolk in.
Now, if you want your dressing

consistency right there. Beautiful!
But, I think that's nice

a lemon curd! Okay.
It's almost like

slice up some cucumber.
I'm going to

I always leave the skin on,
Now with cucumber,

and good stuff is.
cos that's where all of the vitamins